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Bi Sex in "The City"

Gretchen melted into the kiss, stroking Carol's long thick hair and fondling her heavy breasts through her tightly-stretched tee-shirt.

"You're so sexy," Gretchen whispered. "I never thought a woman would get me so hot."

"I love men . . ." Carol jerked her head toward Andy, Pete, and Fred. They were sitting on the other side of the U-shaped bench seat with their pants and underwear pulled down around their ankles, staring at Carol and Gretchen. Fred sat in the middle, slowly stroking Andy's and Pete's stiff cocks. Andy jacked Fred's towering mahogany pole while Pete squeezed the big black stud's balls. ". . . But women are great, too."

Gretchen could see Carol's nipples through the tightly-stretched fabric. "I love your tits . . ." Gretchen pulled Carol's tee-shirt up. Like Gretchen, she was wearing a half-bra that supported her big breasts while leaving her big hard nipples and puffy dark chocolate areolas bare. "They're so . . ." The heat in her loins blazed even brighter.

"All for you, Baby." Carol pulled her tee-shirt off and dropped it on the coach. "Come play with 'em."

"Oh yes." Gretchen glanced at the men and then lowered her face to Carol's chest. Having the guys watching—and jerking each other's stiff cocks while they watched— made this even hotter.

Gretchen lost herself in Carol's breasts, kneading their firm flesh while licking and kissing their smooth chocolate skin. She finally understood what guys saw in big tits. Up to then, she'd enjoyed the way her large breasts affected men—especially the way male attorneys underestimated her in court—but her tits had also been an awkward bother. Maybe she'd have realized before now if Elizabeth wasn't so boyish . . .

Carol moaned as Gretchen took a nipple in her mouth, kissing and sucking it, stroking it with her tongue, and gently—very gently, she hated it when a man got carried away—nipping it with her teeth. "Yeah, Baby," Carol whispered. "Yeah!"

Gretchen shifted to Carol's other nipple, then lifted her head and swept her long blond hair over Carol's beautiful brown breasts. Gretchen had never had a sex partner with hair long enough to do that to her. Elizabeth had a buzz-cut. She liked the way it made Carol giggle and moan.

"You are so fucking sexy." Gretchen buried her face between Carol's breasts, rubbing her cheeks against their hot firm flesh. She'd never been so excited. Her panties were dripping. A man would have a raging hard-on at this point.

She couldn't exactly fuck Carol, but . . . She lifted the sexy black woman's skirt. "Wow! No panties!"

"It's more fun this way," Carol said. "And if I want to flash a man . . ." She smiled devilishly. "Or a woman . . ." She pulled her pussy open. Its neatly-rolled lips, framed by closely-trimmed curly black pubic hair, were darker than the skin surrounding it, and its interior was a shocking bright pink, shining with her juices. "It's so easy."

"Gott!" Gretchen whispered. "You are such a sexy woman." She knelt between Carol's spread thighs and pressed her stiff tongue into the hot black woman's steaming cunt. She tasted of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Especially superheated woman.

Even though she'd been mostly into men, Gretchen had always loved the taste of pussy, starting in her early teens with licking her fingers after masturbating. Carol was the sexiest woman she'd ever tasted.

Carol moaned and rolled her hips, grinding her crotch into Gretchen's face as Gretchen's tongue probed her depths. "God, Baby! That's so good!"

"Good for me, too." Gretchen nibbled Carol's pussy lips, sucking them into her mouth and stroking them with her tongue.

Carol played with her breasts while Gretchen licked up and down her slit, occasionally slipping down to tease her taint. "Come on. Eat me." Her swollen clit had emerged from its hood and was standing erect like a tiny cock.

Gretchen clamped her lips around Carol's oversized love bud and sucked it hard while working two fingers in and out of the dusky woman's hot pink pussy.

"Oh yes!" Carol gasped. "You're so fucking good!" She screamed and shook, coming hard. Gretchen held on, sucking Carol's clit and finger-fucking her snatch, keeping her violent climax going.

"Damn, Girlfriend!" Carol pushed Gretchen away and lay back on the bench seat. "You're such a good lover . . ."

"You inspire me." Gretchen sat beside Carol and kissed her tenderly. "You're so hot."

"So are you." Carol kissed Gretchen back, hard and dirty. "I wish I could fuck you. I've got a strap-on back at the house, but it's not the same as having a dick."

"It'll be fun, anyway." Gretchen had never really thought about a strap-on. Since her move to Dallas, she'd spent a lot of quality time with her vibrator. It got her off, but she missed the warmth and yielding hardness of a real cock, a man's weight holding her down while he thrust into her depths, and especially his hot cum splashing her pussy walls.

But after this super-sexy session with Carol, the idea of the black Amazon fucking her . . .

* * *

Fred closed the door. "That tells the others we want to be alone." He stood with his hand on the doorknob, just looking at her. His cock was growing longer and thicker. "If we leave it open, that's an invitation to join in."

"That could be fun," Gretchen said. "But this first time, I want you to myself." She laughed nervously. "I'm not an anal virgin. Andy and Pete have fucked my butt . . ." And Klaus had raped her ass, with butter, bent over his kitchen counter. She'd hated that but had also come harder than ever before. "But I'm scared. Your cock is just so big."

"Don't worry." Fred's cock was fully hard now, a mahogany tower standing out from his tightly-coiled pubic thatch. "You can handle it. And, I'll be gentle . . . At least, at first."

"I know you will." Gretchen turned the nightstand lamps on, bending over and presenting her anus and vulva to Fred while she turned the switches. She finished and stood at the foot of the bed, holding her heavy breasts out to Fred. "Come to me meine Hengst. I'm ready for you."

"Don't be in such a hurry." Fred flicked the overhead light switch off, leaving the room bathed in the warm glow from the nightstand lights. "We've got all night." He took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

Gretchen melted into the kiss, plastering her body against Fred's and tongue kissing him aggressively. She'd never been with a man so big and powerful, with a chest like armor plate and arms, legs, and buttocks bulging with muscles. He was so hard, not just his steif schwanz pressing into her belly, but his whole body.

He could easily crush her like an empty bier can, but that just made him more overpoweringly sexy. She had to be so aggressive to make it in a man's world and it felt good to submit to a man who made her feel so little and helpless.

The fire in her dripping pussy flared brighter when Fred picked her up and laid her on her back at the foot of the bed. "Oh yes, meine Liebe," she whispered. "Fick meinen Arsch." She folded her legs against her chest, lifting her butt.

Fred looked down at her, grinning widely. "Sure you're ready?"

"Jawohl meine Hengst!" She wasn't scared anymore. Just horny as Hölle. "Fuck my ass now!"

"I will." Fred put pillows under Gretchen's butt and the small of her back, raising her ass higher. "But first, I'm going to kiss your pretty little rosebud." He knelt between her spread thighs and rested her knees on his shoulders, then lowered his face between her buttocks.

"Oh yes." Andy had eaten her ass before fucking her butt. "Please."

The heat in her body built rapidly as Fred showered her butt cheeks little butterfly kisses, gradually moving closer to her crack. "Oh Gott, Liebchen," she whispered. "That's so good."

Fred put his hands on her buttocks and pulled them open, then touched the tip of his tongue to her anus, sending an electric shock through her body. "It's good for me, too. You're such a sexy woman."

Gretchen kneaded her big firm breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers while Fred kissed, licked, and nibbled around her Arschloch—her inner thighs, vulva, butt cheeks—gradually moving in.

She started to tremble. "Stop teasing," she demanded. "Eat me right."

Fred ignored her command. Normally, that would have pissed her off, but this time her helplessness was a super turn-on. He was going to do exactly what he wanted . . . which was what she needed . . .

She pinched her swollen nipples harder as Fred licked up and down her butt crack, teasingly skimming over her anus. "Yes, darling," she whispered. "Oh yes!"

He pressed his tongue against her asshole and wiggled it back and forth. "Mien Gott!" she moaned. "That's so good." She moaned and squirmed as his flat tongue stroked her butthole.

Gretchen was close to coming when Fred's big hands pulled her buttocks open wider and he pressed his pointed tongue into the center of her rosebud, teasing it open.

She slid one hand down to her vulva, placed her middle and index fingers on either side of her clit, and rubbed its hood over the little swollen bud as Fred's tongue penetrated her asshole, fucking it like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

"Jesu!" She slid her middle finger into her pussy and fucked it roughly while rubbing her clit with her thumb, thrusting her butt against his face and taking his tongue even deeper.

She came violently, screaming, shaking, and clamping her thighs around his head. He worked his tongue harder and faster, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

"Ficken!" Gretchen fell back on the bed, gasping for breath. "That was so good . . . my Stallion."

The world got warm and fuzzy. She was dimly aware of Fred removing her knees from his shoulders and gently lowering her feet to the floor. He stood up and moved away.

A moment later, he was back, lifting her like a child and laying her in the middle of the bed. Gottverdammt! Never had she come so hard. Not with sweet tender Andy or super masculine Pete. Not even from Klaus using her selfishly and brutally.

Fred knelt on the bed and spread her legs. "Oh yes," she whispered as he slipped a lubricated finger up her butt. It went in easily. "Nun, mein Arsch du fickst!"

The black giant worked his finger in and out of her asshole, twisting his wrist to distribute the lubricant evenly and occasionally pulling out to add more lube. She moaned and pushed back to take more of Fred's thick finger. "Please . . . Now . . ."