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Strapping it On

Even while feeling the pressure of the rounded head slowly opening my asshole, I was having trouble believing I was in this position: flat on my back with my knees folded against my chest and a girl kneeling between my spread thighs, sticking the dildo strapped to her crotch up my butt.

In fact, I was surprised to even be in bed with a girl.

Two weeks before, I'd been relaxing at my "summer home" near Lander, Wyoming. It was actually late October, but I enjoy cold and blizzards, as long as I know I can go somewhere warm whenever the climate becomes overwhelming.

Six inches of snow had fallen the previous night. I'd spent the morning driving around the ranch in a flat bed truck with my cousin, dropping bales of hay in sheltered areas for his cattle. When I got back to the house, I lit a fire, changed into dry clothes, made a cup of tea, and settled back to check my email.

One of the messages was from an old friend who'd gone to Hollywood to do computer graphics. He was in a panic because the distributors had moved the release date for the movie he was working on up by two weeks. He'd already added several more computers to his rendering network, but he needed  help speeding up his ray-tracing algorithms.

Who can resist an old buddy in trouble, especially when he's waving large wads of cash? It was still snowing, but I took my 4-wheel drive to Casper that night and flew to El Lay the next morning.

I spent the next twelve days in front of a Silicon Graphics workstation, living on take-out food and occasionally napping on the couch in a vacant office. When everything was finally working, I went back to the Hyatt, ate a big meal (breakfast, I think), and crashed for the next 36 hours.

When I woke up, I was extremely hungry and slightly horny. After room service had taken care of the hunger, I realized that I was now incredibly horny. I hadn't even thought about sex while I was working. Now my balls felt like they were going to explode. It was high noon, not an ideal time to hit the pickup bars, so I decided to try some of the LA pickup websites my old buddy Lord_Flash_Hot had given me.

His favorite was "Lambda_Link," so I decided to try that first. I plugged my notebook into the Hyatt broadband connection and typed the URL into the browser.

I logged on and scanned the menu. The "Tearoom (Cruising)" area looked promising, so I selected it and set the controls to scan the message base backwards from the most recent. The "Subject" field of the first posting that displayed on my screen read "Fuck Your Butt NOW!"

The text read "I don't want games or clever conversation. I don't care about tomorrow or even tonight. I want your asshole and I want it RIGHT NOW! I want to fuck your butt until your cum sprays all over our hot, struggling bodies. Then I want you to fuck me just as hard and fast until you shoot a big hot load up my ass. Cock and asshole. Sweat and cum. No quarter. That's what I want. Are you man enough to give it to me? -- Dick Cyber."

The date stamp showed the message had been posted five minutes before I logged on. I was so excited that my fingers fumbled on the keyboard as I entered a reply.

"I haven't had sex for two weeks and I'm so horny my cock is lifting the table under the PC and my nuts are ready to explode. Come have your way with me. I'm ready for you. Just hurry. I can't stand this much longer. -- Automatic Jack."

A few seconds after I clicked "Send," an instant message flashed on my screen.

"Dick Cyber: You're in luck. I'm on-line right now. How do we get together?"

It didn't take long to make the arrangements. Dick would come to my room in about an hour. I logged off and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower. That left plenty of time to sit in front of my PC, attempting to concentrate on catching up on my email, but mostly anticipating Dick's arrival. Finally, there was a knock on the door.

For an instant I thought I'd made a date with a Vulcan. His ears were round and his eyebrows were in the normal location, but his straight black hair was arranged in a precise beatle-cut and he was gazing at me with a gravely curious expression worthy of the great Spock himself. Although he was wearing a baggy shirt and shorts, it was easy to see that he was slender and well-muscled. He was several inches shorter than me. A large bag was slung on a strap over his shoulder.

I stood in the door staring at him for a few seconds. Something about him appeared almost alien. I decided it was his face. His features were almost feminine.

"Almost" hell! There were full breasts under that baggy shirt and wide hips filled the shorts.

She looked up into my eyes and smiled. "I'm Dick Cyber," she said. "Can I come in?"

I stepped aside and she walked into the room, dropping the bag beside the door. I closed the door and we stood looking at each other. Her gaze ran from my face to my feet and back, lingering slightly below my waist.

"Who named you Dick?" I asked to break the ice.

"It's really Nikki, but it excites me when boys call me 'Dick'."

This was light years away from the diversion I'd anticipated. My brain was still fumbling with concepts but my cock (obviously the more intelligent organ) was already stiffening. "What do you like girls to call you?"

She licked her lips slowly. It seemed to be getting hotter in the room. "Nick or Nikki. Girls are a lot of fun, but I usually like boys better," she replied. "How about you?"


"I hope you're not disappointed." She looked back down at the swelling in my pants. "It doesn't look like you are."

Nikki stepped forward into my arms, plastered herself against my body and turned her face up to kiss me. Her mouth was already opening as our lips touched. An instant later, her tongue was darting against mine. I let my hands slide down to rub her muscular buttocks and pull her crotch even tighter against the hardness tangled in my shorts. Her tits were flattened against my chest and I could feel her heart beating.

Years before, my first sexual experience with a girl had ended abruptly with a sticky mess in my underwear. It was on the brink of happening again when Nikki pulled away. We were both breathing hard. "Strip for me," she commanded.

There wasn't much to work with, but I tried to make undressing an impressive production. I pulled my T-shirt off slowly and paused to let her admire my chest and arms. I work out several times a week, so I'm really well developed, for a hacker. Then I unfastened my pony tail and shook my head so my hair fell down over my shoulders. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down. They fell around my ankles after catching on my cock for a second. I stepped out of them and kicked them away. That was it. I was now standing in front of Nikki, very naked and very erect.

She was smiling at me. "Cute," she commented as she unbuttoned her shirt. Nikki wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't need one. Her breasts were large, but firm enough to stand up without assistance.

Nikki kicked off her shoes and I removed her shirt and shorts, leaving her clad only in frilly translucent panties. She caught my hands and moved them to cup her breasts.

She held my hands in place on her breasts as I slowly worked my way down her body, kissing her face, ears and neck. I spread my fingers, exposing Nikki's nipples, and sucked them until they grew hard and swollen. The journey continued with me kissing her belly and the inside of her thighs. Her crotch was at eye level and I started licking her through the filmy fabric. Soon she was moaning and pressing her groin into my face.

Suddenly, she pulled away and tore off the panties. "I'm ready," she gasped.

Nikki walked to the window and pulled the curtains back, flooding the room with brilliant afternoon sunlight. Then she picked up her bag and carried it to the bed. She pulled out a tube of lubricant and set it on the nightstand. Then she removed an elaborate harness from the bag and dropped it on the bed. She turned her back and I admired her muscular butt while she was strapping the equipment on. After a few seconds, she turned around.

When I'd seen porn flicks featuring girls wearing dildos, I hadn't been very impressed. The toys were too big and artificial and the whole business seemed sort of silly. Nikki's big stiff pecker and matching balls looked as if they were part of her body. The belt circling her waist and the straps around her thighs appeared to be an elaborate cock harness.

One time, a trick showed me some "she-male" videos, featuring guys who'd taken the treatments to enlarge their tits but held on to their boy toys. It really turned him on but I just thought it was weird. Nikki looked like that, but it was right on her.

We stood at arm's length, staring at each other for hours, subjective time. I was having trouble breathing and my body seemed to be shaking from the throbbing of my dick. Nikki's face was flushed and her nipples were hard and swollen.

"Are you ready?" she asked, breaking the spell.

"Just a minute," I replied. "I need to think about this."

"Your message sounded real eager."

"Yeah, but I have to decide if I want you to give it to me from behind for deeper penetration or from the front so I can watch you."

"On your back. I want to see your face when I stick it in." She took my dick in her hand and guided me to the bed. "Just lie back and enjoy it," she commanded.

So I did. I got into bed and lay on my back with my knees folded against my chest. Nikki positioned herself between my spread thighs. She spread lubricant on her finger and pushed it into my butt. It slid in easily. She squirted more lube into the palm of her hand and greased her dildo. A moment later, she was pressing the rounded head against my asshole, slowly forcing it open.

I was floating away on the sensation. "Oh Nick . . ., er Dick," I moaned. "Stick your big cock up my asshole."

The long slow slide continued until I felt Nikki's balls pressing against my ass. She paused for a second, then started withdrawing, equally slowly.

After a few strokes, my anal muscles had relaxed and Nikki was fucking me hard and fast.

"Pound me with your cock, Dick," I gasped. "You feel so good inside me." She grabbed my ankles and pushed them up and away from my body, lifting my butt higher into the air. She fucked me in wheelbarrow position, withdrawing until the dildo's head was barely kissing my asshole, then slamming her entire length home.

I put my hands up to fondle her nipples and was almost startled by the fleshy fullness of her breasts. She wielded her tool with such skill and authority that it was becoming hard to remember that she wasn't a man.

Nikki began gasping. It started softly but she was soon accompanying every thrust up my ass with a full orgasmic scream. I was getting close, too. "Dick! I'm coming," I cried.

Neither of us had touched my cock. It wasn't necessary. Suddenly, a giant load of cum burst forth, spraying over my belly and chest, forming a big pool between my nipples.

"That was great," I gasped. "You did everything but squirt hot juice up my butt."

Nikki was panting, too. "I can't shoot semen, but I had at least a half-dozen orgasms while I was inside you. The dildo was massaging my clitoris while I was fucking you, but just seeing it slide in and out of your asshole was setting me off. And when I saw all that white stuff spurting, I had such a big orgasm I'd swear it was my own cum spraying all over you.

Nikki stayed inside my asshole for a while, admiring the sticky puddles covering my upper body. Finally, she pulled out, unfastened the harness and dropped it on the floor. Then she lowered herself onto me, rubbing her breasts against my torso as she slid up to kiss my mouth.

After a long tongue dance, Nikki moved so her breasts were hanging over my face. The tan globes of flesh and dark brown nipples were covered with shiny streaks. As soon as I started licking and sucking Nikki's tits, the taste and sticky texture told me that her chest and belly were liberally coated with my own cum.

"You don't ever get soft, do you?" Nikki asked, noticing my cock's response to this new stimulus.

I removed a nipple from my mouth long enough to answer "Not while you're here doing this."

"Are you ready to put it in me?"

"Sure. How do you want it?"

"On the balcony." Nikki jumped off the bed, grabbed the tube of lubricant and ran for the sliding door. I froze in surprise for a couple of seconds before getting up to follow her. The balcony was about four feet wide and ran the length of my room. The walls separating it from the adjoining balconies ran from floor to ceiling, so it was quite private. The rail was a thick steel bar, supported by thin vertical rods. I glanced over the side. A few tiny people were lounging around the swimming pool, fifteen stories below. The city was spread out before us, with the ocean gleaming in the distance.

I don't like heights and my manhood softened under the visual onslaught. Nikki pushed me back against the glass and plastered herself against me. She kissed me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pressure where various body parts were meeting. I was stiffening again when she squatted down and pressed her breasts together, trapping my cock between them. I opened my eyes and watched her manipulating my tool. She sank to her knees and took me in her mouth.

Most girls aren't very good cocksuckers. They don't understand what it's like to have a penis and don't know how to stimulate it properly. Once again, Nikki was the exception. She quickly restored me to a hardness that even the view couldn't disturb.

After greasing me, Nikki turned around and bent over. Her hands were gripping the rail, her breasts were hanging in space and her butt was up in the air with her cheeks spread to reveal an obvious target. I put my cock head against her little ass-bud and pushed. She was really tight, so I entered her gently.

As soon as I reached bottom, Nikki began rocking her hips back and forth, encouraging me to thrust into her more vigorously. She relaxed her anal muscles just enough to give me freedom of movement while gripping my pole tightly enough to keep me in a state of excitement constantly building toward another orgasm.

We were both slick with sweat. Nikki's body appeared to be glowing in the bright afternoon sun. I was getting dizzy from the view, the heat, and the tension building in my groin. Now, I was driving like a piston and Nikki was screaming with every thrust. The excitement of watching my shining tool ramming those beautiful buttocks was rapidly building to the point of explosion.

A helicopter flew into view, gliding lazily between the buildings like a giant dragonfly. It was so close I could see the pilot's jaw drop open in astonishment when he realized what we were doing on the balcony. I grinned and waved at him while Nikki blew him a kiss.

The chopper settled into a hover directly in front of the balcony and rotated to face us. That did it. I've always been a show-off and our flying voyeur pushed me over the edge. Nikki screamed in ecstasy as I pumped wave upon wave of cum into her asshole before collapsing onto her back. We hung there limply, supported by the railing.

"Lift me up," Nikki commanded. I stepped back, gripped Nikki by the waist, and lifted her so her feet were on the railing. Her shoulders were back, her breasts were thrust forward, her legs were spread and her pussy was open. Nikki cupped a breast with one hand. She ran the other hand down to her crotch and inserted a finger into her vagina. The helicopter wobbled. "He just creamed in his shorts," Nikki announced.

I lowered Nikki to the balcony and we embraced and waved. The copter resumed its flight as we went back into the room.

We stepped into the oversized shower and I adjusted the spray for a fine warm mist. We soaped and rinsed each other. Nikki paid special attention to cleaning my genitals. Then she had me kneel in front of her while she washed my hair. Her breasts bumped against my face while she rubbed her fingers against my scalp. The sensation was soothing, at first.

"I can't believe you're hard again already," Nikki exclaimed after she'd rinsed the suds away. She had me lie down on the floor of the shower and straddled me, quickly lowering herself onto my stiff cock. Her pussy gripped my pole almost as tightly as her asshole had done earlier.

The spray from the shower was as erotic as a warm gentle rain. Nikki moved on top of me with a slow rocking motion. Our coupling continued for what felt like hours with Nikki maintaining the same slow steady tempo while the tension in my groin built almost imperceptibly. I hovered on the brink of orgasm for long minutes before ejaculating. Nikki collapsed on top of me.

After a few minutes, we'd recovered sufficiently to turn off the shower and dry ourselves. Nikki staggered to the bed. I closed the curtains and turned off the lights before joining her. She snuggled up against me and rested her head on my chest.

"Come back to Wyoming with me," I said softly. "You'll really like fucking on the plains with the mountains filling the whole sky in front of us."

"Mmmmm. . ." was her only answer. She was already asleep.

It was almost midnight when I woke up. There was just enough light in the room to show Nikki's sleeping face, inches away from mine on the pillow. I kissed her sleeping lips.

She grunted and came but partway out of sleep, far enough to begin a slow and determined worming and squirming, trying to work her undermost leg under me, under my waist. When I saw what she was trying to do, I made it easier for her. She slid her leg under me. Her eyes opened as I rolled on top of her.

Let's do it regular boy-girl style this time," Nikki whispered as she squirmed under me, positioning her vulva against my cock-head.

"Sure. It's always fun to be different," I said as began sliding my penis into her. "Who's going to be the boy?"

Nikki laughed. She continued laughing until her laughter morphed into orgasmic screams as she felt my cum squirting into her pussy.


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