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Rocker Girl 4

Gurl and Janis spent Friday night locked in the passion pit with Kevin and Dennis. They all slept late and emerged looking rumpled but very happy. When I asked Janis about it, she said, "Those two men are great! We went from midnight to dawn and everyone had every hole filled in every possible way . . ." Janis paused dramatically, ". . . except one." She looked thoughtful for a moment, then grinned. "No, we did that too!"

On Saturday night, Fishnet Barbie played the dance hall where I'd met Kevin. We packed the trailer for travel after the gig. The band was heading into Montana and the brothers had to go back to work. Nancy and I had the last night with them.

After saying goodnight to Gurl, Janis and Jame, we closed the passion pit door and stood in the center of the room. Kevin was on my left and Dennis was on my right. Nancy was between them. I looked at my best friend and lovers, trying to decide who I wanted most. The other three seemed to be doing the same.

I took Nancy in my arms and kissed her passionately. The brothers stroked our hair, backs, buttocks and thighs as we made out. Her lips and tongue were so exciting. I opened her blouse and unfastened her bra, releasing her magnificent breasts. I buried my face between them, kissing and licking her warm smooth flesh. Nancy's nipples were already hard between my fingers.

"That's so good . . ." she sighed dreamily. Her eyes were almost closed as she surrendered herself to the sensations. Suddenly, she snapped to attention. "But I want to take you tonight, Baby Butch. Every way, with our men watching the whole thing."

"Baby Butch!" I loved the way that sounded. It gave me a different thrill than being "Baby Doll" in my occasional parent-child role-playing with my absent older lovers Liz and Bob. "Of course, Big Butch!" I answered.

"Unbutton your blouse," she commanded. "Open it. I love your little baseball-shaped breasts and big hard nipples. They almost make me forget about men. And your short skirts . . . Jesus! Your panties are already soaked, you little slut!"

It only took Nancy seconds to strip me down to my self-supporting stockings. She shed her clothes almost as quickly. I lay on the bed. The weight of her big breasts added to my excitement as she kissed and licked her way down my body.

I closed my eyes and anticipated Nancy's tongue as she moved between my thighs. It was startling to feel her swollen nipple pressing against my slit. She moved slowly up and down my closed outer lips, alternating breasts and gradually opening me as her nipples grew even harder and longer. I touched my own breasts and was amazed at the size of my nipples.

Nancy's nipple was at the top of my slit, pushing down to rub my clit hood. She lingered there, moving slightly, pressing in and out . . . it was like a tiny finger teasing me while her heavy firm breast caressed my pubic mound.

"Wow!" I marveled. "Your tit-fucking is . . . I'm cummmiiinnggg!" I screamed and arched my back, pressing my vulva even harder against her breast. Nancy pushed back. Her breast pushed me open and she plunged her nipple into my vagina.

"God! Your tits!" I exclaimed, cumming even harder and clamping her nipple with my pussy. "My cunt!" Nancy held on as I bucked and screamed. I came for a long time before going limp on the bed, gasping for breath. She lay beside me, pressing her body against mine and stroking my hair. "That was so good," I whispered.

"I've hardly started," she purred, moving back between my legs. First, she showered my inner thighs with butterfly kisses, moving slowly inward. I screamed when her tongue slipped into my pussy. Nancy ate me out skillfully, nibbling on my labia while sliding her tongue around my super-sensitive vagina entrance.

I pressed a finger against my clit hood, feeling the tiny erection beneath it. "No!" Nancy said firmly as she caught my hand. "You're mine, Baby Butch. Your cunt is all mine!" I sank back on the bed, closed my eyes and played with my tits as she continued going down, occasionally pushing her tongue into my depths or flicking my clit.

"Jesus!" a male voice said. I looked up and saw Kevin standing over the bed. Dennis was beside him. Both men were naked and had immense hard-ons as they watched Nancy and me.

"Close your eyes, Baby," Nancy said. "I've got a surprise for you." I felt her getting off the bed. Nothing happened for long moments, then I felt weight on the mattress. Someone moved between my legs and a penis slid gracefully up my pussy. I wondered which brother was fucking me, but held my eyes closed to preserve the mystery. There hadn't been time for Nancy to get into a strap-on. Somehow, not seeing him made his cock feel unnaturally large.

He screwed me for a long time, alternating between deep and shallow thrusting, occasionally catching my G-spot with his cock-head or rubbing my clit with his shaft. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I whispered reverently as he slammed his cock into my cunt. I was near orgasm and knew he was too. I had to see his face as he shot. "Nancy!" She was fucking me, and herself, with a long double-headed dildo. Her big breasts rolled gracefully as she worked her pelvis.

Nancy screamed and climaxed, slamming the dildo ferociously into me. I was cumming too, gripping the big fuck-toy with my cunt muscles and rocking my pelvis, fucking Nancy back as she fucked me. The sensation of the dildo squirming inside our pussies was unbelievable. Its thickness and length filled and stretched us, while the cock-heads randomly stimulated our pussies, G-spots and clits.

We came over and over. Nancy rolled over onto her back, carrying me with her, still coupled. It was different being on top. I liked it. "Baby Butch!" she gasped between orgasms. "Taking over! Well, take me, Baby Butch! Fuck me hard!" It was wonderful fucking Nancy. We came continuously for long minutes before collapsing together, totally spent.

The brothers watched, hard-ons as big as ever, as Nancy and I recovered; two sex-flushed women, naked in each other's arms except for our self-supporting black stockings. We were young, healthy and super-horny from our previous orgasms, so that didn't take long. "Here's a lady ready for a real penis," Kevin said as he lifted me off Nancy. The motion pulled the dildo from my pussy, triggering another orgasm.

Kevin laid me on the bed and I wrapped my legs around his back as he slid his cock up my snatch, all the way to the balls. I love balls pressing against my pussy lips. "Jesus Fuck!" I exclaimed. "I love your fucking cock . . . fucking my cunt and ass . . ."

"Dennis!" I cried. He was a few feet away, kneeling between Nancy's open legs and kissing her inner thighs. "I've never been fucked by two men at once."

Nancy was post-climax dreamy. "Help her out, Baby," she commanded. "Baby Butch is my best friend and I want her to have everything."

Kevin pulled his penis from my vagina and knelt beside me on the bed. As we tongue-kissed, Dennis moved to my other side and began kissing and licking my breasts, making my nipples grow even tighter. He teased his way down my body, gently tickling my inner thighs with his soft beard stubble.

As Dennis slipped his index finger into my hot wet pussy, Kevin pressed his cock against my lips. Gripping his shaft with one hand and gently squeezing his balls with the other, I ran my tongue delicately over his head. He groaned with pleasure as I licked the fleshy little vee below his cum-slit. I'd learned about that super-sensitive male spot when Liz ordered Bob to masturbate slowly to orgasm, describing everything he was doing and feeling, while she and I watched. I stopped licking for a few seconds, admiring the pre-cum gleaming on his crown.

Dennis had been slowly finger-fucking me. My excitement leaped to a new level as his tongue flicked my swollen clit. I pulled Kevin's cock into my mouth. His pre-cum taste was strong, but there was still a hint of my juices on his stiff pole. Dennis slipped a second finger into my pussy and began sucking my clit. He ate me for several minutes while I played with Kevin's cock, alternating between deep-throating and licking it. I continued sucking Kevin as Dennis slipped his cock into my hungry cunt and fucked me to a quick climax.

The brothers were startled when I pulled away from them as soon as I'd recovered from my orgasm. "All right," they said in unison after I'd whispered my instructions to them.

"So, Baby Butch needs a good double-fucking . . . pussy and ass?" Kevin asked. "No, don't speak. Just turn around and put your hands behind your back." I'd left a long silk scarf on the bed. Kevin used it to bind my wrists. "Now, on your knees! Bend over the bed!" He worked his hands between the bed and my breasts, gripping them roughly as he drove his cock into my pussy. I'd been so turned on watching Bob order Liz into this position and fuck her ruthlessly. The reality of being dominated by a man I liked and trusted was as exciting as I'd imagined.

"That's so good!" I whispered, tightening my snatch around his plunging penis.

"You don't speak," Dennis said roughly, kneeling in front of me on the bed. "We have better things to do with your holes." He shoved his swollen cock into my mouth. I quickly lost myself in the rhythm of the men fucking my face and pussy. Kevin eventually pulled out. I had a hot flash of anticipation as he pressed a pussy-juice lubricated finger between my buttocks.

"It's time to fuck your asshole," Kevin snarled as he pushed his cock back into my streaming pussy. "With your juice." He drove into me for a few seconds, then pressed his crown against my rosebud. I moaned as he slid steadily inside.

"Yeah, brother!" Dennis exclaimed. "Fuck her ass! Baby isn't so Butch now!"

Kevin butt-fucked me for a little while, then slipped out. "Stand up," he commanded. After retying my wrists in front of my body, he squeezed lubricant onto his cock, then gripped my hips and lifted me into the air. I placed my bound hands on Dennis' shoulders. Holding the backs of my thighs to keep me in position, Dennis slipped his cock into my elevated pussy. As soon as he was fully inside, I felt Kevin pressing against my back door.

Being fucked with two living, pulsating penises was surprisingly different from my times with Bob, Liz and her strap-on. The brothers were rubbing their cocks together inside my body, separated only by a thin layer of my flesh. Their excitement was tangible. Their lust, mixed with the powerful erotic sensations in my anus and vagina, pushed me rapidly to orgasm.

They held me while I came. Afterwards, they lowered me to the floor and untied my wrists. I was barely able to stand. Dennis lay on his back on the bed. I straddled his body, bending forward to kiss him as I lowered my pussy onto his stiff cock. His hands found my breasts and played with my nipples. Kevin quickly reclaimed my butt as I rode Dennis.

I came over and over, lost in the rhythm of the men double-fucking me. I could see Nancy in the mirror. She was standing at the foot of the bed, intently watching the cocks pounding my twin holes. Earlier, she'd been fondling her breasts and inner thighs while she watched us. Now, Super Bob was buzzing in her hand and she was slowing running his tip up and down her slit. "Yeah boys," she said breathlessly. "Double-fuck my Baby Butch! Turn her holes inside out!"

"Kevin! . . . Dennis! . . . Oh yes! . . . Oh Fuck! . . ." I gasped. "Please! . . . Fuck! . . . Shoot your big cocks up my cunt and asshole!" I knew both men were getting close. Nancy was screaming as she drove Super Bob into her snatch.

"Fuuuuuccccckkkkk!" Kevin cried as he filled my ass with hot fluid. Dennis came in my pussy a few seconds later, pushing me to a final amazing orgasm. Stars danced before my eyes and the world became warm and fuzzy.

When I regained my senses, I was lying on my back with my eyes closed, being kissed. And kissed. Nancy, Dennis and Kevin were all on the bed with me, tenderly kissing my lips and face.

"Hold me," I whispered. Kevin and Dennis lay on either side of my body and wrapped their arms around my shoulders and waist. Nancy knelt behind me with my head in her lap. The brothers continued tenderly kissing my face, while Nancy bent over to kiss my breasts and belly. The tenderness felt so good, like the double-fucking before it and all the other sex. Jesus! I was horny again!

I luxuriated in the attention for several minutes before opening my eyes. "That was wonderful and I'll never forget it. Big Butch has been so sweet and generous. It's time for her to get some male attention."

"No problem," Kevin said. "We should start with a shower."

Nancy and I adjusted the water, stepped into the intimate shower stall and giggled. We were still wearing our black stockings. "I guess we should take these off," she said.

"I'll help," I replied, sinking to my knees with my hands on her muscular thighs. The stocking removal turned into a long erotic experience, repeated when Nancy "helped" me.

The shower was barely large enough for three people, so we traded in and out. The brothers, Nancy and me; all combinations of breasts, cocks, butts; hot water and soap-slick flesh in an ever-changing erotic tangle. Nancy and I came, but Kevin and Dennis held back.

We finally toweled off and went back to the bed. Nancy lay on her back with her legs spread. "Look how hot my pussy is," she said, pulling her outer lips open. Her vulva was flushed hot pink and gleaming with her juices. "No," she said as Kevin put his face between her legs. "I don't want to be eaten." Her swollen clit had popped out of its sheath. "I need to be fucked, right now!"

I knelt on the bed with Nancy's head between my knees. She was playing with her already-swollen nipples, pinching and tugging on them. I stared at her hard little clit as Kevin rubbed his penis up and down her vulva, nuzzling her clitoris with his crown, tickling her little pee hole, teasing her vagina lips, occasionally venturing slightly inside.

Nancy was moaning and writhing on the bed. "Fuck!" she gasped. "Oh Fuck Oh Fuck! . . . Please!" She twisted her pelvis and grabbed Kevin's buttocks, making him drive his full cock up her snatch. "Fuck!!" she cried again, reverently.

She came almost immediately. Kevin pulled out as soon as she'd spent herself and Dennis took his place. He screwed her for several minutes before she climaxed again. I sucked her clit as the brothers continued taking turns fucking Nancy. We pushed her to orgasm after orgasm. "It's Tracy's turn," she finally whispered. "I want her to fuck me now."

"Super Bob?" I asked. Nancy nodded. "No," I said, pulling Janis and Gurl's strap-on from the dresser drawer. "I've got something better." As she watched wide-eyed, I lubricated the anal probe and slid it up my butt. I took it effortlessly, then tightened my muscles to clamp it tightly in place. I rubbed the vaginal probe around my lips, kissing my clit, before thrusting it into my snatch. I came violently in that instant. Afterwards, Nancy helped me fasten the harness to the probes.

"Come fuck the hell out of me, Baby Butch," Nancy whispered as she spread lewdly. I knelt between her legs, pausing to savor the lust evident in her face, breasts and gaping snatch. I took her slowly. Every motion of the dildo entering her transmitted itself to the plugs in my pussy and ass.

"Fucking is so powerful!" I thought. Once again, I wondered what it was like for a man, putting his super-sensitive cock inside another person's body. I'll never know for sure. If it is better than what I was feeling with Nancy, guys are really lucky!

The brothers had been going deep, so I fucked Nancy with shallow strokes, stimulating her vagina lips and entrance. Dennis and Kevin played with her breasts and she manipulated her clitoris. When Nancy was close, I plunged the dildo into her depths, pushing her over to orgasm.

"Fuck, Baby Butch!" Nancy finally gasped. "That was fantastic. Us cumming together. I love you!" We kissed passionately. "Now, I need a man . . . fucking me until he shoots hot semen into my snatch."

Dennis took my place between Nancy's legs. I watched his rolling buttocks for a while, then moved behind him. "Jesus!" he exclaimed. "Two beautiful women! One giving me her cunt while the other fucks my ass!" He came violently. His anal muscles gripped the dildo, sending erotic sensations rocketing through my body.

"Out of the way, little brother!" Kevin commanded. I butt-fucked him while he screwed Nancy. She and I came seconds after he shot his load inside her.

Exhausted, we fell asleep almost instantly. In the morning, Kevin and I made love in one bed while watching Nancy and Dennis in the other. As we'd already agreed, the men left as soon as we'd finished. None of us wanted an extended farewell.

Afterwards, Nancy and I lay in each other's arms, crying softly. "They were better than my guitar," I finally whispered. We giggled and hugged tightly.


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