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Pegging Peter - Strapping It On

A big surprise from an online date.


Nikki walked to the window and pulled the curtains back, flooding the room with brilliant afternoon sunlight. Then she picked up her bag and carried it to the bed. She pulled out a tube of lubricant and set it on the nightstand. Then she removed an elaborate harness from the bag and dropped it on the bed. She turned her back and I admired her muscular butt while she was strapping the equipment on. After a few seconds, she turned around.

When I'd seen porn flicks featuring girls wearing dildos, I hadn't been very impressed. The toys were too big and artificial and the whole business seemed sort of silly. Nikki's big stiff pecker and matching balls looked as if they were part of her body. The belt circling her waist and the straps around her thighs appeared to be an elaborate cock harness.

One time, a trick showed me some "she-male" videos, featuring guys who'd taken the treatments to enlarge their tits but held on to their boy toys. It really turned him on but I just thought it was weird. Nikki looked like that, but it was right on her.

We stood at arm's length, staring at each other for hours, subjective time. I was having trouble breathing and my body seemed to be shaking from the throbbing of my dick. Nikki's face was flushed and her nipples were hard and swollen.

"Are you ready?" she asked, breaking the spell.

"Just a minute," I replied. "I need to think about this."

"Your message sounded real eager."

"Yeah, but I have to decide if I want you to give it to me from behind for deeper penetration or from the front so I can watch you."

"On your back. I want to see your face when I stick it in." She took my dick in her hand and guided me to the bed. "Just lie back and enjoy it," she commanded.

So I did. I got into bed and lay on my back with my knees folded against my chest. Nikki positioned herself between my spread thighs. She spread lubricant on her finger and pushed it into my butt. It slid in easily. She squirted more lube into the palm of her hand and greased her dildo. A moment later, she was pressing the rounded head against my asshole, slowly forcing it open.

I was floating away on the sensation. "Oh Nick . . . uh . . . Dick," I moaned. "Stick your big cock up my asshole."

The long slow slide continued until I felt Nikki's balls pressing against my butt cheeks. She paused for a second, then withdrew, equally slowly.

After a few strokes, my anal muscles relaxed and Nikki fucked me hard and fast.

"Pound me with your cock, Dick!" I gasped. "You feel so good inside me." She grabbed my ankles and pushed them up and away from my body, lifting my butt higher into the air. She fucked me in wheelbarrow position, withdrawing until the dildo's head was barely kissing my asshole, then slamming her entire length home.

I put my hands up to fondle Nikki's chest. Her hard nipples and the fleshy fullness of her breasts almost startled me. She wielded her tool with such skill and authority that it was hard to remember that she wasn't a man.

Nikki hammered my ass, accompanying every thrust with a full orgasmic scream. I was getting close, too. "Dick!" I moaned. "I'm gonna—"

Neither of us had touched my throbbing cock. It wasn't necessary. A giant load of cum burst from its tip, spraying my belly and chest and forming a big pool between my nipples.


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