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Rear Windows - One

He can't stop watching.

Dave Burke scanned through his notes, then pushed the laptop aside and looked out the window over his desk, trying to think of an opening sentence. It was Wednesday afternoon and Dr. Hillier, his Freshman English instructor, had assigned a 500 word essay for Friday.

He was renting one of the units in a two-story duplex. The bedrooms were on the second floor. Until yesterday, the view through his back window had been tree branches and leaves. Then, an Austin Energy crew had gone through, pruning the trees along the power lines and revealing his neighbor's back yard.

It wasn't very impressive—just a rectangle of grass, surrounded by a tall wood privacy fence. The patio was a simple slab of concrete under an aluminum awning. A complicated-looking exercise machine sat on the patio, along with a circular metal table and a pair of folding aluminum chairs.

Dave was about to turn back to the computer when the glass patio door slid open and a young man stepped out, dressed in a tight-fitting tank top and skimpy shorts. He did a few stretching exercises and then started working out on the machine, moving smoothly from one activity to the next.

He wasn't into guys, but Dave had always liked checking out the other boys in the locker room. Some were muscular, but none were built like the man on the patio, with his bulging arms, legs, and pecs. He was in his mid-20s and had long black hair tied in a pony tail and dark beard stubble.

After idly watching the bodybuilder for a few minutes, Dave went back to his essay. Once he'd gotten started, it went pretty quickly. He finished just as the bodybuilder stepped away from the machine. He sat on a chair to remove his sneakers, then peeled off his tank top and dropped it on the table, followed by his shorts.

The bodybuilder stood up and unfastened his pony tail, letting his hair cascade over his shoulders and chest, then walked out into the yard, naked except for his bulging jockstrap. His sweat-slick body gleamed in the setting sun as he picked up a hose and turned the water on.

Almost unconsciously, Dave rubbed the bulge in his jeans while he watched the man hose himself down, paying special attention to his jockstrap, then bending over to direct the water stream between his muscular buttocks.

Dave's cock grew harder when the man stepped out of the jockstrap and kicked it away, letting his stiff dick spring up. It was the first time Dave had seen a real erection since the jerk off contests he and his buddies had held in their early teens. This guy's rigid pole was a lot bigger than a teenage boy's.

The man had dropped the hose. He picked it up again and pressed its nozzle against his balls. He stood there with his legs spread, stroking his massive hard-on while the water sprayed his crotch and ran down his legs. Then, he moved his swollen cock directly into the stream.

That was too much for Dave. He pushed his jeans and briefs down around his ankles and jacked off while the man rolled his hips, fucking the water jet like a pussy.

"Jeez!" Dave whispered. "That is so fucking—" Cum exploded from his throbbing cock, flying high into the air and splashing down on his crotch.

"Oh man." Dave looked down at his hand wrapped around his stiff pole. It was covered with cum. So were his dick and balls. And there was cum on his thighs, dripping down onto his jeans and underwear. He'd splashed some on his tee-shirt, too.

The bodybuilder was standing still, letting the water stream play over his groin. He dropped the hose, then turned around and bent over to shut the water off, flashing his asshole at Dave.

"Fuck!" Dave groaned when the man turned around. His cock was still rock hard. He stroked it slowly while squeezing his balls and occasionally reaching between his legs to tickle his anus.

Dave ran cum-slick fingers up and down his own rigid pole while he watched the bodybuilder. He was close to coming again when the man turned away, gathered his clothes, and disappeared through the sliding glass patio door.

"Shit!" Dave let go of his stiff cock. It stayed hard.

He wasn't into guys. Absolutely not! Sure, he'd checked out the other boys' cocks and asses in the locker room, but everybody did that. He was just so damn horny. He'd fucked Lou Ann all through high school back in Abilene, but now she was at Texas Tech in Lubbock while he was here in Austin, going to UT.

Dave sighed and started to stand up. Then, he thought better of it and bent forward to take his shoes off, followed by his jeans and briefs. He wiped his thighs and crotch with the briefs, then went into the bathroom and tried to wipe the drying cum off his tee-shirt with a wet washcloth. It left a mark, so he tossed the shirt into the overflowing basket with the rest of the laundry.

He'd finally lost his erection, but it came back when he got into the shower. He stood in the stream with the water playing over his swollen cock-head, jacking his stiff shaft and kneading his balls. It didn't feel like a blow job or fucking a pussy, but it was sexy as hell. The tension in his nuts built as he worked his rod faster and harder. He groaned and shot his load. The water washed the pulses of cum away as soon as they burst from his slit.

* * *

Dave went by the bodybuilder's house on his way to the bus stop. One day, the carport was empty, so he checked the mailbox. The name on the envelopes was "Clark Ryan."

For the next three weeks, Dave watched Clark working out. He'd always strip and rinse off with the hose when he'd finished, but didn't masturbate again. That didn't stop Dave from jacking off while he stared at the man's sexy body, tight butt, and long thick cock.

On Friday, Clark came home with another man. He had a blond buzz cut and a football player's muscular body. They sat at the patio table and drank a couple of beers, then stripped down to their shoes and jockstraps and played an energetic game of one-on-one soccer.

At sunset, Clark turned on a string of light bulbs suspended over the privacy fence, illuminating the yard. He and the football jock continued the soccer game.

All the lights in the back bedroom that Dave used for an office were off. He was sitting naked in the dark, watching Clark and the jock while slowly stroking his hard cock and kneading his balls.

The soccer game turned into a wrestling match. Dave went out onto the tiny balcony off the bedroom and stepped up to the wrought iron railing. The duplex's exterior lights cast a soft glow onto the balcony, but Dave figured Clark's lights would blind the guys in the yard. And he just had to see the guys' intimately interlocked bodies better as they struggled on the grass.

Clark and the football player quickly lost their jockstraps. Dave stared, roughly beating his meat while watching the men playing with each others' stiff dicks. Cum burst from Dave's straining pole when Clark fell to his knees and took the jock's big hard cock in his mouth.

Dave shot pulse after pulse of cum into the night. The thick drops glistened like pearls in the building lights as they fell to the ground.

In the middle of the yard, Clark attacked the jock's cock, jerking its shaft and frantically bobbing over its head. The jock pushed Clark away. "That feels great." His soft voice drifted up from the yard. "But, I'm not ready to shoot."

"That's okay, Kevin." Clark stood up and kissed the other man. "It's your turn to suck me, anyway."

"Okay." Kevin fondled Clark's stiff rod briefly, then fell to his knees.

Dave stuck his teenage hard-on through the bars. He reached over the balcony and stroked his rigid pole while he watched Kevin lick Clark's balls and suck his cock. "Oh yeah," he whispered. "Eat his big hard dick."

Clark gripped the back of Kevin's head and rolled his hips, fucking the other man's face. Kevin made animal sounds and jerked his own stiff pole while he took Clark's driving rod deep in his throat.

Dave's cock was throbbing when Clark pulled away and said, "I'm gonna fuck your ass now."

"That'll be all right," Kevin answered. "Out here?"

"Sure." Clark slapped Kevin's butt. "I'll get the lube." He jogged over to the house and disappeared inside. He came back a moment later, carrying a little plastic bottle and sporting an immense erection.

Clark stopped suddenly and looked up at Dave's balcony. Dave stepped back into the relative darkness against the wall, wondering if the man had seen him. Clark smiled briefly, then turned to Kevin. "Hope you're ready for a good hard pounding."

"Oh yeah!" Kevin's cock was just as hard as Clark's. He bent over, like he was preparing to hike a football. "Hammer my ass!"

"All right." Clark moved behind Kevin. "Here it comes."

Kevin put his hands on his knees, bracing himself. He was facing the balcony, so Dave couldn't see what Clark was doing behind him. "That's right!" he gasped. "Stick it in!"

"I'm glad you like my finger." Clark's glance flicked up to the balcony and then back down to Kevin's back and buttocks. "You'll like my cock a lot more."

"Come on." Kevin spoke softly, but Dave could still hear him clearly. "I'm ready."

"Okay." Clark stepped back from Kevin, showing Dave his hard dick. Dave moved back to the balcony rail to see better as Clark lubricated his stiff prick. "Here it comes." He moved directly behind Kevin.

"Oh yeah!" Kevin grabbed his own cock. "That's so good!" He jacked off while rolling his hips, pushing his butt back to meet Clark's sliding pole.

"You've got a great ass." Clark swung his pelvis in time with Kevin's rocking hips. "And I love fucking it."

"Fuck me harder," Kevin said. He and Clark were keeping their voices low, presumably so anyone in the back yards behind Clark's privacy fence wouldn't hear them. "Pound the hell out of me."

"Like this?" Clark went faster.

Dave could hear the slapping of flesh against flesh from the yard below as he worked his own stiff pole. He couldn't see Clark's driving rod, but he could imagine it sliding in and out of Kevin's hot tight asshole.

"Yeah!" Kevin grunted. "Just like that." He jacked off while Clark hammered his ass.

"I've got a big hot load for you." Clark glanced up at the balcony again. "For your sweet sexy ass." He rammed Kevin's butt, even harder than before. "Here it comes!"

"Fuck yeah!" Kevin gasped. "Shoot it! Oh my god! Yeah!"

"Take it!" Clark growled. "Take my cum!" He drew back and then slammed his pelvis forward, paused for an instant and then did it again. And again.

Dave jerked his throbbing cock frantically while he watched Clark pound Kevin's ass. "Jesus!" he groaned, spewing cum onto the balcony's wood floor.

"Man, that was good." Clark pulled his dick out of Kevin's butt and stepped away from the other man. His cock had softened, but was still long and thick.

"Yeah," Kevin said. "Like always." His rod was still rock hard.

Dave shrank back into the shadows when Clark looked in his direction. He smiled again and then pointed to Kevin's stiff pole. "Did you come?"

"Not yet," Kevin answered. "But I will." He moved into Clark's arms and kissed him passionately. "Up your butt."

"Good." Clark picked up the squeeze bottle and then took Kevin's hand. "Let's go inside." They went in the patio door and Clark turned the yard lights off, plunging the area into darkness. A moment later, the bedroom light came on. Like the patio, it had a sliding glass door. The curtains were pulled back, giving Dave a clear view into the room.

Kevin and Clark stood in front of the king-sized bed, kissing and fondling each others' asses and stiff cocks.

* * *

Dave threw on a tee-shirt and shorts, stepped into his flip-flops, then grabbed his keys and left the duplex. On the walk to Clark's house, he kept telling himself how stupid and dangerous this was, but he just couldn't resist.

He paused in front of the house and tried to act casual while he looked around. Nobody seemed to be watching, so he slipped beside the house and through the gate into the back yard.

Without the overhead lights, the yard was dark as black velvet. The master bedroom lights were on. Dave moved right up to the sliding glass door. From the inside, it would be a mirror, hiding him behind the reflections in its smooth surface.

Clark was sitting at the foot of the bed, naked with his long black hair streaming down his back and his rock-hard dick was sticking straight up from his crotch. Kevin was standing in front of Clark with his legs spread and his hands on his hips, grinning down at his crotch, where Clark was stroking, licking, and sucking his long thick hard cock.

"Damn, that's good!" Kevin ran his hands through Clark's long flowing hair and caressed his stubble-covered chin and cheeks. "You're the best cocksucker I've ever met." The glass door muffled his voice, but Dave could still hear him clearly.

Clark looked up at him and laughed. "Bet you say that to all the boys."

"Well . . ." Kevin's grin grew wider. "Yeah. Specially the ones I'm about to fuck."

"Like me?" Clark ran his tongue down Kevin's stiff shaft and over his balls.

"Yep. Exactly like you." Kevin gripped Clark's shoulders and pushed his back down onto the mattress. "And it's happening right now."

"Good." Clark folded his legs against his chest, lifting his butt. "I'm sure ready for your big hard cock."

"You better be." The squeeze bottle was sitting on the nightstand. Kevin picked it up and moved between Clark's legs. He smeared lube on his rigid pole and pressed its head between Clark's buttocks. "'Cause here it comes." As Dave watched in wide-eyed astonishment, Kevin slid his massive tool up Clark's ass. It was even bigger than Clark's oversized pole, but Clark took it easily.

Dave stepped out of his flip-flops and then removed his tee-shirt and shorts, freeing his stiff cock. He wrapped his hand around its swollen shaft and jacked it slowly as he watched Kevin pull back and then push his hard dick back up Clark's butt.

"You got one sweet tight asshole." Kevin fucked Clark harder and faster.

"And you've got a great cock." Clark rolled his hips, rocking his butt up to meet Kevin's driving rod. "Now, pound my ass. I'm ready for a good rough ride."

"Well, you're gonna get it." Kevin grabbed Clark's ankles and pushed them up over his shoulders, raising his butt higher. "Get it good and hard." He rocked Clark's hips, slamming his pelvis against the other man's buttocks.

"Yeah," Dave whispered, jerking his hard dick in time with Kevin's increasingly rough thrusts. "Fuck his ass."

"That's right!" Clark stroked his swollen pole while Kevin hammered his butt. "Fuck me rough!"

The tension in Dave's balls built steadily as he worked his cock while watching the fucking men. He moved closer to the door to get a better look at Kevin's driving rod and Clark's flying fist.

"Jeez!" Kevin gasped. "I'm gonna—"

"Oh yeah!" Clark moaned. "Come in my ass!" Long streams of cum burst from his throbbing dick, splashing his belly and chest.

Dave shot his own load, spraying thick pulses of cum against the glass door.

He backed away, gripping his stiff pole, and almost tripped over his discarded flip-flops. When he'd regained his balance, he saw the milky fluid on the glass. "Shit!" he muttered. He grabbed his shirt and wiped the door, but only succeeded in smearing the cum and making a bigger mess.

Maybe if he used some water . . . He stopped with his hand on the faucet. If he turned the water on, the men inside would hear it.

Clark opened the sliding door and stuck his head out. He looked into the darkness and smiled, then went back inside and pulled the screen closed, leaving the glass door open.

Dave dressed hastily and fled. Back in his duplex, he downed two beers and then went into the bathroom to clean up. His cock got hard again and he jacked off while watching himself in the mirror. The reflected sight of the juice spurting from his swollen cock-head was sexy as hell.

* * *

The next afternoon, Dave watched Clark go through his workout. When he'd finished, he stripped and hosed down as usual, but then stretched out naked on a blanket, showing off his muscular butt and half-hard cock.

As Dave watched from his back bedroom, naked and slowly stroking his stiff prick, Clark rose to his feet, faced Dave's window, and jacked his rod to full hardness.

The tension in Dave's balls gradually built as he beat off in time with Clark's slow strokes. He moaned softly when Clark turned around and bent over, showing Dave his asshole. Then, Clark turned back around, grinned up at Dave's window, and waved.

Dave's heart was pounding as he went out onto the balcony, stepped up to the railing, and pushed his hard-on through the bars. He and Clark faced each other, slowly stroking their stiff cocks.

Clark's grin grew wider and he made a "come here" gesture. Dave waved and then went inside. He dressed hastily in the same tee-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops he'd worn last night, then hurried around the block to Clark's house and rang the doorbell.

Clark answered the door naked. His hard-on had gone down, but his dick was still long and thick. "It's good to see you." He stood aside and gestured for Dave to come in.

"Hi, Mr. Ryan. I'm . . . uh . . ." He wasn't sure what to say.

"You're a little Peeping Tom." Clark looked up and down Dave's trim runner's body, lingering on his cum-stained tee-shirt and the bulge in his shorts. "You've been watching me. And snooping in my mailbox."

"Uh, I'm sorry Mr.—"

"Just call me 'Clark.'" His cock was getting bigger. "What's your name?"

"Dave." It was hard to look at Clark's face, rather than down at his crotch. "Dave Burke."

"Well, Dave Burke, now you can see me close up." Clark's cock was fully hard. "Do you like the view?"

"Uh . . . Yeah." Dave was painfully aware of the giant tent in his shorts. "I . . . uh . . ." He was startled when Clark grabbed him and kissed him roughly.

Dave resisted at first, but then relaxed and melted into the kiss. It didn't feel anything like kissing a girl. The big man's body was hard and angular, rather than soft and curvy, his stubble beard felt weird but incredibly sexy, and he used a lot more aggressive tongue than girls liked.

Clark gripped Dave's buttocks and pulled their bodies together. Dave growled and ground his crotch into Clark's groin, rubbing his stiff cock against the bodybuilder's hard-on.

"You kiss good," Clark said. "Is this your first time? With a guy?"

"Yeah." Dave felt suddenly shy. "I never thought . . ."

"It's all right." Clark kissed Dave again, tenderly this time. It still wasn't like kissing a girl, but it felt just as great. "There's always a first time." He caressed Dave's rigid pole through his stretched shorts.

"Yeah. There is." Dave curled his fingers around Clark's hard-on. The sensation was completely different from handling his own hardware. He stroked the big man's swollen shaft and pinched its flaring cock-head, smearing the precum leaking from its tip.

"You like playing with my cock." Clark pulled Dave's shorts down, freeing his stiff dick.

"Guess I do." Dave kicked his flip-flops off and stepped out of his shorts, then took his tee-shirt off and let it fall to the floor.

Clark put his hands on Dave's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "You'll like sucking it even more."

Dave stared at Clark's massive erection. "I dunno . . ."

"Don't be scared," Clark said. "You know you want it."

A big bead of precum had gathered at the tip of Clark's cock. Dave bent forward and flicked it off with his tongue. "I guess I do." His own cock was stiff as a steel pole.

Dave caressed Clark's rigid shaft briefly and then wrapped his lips around its broad plow-shaped cock head. It tasted like hot sweaty flesh, mixed with a musky male essence. He bobbed over it slowly, taking it deep in his throat and then pulling back to lick and suck its smooth tightly-stretched skin.

"Oh yeah!" Clark ran gentle fingers through Dave's short brown hair. "That's good."

"I'm just getting started." Dave jacked Clark's hard cock and kneaded his balls while running his tongue up and down its deep furrow. Then, he clamped his lips around its corneal ring and swirled his tongue over its broad cock-head.

"Wow!" Clark gasped. "You're a great cocksucker."

Dave laughed. That was close to what Kevin had said to Clark last night. "I bet you say that to all the boys."

"Naw. Only if its true." Clark pulled Dave to his feet, took him into his arms, and kissed him hard and dirty, kneading Dave's butt cheeks and rubbing his stiff pole against Dave's hard-on. "And you're better than most." He ran slow a finger up and down Dave's crack.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" Dave asked.

"Do you want me to?" Clark's finger stopped on Dave's anus. He teased the tight little hole with his fingertip. It hurt a little but also sent shocks of erotic energy through Dave's body.

"Kinda. But I'm scared—"

"Well, I am going to fuck your sexy ass." Clark pulled his fingertip out of Dave's hole. "But not right now." He took Dave's hand and led him to the bedroom. "I want you to fuck me. That okay?"

"Oh yeah!" Dave's boner got even harder. Lou Ann had been enthusiastic about sex, but she'd been afraid of anal.

The sun had set and the back yard was dark, turning the sliding glass door into a mirror. Clark stopped in front of the door and pointed to their reflections. "Do you like the view from this side?"

Dave moved behind Clark and placed his stiff cock between the big man's buns. "Looks great." He reached around and stroked Clark's hard-on while humping his crack. "Feels great, too."

"Sure does." Clark ground his butt against Dave's sliding pole. "Do you like watching our reflections?"

"Yeah, but I want to do it face to face."

Clark grinned. "Like Kevin and me last night?"

"Exactly. That was so hot."

"I know. I saw the mess you made on the glass."

"Well, I sort of got carried away. I was trying to see better . . ."

"You'll see everything tonight." Clark walked around to the far side of the bed, then lay on his back and lifted his butt. "Come on. I'm ready for you." He saw Dave looking around. "The lube's in the nightstand drawer."

"Okay." Dave got the little squeeze bottle and knelt between Clark's raised knees. He spent a moment admiring the bodybuilder's sexy ass, then spread a line of lube on his index finger and pressed it into the center of Clark's puckered hole. It went in easily.

Dave moved his finger in and out while twisting his wrist to distribute the lubricant evenly. The way Clark's anal muscles gripped his finger was really sexy.

"That's good enough," Clark said. "I'm ready for your cock."

"All right." Dave's cock was painfully hard. "I'm sure ready to fuck your hot tight ass." He slathered his rigid pole with lube and pushed its head into Clark's asshole. It was tight—way tighter than Lou Ann's pussy—and resisted his invading knob. The pressure on his cock-head grew as he pressed forward, gradually opening Clark's anus.

Suddenly, his cock-head slipped through Clark's anal ring and he drove home, slamming his balls against Clark's buttocks.

"Oh yeah!" Clark's anal muscles clamped Dave's swollen pole. "Your cock feels great in my ass."

"Well, your ass is fantastic." He drew back until his cock-head was just inside Clark's anal ring and then plunged into the bodybuilder's depths. "Way different from a pussy."

Clark tightened his anal muscles even more. "Better?" He relaxed his muscles—a little—letting Dave move more freely.

"Uh . . ." Dave fucked Clark with long slow strokes, watching his cock sliding in and out of the man's ass. "Yeah . . . Kinda."

Clark laughed and rolled his hips, encouraging Dave to go faster. "I'm just messin' with you, man. I can tell you're a virgin."

"Virgin?" Dave pulled back a little too far and his cock slipped out of Clark's asshole. He pushed its head back through Clark's anal ring. After an instant of pressure, he was back inside. "I guess so. I've never fucked a man in the butt before."

Clark smiled. "Or a woman." He moaned with pleasure as Dave teased his anus, pulling out until his tip was barely kissing Clark's pucker, then pushing forward and stopping just inside Clark's anal ring.

"Okay, you're right." Dave slammed home. "Lou Ann would do almost everything, but not that." He fucked Clark hard and fast, bouncing his balls against Clark's butt cheeks, and occasionally looking up at his reflection in the sliding glass door.

"That's right!" Clark rocked his hips, swinging his buttocks up to meet Dave's driving rod. "Hammer my ass!"

The pressure in Dave's balls built steadily as he fucked Clark roughly, slamming his pelvis into the big man's buttocks. "Jeez!" he gasped. "I'm gonna—" He rammed Clark's asshole over and over, shooting another pulse of cum with each violent thrust.

"Yeah!" Clark cried. "Shoot it!" He jerked his big stiff cock while Dave emptied his teenage nuts up his ass.

"Damn!" Dave slowed to a stop with his rod buried deep in Clark's asshole. "That was fuckin' great! I've never come so hard!" He bent forward and kissed Clark passionately. The big man kissed him back with even more dirty aggressive tongue than before.

"It was good for me, too," Clark said. "You're a real stud."

Dave rose to his knees and his still-stiff cock slipped out of Clark's butt. He looked down at the other man's rigid pole. "Are you going to fuck me now?" Dave wasn't scared any more. Just excited.


"All right." Dave stood up, faced away from the bed, and bent over. "Just take it easy. Okay?"

"Don't worry." Clark got up and stood behind Dave. "I'll be gentle." His fingertip slowly circled Dave's anus, giving him an even bigger boner. "Gentle enough, anyway."

"How are you going to do it?" Dave asked.

"You'll see." Clark guided Dave to the bed. "Get on your hands and knees."

"Are you going to fuck me from behind? I want to do it face to face."

"No. This is something different." Clark flashed a naughty grin. "I think you'll like it."

"Okay." Dave got into position. "What are you going to do?"

"Just wait and see." Clark got on his knees on the floor, then put his hands on Dave's butt cheeks and pulled them apart.

Lightning shot from Dave's anus to his rock hard cock as Clark's warm breath caressed his asshole. "So pretty," Clark whispered. "So fucking sexy."

Dave's cock throbbed as Clark kissed, licked, and nibbled around his anus, gradually moving in. He moaned and pushed his butt back into Clark's face.

Clark laughed. "I think you like that."

"Oh god! Yeah."

"I'm just getting started." Clark licked up and down Dave's butt crack. Dave stroked his painfully hard cock as Clark's tongue approached his anus.

"Jeez!" Dave moaned and squirmed as Clark's flat tongue stroked his asshole. It was hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through his body.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Clark pointed his tongue and pressed it into Dave's anus, gradually teasing it open.

"Oh yeah!" Dave let go of his throbbing pole and ground his butt into Clark's face. "That's so good!" Clark pushed his tongue in deeper, fucking Dave's ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

"Good for me, too." Clark kissed Dave's asshole tenderly, then stood up and patted his butt affectionately. "Got me real hard."

"Me too. I've never felt anything like that." Dave twisted around to look at Clark. "You gonna fuck me now?"

"Yep. Get on your back."

"Okay." Dave rolled over and lifted his butt. "Come on."

Clark knelt between Dave's legs. "God, you've got a sexy asshole." He squeezed a big blob of lube onto the tip of his finger and rubbed it over Dave's puckered hole. "All ready for my big hard cock." He put more lube on his finger and slid it up Dave's asshole. It hurt going in, but the pain faded quickly.

"Nice and tight," Clark said. "Just the way I like it." He twisted his wrist as he worked his finger in and out, distributing the lube evenly.

Dave's cock jerked in time with Clark's finger motions. "Man! That feels great."

"Glad you like it." Clark pulled his finger out. "You'll like my cock even more." He lubricated his dick and pressed its head into Dave's asshole.

"Oh fuck!" Dave gasped. "That is big."

"Too big?" Clark pushed in slowly, drawing back slightly when Dave tensed up, then proceeding, gradually stretching Dave's tight hole.

"No." Dave stroked his stiff cock as Clark went in deeper. "Keep going. I'm just—" He screamed as Clark's broad cock-head slipped through his anal ring and the big man's long thick rod slammed home. "Oh god!"

Clark held still. "You all right?"

"Oh yeah." Dave let go of his throbbing cock. "Just kinda surprised me." He'd never felt anything like Clark's big heavy pole stretching and filling his ass. His tool was so warm and alive. Rock-hard and yet soft and yielding. So . . . fucking . . . male. "Fuck me now."

"Like this?" Clark drew back slowly, then pressed back inside.

"Yeah." Dave's hard dick jerked as Clark's flaring cock-head rubbed his anal walls. "Just like that."

Clark fucked Dave with long slow strokes. "Your butt feels great." He bent forward and kissed Dave.

"This feels so good." Dave ran his hands over Clark's flat chest and muscular arms. His body was so different from a woman's. "Fuck me hard. I'm ready for you now."

"Okay. I'm gonna hammer your ass." Clark pulled completely out, then pushed his cock-head back through Dave's anal ring. "Pound it good and hard." He teased Dave's ass mouth with a few more shallow strokes, then got down to serious fucking, pulling out and then slamming home, bouncing his balls against Dave's butt cheeks.

"Oh yeah!" Dave gasped. "That's right!"

Clark grinned. "So you like that?"


"Then you'll really like this." Clark grabbed Dave's ankles and pushed them up and over his shoulders, spreading his legs like wheelbarrow handles.

Dave stroked his throbbing cock as Clark rocked his ankles in a wide arc, driving his plunging pole deep into his ass and sending waves of pleasure through his body. "Come on!" he cried. "Shoot that big dick for me! Give me a big hot—" He screamed as Clark's first hard hot pulse of cum splashed his anal walls. "Oh yeah! Come in me!"

Clark rammed Dave's ass, pumping more cum up his tight butt with each rough thrust. It was even more exciting than Dave had imagined. Thick streams of cum fountained from his cock splashing his crotch, belly, and chest.

"Man!" Dave gasped. "That was amazing." He pulled Clark down and kissed him passionately.

"For me, too." Clark's hard cock slipped out of Dave's ass as he rose to his knees. "You've got an amazing ass." He fondled Dave's stiff prick and then ran his fingers over Dave's belly, smearing the cum covering it. "You sure shot a big load."

"When it's good, I always do."

"Well, I guess it was good, then."

"Sure was."

* * *

Dave and Clark stayed in bed for a while, kissing and playing with each others' bodies.

They took a long sexy shower and then sat on a blanket in the middle of the back yard, drinking beer and enjoying the warm velvet night.

"Want to fuck me again?" Dave asked.

"Sure." Clark stood up and went into the house.

When he came back with the lube, Dave was already on his hands and knees with his butt sticking out. He looked up at his balcony and said, "I wonder who's watching us."


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