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Rocker Girl 2

In the cabin, we stood in front of the space heater with our bodies pressed together. Our shivering quickly ceased and a different kind of heat began building between us. We kissed.

"Your nipples are so hard," Kevin whispered when he finally pulled his lips away from mine. "You have the most wonderful breasts."

I'd been self-conscious about my body until I'd met Bob and Liz. They'd convinced me I was striking and attractive, rather than ungainly and ugly, too tall and thin with a plain face and tiny tits. I'm 5' 10" and quietly muscular, with a tiny waist and flat stomach. I have straight shoulder length blonde hair and pale white skin. My eyes are pale blue, set in a square German face which Bob describes as "beautiful, rather than conventionally pretty." Whatever. He and Liz like it and that's good enough for me. Kevin was fondling my breasts, which were the size and shape of half-baseballs, with little upturned nipples that always seemed to be erect.

"You've got something big and hard yourself, Mister," I replied, gripping his buttocks and grinding my crotch against his. "Something wonderful that you're about to give me." I sank to my knees and reached for his zipper. "I love opening gifts," I purred, pulling the zipper down and reaching into his jeans. It took a moment to free his penis, which snapped to full stiffness as soon as it was liberated. For good measure, I removed his swollen balls from his tight pants.

"You are so beautiful," I said, pausing to admire his newly-exposed genitals, then moving my gaze to contemplate his flat belly, muscular chest, bulging arms and ruggedly handsome face. "The boy toys are pretty nice, too."

I wanted to take his entire turgid length into my mouth and have him start violently fucking my face, but I decided to hold back and build the tension gradually. I touched the tip of my tongue to the base of his balls and slowly ran it up and down the seam between his testicles.

Kevin gripped the back of my head and gently pulled my face to his balls. I alternated between licking them with my flat tongue, kissing them and sucking them part way into my mouth. After I'd teased us for a while, I noticed a new taste. A steady stream of pre-cum was flowing down his swollen shaft and running onto his balls. With my tongue, I followed the stream back up to his tip.

He moaned as I wrapped my lips around his cock head. His hands tightened around my head and I sensed his nearly-overwhelming compulsion to drive into my mouth and down my throat. Somehow, he managed to hold back. He removed his hands from my head and rested them lightly on my shoulders as I kissed and licked his penis.

I tenderly explored his silky-smooth flesh with my mouth and tongue, gently teasing him at first, but finally kneading his balls and gripping his shaft while running my tight wet lips rapidly over his cock head and taking his length into my mouth.

His balls tightened and his penis was throbbing. I continued my eager sucking, desperate to taste and feel his hot juice flooding my mouth and throat.

Kevin had other plans. He pushed me roughly away from his cock and pulled me to my feet. With trembling fingers, he unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing a bra. He caressed my bare breasts briefly, then carried me across the room and threw me onto the bed. An instant later, he was on top of me, pulling my panties aside and pressing his cock against the mouth of my dripping snatch.

"God! Fuck!! Yeah!!!" I screamed as he took me roughly. "Fuck me like an animal! Oh, I need . . . Oh God!" My back arched, lifting our joined bodies off the bed. Kevin continued fucking me through my orgasm. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" I gasped when I could speak again. "That cum was so good! Your big man cock fucking my cunt . . . So good, so . . . Oooh!!" I was cumming again, even harder this time. Kevin was bellowing like a wild beast as he shot jet after jet of blazing-hot fluid into my eager pussy.

We finally collapsed together in a tangle of clothes and co-mingled body fluids. His limp body was heavy but I enjoyed the sensation of his weight trapping me and pressing me into the bed. "Wow! That was so good," I whispered when I could speak again. "Just the fuck I needed."

"I'm glad to hear that," he answered, lifting himself on his elbows and kissing me tenderly. "Am I better than your guitar?"

"You make Old Faithful seem inadequate. It feels so good lying here with your body on mine and your cock still inside me."

Kevin's penis remained hard as we lay together, gradually recovering from the violence of our coupling. I moved my hips gently and slowly worked my vaginal muscles to keep him stimulated with his wonderful hardness trapped inside my body. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" I asked. Bob had taught me that men are often hyper-sensitive after climax.

"No," he answered. "It feels fantastic." He began moving, slowly at first but with rapidly increasing velocity until he was thrusting into me, slamming his body against mine hard enough to make the bed shake. I wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my fingernails into his back, clinging to him as he pushed me to another fantastic orgasm.

When I'd spent myself, Kevin rolled over onto his back, carrying me with him so my body was lying on top of his, still impaled on his cock. He gradually softened and shrank. I sighed when he finally slipped out. "I guess that had to happen," I whispered ruefully, "but I'd like to keep you inside me forever."

"Don't worry baby," he answered calmly. "I'll be back. I couldn't shoot this time, but I'll have another load for you in a little while."

"Great!" I kissed him passionately, then moved to a kneeling position, straddling his chest. I slipped a finger into my wet pussy to coat it with the juices inside, moved the finger to my mouth, then sucked it. "That tastes so good," I said, dipping my finger again and placing it against Kevin's lips.

"Yeah," Kevin replied. "My cum and your pussy juice. It's great, but I'd rather taste it directly." He pulled me up his body so my vulva was over his face and ate me out enthusiastically, driving me to another spectacular orgasm. Afterwards, I lay on his body, kissing him and licking my juices from his face.

"You are so good," I whispered. "Just like a dream. A wet dream." My lust temporarily satisfied, I suddenly became aware of another biological pressure. "Oops, I need a bathroom break. I'll be back in a minute." I stood up and removed my sweaty rumpled blouse and panties. I looked for a place to put them, than shrugged and dropped them on the floor. As I headed for the bathroom, Kevin got up, undressed and settled back on the bed.

As I finished emptying my bladder, I heard a key in the lock and the outside door opening. An unfamiliar male voice said, "What a trip! I'm horny as hell after all that hiking and really need my ass fucked. I sure am glad you're ready for me." There was a heavy thump as something hit the floor.

"Dennis, this isn't a good time," Kevin answered.

"Oh!" The other man had obviously just seen my clothes scattered on the floor. I flushed the toilet, stood up and walked into the bedroom. Kevin was still lying naked on the bed. Another man was standing by the door with a big backpack and frame lying by his feet. He looked like Kevin, only two years younger and with a few days growth of beard. Both men looked embarrassed.

"Tracy, this is my brother Dennis . . ." Kevin began.

"And you fuck his ass," I interrupted. "Does he fuck yours, too?"

"Well, yeah," Kevin admitted.

Dennis had picked up his backpack and was reaching for the door. "I'd better let you two work this out," he said. "It was nice to meet you, Tracy."

"Not so fast," I said. "What makes you think I'm mad?"

"Well . . ."

"I know Kevin likes girls," I continued. "He sure wasn't faking it tonight. How about you, Dennis? Do you swing both ways, too?"

I could already feel my nipples swelling and juices flowing. Dennis had obviously seen what was happening to my body because his expression was changing from shock to lust. "Yeah," he answered unnecessarily.

"You'll probably think this is kinky," I said, "but I'd like to try two men at once." I walked over to Dennis and pressed my body against his. He wrapped his arms around my back as we kissed. I was aware of his heavy male musk from several days of backpacking, but I found it intensely erotic. He was as good at kissing as Kevin. I was fascinated by his beard, with his whiskers just long enough to be soft, and couldn't stop rubbing my cheeks against his. I could hardly wait to feel his face between my thighs.

I pulled away just enough to get my hands between our bodies, unfastened his belt, opened his blue jeans and let them fall down around his ankles. He wasn't wearing any underwear. Dennis' thick penis and heavy matching testicles were as beautiful as his brother's. He grew stiff as I caressed his balls, admiring their size and weight.

"What a lovely cock," I purred as I bent over to kiss his tip. "I'm going to have fun playing with it." I licked the clear fluid that was already oozing from his cum hole before continuing. "There's something I want first, though. I've never seen two men having sex. I want to watch you and Kevin."

It only took Dennis moments to strip. Then he startled me by pushing me up against the wall, flattening my breasts against his chest and pressing his cock head against the mouth of my vagina. "Are you sure that's what you want, instead of this?" he growled.

My world narrowed to the pressure of his body against mine. My hands closed on his buttocks and I prepared to pull his hardness into me. Then I froze for long seconds, trapped by conflicting desires. "Oh God!" I finally breathed. "Fuck me. Now. Hard!" I pushed my pelvis forward and he slid smoothly into me.

I wanted animal sex and that's what Dennis gave me. He drove his swollen cock into my hungry snatch aggressively, slamming his balls against my pussy lips and clawing at my breasts, intent on satisfying his seething lust. The impact of his body against mine shook the wall behind me. He should have cum within seconds, but he continued fucking me for minute after wonderful long minute. My fingers raked his back and buttocks, leaving scratches. If my fingernails weren't so short, I would have drawn blood. I came over and over as he pounded me, finally building to his own primal ejaculation.

The world blurred as I felt him shooting inside me. The next thing I knew, I was lying in the middle of the bed, between the brothers. We were all naked and sweaty. They were both running gentle hands over my body. I kissed one, then the other. "That was really great," I said. "Now, are you guys ready to put on a show for me?"

I looked from Kevin to Dennis and back. Both brothers were grinning.

"The woman is insatiable," Kevin said.

"You wanted Kevin to fuck you," I said to Dennis. "I've never seen a man fucking another man's ass."

"Sounds good to me," Kevin chimed in. "I'm ready for some hot male ass."

Dennis immediately rolled onto his back, lifting his butt into the air and spreading his legs. His cock was already magnificently stiff and his exposed rosebud was so pretty and inviting that I could barely resist the temptation to bury my tongue in it. "Well brother," he asked, "are you ready to fuck me?"

"Is that it?" I asked. "You're just going to stick it in?" I was kneeling at the head of the bed, watching Kevin press his cock-head between his brother's buttocks. "I want to see more than that." My nipples were hard and my pubic mound was slick with fresh juices.

"She's right," Dennis said, pulling away from Kevin. "It'll take a while for the old man to get it up anyway."

"Old man!" Kevin shouted. Dennis leaped from the bed. Kevin chased him around the room. The brothers wrestled briefly and Dennis ended up pinned on the floor with Kevin's stiff cock in his mouth.

"Little cocksucker brother!" Kevin exclaimed. "I love fucking his face. It'd be easy to shoot my load in his mouth right now."

I was standing over the men, looking down. I fell back onto the bed, my upper body propped on my elbows and my spread legs hanging over the edge. "Eat my pussy," I commanded. "Taste how hot you've gotten me." Kevin was first, then Dennis. The feel of his four-day beard between my thighs was even sexier than I'd imagined. Both men sucked my juices, then Kevin licked my tits while Dennis tongue-fucked my cunt and rubbed my clit until I came, splashing my juices onto his face.

This time, I didn't object when Dennis got onto his back and Kevin prepared to fuck him. His exposed asshole was beautiful under his stiff cock and bulging balls. Kevin lubricated his penis and pressed his tip against Dennis' hole. "God! Little brother has a tight asshole!" Kevin gasped. I pinched my swollen nipples as I watched his cock slowly slide home.

Buttocks are so exciting! Even under clothes, watching those muscular mounds of flesh undulate as a man or woman walks gets me hot. I remembered Bob and Liz, my far-away lovers. They had such beautiful naked asses! I'd cum so many times watching Bob's buttocks flex and relax as he drove his cock into Liz. I'd seen her butt muscles working as she fucked Bob's ass with a strap-on.

This was the first time I'd seen the cute tight puckered little hole between a man's buttocks pierced and filled with another man's stiff cock. It was so different from fingers or dildos and even more erotic! I had a quiet orgasm as Kevin's balls pressed against Dennis' butt. "Fuck me, big brother!" Dennis moaned.

I was kneeling with my legs spread, watching Dennis' cock throb as Kevin fucked his ass. I came again, just from pinching and twisting my nipples. Kevin was driving harder and faster. He wrapped his lubricated fingers around Dennis' penis and rhythmically stroked it.

Staring at the brothers writhing on the bed, I moved my hands from my breasts, sliding my middle left finger unto my vagina. I put my right hand fingers on either side of my clitoris and began rubbing vigorously. I came while Kevin screamed and hammered Dennis' butt.

"Did you shoot up his ass?" I asked when Kevin pulled out.

"No," he answered. "We're going to do something else. Get on your back." A moment later, Kevin was on his hands and knees over me and I was watching Dennis' cock slide into Kevin's asshole. He finger-fucked me while Dennis fucked his ass. Kevin's stiff prick was swaying inches above my face. I caught it in my hand and stroked it.

"I'm gonna . . ." Kevin said as I saw the first jet of cum burst from his tip. The thick liquid stung as it struck me in the eye, but I continued watching him spurt in fascination. The rest of his juice splashed against my chin and neck.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Dennis was crying. He pushed Kevin aside and straddled me, stroking his cock. Kevin moved between my legs, driving two fingers into my snatch and sucking my clit. "Fuck, I'm cumming . . ." Dennis gasped. I looked down and watched him spray thick cum onto my breasts. Then I twisted my head back and opened my mouth. He thrust his spurting cock between my lips and I clamped him, sucking the rest of his hot male fluid. Kevin was making me cum, too!

I settled on the bed between the brothers, cuddled in their arms. The world became warm and fuzzy for a while. Later, my body had cooled and I was starting to shiver. The men woke up as soon as I stirred. "Let's go take a shower," Dennis suggested.

It was crowded with three of us in the shower stall, but that made it even more fun. The steamy caress of the water and the soap-slick hands sliding over our bodies was intensely erotic. The men got really hard, pulled me out of the shower and bent me over the counter in front of the mirror.

Kevin and Dennis took turns behind me, kissing my neck and back, licking my pussy and butt, and eventually fucking me. It was wild watching us in the mirror, one brother slowly masturbating while the other screwed me. They switched at random, starting gently but eventually taking me with rapid violent thrusts. My little tits bounced as I pushed back with one hand to avoid being driven into the mirror and my other hand played with my nipples and clit.

I came at least a half-dozen times. Kevin was plunging his cock into my pussy. I could sense him getting close when Dennis slid a lubricated finger up my asshole. I came again as Kevin's hot cum shot into my cunt.

He kissed my back, pulled out and stepped away. Dennis instantly moved behind me and pressed his penis between my buttocks. "Yeah," I whispered. "Come in my back door." He lubricated his penis and pressed it against my rosebud. I pushed back, moaning with pleasure as his cock slid smoothly into me.

Kevin fingered my snatch and rubbed my clitoris while Dennis butt-fucked me. I watched myself cum in the mirror while Dennis squirted in my ass.

I was suddenly overcome with warm weariness. The brothers half-carried me to bed. It felt so good lying between them. It was like being back home with Bob and Liz. I fell asleep almost instantly.


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