Revenge Of The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 9

Payback Time For The Queer Klansmen

Tiny led Washington down a short hall and into a bedroom. A heavy rug covered most of the age-smoothed wood floor. The bed and other furniture were handmade. He closed the door and said, "This is the time and place." He took Washington in his arms and kissed him tenderly. His flowing full beard was so sexual, so primally male . . .

Washington melted into the kiss. He'd never wanted a man so badly. The heat from his crotch radiated through his body, threatening to set his clothes on fire. He tongue-kissed Tiny aggressively while grinding his hard-on into the immense bulge in Tiny's camo trousers.

"Good." Washington pulled away slightly, caught Tiny's big hands, and put them on the buttons of his heavy flannel shirt. "Take me."

Tiny unbuttoned Washington's shirt and pulled it open. "Nice tits." He kissed Washington while pinching his nipples, then moved down to his waist. "Nice cock, too." He unfastened Washington's belt, opened his fly, and pushed his jeans down, freeing his painfully stiff rod. "I remember it well." Tiny wrapped a big hand around Washington's swollen pole.

"I remember your cock, too." Washington unzipped Tiny's camo trousers and took his stiffening dick and bulging balls out. "It's the biggest one I've ever seen." Washington gripped Tiny's massive member with one hand beside the other, like he was holding a baseball bat. The big man's cock-head and the last two inches of his shaft protruded from Washington's closed hands. He couldn't close his fingers around the giant log. He couldn't imagine how he was going to take that monster up his tight little asshole, but he couldn't wait to try.

"You've got a fine sexy dick." Tiny's thumb and index finger circled the base of Washington's stiff cock and his remaining fingers cradled Washington's tight nuts. "You're sexy all over."

"Especially in back?" Washington played with Tiny's foreskin, gripping it lightly and sliding it on and off the big man's bulging cock-head.

Tiny laughed. "Let's see." He turned Washington around and bent him over the bed. "Oh yeah! You've got a fucking sexy asshole and it's just begging for my big fat cock."

Washington braced himself with his hands flat on the mattress. "You gonna fuck me now?"

Tiny reached between Washington's legs and fondled his stiff cock. "You'll be gettin' it . . . Real soon." He sank to his knees behind Washington, gripped his buttocks, and pulled them open.

"What are you going—" Washington gasped when Tiny's wide flat tongue pressed against his anus. "Oh God!"

Tiny licked Washington's asshole with broad flat strokes. His tongue was hot, wet, and insistent, sending lightning bolts of sexual energy through Washington's body. He moaned and squirmed, grinding his butt into Tiny's face. "Yeah. Eat my ass . . ."

Washington's moans grew louder when Tiny pressed his pointed tongue into his anus, gradually teasing it open. He bucked and growled, pushing back as Tiny thrust his tongue in deeper, fucking Washington's asshole like a wide flat wet super-flexible cock.

"Damn!" Washington gasped. "That's so good."

"Good for me, too." Tiny kissed Washington's asshole tenderly, then rose to his feet and pressed his giant cock-head into Washington's anus. "And it gets better."

"You gonna fuck me now?" Washington asked as Tiny's flaring plow-head stretched his tight little hole.

"Yeah." Tiny pressed in a little deeper, but then pulled away. "But not like this." He kissed the back of Washington's neck and caressed his butt cheeks affectionately. "I want to see your face when I stick my cock up your butt."

Washington's jeans were hopelessly tangled around his ankles. He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his boots and jeans while he watched Tiny strip off his boots, followed by his camo shirt and trousers.

Naked and hairy, with his long thick shoulder-length black hair, his thick black beard flowing down his chest, and his towering erection, the big man was the very embodiment of a pagan fertility god.

"What now?" Washington stared at Tiny's baseball-bat-dick. Its foreskin was partially retracted and precum was leaking from its tip and trickling down its shaft and over the giant's hairy balls. "How are you going to fuck me?"

"Like this." Tiny placed a pillow at the edge of the bed beside Washington, then picked him up and laid him with the small of his back on the pillow, lifting his buttocks.

That got Washington hotter than ever. He was a big guy, but Tiny had handled him as easily as a child. His helplessness against this powerful man was frightening, but also unbelievably exciting. "Give me your big hard cock." He folded his knees against his chest, raising his butt higher. "Right now."