Love Peak

Chapter Two from Love Peak

Straight stud tries gay sex

We rearranged our clothes and went up the stairs to the second floor balcony. The entrance to Harry's suite was at the top of the stairs. Doors at either end of the balcony led to the guest wings. My room's door was open and the light was on. The door wasn't locked . . . nobody bothered with locking doors at Love Peak . . . but I knew I'd turned off the light and closed the door firmly.

"I need to check something. It'll be just a minute."

"Take your time." Harry squeezed my half-hard cock through my jeans, making it a lot harder. "You're worth waiting for."

"I won't keep you waiting long. I want you . . . real bad."

"So go." Harry kissed me and patted my ass, then went into his suite and closed the door.

I walked down the dim hall and stepped through the door into the room. Joe Cortez was standing at the foot of the bed, looking nervous. He was a cute Hispanic man in his early thirties, slightly shorter than me, with the physique of a serious body builder. Joe and his wife Julia managed the resort.

"Hi Joe."

"Uh . . . Hi, Charlie." He stood still, stroking his sparse mustache.

I closed the door and walked across the room to him. "What's going on? It's late."

He was blushing. "I saw you and Harry. Down in the great room."

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"You didn't embarrass me. This isn't the first time couples have gotten . . . uh . . . intimate in the great room. There's something about night in the mountains. Especially when it's snowing . . ."

"Then what?"

"Uh . . . I'm straight. I love my wife. More than anything."

Like most of the guys at Love Peak, Joe was wearing low-cut boots, blue jeans, and a heavy flannel shirt. I looked pointedly down at the bulge in his jeans, then back up into his eyes. "And?"

"Tonight . . . I'd seen men and women before . . . never two guys. It did . . . uh . . . something."


He looked like he was about to run out of the room. Then, he took a deep breath and said, "I want to suck your cock."

"Okay." I unfastened my belt.

"Okay?" Joe stared as I unbuttoned my jeans and reached for the zipper. "You really want to do it?"

"Sure. You're a sexy guy." I pulled the zipper down. "And I like you." I let my jeans fall around my ankles, freeing my hard cock. "And I really like getting blowjobs."

Joe stared at my stiff rod. "Madre de Dios!" he whispered.

I pointed to his crotch bulge. "Your turn." He grinned self-consciously, then pushed his jeans and boxer shorts down. His hard cock was a little shorter than mine, but a lot thicker. "Awesome." I curled my hand around his rigid pole.

"Nobody's seen me hard. Or touched my cock." He extended his hand, then hesitated. "Nobody except Julia. Not since we got married."

"You want this." I caught his hand and guided it to my tool. His fingers closed around my stiff shaft. "If you run away now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." I put my hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him to his knees. "So, come on. Suck my cock."

He stayed frozen for long seconds, staring at the big bubble of precum at the tip of my swollen cock head. Then, he looked up into my eyes. "You won't tell?" I shook my head.

Joe bent over and kissed my tip, then slowly slid his clamped lips over my cock head and down my shaft, taking a surprising amount of my long thick rod. He pulled back, just as slowly, then clamped his lips around my crown and stroked my cock head with his tongue.

"Damn. You're good."

He stopped and looked up at me. "It really is my first time. I'm just doing what I like . . . uh . . ."

"What Julia does?"

He blushed. "Well . . . uh . . . yeah."

"You're a lucky guy." I ran my fingers through his thick black hair. "Now, suck me." I gripped the back of his head and pushed it down on my stiff cock.

Joe kneaded my balls while licking and sucking my head and shaft. He was a really good cocksucker. If he'd learned it from Julia, she was a great teacher.

Joe let go of my throbbing pole. "God! This is so good!" He licked and sucked my balls, taking one, then the other, and finally both in his mouth.

"You like doing that?" He just nodded and licked his way up my hard pole, then bobbed rapidly up and down, frantically sucking my cock.

"Yeah!" I gasped. "That's right." I grabbed his head and fucked his face roughly, holding back just enough to keep from choking him.

My balls tightened. "Get ready. I'm gonna shoot." He sucked me even harder and faster as my throbbing cock exploded, flooding his mouth with cum He gulped frantically, trying to swallow every drop.

When I'd finally spent myself, Joe let my still-stiff cock slip out of his mouth. "Man! That was so fuckin' good!"

"For me, too." I pulled Joe to his feet and kissed him. He hesitated for an instant, than kissed me back. The taste of my cum was strong on his lips.

I wrapped my hand around Joe's stiff pole. "Want me to suck you off, now?"

"No. I mean . . . yeah, but I should probably go. Julia will be wondering where I am. And Harry's waiting for you."

"Some other time? I'm not near done with you."

"Oh yeah. Definitely." He pulled up his boxers and jeans, then zipped his fly and buckled his belt. "I never thought sex with a guy would be so good." He hesitated. "Next time, I want you to fuck my ass."

"That'll be all right." I kissed Joe again, then turned him toward the door and slapped his muscular butt. "But for now . . . git!"

Joe stopped at the door, turned around, and opened his mouth, then closed it again and left without speaking.

I went into the bathroom and wiped the saliva and cum off my cock with a damp washcloth, then fastened my jeans. My pole was still as stiff as a steel rod, so I left it in an upright position and went down the hall. It was dark, with only a few night lights casting a dim glow on the carpet.