Ken James Fiction


Rocker Girl 8

I sat in the car outside the Imperial-Orpheus Bar for a long time. I didn't remember driving from the motel. My voyeurism had finally gotten the better of me. I shouldn't have stayed to spy on Peter while he took Jame's cherry. He'd known I was there. While Jame was in the bathroom, he raped me. Or had he? I'd certainly wanted him badly enough. Had I been trying to get caught?

My clothes were passable and my face looked normal in the car mirror. My lipstick was long gone and I wasn't wearing any other makeup. I combed my hair to remove the tangles and left the car.

I knocked on the locked front door. Nick, the bouncer, opened it. He was a really sweet guy in his late 20s with blue eyes, a blond crewcut and a wide wrestler's body. He was so fucking cute! Nick had always been a complete gentleman, but I'd sensed his heat every time we were together.

"It's my favorite vintage 'Playboy' cartoon." The speaker was a tall man in his mid-50s, with shoulder-length gray hair and a neat gray goatee. "It's a drawing of a bedroom. A man's voice is coming out of the bathroom, asking, 'Why do they call you 'Tex?'' A really stacked babe is kneeling on the bed, naked except for a cowboy hat, boots . . . and spurs!" The other men laughed heartily.

"That's pretty good, Jimmy." The speaker had a handsomely weather-beaten look that reminded me of the cowboy in the old cigarette ads, even though he was Black and wearing slacks, a sport coat and a tie.

"Where's the party?" I asked. The theater doors were locked and there were only a handful of men left in the bar.

"Everybody's pretty well hooked up," Nick answered. "It is after 3:00 AM. Matt and Lyta left a half-hour ago."

"I've got Matt's car," I said. "I guess I'll go stay with them."

"That would a bad idea," Nick said. "I can't say who, but they're not alone."

"Shit!" I muttered. I couldn't go back to the motel with Peter there. The car's back seat was pretty comfortable, but it was really cold outside.

Two men were standing at the bar, drinking tequila and smoking a joint. "Can you spare a little for a lady?" I asked as I joined them. I'd only smoked pot a half-dozen times in my life, but I really needed something.

"Sure," the taller man said, passing me the joint. "I'm Frank and this is my brother Joe." They were both around 30, tall, handsome and athletic. Frank had black hair and brown eyes. Joe was a little younger, with brown hair and blue eyes.

"What are the odds?" I thought as I took a long drag on the joint. "Two more hot brothers!" I held my breath a long time and was pleased when I exhaled without coughing. It was really good dope. The world around me rapidly became dreamy and slow-motion.

"May I?" It seemed to be someone else speaking with my voice and pointing to the tequila shot sitting on the bar.

"Let me get you a fresh one," Joe answered, moving behind the bar. I'd never drunk tequila, but I'd seen it done. I wondered why Joe wasn't giving me any salt or limes, just a tall slender glass filled with the pungent amber fluid. No matter. I picked the drink up and downed it in one swift gulp. It burned down my throat and exploded in my stomach. A wave of heat washed over my body.

"Wow!" I whispered breathlessly.

"You usually sip Milagro, instead of shooting it," Joe said gently. "It's premium tequila."

"Okay, I'll drink the next one slowly," I answered, pushing the glass toward him. Joe glanced at Frank, then shrugged and poured me another shot. I sipped the tequila for several minutes before my glass was empty.

"I don't think you'll want another round right away," Joe said.

"No, that's fine . . . I can already really file . . . feel . . . maybe a little more . . ." I gestured vaguely at the joint sitting in an ashtray on the bar. Frank lit it. Nick joined the group while we were passing the joint around. I waved it away after my third hit and leaned back against the bar, marveling at my combined sensations of perfect well being and blazing lust.

"I have a CD for Matt," I said. "He was going to make Rick a copy."

"I can do that," Nick said.

Nick unlocked the office and we went inside. While he was busy with the computer, I sat beside the desk, thinking about Peter invading my body. I'd wanted to fuck him. Why was I unhappy about getting my wish? Why had he done it that way? Why hadn't I fought him? If I hated it so much, why had I cum so strongly? Should I tell Jame? Why was remembering getting me so hot?

". . . Tracy?" I suddenly realized Nick had been talking to me. "Tracy, are you all right?"

"Uh . . . yeah . . . sure . . ." I felt like someone else was speaking. "I was just . . . thinking. It's been a long night."

"The CDs are finished," Nick said. "The two copies are in the desk drawer. I'll leave Matt a note. Here's your original." He had a strange expression. I suddenly realized how I looked. My erect nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of my tightly-fitting blouse. The top buttons were unfastened, showing my modest cleavage. I was sitting with my legs spread and my skirt had hiked up, revealing my torn panties and my exposed mound,  gleaming with juices.

Nick understood my expression instantly. He let his eyes roam freely over my wanton body before locking with mine. We rose as one and moved into each other's arms. Standing with my firm little breasts crushed against his chest and his erect penis pressing into my crotch, we kissed open-mouthed. His hands slid down my back, flipped my skirt up and gripped my buttocks.

After humping through Nick's slacks for a little while, I pulled away just enough to work my hands between our bodies and free his stiff cock and bulging balls. As we stood holding each other, his head and shaft slid along my slit, slowly forcing me open.

My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath. I twisted my pelvis, positioning my pussy mouth to catch his penis. "Oh God yes! Nick fuck me!" I gasped as his cock-head entered my snatch. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!" After several thrusts, his entire length was inside me.

Nick was a little taller than me, so his cock was angled down. His shaft rubbed my clit and his head caught my G-spot while we fucked. "Oh Nick! Oh Nick! Oh Nick!" I cried. "I'm cummmmiiinnngggg!!" Only his arms kept me from falling backward as my body convulsed.

"Does your mother know you scream like that?" he asked. I giggled. It was a line from "Stray Cat Blues," a Rolling Stones song Fishnet Barbie had played at last night's gig. Our version is just as nasty as the original, but we changed the lyrics to the girl's viewpoint ("I've got a girlfriend, she's even wilder than me / So let's just take her upstairs / She's so wild she'll join in too / But it's no hanging matter / It's no capital crime . . . Mama don't know I scream like that / Mother doesn't know I bite like that").

I suddenly realized I was sitting on the office couch, leaning back with my legs sprawled. Nick was sitting beside me with one arm draped over my shoulders and the other curled over my stomach.

"Mom's a screamer herself," I answered dizzily. Nick's eyes widened. "Oh! . . . I don't mean I've done it with her, I've just heard her and Dad." Actually, night after night I'd masturbated in the dark hall outside their bedroom while watching them having sex.

Nick was still wearing his pants, with his cock and balls exposed. I slipped my hand around his erect penis. It was normal length, about 6 inches, but so thick I could barely close my fingers. "You made me come so good", I purred. Now, I want to get you off." He gasped with excitement as I stroked his broad mushroom head and thick shaft with swift gentle fingers.

"No, Baby!" Nick exclaimed, suddenly pulling away. "I'm not cumming in your hand." He removed my shoes, blouse and skirt, leaving me dressed in tattered panties and self-supporting nylon stockings.

It only took Nick a few seconds to shed his own clothes and kneel between my thighs. I moaned with pleasure as his tongue stroked my slit. "You taste so good," he whispered as he pulled me open and thrust his tongue into my snatch. I was already close to cumming when he slipped a finger up my pussy and started licking and sucking my clit. My screams were even louder than before.

"Sexy Baby!" I exclaimed. "I need your cock . . . Now! Sit on the couch . . ." In a moment, I was straddling him, positioning myself . . . "Oh Baby! Your cock head! . . . Slide it down . . . Yeah! Your head's in my cunt! . . . Now . . . Oh Fuck!!" I almost came as Nick lifted his hips, impaling me on his shaft and slamming his balls against my pussy lips.

"Oh Fuck Baby! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!!" I cried as Nick sank back onto the couch with me riding his cock. He fondled my breasts and sucked my nipples while we humped. His plunging penis felt so good inside me, kissing my outer lips and probing my intimate depths.

Nick's wonderful mushroom cock-head was constantly stimulating me. It felt just like . . . Peter's! The thought was so startling, I abruptly broke my rhythm. Nick was staring up at me. "It's okay, Baby," I whispered quickly, kissing him passionately as I moved back into time with his thrusts. "He's nothing like Peter," I told myself, savoring the sensations of his tender loving cock filling and stretching me.

Nick was under me as we fucked on the couch. For a long time, I kept my eyes closed, concentrating on the sensations of our love-making. Occasionally, I'd look down at Nick's face and body, savoring his delighted lustful expression and the sight of his cock plunging into my pussy.

I finally turned my gaze outward and nearly screamed in surprise.

Frank and Joe were standing naked behind the couch, stroking each other's cocks as they watched Nick and me. Nick was facing away from the door, so he didn't know the men were there.

I winked and blew the brothers a kiss. Nick was intent on my breasts and his steady fucking motion. "Jesus Nick!" I gasped. "This is wonderful! I love riding your big fat cock!" He was moving fast now, gripping my breasts as he thrust into me.

Nick's eyes were closed and I knew his world had narrowed to the sensations of our conjoined bodies. I beckoned to the brothers. A second later, I had a cock in each hand.

My pussy muscles clamped Nick's head and shaft as I rode his driving penis. He was throbbing . . . really close . . . and I was rapidly building to my own climax. "Fuck Nick!" I screamed. "Fuck my tight little pussy! Shoot your cum up my hot cunt!" I was stroking the brothers frantically as Nick screamed and thrust, flooding me with each stroke.

I was cumming, too. Frank and Joe held me upright as I screamed and thrashed. I had a long orgasm while Nick splashed jet after jet of hot male juice against my pussy walls. After he'd spent himself, I continued gripping his still-stiff rod with my cunt muscles, frantically fucking myself to an even more intense climax.

Finally worn out, I sank down onto Nick. His penis gradually softened inside me as we kissed tenderly. He looked up dreamily, first focusing on my breasts and face, then past me to . . . Frank and Joe, naked with bulging balls and stiff cocks.

"What the fuck?" Nick demanded angrily. He glared for a second, then laughed. "Why should I care?" He paused to kiss me. "Tracy, you're wonderful. I hope these guys liked the show we put on."

"Maybe," he continued, pausing to look at Frank, then Joe, "they even learned something."

Frank was grinning. "We saw that you'd learned most of what we tried to teach you," he replied.

The brothers had dropped their clothes near the office door. Joe fumbled with his jeans, producing a joint and lighter. I inhaled deeply, taking a long drag and holding it. When I finally released the smoke, a wave of dizziness rushed over me. It passed after an instant, leaving burning lust in its wake.

"Awesome dope!" Nick gasped. I had two more tokes while he and the brothers finished the joint.

"God! I'm so hot!" I announced, flopping down on the couch with my legs spread. The men glanced at each other. Their cocks had softened while they were smoking the pot, but they grew erect almost instantly.

Frank and Nick began kissing my face and breasts while Joe moved between my legs, opening me with a touch. "Oh yeah Baby! Eat my pussy!" I moaned as his tongue slipped into my snatch. "Oh God! Oh Fuck!!" Joe licked my G-spot and sucked my juices while pinching my clit with his fingertips.

I came hard. My shaking pubis battered Joe's head and face. "Your juice tastes good mixed with Nick's cum," he laughed when the storm had passed. I remembered the brothers fondling each other's dicks and Frank's comment about teaching Nick.

"I'm going to mix some of mine in you now," Joe continued, positioning his penis between my legs.

"Not so fast, little brother!" Frank said, grabbing Joe and pulling him away from me. "I'm eating Tracy's hot juicy pussy before you fuck it!" He was even better than Joe, making me cum until I collapsed exhausted on the couch.

"Let's take Tracy to Dressing Room A," Nick said. "It has a big bed. That'll be more comfortable." I relaxed and let them carry me to the dressing room door.

"Put me down," I said as we reached the threshold. "I'm not a bride and I can walk on my own."

Nick unlocked the door. "What the . . .?" he exclaimed as he stepped inside.

The king-sized bed was in an alcove off the main dressing room. Giant mirrors covered the three walls around the bed. There were two naked women, a big blonde and a smaller brunette, in sixty-nine position in the center of the bed.

Margot lifted her juice-smeared face from Nicole's pussy and grinned at me. "Hi Sweetie," she said. "I knew we'd see you again soon."

"Come on, Baby," she added to Nicole. "Let's watch Guitar Girl get gang-banged." She looked around the room. "By all these men."

I suddenly realized more men had drifted in from the bar. "Nicole, lets . . ." the brunette's mouth was still busy. Margot suddenly moaned, "Oh Baby! . . . Your tongue! . . . Oh Yeah, Oh Shit! . . . Oh! . . . Oh! . . . Oh!"

We stared at Margot thrashing on the bed as Nicole brought her off. My nipples were painfully hard and juice was oozing from my hot snatch and running down my legs. Joe, Frank and Nick had immense hard-ons. The remaining men were still dressed, but most had their pants open and were jacking their stiff cocks.

Joe broke the spell by taking my hand and leading me to the bed. I sank down onto my back with my legs spread and my pussy gaping. He climbed on top of me, covering my body with his. "Yeah Joe!" I whispered as his cock slid smoothly up my cunt.

After fucking me steadily for several minutes, Joe moved me to a new position with my knees raised and the soles of my feet flat on the bed. He was kneeling between my legs, still screwing me with a steady rhythm.

There was a mirror on the ceiling, the first I'd ever seen. It was wonderful looking up and watching myself getting fucked. I could also raise up on my elbows and see Joe's cock sliding in and out of my snatch.

Lips closed on my nipples and long hair, blonde and brunette, flowed over my breasts. I sank back onto the bed, lost in the sensations Joe, Nicole and Margot were producing.

Joe gripped my thighs, lifting them and spreading my legs wider. In the mirror, I could see his thick dick driving into me. He was going really fast. I came violently. I'd wanted to wait for Joe, but I couldn't hold back. I felt his hot sperm squirting into me while I screamed and thrashed.

He collapsed onto me, gasping for breath. I held him as our breathing and heartbeats returned to normal. When his cock finally softened and slipped out, Joe kissed me, stood up and stepped away.

I looked around the room. All the men were now naked. I'd never imagined I'd see such a mixture of body types at the same time. Somehow, they were all sexy. I wanted each of them to fuck me.

Frank climbed onto the bed, kneeling between my legs, gripping my ankles and lifting my legs, pulling my crotch to his face. His tongue slithered around my snatch, gradually pushing me to an intense orgasm.

"That was great!" I gasped. "Now fuck me! Ram your big cock up my snatch. Fuck me rough and fill my cunt with your cum!" I screamed with pleasure and excitement as he took me the way I needed!

Margot and Nicole were kneeling on my left and right, watching Frank fuck me. "Stop!" Nicole suddenly exclaimed. "Get away from my pussy, you prick! I'm a lesbian."

A man was kneeling behind Nicole, with his hands around her waist. He looked like a farmer or construction worker, middle-aged with a strong heavy body, ruddy complexion and close-cropped thinning hair. "Not right now, Baby!" he growled. "You're getting fucked by a real man tonight!"

Nicole twisted away from the Redneck, but he caught her and flipped her onto her back, pinning her shoulders to the bed. Red's stiff cock was seven thick inches long and already slick with his pre-cum. She tried to kick him away, but he gripped her thighs and opened her legs. Nicole screamed softly as he forced his cock into her snatch. Once fully inside, he groped her breasts briefly, then began fucking her with rapid thrusts.

"Take it, lezzy bitch! Take a real man!" he shouted.

Margot lunged for the couple, but another man grabbed her. He looked like a Biker, middle-aged, big and fat, with a bald head and gray beard. "Hold still Blonde," he said. "You're getting it, too! Be good, unless you want it up the ass."

The Biker quickly subdued Margot with his big strong body. "Your cunt is really wet for a dyke who doesn't want a man," he commented. "Fucking Jesus, you're hot and tight!" he gasped. "Built for my big thick cock! . . . Yeah, struggle! That makes it even better . . ." She was screaming as she squirmed beneath him.

Frank clawed at my breasts as his cock punished my pussy. I was cumming almost constantly, raking his back with my fingernails.

I was in a space between orgasms. Frank was hammering me, shaking my body with each thrust. I could feel him pulsing inside me. "Yeah Frank!" I cried, rolling into another climax. "Shoot your . . . Oh Yeah! Fuck! Spray all that hot juice . . . Oh!"

Red was grunting rhythmically, cumming as he slammed his cock into Nicole's cunt. "Shit Baby! That was good!" he exclaimed. "I'll bet I've spoiled you for women." He pulled out and walked away, leaving her lying limp on the bed.

Cowboy pulled Frank away and knelt between my legs. I gripped his stiff ebony cock. It was over 9" long and so thick I couldn't close my fingers around it. He gripped my waist and lifted me into the air, spiking my pussy on his erect member.

"Ooohhh! Gaaaawwwwdddd!" I moaned, wrapping my arms around Cowboy's back and gripping his shoulders. Waves of fire and ice played over my body as his massive cock stretched and filled me with exquisite slowness. After an erotic eternity, I was dizzily aware his entire length was inside me.

The Biker was still driving into Margot. She screamed, "You fucking bastard!" An instant later, she gasped orgasmically, "Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh! Oh! Fuck!!"

"Here's a big hot man load for my Dyke Baby!" the Biker shouted as he slammed his cock into her snatch. I heard Margot cumming violently as he shot inside her.

Nicole was curled on her side with her legs clamped together and her arms protectively covering her breasts. A thin young man with long dark hair and a sparse black mustache lay beside her, stroking her hair and speaking to her in a soothing whisper. She rolled over and moved into the Hippie's arms.

I worked my hips in time with Cowboy's slow thrusts. His head plumbed the depths of my snatch while his shaft rubbed my G-spot and outer lips. His motions pulled on my clit hood, keeping me on the edge of orgasm.

"You fucking asshole!" Margot hissed, kissing the Biker passionately. "You raping mother . . . Ummm! . . . Oh yeah!" He'd rolled over onto his back and she impaled herself on his still-stiff cock.

Nicole and the Hippie were kissing. She curled her hand around his soft penis and it hardened rapidly. She rolled onto her back with her legs open. He was already in position when she whispered, "Yeah, Baby! Put it in . . . right now! Oh Fuck Yeah! . . . That's right! . . . That's soooo good!"

Cowboy was still kneeling and holding my body in the air, pushing me ever closer . . . I clung to him desperately as the climax washed over me. I was still cumming when he laid me on the bed.

A group of men surrounded me. A man pressed his penis between my lips and I sucked it greedily. I grabbed a stiff cock with each hand as Cowboy slipped back inside me and fucked me with long fast thrusts. I came several more times. The prick in my mouth pulled out and sprayed my face. The two men I was jerking off shot hot cum on my breasts. Cowboy's cock throbbed and his hot juice pulsed into my pussy.

Nicole was on her back with her ankles resting on the Hippie's shoulders, giving little cries of pleasure as his cock plunged into her. Margot was still riding the Biker.

Cowboy kissed me briefly before getting up and moving away.

I lay on my back, dreamily gazing at my reflection in the ceiling mirror. A well-fucked slut, with tangled blond hair, swollen breasts and hard nipples, wantonly spread legs exposing a gaping snatch and a body glistening with sweat and semen, stared back down at me.

"Oh shit! . . . No! Don't! . . . That hurts!" It was Red's voice, crying out from the far end of the dressing room. I sat up to see what was happening.

Nick and Frank were holding Red on the floor on his hands and knees. Joe was kneeling behind him, aiming his stiff cock between the man's buttocks. "What?" Joe sneered. "You're straight? Well, a man's fucking your heterosexual ass tonight!" Red screamed as Joe thrust brutally forward.

I jumped off the bed and ran to watch the action. It was so hot watching Joe drive his cock up the other man's butt. Red was moaning, "Oh fuck! . . . Stop! . . . Please!" but his prick was stiff as a steel rod.

I was bent over for a closer look when a hot tongue invaded my slit. Gasping with pleasure, I pushed back onto the unknown man's face. He pulled my lips open and slipped his tongue into my pussy, eating me to the edge of orgasm. "Fuck me!" I whispered, putting my hands on Red's back for more support.

The man behind me stood up and I could see him in one of the wall mirrors. He was a cute Hispanic in his early 20s, with a long ponytail. He was slender, but his cock was satisfactorily thick as he slipped it into my snatch.

Nicole and the Hippie had moved to Red's other side. She copied my bent-over posture and he took her from behind. She and I stared at each other. It was like each of us was watching herself getting fucked in a mirror.

"I'm cumming!" Joe said. "Shooting a hot load up straight boy's asshole!" Red screamed even louder as Joe pounded his butt. "Feel me squirt!" Joe shouted. "Take my hot sperm! . . . Take it! . . . Take it! . . . Take my load! . . . Up your tight butt!" Joe jammed Red's ass over and over, cumming with each thrust.

"God Baby!" Nicole screamed to the Hippie. "Your hot juice in my cunt . . . God!" She was cumming, too, leaning on Red's back to hold herself up. I came a moment later, when the Hispanic shot inside me.

"So, did you like getting raped, you son of a bitch?" Joe growled as he pulled his still-stiff cock from Red's ass and stepped away. The man's only reply was a low moan.

Nicole pulled away from the Hippie. "It's not enough!" she cried, reaching between Red's legs and gripping his stiff cock. "Look at this! He's a closet case who got off on being ass-fucked. We should REALLY punish him!"

"I have an idea," Nick said. He vanished into the office, returning almost immediately with a brass-bound wooden chest.

"Awesome!" Nicole said, admiring the smooth black paddle Nick produced from the toy box. It was long and wide, with a pattern of holes to reduce air resistance. It made a loud slapping noise when she smacked it against the palm of her hand. "Sweet!" she whispered.

Red had been on all fours, meekly accepting his punishment. That ended when Nicole wound up like a batter and swung at his ass.

CRACK!!! Screaming in pain and fear, Red leaped to his feet. Frank and Joe overpowered him easily. "Bend him over the bed," Nick commanded.

"Remember, 'Take it, lezzy bitch! Take a real man!'?" Nicole growled, pulling her arm back.

CRACK!! . . . CRACK! . . . CRACK!!!! With four blows, Nicole had turned the prostrate man's buttocks bright red. She was wild-eyed and gasping for breath as she gathered strength for a new assault.

As Nick watched her warily, Nicole bent over to kiss Red's ear. "Shit Baby! That was good!" she hissed. "I'm going to spoil you for women."

CCCRRRAAACCCKKK!!!!! Some of the brilliant color on Red's butt cheeks was suddenly blood. Nick caught Nicole's arm before she could strike another blow and pulled her away, whispering urgently in her ear. "All right," she answered angrily, handing him the paddle.

"Come feel this, Guitar Girl" Nicole said, sinking to her knees and reaching between Red's spread legs. Despite the punishment, his cock was still rock hard, with a steady stream of pre-cum leaking from his tip and running down his shaft.

The Hippie kissed Nicole. They whispered briefly, then he lay on the floor between her spread knees. "Yeah Baby!" she gasped. "Eat me while I finish punishing him."

"Bad Boy likes getting spanked," Nicole cooed. "Hot ass." She kissed his reddened buttocks and ran gentle fingers over his tender flesh. "Red hot ass!" Slap! Red jumped as her flat hand smacked his butt. He cried out in pain, but his stiff cock jerked in my hand.

"Bad Boy! . . . Bad Boy!" Nicole screamed as she slapped Red's ass. "Bad . . . Boy . . ." she whispered as she kissed his buttocks and fingered his asshole. The Hippie fucked her pussy from behind as she alternated between spanking, kissing and caressing Red's ass cheeks.

He was humping my hand, working his pre-cum-slick cock in my grip, growing  more excited each time Nicole's hand descended. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! A fountain of hot cum erupted from his jerking cock. Nicole was cumming, too, screaming orgasmically with each blow she struck.

Red collapsed onto the bed. The Hippie held Nicole to keep her from falling forward. It only took her a few moments to recover. "Look at that mess!" she exclaimed, pointing to Red's cum on the floor. "Bad Boy, lick it up."

"Not so fast," I said, holding out my dripping hand. "Clean this first."

When Red had licked my hand clean, I moved back to the bed, settling on hands and knees beside Margot and the Biker. "You evil motherfucker! Rape my asshole! I love . . . Oh!" she gasped, cumming violently.

A man entered me from behind as I watched Red licking the floor. My vision blurred and the world narrowed to the hands on my breasts and the cock in my cunt, stretching, filling, thrusting, spraying, withdrawing . . .

Red was on his knees. He'd finished cleaning the floor and was waiting expectantly for the next command. "Bend over," Frank growled, moving behind him.

Nicole was on the floor near Red with her neck and shoulders supported by a pillow and her legs and crotch in the air. The Hippie was standing behind her, rhythmically thrusting his cock into her elevated snatch.

Margot was still cumming as the Biker drove into her ass. "Oh Baby!" she finally exclaimed. "Shoot that hot stuff up my butt! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!"

Someone was passing a bottle of whiskey. I grabbed it and took several gulps, hardly noticing the burning.

Another man took my pussy while I watched the fucking couples. I didn't even look in the mirror to see his face. He made me cum before shooting and moving away. That was all that mattered.

I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling like the Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland" as I watched Frank cumming in Red's ass. "Off with his head!" I thought. No, that would be too harsh. "All you men! Line up and fuck his ass!" I commanded. Nobody moved. "What's wrong with you?" I shouted. "Fuck him!"

Nick looked at me. "Most of the guys here are . . . kind of . . . straight," he answered.

I shook my head to clear it. When that didn't help, I grabbed the whiskey bottle and took another big gulp. "I guesh that's reasonable," I finally said. "If you fuck his ass, you can fuck mine afterwards. All of you!" The men looked startled. The group had thinned out, but there were at least a dozen of them left.

"Are you sure?" There was real concern in Nick's voice, but his cock was super hard as he looked from my face to Red's round buttocks.

"I never shay anything I don' mean," I answered in a slightly slurred voice.

Nick looked at me hard for a few seconds. "All right," he finally said, lubricating his stiff pecker and moving into position.

Red looked at me beseechingly. "Let me eat you while they do this," he pleaded. I sat on the edge of the bed with him kneeling between my open legs and pulled my snatch open. Margot and the Biker were behind me on the bed. He continued fucking her ass while she fondled my breasts. Nicole was bent over the bed, moaning with pleasure as the Hippie buried his face between her buttocks.

Nick said, "Hell of a sacrifice for a straight boy . . ." as he drove his cock up Red's asshole. Frank and Joe laughed.

Red gave good head. He sucked my clit and tongued my snatch, making me come twice while Nick was fucking him.

Nick pulled out of Red's ass. His cock was as stiff as ever. "Good boy!" I said, kissing him before bending over the bed. "Don' be too gentle," I mumbled. "I'mmm a butt slut." When he slipped a lubricated finger into me, I took it easily. A moment later, his cock-head was at my entrance, opening me slowly and carefully. I rammed my butt backwards. Nick gasped in surprise as his entire length slammed into my asshole.

"Fuck my shlutty assh . . . hard!" I demanded.

Abandoning tenderness, Nick fucked my ass fiercely, making me cum several times before shooting his load.

After kissing Nick, I stretched extravagantly, looking around for my next man. "Who's next?" I cried. The men looked at each other uncertainly. "Come on!" I shouted. "We're talking genuine barely legal female ass here . . . hot tight girl ass milking the cum from your cock. I'll even throw in a little random nookie."

The Hispanic stepped forward and kissed me. "I have had your magnificent pussy," he said. I will take your beautiful ass."

Nicole was on her hands and knees watching the Hispanic drive into Red's butt. The Hippie was kneeling behind her. "Fuck yeah Baby!" she moaned. "Fuck, your cock feels good in my ass!"

The men were lining up behind Red, stroking their cocks as they stared at me and stole occasional glances at the penis driving into Red's asshole.

I pointed at the third man in line. He was middle-aged, bald and chunky, with a bristling mustache and heavy five-o-clock shadow. "You! Want some pussy? Then come here and lie on the bed." I positioned him on his back with his knees at the edge of the bed and his feet on the floor.

"I'm going to ride your big thick cock," I said, straddling his hips. "Fuck! That's good!" I moaned as I spiked myself. As soon as he was completely inside me, the Hispanic pulled out of Red and unceremoniously pushed his cock between my buttocks.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I gasped as the two men fucked my pussy and ass. The Hispanic shouted in Spanish as he rammed me, cumming almost immediately.

As soon as the Hispanic pulled out, the man who had been fucking Red took his place. He screwed me for a wonderfully long time before I felt him shoot. The next guy had just cum in Red's ass. He was a little soft, but still managed to fuck me for several minutes.

Nicole was lying on her back at the edge of the bed. The Hippie was standing beside the bed, gripping her ankles and elevating her butt for his pistoning cock. "Fuck Baby!" she screamed. "I'm cumming!!" He continued driving while she screamed and thrashed, fucking her to an even more spectacular orgasm. When she was finally quiet, she whispered, "Now you, Baby. Now you cum!" Her voice was getting louder. "Fuck my ass, Baby! Drive your big thick cock up my asshole . . . shoot your hot cum! . . . "God Yeah Baby! Shoot it! Oh fuck! . . . Shoot it all up my ass! . . . Yeah! . . . Yeah! . . . Oh!"

The two men inside me were synchronizing their cock thrusts. "Have you ever done this before?" I suddenly asked. No. "You like feeling each other's cocks, rubbing them together through my thin layer of flesh . . . pushing me until I . . . Oh God I'm cumming!!" I was dizzily aware they were shooting inside me.

Red was on his hands and knees on the floor. I straddled his hips and rested my upper body on his back, positioning my pussy and asshole over his butt crack. "One stop service," the next man in line quipped as he transferred his stiff cock from Red's asshole to mine.

"Put it in my pussy," I ordered the next guy. I was planning on making him take it out and fuck Red, but it felt too good. "Cum in my snatch, Baby!" I cried. "Shoot your big cock in my tight cunt."

I lost track of the remaining men when they bent me over the bed beside Red and slipped a vibrator from the toy chest into my pussy. It seemed like one cock fucking my ass endlessly, occasionally shooting but always hard, pushing me to countless orgasms.

Finally, all the men had finished. I lay back on the bed, exhausted. My image in the ceiling mirror was blurred.

"Can I eat your ass?" Red asked. "Please? Please let me suck the cum out of your asshole!"

I love anilingus, but he made it sound gross. "Whatever," I sighed. He lifted my legs and put his face between my buttocks. Red ate my ass as expertly as he'd done my pussy earlier. I'd taken the vibrator out, but he still made me cum hard.

Red's cock suddenly replaced his tongue. He drove into my ass frantically, shooting almost as quickly as he had with Nicole so much earlier. He asked "Can I go now?" as he pulled out.

I glanced at Nicole. She was lying on her back with the Hippie's head pillowed on her breasts. He sucked her hard nipples while she stroked his hair. "Sure," she answered languidly. Red dressed hastily and fled.

Jimmy was standing at the foot of the bed. He'd been calmly watching the action without participating.

He was a tall muscular man in his mid-50s with long gray hair and a goatee, incredibly sexy despite his modest paunch. He reminded me of my hippie grandfather, although he was a few years younger. I'd always had a crush on Grandpa. Jimmy even had the same laugh lines around his brilliant blue eyes.

I'd spied on Grandpa making love with Grandma. The thick cock rising from Jimmy's grizzled crotch was even bigger than Grandpa's and his hairless balls and closely-trimmed pubic thatch made his stiff dick look even larger.

"Come here, Sexy," I purred, sitting up on the edge of the bed and reaching for him. "I'm going to suck your cock before you fuck me."

"No," Jimmy said calmly. "I'm going to kiss you."

He took my shoulders and pulled me to my feet, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me tenderly. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation. I remembered Grandpa holding me in a thunderstorm, keeping me safe and secure while thunder and lightning crashed all around our tiny tent.

Although I'd wanted to, I'd never kissed Grandpa naked, never felt his erect penis rubbing my belly as I flattened my breasts and pressed my hard nipples against his chest, never had his hands on my buttocks, pulling us even closer together . . .

"I'm taking you home," Jimmy suddenly said. "It's a cabin a little ways up in the mountains."

"Of course," I answered. "Let's get our clothes."


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