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Teach Me Chapter 1

Pam Slater had never been interested in women until she met Yuki Nagaku, the new student teacher.

It was teacher orientation, a week before the school year began. The day began with a group meeting in the school cafeteria. Pam was in line for the coffee urn, when someone said, "Hello, Mrs. Slater."

The speaker was a young Asian woman in her early 20s. She was tall and slender with an athlete's body and long straight black hair flowing like silk down the back of her perfectly-tailored suit. Something in her flashing dark eyes suggested a mischievous kitten.

"Call me 'Pam," please." She smiled and held out her hand. "You must be Yuki." Pam was going to be Yuki's supervising teacher.

"Hello Pam." Yuki took Pam's hand. "I am pleased to meet you." Her touch was electric. Pam had never felt it with a man, not even her husband John, and certainly not with another woman.

"I am excited about teaching the third grade." Yuki's English was perfect, with just enough of an accent to sound exotic. "Many of my nieces and nephews are that age."

"Good. That gives you a little idea what you're getting into."

"Oh, I am sure it will be quite challenging and surprising." Yuki's smile broadened. "I like surprises and challenges." She looked into Pam's eyes. "Don't you?"

* * *

Yuki was an excellent teacher, with an instant rapport with the students. Working with her was a joy and Pam looked forward to the time they spent planning and reviewing lessons and teaching practices.

Along with professional respect and a growing friendship, Pam felt something else with Yuki. A definite sexual attraction. She knew that Yuki felt it, too. The younger woman was flirting—looking at Pam with playful kitten mischief in her eyes and touching her delicately on the shoulder, cheek, arm, wrist . . . even her thighs and butt.

Yuki's clothes were impeccably professional, but still tailored to show off her long muscular legs, trim butt, and pert breasts. Pam wanted to peel her out of those modest outer garments, down to the sexy lingerie Pam was sure Yuki was wearing, and do naughty girl-on-girl things with her, although she wasn't sure what lesbians actually did.

It was a Friday, two months into the school year. Pam was having a "special" night with her husband John, so she stayed late to finish her paperwork. Yuki also stayed to decorate the classroom with the new month's theme.

Yuki finished pinning photos to the corkboards and got her gym bag out of the closet. "I am going to go running now." She bent over the desk and kissed Pat on the cheek. "Do not stay too long."

Pam shook her head. "No. Just a few more minutes."

"Good." Yuki smiled and touched Pam's cheek—tenderly, like a lover. "Have fun with your husband."

It was Pam's turn to grin. "Oh, I will." Even after 28 years of marriage and four kids, her stud husband still got her red hot. And she had some sexy new undies for him tonight. "I always do."

Two minutes after Yuki walked out the door, Pam felt a sudden urgency. She shouldn't have had coffee so late in the afternoon. She hurried to the teachers' lounge and stepped into the ladies room. It was a little place, with a toilet, sink, a small table, and a straight chair.

Yuki was standing in front of the sink, stark naked. "Pam!" She looked startled, but didn't make any attempt to cover herself. Her breasts were small and firm, like Pam's, with little nipples set in dark pink quarter-sized areolas. She didn't really need the translucent half-bra she'd just set on the counter, beside a matching pair of panties.

"Sorry." Pam rushed to the toilet, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down. "Got to pee."

"It is quite all right." Yuki smiled softly. "I will continue dressing." She took a sports bra out of the gym bag and put it on, then turned to examine her reflection in the mirror. "Do you think this fits properly?" She turned to Pam, touching a breast with a thumb and index finger.

"Looks all right to me." Pam tried to concentrate on Yuki's bra, but her gaze kept drifting down to the sexy Asian girl's hairless vulva. It was so different from her own neatly-trimmed pubic thatch. Childlike and yet intensely erotic. "Is something pinching?"

"It just feels . . ." Yuki fingered her breast while looking steadily at Pam. ". . . odd." She shrugged. "I guess it will be all right for today."

Pam tried not to stare as Yuki put her panties on, lifting one leg and then the other, unselfconsciously displaying her prominent pussy lips. They were so different from the smooth slit between Pam's legs. The temptation to reach out and stroke those little rolls of flesh was almost irresistible.

"It is all right to look at me." Yuki smiled. "Athletes are not self-conscious about our bodies." She stood still in front of Pam, dressed only in her sports bra and matching panties. Pam tried to say something, but her mind was blank.

Mercifully, Yuki smiled and turned away, then bent over to reach into her gym bag, stretching her panties over her beautifully-sculpted buttocks. She pulled out a tee-shirt and running shorts and dressed quickly.

Pam had finished peeing. She reached between her legs with a piece of toilet paper to catch the last few drops and shivered at the contact between her finger and her pussy. She was wet down there and it wasn't urine. Her nipples were tight, too.

Yuki sat on the straight chair and put her socks and shoes on. Pam stood up and adjusted her own clothes. "Well, back to work," she said, trying to ignore her moist panties. "Have a good run."

"Oh, I will." Yuki kissed Pam on the cheek. "Have a wonderful night with your husband." She picked up her gym bag and left, leaving Pam staring at the closed door.

Pam stayed still, contemplating her reflection in the mirror. She looked good for a 55-year-old woman with four kids—tall and slender, with long legs, small breasts, and a handsome face that had maintained a quiet beauty while the pretty teenagers she'd grown up with had faded.

She reached between her legs and cupped her pussy through the sexy Victoria's Secret panties she liked to wear under her prim schoolteacher clothes. The fabric was soaked. John could get her that wet, pulling off the road at night to play with her pussy, but just looking at a woman . . .

She ran a slow finger up and down her slit, stoking the fire in her loins. Then, she laughed nervously and yanked her hand away. Here she was, masturbating like the teenage boy she'd caught in the girl's room while she was in high school. His name was Roger. He'd had a crewcut and severe acne. His erect cock had been short, thin, and pale, with a mushroom-shaped head, oozing clear fluid from its tip. She'd stared at it in horrified fascination for a few seconds, then bolted from the room.

Pam had never told anyone, especially not John, who'd have gotten in trouble by beating Roger up, but she couldn't stop thinking about the pale piece of repulsive flesh growing from the boy's unzipped fly. She definitely didn't want that ugly thing inside her, but on her next date with John, she'd guided his hand between her thighs and whispered, "Go ahead. Touch me." Three months later, she'd eagerly surrendered her virginity to him, in the back seat of her Mom's car.

Memories! Pam shook her head at her image in the mirror. She didn't need fantasies today. Not when she had John waiting. She washed her hands and went back to the classroom.

* * *

It was almost midnight when Pam and John got home. They'd had supper and drinks at a club at the edge of town, then danced to the live band.

As usual after she'd had a few drinks, Pam had been feeling frisky on the way home. Even more than usual, fooling with John until he'd pulled over, put his hand between her legs, and fingered her to orgasm through her panties. "Now, behave," he'd said. "We'll get home a lot faster if we don't have an accident."

She was on him as soon as they were in the house, plastering her body against his and kissing him passionately.

He kissed her back, then turned her around and bent her over. "I know what you want." He fingered her slit through her wet panties, making her moan and squirm.

"Oh yeah, Baby." Pam put her hands on her thighs and wiggled her butt. "Give it to me. Now!"

"All right." John unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear down around his ankles. Then, he pulled her soaked panties to the side and slid his long thick cock up her hot hungry pussy.

"Oh yeah!" she gasped as John pounded her ruthlessly, rocking her hips in time with his violent thrusts. "That's right! Fuck me hard!" She came again, harder than she had in the car.

"No!" she moaned when John pulled his stiff cock out of her well-fucked pussy. A moment later, she purred in pleasure as he slipped his tongue into her pussy, probing her depths and occasionally flicking her clit. She came again when he added a finger, sliding it in and out while licking her pussy lips.

Then, he put his dick back in, fucking her slowly this time. "God, you are so hot," he said. "Just as good as when I married you."

"Oh yeah, Babe," she answered. "It just gets better as—" She squealed when he ran a finger up her butt crack. "No! Not that!"

"Sorry, Honey." He cupped her breasts and changed the angle of his thrusts, rubbing his cock-head against the super-sensitive spot just inside her pussy mouth.

She wanted him to pound her ruthlessly, right there in the middle of the living room, and shoot deep inside her, like when they were newlyweds. They'd probably conceived their first two kids that way. Of course, back then, John could come three or four times in a night.

"Here Babe." She pulled away, sank to her knees, and gripped his stiff pole. "I'm going to suck your cock." She took his stiff pole in her mouth, savoring the taste of her pussy juices coating his hot male flesh.

She could tell he was close to coming when he pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately. "Come on. Let's go to bed."

* * *

Pam lay in John's arms, feeling warm and secure with her pussy full of his cum. It had been great, as always. She loved his big hairy body—so hard, angular, and aggressively male.

Still, she drifted into sleep fantasizing about Yuki's smooth skin, long silky hair, and lush female body.

* * *

"Would you like to come up for a nightcap?" Yuki asked as the Uber driver stopped in front of her apartment building.

It was another Friday, two weeks after Pam's special night with John. A group of teachers had gone out for happy hour. The others had drifted off after a couple of hours, but Pam and Yuki had stayed for supper and more drinks.

Sitting facing each other across a tiny candle-lit table, Pam had often brushed knees with Yuki. Each time, the touch was electric. In the darkness of the Uber's back seat, Yuki had—very deliberately—put her hand on Pam's thigh.

Pam had stiffened as a wave of lust surged through her body, hardening her nipples and wetting her already-damp panties. She put her hand on Yuki's and pushed it up her thigh, stopping just short of her blazing female core.

"Of course." She squeezed Yuki's hand affectionately, then followed her out of the car. "I can't wait to see your place."

Yuki's apartment was in an old three-story brick building on a back street. It was furnished with simple-looking modern furniture. A large Japanese pen and ink drawing of two women sitting on the bank of a stream and an enlarged photograph of Mount Fuji were the only decorations in the modest living room.

"You do not want a drink." Yuki gripped Pam's hips and pulled their bodies together. "Nor do I." She kissed Pam. It was a kiss like no other, driving Pam wild with desire. "I want you. Your sex."

"Yeah." Pam took Yuki's outstretched hand and let the younger woman lead her into the bedroom. "Me too."

A king-sized bed almost filled the little space. A mirror was mounted on the wall at the head of the bed. The only other decoration was a framed print of two voluptuous naked women sleeping on a rumpled bed, tangled in an erotic embrace.

That was all Pam noticed about the room. Yuki's arms enfolded her, pulling their bodies together. Pam closed her eyes and surrendered to the wild new sensations as Yuki's mouth found hers. They kissed passionately, with dancing tongues, sexy as the way John did it, but with a totally-feminine aggressiveness.

Pam slid her hands up the younger woman's back and ran her fingers through her long silky hair as their kisses built in intensity.

"I have waited for this," Yuki said. "Since we first met." She smiled. "In my culture, we are taught to respect our elders, but I am attracted to you because you are such a sexy woman. And because . . ." Her smile became a lewd grin. ". . . I feel your attraction to me."

Yuki slipped a hand between Pam's legs. "It is as I thought. Your panties are soaking wet. You are as excited as I am." She caught Pam's hand and guided it between her own legs. "Do you feel it? How wet you have made my cunt?"

Pam gasped and then laughed to herself. She'd never liked the word "cunt." It was great when John fucked her hot tight pussy with his big hard cock, but there was no need to use the really vulgar words. Somehow, it sounded different when another woman said it. Especially when she was fondling that woman's . . . cunt . . . through her soaked panties. "Oh yeah, Baby," Pam whispered. "You're just as hot as I am."

Yuki stepped back. "Let us get out of these clothes." She kicked off her sensible shoes, then tore off her suit coat, blouse, and skirt, dropping then carelessly on the floor. She faced Pam with her hands on her hips, dressed in a hot pink half-bra and matching bikini panties. Best of all, she was wearing sexy old-school nylons, with garters holding them up. "Do you like this?"

"You know I do." Pam undressed, almost as quickly as Yuki, but set her suit and blouse on the dresser.

"You are wonderful." Yuki had that playful kitten expression on her face again. "Exactly as I imagined—all sexy under your school clothes."

That morning, Pam had taken her usual black pantyhose out of the drawer. Then, she'd thought about that night's happy hour . . . and Yuki. Her nipples had hardened and her pussy had grown moist. She'd run a finger up and down her slit.

She was starting to breathe harder when she'd realized she was going make herself late for school. She'd put on her filmy black bra and matching panties—sheer translucent fabric held together with heavy black lines—and then her black lace-top stockings. They stood up without a garter belt, making it easier to take her panties off while keeping the sexy nylons on. Of course, garter belts were fun too, when she didn't wear panties at all. John always liked that, especially when they went out. So did she.

"Come here." Yuki grabbed Pam and kissed her fiercely. "Sexy."

Pam and Yuki ran their hands over each others' bodies while they kissed, sending new erotic shocks through Pam's body with each intimate touch. "No!" Pam moaned when Yuki pulled away, but then growled in pleasure as Yuki showered her with kisses—on her nose, cheeks, chin, throat, spending a long time on the modest cleavage deliciously revealed by the black and lace bra, and finally proceeding on down to Pam's filmy panties.

"Oh God!" she gasped as Yuki's lips closed over her soaked panties. She moaned, softly and then much louder, as Yuki probed her slit, her tongue pushing the thin fabric up into her steaming . . . cunt! Her hot wet intensely female cunt! It felt good to say, "Yeah, Baby! Stick your tongue up my cunt!"

The erotic sensations surged through Pam's body. She was close to coming when Yuki pulled away again. "What now?" she asked.

"Do not worry." Yuki sank to her knees behind Pam. "You will enjoy this."

The erotic sensations surged through Pam's body as Yuki kissed and licked her buttocks and ass crack through the filmy panties, soon getting their bottom as wet as the spot around her blazing crotch. "Oh my God!" she cried. "I'm going to . . ." She kneaded her breasts through the flimsy bra as she came, screaming and grinding her butt into Yuki's face.

Pam's orgasm went on and on. Finally spent, she stumbled away from Yuki and collapsed with her heaving chest on the bed and her knees on the floor, presenting her vulva and anus to the beautiful Asian girl.

"You are such a sexy woman." Yuki moved behind Pam. "I have never been so excited." Pam raised her head to look in the mirror over the head of the bed. Yuki was naked, except for her nylons and garters. Even in the mirror, Pam could see that her little nipples were pebble hard, set in swollen areolas.

"You have such pretty panties." Yuki knelt between Pam's spread legs. "But, I will remove them now. You will be even more attractive without them." She flashed her kitten grin, then pulled the flimsy scraps of cloth down over Pam's thighs to her knees. She lifted one knee and then the other to let Yuki remove them completely.

Yuki kissed the cloth. "I love your taste and smell." She set the panties in front of Pam's face. They reeked of excited primal woman and stoked the already-blazing fire in her loins. "Now I will have more of you. Much more."

Pam could see herself in the mirror. She was up on her elbows. Her lacy black bra was pulled down, showing off her firm little breasts and hard nipples. She imagined how she looked from behind—dressed only in sexy nylons and exposing her most intimate parts.

"You are so beautiful." Yuki's fingers brushed Pam's inner thighs, moving teasingly close to her blazing cunt but then pulling away. "So sexy . . ." She ran her tongue up and down Pam's slit, gradually pushing in deeper.

Pam moaned as Yuki's skilled tongue probed her depths. John could really eat pussy, but this was way different. "Oh Baby," she whispered. "This is so good."

"It is good for me, too." Yuki slid two fingers up Pam's cunt, curving them to rub the supersensitive spot just inside her pussy mouth. "And we are just getting started."

Pam moaned and squirmed, pushing back against Yuki's sliding fingers. She felt hot enough to set the bed on fire. Yuki fanned the flames expertly, showering Pam's buttocks with butterfly kisses that gradually approached her anus, then danced away.

"No!" Pam protested when the tip of Yuki's tongue pressed into the center of her little puckered hole. "That's dirty."

"It is not dirty." Yuki fondled Pam's buttocks, gradually pulling her butt cheeks open and blowing into her hole. "You will enjoy this."

"Oh God!" Pam moaned, squirming and arching her back as Yuki's flat tongue stroked her anus, moving up and down and from side to side, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She slipped two fingers up her hot wet pussy and rubbed her G-spot as Yuki's pointed tongue pressed into her asshole. "I never imagined . . ."

Pam screamed and bucked, finger-fucking her steaming snatch and rubbing her swollen clit, coming hard as Yuki's tongue probed her asshole. She pushed back, trying to take as much as she could. "Oh fuck, Baby!" she cried. "Eat my ass!"

Yuki pulled Pam's buttocks wider apart, stretching her hole and pushing her tongue in even deeper. "Oh yeah!" Pam gasped. "Oh God! Oh fuck!" The young woman's tongue fucked her butt like a wide, super flexible cock, pushing her to even greater heights of ecstasy.

Finally exhausted from her multiple orgasms, Pam collapsed on the bed. "Oh . . . my . . . God," she whispered.

Yuki kissed Pam's rosebud tenderly and then stood up. "You liked that."

"Oh yeah. More than . . ." Pam lay limp on the bed, face down, gasping for breath with her heart pounding. She'd never come so hard, not even when John fucked her to multiple orgasms.

"I know," Yuki said. "It is overpowering, especially for a virgin."

"But . . ." Pam's voice trailed off. She was a sort of virgin. Even after four kids and a very active sex life with her husband, she'd never imagined anything could be this good.

"You are wonderful." Yuki helped Pam onto the bed, took her in her arms, and kissed her tenderly. "The best."

"Oh Baby . . ." Pam felt so warm and sleepy.

"Do not fight it." Yuki's voice seemed to come from far away. "My love."

When Pam opened her eyes, Yuki was looking down at her with a sultry smile. "You are awake, darling."

"How long was I asleep?" Pam was nestled in Yuki's arms. Her bra was gone and her hard nipples were pressing into Yuki's soft breasts.

"A few minutes." Yuki bent forward and brushed her lips against Pam's. "Time for me to savor the sight of your sleeping beauty." She kissed Pam again, much more aggressively. Pam kissed Yuki back fiercely, wrestling the young woman onto her back.

"It's my turn now." Pam knelt between Yuki's spread thighs and put her hands on her sexy student teacher's little breasts, stroking their firm flesh and pinching her hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. "What I've been fantasizing about doing with you."

At first, Pam hadn't really known what lesbians did. So, she'd done what any teacher would do—looked it up. Now, she'd developed some pretty steamy fantasies.

Her favorite fantasy started with the two of them in bed, naked except for their sexy nylons and heated from long intense foreplay. The intense orgasms from their wild anal sex certainly qualified.

"I had a long elaborate fantasy about our first time." Yuki arched her back, pressing her breasts more firmly into Pam's palms. She laughed. "It did not start with me eating your asshole." She pulled Pam down to her and kissed her passionately. "It ended that way. It was to be tender, romantic, and slow, gradually building to an all-consuming passion."

Yuki's hands were busy on Pam's body while they dirty—kissed, running up and down her back, kneading her buttocks, playing with her hair, fondling her breasts . . . "Instead . . ." Yuki's laugh was high and sweet, like distant temple bells. "Out lust exploded as soon as we touched." She laughed again. "The reality was much better than the fantasy."

This was the next part of Pam's fantasy—her hands on Yuki's firm little tits, pinching and kneading the hot young woman's pebble-hard nipples.

She continued by showering Yuki with butterfly kisses, lightly dancing over her lips, nose, cheeks, ears, throat, down over her breasts . . . Stopping there to lick, kiss, and suck Yuki's cute little tits and tiny nipples. "Oh yes!" Yuki moaned, stroking Pam's shoulders and back. "That is so good."

Yuki was close to coming when Pam pulled away. Pam was pretty close herself. She'd been fingering her pussy the whole time she was sucking and biting Yuki's nipples, making the young woman buck and scream. This was still her fantasy—getting both of them up to the edge of orgasm and then going straight for the sexy student teacher's steaming snatch.

"Oh yes," Yuki purred. "Play with my hot wet cunt."

Pam licked up and down Yuki's slit. Her heated female smell and taste were overpoweringly sexy as she licked, kissed, and nibbled Yuki's puffy pussy lips. She'd fantasized about them since that day in the bathroom. "Oh darling," Yuki whispered. "That is so good."

Pam ran her flat tongue over Yuki's vulva and down to her butt crack, licking her tart juices. "Oh yes." She lifted her spread legs, raising her pelvis and giving Pam more access. "That is even better."

Pam bent forward to kiss the young woman's little pink puckered hole, but then drew back. She wasn't ready for that. Yet. Instead, she asked, "So, you like that?"

"Oh yes! Very much!"

"Good. So do I." Pam ran her tongue up and down Yuki's slit. She moaned and kneaded her breasts as Pam went deep. "That is right, darling! Lick my snatch!"

Yuki's moans grew louder as Pam lashed her clit hood with her tongue. Yuki rubbed her inner thighs and ground her pelvis into Pam face.

Pam pushed Yuki's clit hood out of the way with the tip of her tongue and clamped her lips around the young woman's little swollen bud. She screamed and thrashed, coming hard as Pam licked and sucked her clit while sliding her index finger in and out of her convulsing cunt.

Yuki pushed Pam's face away from her pussy. "That was so great!" She caught Pam's hand and put it between her heaving breasts. Her heart was racing. "You are an amazing lover." She gripped Pam's shoulders and pulled her down, then kissed her passionately.

"Do you know what I want?" Yuki had that mischievous kitten look again. "To fuck you." Without waiting for an answer, she got up, dug into the bottom dresser drawer, and took out a big flesh-colored cock-and-balls dildo attached to a black leather harness.

A heavy leather plate supported the large dildo. It was as long and thick as John's cock. Two black leather straps dangled from the plate. Two smaller dildos were attached to the thinner strap. Unlike the big dildo, they flared from smoothly rounded heads to their full diameter before narrowing abruptly at their bases.

"Oh yeah!" Pam said, staring at the big dildo and heavy harness in Yuki's graceful hands. "That's perfect."

Yuki put the thick strap around her waist, tightened the buckles, and settled it on her hips. She stood still, with her legs spread wide and her hands on her hips. "Do you like this?"

"You're so sexy," Pam said. "With your tits and big stiff cock." She fondled the big dildo's thick shaft and ran her thumb and index finger over its flaring mushroom head.

Yuki smiled. "Do you want to help me with the plugs?"

"Of course." Pam slid the front dildo into Yuki's pussy. The probe's widest part slipped past her pussy lips and slid home. Its tapered base locked it in place.

"Oh yes!" Yuki closed her eyes and fondled her breasts. "That is nice." She opened her eyes again. "Now, the butt plug." She turned around and bent over, showing Pam her sexy little puckered hole.

"What do I do?"

Yuki pointed to the nightstand. "The lubricant is in the drawer."

Pam took the little plastic squeeze bottle out. Pam squirted a blob of the slick gel onto her index finger and rubbed it over Yuki's anus.

"That feels good," Yuki purred. "Now, put your finger in me." Pam applied a thick coat of lube to her finger and slid it up Yuki's asshole. It went in easily.

"That is right," Yuki whispered. "Keep going."

Pam worked her finger in and out, occasionally pausing to add more lubricant. "Your ass is so hot and sexy."

"Your finger feels great," Yuki said. "Now, put the dildo in."

Pam coated the anal probe with lube and pressed its rounded end into Yuki's asshole, pulling back slightly when she met resistance, then carefully pushing in deeper. Yuki moaned softly as the probe's wide middle section stretched her.

"You all right?" Pam asked.

"Oh yes." Yuki rocked her hips as Pam worked the short thick toy deeper into her anus.

Once past its thick middle, the dildo snapped into place. Pam fastened the strap holding the probes to the waistband. Yuki straightened up and took a few steps. "That is good."

"As good as a cock?" Pam asked, staring at the big pole rising from Yuki's crotch.

Yuki grinned. "I do not know. I have never been with a man." She stroked the big dildo. "The probes fuck my pussy and ass. A man could not do that."

"Two men could." Pam had never considered that before, but the idea excited her.

"I do not want one man. And certainly not two." Yuki kissed Pam passionately. "Just you."

"I want you, too." Pam sprawled on her back on the bed. "Come fuck me."

Yuki knelt between Pam's spread thighs and positioned the dildo's flaring head between her cunt lips. "Oh, I am going to fuck you." She slid the strap-on's dildo into Pam's pussy, all the way to its plastic balls. "Good and hard."

"Oh Baby," Pam whispered. "That's great."

Yuki pulled almost out and then pushed back inside. "Is it as good as a cock?"

"It's different." The dildo was harder than John's erect member and cool, although her body heat was warming it quickly. "But it feels wonderful."

"It feels good for me, too." Yuki took Pam with long smooth strokes, starting slowly but gradually increasing her speed. "I am fucking your pussy." She went faster and drove in harder. "And my cunt and asshole. All at once."

"Fuck me, Baby!" Pam squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, rocking her hips in time with Yuki's rough thrusts. "Hard and fast."

"Like this?" Yuki slammed Pam's snatch.

"Oh yeah!" The heat between Pam's legs spread through her body like flames through dry brush. "I'm getting close!" she gasped.

"So am I." Yuki's voice was ragged. "Come for me, darling."

"Oh God!" Pam screamed as she came, slamming her crotch against the leather plate supporting the big dildo. "I'm coming."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Yuki cried, ramming Pam's pulsing pussy. "This is so good."

The women stopped moving. "That was great," Pam gasped.

"For me, too." Yuki started to pull out.

"No!" Pam cried.

"You want more?" Yuki laughed and bent forward to fondle Pam's breasts. "My greedy darling."

"That's right," Pam whispered. "Pinch my nipples. Harder." She humped the dildo while Yuki played with her tits.

Pam moaned as the heat built in her loins. The dildo felt great—totally different from John's thrusting cock, but great. It would never throb and squirt cum into her eager pussy, but it would stay hard forever, fucking her until Yuki got tired—and it would be a long time before the athletic young woman was worn out. She came again, harder than before.

As good as it felt, her latest orgasm had left her wanting even more. "Fuck my ass, Baby!"


Author's Note

This story is the result of a request from Pam and John, a real married couple. I've based most of the details about the characters on the real people, but the characters themselves are still the product of my imagination. So is the plot. I hope you're enjoying Pam's journey.


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