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Pegging Peter - Coming Home

Love is the way home for a Vietnam veteran.


Dan sat down on the toilet lid. "OK, you can start by telling me who you are. Sit on the steps so I can keep an eye on you. No, don't bother putting your clothes on."

"I'm David Kemmel," the blond answered. "This is my step-brother Bill Berkmann. We live in the red brick house halfway down the hill."

"Aren't you two a little young for sex crimes?" Dan leered at David. The blond boy's chest bulged with muscle tissue, matching his swollen arms and legs. David was obviously serious about working out.

Bill just glared. "I'm seventeen," David answered, "and Bill's three months older than I am." He seemed to be getting sort of pissed. "What's your problem, anyway? We didn't hurt anything. We're sorry. We'll leave and never come back."

"Don't worry about my problem," Dan growled. "Worry about your problem. I'm your problem. What am I going to do with you?"

He reached over and picked up the joint. "I guess I'll see how good your shit is while I decide your fate."

David picked up a pair of blue shorts from the floor. He pulled a matchbook out of a pocket, handed it to Dan and dropped the shorts again.

In Nam, Dan's platoon had smoked Thai stick almost exclusively. Wyoming dope had been pretty lame before he'd joined the Marines, so he wasn't expecting much. He lit the joint and took a long drag. It was amazing. Already, the world around him was coming into sharper focus, especially the bodies and cocks of the boys sitting in front of him.

He took a second toke and passed the joint to David, who took a long drag before passing it to Bill. The sound of the young men's breathing was suddenly loud in the confined space. His dick was painfully stiff inside his shorts. David and Bill were staring at the bulge in his crotch.

As the reefer was going around, Dan opened his shorts and his stiff pecker popped out. "Since you like dick so much, let's see how good you can suck this one. Who wants to go first?"

Both boys hesitated. David reached behind Bill and pushed him to the floor in front of Dan. Bill pulled Dan's shorts off and bent down between the man's knees.

David passed the joint to Dan. He took a long toke and tried to concentrate on the sensations Bill was producing in his groin. His mind jumped back to the Vietnamese hooker who had alternated between sucking his and Harris' dicks while the two men smoked a joint in a Saigon alley. The best part had been when she had taken both men's members into her mouth at once, producing an electric sensation as their cock-heads rubbed together. They had both been drunk, but not so drunk that they'd forgotten the horror stories about VD and the Viet Cong whores who put broken glass in their pussies before fucking GIs.

He and Harris were still horny as hell when they returned to the hotel. Harris had grown up on a ranch and his older brother had taught him what boys could do with each other. Dan was drunk and stoned enough to say "Show me," so Harris did.

Dan's attention returned to the trailer. The joint was long gone, David was rock hard from watching the blow job, and he could feel himself edging toward orgasm. Too quickly. Dan pulled his cock out of Bill's mouth and pushed the boy away. "Very good. You get eight points out of ten."

"Your turn," Dan said to David. "Let's see how good a cocksucker you are."

David knelt between Dan's legs. Bill picked up his shorts and prepared to put them on. Dan snatched them out of Bill's hand and tossed them up into the sleeping compartment. "You can't possibly imagine you're done," he said. "Suck your girlfriend's dick while she blows me."

Despite his girl-boy good looks, David wasn't as good a cocksucker as Bill. Still, the sight of the blond hair flowing over his groin, the suction on his penis and the view of David's thick pecker thrusting into the dark-haired boy's mouth had Dan seconds away from shooting his load. He pushed David's face away from his crotch.

"That was good too," he told David. "But only worth seven points. That means your pretty little boyfriend wins the first fuck."


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