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Rocker Girl 5

It was a long way to Helena, Montana, mostly interstate highway after we got out of Yellowstone, but winding through magnificent mountains. Exhausted from doing most of the driving after a long night of sex, I dropped my clothes on the floor and slipped into bed as soon as we'd checked in to the motel.

It was dark when I woke up. Nobody else was in the room. The clock said 6:45. The girls had probably gone to supper. I lay on my back, keeping my eyes closed and slowly running my hands over my naked body, fantasizing about Bob, Liz, Kevin, Dennis, Nancy, Jame . . . all my erotic memories melding into a single aching desire.

My breasts were firm with excitement and my nipples were pebble hard beneath my palms. It was suddenly hot under the sheet, so I kicked it off. I spread my thighs and ran my fingers lightly over my mound, brushing my closed outer lips. I was so hot to have a man covering my body with his as he filled my achingly empty cunt with his cock and cum. I pulled myself open and gently pinched my pussy lips. The hot flesh between my fingers was already slick with my juice.

I was sliding a finger into my vagina when a voice said, "Oh Baby! You've got me so hot and I want you so bad!" Jame! Totally heterosexual, hopelessly hung-up on her boyfriend, absolutely not into girls, Jame. My mystery woman lover, revealing herself at last!

It was a shock to find the room empty when I opened my eyes. "Your thing is so pretty, especially when it's hard," Jame continued. Her voice was coming from the next room. She must have forgotten to close the connecting door.

I slipped out of bed and looked cautiously around the door frame. The bed farthest from the connecting door was brightly lit, but deep shadows filled the rest of the room. Jame was lying naked on the bed with her back propped against the headboard. Her notebook computer was sitting on a straight chair beside the bed, plugged into the motel's broadband connection. An expensive remote-controlled webcam was fastened to the chair's back, over the computer screen. A second webcam sat at the foot of the bed.

"You mean my cock?" It was her boyfriend Peter's voice, coming from the computer. His face and chest occupied the upper left quarter of the screen. A close-up of his genitals filled the quadrant beneath it. The Internet connection was fast and the computer had a big screen. The full-motion images of Peter were sharp and clear. Jame's face and torso filled the upper right. The view from the camera at the foot of her bed was a blur of feet.

Jame was intent on the computer and her own webcams. She wasn't going to notice me. I moved closer to get a better view.

She was wearing a wireless headset. "Yes Baby, your c . . . cock. Please don't tease. You know I still have trouble with the dirty . . . uh . . . sexy . . . words. I'm trying. Your cock . . . prick . . . peter . . ." She giggled. "My  breasts, butt, tits, ass, vagina, pussy, c . . . cunt. Cunt! My cunt! I want your big beautiful cock up my cunt, not on a screen but for real!"

Jame's upper image zoomed in and panned up, focusing tightly on her face. She hadn't touched her computer. Peter was controlling her camera. She opened her legs slightly and her vulva became dimly visible on the screen.

"You are so beautiful," Peter said. Jame zoomed his upper camera in and slowly panned up and down his body. He was sitting naked in front of his computer. Dressed, he always looked geeky-cute, tall and painfully skinny, with round wire-framed glasses and perennially tousled hair. Nude, he was surprisingly muscular, with a big thick cock. For the first time, I wondered what he was like in bed. He was always a bit shy and awkward around the Fishnet Barbie girls. I guess we intimidated him. Alone with Jame, he was an amazingly sexual, and sexy, man.

Jame was running her hands slowly over her belly and chest, lingering on her breasts and catching her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Both cameras zoomed in on her breasts. "I wish these were your hands," she gasped. "I've missed our cybersex, but I haven't had any privacy." Her nipples were swollen from her manipulations. "Tracy found two men – brothers – in Yellowstone and they stayed with us all week. Kevin and Dennis were so sexy. Tracy and Nancy slept with them every night. Janis and Gurl even had sex with them."

"They must be really special men if lesbians want them," Peter commented. He was slowly stroking his balls, not even touching his stiff dick. Jame zoomed in and I could see the pre-cum oozing from his head and running down his shaft. He swiped his finger over his balls and up his shaft, sucking his finger in the upper camera view.

"There was an orgy the first night," Jame continued. "The men and all the other women. I didn't want to watch but just . . . just couldn't help myself. I got so excited I finally locked myself in the bathroom with a vibrator and did it over and over, thinking about you."

"That must have been hard," Peter said. He was no longer touching himself at all, but his rigid pole was visibly throbbing.

"Oh Baby, you know I'm saving myself," Jame said. "You're going to be my first man and nothing's going to change that. I wish I'd let you f . . . fuck . . . Fuck Me! . . . before I left. Now I'm ready – first time I see you."

"You're worth the wait," Peter replied. "God I love you . . . and want you!" He circled the base of his penis with his thumb and index finger, wrapping his remaining fingers around his balls. "You're so beautiful . . . your breasts are all swollen and your nipples are amazing. I want to kiss and suck them." He was moving the hand clutching his genitals, vibrating it gently. Every few seconds, he wiped pre-cum from his cock and licked it from his fingers.

Jame was the first woman I'd seen with nipples that literally looked like tiny cocks. They extended at least an inch, much longer than bigger-breasted Liz and Nancy's aroused nipples, and  were slender, twin columns protruding from her swollen areolas and surmounted with mushroom-shaped crowns. I wanted to leap onto the bed and plunder her while Peter watched.

"It's wonderful the way we've done it," Peter gasped. I could sense his excitement and knew he was deliberately holding back. "First, all the necking and petting with our clothes on. Then, getting naked and watching each other masturbate. I always thought I'd be too shy to beat off in front of anyone else, especially a girl. And watching you getting yourself off. I never imagined a girl would do that. You're only shy about words."

"I guess I'm an exhibitionist and voyeur," Jame replied. "But you're the only person I've done it with. When I was just starting to masturbate, I found a home-made video. It was Mom, Dad and another couple, all having sex. They did everything: oral, vaginal, anal . . . hetero, lesbian, gay . . . I copied the tape and watched it over and over. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Watching and being watched, or taking a chance of being seen, really seems to get me off."

"We sure got physical in the last few weeks," Peter said. "All the oral sex, me eating you out and you sucking my cock, making each other cum. Right now, it would take about five seconds to make me shoot in your mouth. The sex has been great, even without my cock in your cunt."

"Don't forget the tit fucking," Jame said. "Hey! I didn't stutter! . . . Tit fucking! . . . That's fun to say! . . . Fucking my tits! . . . I love kneading my full breasts, trapping your big pre-cum slick cock between my tits, feeling you thrust until you spray hot cum all over my chest and face . . ." She held a vibrator between her breasts. "It makes me cum, too." She tapped her keyboard, zooming  in on Peter's face and cock. "Please Baby," she gasped. "Cum for me now. Let me see you shoot all that thick white cream."

Peter was already gripping his cock base and balls with one hand. He gripped his shaft with his other hand, rapidly working his thumb and index finger over his cock head. "Come on Peter!" Jame gasped. "Make your cock shoot!" she exclaimed, crushing the vibrator between her breasts. "Shoot while I fuck my tits. Oh Peter! I'm cummmmiingg! Cum with me!" She was thrashing on the bed.

Thick ropes of semen burst from Peter's cock. I had fingers up my cunt and was climaxing with him and Jame, making a lot of noise. Fortunately, they were both screaming and didn't notice me. Once, Jame looked directly at me, but her eyes didn't seem to be focused.

Peter was the first to catch his breath. "Jame, that was better than ever," he whispered. I'd fallen to my knees with my chest on the second bed. My face was a white blur in the background on Jame's upper camera, but she and Peter didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah Baby," she answered. "I'm glad you have more juice, because I'm just getting started." She opened her legs wider, fully exposing her vulva to the camera at the foot of the bed.

"Pussy-cam," I thought, almost giggling. "And Peter-cam, too!" I laughed out loud, but managed to keep it soft. Jame didn't seem to hear me. She was watching Peter scooping the semen from his slightly-softened penis, chest and belly and licking it from his fingers, obviously enjoying eating his own cum.

Jame was rubbing her inner thighs. "There's a blob on your face," she giggled. Peter swiped his cheek with a finger, then held that finger up to the camera. "I can almost taste that," Jame purred. "I love the way you lick it off me when we're together." She rubbed her closed mound, then held dripping fingers up to the camera. "Look how hot I already am. You could split my . . . beaver . . . right now." Jame giggled. "Is it still a beaver if it's hairless?"

"It's a beautiful beaver, a pretty pussycat, a cute cunt, a hot snatch . . . I love the thick bush over your shaved pussy." The camera zoomed in as she ran a leisurely finger up and down her closed slit. "Oh! I want to lick you . . . taste you!" Peter moaned.

"You can watch me petting my pussy," Jame purred, rubbing her juices into her pubic thatch, making it gleam wetly. "She's so hot, even closed. Open up, little kitty. Show Peter . . ." She slowly pulled herself open, exposing her hot pink core. The camera zoomed in, bringing her genitals into sharp focus. "See this little girl?" she asked, rubbing her neat brown outer lips. They were already puffy with excitement. "She needs to be kissed."

"Baby, I'm kissing your hot little cunt in spirit," Peter said.

"I know," Jame sighed. "Tracy would do it. She made love to Nancy during the orgy with the brothers. Actually seeing my sister getting f . . . fucked was shocking enough, but then her and Tracy . . ." She was rubbing her clit hood with two fingers while continuing to run another finger around her outer lips. "Janis and Gurl do it every night. Tracy masturbates while we're listening to them. She tries to be quiet, but I know." She paused for several seconds, then blurted, "Listening to Janis and Gurl gets me horny. Thinking about Tracy turns me on. Watching Nancy have sex, especially with Tracy, got me so hot!"

"I want you so badly, but I keep thinking about watching Tracy and Nancy," she continued. "Like with Mom and Dad's video. Would you like to watch me with another girl?"

"If it gets you off, I'll do it," Peter answered. "But I'm feeling selfish. I want to have you first."

"Sure Baby," Jame agreed readily. "Here's my little bud, all ready for you." Her hood had retracted, revealing her little swollen clit. It was so pretty in the close-up. I wanted to suck it so badly. "Nice!" she moaned. "My fingers on either side, stretching the skin . . . getting me so close . . . God Baby! You could touch me and make me come."

"Oh! The way you tickle me with your tongue . . . Circling my clit . . . teasing my little pee hole . . . sliding in and out of my cunt!" She slipped a finger up her pussy while continuing to play with her clit. "Tongue fuck me, Baby! Make me . . . I'm cummmiiiinngg!!"

"Go Jame go!" Peter cried. "Thrash and moan for me! Cum hard! I love getting you off!" His hand was flying over his cock as he stared at the convulsing woman on the screen. He yanked his hand away at the last second. I could see his cock throbbing furiously, but he didn't squirt.

Jame finally collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. It only took her a few seconds to recover. "I need to get fucked now!" she exclaimed, kneeling in front of the pussy cam and pulling her vagina open. Peter and I stared up the long pink tunnel gleaming with her juices. She positioned the vibrator on the bed and lowered herself onto it. The toy was bigger than it had appeared when she'd held it between her breasts, at least 7" long and 2" thick, but it slid easily up her juicy snatch.

"Riding my Peter!" she gasped as she bounced on the vibrator. "Big fat cock! Tight little cunt! Fuck me, Peter, fuck me! Cum for me. Shoot up my twat!"

Peter was masturbating furiously. "Oh Fuck Oh Fuck!" he cried as his cock spurted. Jame and I were cumming along with him.

Jame slowly sank back onto the bed, the vibrator still in her pussy. She pushed herself to several more orgasms as Peter and I stared. "Oh Baby!" she finally gasped. "I wish you could hold me."

I'd hold her! I still don't know how I resisted my desire and slipped out of the room.

I lay naked on my bed, conscious only of the burning in my loins. I slipped two fingers up my pussy, driving them in and out while rubbing my thumb over my clit, making myself cum almost instantly. Still not satisfied, I grabbed Super Bob, turned him on high, and thrust him up my cunt.

As I climaxed, I looked up and saw Jame staring at me. She was fully dressed, but had one hand on a breast and the other up her skirt. The lust on her face was unmistakable. "Sorry," I gasped. "I woke up super-horny." Seeing her reaction was rolling me into another orgasm.

"It's all . . . r . . . r . . . right," Jame stammered, jerking her hands away from her body. She spun around and retreated into the other room, slamming the door behind her.

With Super Bob purring inside me, I drove myself to climax after climax, fantasizing about Jame the whole time. Finally exhausted, I lay still.

Jame's voice came faintly through the closed door. "God, Tracy! Fuck me! Please! Oh Tracy . . . Tracy! . . . Please . . . Ooohhh!"


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