Saddle Up

Chapters Fourteen and Fifteen from Jack Hammer - Dick Diamond

Jack's hard ride with an oversexed bear.

Smokey was sitting in a high-backed armchair on a dais a few feet away from the sling, looking like a king on his throne. He was sipping a Lone Star longneck and smoking a big fat joint.

"El Lobo." His voice was a ground-shaking bass rumble. He set the beer and joint down, rose to his feet, and crossed the yard, stopping in front of Jack. He was a giant, 6' 6" of bulging muscle with arms and legs like tree trunks and a barrel chest, all covered with heavy black hair, sprinkled with gray. His closely-trimmed beard was also black and gray and his shaved head gleamed in the orange glow from the mercury vapor lights.

"So you finally came to see the big dog." Smokey was naked, except for heavy black leather boots and a black leather chest harness with chrome buckles. Straps attached to the harness ran down to his crotch, pulling a circular metal cock and ball ring tightly against his scrotum. His rock-hard cock and shaved balls were hot pink, standing out in a startling contrast to his hairy body.

"Yeah." Jack could hardly tear his eyes away from Smokey's hard-on. He forced his gaze up to Smokey's lewdly grinning face. "I need to talk to you. In private."

"Oh, you're shy." Smokey gripped Jack's buttocks and pulled their bodies together, pressing his hard-on against the bulge in Jack's jeans. "That's so sweet and romantic." His big hands kneaded Jack's butt cheeks like a baker working bread dough.

He kissed Jack with surprising tenderness, then slapped his ass. "Come on, Sweetcakes." He took Jack's hand and led him toward the prefab steel building. "We'll . . . Talk . . ."

Smokey took Jack into the building and flipped a switch. LED fixtures attached to the metal rafters flooded the area with light. They were in a large room, with several workbenches and machine tools for working metal and leather.

"Let's go into my office." Smokey led Jack through a door labeled "Master" at the back of the workshop. "It's nice and private."

It was a small room filled with discount store office furniture. Two metal filing cabinets stood against the wall. Blown-up photos on the walls displayed naked men with big cocks strapped to bondage furniture.

"You're ready for the sling," Smokey said.

"Yeah." Jack grabbed Smokey's cock, which stiffened immediately. "Put me in the sling. Fuck my brains out."

"Sweetcakes!" Smokey caught Jack in a bear hug and tongue kissed him roughly. "I knew you'd eventually realize how much you want it." He unfastened Jack's belt and opened his fly, freeing his straining rod.

Jack moaned and ground his hard-on against Smokey's swollen pole while the big leatherman reached into his jeans and slid his finger up and down Jack's butt crack. "Fuck me now," he whispered. "I'm ready."

"That's my Sweetcakes!" Smokey slapped Jack's ass and then led him to a door in the office's back wall. It opened into darkness.

"This is my private dungeon." Smokey took Jack into the room and closed the door. It was as black as a coal mine at midnight.

Jack held still in the darkness, listening to his own breathing and feeling the pounding of his heart. Smokey's boots scraped the floor as the big man moved behind Jack and pulled his jeans down around his ankles.

"Ready, Sweetcakes?" Smokey pressed his cock between Jack's butt cheeks and slowly humped his crack, sliding his big log up and down while fondling Jack's hard-on. "I think you are."

"Oh man," Jack whispered. He was so fucking horny. He shifted his position, pressing his butthole against Smokey's cock-head. "Give it to me. Please."

Smokey pressed his knob into Jack's anal ring, pushing forward until Jack gasped in pain. He laughed and pulled back, then kissed the back of Jack's neck. "Jesus! You are fuckin' hot!" He stepped away from Jack and flipped a switch near the door. Little lights near the floor came on, dimly illuminating the space.

The room was about 20 feet square, with a bare concrete floor, heavy wood rafters, and plywood walls, painted flat black. Big mirrors were mounted on the walls and sinister shapes loomed in the darkness.

"You're mine, now." Smokey flipped another switch. Tiny bright spotlights in the ceiling came on, illuminating a black leather sling suspended from the rafters by chrome chains and leaving the rest of the room in semi-darkness.

Smokey pointed to a bench made of raw unpainted wood. "Take your clothes off."

Jack sat on the bench and removed his sneakers and socks, followed by his jeans and tee-shirt. He stood up. The concrete floor was cold against his bare feet. "What now?"

"Put this on." Smokey handed Jack a cock ring. It was a thin black leather strap with chrome snaps.

Jack placed the strap under his nut sack, pulled the ends up to the base of his stiff cock, and fastened the snap, pulling his balls tight and making his erection even harder.

"Damn, you're cute." Smokey ran his fingers over Jack's tightly-stretched ballsack. "Got me hard as fuck." He squeezed Jack's super-sensitive nuts almost hard enough to hurt, then slid his hand up Jack's swollen shaft and pinched his cock-head, smearing the precum leaking from its tip. "Now, get in the sling."

"Yes, sir!" Jack lay on the heavy black leather sheet and lifted his legs. Smokey cuffed his wrists and ankles to the chains, leaving him helpless with his cock, balls, and butthole totally exposed.

Jack stared at his reflection in the big mirror mounted over the sling. He'd never seen himself like this—spread-eagled and vulnerable with an immense erection made even harder by the cock ring. Fuck, he was hot!

"Jesus, Sweetcakes." Smokey stood at the foot of the sling, grinning at Jack. "You're such a sexy stud . . . Good enough to eat."

He caressed Jack's smoothly-shaven ballsack and stroked his swollen pole with one hand while teasing his anus with the other. "You like this."

"Uh . . . Huh . . ." Jack's cock jerked when Smokey pressed a thick finger through his anal ring. It hurt without lube, but not very much. And it made his stiff dick even harder. "Oh God!"

Smokey laughed. "God's not going to help you. You're mine. All mine." He bent forward and wrapped his lips around Jack's rigid pole.

Jack squirmed in the sling, struggling against his restraints, as Smokey licked, kissed, and sucked his way down to his tight ballsack. He moaned as Smokey sucked his nuts—taking one bulging ball in his mouth, then the other, and finally both—while twisting the finger in Jack's tight butthole.

He pulled his finger out of Jack's asshole, leaving him feeling empty. "Sweetcakes, you are one smokin' hot piece of ass." He sank to his knees, put his hands on Jack's butt cheeks, and pulled them open.

Jack's cock jerked as Smokey's hot breath hit his asshole. "Fuck!"

"That's gonna come, Sweetcakes," Smokey said. "When I'm good and ready."

Jack's cock throbbed as Smokey kissed, licked, and nibbled around his anus, gradually moving in. He moaned and pushed his butt back into Smokey's face as the big leatherman's tongue stroked his asshole, alternating between licking up and down and side-to-side.

Smokey pointed his tongue and pressed it into Jack's anal ring, gradually teasing it open. Jack stared at his reflection in the overhead mirror as Smokey's tongue went deeper, fucking his ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock. He'd never seen—or felt—anything quite like this.

He was close to coming when Smokey kissed his asshole, then stood up and slapped his butt, making a sound like a pistol shot. It stung, but made his cock jerk. Everything Smokey did stoked his burning lust . . .

"Your time has come, Sweetcakes." Smokey slapped Jack's ass again, then stepped away. He came back a moment later holding a bottle of lube.

"Yeah!" Jack stared at Smokey's stiff cock. "Fuck me now."

Smokey spread a line of lubricant along his thick index finger and slid it up Jack's asshole. "You like that, Sweetcakes?"

"Sure." Jack's stiff pole jerked as Smokey worked his slick finger in and out of his butthole. "But, your cock will feel even better."

"It's a good thing you feel that way, Sweetcakes." Smokey fingered Jack's ass aggressively, occasionally pulling his finger out to add more lube. "Because, I'm gonna fuck your sexy butt now."

He squirted a big blob of lube into the palm of his hand, then stroked his swollen pole, coating it with the slippery gel. He gripped his rigid shaft and pressed its cock-head into Jack's pucker.

Jack almost came as Smokey's broad plow-head penetrated his anal ring. "Fuck!" he gasped as the leatherman's long stiff rod slid all the way up his butt.

"Damn, Sweetcakes!" Smokey growled. "You've got a sweet ass." He drew back and then pushed into Jack's depths. "So hot and tight." He pulled completely out and then drove his rigid pole back through Jack's anal ring, slamming his pelvis against Jack's buttocks and sending the swing rocking like a small boat on rough water.

"That's right!" Jack gasped. "Fuck me hard."

"Don't worry, Sweetcakes. I'm gonna give you a good rough ride." Smokey fucked him with long steady strokes, getting harder and faster as he went on.

Jack lay back in the rocking sling as Smokey pounded him savagely, staring up at the reflection of the hairy giant's driving cock sliding in and out of his asshole.

Smokey grabbed Jack's stiff pole and stroked it in time with his rough thrusts. The tension in Jack's balls built to the boiling point as Smokey relentlessly rammed his ass and jerked his throbbing cock. "Come on!" he gasped. "Shoot for me! I want to feel—"

Smokey roared like a mating bear and pounded Jack's asshole, firing shot after shot of boiling hot cum into his depths. That set Jack off. Long streams of cum burst from his straining cock and splashed his chest and belly.

"Damn, Sweetcakes!" Smokey stopped with his still-hard cock buried deep in Jack's asshole. "That was fucking good!"

"Good fucking, too," Jack gasped. "The best." He'd never been used like this. Never allowed himself to be so vulnerable. It felt so good.

"You needed it." In the dungeon lights, Smokey looked like a cross between a bear and a satyr. "I smelled that the first time I saw you." He bent forward and kissed Jack: long, hard, and dirty.

Jack's dick had softened slightly after his earth-shaking climax, but his raging hard-on returned under the big bear's hypersexual mauling. The big hard cock stretching and filling his asshole was growing, too. "You gonna fuck me again?" He was so ready for another rough ride. Ready to feel more hot bear cum splashing his anal walls.

"Oh Sweetcakes! You're mine, now." Smokey's satyr grin widened. "Helpless. I can do anything I want to you."

He pulled his massive erection out of Jack's asshole, then took an immense jet black cock-and-balls dildo out of a leather chest. It was even longer and thicker than his big hard cock. "I'm just getting started."