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Rocker Girl 7

The week in Helena, Montana was magical.

Touring . . . or maybe all the sex . . . was sparking our creativity. We were writing songs in the afternoon and playing them on stage that night, as well as editing music we'd already recorded. The CD version of "Star Life" was recorded in the motel. With vocals, acoustic guitars, home keyboard bass, and phone book percussion, it had the perfect world-weary vibe.

Janis and Gurl were like cats in heat, having sex almost constantly, even with the rest of us watching. Nancy brought a new man to the passion pit every night. Jame was sleeping beside Janis and Gurl. Her vibrator was under her pillow.

I don't know what would have happened if I'd been in the bed with Jame. She was cool and distant when we talked, but she stared at me, burning with desire, whenever she didn't think I'd notice.

I was spending my nights with Matt and Lyta. Older lovers really are the best. It was like being back with Bob and Liz.

Saturday was our last night at the Imperial-Orpheus Bar. Fishnet Barbie had drawn a much bigger crowd than expected and Lyta offered us another week. We'd have loved to stay, but we already had the next two weeks scheduled with one-night gigs in bars and union halls across Montana and northern Wyoming, then full weeks at bars in Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie. We agreed to play Helena for two more weeks at the end of the tour.

Peter arrived late Saturday afternoon. I went with Jame to pick him up at the airport. I was already wearing my stage clothes; dark stockings, a red thong under a short navy blue skirt and a pale blue "no bra" blouse with its neckline plunging to my waist in a narrow Vee.

As usual, Peter looked geeky-cute, tall and painfully skinny, with round wire-framed glasses and perennially tousled hair. He and Jame embraced slightly self-consciously, then he greeted me. "Hi Tracy," he said, trying not to stare. "It's good to see you again."

"You're looking good," I answered, thinking about seeing him naked on Jame's webcam. He was surprisingly muscular, with a big thick cock. "I hope we get to know each other better on this trip." He blushed a bit at that.

It was a great show. We'd built a big following in Helena, which was amazing for a single week. At the risk of sounding immodest, Fishnet Barbie was an unusual band. What are the chances of finding five sexy women who love showing off their bodies and are also great musicians?

Janis co-coordinated our overall stage look, although each of us chose her own clothes. Nancy did her Marilyn Monroe thing in long slinky dresses that showed off her breasts and hips. Jame looked like she worked in a kinky law office, with sexy black bras visible through her translucent buttoned-up blouses, way-too-short business skirts and frilly black panties matching her bra. She'd been shy about wearing those clothes . . . at first. I wore thongs under skirts ending just below my crotch, no bra and super-revealing blouses. Gurl's dark leotards were molded to her breasts, nipples, buttocks and vulva. Her skirts ended at mid-thigh and flipped up to flash the audience while she danced. Janis wore tight tank tops and skirts that rode up when she played. Her bare upper thighs and bright-colored panties were hidden by the drums . . . mostly. We all wore dark stockings (never fishnet!), sometimes with garter belts.

We played until after 1:00 AM, closing with "Groupie Boy." My solo wasn't quite as orgasmic as that time in Yellowstone, but it got the crowd off.

The party started as soon as the customers were gone and the doors were locked. With the band, the bar staff and assorted guests, there were 50 people there. "Look at that couple," Nancy whispered. "They were in 'People' last week."

"Yeah, they're married," Gurl answered. "But not to each other. And look! They're both kissing that girl! Wow. Get a room!" She purred with pleasure as Janis pressed against her back and fondled her breasts. "Oh Baby! Maybe we should get a room."

"Later," Janis said. "They're looking at us. Let's go talk to them."

When I went into the ladies room, two women were sitting at the makeup mirror. They looked like models or actresses in their revealing clothes.

The blonde was my height, 5'10", with large breasts, wide hips and graceful muscular buttocks. She wore a tight-fitting sleeveless blouse made of black cloth with gold thread and a matching skirt that barely covered her crotch.

Her brunette companion was shorter and slender. Her thigh-length dress was clinging red silk with a neckline plunging to her navel. It sagged open when she bent forward, showing her nipples.

They were both staring at me. "Hello sexy baby . . . / You're such a divine guitarist / wonderful musician . . . / hot woman . . ." The women interrupted each other in a torrent of words.

The brunette giggled, then fell silent. The blonde smiled at me strangely before speaking. "Sorry . . . You're a really sexy woman, do you do other girls, like your friends? . . . We love your band! . . . I'm Margot and this is Nicole . . . Would you like some coke?" That's when I noticed the lines of white powder on the marble counter under the mirror.

"No thanks," I answered, smiling a bit nervously as I slipped into a stall and closed the door. They were giggling while I used the toilet and washed my hands.

When I returned to the anteroom, Margot was still sitting on a stool in front of the makeup mirror. Her blouse was open and a black push-up bra supported her full breasts while leaving her swollen nipples bare.

Nicole was kneeling between Margot's open thighs. As I watched with ill-concealed lust, she pulled the blonde's panties aside and began kissing her vulva. Margot played with her nipples, pinching and twisting them, as Nicole went down on her.

"Oh Fuck Baby!" Margot moaned. "Suck my clit while you slide a finger up my cunt. "Fuck! Yeah! Yeah!"

Nicole's dress had fallen completely open and her small attractive breasts were hanging out. "I've got something special for you, Baby!" she cooed, pulling her finger from Margot's pussy and dipping it in the cocaine on the makeup counter. The blonde woman uttered a piercing scream and went totally rigid as Nicole thrust her cocaine-laden finger up her wet cunt.

Margot stayed frozen for alarming long seconds. "Holy Fuck, Baby!" she finally exclaimed as she came back to life and started moving her pelvis, fucking herself on Nicole's finger.

Nicole added a second finger, crossing and twisting the pair as she thrust into Margot's snatch. My nipples were painfully hard and my thong was soaked. The cocaine terrified me but my desire to join in was almost irresistible.

Margot came violently. As soon as she'd spent herself, Nicole resumed finger-fucking her. I pressed the palms of my hands against my hard nipples as I stared at the women. Margot came again, even more violently than before, when Nicole rubbed her clit with a cocaine-dipped finger.

"God, Baby!" Margot gasped. "That was so good . . . I want some more, I'll bet we can get . . ." She suddenly noticed me. "Hey Sweetie! You're such a hot guitar girl . . . so sexy . . . Do you like girls? Your friends left with some bull dykes . . ." She caught my wrist, pulled me forward and slipped her hand under my skirt. "Yeah! You're so wet I can smell you."

Margot stood up and took me in her arms. Our nipples rubbed together as we kissed passionately. Her big breasts completely covered my tiny ones. I froze when Nicole pulled my thong aside and pressed a finger against my folds. "No cocaine!" I whispered urgently.

"Not a problem," Nicole replied dreamily. She was kneeling on the floor with her legs spread. When she lifted her skirt, I saw she wasn't wearing panties and her pubic area was shiny with juices. "Fuck! I love coke!" she whispered as she slipped the finger into her wet pussy. She screamed as the drug hit her.

There was one line of cocaine left on the counter. Margot snorted it with a little platinum straw, then sank back on a stool, spreading her legs and opening her pussy lips. I bent over, sticking my tongue into her hot center. The smell and taste of her juices was almost overpowering. The tip of my tongue tingled while I was licking her clit. Was it a remaining trace of coke or just my overactive imagination? Margot's pussy was hot, wet and muscular. I pulled her wide open and tongue-fucked her to a screaming orgasm.

She settled back on the stool, leaning her head against the wall. Nicole's hands covered my breasts as I stood up. She held me tightly with her tits pressing against my back and her crotch grinding into my buttocks. I was facing the mirror and could see the lust blazing in our eyes.

Nicole turned me around and unbuttoned my blouse, freeing my breasts. "They're so beautiful," she gasped. "Perfect little half-baseballs . . . upturned nipples so big and hard . . ." She pressed her face against my chest, losing herself in my little tits.

A tongue pressed between my buttocks. Margot had recovered. "Lean against the counter," she whispered. I bent over with my hands pressed against the smooth marble. Nicole licked and kissed my vulva while Margot ate my ass. The heat inside me increased constantly as the two female tongues played over my intimate regions.

Nicole's lips clamped my clitoris as she slipped a finger into me. I moaned with pleasure as her finger made swift circles, stimulating my sensitive vagina mouth and G-spot. A slow warm climax flowed over me.

Nicole thrust a second finger into my cunt and fucked me roughly as Margot drove her tongue into my asshole. This time, I screamed over and over as I came violently.

Afterwards, I'd adjusted my clothes and was applying fresh lipstick when Nicole said, "You're really good. We're going to get a room. Do you want to join us?"

"It's really tempting . . ." I began. Nicole and Margot were sexy women, but the coke still freaked me out. "I guess I'd better get back to the party."

"We'll see you again soon," Margot purred as I was opening the ladies room door. "I can feel it."

At 2:00 AM, I was sipping a glass of wine and talking to Matt and Rick, his producer friend from L.A. Rick was asking questions about our recording. "Nancy's the technical one," I said, looking around. "Her and Jame." Nancy was at the far side of the room, holding hands with a well-dressed man in his 30s. I'd seen Jame leave with Peter a few minutes earlier. "All I know is that we've got everything running into the recorder. It's all digital, so we're editing and mixing the music on Nancy's notebook computer. I can give you a test CD. Nancy, Jame and I were working on it this morning. We're thinking about calling it 'Groupie Boys and Rocker Girls - Fishnet Barbie Live!"

I'd put the CD in my gig bag. I was going to give it to Matt, but he could make Rick a copy. Shit! It was the wrong CD. I'd left the latest version at the motel. Jame and Peter had taken the van, so Matt loaned me his car.

The passion pit lights were on and the other room was dark. I was startled to hear voices when I unlocked the door. "Jesus Baby!" Peter moaned.

"I love playing with your cock," Jame answered. "My hands on your cock and balls. I can say that without stuttering, now."

Jame had left the connecting door open again. I knew exactly where I'd put the CD. I could grab it and leave without disturbing the lovers. I closed the outside door silently and slipped through the darkness to the desk. The laptop and CD were gone. The computer case was leaning against the wall beside the passion pit door. There was a CD in the front pocket. I held it up to check the writing on the surface. Good! I put the CD in my purse.

I should have split right then, but I just had to see what Jame and Peter were doing. All the lights in the adjoining room were on. They were standing by the door. Jame's blouse was open and her bra was pulled down, liberating her breasts. Peter was fully dressed, with his balls and magnificently erect cock outside his slacks. She had one hand curled around his balls, squeezing them tightly. With her other hand, Jame was slowly stroking his shaft, occasionally lubricating her index finger with the precum at his tip and rapidly rubbing his swollen cock head.

"You're going to shoot, Baby." Jame said. "If I keep doing this, you're going to squirt your thick man-cream all over. I know your body. I love making you do this."

"Yeah," Peter gasped. "Just a few more strokes . . ."

"I'm not ready for you to shoot," Jame said, gently releasing his throbbing cock. "I want that cum in my pussy . . . my virgin cunt!"

It only took them a moment to shed their clothes and move to the bed closest to the connecting door. Jame lay on her back with her open legs extending off the bed and her feet on the floor with Peter kneeling between her thighs. "You're so wet!" he exclaimed.

"I'm ready, Peter," Jame gasped. "Don't eat me . . . fuck me right now . . . my cunt needs your cock . . . now!" She moaned as he pushed his length into her. Their bodies were angled so I could see every splendid male inch vanishing into her snatch. "Oh Baby! Your balls pressing . . . Your cock throbbing . . . Oh!" Jame worked her pelvis, violently fucking herself while Peter remained motionless. "Cum Baby! Fill my cunt! OOoohhh!"

Peter's buttocks clenched and he uttered a little grunt of pleasure each time he spurted. I watched him cum over and over. My hands were under my skirt and I was rubbing my vulva through my soaked thong.

"That was so good!" he exclaimed. "Even better than I'd imagined." Still keeping his cock inside her, Peter lowered himself onto Jame and kissed her tenderly. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it last longer."

"It's okay, Baby," Jame purred. "It was wonderful feeling your cock . . . YOUR cock! . . . COCK! . . . fu . . . fucking! me! . . . FUCKING MY CUNT! . . . your hot juice splashing my pussy walls . . ." She began rocking her hips gently. "A perfect first time. And it's just starting. Your cock is still hard . . . still inside me . . . fucking . . . Oh! . . . fucking so deliciously slow."

Peter was rolling his buttocks in time with Jame's pelvic motions. They were gradually gaining speed. "You're so hot and tight . . . and slick with your juice and my sperm." I pulled my thong aside and slipped a finger into my pussy as I stared at his cock moving in and out of Jame's snatch.

He was soon fucking Jame hard and fast, pulling almost completely out, then slamming his length into her so violently the bed shook. I was cumming as I watched them, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. "Oh Baby," Jame cried. "Shoot! Shoot in me again!"

Peter moaned with excitement as his cock plunged into Jame. He screamed as he rammed her again and again, finally collapsing on her chest. "I'm sorry," he gasped. "It's too soon for me."

"Peter, it was great," Jame whispered before kissing him tenderly. It was the perfect time to leave. I adjusted my wet thong and smoothed my skirt. My reflection in the mirror stopped me. I didn't remember opening my blouse. Jame said, "Roll over. I'm going to suck your big beautiful cock now."

"Tracy, go!" I was thinking as I went back to the connecting door. "You silly little voyeur! Do you want to get caught?" Peter was lying on his back with his still-erect penis lying along his belly, gleaming with juices. Jame was kneeling between his legs, sensuously running her tongue over his balls. Oh God! Peter was squirming with excitement as Jame slowly licked up his shaft.

My hands were on my breasts, twisting my nipples, as I watched Jame take Peter's swollen pre-cum-leaking cock head into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down on his stiff prick. Was she? I dropped to my knees and slipped forward to get a better view. Yes! His entire length was down her throat and his balls were pressing against her chin.

Peter fucked Jame's face smoothly. She had one hand on his balls and the other playing with her pussy and rubbing her clit. I had three fingers up my cunt and was close to cumming when Peter said, "Stop, Baby. I don't want to blow my load in your mouth tonight."

"Not when my pussy's so hot for your cock juice," Jame agreed. "Your peter always tastes good, but it's even better with your cum and my juices on it."

"I wish I could lick my own dick to taste it," Peter said. He pulled Jame forward so she was kneeling with her pussy over his face. "I'll just have to do it this way." She screamed and clawed her breasts as he ate her out, gradually pushing her to a body-shattering orgasm. Spent, she collapsed onto him, lying with her face beside his stiff cock.

Peter's face was drenched with Jame's cum. He licked his lips. "My sperm tastes good in your pussy," he said, flipping Jame onto her back and moving between her spread legs. "I've got some more for you now."

"Oh Fuck . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck . . ." Jame said dreamily as his length slid smoothly into her. She lifted her knees and began working her hips. "Fuck Baby . . . you're going to fuck me for a long time before you shoot . . . you like the way my cunt muscles grip your cock . . . drive it in my . . . bounce your balls against me . . ."

"Oh Baby!" Peter gasped. "You've got the sweetest, tightest cunt I've ever . . . uh! . . . even sweeter and tighter than I'd imagined . . ." He fucked her for several minutes. I was kneeling half undressed on the floor a few feet from the bed. I'd lost count of the times I'd climaxed while watching them.

Jame had been playing with her clit while Peter rammed his cock into her snatch. She was on the edge of orgasm when he shouted, "Here's my load, Baby! My hot juice up your cunt!" They came together. I was cumming again, too.

While Jame and Peter were lying on the bed, kissing and fondling, I tried to get myself together. My skirt and thong were soaked with my juices and my blouse was crumpled, so I decided to replace them. I changed in the bathroom. With the door closed, I figured nobody would see the light.

I switched off the bathroom light, opened the door and stepped into the darkened bedroom. Someone grabbed my waist and threw me onto the closest bed. Rough hands pulled my legs open. "I saw you, Tracy," Peter hissed. "Watching us." He jammed his hand between my legs. "Your cunt is wet. Wet from jacking off while you spied on us."

He gripped my panties. I heard the cloth tearing as he said, "You're a dirty little slut and I'm going to make you pay."

I tried to squirm away. He was on top of me instantly, with his heavy chest crushing my hard nipples and flattening my little breasts. My legs were partially closed. Peter worked his knees between my thighs, forcing them open.

"Peter!" I gasped. "I'm sorry. Please don't do this!" I was still trying to escape. He was too heavy to throw off and he was sliding his stiff cock over my pubic area. His tip suddenly found my pussy mouth and he pushed forward, his mushroom head forcing my clamped vaginal muscles open.

He pulled back slightly, keeping his cock-head inside my pussy mouth. "You're paying, Tracy," he whispered roughly. "This is the first installment." He pressed his mouth against mine to stifle my scream as he slammed home.

Peter took me with careless brutality. I sobbed hysterically as he thrust into me. It hurt a little, but no more than I occasionally liked. It was his callousness that was truly painful. "Did I want this to happen?" I wondered. "Is that why I kept watching? Got caught?"

My own body was betraying me. Despite my hurt and anger, my excitement built steadily as Peter fucked me. His weight pressed me into the bed while his prick punished my snatch, driving . . . driving . . . driving . . . finally exploding and filling me with liquid fire. I came when I felt Peter squirting inside me.

"You liked it, Baby," he hissed. "I can tell when a woman cums." He pulled his cock out of my pussy and stood up. "You won't talk about this." He went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet, then walked through the connecting door into the passion pit.

I lay in the dark, listening. In the next room, Jame said something inaudible. "I just went to pee while you were in the bathroom," Peter answered. "I love you. Thanks for giving me your cherry. I . . . I'm glad I waited for you."

Their voices faded, replaced by soft love sounds. I brushed the tears from my eyes, collected my purse and slipped out of the room, taking care to close the door soundlessly.


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