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My Sexy Roommate 2 - Wild Night

Thursday the 22nd (the previous night)

I sat on the edge of the bed with Nancy kneeling between my legs, alternating between licking my balls and sucking my dick, when the screaming in the next room started.

Nancy Keene and I had dated through most of high school. We lost our virginity together, in the back seat of my car on a country road.

She was tall and solidly-built, with a runner's body, big breasts, long curly black hair, and sparkling brown eyes.

Nancy's big sister's best friend was Jordan Wells, an Athletic Department secretary with a condo a few blocks from campus. She was renting her extra bedroom to Nancy. We were halfway through our first semester in college and I was spending two or three nights a week at the condo.

I'd eaten her to one screaming thrashing climax and fucked her to another when we heard Jordan come in with her lover for the night. This one's voice was higher-pitched than most of the college boys she brought home. I guessed he was nervous.

Nancy and I lay naked on the bed facing each other. She stroked my cock and squeezed my balls while I fondled her big breasts and fingered her hot wet pussy. I pulled her to me and we kissed, long and hard. Then, we kissed some more.

"Sexy Pony Boy." Nancy got up, pulled me to the edge of the bed, and sank to her knees between my spread thighs. "I'm going to suck your big hard cock." She lowered her head, hiding my crotch under her long black curls.

She slowly slid her hand up and down my hard rod while squeezing my balls. She kissed my cock-head and stroked it with her tongue as she slowly took it between her lips.

"Yeah, Sugar Lips," I whispered. "That's so good." I leaned forward a little more and put my hands on her shoulders, squeezing them gently. She liked to be touched, but didn't want me to hold her head while she sucked my dick.

Nancy bobbed on my rod and jacked me hard and fast. I whispered, "Keep doing that, I'm gonna shoot."

She stopped instantly. "We don't want that! Not this soon."

My tool stopped throbbing. "I'm okay, now."

"Good." Nancy stroked my rod slowly and gently while she licked, kissed, and sucked my balls. Then she took my cock-head back in her mouth, licking and sucking it.

She looked up at me. "You like that, Joe?" She sounded a little breathless.

"Oh yeah!"

Nancy grinned again. "So do I." She kissed my cock-head, then licked her way down to my balls and took one completely in her mouth.

That's when we heard the screaming from Jordan's bedroom.

Nancy let my ball slip out of her mouth and raised her arm to consult an imaginary wristwatch. "Right on schedule."

Jordan and her college boyfriend for the night always got loud. The first night, the noise startled Nancy and me. Now, it got us turned on.

The headboard of Nancy's bed was against Jordan's bedroom wall, so we could hear them clearly. We knew they could hear us, too. That was another big turn-on.

Nancy was kissing my cock-head and probing my cum-slit with the tip of her tongue when I touched her cheek. She looked up at me questioningly.

"Hear that?"

She listened to the rhythmic female screams. "Yeah. So?"

"That's not Jordan."

Nancy rubbed her thumb and index finger over my cock-head while she listened more carefully. "You're right. I didn't know she liked girls."

"That bother you?" My rod was harder than ever.

She pushed me back on the bad, straddled my hips, and spiked herself on my stiff cock. "Gets me super-horny." She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, then rolled her hips, moving my swollen rod in her hot tight pussy. "Just like you."

The woman in the next room was still screaming. A second female voice joined the chorus. "That is Jordan," Nancy whispered. She worked her hips, fucking herself harder and faster.

Her big heavy tits were hot in my hands. I kneaded her firm flesh and pinched her swollen nipples while thrusting in time with her rolling hips.

Jordan and her girlfriend were screaming louder, roughly in unison. "What do you think they're doing?" I asked.

"Fingering each other. I guess." Suddenly, Nancy squealed, her body went rigid, and her tight pussy clamped my sliding cock. She relaxed after a second and grinned down at me. "That was good." She rolled her hips faster. "Oh fuck! This is good!"

The women next door were making as much noise as ever. "Could be vibrators," Nancy said. "Jordan has a big collection." Her pussy sliding over my cock was so fucking hot and tight. The tension was building in my nuts. "I think Jordan likes the . . ." she giggled " . . . personal touch."

"How do you know?" I was growing closer to coming with each thrust. "About the vibrators?" I had a sudden vision of Nancy and Jordan in bed. She squealed softly as I pinched her tits harder.

"Oh Baby!" She went faster. "So good."

"Vibrators?" I was really close now.

"I didn't have any clean panties." Nancy was breathing hard as she bounced on my dick. "Raided her underwear drawer. Found a box of vibrators. Wondered why she had so . . ."

"Hold it," Nancy whispered. She slowed to a stop, then lifted her pussy off my cock. We held still, listening to the screams from the other room. Jordan's voice was deeper than the other woman's. They'd gotten soft for a while, but now their screams had grown louder than ever.

Nancy got on all fours, facing the headboard. "Come on," she said. "You know what I want."

I moved behind her, slid my index finger up her pussy to coat it with her slick juices, then pressed the tip of my finger into the center of her pretty little pink asshole.

"No!" She jerked away. "You know better."

"Just teasing." I kissed the back of her neck, then positioned my cock-head at her pussy-mouth and drove in, taking her with one rough thrust.

"Yeah!" she gasped. "Pound my hot little cunt!" She rocked her hips in time with my rough thrusts, screaming and coming along with Jordan and her girlfriend.

I growled like a bear, adding a deep bass line to the women's cries. "Here it comes, Babe!" I fired long steams of cum up her spasming pussy.

She collapsed face down on the bed. There was no sound from the other room. I lay on my back beside Nancy with my hand on her butt. She put her head on my chest and fell asleep.

I stayed awake a little longer, listening to Nancy's deep breathing. I loved the gentle sound, and the warmth of her breath on my chest. She'd always been wild in bed, but never this wild.

* * *

Frank was painfully aware of the bulge in his jeans as he walked through the business motel's lobby, passing the desk and going straight for the elevators. He pushed the button, then pulled his phone out and checked the text again. "in twn 2nite. big surprise. 9:30 rm 317."

He was alone in the elevator. He fingered his swollen cock through his jeans on the ride up.

Room 317 was at the end of the hall. George always got a two-room suite so he could work in the sitting room. He was a traveling representative for an environmental controls company who spent one or two nights in town each week. He was married with three children.

The door opened almost as soon as Frank knocked. George was a little shorter than Frank, with strong Irish features, short curly red hair, and green eyes. As soon as the door closed, he grabbed Frank and kissed him passionately. Frank kneaded George's ass cheeks and ground his hard-on against the other man's crotch.

"Remember your surprise?" George asked.

Frank looked around and saw the man sitting in the room's only easy chair. He was George's age, around 30, and had a jogger's build. "This is Ben," George said. "I met him in the bar downstairs."

Ben and George were both wearing the sales representative uniform of shiny black shoes, dark slacks, and short-sleeved shirts with button-down collars. They'd taken their neckties and sports coats off.

"Hi Frank." Ben got up from the chair. "George told me about you." He was a handsome Hispanic, Frank's height, but more slender, with thick black hair and an easy smile. "He thought you might like to try something new."

Frank's cock grew even bigger and harder. He'd started having sex with other boys when he was 14, but he'd never had a three-way. "Sounds good."

Ben took Frank in his arms. They kissed passionately and rubbed crotches. George moved behind Frank and humped his ass crack.

"Want your dick sucked?" Ben unfastened Frank's belt and jeans without waiting for an answer. He wasn't wearing underwear and his straining cock jumped out as soon as Ben pulled his zipper down.

"You're a fuckin' horse." Ben wrapped his hand around Frank's massive rod.

George moved beside Ben and put his hand on the other man's crotch bulge. "Told you."

Frank pushed Ben's hand away. "I want to see your cock." He looked at George. "Yours, too."

Ben and George unfastened their slacks and pushed their underwear down around their ankles. Ben's briefs were blue while George was wearing his usual white boxers. Their stiff cocks looked small next to Frank's massive tool. George's pubic hair was red and curly, while Ben's was thick and black. They looked at each other's crotches, comparing cocks, then back to Frank.

"You first," George said.

Ben sank to his knees, wrapped his hand around Frank's shaft, took his cock-head in his mouth, and licked and sucked it. Frank rocked his hips, slowly pushing more of his rod into Ben's hot mouth. He took it easily, stroking Frank's dick and squeezing his balls.

George was slowly beating his meat while he watched Ben and Frank. "Come here." Frank grabbed George's pole and they tongue-kissed while Frank jacked him off.

Frank put a hand on Ben's shoulder. "George's turn." The two men traded places. George sucked Frank's cock and squeezed his balls, more roughly than Ben, while Frank kissed and fondled Ben.

After Ben and George had traded off a few more times, Frank was getting close. He stepped backward and his stiff cock slipped out of Ben's mouth. "Let's go to bed."

Frank gripped George's and Ben's hard rods and led them into the bedroom. As usual, George had taken the quilt and blankets off the bed and set out the lube and towels.

Frank stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to Ben. "Want to get your ass fucked?"

"Oh yeah. Where do you want me?"

Frank put a pillow in the middle of the bed. Ben lay with his lower back on the pillow and his knees folded over his chest, lifting his butt high above the mattress. Frank picked up the lube and knelt between Ben's open thighs.

He coated his index finger with the slick gel and pressed it into Ben's asshole. It slid in easily. He worked it in and out a few times, then added a second finger, twisting the pair. "Come on, man!" Ben gasped. "Fuck me. For real."

"Okay." Frank smeared lube on his hard cock and slid it up Ben's asshole.

"That's good!" Ben gasped. The precum leaking from his tip had formed a little puddle on his belly.

Frank slowly pulled out, then slid back into Ben's ass. "Oh fuck." Ben gripped his stiff cock and stroked it in time with Frank's leisurely thrusts.

George climbed onto the bed, straddled Ben's chest, and pressed his cock-head between Ben's lips. Ben took it eagerly.

Frank gripped Ben's ankles like wheelbarrow handles and rocked them, driving his cock deeper into Ben's ass.

Ben jacked off while Frank pounded his ass. George fucked Ben's face, reducing his cries to soft moans.

"Here it comes!" Frank gasped. He rammed Ben's ass, shooting another pulse of hot cum up his tight butt with each rough thrust. He stopped with his cock deep inside Ben's ass, breathing hard and watching George's flexing buttocks.

Frank let his cock slip out of Ben's ass, then caught George by the hips and pulled him away from Ben. "I've got something else for you."

George rolled off the bed and faced Frank. His rock-hard cock was slick with pre-cum and spit. "What?"

"Guess." Frank gestured to Ben. He nodded and moved to the head of the bed, kneeling with his rod sticking proudly in the air.

Frank got on his hands and knees in front of Ben and kissed his cock-head. Ben pushed forward, forcing his stiff pole between Frank's tightly-closed lips. His hot male taste was salty, sharp, sweet, bitter, sour . . . and sexy as hell. Frank's boner was back, bigger and harder than ever.

He wrapped his hand around the base of Ben's stiff pole and took the top of its shaft into his mouth, licking its head and probing its cum-slit with the tip of his tongue. Ben moaned softly and slow-fucked Franks' mouth.

George slid a lubricated finger up Frank's ass. It went in easily. George worked his finger in Frank's butt for a few seconds, then replaced it with his hard hot cock.

Frank jacked and sucked Ben as George stretched his asshole, pushing forward and then withdrawing until his cock was all the way up Franks ass, with his balls pressed against his butt cheeks.

"That's right." Frank clenched his ass muscles around George's thick hard pole. "Fuck me now. Good and hard."

George hammered Frank's ass. The sound of his crotch slapping against Frank's buttocks mixed with Ben's soft screams as Frank sucked and jacked his thick dick.

George roared like a rutting bull as he fired shot after shot of cum up Frank's ass. Frank's dick throbbed as the pulses of hot juice splashed his anal walls.

Ben grabbed Frank's head and fucked his face. Frank jacked Ben harder. He went off like a firecracker, pumping cum into Frank's mouth. He gulped the thick creamy juice.

George and Ben finished coming. The three men stayed still for a few seconds, then Ben looked at the clock on the nightstand. "10:25," he said. "I need to call my girlfriend."

"Go ahead and take the first shower." George pulled his dick out of Frank's ass, but stayed kneeling on the bed behind him. "We'll think of something to do." He reached between Frank's legs and fondled his hard dick. "Something to do with this."

The shower started running. Frank got up and walked to the foot of the bed. George followed him.

Frank pointed to the bed. George spread his feet and put the palms of his hands on the mattress, bending over with his ass sticking out. Frank's stiff rod was still slick with lube. He positioned his cock-head between George's buttocks and pushed forward, sliding all the way up his ass.

"You like this?" Frank fucked George with slow shallow strokes.

"Oh yeah." George pushed his butt toward Frank, taking more of his cock. "I dream about this. Fantasize about you." He rocked back and forth, slowly fucking himself as Frank held still.

"When do you fantasize about me?"

"My wife likes sex. She's good in bed." George's words came out in short bursts. "Too bad I'm queer. Sometimes, it's hard to come in her pussy."

Frank thrust in time with George's rocking ass. "You fuck her butt?"

"She won't let me touch her asshole. But she likes it from behind. I pretend she's a guy. It works. So far."

"Do you tell her?" Frank asked. "About me? And the other guys?" For some weird reason, he hoped George's wife did know.

George laughed. "Oh, no. She'd divorce me in a second if she found out. Take the kids and all my money." He jacked off while he humped Frank's cock. "Good thing I've got this territory. A thousand miles from anybody who knows my family. Full of hot guys . . ."

Frank gripped George's hips and pounded his ass, getting closer with each rough thrust.

"Shoot it!" George gasped. "Up my ass."

"I'm gonna . . ." Frank fired a half-dozen pulses of hot cum up George's ass. Finished, he rested his chin and chest on George's back. "That was good."

"For me, too," George answered. They stood locked together, listening to the shower. It stopped.

Ben came out of the bathroom naked. His body was dry but his thick black hair, finger-combed straight back, was still damp. He looked at Frank and George and started getting hard again. "Wish I didn't have to go."

"So do I." George glanced at Frank. "We. But you need to call your girl." He kissed Ben. "And I need to take a shower." He disappeared into the bathroom and turned on the water.

Ben looked at Frank. "Want to get together again? I come to Austin a couple times a month."

"Sure." After they'd exchanged numbers, Ben kissed Frank and left.

Frank joined George in the shower. "Hi sexy." They kissed for a long time, open-mouthed with lots of tongue, while rubbing stiff cocks.

Frank yawned elaborately. "I'm kind of tired." He turned away from George and bent over with his hands flat against the shower's faux marble wall. "Why don't you help with my butt?"

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