Winner Takes Ass

Chapter Five from Jack Hammer - Dick Diamond

Jack races a hot mountain biker for top.

Jack Hammer pulled up on the handlebars and dug into the pedals, sending his mountain bike soaring over a big exposed tree root. A split second later, he jerked the bike to the side, dodging a big rock. The back wheel skidded on the loose gravel. He almost lost it, but recovered at the last instant and continued down the trail.

Jack broke out of the dense cedar forest and stopped his mountain bike at the edge of the cliff on the west side of Rattlesnake River.

He drank some water and checked the map on his phone. The temperature was in the mid-80s, still cool for late May in Central Texas, but way hot after San Francisco.

Those woods had been challenging. He had the Marine training and stayed in shape, but he wasn't a super dedicated mountain biker. And he hadn't even reached the hard part yet. Suicide Hill was still a kilometer ahead.

The rocky cliff top stretched on for another 50 meters and then he was back in cedar forest again. He labored steadily upward, dodging rocks and trees, and finally reached the top of Suicide Hill. It made the path he'd taken through the woods look like a kiddie trail.

"So you showed up." A man came out of the dense woods, wheeling a super-high-end mountain bike and carrying his helmet.

He was a little taller and heavier than Jack's six feet and 180 pounds, with close-cropped blond hair and almost invisible blond beard stubble. Coarse blond hair covered his muscular arms, legs, and chest. His long thick cock was clearly visible through his skin-tight mountain biking shorts.

"I wasn't sure when I got your text." The biker's intense ice blue eyes roamed over Jack, taking in his toned body and the bulge in his bike shorts. "A lot of guys chicken out."

Jack's cock grew even harder as he stared at the big tent in the biker's shorts. Plunging down an unfamiliar trail was reckless. Especially that trail. "Not me."

They rolled their bikes to the edge of the steep slope, exchanged a look, and then pushed off.

* * *

The biker was waiting with his arms folded in front of his chest and a big grin on his face when Jack reached the end of the trail. "So you finally made it."

"It's quite a trail." A lot of the time, Jack hadn't been sure he was on the trail, if it existed at all. The cocky mountain biker had left him in the dust from the get-go. Jack had pursued him relentlessly, but the biker had beaten him by about a minute. Sixty long seconds in a situation where fractions of a second counted. "I'll do better next time."

"Sure you will. But, that's next time. This time . . ." The biker pulled his skin-tight bike shorts down and took his cock out. It was considerably longer and thicker than Jack's unusually large rod, rising like a mighty redwood from his heavy blond pubic thatch. "You can start by sucking this."

Wordlessly, Jack took his helmet off and pulled his shorts down, freeing his own hard-on, then sank down onto his kneepads and curled his fingers around the big man's towering pole.

The bike stud was uncircumcised. Jack had had sex with uncut men before, mostly in other countries, but foreskins were rare enough to be super-sexy. He stroked the biker's fleshy hood, covering and uncovering his glans, then pulled his foreskin down completely and clamped his lips around the groove between his shaft and bulb. The man moaned as Jack licked his cock-head and probed his cum-slit with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh fuck!" the biker gasped. "You're a great cocksucker."

"You've got a great cock." Jack pulled the blond man's foreskin up over his glans. He kissed and licked the fleshy hood, then slid his tongue between the biker's foreskin and knob and swirled his tongue over its tightly-stretched skin while stroking the bike stud's shaft and kneading his balls, savoring the taste of salty sweat and raw sexy man.

"Suck it, bitch!" The biker grabbed the sides of Jack's head to hold it still and pushed his oversized cock into Jack's mouth and down his throat.

Jack's cock jerked in time with the biker's rough thrusts as the blond muscle man fucked his face. Jack was usually dominant, even as a bottom. Submitting like this was sexy as hell. He squeezed the biker's balls and stroked his shaft while sucking his driving rod, pushing him toward an explosive climax.

The biker let go of Jack's head and stepped backward, pulling his throbbing dick out of Jack's mouth. "I'm gonna fuck your sexy ass now."

Jack straightened up and turned around, facing away from the blond giant. He spread his legs as wide as his bike shorts would allow and bent over, bracing himself with his hands on his knees.

"Bring it on." He waved his butt seductively. "The rougher the better." He couldn't remember ever being this horny. This stranger was going to use him like a cheap piece of meat and he wanted . . . needed . . . that more than anything.

"You've got a fuckin' pretty asshole," the biker growled. "Perfect for my big thick prick."

Jack's hard cock throbbed as the biker's lubricated finger pressed through his tight anal ring and slid smoothly up his butthole, stopping with his curved knuckles pressed against Jack's pucker.

"Yeah, you're hot and tight, all right." Jack's cock jerked as the blond giant fingered his asshole roughly, pulling out a couple of times to add more lube.

At first, Jack was afraid he was going to come. But, that faded and he was ready for a long hard ride. "Please," he begged. "Fuck me now."

The biker pulled his finger out of Jack's asshole. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, Jack felt the man's broad cock-head pressing into his tense puckered hole. He almost came when the big rod slid home, stretching and filling his anus. "Fuck," he moaned.

"Oh?" The blond stud slowly pulled his dick out of Jack's overstuffed asshole. "You want to get fucked?" He drove back in, thrusting his wide cock-head and thick shaft through Jack's anal ring and into his depths. "Like this?"

"Fuck yeah!" Jack rolled his hips in time with the biker's driving rod as the muscular rider pounded his ass, drawing back and then slamming home, almost hard enough to send Jack sprawling.

The tension in Jack's nuts built steadily as the biker fucked him harder and faster. He hadn't touched his rock-hard dick, but he was close to coming when the big man groaned and slammed Jack's ass harder than ever, sending a pulse of hot cum splashing his anal walls.

Jack's cock throbbed, but he didn't shoot as the biker slammed him over and over, coming with every rough thrust.

The biker finally ran out of juice and stopped with his still-stiff rod buried in Jack's cream-filled butthole. He curled his hand, slick with lube, around Jack's painfully hard cock. "You're a great piece of ass."

The tension in Jack's nuts built rapidly as the biker jerked his throbbing pole while slow-fucking his cum-slick butthole. "Fuck!" he gasped. "I'm gonna—" Cum fountained from his straining cock, sending long streamers of glistening fluid sailing through the overheated air and splashing on the rocky soil.

The biker laughed. "You liked that." He pulled his stiff dick out of Jack's righteously-fucked asshole and slapped his butt playfully, then stepped away.

"Sure did." Jack straightened up and turned to face the biker, who was already stuffing his still-hard cock, gleaming with lube and cum, into his riding shorts.

"It was good for me, too." The blond stud put his helmet on and mounted his bike. "Breaking in a new butt's always fun."

"Enjoy that feeling while it lasts," Jack said. "I'm gonna win next time."

The biker laughed. "In your dreams." He put his helmet on, mounted his bike, and rode away.

Jack watched the man's sculpted buttocks until he disappeared into the trees. "Game on."