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Special Procedure 2

It had been a long hard week for Steve. Literally hard. His wife Christie loved sex. They had two kids and were enthusiastically working on a third, but he couldn't stop thinking about the after-hours treatment Dr. Harry Wu had given him last Friday.

He parked his car in the medical center lot and walked to the door, painfully aware of the gigantic bulge in his slacks.

Dr. Wu let Steve in, then relocked the door. "Thanks for coming in." He put his hand on Steve's shoulder. "Any more prostate problems?"

"Not a bit." Steve's cock strained against his boxers. "I feel great."

Dr. Wu was a big handsome Asian man in his early forties. He smiled at Steve's crotch bulge. "You look great."

"Yeah . . . well . . . uh . . . That treatment really fixed me up."

"I can tell. Any other problems?"

"Well, I've kinda got this stiffness . . ."

"I can see that." Dr. Wu took Steve's arm and guided him to an exam room. "Let's see what we can do about it."

He felt Steve's hard pole through his slacks, running his fingers up and down its shaft and pinching its head. "Very pronounced swelling. It definitely needs some aggressive treatment. Drop your pants."

"All right." Steve unbuckled his belt and opened his fly, then pushed his slacks and boxers down around his ankles. His stiff rod sprung up instantly. "Like this?"

"Yes." Dr. Wu grinned at Steve's hard-on. "Your symptoms are acute."

"I'll bet you've got a good treatment for it." Steve reached for Dr. Wu's zipper.

The doctor dodged away. "I think you'll find it effective."

"Want me to bend over?"

"Not this time. Sit on the bench and spread your legs."

Steve scrambled onto the exam bench. "What now, Doctor?"

"We'll start with some oral stimulation." Dr. Wu moved a rolling stool between Steve's legs and sat down, then wrapped his hand around Steve's swollen shaft. "You have a lot of fluid leakage." He rubbed his thumb and index finger over Steve's cock-head, smearing the precum oozing from its tip.

"You gonna harvest that?"

"You mean like this?" Dr. Wu bent forward and licked the precum off Steve's cock-head.

"Yeah, kinda like that."

"Hey, there's more fluid." Dr. Wu clamped his lips around Steve's corneal ring and swirled his tongue over his cock-head while slowly stroking his stiff shaft.

"Man, that's—" Steve gasped when Dr. Wu pressed the tip of his tongue into his cum-slit. Lightning flashed through his rock-hard cock and down to his balls. Christie loved sucking his cock, but she'd never done this. "Fuck," he whispered.

Dr. Wu grinned up at him. "That comes a little later." He ran his compressed lips over Steve's cock-head a few times, then took Steve's head and shaft deep in his mouth.

Steve moaned and rocked his pelvis while Dr. Wu bobbed over his hard rod, taking it deep in his throat while kneading Steve's balls. He was rougher than Christie, but it felt great. So overpoweringly male.

The cum was building in Steve's nuts when Dr. Wu pulled away. "Good. You're responding positively to the treatment." He held Steve's throbbing shaft loosely, occasionally tightening and then relaxing his grip.

"Great. What's next? Another prostate massage?"

Dr. Wu stood up, keeping his fingers wrapped around Steve's stiff pole. "There are treatment options."

The tension in Steve's balls had receded, but his cock was as hard as ever. "What options?"

"I can stimulate your prostate again . . ."

"Well, that worked all right the last time—"

". . . or you can stimulate mine."

"Uh . . ." He'd never fucked an ass. If he slipped a finger between Christie's buttocks, she'd stiffen, giggle nervously, and gently push his hand away. "Sure. That'd be all right."

"I thought so." Dr. Wu released Steve's cock and stepped back from the exam bench. "Stand up."

Steve carefully stepped off the little platform at the foot of the bench. "What now?"

Dr. Wu dropped his pants. He had a big bulge in his tighty whities. "I have some swelling of my own."

"You sure do." Steve extended his hand but then froze. He'd never touched another man's penis.

"It's okay. You can touch me." Dr. Wu caught Steve's hand and put it on his crotch.

Steve fingered Dr. Wu's stiff rod through the tightly-stretched cloth, rubbing its shaft and pinching its head. "Man," he whispered.

"That's right," Dr. Wu answered. "Rather different from a woman."

"Yeah." Steve reached into the doctor's shorts and took his cock out. It was long and thick with a broad plow-shaped head. He stroked it, first tentatively and then enthusiastically.

Steve and Dr. Wu stood face to face, jacking each other's stiff dicks. Then, they gripped their own shafts and rubbed cock-heads. "You're enjoying this," Dr. Wu said.

"Sure am."

"So am I." Dr. Wu pulled away, bent over the exam bench, and stuck his butt out. "But it's time for the next phase of the procedure."

Steve stroked his hard cock while he stared at the little puckered pink hole between the doctor's muscular buttocks. He'd had several girlfriends before he married Christie, and seen lots of naked guys in the gym locker room, but he'd never gotten up close and personal with anyone's asshole. It was as sexy as a pussy. Maybe even sexier.

Dr. Wu twisted around to look at Steve. "Like the view?"

"Oh yeah. You've got a fucking sexy butt."

"That's what butts are for. Fucking."

"My wife doesn't think so."

"But . . ." Dr. Wu stretched the word out. ". . . I'm not your wife."

"You're sure not." Steve realized he needed lube. "Uh, where's the—"

"Behind you." The doctor clenched and relaxed his buttocks suggestively. "Top left drawer."

Steve squeezed lubricant onto his index finger. "Now, I'm going to massage your prostate." He stepped closer and pressed the tip of his finger into the center of Dr. Wu's asshole, then hesitated. Instead of pushing his finger inside, he rubbed the puckered flesh in a slow circle.

Dr. Wu's cock jerked. He groaned with pleasure, arched his back, and thrust his butt backwards. "You like that?" Steve asked.

"Of course. But I've had enough teasing. I'm ready for some good hot prostate massaging."

"Okay." Steve put more lube on his finger. "You remember how you said this wasn't fun for you?"

"Sure. I was lying."

"I know." Steve pushed his finger into Dr. Wu's asshole. It slid inside easily. Then, the doctor tightened his anal muscles, clamping Steve's finger like a python. "Well, I'll tell you right now. It's a hell of a lot of fun for me." He drew his finger back.

"Good. I usually don't enjoy giving my patients—" Dr. Wu gasped when the tip of Steve's finger pressed against a little hard knot. "Wow! You found it."

Steve moved his finger in and out, exploring the new territory. "So, that's it? This little thing?" Dr. Wu moaned and humped Steve's finger. "Guess so." Steve crooked his finger in a "come here" gesture, rubbing the little bulge in the doctor's anal wall.

"Oh yes!" Dr. Wu gasped. "Keep doing that."

Steve stroked the doctor's stiff pole while rubbing his prostate. He cried out when Steve got too rough. "Uh, sorry."

"It's okay," Dr. Wu said. "Just take it easy. The prostate is sensitive, like a clitoris."

"All right." Steve massaged the little spot gently. "Is that better?"

"Yeah." The doctor pushed Steve's hand away from his cock. "I don't need that. I'm getting enough stimulation."

"Okay." Steve rubbed a little harder. "How's this?"

"Great. You can put another finger in."

Steve coated his index and middle fingers with lube and slid them both into Dr. Wu's asshole. "Fuck," the doctor said. "That's good."

"Glad you like it." Steve gradually increased the pressure on Dr. Wu's prostate. "I sure like doing it." It was like rubbing the little rough spot just inside Christie's pussy mouth, but even more exciting.

The doctor moaned and bucked as Steve stimulated his asshole. "Oh fuck!" he gasped.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Keep going." Dr. Wu's cries grew louder as Steve fingered him more aggressively. "Oh God! I'm coming!"

"Coming?" Steve automatically kept going. The doctor screamed and shook like Christie, when Steve was getting it just right.

"That's enough." Dr. Wu slumped forward and put his face on the padded bench. "Wow! That was so good."

Steve put his hand on the doctor's back. "Did you really come? You didn't shoot."

"It was a dry orgasm. A climax without ejaculation."

"Cool. I didn't know guys could do that."

"It's widely reported in the literature. But this is the first time I've experienced it."

Steve pulled his fingers out of Dr. Wu's butt. "Well, I'm glad to help advance science." He stroked his own hard-on. "But I've still got this swelling . . ."

"And I'm ready for more anal stimulation." The doctor waved his ass at Steve. "From something bigger than your fingers."

"We can manage that." Steve lubricated Dr. Wu's asshole and his own stiff pole, then pressed his cock-head between the doctor's buttocks. "Ready?"

Without waiting for an answer, he pushed forward. Dr. Wu clenched his anal muscles, making Steve work to get inside. He drew back and then pushed forward, gradually opening the doctor's tight little hole. Suddenly, his cock-head slipped through Dr. Wu's anal ring and he slid home.

"Damn!" Steve whispered. The doctor's asshole was way hotter and tighter than a pussy. "That's great."

"Better than your wife?" Dr. Wu sounded amused.

"Well . . . Uh . . ." Admitting how good it felt seemed unfaithful to Christie. "That's sorta confidential, I guess."

The doctor tightened his anal muscles, increasing the pressure on Steve's cock, then relaxed them again. "That's okay. It's not a contest." He clenched and relaxed his muscles. "Fuck me. Good and hard. I'm ready."

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck you." Steve pulled completely out. "Fuck your sexy tight asshole." He gripped his shaft and pushed his cock-head through Dr. Wu's anal ring, then stopped just inside. "Jeez! That feels good." He shallow-fucked the doctor's hole, enjoying the pressure on his cock-head.

"You're really good." Dr. Wu pushed back, trying to capture more of Steve's slowly-moving pole. "It's hard to believe this is your first time."

"Doing what comes naturally, I guess." Steve went deeper, angling to rub his cock-head against the doctor's prostate.

"That feels great, but I'm ready for a good hard ride." Dr. Wu rocked his hips, encouraging Steve to go faster. "Do it rough. You won't hurt me."

"You're the doctor." Steve gripped Dr. Wu's hips and rammed his ass, drawing back and then slamming home, bouncing his balls against the doctor's buttocks.

Steve stared at his plunging pole. Christie preferred face-to-face, but sometimes let him take her from behind. He'd pretend he was fucking her ass. Now, he was doing it for real and it felt way better than he'd imagined. "Damn!" he muttered. "This is good."

"Good for me, too." Dr. Wu stroked his stiff cock while swinging his hips in time with Steve's rough thrusts. "Your big hard dick, pounding my ass."

"Fucking hot tight ass." Steve went faster.

"You're fucking my ass good." The doctor tightened his anal muscles, increasing the pressure on Steve's driving rod. "Now, I want to feel you come."

"Shoot a big load up your ass?" The tension in Steve's nuts built as he hammered Dr. Wu's butt. "Your hot tight man-ass?"

"Fuck yeah! Come for me. Fill me with your stud-cream."

Steve almost laughed, thinking of the way Christie called him 'stud' while begging him to come inside her. "Yeah, Baby. I've got a big hot load for you." He pulled almost out. "I'm coming . . ." He slammed home, shaking the doctor's body and the exam bench. ". . . Right now . . ." He moaned and shot a long hard pulse of cum into Dr. Wu's asshole.

"That's right!" the doctor cried. "Shoot it. Shoot your big hard cock. Up my ass!"

"God damn!" Steve pounded Dr. Wu's ass, squirting more cum with each rough thrust. "I'm shooting a big load. Up your hot tight man-ass."

Steve kept going long after he'd run dry. He never wanted it to end. Eventually, his body gave out and he lowered his chest onto the doctor's back. "Man! I've never felt anything that good." His gradually-softening cock was still buried in Dr. Wu's asshole. "Except maybe your cock up my ass."

"I love my wife," Dr. Wu said. "And we have a . . . uh, most satisfactory sex life." He moved and Steve's cock slipped out of his butt. "But it's not the same as man-on-man sex. Guys can do things that women can't." He turned to face Steve. His dick was still rock-hard. "And know things that women aren't built to understand."

Steve stared at the doctor's stiff rod. "Did you come?"

Dr. Wu shook his head. "Not yet. But you're going to help me with that." He put his hands on Steve's shoulders and pushed him to his knees.

"Uh . . ." Steve was excited and scared. He'd never thought about sucking a cock before. "All right." He wrapped his hand around the doctor's rigid shaft and took his cock-head in his mouth. It tasted like salt, sweat, and something mysteriously, overpoweringly male.

"Yeah!" Dr. Wu gasped as Steve bobbed on his swollen dick. "That's right. I'm going to—" A wave of thick hot fluid exploded into Steve's mouth. It was salty, sweet, and super sexy. He gulped frantically, trying to get every drop.

The gush slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. Steve kept the doctor's half-hard penis in his mouth, suckling it like a contented calf.

Dr. Wu stood still, slowly running his fingers through Steve's hair. "That was really good."

Steve let the doctor's softened tool slip out of his mouth and stood up. "It felt great." He suddenly felt a little shy and turned around to pick up the tissue box. "I never thought I'd suck a dick."

"Do you like going down on your wife?"

"Well, yeah." Steve wiped his cock with a tissue and handed the box to Dr. Wu. "Guys that don't eat pussy are missing half the fun." He laughed. "When I make Christie come with my mouth, it almost feels like I'm coming, too."

"There's a complicated medical explanation for that." Dr. Wu dropped the tissue he'd used to wipe his butt into the wastebasket. "But it boils down to 'we like pleasing our partners.'"

"It sure was fun." Steve pulled his slacks and boxers up and fastened his belt. "Sucking cock's almost as good as eating pussy."


"For right now." Steve laughed again. "But I figure it'll grow on me." He watched Dr. Wu get dressed. "It'll take some more practice."

The doctor smiled. "I think we can arrange that." He took Steve in his arms and kissed him.

Steve froze. Butt-fucking and even sucking cock were just sex, sort of, but kissing . . . That was really queer. Then, he relaxed and melted into the kiss, teasingly darting his tongue into the doctor's mouth.

Dr. Wu kissed Steve back, first gently but getting hard and aggressive, using way more tongue than women liked. Steve responded fiercely, dirty-kissing the doctor while they rubbed crotches and fondled each others' asses.

"Oh man!" Steve reluctantly pushed Dr. Wu away. "Any more of that and we'll be fucking again."

"Yeah, I know." Dr. Wu rubbed the big bulge in his pants. "And my wife is expecting me."

Steve sighed. "Well, mine is too."

"Expecting me?"

Steve laughed and kissed the doctor again. Then, he turned around, dropped his pants, and bent over the exam bench. "There's still time for a quickie."

* * * *

On the drive home, Steve stayed hard, thinking about fucking ass and sucking cock, but mostly about kissing another man . . .

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