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Rocker Girl 1

The song clattered to a ragged conclusion. In the sudden silence, I realized all the other band members were glaring. Janis looked like she was going to throw a drumstick at me after I'd stepped on her ending. I couldn't blame them. If I'd worked for James Brown, he'd have fined me three weeks pay for all the mistakes I'd made during the last set.

I looked out into the hall. There was my problem, a few feet away from the stage. A young man, tall with curly black hair and flashing blue eyes, was sitting with his elbows resting on the back of a chair and his legs spread wide. His name was Kevin. Remembering what he'd done to me during the last break, all I could think about was his tight blue jeans, his open legs and what he had between them. "Dammit, Tracy!" I thought to myself. "Focus!"

The applause died down. Even with me fucking up endlessly, we were still pretty damn tight! "Thank you! Thank you so much," Nancy said. "It's so great playing Yellowstone!" She stood up from the digital keyboard we used for a piano, picked up the hand microphone and moved to stage left. "It's past closing time, but we're going to do one more. This is one Tracy and I wrote."

I put my guitar in its stand and sat down at the keyboard, desperately trying to concentrate. This was where I got to show off all my years of classical lessons and I didn't want to blow it. Blow it? Stop!

"Tracy Neumeyer on piano," Nancy said softly as I began to play. My fingers caressed the cool smooth keys the way they'd stroked the silky warm flesh of Kevin's penis an hour before. I glanced at the phallic microphone on its boom, suspended inches from my lips. Oh no!

Somehow, my seething lust made me focus on the music. I attacked the opening passages with gentle ferocity, bringing out the melody line with quiet intensity. It was so erotic! The digital piano was nice, but nothing like the grand in Mom and Dad's living room. I'd never been able to make it sing like this before!

I'd stolen the introduction from a Rachmaninov piano concerto. After 32 bars, Jame came in, supporting my piano with string lines from her synthesizer. Gurl joined in with her fretless bass as I began simplifying and emphasizing the beat, moving gracefully from classical to rock.

Janis stroked the beat with delicate brushes on the cymbals and snare as Nancy began singing softly and sadly.

It's the end of another show

We're packing up, it's time to go

The crowd is gone, but you're still standing here

No time to talk, we've got to load

A long long way on down the road

Still a chance to snatch some time tonight

Jame stepped back from the synthesizer and began playing graceful rhythm guitar chords. Janis switched from brushes to sticks and played a quick fill as we swung into the chorus.

You look so good, you are so fine

I can't wait to make you mine

Be my groupie boy, I'll be your rocker girl

Be my groupie boy, I'll be your rocker girl

I could feel the dampness of my panties as I touched my lips to the microphone, doubling Nancy's vocal. I knew what Kevin and I were going to be doing after the show. We'd already started. It was hard to believe I'd only met him during the last break.

We dropped back to piano, bass, synth strings and soft drums, increasing the intensity but still holding back.

Long weeks I've been on the road

My guitar is hot, but my bed is cold

I really need to have some one tonight

Kevin was so unbelievably cute and charming. He was older than me, at least 25 to my 20. The band was taking a long break and I'd gone outside to escape the crowd's heat and noise. It was midsummer, but the air was cool and crisp. We'd spoken casually for a few minutes, then he'd taken my hand and led me out into the darkness.

Don't call this a one night stand

It's not something that we planned

But we've got to grab life as it comes

The band slammed into the second chorus, louder and harder this time, all of us singing except Gurl, who was dancing wildly while still playing a perfect bass part.

You look so good, you are so fine

I can't wait to make you mine

Be my groupie boy, I'll be your rocker girl

Be my groupie boy, I'll be your rocker girl

Kevin and I had walked to a clearing about a hundred yards from the hall. It was a moonless night, dark as black velvet. I'd moved gracefully into his arms and lifted my face to press my lips against his.

When our band, Fishnet Barbie, had been booked on a long summer tour, it had seemed like a fantastic opportunity for a group of college music students. Four weeks later, our camaraderie was still wonderful, but I was horny as hell. Janis and Gurl had a white-hot thing going with each other. Nancy could pick up a boy simply by walking through a room. Jame, Nancy's younger sister, was super devoted to her boyfriend, exchanging passionate emails and phone calls with him every day. I was pining away without my lovers Bob and Liz. In their mid-thirties, Bob had spoiled me for boys my age and Liz had turned me on to the joys of woman-woman sex.

With our limited privacy, it was even difficult for me to masturbate. My best opportunities were in the shower, but I always felt hurried. Someone would want to use the bathroom and I'd be interrupted as I approached orgasm. Once, I'd gotten up before dawn and locked myself into the van with my vibrator. I'd screamed as I brought myself off over and over.

Finally satisfied, I looked out the windshield at the rapidly-lightening sky. I cried out in surprise when I saw the man who cleaned the pool standing in front of the van with his stiff cock sticking out of his pants. He continued stroking himself as he stared into my eyes, spurting after a few seconds. He stood there exposed for a long time before zipping up and walking leisurely away. The experience had scared me so badly that I hadn't tried masturbating in the van again.

Jame followed the chorus with a burning synthesizer lead, simultaneously evoking an electric guitar and a saxophone, while I hammered the rhythm on the piano. When she'd finished her solo, we all continued singing into the next verse.

We'll lock the door, leave on the lights

We'll make love all through the night

Passion building up to ecstasy

Passion building up to ecstasy

As our mouths had opened in a blazing-hot tongue kiss, I'd wrapped my arms around Kevin's back, flattening my breasts with their already-hardening nipples against his chest. His hands had slid down to my buttocks, pulling our lower bodies together. I felt his hardness straining against the fabric of his jeans.

He'd lifted me effortlessly and placed me on the picnic table in the middle of the clearing. I'd settled on my back, lifted my skirt and opened my legs, aching for his cock.

I played a swift piano run up to the bridge. Jame brought in a soft organ sound as Nancy sang the bridge alone. Janis and Gurl held the rhythm while I stood up and strapped on my guitar.

I don't want to think about tomorrow

Come on Baby, let's go light a fire

With the dawn, I know there will be sorrow

Let's just live the night and our desire

Kevin had put his hands on my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples with the slight roughness he instinctively knew I liked. "Oh God!" I'd whispered. I was already so wet. "Fuck me!"

"I'm going to fuck you silly," he'd answered calmly. "But it's not going to be a quickie on a picnic table. You're coming home with me and we're going to do it right." He'd positioned his head between my thighs. "Right now, I'm just going to give you a little taste."

Jame started an aggressive rhythm guitar part as we all sang the next verse together.

Make your body melt with mine

Make our heart-strings play in time

For this moment, we're not two, just one

For this moment, we're not two, just one

"You're so hot," Kevin had whispered, briefly lifting his face after kissing my crotch through the soaked fabric of my panties.

I played a brief guitar solo, just eight bars, to jack up the intensity.

Kevin had pulled my panties aside and kissed up and down my vulva, gently nibbling my outer lips. I'd unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it open and started kneading my breasts and pinching my erect nipples. He'd continued teasing me for what seemed like an eternity. I'd screamed with excitement when he'd finally opened me and pressed the tip of his stiff tongue into my vagina. "Not so loud," he'd whispered. "There are a lot of people around."

It had been really hard to keep quiet while he'd continued making love to me. He'd run his tongue in slow circles around my inner lips, occasionally pausing to stroke my clit hood, tickle my urethral entrance or probe my vagina. My juices had been steadily flowing from my pussy down my ass crack and onto the back of my skirt, although I hadn't realized that at the time. It was lucky the skirt was made of dark fabric so the stain wasn't too obvious.

He'd finally stopped the slow erotic torture and thrust his tongue's entire length into my pussy. I'd had to fight to restrain loud gasps of pleasure as he slithered around inside my slick walls and lapped my copious fluids.

"My clit," I'd whispered. My sensitive little bud had emerged from its hood and was standing fully erect. I hadn't been able to restrain a loud gasp when Kevin had touched it with the tip of his tongue. While licking my clit, he'd inserted a finger into my pussy. Sensing my readiness, he'd added a second finger, thrusting them in and out and occasionally hooking up to catch my G-spot.

As he finger-fucked me, he'd clamped his lips around my clit and sucked it. I'd drifted through the sea of stars over my head, lost in the erotic sensations. The sky had suddenly exploded as I slipped into an intense orgasm.

"That was just a sample," Kevin had assured me as he'd assisted me to my feet and helped me rearrange my clothes. We'd kissed again, pressing our bodies together tightly. I could feel his incredibly swollen penis through our clothes.

"Take your cock out," I'd demanded.

"You're going to be late," he'd warned.

"I don't care. I want to feel it." He'd unzipped quickly and I'd bent down to kiss his stiff pole, running my lips and tongue over his silky flesh. I'd wanted to stay there forever, but I knew the girls would be impatient.

"You go on," Kevin had said after I'd finally pulled away. "It'll take me a little while to get this to go down and put it back in my pants."

The band had already started when I got back to the hall. Jame, who wasn't comfortable playing lead guitar, had looked particularly pissed off. They'd ended the improvised song as I stepped onto the stage. The audience had applauded with surprising enthusiasm. "Thank you," Nancy had said, speaking to the audience while glaring at me. "That was one of ours – 'The Bitch is Lost Blues.'" I'd known it was going to be a long time before the girls let me forget about this.

We dropped the instruments out, leaving Nancy to sing the second bridge unaccompanied, her voice rich with passion and longing.

I won't say I've never done this

I don't dare to call it love

There is something here that's far beyond us

Breaking through into another world

I glanced at my effects box on the floor, checking the settings, then stepped forward. As soon as Nancy had sung the last word, I hit the long sliding note that started my solo. It's a long solo, sixty-four bars, all composed, loosely based on the Rachmaninov theme I'd used for the introduction. Nancy sat at the piano and played rhythm, freeing Jame to double some of my lines on synthesizer. It's always my best solo, crackling with erotic energy and building to an orgasmic climax. Tonight, my desperate lust pushed it to a new level.

Half of the dancers had stopped to stare at me. Several men had erections. Kevin was standing up, unconsciously pressing his hand against his crotch. Women were clinging to their men. Two pairs of women were holding each other. So were three men. Although standing almost totally motionless, I was fucking my guitar, putting my entire body and soul into the performance.

I'd abandoned the composed line, letting the music continue to build. The guitar was alive in my arms, making love to me. The strings were erogenous zones and every finger motion brought us closer to climax. "Keep going," Nancy said, switching to an electric piano sound to increase the intensity. Jame played rhythm guitar while watching me with an expression of naked lust.

The guitar and I finally came, on stage, in front of all those people. I was dizzy for a moment, riding on the orgasmic rush. I stopped for a beat to catch my breath, then went into the solo's sadly sweet final bars.

Jame and I played soft rhythm parts as Nancy stood up and resumed singing.

The sun is up, it's time to go

Just one more kiss to let you know

How good last night and you have been for me

Maybe I'll be back this way

Maybe I'll have time to stay

Maybe love you more than my guitar

Thank you boy, I won't forget

I'm so grateful that we met

Remember that you have this gypsy's heart

We slowed the tempo and I played a final brief solo to set up the last chorus.

You were so good, you were so fine

I'm so glad I made you mine

You're my groupie boy, I'm your rocker girl

Yeah, you're my lover boy, I'm your lover girl

We swelled the music, then faded. The crowd was standing still and silent, staring at the band. Nancy waited two measures, then sang the final line unaccompanied, slowly and sweetly.

Remember that you have this gypsy's heart

She dropped her arm holding the microphone to her side and stood motionless. The crowd was silent for a few seconds, then burst into wild applause.

"Thank you," she said after the noise had finally died down. "You've been a wonderful audience. We're Fishnet Barbie. We'll be playing at the Old Faithful Inn all next week. We hope you'll come see us. Thanks again and good night."

As the audience was drifting out, Nancy went to the digital recorder that doubled as our mixing board, plugged in headphones and spot-checked the playback. "'Groupie Boy' is so good!" she exclaimed as she started burning a backup disk. "It is so on the CD! Now Tracy, what the hell happened to . . . Oh!" Kevin had just stepped onto the stage and I was already melting into his arms.

"Now I see why Tracy was so distracted," Nancy purred, beaming at Kevin. "You'll have to wait for a little while. We have to load out. The people who run this place want to lock up and go home."

Moving with practiced efficiency, we dismantled the stage setup and stowed the equipment and instruments in their cases. As we were preparing to load the trailer, Nancy asked, "Are you taking the passion pit tonight?"

The band always rented two connected motel rooms with two double beds each. We'd told our parents that the arrangement saved money and only required two girls to share a bed. In practice, whoever got lucky claimed one room and the rest of us took the other. Jame locked herself in the private room to call her boyfriend every night and emerged looking dreamy and occasionally rumpled.

Janis and Gurl usually took the passion pit while Nancy and I shared a bed. Jame preferred being alone. When Nancy was with a boy, Jame and I slept in one bed, trying to ignore Janis and Gurl's love sounds. They tried to be quiet, but always got carried away. One night, I masturbated carefully while listening to them, trying not to disturb Jame. I'd finally collapsed, only partially satisfied. Jame acted like she was asleep, but I was sure she knew what I was doing.

Liz was my only woman, although I'd played with my girlfriends in my early teens, before we discovered boys. I wished Jame was into girls. I'd kissed her once and she'd responded briefly, then pulled away, obviously agitated. I wanted to join the lovers in their bed, but I couldn't summon the nerve. It took me a long time to fall asleep.

"No," I answered. "Kevin has a place." Like the band, Kevin had a cabin at the Old Faithful Lodge.

The hall wasn't very far from the cabins, so Kevin and I decided to walk. At Yellowstone's altitude, the nights are cold, even in summer. It would be near freezing before dawn. I hadn't brought my coat, so I was glad to have Kevin's body pressed against mine as we walked arm in arm past Old Faithful.

There was a sudden rumbling. We stopped and turned to watch the geyser as it ejaculated a tall column of steam and boiling water into the cold night air. We were downwind and the hot mist warmed us briefly.

"Gives you ideas, doesn't it?" I asked when it was over.

"Actually, it makes me feel inadequate."

"Don't worry Baby," I giggled. "You'll get over that really fast." I shivered suddenly. The wet mist had lost its heat and the damp intensified the effects of the night air and wind. "Come on, I'm really getting cold now."


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