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Teach Me Chapter 2

Yuki stopped moving, leaving the dildo buried deep in Pam's pussy. "Are you sure?"

Pam wasn't afraid any more. "Yes," she whispered. "Please."

"Very well." Yuki put a pillow under Pam's hips, lifting her butt. "What was your first time with a man like?"

"John tried to be gentle," Pam answered. "But his cock was so big. It hurt, at first. Then it felt great."

"I will be gentle." Yuki pressed a lubricated finger into Pam's asshole.

"Go on." Pam slipped two fingers up her pussy. "I'm all right." She moaned and fingered her clit while Yuki's finger slid smoothly up her ass. "That feels good!" Pam tightened her anal muscles around Yuki's finger, then relaxed them again. "Now, fuck me."

Pam played with her pussy and clit while Yuki finger-fucked her butt, feeling the tension building in her pussy and spreading through her body. "More! Harder!"

Yuki coated her crossed index and middle fingers with lube and pressed then into Pam's asshole, stretching it wide open. She screamed and tried to squirm away. Yuki froze. "Does it hurt? I will stop if you want."

"I'm all right," Pam said. "Keep going."

"Okay." Yuki reached into the nightstand drawer and took out a little vibrator. It was a slender aqua tube, capped with three shiny silver points. "Here." She handed Pam the mini-vibe. "This will help you."

Pam turned the little toy on and pressed its head into her pussy mouth. "Oh yeah." She ran the vibe's head up and down her slit, rubbing its side against her clit every time she reached the top, while Yuki's crossed fingers twisted in her ass, gradually going deeper.

"Oh fuck!" Pam moaned. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Yuki's fingers were halfway up her ass, stretching her beyond belief. It hurt and made her horny as hell at the same time. She pressed the mini-vibe's head against her clit hood and moved it in slow circles, rubbing her clit from different angles. Her ass muscles gradually relaxed, letting Yuki push in deeper.

When Yuki's fingers were all the way up Pam's ass, she set the vibrator down, then slipped a finger into her pussy, rubbing her clit as she worked it in and out. "Come on. Fuck me good."

Yuki uncrossed her fingers, stretching Pam's asshole even wider, then finger fucked her, starting slowly and gently, but getting faster and harder as Pam grew more excited.

Pam picked the vibrator up again and pressed its head directly against her swollen clit while Yuki thrust rough fingers up her ass, coming violently until she lay limp on the bed, breathing hard.

Yuki took Pam in her arms and kissed her tenderly. They kissed for a long time.

Pam pushed Yuki away and opened her legs into a wide Vee, lifting her butt into the air. "Come on. I'm ready for your big hard cock."

"That is good." Yuki grinned and stroked the oversized dildo rising from her crotch. "Because I am certainly ready to fuck you." She coated her fingers with lube and pushed them into Pam's ass, twisting them around to spread the slippery gel. Then, she lubricated the strap-on's dildo and pressed its wide flaring head into Pam's anus.

"Oh fuck!" Pam moaned. The dildo's head was wider than Yuki's fingers, stretching her tight little hole. It hurt, but not too much. And the pleasure made it easier to ignore the pain. "That's . . . intense!"

Yuki pushed the dildo's head through Pam's tight anal ring and then stopped. "You are doing very well." She bent forward and kissed Pam, then rose to her knees. "Better than I did my first time. But, my teacher was patient." She slowly pulled the big knob out of Pam's asshole and then pushed it back in, just as slowly.

"Oh my God!" Pam pushed the mini-vibe back into her pussy, running it up and down her cunt lips and angling it to rub her clit.

"I am glad you like it." Yuki slid the dildo's broad head in and out of Pam's anal ring several more times. "I enjoy pleasing you."

"Oh, you do." Pam rolled her hips, rocking her butt up to take more of the dildo. "Now, please fuck me. Good and hard. I'm ready for it."

Yuki's broad grin grew even wider. She pulled her big thick rod out of Pam's ass and then slid it back in, stopping with its plastic balls pressing against Pam's butt cheeks. "Like this?" She fucked Pam with long slow strokes, drawing back and then pushing back into her depths.

"Oh yeah, Baby!" Pam rocked her hips in time with Yuki's thrusts. "Just like that." She pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy and fondled her breasts, kneading their firm flesh while pinching and twisting her hard little nipples.

Pam screamed when Yuki fucked her harder and faster, slamming her asshole the way John hammered her snatch when they really got going. She gave her tits a final squeeze, then yanked the mini-vibe out of her pussy and fingered herself frantically.

"Come, darling," Yuki said. "Come while I fuck your ass." An explosive orgasm shook Pam's body, followed by another and another, each more intense than the last.

Pam finally collapsed on the bed with her heart pounding and gasping for breath. "Wow!" she whispered. Yuki kissed her tenderly and then pulled the dildo out of her ass, leaving an aching emptiness.

Yuki cradled Pam in her arms. "I am glad it was so good for you, my love." She kissed Pam tenderly. "It was very good for me, too."

"But, you didn't come."

"Not this time," Yuki said. "But the probes stimulated me . . ." She smiled. ". . . in a way that two men probably could not manage. And the harness has a little raised spot that stimulates my clitoris." She kissed Pam again. "I could have had an orgasm, but I wanted to concentrate on giving you the most intense climax possible."

"Oh, you sure did that." Pam pulled Yuki's face down to hers and kissed her passionately. "But now, it's your turn."

"Oh yes!" Yuki rose to her knees. "I love being fucked in the ass."

That wasn't what Pam had been planning, but the idea was irresistibly exciting. "Sure." She curled her hand around the strap-on's dildo. "With this?"

"If you wish." Yuki stood up and unbuckled the strap-on. "Or, I have other toys." She turned away from Pam and bent over.

Pam pulled the anal probe almost out of Yuki's ass and then let it snap back in. "That feels good." She moaned and slowly rocked her butt as Pam repeated the procedure. "But I want to do something else."

"Okay." Pam removed the little dildo from Yuki's asshole, then pulled the other probe out of her pussy. "What?"

Yuki set the strap-on aside and then took another vibrator out of the drawer. It was bright purple, with an oversized smoothly rounded head and exaggerated veins, flaring to a wide base. "Here." She handed the toy to Pam. "This is my favorite."

Pam weighed it in her hand. "It's so big." It was over eight inches long and too thick to close her thumb and index finger around.

"Yes it is." Yuki lay on the bed with the pillow under her hips, lifting her buttocks and presenting her anus to Pam. "And I am ready for it."

Pam twisted the knob on the vibrator's base and the big toy purred softly. She turned the knob further and the purring grew louder. "Wow." She wondered how it would feel in her pussy.

That could wait. She turned the vibrator off and set it on the bed, then lubricated her index finger and slid it up Yuki's asshole. It went in easily. She added more lube and worked her finger in and out, twisting it around to distribute the slick gel evenly.

"Come on." Yuki propped herself on her elbows to look at Pam. "Stick it up my ass."

Pam spread a liberal amount of lubricant on the vibrator's head and shaft, then turned the knob to its lowest setting. She pressed the tip of the gently buzzing vibrator into Yuki's asshole and pushed forward, steadily stretching her open. She stopped with its head all the way inside.

"Do not tease me. Just push it in. All the way."

"Like this?" Pam pressed in steadily, stopping with the vibrator buried deep in Yuki's butt.

"Yes, my love. Just like that." Yuki rolled her hips, moving the gigantic toy inside her. "Fuck me good and hard. Do not worry. You will not hurt me."

"All right." Pam moved the vibrator in and out of Yuki's sexy asshole.

"Turn it up!" Yuki gasped. Pam twisted the knob on the purple vibrator's base and the speed and intensity of its vibrations increased. "Oh, yes!" Yuki moaned and worked two fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. "That is right!"

"You like that, Baby?" Pam asked teasingly. She turned the vibration higher.

"Oh yes!" Yuki played with her tits with one hand while she fingered her dripping snatch with the other. "I am going to . . ." She screamed and shook, coming explosively.

"That's right, Baby!" Pam growled. "Come for me."

"Oh yes!" Yuki cried. "Oh yes! Oh yes!" Her orgasm built in intensity as Pam turned the vibrator to its highest setting and pressed the violently throbbing toy all the way up her ass.

Yuki screamed even louder and slid a third finger up her cunt. She finger-fucked herself roughly while jacking her clit like a tiny cock, coming harder and harder.

"That's enough!" she finally cried. Pam turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of Yuki's ass. "That was so good!" Yuki whispered. She lay limp on the bed with her eyes closed, gasping for breath.

"It was good for me, too." Pam curled up beside Yuki and took the young woman in her arms . . .

Pam raised her head and looked at the clock. It was almost 1:00 AM. Yuki was asleep beside her, curled up like a kitten.

Yuki opened her eyes and smiled. "Oh darling." She pulled Pam close and kissed her. Pam kissed her back, tenderly and then passionately.

Pam reluctantly pulled away. "This feels wonderful, but I have to go. I told John I'd be home by ten."

"I should be sorry to have kept you away from your husband," Yuki said. "But I am not." Her grin was wicked and sexy. "You will make it up to him."

"Yeah, I will," Pam answered. "And I know just how."

* * *

John was snoring softly when Pam slipped into the bedroom. He stirred but didn't wake up when she turned on the nightstand light and lifted the covers, revealing his half-hard cock.

Pam had undressed in the living room and was naked, except for her black lace-top stockings. She stood beside the bed, kneading her breasts and pinching her tight nipples as she watched him sleep. Her pussy was wet and ready for his cock, but she had other plans this time.

"Oh," he whispered when she took his heavy rod in her mouth. "Oh yeah!" He stroked her hair and back as she licked and sucked his pole, quickly bringing him to full hardness. "You sure know how to wake me up."

"I'm sorry I'm so late." She stroked his stiff shaft and squeezed his balls while running her tongue over his broad plow-head. "We just lost track of time."

"That's okay. You're home now." He pulled Pam onto the bed and rolled her onto her back. "And sexy as always." He kissed her hard and dirty, then moved between her legs. "You better be ready for a good hard ride."

"Oh, I am." Pam reached up to fondle his massive hard-on. "But I don't want you to fuck my pussy."

He looked puzzled. "What do you want?"

"Your big hard cock." She pointed to the little bottle of lube she'd set on the nightstand. "Up my ass."

"You do?" A slow wolfish grin spread over his features. "Really?"


"But . . . What happened tonight?"

"I'll tell you later." She spread her legs in a wide Vee, lifting her butt. "Right now, I just want you to fuck my ass."

"Okay." John picked up the little squeeze bottle, contemplated it for a moment, and then unsnapped the plastic top. He spread a long line of the thick gel onto his index finger and pressed it into the center of her asshole.

"Come on." She rolled her hips, raising her butt higher. "I'm ready for you." She moaned with pleasure as he slid his finger into her, all the way to his curled knuckles.

"You really are ready." He twisted his finger as he moved it in and out, distributing the lubricant evenly.

She played with her tits while he fingered her asshole, moaning softly as the warmth radiated from her anus through her body. "That's good, Baby. Now, give me your cock."

John opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again. He smeared lube on his stiff pole and then pressed its head into her asshole, stopping when she tensed up. "You okay?"

His cock was the same size as the strap-on's dildo. It hurt, but not as much as the first time with Yuki. "Yeah. Just take it easy."

"All right." John drew back slightly and then pushed forward again.

"That's good, Baby!" Pam slipped her index and middle fingers into her pussy, curving them to rub the little rough patch just inside her cunt mouth. "Keep going." She fingered her snatch while he moved in and out, opening her a little more each time.

She screamed in surprise and pain when his cock-head slipped through her anal ring and he slid home.

"Are you all right?" John held still, looking down at her anxiously.

"Oh my God," Pam whispered. The pain faded after a few seconds, leaving an overwhelming sense of fullness. It reminded her of that very first time, when she'd eagerly given John her virginity. "It's so good."

He grinned. "It feels good to me, too. Your ass is so hot and tight."

"Better than my cunt?"

"I thought you didn't like . . . Oh, never mind." He pulled almost out, slowly and carefully, and then pushed in again.

Pam laughed softly. "I was so silly about that." She closed her eyes and moaned softly, tightening her anal muscles around his slowly sliding shaft. "I've learned better." She opened her eyes again.

John's wolfish grin had grown even wider. "You had quite a night." He went a little faster, stopping with his cock-head just inside her anal ring and then diving into her depths.

"Yeah. It was." She pulled her slick fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them over her clit. "I thought I knew everything about being a woman." She squealed as he pulled completely out and pushed back in. "But I learned better tonight."

"What did you do with Yuki?" He fucked her ass with long steady strokes, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"How did you know?" She slipped her fingers back into her snatch and worked them in and out in time with John's cock thrusts.

"How long have we been married?" He fucked her harder, bouncing his balls against her butt cheeks. "I knew you were attracted to her. I could tell by the way you've been talking about her."

"You don't mind?" The tension in her body was building steadily. She fingered her pussy roughly.

"Another man would bother me. A lot." He grabbed her ankles and pushed them toward her shoulders, lifting her butt higher. "But not a woman." He hammered her ass, rocking her hips in time with his thrusts and driving in deeper. "Not if she makes you happy."

"Oh, she does." She was getting close now. "Not as good as you, but . . ." She screamed as the first orgasm ripped through her body. "Oh fuck, Baby!"

He pounded her while she finger-fucked her spasming snatch, pushing her to an intense series of climaxes, each more violent than the one preceding it.

"Oh . . . my . . . God!" she cried. "Come for me, Baby! Shoot your big hard cock . . ." She screamed as she came again. "Shoot it up my ass!"

"Here I come!" He slammed home, splashing hot cum against her anal walls.

"Oh yeah!" she gasped. "That's right!" Pam sobbed and thrashed, coming hard as John emptied his nuts into her asshole with an almost endless series of violent thrusts.

He finally stopped with his giant pole deep inside her ass, leaving her limp on the bed. "Wow," he whispered.

"Yeah!" she gasped. "Wow!" She pulled John down to her and kissed him passionately. "Wow, indeed!" She kissed him again, running her fingers through his hair and stroking his strong arms and shoulders. "My stud husband!"

"My sexy wife." John's cock softened and slipped out of her asshole. He lay down beside her, gathered her in his arms, and kissed her tenderly.

"I love you," Pam answered sleepily. She already missed his hard thick pole filling her butt. As good as Yuki's dildo had felt, his massive tool was a lot better. Well, it would be back soon, throbbing and squirting hot cum. She could hardly wait.

Author's Note

This story is the result of a request from Pam and John, a real married couple. I've based most of the details about the characters on the real people, but the characters themselves are still the product of my imagination. So is the plot. I hope you're enjoying Pam's journey.


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