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Pegging Peter - The Hotwife and Her Husband

A big black cock for the hotwife . . . and her husband!


Craig felt someone watching as he walked up to the house. He was between relationships and he'd thought trying a hookup site would be fun. He hadn't expected this. He didn't quite believe he was actually going through with it. Still . . .

The front door opened as he climbed the steps. A woman stepped out onto the porch to greet him. She was slim and athletic, with pale skin and sparkling green eyes. Curly red hair cascaded over her shoulders. She was wearing a white sundress that left her shoulders bare and ended at mid-thigh, showing off her toned body. Craig guessed she was five years older than his 29, but she was keeping herself up.

She looked him over, wide-eyed. "My! You're even bigger than you look in your photo." Her eyes drifted over his bulging arm and chest muscles and down to the bulge in his cargo shorts. "A lot bigger." She held out her hand. "Hi, Craig. I'm Brigitte."

"Nice to meet you." He gently folded his huge hand around hers. "Your picture doesn't do you justice, either."

"Come on inside."

He followed her through the door, admiring her small shapely behind. She closed the door behind them, then plastered her body against his and stood on tiptoe with her face raised to him. "Kiss me, stud."

Brigitte was tall for a woman, but still six inches shorter than Craig's 6' 4", so he had to bend over. She kissed him hungrily while running her hands over his thighs, ass, and back. "God!" she gasped. "You're a fucking bull! A big fucking Black Bull!" She reached between his legs and fondled the giant bulge in his cargo shorts, then reached for his fly. "I want to see it."

She unfastened the button and then pulled the zipper down. The shorts fell down around his ankles. Craig had gone commando and his cock swung up, already stiff as a steel rod. He stepped out of the shorts and kicked them away.

"Oh . . . my . . . God," Brigitte whispered. She fell to her knees and wrapped her hand around his stiff shaft. Her thumb and index finger couldn't close around his girth. "Talk about a bull . . ." Even with both her hands wrapped around his rod, his cock-head remained exposed.

Brigitte pulled Craig's foreskin back, revealing his swollen bulb. "You're uncircumcised." She stroked his fleshy hood with cautious fingers, covering and uncovering his glans.

"I was born in rural Louisiana. Does it bother you?"

Brigitte laughed. "No. I've just never seen an uncut cock before." She rubbed him a little faster and harder. "Does this hurt?"


"Good. I like playing with it." She pulled his foreskin down completely, then clamped her lips around his corneal ring and ran her tongue over his cock-head. "You like that?"

"Yeah. Feels good."

She pulled his foreskin up over his glans, then kissed and licked it, pulling it slightly back and probing the space between his bulb and fleshy hood with her tongue while stroking his shaft and kneading his balls. "God. You're so sexy."

"He sure is."

Craig was startled. He'd forgotten about the husband. He was standing at the far end of the entryway, stark naked with an immense hard on. "Uh . . . Hi Dude."

"I'm Jim." He was almost as tall as Craig with a deep tan and corded muscles, bald on top with his remaining hair cropped to the length of his five-day beard stubble. He had a big cock, but it looked small compared to Craig's towering rod. "And you really are fuckin' sexy." He kept glancing down at Craig's stiff cock.

"So's your wife." Craig emphasized the word "wife." He ran a slow hand through Brigitte's scarlet curls. "I'm gonna turn her every way but loose." He curled his lips in a lewd grin. "While you watch."


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