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Special Procedure 1

Steve pulled into the medical center parking lot at 5:45 p.m. Dr. Harry Wu's practice closed at 5:30 p.m. and the door was locked.

Dr. Wu was sitting behind the reception desk. He let Steve in, then relocked the door.

"Thanks for seeing me, Doctor," Steve said. "I just couldn't get away sooner."

"No problem." Dr. Wu was a big handsome Asian man in his early forties. "I stay late to review prescriptions and finish the paperwork." He led Steve through the empty waiting room and hall and into an exam room. "Everybody else is gone."

"Still. On a Friday afternoon—"

"It's okay. Your prostate problems could be serious." He pointed to the exam table. "Sit down and tell me about it."

Dr. Wu listened attentively as Steve described his symptoms. "Sounds like prostatitis." He smiled reassuringly. "Probably a mild case. Let's check it out." He gestured for Steve to stand. "Turn around and loosen your pants."

Steve unbuckled his belt and unfastened his fly. Dr. Wu stepped behind him and pushed his slacks and boxer shorts down around his ankles. "This'll be a little different from the normal exam." He took a tube of lubricant out of a drawer and put on a latex glove. "I need to get some liquid to test."

"Uh . . . okay." Steve spread his legs and bent forward, resting his elbows on the exam bench's padded top. He was more nervous than usual. The rectal exam didn't hurt, but he was always embarrassed by the way his cock jerked while the doctor's finger probed his butt.

Steve heard a faint sound behind him. It sounded like a zipper opening. "I have to massage your prostate." Dr. Wu rested a hand on Steve's bare right hip. "Ready?"

"Yeah, I guess—" Steve gasped as Dr. Wu's finger penetrated his asshole. Instead of brief pressure and a speedy withdrawal, the finger stayed inside, slowly rubbing his prostate and giving him an immense hard-on.

"Don't be embarrassed," Dr. Wu said. "It's natural. Nothing to be ashamed of."

Steve held still, acutely aware of the stiff rod growing from his crotch and the sensations from his ass radiating through his body. He had to admit it felt really good.

Behind him, Dr. Wu was doing something that made a rhythmic rubbing sound. "You know," he said. "This isn't fun for me."

"Well, that makes two—" Steve's body stiffened when Dr. Wu's hand closed around his rigid pole.

"Sorry." Dr. Wu didn't sound sorry. "This is how I harvest the fluid." He stroked Steve's swollen shaft and rubbed his thumb and index finger over Steve's cock-head, occasionally pausing to make the soft rhythmic sound behind Steve, then coming back to jack Steve's hard dick a little rougher and faster than before.

It was so fucking weird. It'd be wonderful in a different setting, with a woman jerking him off and finger-fucking his ass. Even bent over an exam table with Dr. Wu stroking his stiff cock, it was pretty great.

Steve was close to coming when Dr. Wu said, "Okay. Hold it there." He milked Steve's cock until a giant bubble of precum gathered on its tip, then transferred the thick juice to a microscope slide. He did something that made a rustling noise behind Steve.

"Good work." Dr. Wu patted Steve's shoulder. "I'll be back." He bustled away, but then paused at the door. His fly was open. "You can get dressed."

Steve used several tissues to wipe the greasy lube off his butt, then pulled his boxers and slacks up. His cock was still rock hard, so he left it in an upright position.

Man! That exam had gotten him super-horny. Another thirty seconds and Dr. Wu would have harvested a lot more juice, delivered with a bunch of long hard squirts.

He thought about Dr. Wu's unzipped fly and the rhythmic rubbing sounds he'd been making. He had to have been jacking off while he stimulated Steve.

Dr. Wu came back with a prescription slip in his hand. "I can't find anything wrong." His fly was still unzipped. Steve's boner grew. "But I want you to take these antibiotics, anyway."

"Uh . . . sure." Steve thought about jacking off in the bathroom, then surprised himself. "Maybe you didn't massage my prostate well enough. Want to try again, with something bigger and harder?"

"Huh?" Dr. Wu's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?"

"I know what you were doing." Steve pointed to Dr. Wu's open fly.

"Oh!" Dr. Wu hastily zipped his fly. "Well . . . Uh . . ."

"It felt good." Steve said. "I wanted you to finish the job."

"You know, I don't usually do this . . ."

"Well, neither do I." Steve dropped his pants and bent over the exam table. "Come on. Give me a real prostate massage."

Dr. Wu looked from Steve's stiff cock to his bare buttocks and grinned. "All right." He unfastened his pants and let them fall around his ankles.

Steve stared at the bulge in Dr. Wu's boxer shorts. It was a lot bigger than he'd expected. That was kind of scary, but also exciting.

Dr. Wu's grin grew wider. "Don't worry." He pushed the boxers down and his big heavy dick rose to its full glory. Steve's rod was unusually big, but the doctor was way better hung. "You're going to enjoy this procedure. So am I." He fondled Steve's pole briefly. "Lots of precum now."

"Guess so," Steve said. "I'm fuckin' horny."

"I'll help you out." Dr. Wu gave Steve's cock a final squeeze, then stepped behind him. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Let me have—" Steve's cock jerked as Dr. Wu's finger slid into his butthole. It twisted around, distributing a heavy load of lubricant evenly. The finger withdrew, then came back with more lube. "That's good. I think I'm ready."

"We'll see." Dr. Wu was silent for a moment. Steve guessed he was smearing lubricant on his giant pole. "You may feel a little pressure." He sounded amused.

Steve gasped as the doctor's big round cock-head pressed into his asshole, stretching it open. It felt weird, like he was about to—

Dr. Wu read his mind. "Don't worry. Everybody feels that way the first time. You'll learn to distinguish between the sensations."

"Uh . . . Okay." The doctor's big knob was stretching him wider. "Ow!"

Dr. Wu stopped moving. "It's all right. Just take a few deep breaths and relax."

After a few seconds, the pain faded. "Go on," Steve whispered.

"You're doing good." Dr. Wu pushed in until Steve's body stiffened, then withdrew slightly. "Masturbating helps, too."

Steve stroked his stiff dick while the doctor's big cock-head stretched his asshole. Suddenly, his anal muscles relaxed and the big pole slid into his depths. "Fuck!" He let go of his throbbing cock. He didn't want to come so fast.

Dr. Wu chuckled. "That is the name of this procedure." He held still for a moment, letting Steve get used to the oversized tool filling his ass, then slowly pulled back. "It sounds better than 'penile stimulation of the rectum,' don't you think?"

"Yeah. Definitely." Steve's cock throbbed as the doctor fucked him slowly, pulling almost out and then pushing back in. "Feels good too." Steve thrust his butt backwards, driving the big tool into his depths. "This is already my favorite procedure."

"Mine too." Dr. Wu went faster, slapping his balls against Steve's buttocks.

"You perform it often?" The tension in Steve's nuts built as the doctor pounded his ass.

"That's a matter of patient confidentiality." Dr. Wu gripped Steve's hips and hammered him harder.

"Oh . . . fuck." The pressure in Steve's balls was approaching the boiling point. "We're gonna harvest a big samp—"

Dr. Wu groaned and slammed Steve's ass. A hard hot jet of fluid splashed against Steve's anal walls. The doctor drew back and rammed him again, shooting another heavy pulse of cum. That set Steve off. He sprayed cum on the exam table and floor as the doctor emptied his balls with a long set of rough thrusts.

"Wow!" Steve whispered. He had a wife who loved sex and two kids, but he'd never come like this. "That was intense."

"Yes." Dr. Wu pulled his cock out of Steve's butt and wiped it with a tissue. "Most patients find it pleasurable." He handed Steve the tissue box.

"How about you?" Steve wiped his butt and dick. "Do you find it pleasurable?"

The doctor laughed. "Do you have to ask?"

"Guess not." Steve looked at the cum he'd squirted.

"Don't worry about that," Dr. Wu said. "I'll clean it up."

The men adjusted their clothes. "There's no sign of an infection." Dr. Wu gave Steve a big warm hug. "But I still want you to come in next Friday afternoon for a follow-up."

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