Mr. Right Now 9 - Lonnie

Horny roadie's first gay sex

I'm lying on the living room floor of an apartment in Fort Collins, Colorado. The pale gray light of dawn filters through the curtains.

Lonnie is sleeping beside me. Our bed is three blankets spread on the carpet with a thin quilt covering us. We're the roadies for a band named "Zandor Walker."

The bar where Zandor Walker is playing rents the apartment for the bands playing there. Beck, the keyboard player and lead singer, claimed the master bedroom. Larry, the drummer, and Jim, the bass player, are sleeping in the second bedroom's twin beds. Tom, the guitar player from Texas, is asleep on the living room couch, facing away from me.

I'm big and stocky, with collar length brown hair and a short black beard. Lonnie is my height, slender as a reed but strong. Last week, he carried one end of a 420 pound Hammond organ down a flight of stairs while Larry and I struggled to hold up our half. He has a sparse mustache and a jet black ponytail that reaches his ass crack.

Lonnie's openly gay. I'm straight, but curious about men. Two nights ago, Larry slept on the floor with Lonnie. Last night, he told me, "It's your turn."

The rough pallet isn't very comfortable and I had trouble sleeping. I'm thinking of getting up and making myself some coffee when Lonnie stops snoring.

We lie there silently. I broke up with Roberta, my crazy psych major girlfriend, a few months before graduation, and haven't had sex in almost a year. I'm horny as hell. I sense that Lonnie is too. He's a few years older than me, but we're both still at the age where guys are basically walking hard-ons.

We're both naked under the quilt. My cock's already hard, but it gets a lot harder when Lonnie puts his hand on my thigh.

I freeze, not sure how to react. Did Lonnie make a pass at Larry last night? Probably. But, Larry's totally straight. He would have pushed Lonnie's hand away, rolled over onto his side, and pretended to go back to sleep.

Not moving is a message. Lonnie slowly moves his hand toward my crotch. Gathering my courage, I put my hand on his and guide it upward. His fingers close around my rigid pole.

I've had sex with three girls. They were all shy about handling my dick. Lonnie isn't. He runs his closed fist up and down my swollen shaft and rubs his thumb over my cock-head, smearing the precum leaking from its tip. It feels good.

It's gotten brighter and I can see Lonnie looking at me. I push the quilt down so I can see his dick. It's long and thin and just as hard as mine. We roll onto our sides, facing each other, and stroke each other's stiff rods.

The tension in my nuts builds as Lonnie pushes me toward a cum-spewing climax. I sense he's getting close, too.

Lonnie lets go of my throbbing pole and rolls me onto my back. I'm sure he's going to fuck my ass. It'll hurt and I'm afraid, but I still want it.

I'm relieved when Lonnie straddles my shoulders and pushes his stiff dick into my mouth. It's the first time I've sucked a cock. It had always seemed gross to me—and to my girlfriends. They'd only suck my dick reluctantly, after I'd ineptly gone down on them. The hot male taste of Lonnie's salty skin and precum is almost overpowering.

I prop myself up on my elbows so I can move my head more easily. Lonnie moans softly as I bob over his rod, sometimes taking it deep in my throat, but mostly concentrating on his cock-head and upper shaft. I don't know what I'm doing, but I can tell he likes it.

Lonnie rolls his hips, thrusting his hard-on into my mouth. I suck his plunging pole harder. It's way more exciting than licking my girlfriends' pussies.

Tom groans on the couch and then resumes snoring. Lonnie goes faster. I put my hands on his butt cheeks, kneading their firm male flesh.

A new taste fills my mouth. It's faint at first but then grows intense. It takes me an instant to realize Lonnie is coming. It's so sexy! I suck him like a hungry calf, gulping the hot male juice spurting from his throbbing cock.

He stops moving. I hold his spent dick in my mouth, savoring the sexy male taste of skin, sweat, and the remnants of his cum.

I'm disappointed when Lonnie pulls away. He's smiling as he spreads my legs and kneels between my open thighs. His cock is still hard and I wonder if he's going to fuck me now. I'm scared, but I also want that more than ever.

Lonnie bends forward and swallows my hard cock. It's nothing like the unenthusiastic blow jobs Kathy, Pam, and Roberta gave me. I can hardly believe how good it feels.

I sink back on the blankets and close my eyes to concentrate on the sensations as Lonnie sucks my dick, sending waves of erotic energy surging through my body. His mouth is as good as my girlfriends' pussies. Maybe better.

The tension in my crotch builds steadily. I roll my hips in time with Lonnie's up and down sucking. It's not quite like thrusting into a pussy, but still great. I prop myself up on my elbows again and watch Lonnie bobbing over my dick. It's full light outside and the visuals are great. Better than with the girls, who all insisted on subdued lighting.

Tom has stopped snoring and is stirring on the couch. He's a homophobic redneck, but I don't care if he sees Lonnie sucking my cock. That's what I tell myself, but I don't quite believe it.

Lonnie sucks me harder and faster. He's not using his hands, just his mouth. That's how I sucked him off and it worked just fine. I'm getting closer and closer, but I wonder if I'm going to make it over the edge. Lying on my back, I can't really thrust like I did with the girls and helping out with my hand seems like cheating.

I want to come so bad. For myself, but even more for Lonnie. I always used condoms, so the girls never felt me shoot inside them. I want to give him that. For him to swallow my hot cum the way I did his. But, I can't do it. I'm too tense. I gently push him away and whisper, "Sorry. It's not working."

If Lonnie's disappointed, he doesn't show it. He crawls to the foot of our improvised bed and picks up one of the electronics magazines he's brought. "Look at this." He turns to an article on . . . something.

Lonnie works in a music store, repairing amplifiers and keyboards. My knowledge of electronics is limited to plugging components together and running a sound system. I pretend to be interested in the article while trying to process what we've just done.

Tom wakes up a few minutes later. He stares at Lonnie and me, sitting naked on the blankets and softly talking about electronics. Then, he gets up and goes into the bathroom.

The rest of the guys will be stirring soon, so Lonnie and I get dressed. We don't talk about sucking each other's cocks. Not then and not for the rest of the time we're in Fort Collins.

* * *

It's a few days later. The bar gig is over and we're back home in Colorado Springs.

Lonnie spent the last two days at the band's house working on an old Farfisa organ he'd bought and sleeping in an old recliner in the basement. Now, I'm taking him back to the house he shares with a lesbian couple. Even though we're alone in my car, we still don't talk about the sex. I guess we're pretending it never happened.

Lonnie and his friends live in a little two bedroom house in the old part of town. It's after noon and his roommates are at work. He invites me to stay for lunch and I accept.

He's a vegetarian, so living with a bunch of carnivores has been rough on him. He opens several cans of vegetables and pours them into a pair of bowls.

We eat the veggies, leaning against the counter in the tiny kitchen. He talks about going back to the music store. I think that's a good idea. The band isn't making enough to live on. Beck's roommate Rusty is a night cook at a 24-hour restaurant and he's paying the rent on the band house. Larry and I are sleeping in the basement. Jim is living with his parents and Tom is alternating between sleeping on the couch and staying with his old lady.

I want to talk about that morning in Fort Collins, but I'm not sure how to bring it up. Lonnie is standing a foot away from me and I wonder what will happen if I just put my hand on his crotch.

We finish lunch. Lonnie puts the bowls in the sink and we go into his bedroom. It holds a double bed hidden behind a curtain and an electronics workbench. The only decoration is a small black and white photograph of a naked man pinned to the wall over the bed's headboard. He's lying on his side facing the camera. Even soft, his penis is long and thick.

I work up my nerve and point to the photo. "Cute."

"It's an old postcard. The kind cigar stores used to sell under the counter." Lonnie's looking at me closely. "Do you like it?"

I'm scared, but I nod. "Uh huh."

Lonnie studies my face and then lets his gaze slide down to the bulge in my jeans. "Want me to suck your cock?"

"Yeah." I'm as scared as I was the first time I jumped off the high board at the community pool. Lonnie crosses the room and stops in front of me. He's going to kiss me. That's more frightening than a blow job, or even getting fucked.

Instead, he unfastens my belt and then puts his hands on his hips, waiting for me. I get the idea and unbuckle his belt. We open each other's flies and let our jeans fall around our ankles. We're not wearing underwear and our stiff dicks snap to instant attention.

I reach for his hard-on, but he pushes my hand away and plasters his body against mine. We stand in the middle of the room, rubbing cocks and kneading each other's buttocks. It's like the first time I worked up the nerve to kiss Kathy, in the hall outside her dorm room after a late night study session. That had started out tame but escalated to fierce almost instantly.

Without giving myself time to think, I kiss Lonnie the same way I'd kissed Kathy—open-mouthed with a dirty aggressive tongue. He freezes for an instant, then kisses me back, just as roughly. His mustache feels weird . . . but sexy.

Time stops while we kiss and grind crotches. Finally, Lonnie pulls away slightly, reaches between our bodies, and jacks our rock-hard members, sliding his fist up and down our swollen shafts and rubbing his thumb and index finger over our cock heads.

Lonnie says, "You like that." It's not a question.

"Oh yeah."

"You're really going to like this." Lonnie sinks to his knees, curls his fingers around my hard-on, and strokes it slowly while kissing and licking my knob.

I gasp when he clamps his lips around my furrow and swirls his tongue over my cock-head's tightly-stretched skin.

This is so much better than the hurried blow job Lonnie gave me in Fort Collins. He takes his time and worships my big hard dick, slowly bobbing over my shaft while kneading my balls and tickling my taint.

He lets my cock slip out of his mouth and licks his way down my stiff shaft to my balls. My cock jerks as he licks, kisses, and sucks my balls, taking one, then the other, and finally both in his mouth.

Lonnie grins up at me and then swallows my cock, taking it all the way to the hilt. He holds my hot rod deep in his throat for a long time, then gradually pulls out. He takes a couple of deep breaths and then dives back down.

The tension in my nuts builds as he sucks and jerks my cock while squeezing my balls roughly. None of my girlfriends had ever done anything like this.

I can't hold back any longer. I roll my hips, fucking Lonnie's face violently. He holds on, gripping my balls tightly enough to hurt.

The cum bursts from my straining pole. Lonnie sucks it eagerly while stimulating my throbbing cock and boiling nuts, keeping my climax going. It's as good as shooting in a pussy. Better.

Lonnie finally milks me dry. He stays on his knees, holding my spent cock in his mouth while I run my fingers through his long straight hair.

I pull him to his feet and kiss him passionately, tasting my cum on his lips and tongue.

Lonnie kisses me back, just as roughly. His dick is rock-hard, rising from his thick black pubic thatch. The precum leaking from its tip trickles down his shaft and over his hairy balls.

"My turn." I kneel at Lonnie's feet and take his stiff dick in my mouth.

"That's right," he whispers as I copy what he'd done to me, jerking his swollen pole while polishing his knob and playing with his nuts. "That's good."

Going down on a girl is complicated. Lonnie has everything out in the open and I know how the things I'm doing feel. I get more excited as I push him toward a climax. My cock is just as stiff as his as I deep throat his long hard rod and knead his nuts.

I want him to come in my mouth. To suck the hot man-juice from his throbbing pole. But, there's something else . . . "Wanna fuck me?"

Lonnie looks shocked. "You really . . .?"

It's like being on the high board again. I nod and he says, "I figured you were a top."

I stand up and kiss Lonnie. "Just take it easy. Okay?"

"Sure." His cock is harder than ever. It's just as long as mine, but not as thick. It still looks enormous and I don't know how it can possibly fit inside my tight little butthole. But, I'm going to find out.

I look away from Lonnie's towering erection and glance around the room. "Want me to bend over the bench." I'm not sure how men fuck men, but that should work . . .

Lonnie smiles and shakes his head. "Take your clothes off." We both strip and he tells me to get on the bed, on my hands and knees with my butt hanging over the edge.

I'm scared, but my cock is rock-hard. Lonnie kneels on the floor at the foot of the bed, puts his hands on my butt cheeks, and pulls them apart.

I brace myself for the pain, but he doesn't push his dick into me. Lightning shoots from my anus to my rock-hard cock as his hot breath caresses my asshole.

My dick throbs as he kisses, licks, and nibbles around my anus, gradually moving in. I moan and push my butt back into his face.

Lonnie licks up and down my butt crack. I reach between my legs and stroke my painfully hard cock as he approaches my rosebud.

I moan and squirm as Lonnie's flat tongue strokes my asshole. It's hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through my body. "So good!"

"I'm just getting started." Lonnie puts his fingertips around the edges of my rosebud and pulls it open, wide enough to take a cock, and then thrusts his tongue into its depths. I let go of my throbbing pole and grind my butt into Lonnie's face as he pushes his tongue in deeper, fucking my ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

I've always thought licking an ass was gross and disgusting. I shouldn't be enjoying this, but I'm close to coming. I'm relieved when Lonnie stands up and takes a squeeze tube of KY jelly out of one of the workbench's drawers. "I'm going to fuck you now."

"Yeah! Please." My stiff cock jerks when Lonnie touches my butthole. The big blob of lubricant on his fingertip feels cold, but warms up as he rubs his finger over my pucker.

Lonnie puts more lube on his finger and presses its tip into the center of my asshole. I gasp as his finger slides all the way up my butt. "Jeez!"

"You all right?" Lonnie slowly works his finger in and out of my virgin hole.

"Just fine." I rock my butt while Lonnie fingers my asshole, occasionally pulling out and adding more lube. It hurts, but not nearly as badly as I'd feared.

My anal muscles relax and Lonnie adds a second finger, crossed with the first. He twists his wrist while moving his fingers in and out, distributing the lubricant evenly.

"Fuck!" my cock throbs when Lonnie uncrosses his two fingers and spreads them open, stretching my tight anal ring wider. "That's great!"

Lonnie fingers my asshole more aggressively. "You ready for my cock?"

"Uh huh!"

"Good." Lonnie pulls his fingers out of my butt, smears lube on his pole, and presses its head into my asshole. "I'm sure ready to fuck you."

He takes me carefully, gradually stretching my anal ring. When I tense up, he draws back slightly, letting me relax before going deeper. It hurts, but feels good, too. I stroke my cock slowly while pushing back onto his cock-head.

"You okay?" Lonnie increases the pressure on my anus.

"Yeah." I need his big hard cock up my ass so badly. Gathering my nerve, I thrust my butt backwards, driving his rod through my tight anal ring and up my overstretched hole.

"Ow!" Blinding pain shoots through my body. I hold still, taking deep breaths and blinking away the tears.

"Man!" Lonnie says. "Your ass is fucking tight!" He moves, shifting his big rod in my ass and sending a wave of pain mixed with pleasure through my body.

"Jesus!" I gasp.

Lonnie holds still. "You want to stop?"

"I'm all right." I rock back and forth, slowly working Lonnie's cock in and out of my ass. It still hurts, but each careful stroke sends a wave of intense pleasure surging through my body.

"You're doing good." Lonnie says.

"It feels good." I tighten my anal muscles around Lonnie's stiff pole. "Go ahead. Fuck me hard."

"All right!" Lonnie grabs my hips to hold me steady and pounds my ass, slamming his pelvis against my buttocks.

The tension in my balls builds as I thrust my butt back to meet Lonnie's rough thrusts. He pulls back too far and his cock slips out of my ass, leaving me feeling empty.

"Get on your back," Lonnie says. "I want to fuck you face-to-face."

"All right." I roll onto my back and fold my knees against my chest. "Give it to me good."

Lonnie kneels between my elevated ankles and positions his broad cock-head. My cock jerks as his swollen knob slides up my butthole. "Oh yeah!" I gasp. "That's good!"

"Good for me, too." Lonnie pulls out until his cock-head is barely kissing my anal entrance and then drives home, shaking my body. "You like that?"

"Uh huh!" I moan as Lonnie pulls completely out and then pushes in again, sending another erotic shockwave through my body.

"You've got a sweet ass." Lonnie shallow-fucks me, pushing in, stopping just inside my anal ring, and then pulling back out, teasing my asshole. "So hot and tight."

It doesn't hurt anymore. "Go ahead," I beg. "Pound my ass."

Lonnie pulls back and then drives home, slamming his crotch into my buttocks hard enough to shake the bed. He stops with his stiff cock buried deep in my ass. "Like that?"

I've never felt anything like Lonnie pistoning cock stretching and filling my ass. It's so warm and alive. Rock-hard and yet soft and yielding. So . . . overpoweringly . . . male. "Oh yeah! Just like that."

Lonnie pushes my ankles up and over my shoulders, spreading my legs like wheelbarrow handles. I stroke my throbbing cock as Lonnie rocks my legs in a wide arc, driving his plunging pole deep into my ass and sending waves of pleasure surging through my body.

I'm close to coming when Lonnie growls, "I'm gonna—" Hard hot pulses of cum splash my anal walls as he rams my ass, shooting with each rough thrust. It's more exciting than I'd ever imagined.

Lonnie stops moving and looks at his cock buried deep in my ass. "That was fun." He lowers my legs, bends forward, and kisses me.

My cock jerks as his hard-on shifts inside me, sending new sexual shocks through my body. "It was great. I've never . . ." I can't find the words.

We kiss for a long time. Then, Lonnie rises to his knees and wraps his fist around my swollen pole. "You didn't come."

"Not quite." The tension in my nuts builds as he strokes my stiff dick while working his cock in my asshole. "But I'm getting close."

"Want me to make you shoot?" He jacks my straining pole at the same steady pace. "Or you could fuck me."

"That'd be all right."

"I figured you'd say that." Lonnie pulls his cock out of my butt and stands up. "How do you want me? Face-to-face or doggie style?"

I think about that. I'd always fucked Kathy and Pam in missionary position. Roberta had been more adventurous and I'd taken her from behind a handful of times, admiring her sexy butt while pounding her pussy. I stand up and say, "Get on your back." I want to see his face while I fuck him.

Lonnie places a pillow in the middle of the bed and lies with it under the small of his back, raising his buttocks. I coat my index finger with KY and slide it up Lonnie's ass. It goes in easily. I watch his stiff cock jerk while I work my finger in and out of his tight asshole.

"Come on," Lonnie says. "I'm ready." I smear KY on my stiff dick and press its head into the center of his anal ring. His ass muscles resist briefly and then relax. My hard-on slides home, all the way to my balls. His asshole is hot and tight. Way tighter than a pussy . . .

Kathy was my first girl. We were both virgins. It took an eternity of fumbling to find her entrance and I came as soon as I was inside. That almost happens again with Lonnie, but I manage to hold back.

The urgency fades and I take Lonnie's ass with long slow strokes, propped up on my elbows to keep my weight off his chest. "You don't have to be so gentle," he whispers. "I won't break."

That's almost exactly what Kathy said the second time I fucked her. I pound Lonnie's asshole ruthlessly, pulling almost out and then driving home. He lifts his legs and places his feet on the small of my back, raising his butt and letting me go in deeper.

The tension in my nuts builds rapidly. I should slow down and make this last longer, but I can't hold back. I go faster and come after a few strokes. Lonnie screams in excitement as my throbbing cock fills his asshole with cum.

I finish and sink down on Lonnie, covering his body with mine. His flat chest feels weirdly different from a girl's breasts, but I get used to it quickly as we kiss, first passionately and then tenderly.

* * *

His roommates will be home soon. We take quick showers and get dressed, then make tentative plans to get together again.

Driving home, I wonder what's going to happen next. All I know for sure is that my world has changed dramatically.