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Tell Me About Dick 1

Hi. My name is Linda. I originally wrote these stories for my boyfriend Mike. Here's how it started.

It was our third date. The first time we went out, we had dinner, then went to a quiet little neighborhood bar. We talked about everything under the sun until closing. Then we went to a 24-hour restaurant, drank coffee and talked for another two hours. On the second date, we parked outside my apartment and necked like teenagers for an almost endless time before breathlessly saying goodnight.

This time, we had dinner, then went straight to my apartment. "Would you like a drink?" I asked, stopping in the middle of the living room and turning to face Mike. He looked at me hungrily, slowly running his gaze from my face to my feet and back. I was wearing black pumps with spike heels, smoky gray nylons and a short black skirt. My nipples were clearly outlined under the thin clingy fabric of my white blouse, which had a wide neckline plunging between my breasts and tiny black buttons running down the front.

"No thanks," Mike said, taking me in his arms. "We both know what we want." I pressed my lips against his, opened my mouth and thrust my tongue forward. Our tongues caressed each other.

I wrapped my arms around Mike's back, pressing my breasts against his chest. My nipples were already hard. He slid his hands slowly down my back, gripping my buttocks and pulling our crotches together. I thrilled to the feel of his hardness grinding against my sex. He moved his hands under my skirt and began fondling my bare butt cheeks. I could feel him growing even harder as I rubbed my loins against his.

Mike eventually pulled his mouth away from mine and began kissing me in other places; my nose, my eyelids, my forehead, my cheeks, my ears, my neck. I was so hot, I felt my body was about to burst into flames.

I grabbed Mike's hands and guided them to the buttons of my blouse. My breasts are B-cup small and firm, so I didn't need a bra. His eager fingers fumbled slightly as he unfastened the buttons and pulled the thin silky garment open, exposing my bare breasts. I gasped as he placed the palms of his hands against my nipples.

"Your nipples are so pretty," Mike said, sliding his hands down to caress my breasts and gently pinching my nipples between his middle and index fingers. "I've been admiring them all night."

"I know. I've been watching you trying not to stare. They've been tight all night from my thinking about you looking at them."

"Your breasts are so beautifully pear shaped," Mike continued, moving his hands down to cup them, "and such a perfect size." He put his lips back against mine as he continued fondling me. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensations Mike's lips and hands were producing.

Mike finally moved his face away from mine and bent over to kiss my breasts. "Just a minute," I said. "I want to sit down." A few seconds later, I was leaning back on the couch with Mike straddling my hips. He began licking and kissing my upper breasts. I was so turned on, I almost screamed when he put his lips on a nipple and started sucking it.

I stared down at my chest when Mike briefly moved away. My erect nipples were standing out at least a half inch from the swollen domes of flesh surrounding my areola. He began kissing the undersides of my breasts, driving me to new heights of excitement. It seemed like there was a direct connection between my tits and my pussy. I could feel my clit swelling and throbbing expectantly.

"I'm so hot!" I gasped. "Fuck me right now."

Mike pulled his face away from my breasts and looked up. His eyes were burning with lust but his voice was steady as he said, "I'm not sure you're really ready. Let's see." He got up from the couch, gripped my knees, pulled them open roughly, knelt between my spread thighs and lifted my skirt.

"It IS a thong," he whispered hoarsely, stroking the thin satin stretched over my sex. My thong was a light tan, almost flesh colored. With my dark nylons, it looked as if there was nothing but a shaved pussy beneath my short skirt. I'd flashed Mike during dinner and had been rewarded by a gratifying stirring in his pants.

Mike pulled the thong roughly to one side, exposing my closely trimmed blonde pubic hair. He began running his tongue slowly up and down my slit, softly at first, then harder, gradually forcing me open.

I rolled my swollen nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as Mike opened me wider with his fingers and began nibbling the edges of my outer lips. "It is pretty wet down here," he commented, "but I think we can do better."

"Just a minute," I said. "I want to take off my skirt." I arched my back to lift my body off the couch. It only took Mike a moment to remove my skirt and thong. I leaned back with my legs spread. I didn't need to look down to know my outer lips were now wide open.

Mike stroked my nylon-clad inner thighs as he pressed the tip of his tongue between my inner lips and thrust inwards. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations his probing tongue was generating.

"You're tongue-fucking my cunt," I gasped as I roughly kneaded my breasts and played with my swollen nipples. "It feels so good." Mike alternated between driving his tongue into my intimate core and sucking my juices. He was steadily pushing me toward a climax without even approaching my clitoris.

"Nooo!" I moaned as Mike withdrew his tongue from my sopping-wet snatch. "Oh yeah!" I gasped an instant later as he inserted two crossed fingers into my pussy and began moving them in and out while gradually rotating them.

Now his tongue was on the move, slowly running along the circumference of my outer lips. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into my vulva. He wrapped his lips around my clitoris and began sucking it.

That finished me off. I'd been hovering at the brink of climax and Mike's lips and tongue on my clit, combined with his finger-fucking, pushed me over the edge. I screamed and my body stiffened as an incredible orgasm washed over me.

Mike held on as I bucked beneath him. I'm sure his face and chest were taking a beating, but he ignored that and continued stimulating me. My thrashing subsided. I felt perfectly calm and perfectly happy. "I'm in heaven," I thought. I drifted away on a cloud of pleasure for a timeless interval. Suddenly, another orgasm, even more intense than the first, overtook me. I almost fainted under the impact.

I was dimly aware that Mike was lifting me off the couch, carrying me into the bedroom and placing me on the bed. He opened my knees, positioned himself, and took me suddenly and violently. It seemed like the planets were colliding as he drove into my burning core. I came again as his throbbing manhood exploded, filling me with wave after wave of white hot cum.

He collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath. I wrapped my arms around his back and gripped him as if I were attempting to meld our two bodies into one. I dimly realized that, except for his unzipped pants, he was still fully dressed.

Mike eventually pulled away, stripped quickly, and returned to bed. He gently lifted my body and removed my shoes and sweat-soaked blouse. He took me in his arms and kissed me softly.

Much later, I moved out of his arms and curled up beside him with my head on his stomach. I began caressing his penis. It was soft and streaked with his cum and my own pussy juices. It twitched as I gently nuzzled the shaft with my cheek and planted a tender kiss on its head. "This is the prettiest cock I've ever seen," I said dreamily.

"I'm glad to hear that," Mike replied. "Have you seen a lot of cocks?"

"Well, yes," I admitted. "Quite a few."

"Good," Mike said. "Why don't you tell me about some of them."

I was thrilled. "You really want to hear what a nasty slut I am?"

"Yeah," Mike answered, grinning.

"I'm warning you. I've been a really bad, dirty girl."

Mike's dick was already getting hard. "I can tell you're a nasty slut from the way you're sitting there, naked except for your nylons, with your legs open, flashing your cum-dripping cunt at me. Now talk. I want to hear how bad you've really been."

I told him about the two brothers who took turns with me in the back seat of their car. Mike took me again as soon as I'd finished the story. It was even better than the first time. I love it when a man loses control and hammers my cunt violently. Mike did it spectacularly.

A couple of months later, Mike had to go on a long business trip. He asked me to write up some of my experiences, so he'd remember exactly what he was missing. So I did. I wrote installments and emailed them to Mike every day. I also set my digital camera on a tripod and used the remote control to take nasty photos of myself to attach to the stories.

When Mike got home, he encouraged me to post my stories so other people could enjoy them. So, that's what I'm doing. I'm a little too shy to include the pictures.

Now the thought of strangers looking at my dirty photos is turning me on. Maybe I'll post them somewhere where people won't recognize me.


I'm the only girl in my family. It was sort of tough growing up with three brothers. When I was ten, I made three close girl friends who became substitute sisters.

Virginia was twelve when we met. She was always super feminine and was dressing sexy before I even understood what "sexy" was. She always had boys hanging around her. Maria was a few months younger than Virginia and was always trying to imitate her, in a sort of shy way. Janna was my age. She and I were total tomboys when the four of us first got together.

As we grew older and started getting into boys, we talked openly and endlessly about all the sexual things we were doing.


The first memorable cock I saw was my brother Jack's. He was sixteen and I was thirteen. I'd seen my brothers naked before, but not like this time. There was a big shed behind our house, largely hidden by lush bushes. It was mostly one big room, but it had a smaller room with a door at the back. I was in the little room looking for some flower seeds when I heard Jack come in. The door between the rooms had almost swung shut, but I could see out through the crack.

He took a magazine out from behind a stack of boards and sat down on the old couch under the window. There was a picture of a girl on the cover. He looked at the magazine for a few minutes and then stood up, took his shirt off and pulled his pants and shorts down around his ankles.

Jack spent a lot of time swimming and his entire body was deeply tanned, except for the area shielded from the sun by his Speedos. His protruding cock and bulging balls were an amazingly dark brownish-pink. They looked slightly unreal standing out against his pale white groin. To my amazed eyes, his stiff member looked as long and thick as a baseball bat.

In reality, he was probably almost seven inches long and two inches thick, with a flaring cock-head that resembled a mushroom. Virginia and Maria had told me about erections, but I'd never believed a dick could get that big and hard, or be that exciting to see.

He sat back down and started slowly stroking himself. He'd put the magazine down on the couch and he was staring at the pictures, occasionally reaching out to turn a page.

I was kneeling behind the door hardly breathing because I was afraid Jack would hear me. I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing my crotch through my shorts. I grew more and more excited as I stared at Jack stroking his cock and playing with his balls. I opened my shorts, stuck my hand inside my panties and began fingering my already-wet slit.

Jack started whispering as he jerked himself off faster. "Talk dirty to me, please. I'm fucking your tight pussy . . . I'm ramming my big fat cock up your hot wet cunt! Fuck me harder, big boy! Shove that big dick all the way up my snatch. You're making me cum so hard . . . Shoot all that hot white juice into my cunt. You're gonna get all that cum, you nasty slut! Dirty girl, I'm gonna spew like a fire hose! Hammer me baby . . . shoot inside me right now . . . fuck me . . . Fuck me! . . . Fuck my cunt!! . . . Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!! Oh god I'm coming! Arrgh!

By now I was gasping as I manipulated myself, but it didn't matter. Jack was making enough noise to drown out any sounds I might make. I almost screamed when I saw the first jet of cum burst out of his cock and splash against his throat and chest. Jack's cock was spurting like a fountain. I didn't think it was ever going to stop, but it eventually did and Jack collapsed against the back of the couch. His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard.

He stayed in that position for several minutes, still holding onto his cock. Then he reached behind the couch and pulled out an old towel. He wiped himself off, got dressed and hid the magazine and towel again. Just before he walked out of the shed, he touched his chin. There was a big blob of semen on it. He wiped his chin with a finger, looked at his finger for a moment, shrugged and licked it off.

After Jack had closed the door, I slipped out of the back room, retrieved the towel and held it up to my face, inhaling his pungent odor. I impulsively licked the biggest cum spot. It was thick and slippery, much sweeter and less salty than my pussy juices. Somehow, it reminded me of a vanilla milk shake.

I removed my shorts and wet panties, leaned back on the couch with my legs open and thrust my index finger into my juicy cunt. A moment later, I inserted my middle finger, as well.

I began jamming my fingers into my pussy and rubbing my clit with my thumb. With my other hand, I grabbed the towel and began rubbing it against my face. Jack's smell and taste were overpowering. I rapidly finger-fucked myself to a screaming climax.

Finally spent, I went limp on the couch with the towel draped over my face and my fingers still inside my cunt.

I thought heard a faint noise from outside. I jumped off the couch and spun around to stare out the window. There was nothing in view. I decided it was just nerves. My panties were still wet, but I put them back on anyway, followed by my shorts. I could feel Jacks cum on my face. I wiped it off with the towel.

Before I left the shed, I pulled the magazine from its hiding place. It had lots of pictures of naked girls, some with their legs spread and their vaginas open. I was jealous. The girls in the pictures had big breasts and I was still fairly flat.

Looking at the magazine got me excited all over again, but it was from remembering how Jack's penis had looked and fantasizing about opening my cunt for a boy's cock and feeling him spray inside me.

As I closed the shed door, I thought about the sound again. It had seemed to have come from the window behind the couch.

There was an old wooden box under the shed window and fresh spots of liquid right above it. I touched one. It was really thick and slick. I sniffed my finger, then stuck it in my mouth. The stuff smelled and tasted just like the cum on the towel.

That night, Jack seemed to smirk every time we saw each other.


"So, I played with myself for hours before I finally fell asleep. I just couldn't get Jack out of my mind." I was describing the previous day's events to my girlfriends.

"That's weird," Janna said. "I mean, he's your BROTHER!"

"Well, I don't really want to do it with Jack," I answered firmly, although secretly I wasn't so sure. "It's just that his cock was so big and pretty and it was so wild watching him spray his stuff all over."

"It's still weird," Janna responded. "It's perverted! You're not supposed to be interested in your brother."

"I've seen Billy cum," Virginia said. Billy was her boyfriend for this month. "It's really fun to watch."

"You have?" Maria broke in. "Come on and tell us about it."

Virginia hesitated dramatically.

"Come on," I demanded. "Give."

We all listened intently as Virginia told her story. Here it is.

You know Billy and I have been making out for weeks. We'll kiss and he'll feel me up through my blouse. On our last couple of dates, I've been letting him remove my top and bra and suck my nipples. That really gets me turned on. It turns him on, too.

He'll get on top of me and rub his crotch against mine. Feeling his hardness pressing against my pussy mound really gets me hot and wet. The first time we did it, Billy suddenly gasped and abruptly stopped moving. I could feel him throbbing through our clothes. He got up a minute later. He seemed embarrassed. He wouldn't talk about it, but I knew he'd cum in his shorts.

Last time, we were rubbing again. Billy pulled away when I felt him start to throb. "Can I unzip my pants?" he asked.

"And take your thing out?" I asked. "I'm not ready to let you put it in me."

"Please," Billy said. "I hurt so much. Just let me take it out. I promise I won't try to touch you."

"OK," I said. I really did want to see it. "But you can't touch me and I'm not going to touch you."

Billy pulled his cock out of his pants. It was big and stiff and shiny with a lot of fluid leaking out of the tip. He wrapped his fingers around it and started beating off. He came after three strokes. I squealed as his stuff shot toward me, landing between my spread legs.

We did it again fifteen minutes later. This time, I took my jeans and panties off, held my pussy open and let him look at it while he was stroking himself. I watched him for a long time before he started gasping and his dick began throbbing. He shot even more stuff than he did the first time. I was sitting far enough away that he couldn't spurt on me, but, in a way, I wanted him to.

"That's disgusting!" Janna exclaimed when Virginia had finished her story. "The way boys spray stuff is so gross."

"I don't think so," Maria replied. "I get all wet when I play with myself and I don't think that's disgusting. Do you?"

"That's different," Janna said. "We don't spray our stuff all over everything."

"Janna, get over it!" Maria exclaimed. "It's just cum. Boys have to spray it or we wouldn't have babies."

"I don't want babies," Janna answered.

"Well, I don't, either," Maria said. "Not until I've had a lot of fun and finally gotten married."

"Seeing the stuff spurting out of Billy's cock was really exciting," Virginia interrupted. "Next time, I'm going to play with myself while I watch him doing it. I may even use my hand to help him out."

"Ugh!" Janna said, screwing her face up in disgust.

"I'm going to let Harry take my top off next time," Maria announced defiantly. "Now, I really want to see him make his thing spurt, but I'm going to wait a few more dates before I let him. I don't want him to think I'm a slut."

While the other girls were arguing, I thought about how much watching Jack's spurting cock had turned me on. If enjoying watching boys do things like that made me a nasty girl, I suddenly realized I wanted to be a slut.


Darling Mike,

That's enough for this time. I love thinking about you reading my story. It gets me so hot knowing you're going to take your clothes off and do what Virginia and I watched Billy and Jack doing. By now, you've opened the attached pictures and looked at me playing with myself. I wish I could at least watch you.

I'm going to guess what time you're going to open this email and pleasure myself then. That'll be sort of like doing it with you.

Kisses (you know where),



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