Love Train

Chapter Seventeen from Jack Hammer - Dick Diamond

Jack's steamy night with two big black studs.

Jack drove The Flashmobile into the garage. Brian parked his bright blue Mercedes SUV in the driveway. He and Chris followed Jack into the kitchen.

Chris and Brian were still in their stage costumes. Chris was wearing red high-topped sneakers, tight white gym shorts that showed off his butt and crotch bulge, and a sprayed-on blue tank top that highlighted his muscular arms and chest.

Brian was dressed in his usual male dancer costume: a black cowboy hat, shiny black cowboy boots, skintight black pants, and an open black leather vest that showed off his sinewy body and light chocolate skin.

Jack closed the garage door and checked the security system with his phone. It didn't show any unusual activity. He left Brian and Chris in the living room and went into the master bedroom.

He took his ankle holster off and stashed the baby Sig in the gun safe. He thought for a few seconds, then took the Sig P320 out of his belly holster and stored it in the nightstand's inconspicuous middle drawer. He usually secured all his weapons, but not this time.

Back in the living room, Brian was standing with his pants and boxers around his ankles. Chris was on his knees, sucking Brian's mammoth hard-on.

"I was going to ask if you guys wanted a drink," Jack said. "But, I guess not."

Brian was grinning. "Sorry, man. Couldn't wait."

"That's certainly understandable." Jack walked over to Brian and kissed him, hard with a lot of tongue. Brian growled and pushed Chris away, then grabbed Jack and pulled their bodies together, grinding his hard-on against the bulge in Jack's jeans.

Chris stood up, moved behind Jack, and pulled his pants down. He'd gone commando and his painfully hard cock snapped up like a switchblade.

"Damn! You guys are hot." Chris stepped out of his shorts and kicked them away, then pulled his jockstrap to the side and pressed his stiff rod between Jack's butt cheeks. He humped Jack's crack while Jack and Brian kissed and rubbed cocks.

"You've sure got a pretty dick," Brian said. His rod, like Jack's stiff pole, was no giant, but still considerably longer and thicker than average.

He curled his fingers around both their shafts and jacked their straining members, rubbing his thumb over their cock-heads at the top of each stroke and smearing the precum leaking from their tips.

The tension in Jack's balls built rapidly. He'd done this as a teenager, with guys who weren't ready to fuck or even suck cock. "That feels good. But, if you keep it up, I'm gonna come."

"We sure don't want that." Brian let go of Jack's throbbing pole.

"Nope." Jack pulled away from Brian, then twisted around and gripped both black studs' big hard cocks. "Not when I've got two sexy men to play with." He stroked Chris's and Brian's rods, slowly running his closed fists up and down their swollen shafts and over their bulging cock-heads. "And you're the hottest guys I've been with in quite a while."

"Damn straight!" Brian growled, cupping Jack's balls and squeezing them gently.

"You're pretty hot yourself." Chris curled his fingers around Jack's stiff pole and rubbed his thumb over its cock-head, smearing the precum leaking from its tip. "Sexiest detective I've ever been with."

"Have you been with many private dicks?" Jack tightened his grip on the cocks in his hands.

"Dicks?" Chris laughed. "Sure. And it was usually private. Sorta, anyway." He looked Jack over, lingering on his crotch. "But, you're the first detective."

"It's great to be first." Jack sank to his knees between Brian and Chris. He alternated between them, sucking one man's cock—bobbing over its swollen shaft and licking its head—while fondling the other man's stiff rod. Then, he'd switch.

His own cock was painfully stiff. It had been a while since he'd had sex with two men at once and it was as exciting as ever.

Jack stood up, still holding the men's hard-ons. "Come on. Let's go to bed." He kissed Brian and Chris, then pulled his jeans up and led them into the bedroom.

They stripped hastily. Jack lay on his back at the foot of the bed and folded his knees against his chest.

Chris whistled appreciatively. "Oh yeah! Our private dick has a pretty little butthole." He fell to his knees, then put his hands on Jack's buttocks and pulled them apart. "Perfect for fucking."

Jack lifted his head to look at him. "Are you going to fuck me now?"

"Not yet." Chris bent forward. Lightning shot from Jack's anus to his rock-hard cock as the sexy drummer's hot breath caressed his asshole.

"Oh yeah!" Brian said. "Eat his ass." He scrambled onto the bed, straddled Jack's shoulders, and pressed his hard-on between Jack's lips. "While I fuck his face." He worked his rod in and out of Jack's mouth, filling it with the taste of precum and hot male flesh, while Chris kissed, licked, and nibbled around Jack's anus, gradually moving in.

Jack moaned and pushed his butt back into Chris's face. "You like that." Chris licked up and down Jack's butt crack, teasing his rosebud.

"Um . . . Hum . . ." Jack sucked Brian's plunging pole while Chris's flat tongue stroked his asshole, sending waves of pleasure surging through his body.

Jack's stiff cock jerked as Chris put his fingertips around the edges of his rosebud and pulled it open, wide enough to take a cock.

"Fuckin' A, that's good!" Brian pulled his swollen pole out of Jack's mouth and turned around to face Chris. He jerked Jack's dick and squeezed his balls while Chris pulled his ass cheeks open wider and pushed his pointed tongue into Jack's anus, gradually teasing it open.

Jack bucked and growled, pushing back as Chris thrust his tongue in deeper, aggressively eating Jack's ass. He was close to coming when Chris stood up and said, "I'm gonna fuck your ass now."

"Great!" Jack pushed Brian's hand away from his throbbing dick. "I'm ready for a good hard ride."

"Well, you're going to get it." Chris looked around. "I bet the lube's in the nightstand."

"You'd bet right." Jack gripped the insides of his knees and pulled them tightly against his chest, lifting his butt even higher. "I need a good anal workout." He smiled at Brian's stiff rod and bulging balls hanging over his face. "And you and I . . ." He curled his fingers around the sexy bass player's rigid pole. "We're gonna have a lot of fun, too."

"I'm already having fun." Brian reached down and pinched Jack's nipples. "Just watching."

"That party's just starting." Chris got the lube and moved behind Jack. "So, you better be ready." He squirted a big blob of lube on his index finger and pressed it between Jack's buttocks.

Jack's painfully stiff cock jerked as Chris's finger stroked his rosebud. "That's good," he said. "But, you don't have to be gentle. I'm no scared virgin."

"Oh, I know that." Chris slid his slick finger up Jack's asshole, stopping with his curled knuckles pressed against Jack's buttocks. "Virgins are fun . . ." He put more lube on his index finger and worked it in and out of Jack's butt. ". . . And I've had a few out on the road . . . But a real man's a lot better." Chris lubricated his hard-on and pressed its head into Jack's pucker.

Jack's cock throbbed and his nuts tightened as the black stud's cock-head penetrated his anal ring. "Fuck yeah!" he gasped.

"So, you like that?" Chris stopped with his broad cock-head just inside Jack's anal entrance. He pulled out and then pushed in again. Jack groaned and tightened his grip on Brian's rod as more erotic energy surged through his body.

"Oh fuck yeah." Jack stroked Brian's rod as Chris teased his ass, slipping his cock-head in and out of Jack's anal ring. "Give me your big hard cock. All of it." He swung his hips up, driving Chris's swollen pole all the way up his asshole.

"Damn, that's good!" Chris growled. Jack's cock jerked as the big stud fucked his ass with long hard strokes. "Private dicks have hot tight assholes."

"He's all-over sexy," Brian said, lowering his body over Jack's and taking Jack's dick in his mouth.

Brian's stiff cock pressed against Jack's face. He gripped its rigid shaft and guided it between his lips. He rolled his hips in time with Chris's rough thrusts while he and Brian sucked and jerked each other's dicks.

Jack felt dizzy and hot. He'd never done this before. He liked it when a man wanted to sixty-nine, but he preferred taking turns, so he could concentrate on giving or receiving. And fucking and sucking dick were the same. Great, but better separate. But this combination . . . stimulating his asshole, cock, and mouth at the same time . . . It was so fucking intense.

"Oh fuck!" Chris growled. "I'm coming." He hammered Jack's butt, sending hard pulses of hot cum splashing against his anal walls.

Jack's cock throbbed as he and Brian sucked each other's dicks, but he didn't shoot. Neither did Brian, although he could tell the sexy bass player was as close as he was.

"Man!" Chris pulled his rod out of Jack's butt and staggered away. "Private dicks are awesome!"

Jack untangled himself from Brian and they both stood up. "You two are pretty awesome." He kissed Chris and then Brian. "I've never done anything like that before." His cock was so fuckin' hard! "Now, it's your turn."

"Who?" Chris asked. "Me or Brian?" Both men's dicks were rock-hard.

"Both of you." Jack grabbed Chris and bent him over the bed, then looked at Brian. "You too."

"Oh yeah." Brian positioned himself beside Chris and they both waved their butts at Jack.

Jack loved butts. Especially sexy athletic black men's butts. He wanted to take his time and worship those beautiful sculpted buns, then gradually move in to lick and kiss their hot male assholes, warming them up for his stiff pole . . .

But, his hard-on would not be denied. He hastily lubricated Chris's and Brian's assholes and his blazing rod, then drove into Chris's butt, fucking him hard and fast.

"That's right!" Chris swung his hips in time with Jack's rough thrusts. "Give me your big hard dick!"

"I'm just getting started." Jack pulled out of Chris's butthole and moved to Brian, taking him just as roughly.

Chris and Brian rocked their hips as Jack alternated between them, hammering their asses. He was close to coming in Chris's ass when Brian straightened up and moved behind him.

He grabbed Jack's hips and brought him to a stop with his dick buried deep in Chris's butt. "I'm gonna fuck you now." He picked up the lube and smeared the slippery gel on his stiff cock and Jack's butthole.

Jack held still as Brian's cock-head entered his asshole, taking it slowly and carefully. He gasped and his cock throbbed as the bass player's big knob slipped through his anal ring and into his depths.

"You okay?" the big black stud asked.

"Yeah. Just take it easy. I don't want to come too fast."

"Don't worry. I'll be gentle." He took Jack's asshole, starting with slow short strokes, but gradually gaining speed and lengthening his thrusts.

The tightness in Jack's balls receded and he swung his hips, driving his cock into Chris's muscular butthole while fucking his own ass on Brian's big rod. "Come on," he growled. "Fuck me hard. I'm ready for you now."

"You bet your ass." Brian rammed Jack's butt while he plowed Chris.

The cum was boiling in Jack's balls when the first blast of Brian's cum exploded into his asshole. That set Jack off and he hammered Chris's fuckhole, emptying his nuts while Brian filled his butt with hot man cream.

Spent, the men collapsed in a heap on the bed. They recovered after a few minutes, stumbled into the bathroom, and took a long shower together, running soap-slick hands over each other's bodies.

They dried off and went back to bed. It was 2:45 a.m. and they were all exhausted. Jack fell asleep between Brian and Chris.