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Rear Windows - Two

Meeting the watchers.

"Well, that was really something." Dave Burke set his empty beer bottle beside the couch and reached into the cooler for another one.

"Yeah," Buddy Hollis agreed. "I figured it'd be campy . . . Not so dramatic." He finished his beer with one long swallow. Dave handed him another bottle.

The two University of Texas at Austin freshmen had just finished watching Frankenstein. It was the 1931 version with Boris Karloff as the monster.

It was Friday night, a week after Dave's neighbor Clark Ryan had given Dave a spectacular introduction to gay sex. They'd fucked almost every night since then, but tonight Clark was busy with his friend Kevin.

Buddy and his older brother Richie rented the other half of Dave's duplex. Richie was spending the night with his girlfriend. Dave and Buddy were drinking beer and smoking pot while they watched old movies on a streaming service.

"What now?" Dave took a swig of beer, then set the bottle on the coffee table and reloaded the bong. "I'm ready for something light. The Three Stooges maybe?" He lit the bong and took a toke, then passed the waterpipe to Buddy.

"That'd be all right, I guess." Buddy inhaled sharply, pulling glowing sparks into the pipe. He held the smoke for a long time, then let it out in a steady stream. "But I want to do something else." He set the bong down and turned toward Dave.

"Like what?" Dave asked. Buddy's knee touched his. Dave's cock stirred at the contact.

"Well . . ." Buddy glanced down at Dave's crotch, then looked into his eyes. Both guys were tall and slender. Dave was a runner while Buddy had a swimmer's build. They were dressed in skimpy shorts and tight tee-shirts that showed off their athletic bodies. "I saw you. With your body builder neighbor. In his back yard."

"Oh?" Dave's rod stiffened instantly.

"I watched him fuck your butt." Buddy had a big bulge in his shorts, too.

"Uh . . ." While he had been on his hands and knees waiting for Clark's big stiff cock, Dave had felt someone watching them. He'd figured it was just his imagination. "What do you want?"

"You." Buddy was all kinds of cute, black with beautiful smooth chocolate skin, long curly hair showering down to his shoulders, warm brown eyes, a neat little mustache, and lush lips, just made for kissing.

"Sure." Dave put his hand on Buddy's thigh. "What do you want to do?" He'd never been interested in men until he'd seen Clark masturbating in his back yard. That had changed everything for him. He was still attracted to women, but guys were just so sexy . . .

"Will you fuck my ass?" Buddy asked.

Dave's rock hard cock strained against his tight shorts. "Yeah." He slid his hand up Buddy's thigh and covered his big crotch bulge. "Eventually." He ran his fingers over Buddy's stiff dick. "You're sure hard."

"So are you." Buddy reached for Dave's fly. "I want to suck your dick."

Dave pushed Buddy's hand away. "Kiss me first."

"Okay." Buddy straddled Dave's hips and kissed him passionately. It was more aggressive than women liked, with lots of dirty tongue.

Dave kissed Buddy back just as roughly while kneading his muscular buttocks. "Man," he whispered. "You are so fuckin' sexy."

"So are you," Buddy purred. "A real stud." He stood up, pushed the coffee table away, and knelt between Dave's spread legs. "And a great kisser." He unfastened Dave's belt and opened his fly. "A lot of guys won't kiss. It's too 'queer' for them."

"Their loss." Dave lifted his butt off the couch and Buddy pulled his shorts down. He'd gone commando and his stiff dick snapped up instantly. "Kissing men is fun." He sank back down onto the couch. "You been with many guys?"

"A few." Buddy squeezed Dave's balls gently while stroking his shaft and pinching his cock-head between his thumb and index finger. "I started with my best friend. In our early teens. We didn't kiss." He laughed. "Not at first."

Dave stood up and pulled Buddy to his feet, then kissed him hard and dirty while rubbing his massive boner against the big bulge in Buddy's shorts. "Damn! You feel good." He pulled Buddy's shorts down, revealing his tight briefs. His stiff cock was clearly visible through the stretched cloth and he had a big wet spot around his cock-head.

"I want to see your dick." Dave pulled Buddy's briefs down, freeing his giant hard-on. Buddy's stiff cock was a little shorter than Dave's massive pole, but considerably thicker. And uncircumcised. "Damn!" He pulled Buddy's foreskin up over his swollen glans and then pushed it down again.

"I'm a country kid." Buddy sounded self-conscious.

"I've never seen an uncut cock." Dave sank to his knees and took Buddy's stiff rod in his mouth. He licked its exposed head and probed its cum-slit with the tip of his tongue while fondling its shaft. "It's sexy as hell." He worked Buddy's foreskin up and down, hiding and revealing his bulging cock-head.

"So you like my dick?" Buddy ran his fingers through the thick blond hair curling over Dave's ears.

"Oh yeah." Dave pulled Buddy's foreskin up over his bulging corona and kissed its fleshy hood, then slipped his tongue inside the tunnel of skin and ran it around Buddy's cock-head, savoring his hot male taste. "I love sucking it."

"You're a great cocksucker," Buddy said.

"You're only my second guy." Dave stroked Buddy's swollen shaft while kneading his balls. "When you saw me in the back yard with Clark. That was my first time." He took Buddy's rod deep in his mouth, trying to swallow the whole thing and almost succeeding.

"Man!" Buddy gripped Dave's shoulders. "That's natural talent." He rolled his hips, working his stiff pole in and out of Dave's mouth.

Dave was frightened when Buddy laced his fingers behind his head, holding it in place, and drove harder and faster. Lou Ann, Dave's high school girlfriend, had loved sucking his cock, but freaked when he restrained her head.

After a moment, Dave relaxed again. He squeezed Buddy's balls and gripped his sliding shaft, controlling the speed and depth of his rough thrusts. Now, it was exciting, rather than scary.

"I'm fucking your face," Buddy said. Dave held on, taking it. His own dick was rock-hard as he frantically jerked and sucked Buddy's throbbing cock.

"Jesus!" Buddy gasped. A blast of hot cum exploded from his tip and splashed against the back of Dave's throat. He pulled almost out and then drove home, shooting more cum. He kept going, shooting over and over. Dave gulped the hot juice, trying to swallow every drop.

Buddy slowed to a stop. Dave held his softening rod in his mouth, gently sucking and kissing it, basking in the pleasure of making another man come.

"Damn, that was good." Buddy stepped back, pulled Dave to his feet, and tongue kissed him aggressively.

"Good for me, too." Dave's cock was painfully stiff. "But now, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

"Oh yeah." Buddy took Dave's hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. "I'm ready for a good hard pounding."

"Well, you're gonna get it." Dave looked around the room. It was more crowded than his bedroom, with a desk and office chair, as well as the usual furniture. "Where's the lube?"

"In the nightstand." Buddy lay on his back at the foot of the bed and folded his knees against his chest, lifting his butt.

Dave took a little plastic squeeze bottle out of the nightstand drawer and moved between Buddy's elevated ankles. "You've got a fuckin' cute ass." He fondled Buddy's butt cheeks and then ran a finger up and down his crack, lingering on his anus.

"So fuck it already," Buddy said. "I'm ready for you."

"Okay." Dave lubricated his finger and slid it up Buddy's puckered hole. It went in easily. "You sure are tight." He worked his finger in and out.

"Fuck me now." Buddy rocked his butt in time with Dave's sliding finger. "I need your cock."

"All right." Dave smeared lube on his stiff cock and pressed its head into Buddy's asshole. He pushed in until he met resistance, drew back slightly to let Buddy relax, and then pressed forward, gradually opening the young black man's anus. "Jeez! You are so fuckin' tight."

Buddy grinned. "Tight as your girlfriend's pussy?"

"Way tighter." The pressure on Dave's cock-head built as he stretched Buddy's asshole. "Girls will never be the same."

"That's what Richie says." Buddy's asshole was even tighter than Clark's.

"Does his girlfriend like it up the butt?" Dave asked. Her name was Caroline. She was a beautiful black woman with oversized tits and a big butt who always wore tight clothes that showcased her lush figure.

"No. I like it up the butt." Buddy rolled his hips, lifting his buttocks higher. Dave's cock-head slipped through his anal ring and slid home.

"You're fucking your brother?"

Buddy grinned. "Well, technically, he's fucking me." He tightened his anal muscles around Dave's rigid pole. "That bother you?"

Dave pulled almost out and then pushed his stiff dick back up Buddy's asshole. "Guess not." He fucked Buddy slowly, watching his cock sliding in and out of the other man's ass. "Your brother is a stud." He'd seen the bulge in Richie's shorts. It was even bigger than Clark's impressive package. "You think he'd like to fuck me?"

"Yeah." Richie's voice came from the second-floor landing outside the open door. "I'd love to fuck your hot little white ass."

He stepped into the room. Richie was a giant black bodybuilder, 6' 4" tall and weighing 240 muscular pounds. His skin was a slightly lighter shade of chocolate than Buddy's. He wore his hair in dreadlocks and had a heavy mustache and goatee. His rigid cock was as thick as Buddy's, but way longer. Like Buddy's, it was uncircumcised.

Dave's eyes widened at the sight. "Didn't expect to see you here." He kept his eyes locked with Richie's as he gripped Buddy's ankles and lifted them over his shoulders in a wide Vee. He fucked Buddy's ass at the same slow pace, showing off his sliding cock in the black stud's asshole. "You can definitely fuck me . . ." He pulled his dick completely out of Buddy's butt and then slowly pushed it back in, teasing his anal ring with a few shallow in-and-out thrusts, before sliding all the way up his muscular butthole. ". . . when I finish with your brother."

Richie laughed. "That's okay. I'll just watch . . . for now."

"Good." Dave bent forward and kissed Buddy. "I want to give you my full attention." The kiss got a lot more intense. He finally pulled his lips away from Buddy's and looked up at Richie. "You watching makes this even hotter." He straightened up and fucked Buddy harder, swinging the black stud's ankles and driving his cock deeper into his ass.

"Oh fuck!" Buddy stroked his stiff cock while Dave pounded his ass. "Shoot it for me! I want to feel your hot cum—"

"Here it is!" Dave pulled all the way out and then slammed back into Buddy's asshole, firing a giant blast of hot cum when he hit bottom. Buddy screamed and cum burst from his rigid pole, splashing his smoothly muscular chest and flat belly. Dave plowed Buddy's ass, shooting over and over.

"Damn!" Dave pulled his still-stiff dick out of Buddy's ass and turned to face Richie. "Your brother has a fine ass." He twisted back and kissed Buddy, long and hard. "Even better than Clark's."

"Bet you've got a pretty damn fine ass yourself." Richie's cock had somehow grown even longer and harder.

Dave looked at the 21-year-old man's towering pole with wide eyes, imagining taking that monster up his tight 18-year-old butt. The thought was scary, but also irresistibly exciting. "You want me now?"

"Yeah. But . . ." Richie looked up and down Dave's body, lingering on his hard cock, gleaming with traces of lube and cum. "You're nasty—what you get for foolin' around with my funky-ass Lil Bro—and I like to start fresh."

"That'll be all right." Dave pulled Buddy to his feet and led him to the bathroom. "Sexy shower time." He winked at Richie. "While big brother watches."

While the shower water was heating up, Buddy looked at Richie and asked, "What happened with Caroline? You were gonna spend the night with her."

"She had to go to Houston," Richie said. "Her mom was in a car accident. She wasn't hurt, just shaken up. Still, Caroline figured she ought to go see her." He grinned wickedly. "But she wanted some cock before she left."

"No ass?" Buddy reached into the shower and adjusted the knobs.

"That's still your job, Lil Bro." Richie put a hot hand on Dave's butt. "And yours, soon enough."

"All right." Dave waved his butt flirtatiously at Richie as he stepped into the shower stream. Buddy joined him. Both young men still had hard-ons. So did Richie. They spent a while soaping each others' bodies—chests, arms, legs, butts, and especially crotches.

Buddy moved behind Dave and humped his crack while reaching around and stroking his stiff dick. "You sure do have a sexy butt. Maybe I'll take a shot at it myself."

Richie reached into the shower and smacked Buddy's butt. "Lil Bro, you are such a bottom."

Buddy pressed his cock-head into Dave's asshole. "There's a first time for everything." Dave moaned as Buddy's swollen knob stretched his anal muscles. It hurt, but also got him even hornier.

"Yeah," Richie said. "But it's my turn right now."

"Okay." Buddy pulled away. Dave was disappointed but relieved. Buddy's rod—like Richie's—was way thicker than Clark's. There was no way his almost-virgin asshole could take either one of those monsters without lube.

Dave and Buddy rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Dave was reaching for a towel when Richie grabbed him and bent him over the counter. "You're getting it right now." He glanced at Buddy, who left the room.

Buddy came back a few seconds later, carrying the lube. "Here you go, big brother." He bent over beside Dave with his hands braced on the counter. He grinned at Dave in the mirror. "You're gonna love this. However good your neighbor is, Richie's better."

Dave's stiff dick jerked as Richie slid a lubricated finger up his ass. He worked it in and out while twisting his wrist to distribute the lube evenly. Occasionally, he pulled his finger out to add more lube.

"Fuck me now," Dave said. "I'm ready for your cock."

"Good." Richie coated his giant ebony pole with lube and pressed its head between Dave's buttocks. "Because I'm sure ready to fuck your sexy ass."

Dave moaned and stroked his stiff rod as Richie's broad cock-head stretched his asshole, pushing in until he gasped and tensed up and then drawing back slightly. "Fuck!" Dave groaned, pushing his butt back to meet Richie's slowly advancing cock. "That's so good."

Richie grinned in the mirror. "Glad you like it." He pressed in a little deeper. "I'm sure having fun."

Dave screamed when Richie's big knob slipped through his anal ring. "Oh yeah!" he gasped. "That's right."

"Damn! You got a hot tight asshole." Richie pulled out and then pressed back into Dave's overstretched anus. It hurt, but felt great too. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of it."

"Give it to me." Dave thrust his buttocks backward, taking the first inches of Richie's long thick rod. "All of it." He screamed and his cock throbbed as Richie's oversized pole invaded his asshole, stopping with the big man's balls pressed against Dave's ass cheeks.

"Like that?"

"Yeah. Just like that." Dave would have come if he hadn't shot a giant load up Buddy's ass a few minutes before. He moaned and rolled his hips as Richie fucked him slowly and steadily, pulling almost out and then driving home again.

Dave stopped jacking off. That would set him off instantly and he wanted a good long ride. Still, he was getting close when Buddy turned toward Richie. "Hey! Doesn't Lil Bro get any?"

"I dunno, man." Richie drew back and then slammed forward, bouncing his balls against Dave's butt cheeks. "I like this hot new asshole. It's not like your raggedy-ass worn out old booty."

"You sure liked fucking my butt while we watched Dave with his neighbor," Buddy retorted.

"That was pretty hot," Richie said. "Our own private live sex show." He pulled his cock out of Dave's ass, leaving an oversized aching void, and then moved over to Buddy. "I guess I owe you something." He slid a lubricated finger up his brother's butthole and worked it in and out a few times, then replaced it with his giant ebony rod.

Dave stared at Richie's big hard cock sliding smoothly up Buddy's ass. The younger man took it easily. "Oh yeah," he whispered. "Fuck me now." He moaned and swung his butt while Richie pounded his ass. "My booty isn't too worn out, is it?"

"It'll do." Richie moved back to Dave and fucked him roughly. When Dave was close to coming, he returned to Buddy.

Richie alternated between the two young men, pounding them harder and faster with each anal assault. He seemed to sense when Dave was about to come and switched to hammering Buddy's ass, leaving him just short of completion.

"This is it, Vanilla Boy." Richie slammed Dave's ass, almost pushing his face into the mirror. "I've got a hot load for you." He fucked Dave's ass furiously, slamming his pelvis into the younger man's buttocks, sending erotic shock waves through his body.

"Oh yeah!" Dave gasped. "Shoot it for me. I'm ready for—" Richie's first shot splashed his anal walls. "Oh fuck yeah!"

Richie pounded Dave relentlessly, firing another hard hot pulse of cum with each rough thrust. Dave's throbbing—untouched—cock exploded, spewing his juice over the counter and even splashing the mirror. "Oh man!" he groaned.

"Damn, that was good!" Richie patted Dave's butt affectionately and stepped away. "Hottest ass ever."

"My turn." Buddy pushed Richie aside and slid his oversized black boner up Dave's cum-lubricated asshole. He shot after a few rough strokes. "Fuck!" he said. "You really do have a fine ass."

"Wow, Lil Bro," Richie said. "I didn't think you did that."

Buddy snorted. "Just because you won't take it up the butt . . ."

"But your ass is so sweet—"

"You said it was funky and worn out."

"Just messin' with you, Bro." Richie pushed Buddy toward the shower. "It's time to get cleaned up."

It was crowded with all three men in the shower, but that just made it more fun. Hot water, soap-slick hands, and hard male bodies were an irresistibly sexy combination. By the time they'd all dried off, Dave was ready to go again . . . almost.

They took a beer break and passed a joint around. When they'd finished that, Dave was suddenly sleepy. It was well after midnight and Buddy and Richie were yawning, too. They all went upstairs and fell asleep in Richie's king-sized bad.

* * *

"So, someone really was watching." Clark laughed. "I hope they enjoyed the show."

"Oh, they did," Dave said. "A lot."

It was Saturday evening, an hour after sunset. Dave and Clark were sitting on Clark's patio, sipping ice tea. They were naked and condensation from their chilled glasses dripped onto their bare crotches, tickling their half-hard dicks.

That morning, Dave had awakened with a hot wet mouth wrapped around his stiff cock. He'd figured it was Buddy and was surprised when he opened his eyes and saw Richie. The big man had sucked Dave until he was close to coming and then fucked his ass, face to face in the golden light of dawn.

Richie had come in his ass and then stumbled off to the shower. Dave had turned to Buddy, who had been on his hands and knees with his butt sticking out.

"Come on, big boy." Buddy had waved his ass at Dave. "You can pound me. Just as hard as Big Bro hammered you."

"Okay." Dave had fucked Buddy ruthlessly. Then, he'd gone home, taken a shower, and slept until almost sunset.

Now, Dave and Clark were relaxing in the dark, talking about last night's erotic experiences and gradually getting each others' dicks hard.

Dave described his night with Buddy and Richie. Clark told him about Kevin. He and Clark had fucked like minks. They always did. Kevin was a traveling sales rep for a giant computer company and only made it to Austin every few weeks.

"It's pure lust," Clark said. "We don't really know each other. We're just good in bed together. It'd be different if he was around more."

Dave felt a sudden stab of jealousy. "Any chance of that?"

Clark laughed and shook his head. "Kevin is such a gypsy. He loves jumping all over the world, living in hotels and having a fuck buddy in every city. Maybe he'll settle down someday, but it won't be soon." He laughed again and ran his fingers up and down his fully-stiff pole. "I'm just enjoying being one of his men."

"Think he'd like another guy? In Austin?" Dave's cock was as hard as Clark's.

"He might," Clark answered. "I'll ask him next time he's coming to town." He stood up and walked over to Dave's chair, waving his erection in the younger man's face. "But right now—"

Dave stood up, plastered his body against Clark's, and tongue kissed him fiercely. "Right now, there's us."

"Yeah." Clark looked out at the back yard, softly illuminated by the parameter lights. "Shall I get a blanket?"

"Let's do it in the bedroom," Dave said. "With the lights on and the curtains open."

"So, if someone was in the back yard looking in, they'd get a really good show?"

"Yeah," Dave answered. "Oh. We should turn the back yard lights off, too."

"Okay. We don't want to keep our audience waiting." Clark took Dave's hand and led him to his modest house's master bedroom. Clark pulled the floor-to-ceiling curtains back, uncovering the sliding glass door. The darkness outside turned its smooth surface into a mirror.

They stood in front of the door, holding hands and looking at their reflections in the glass. "I didn't actually say anybody would be watching—" Dave began.

"It doesn't matter," Clark said. "We're both exhibitionists."

"I guess we are," Dave said. He and Clark turned to face each other. They kissed, long and hard, while rubbing cocks and fondling each others' asses.

Dave fell to his knees and wrapped his hand around Clark's rock-hard cock. "Even if nobody's there, it's fun to pretend . . ." He slowly stroked Clark's swollen shaft while kneading his balls.

"Sure is." Clark ran his fingers through Dave's curly blond hair. "Damn! That feels good."

Dave clamped his lips around Clark's corneal ring and licked his crown, then slid down, taking most of his stiff pole. He bobbed over Clark's cock and squeezed his balls harder. "Feels good to me, too." He licked and sucked Clark's bulging balls, taking one, then the other, and finally both in his mouth. It was hard to breathe, but Dave didn't care. The taste and feel of the other man's nuts filling his mouth and stretching his jaw was so overpoweringly sexy.

"You are so fucking good," Clark said. "Like you've been doing this for years."

Dave let Clark's balls slip out of his mouth and took a few deep breaths. "I'm a quick learner, I guess." His own dick was rock hard and leaking precum. He scooped up a big blob of the slippery fluid and then licked it off his fingers. "And I'm just doing stuff that feels good to me." He kissed Dave's balls and then licked his way up the big bodybuilder's stiff shaft.

"It feels great." Clark gripped the back of Dave's skull and pressed his cock-head between the blond teen's lips. "Now, I'm gonna fuck your face." He rolled his hips, working his cock in and out of Dave's mouth.

It was scary, being restrained and helpless. Dave finally understood why Lou Ann hadn't liked it. But, it was also an incredible turn-on. Dave growled and jacked his own hard-on while he took Clark's driving rod deep in his throat.

When Clark was close to coming, Dave pushed him away. "Not so fast. I'm just getting started."

"All right," Clark said. "What now?"

"I've been afraid to do this." Dave rose to his feet and kissed Clark. "I want you to be first." He gripped Clark's waist and turned him toward the bed. "Bend over."

"Okay." Clark stood beside the bed with his feet wide apart and placed his hands on the mattress. "What now?"

"Guess." Dave got on his knees, then put his hands on Clark's butt cheeks and pulled them apart. "Jesus! Your asshole sure is sexy." It did look a little like a rosebud—all pink and puckered. He blew on it gently, making Clark moan.

"Oh yeah!" Clark gasped. "Eat my ass!"

Dave kissed and licked Clark's buttocks, gradually approaching his anus. Clark arched his back, grinding his ass into Dave's face. Dave spread Clark's butt cheeks wide and pressed his flattened tongue against the bodybuilder's asshole. Clark moaned and squirmed as Dave licked up and down and from side to side, savoring the taste of his hot male musk.

"Damn!" Clark gasped when Dave pressed his curled tongue into his hot little puckered hole. "That's so fucking good!" He reached between his legs and gripped his cock and balls.

Dave worked his tongue deeper into Clark's anus, fucking his ass like a wide super-flexible cock while the other man jacked his stiff rod. It was even sexier than he'd imagined.

He wanted to make Clark come, but . . . "It's good for me, too." He kissed Clark's asshole tenderly, then stood up and patted his butt affectionately. "Got me real hard."

Clark twisted around to look at Dave. "Fuck me now. I want your big stiff cock."

"Not yet," Dave said. "There's something else." He walked over to the sliding glass door and pulled it open. "Come on in, guys."

Buddy and Richie stepped into the room. They were both stark naked, with immense erections.


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