Reunited With The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 10

The Long Hard Road Home

Tom alternated between sucking Ben's and Luke's dicks, getting one man close to coming and then shifting to the other. His own cock was painfully hard . . .

"My turn!" Washington pulled Tom to his feet and kissed him fiercely. Tom hadn't seen the black stud come up. He melted into the kiss, rubbing his hard-on against Washington's stiff pole and kneading his muscular buttocks.

"Want me to suck your cock?" Tom asked.

"Not this time." Washington stepped behind Tom, pressed his big stiff pole between his buttocks, and humped his crack. "I'm gonna fuck you."

"Oh yeah." Tom bent over and braced himself with his hands on his knees. "Please."

Washington sank to his knees. "You've got such a sexy ass." He put his hands on Tom's butt cheeks and pulled them apart. He kissed Tom's butt cheeks and licked up and down his crack, sliding teasingly over his anus.

"Man. That's so—" Tom gasped when Washington's wide flat tongue pressed against his anus. "Jesus!"

Washington licked Tom's asshole with broad flat strokes. His tongue was hot, wet, and insistent, sending lightning bolts of sexual energy through Tom's body. He moaned and squirmed, grinding his butt into Washington's face. "Yeah. Eat my ass . . ."

Tom's moans grew louder when Washington pressed his pointed tongue into his anus, gradually teasing it open. He bucked and growled, pushing back as Washington thrust his tongue in deeper, fucking Tom's asshole like a wide flat wet super-flexible cock.

"Damn!" Tom gasped. "That's so good!"

"Feels good doing it, too." Washington kissed Tom's asshole tenderly, then rose to his feet and pressed his giant cock-head into Tom's anus. "But now, I'm gonna fuck you."

"Here." Ben picked up a plastic squeeze bottle from an end table and handed it to Washington. "You'll need this."

"Thanks." Washington lubricated his index finger and slid it up Tom's asshole.

Tom's rock-hard pole jerked as Washington worked his index finger in his butt. "That feels good," he said. "But, I'm ready for your cock."

"Okay." Washington pulled his finger out of Tom's butthole. "I'm gonna pound the hell outta your ass." He squirted a big blob of lube into the palm of his hand and stroked his rigid member, coating it with the slippery gel, then pressed his cock-head into Tom's anal ring, steadily stretching it open.

"That's right. Fuck me." Tom thrust his butt back, pushing Washington's cock-head through his anal ring and on up his ass.

"Man, you got a hot sexy asshole." Washington drew back until his plow-head was barely kissing Tom's pucker and then pushed back inside.

"Fuck me." Tom tightened his ass muscles, gripping Washington's swollen rod even more tightly. "Good and hard."

"Like this?" Washington fucked Tom with long swift strokes, pulling almost out and then slamming home, smashing his pelvis into Tom's butt cheeks.

Tom's stiff cock swayed and jerked as Washington hammered his butt. "Yeah," he answered. "Just like that."

The tension in Tom's nuts was close to the boiling point when Washington growled like a bear and rammed his ass, shooting a hard hot pulse of cum into Tom's depths.

"Fuck yeah!" Tom gasped. "Come in my ass." His cock throbbed while Washington pounded his asshole, shooting over and over.

Washington finally finished. He pulled his dick out of Tom's asshole, then turned him around and kissed him passionately.

Several of the watching men applauded. Abe and Big John were standing behind the couch. Abe was braced with his hands on the back of the couch and Big John was fucking him from behind. Alpha was on his hands and knees a few feet away, with Harry kneeling behind him driving his giant cock into the muscular stud's ass. Sancho was bent forward with his hands on his knees while Clint pounded his butt.

Tom's cock was harder than ever. His balls would explode if he didn't get off soon. He kissed Washington again and then said, "It's your turn." He bent Washington over the couch, lubricated his painfully stiff dick, and slid it up the sexy black man's ass.

Washington moaned and rolled his hips, swinging his butt in time with Tom's driving cock. "Hammer my ass!" he gasped.

The pressure in Tom's nuts built as he pounded Washington relentlessly, watching his stiff pole sliding in and out of the man's beautiful dark chocolate buns. "Got a big hot load for you!"

"Shoot it!" Washington cried. "Shoot it now!"

Tom growled like a bear and thrust violently, emptying his overloaded balls up Washington's hot tight asshole. Washington screamed as each heavy pulse of cum splashed his anal walls.