Kissing Cowboys

Sample from Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Stories

Old hands show a greenhorn the ropes

The bunkhouse was rustic on the outside but modern inside, with six large beds—three on a side—a combined kitchen and living room with a big flatscreen, and a luxurious bathroom with a giant shower.

Rowdy—currently the only other cowboy living in the bunkhouse—was sitting up in bed with the covers draped around his waist, showing off his muscular bare chest. He looked up from his tablet computer and said, "Hey, Little Buddy. How they hangin'?" He set the tablet on the nightstand.

"Doin' all right." Jerry was used to bawdy talk from Rowdy. The older cowboy was about 30, tall, slender, and rawhide tough—a sunbaked and windburned cowhand, overpoweringly male with long black hair and perpetual five-day beard stubble.

Jerry's boner was back, raising an obvious tent in his jeans. "Just taking a walk. Couldn't sleep."

Rowdy glanced at Jerry's crotch bulge. "Woman trouble?"

Jerry shrugged. "Just a romantic weekend that wasn't."

"Little Buddy, you can't let pussy run your life." Rowdy had an on-and-off girlfriend in Lyme and went to Central City every other week to cruise the gay bars.

"Guess not." Jerry knew that Rowdy was naked under the bedclothes. He always slept raw and liked to wander around the bunkhouse in the buff, showing off his muscular body, sculpted ass, and long heavy cock. "You have any alternatives?"

"Well . . ." Rowdy grinned and flipped the covers away, exposing his mammoth hard-on. "How about this?"

"Uh . . ." Jerry stared at Rowdy's stiff pole. Until tonight, he'd never thought much about other guy's dicks. Sure, he'd checked out the other men in the locker room. Everybody did that, didn't they? But, after watching Hank and Buck . . . He reached out and curled his fingers around Rowdy's swollen shaft.

The contact sent an electric shock straight to Jerry's cock. It grew harder, threatening to tear through his boxers and jeans. "Jesus," he whispered, sliding his closed fist up and down Rowdy's stiff pole. He'd never touched a man like this. Never even thought about it. It was so fucking sexy! Hot as fingering a pussy. Hotter.

"You like it." Rowdy rose to his feet, pulled Jerry's body to his, and kissed him. The cowhand's lips didn't feel like a woman's. And his beard stubble was shockingly sexy.

Jerry froze when Rowdy's thrusting tongue entered his mouth. It was so rough . . . hard . . . aggressively male.

He kissed Rowdy back, hard and dirty. "Yeah." Jerry's voice was ragged and his pulse pounded in his ears. "I've never . . ."

"You want this." Rowdy unbuckled Jerry's belt and then unfastened his fly.

"Uh . . . Huh . . ." Jerry stood still while Rowdy pulled his zipper down, opened his jeans, and pushed them down, followed by his boxers. "More than anything." He kissed Rowdy again, man-to-man, more aggressively than any of his women had liked. Rowdy kissed him back, just as roughly.

"Man!" Rowdy growled. "You kiss good." He and Jerry kissed long and hard, while fondling each other's stiff cocks and bulging balls.

"So do you." Jerry shocked himself by falling to his knees. "I'm gonna suck your cock now." He wrapped one hand around Rowdy's shaft and gripped the slender man's balls with the other.

Rowdy looked surprised, but pleased. "Go for it, Little Buddy."

Jerry slid his hand down Rowdy's thick shaft and circled its base with his thumb and index finger, then stopped to stare at the sexy cowboy's stiff pole and wide plow-shaped cock-head, leaking precum from its tip. "Damn," he whispered. "You got a fuckin' sexy cock." It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, standing tall, proud, and male. Not hidden like the secret cave of a pussy . . .

He took Rowdy's cock-head and shaft into his mouth and down his throat, stopping just before his gag reflex kicked in. The rangy stud's rod tasted of hot male sweat, skin, and precum. He held it there until he ran out of air, then pulled away. He grinned up at Rowdy, then dived back down on his stiff cock, breathing through his nose as he bobbed on the cowboy's rod and squeezed his tight balls.

"Jesus, Little Buddy!" Rowdy gasped. "You're one hell of a cocksucker."

That startled Jerry. He was just doing what came naturally. What felt good when a woman did it to him. What he was too shy to ask a woman to do to him. He clamped his lips around Rowdy's cock-head and swirled his tongue over its tightly-stretched skin.

"Fuck yeah!" Rowdy put his hand on the back of Jerry's head. When Jerry stiffened, he slid the hand down to Jerry's shoulder. "That's really great."

Jerry let go of Rowdy's shaft and balls and bobbed over the sexy cowhand's head and shaft, letting the man's broad cock-head slip out of his mouth, then driving his compressed lips over it and taking it deep into his throat.

Rowdy moaned and rocked his hips, driving his thick hot rod deeper into Jerry's mouth. "Fuckin' Jesus!" he groaned. "That's so fuckin' hot." He gripped the back of Jerry's head. This time, Jerry didn't resist. "Now, I'm gonna fuck your face."

He went faster and pushed in deeper. Jerry held on, gripping Rowdy's cock to keep him from ramming his mouth too violently. It was like riding a wild stallion, both terrifying and sexy as hell.

"Oh fuck! I'm getting' close . . ." Rowdy gasped.

Jerry's balls were tight, his cock was throbbing and he wanted Rowdy to come in his mouth. To feel and taste the hard hot jets of raw male juice . . . He knew what his own cum tasted like—he liked to come on Becca's breasts and then lick it off—but a sexy cowboy's cum . . . straight out of his throbbing spurting dick . . . So irresistibly unrelentingly male!

But, there was something else he wanted. He yanked his mouth away from Rowdy's plunging pole and looked up into the hot stud's eyes. "Fuck me."