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Sex Education 3 - Lab Work

The night finally came when I progressed beyond fantasy. It was Friday. Mom and Dad had gone out of town to visit their friends in the naked Poloroid photos for the weekend. Susan was out on a date and wouldn't be home until after midnight. The four-year-old twins were in bed. Larry was in his room. I went out to the shed, turned on the light and took Larry's magazine out. That's when I thought of a better way to get my rocks off.

Larry had moved into the basement a year before. The room was smaller than his old bedroom and seemed sort of dark and creepy. He spent most of his time there, burning incense, listening to his stereo and practicing his electric guitar for hours on end. I could hear him playing long before I reached his door. He was really good. He was the only teenager in a local band named "Pussy Galore." The other members were in their twenties.

I heard a muffled "Come in," in response to my knock. Larry was sitting in a straight chair, holding his guitar.

"Hey Larry, I've got something to show you," I announced as I sauntered into the room and switched off his amplifier.

"Turn that back on," he growled. "We're playing tomorrow and I need to practice."

"You've been practicing since supper," I replied. His magazine was under my arm. I took it out and opened it to show a close-up of a man being butt-fucked. "Do you recognize this?"

Larry's eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open. He stayed that way, looking more like a cartoon than a human, for long seconds. "What the hell is that?" he finally growled. "Where did you get that disgusting thing?" He'd waited too long. We both knew I had him.

I left him hanging for a moment, then moved in for the kill. "I know this is your magazine," I said. "I've seen you jacking off while looking at the pictures."

Larry was smart. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Don't worry," I answered. "I'm not going to tell anyone. I just want to do it."

Larry looked at me for a long minute. "Lock the door," he finally said, getting up from the chair and putting the guitar in its stand.

Larry pulled his pants and shorts down around his ankles and sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread. His cock was already stiff. "Don't just stand there staring," he said, "come suck it."

An instant later, I was kneeling between Larry's knees, staring at the erect penis a few inches from my face. "This is it," I thought, extending my hand. For the first time, I began caressing another boy's genitals. I drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip of Larry's penis. He gasped as I bent down to lick it off.

I continued licking as I slowly took him into my mouth. I paused with my lips wrapped around the indentation between his head and his shaft and stroked him with my tongue. The taste was overpowering. I reached between my legs and fumbled my own cock out of my pants.

Larry rolled his hips, thrusting his stiffness further into my mouth. I began moving my head in time with his thrusts, sliding my mouth down over his shaft, then back up to kiss his cock head. I sucked harder as Larry began moving faster, swallowing my saliva mixed with his seminal fluid.

His cock throbbed and Larry screamed as he suddenly flooded my mouth with semen. I swallowed frantically, trying not lose a drop of his fluid. Finally spent, he fell back on the bed.

I continued holding Larry's penis in my mouth, dreamily feeling it soften. I gradually realized that my own cock was still painfully stiff. I stood up and pulled Larry back into a sitting position. "Suck my cock now," I commanded, gripping the back of his head and pulling him to my crotch. I came as I was pushing my penis between his lips.

"Look at the way that guy's getting fucked," Larry commented, looking up from the magazine. It was half an hour after we'd sucked each other's cocks. We were sitting naked on Larry's bed, looking at the pictures in one of the gay porn magazines he'd pulled out of the back of his closet.

"It's really awesome," I agreed. "That black guy's cock must be splitting him in two. I can't believe how horny it's making me."

"Yeah, me too," Larry answered, wrapping his hand around my stiff dick. "Let's do something about that."

"You bet," I said. "But first I want to know something. This didn't seem like your first time. Was it?"

"Hell, no." Larry replied. "I've been having sex with Jeff Ketcham for the past year."

"The big man on the high school football team?" I asked incredulously.

"You bet!" Larry said. "Jeff fucks cheerleaders for show, but he really likes doing other guys. I've fucked his ass more times than he's fucked mine."

"Speaking of fucking asses," Larry continued, "your time has come."

Larry took a tube of lubricant from a hiding place in the closet and had me lie down on my stomach. My practice in the bathroom served me well. His greased finger slid easily into my asshole. "You're ready for me," he said with surprise in his voice.

"Yeah," I answered. "Do it now."

Larry withdrew his finger. Moments later, I felt something much larger pressing against the entrance to my asshole. There was a little pain as Larry pushed forward, slowly opening and entering me. I squirmed, but I couldn't escape. When he finally stopped moving, I could feel his balls pressed against my buttocks and I realized his entire length was inside me.

The pain had fled, leaving only intense excitement. "Your cock's all the way up my ass," I said wonderingly. "You've started fucking me."

"Yeah, I'm in you," Larry growled. "Are you ready to really get fucked?"

"Come on," I said. "Drive your big hard cock up my ass. Fuck me really good."

Larry began moving his dick in and out, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. I moaned with pleasure as he thrust into me. He was startled when I suddenly said, "Hold it a second."

"What's wrong?" he asked anxiously.

"I want to turn over so we can do it face to face," I answered.

Larry pulled his dick out of my asshole. I rolled over and assumed my fantasy position, folding my legs against my chest, gripping my knees and lifting my butt into the air.

Larry positioned his cock at the entrance to my invitingly poised asshole and reentered me with one swift stroke. I screamed at the sudden sensation, but it wasn't a scream of pain. Larry lifted himself up on his fingers and toes, as if preparing to do pushups, and started ramming my asshole.

I was screaming with pleasure. Each of Larry's thrusts was generating a miniature orgasm. I tried to grasp my dick, but it was hard to reach around my folded legs. I suddenly realized that I'd shoot the instant I touched myself and I didn't want to come that quickly.

Larry suddenly sank to his knees, gripped my ankles and spread my legs wide. Now he was driving his cock into me even more deeply than before. I felt his hot cum spraying into my asshole. An instant later, my own untouched cock began spurting.

Finally spent, Larry lowered his body on top of mine. We lay there gasping for breath. His face was inches above mine. I suddenly felt the irresistible desire to do something more frightening than any of the sexual things we'd just done. I lifted my head and kissed him full on the lips.

Larry jerked back as if burned. "Guys don't do that," he said.

"The magazines have pictures of men kissing," I replied.

"Yeah, but that's not real," he answered. "Jeff Ketcham and I never kiss."

"So I can kiss your cock but not your mouth?"

Larry was silent for a long time. "I guess that's not really fair," he finally admitted. "It just seems like something you should save for girls."

"Like fucking?"

"It's not like your kissing me felt bad," Larry said after another long thoughtful pause. "It just surprised me." Then Larry surprised me by planting his lips firmly against mine.

We kissed for a long time. Larry surprised me again by opening his mouth and pushing his tongue between my lips. It was more erotic than I'd ever imagined. My cock, which had softened after my orgasm, was growing rock hard again. So was Larry's.

Larry finally ended our long kiss and started sucking my nipples. It was an incredible turn-on. Suddenly, he jumped off the bed and bent over with his hands on the arm of the big overstuffed chair in the corner. "Fuck my ass now," he commanded.

It only took a second to grease my pole and position myself behind Larry. He gasped as I slid smoothly into his butt. "Your cock feels good in my asshole," he whispered. "Come on, fuck me hard. I'm ready."

I began sliding my penis rapidly in and out of Larry's asshole. "Your ass is wonderful!" I exclaimed. "I've never felt anything so hot and tight."

"That's right!" Larry gasped. "Ram your big fat cock up my hot hole!"

"Yeah, I'm fucking you," I growled, gripping him around the waist for support. "I'm ramming my cock up your asshole and slamming my balls against your butt cheeks. This is better than anything I've ever felt."

"Fuck me harder, big boy!" Larry cried. "Shove your big dick all the way up my asshole. This is the best fuck I've ever had."

"I'm gonna cum so hard . . ." I gasped, ramming Larry's butt with all my energy.

"Shoot all that hot white man juice into me!" Larry exclaimed.

"You're gonna get all that cum, slut!" I replied. "I'm gonna spew like a fire hose up your ass!"

"Hammer me baby!" Larry was barely coherent now. "Pound me with that big prick! Shoot your load inside me right now . . . fuck me . . . Fuck me! . . . Fuck my ass . . . oooh!! . . . Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!"

"Oh god I'm coming!" Larry and I screamed in unison. " Gurrr! Arrgh!!" He sprayed the chair and floor as I flooded his butt.

Larry and I rested for a while and looked at more gay magazines. Then we fucked each other again. I knew my world was never going to be the same.

* * *

I spent Saturday night with Ralph. His parents let us "camp out" in the barn. We hauled an old mattress from the basement up into the hayloft and put our sleeping bags on top of it.

"I've got a surprise for you tonight," I said, digging into my knapsack. "I found my sister Susan's pot stash. She has a big bag and I figured she wouldn't miss a couple of buds."

"Cool," Ralph said, holding up the baggie I handed him and admiring its contents. "I've never smoked pot before. Do you know how to roll a joint?"

"I smoked a couple of times with Billy before he moved away," I answered. "I can't roll a joint, but I brought this little brass pipe. I found it in a box of Mom and Dad's old stuff in the attic."

I crushed a bit of the pot into the pipe. "The trick is to inhale real gently until you get used to doing it," I said. "Otherwise you'll cough your lungs out."

I lit the pipe, inhaled carefully, then passed the pipe to Ralph. He coughed a little, but managed to hold most of the smoke in. After we'd each taken a few puffs, I felt both dreamy and intensely aware of my surroundings and my own body. I was also so incredibly horny I thought I'd die if I didn't have Ralph for real tonight.

Ralph had a silly grin on his face and a gigantic bulge in his pants. "This is great," he said. "I feel like I'm floating. I sure wish I had a real girlfriend, though," he added, rubbing his crotch.

I pulled the magazine out of its hiding place and turned pages until I found a specific picture. "Look at this," I said. "It's a close-up of an open vagina. This little thing here is her clitoris. Stimulating that is what makes women have orgasms." I'd been reading the text as well as looking at the pictures.

"Wow," Ralph marveled. "It looks like a tiny little dick."

"Yeah," I said. "You make a girl come by licking it, sucking it or rubbing it with your cock while you fuck her."

"I want to fuck a girl for real!" Ralph exclaimed.

Things were moving in exactly the direction I wanted. "Do you know I've been making out with Linda Kelso?" I asked. That was partially true. At Linda's twelfth birthday party, she'd pulled me into an empty room, whispered "I like you so much," and kissed me enthusiastically and thoroughly. I'd kissed her a few times since then, but I hadn't worked up the nerve to try tongue kissing or copping a serious feel.

"Are you fucking her?" Ralph asked.

"Nowhere near. That's why I'm so horny all the time, just like you." Now, I was moving in for the kill. "What I really want you to know is what Linda told me about Sandra Akes."

"What about Sandra?" Ralph demanded. He'd had a hard-on for Sandra since she grew breasts.

"Sandra has a crush on you, but she's too shy to do or say anything about it." Linda had never said anything like that to me, but it made Ralph even more horny and gave me a bit of subtle long-delayed revenge on Sandra.

When Sandra and I were both nine, she and I played doctor with her eight-year-old brother Richard. Sandra was the doctor and stayed dressed. She got Richard and me to strip and fondle each other. We played three times. On the last occasion, Sandra and Richard's mom came home early and caught us bare-assed. That was one of the major embarrassments of my young life.

"I think I'm going to die if I don't have sex for real!" Ralph exclaimed.

"I feel the same way," I said. "I want to fuck Linda all the time, but I'm afraid to push too hard and maybe scare her off."

"Let's face it," I continued. "I can't fuck Linda and you can't fuck Sandra. Not yet. Certainly not tonight. But we can fuck."

"What?" Ralph was startled for a second. "You mean you and me?"

"Sure. Why not? We're both horny as hell and we could fuck right now."

Ralph was silent for a long time, but I could tell he'd already made up his mind to do it. "How do we do it?" he finally asked.

"I'll show you," I answered, moving forward until our bodies were almost touching. "Let's practice what we'll do when we get Linda and Sandra."

Without another word, I put my arms around him and pressed my lips against his.

Startled, Ralph tried to jerk away, but I held him. "You want to learn how to kiss," I told him. "Girls are really big on kissing. Pretend I'm a girl."

Ralph's body was stiff as we resumed kissing, but he relaxed quickly and started getting into it. When I started giving him tongue, he held me tightly and responded eagerly. Eventually, I pulled my mouth away from his. "You're a great kisser," I whispered. "Now, let's get undressed."

It only took moments to strip. When Ralph tried to move back into my arms, I briefly held him at arms length. "You have a beautiful body," I told him.

"Thanks," Ralph replied. "Uh, so do you. What do we do now?"

"A lot of people think it's romantic to turn the lights down, but I think sex is better when you can see everything. What do you want?"

Ralph didn't hesitate. "We'll leave them on."

"Good," I said, moving over to the mattress and lying on my back. "Come kiss me some more. Kiss my face and ears and neck."

Ralph climbed on top of me and we resumed kissing. I was incredibly stimulated. "Suck my tits," I eventually gasped. He eagerly moved to comply. I was as flat chested as any other boy, but it felt wonderful having Ralph lick and suck my nipples. He wasn't really pretending I was a girl any more, if he ever had been. He'd just needed an excuse to do what he wanted. He was rapidly realizing that with sex, the physical and emotional interaction with another person was more important than the gender of his partner.

"Stop," I finally gasped. Ralph looked startled. "Roll over onto your back," I ordered. I gripped his shaft with one hand and started licking his cock-head like an ice cream cone. Pre-cum was leaking out of his little slit. Tonguing it off just increased the rate of flow. My hand was soon slippery with his juice.

I stroked Ralph's shaft and caressed his glans with my slick fingers as I sucked his nuts – first one ball, then the other, and finally both in my mouth at once. I could tell he was getting close. I took his penis into my mouth and sucked him until he screamed and shot hot boy juice down my throat.

When he was finally spent, I moved to straddle his chest with my own erect penis positioned over his face. Ralph stared at it hungrily for long seconds. "Eat me!" I commanded, pressing my cock head against his lips.

Ralph's inhibitions were long gone. He sucked and licked my cock and balls enthusiastically. "I'm going to come," I gasped an instant before my throbbing member began spurting in his mouth.

After I finished coming, I lay beside Ralph. We kissed and fondled each other until we were hard again.

I got up, pulled the tube of lubricant I'd borrowed from my brother Larry out of my knapsack and handed it to Ralph. Seconds later, I was lying on my back on the mattress with my butt in the air. Ralph got the idea instantly. He greased his stiff prick and pressed it against my asshole. "Go slow at first," I whispered.

Ralph entered me with a long slow stroke. Seconds later, I said, "Your balls are pressing against my butt. Your cock's all the way up my asshole."

"I almost shot while I was sliding it in," Ralph said. There was an expression of wonder on his face. "I'm really fucking . . . We're really fucking . . ."

"Yeah," I answered. "You're fucking my ass. Go slow until you're sure you won't come too soon. I want you to fuck me for a long time. Your big hard cock feels so good in my asshole."

I moaned with pleasure as he took me, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and violence as he became confident in his control. "Fuck me . . . fuck me hard . . ." I screamed as he hammered my ass.

After a long ecstatic pounding, Ralph screamed and flooded my ass with hot cum. Finally spent, he collapsed onto my chest, gasping for breath. I could feel his cock, still deep inside me, gradually soften as his pounding heart slowed.

Ralph finally raised himself to his knees and looked down at me affectionately. He wrapped a greasy hand around my still-hard cock and stroked it until cum splashed over my chest and face. Then he lowered himself back onto my chest and kissed me.

Later, we slipped out behind the barn to wash ourselves off with the garden hose. Then, we got into 69 position and sucked each other's dicks until we both came. After that, I fucked Ralph's ass. He came when he felt me shooting inside his butt. We fell asleep in each others arms.

We woke up before dawn and fucked each other again. I admitted to Ralph that this hadn't been my first sexual experience with a boy, but he'd already figured that out.




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