Ken James Fiction


Summer Storm

A long drum roll of thunder boomed across the landscape, shaking the house and making the windows rattle in their frames.

Leaves rustled loudly in the sudden wind as the rapidly advancing clouds swept across the early summer sky, displacing the bright sunshine.

As the electricity built in the air, Kathy felt her nipples tightening beneath the fabric of her T-shirt. She moved to the living room window and looked out at the street. Thin, almost invisible lines of water were falling from the sky, sending up tiny puffs of steam as they struck the heated pavement.

Her hands were trembling slightly as she picked up the remote and switched on the weather radar channel. The bottom of the screen was all red. A gigantic storm was sweeping up from the gulf. The light outside faded rapidly to gray, then to almost nighttime black. The gentle patter of raindrops on the roof became an intense rattle.

Kathy went through the kitchen and stepped out onto the covered back porch. The sound and smell of the rain as it battered the trees was overpowering. She could feel the heat and moisture between her legs increasing with every passing second.

The rain was coming down in sheets and the almost-constant thunder was as loud and violent as cannon fire. Flashes of lightning illuminated the dark landscape. Almost unconsciously, she kicked her sneakers off, stepped out of the shelter of the porch roof and walked to the big open area in the middle of the back yard. The rain lashed at her body, instantly soaking her hair and clothes.

Arching her back and extending her arms, she exposed her face and upper body to the stinging rain. The water filled her eyes, blurring her vision. She closed her eyes and brought her hands inward to her breasts, kneading them roughly. Her nipples were swollen beneath the clinging water-heavy fabric, tighter than any man had ever made them.

It was hard to breathe, only partially because of the water striking her mouth and nose. She clawed at her T-shirt, pulling the sodden garment over her head and throwing it to the ground. Her soaked shorts followed it an instant later.

She fell to her knees and drove two fingers into her open pussy. Her other hand found her swollen clitoris. She finger-fucked herself viciously as the punishing rain thrashed her body. A long rolling thunderclap shook the ground as she climaxed.

Kathy looked up dizzily. Half-hidden by the driving rain, her neighbor Jeff was standing naked a few yards away, staring at her. His penis, longer and thicker than she'd imagined, was magnificently erect.

Jeff was saying something, but she didn't understand the words. "Come!" she cried. "Now!"

Wordlessly, he stepped forward and took her in his arms. He pressed his body against hers and kissed her passionately.

"Take me!" she commanded, breaking away and falling onto her back, pulling him down onto her.

He fumbled for an instant, positioning his cock head between her open folds, then drove his entire length up her eager snatch.

Jeff fucked her brutally, ramming his swollen cock into her cunt. This was pure primitive sex, Neanderthal sex. He wasn't concerned about the woman beneath him or the future. Satisfying his lust was all that mattered.

Kathy had never been so turned on. Jeff's head and body were protecting her from the cruel whipping of the rain, but nothing was defending her from his brutal assault. The warm humanity had vanished from his features and she was gazing into an animal's face inches above hers.

Lightning crashed above their struggling bodies. She was cumming again, more strongly than before. Jeff held her trapped in place, squeezing her breasts tightly enough to leave bruises. He plowed her even harder and faster, rolling her into another orgasm as his throbbing cock splashed wave after wave of hot cum against her pussy walls.

Finally spent, they collapsed together with the rain continuing to pound their bodies.

Jeff finally came to his senses. He rose to his knees and reached out to Kathy. "Did I hurt you?" he began anxiously. "I'm sor . . ."

She silenced him with a kiss, a long burning kiss which said more than words.



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