Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 9

Brother and girlfriend dragged into bisexual orgy.

When I stepped into the bedroom, Angela was already sitting up, blinking in the brilliant sunlight. "Oh shit!" she whispered.

"Wake up, Baby," I said, kissing Suzie.

Keeping her eyes closed, she kissed me open-mouthed. "Yes, Paul!" she moaned, rolling onto her back and opening her legs. "Do it now!"

"Slut!" Angela cried, affectionately slapping Suzie's thigh. "It's 8:00 AM! We need to get up . . . and I don't mean Squirt's tool!"

"Mom and Dad are up," Angela continued. "Paul should be in his own bedroom, we're late for breakfast, and Mom or Dad will see you if you try to slip out."

We decided to brazen it out.

My beard was heavy. I shaved with a disposable razor while the girls dressed.

Suzie's Catholic school uniform -- minus panties -- was too bizarre, so Angela found clothes small enough to fit her.

"Good morning!" Angela and I cried as we walked into the family quarters on the second floor of our building. "We brought company for breakfast!"

"Suzie, how good to see you!" Mom cried, rushing over to hug her.

Dad hugged Suzie, too -- in a fatherly, non-sexual way. "You're looking radiant this morning," he commented. "I'm glad you and Paul had fun on your date last night."

"Oh yes!" Suzie replied. "This morning, Paul and Angela got up early to bring me over here. I hope you don't mind."

That wasn't a problem. Mom and Dad adored Suzie and considered her part of our family.

Mom hustled back into the kitchen. She loved to cook. Her desk and computer were next to the kitchen so she could do the hardware store accounting while watching sauces simmer.

"Isn't that a school blouse?" Dad asked.

Big-breasted Angela didn't have ANY blouses that fit A-cup Suzie, so she had to wear her own -- very Catholic-school looking -- blouse.

Suzie had always dressed modestly, so her costume was daring, with a tight black skirt ending six inches above her knees, white ankle socks, her sturdy black school shoes, a brick-red scarf around her neck, and her school blouse with the sleeves rolled halfway up and the top two buttons unfastened to show discreet cleavage.

Dad couldn't see the frilly panties molded to her firm buttocks and stretched over her folds.

"An old one," Suzie answered. "It's too worn for school . . . but it's still good." She'd told me the stiff fabric rubbing her bare nipples kept them hard.

"It looks nice," Dad agreed. "You're a very attractive young woman."

Mom called us to breakfast and everybody made cheerful small talk. Angela and I ate quickly. We started work in the hardware store at 8:30 AM on Saturdays.

Suzie lingered with Mom and Dad, then came downstairs carrying her school uniform in a shopping bag.

She hugged Angela warmly and whispered something that made Angela giggle. Then she gave me a chaste kiss and whispered "I'll see you this afternoon . . . STUD!"

Angela started opening the store while I removed the ladder Suzie had used to reach the fire escape at the back of our building. It had been visible from the second floor family apartment windows, but Mom and Dad hadn't noticed it.

I spent the next five hours thinking, mostly about Suzie -- making my shorts sticky with pre-cum -- but also about Dad. He wasn't a good actor and would have given some indication that he'd seen us. It had to have been a vivid dream. I was glad I hadn't told Suzie or Angela . . .

Mom and Dad took over at 1:30 PM. Mom had noticed we made more money and had less shoplifting when family members were there. Angela and I worked most week nights, doing homework during quiet periods, as well as on Saturday mornings.

"1:52 PM," Suzie observed as she opened the door. "I was expecting you at 1:48 PM."

"I took five minutes to shower and dress," I answered. "I figured you'd appreciate it, considering how funky I was from working five hours after . . ." we both grinned ". . . last night . . . uh . . . and this morning . . ."

Suzie was still wearing Angela's tight short black skirt, no stockings or shoes, the red scarf around her neck and her white school blouse.

"Come in here STUD!" Suzie said, pulling me inside. She was on me as soon as the door closed, kissing me passionately and rubbing her body against mine, pressing her tight nipples against my chest and grinding her pelvis into my swollen crotch.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open to reveal her sexy little bare breasts as she unzipped my pants and reached into my briefs, releasing my painfully-hard penis and swollen balls.

"Yeah, Paul!" Suzie gasped as I pushed her against the wall. She lifted her skirt, exposing her thick yellow pubic thatch, already gleaming with her juices. "Do it here! . . . Now! . . . Oh Fuck! . . ."

I gripped her hips to hold us together as I drove my stiff cock between her legs. "God, Paul!" she moaned. "Take me! . . . However you want!"

Suzie's areolas were puffed into domes, her hard nipples were 1/2" long and her firm breasts had swollen to B-cup size. Suzie's sexy tits rubbed my chest as I slammed my cock into her tight hot snatch, bouncing my balls against her pussy lips . . . building the tension in my groin . . .

"Oh fuck!" Suzie cried, cumming as I exploded inside her. "Shoot it Baby! . . . Shoot it up my hot cunt! . . . Oh yeah! Oh Jesus!"

I spent myself in a dozen violent thrusts. Afterwards, Suzie collapsed against the wall, gasping for breath. I held her up, kissing her face and mouth as her heaving breasts rubbed my chest.

"Paul, you are such a stud!" she finally whispered. "I wanted to give my body . . . my sex . . . to you unconditionally. You took me that way and I still came!"

"Your cock is still hard . . . still deep in my pussy!" Suzie continued. "I want to keep you inside me forever."

We stood there for several more minutes kissing and fondling each others' sweaty bodies, moving enough to keep my penis stiff. "Oh yeah!" Suzie moaned as I resumed fucking her with long slow strokes, continuing until she screamed and thrashed against the wall.

"Noooo!" Suzie moaned, reaching for my cock -- slick with our juices -- as I pulled out.

"I'll be back!" I said in a heavy Austrian accent.

Suzie giggled as she bent down to kiss my tool. "I guess we do need a break," she said. "We don't want to hurt him!" She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. The single bed was incredibly rumpled. "I've been masturbating all day," Suzie explained. "I was so hot for you . . ."

I was fully dressed with my still-erect penis and balls outside my pants. Suzie was wearing Angela's short black skirt and her unbuttoned blouse. We stripped quickly and lay on the bed with the lights out, cuddling and kissing . . .

"Paul . . ." Dad said. He was standing naked beside the bed. "Little Virgin Suzie . . .You've grown up . . . Become a woman . . ."

"Mr. Menghini!" Suzie purred, wrapping her hand around his stiff cock. It was longer and thicker than mine. "I see where Paul got his big beautiful pole!"

"Give it to me!" she continued, falling to her back and pulling Dad down on top of her. I jacked off as I watched him plunge into her tight pussy. He grunted like an animal as he shot his load.

"My beautiful daughter," Dad said, kissing Suzie. "Fucking you was even better than I'd expected." He turned to me. "Now it's your turn, Paul!" His hard cock was slick with semen and her juices. "Bend over . . ."

I sat up in bed, staring wildly around the darkened room. My heart was hammering in my chest and it was hard to breathe.

"What is it, Baby?" Suzie asked sleepily.

"Just a dream," I answered, trying to shake the vision of Dad's big stiff dick. "It's 4:30 PM. We fell asleep."

"Come here," Suzie said, taking me in her arms. "You're trembling. It must have been a real nightmare."

"Just weird," I answered, thinking how much I'd wanted Dad to fuck me after watching him with Suzie.

"It's all right, Baby!" Suzie said, kissing me. "Just forget the dream." With her body pressed against mine, that was easy to do.

"This is the position Dad was using in my dream!" I thought a few minutes later. Suzie was screaming and writhing beneath me, cumming as I hammered her pussy. "Ooohhhh!" I cried -- a guttural roar straight from my primal core -- as I shot my juice into her.

"Paul . . . Paul . . . Paul . . ." Suzie whispered, stroking my hair as we lay together, basking in the afterglow of shared pleasure.

"Do you love me, Paul?" she suddenly asked. "You know I love you."

"Of course I love you," I answered instantly. "The sex is great, but the way it strengthens our love is even better." I'd been thinking about sex and love a lot since my first time with Angela, so the answer was easy.

"This has been a weekend of new experiences," Suzie said dreamily. "Giving you my virginity, making love with Angela . . . I'd fantasized about her but never dreamed she'd be my first woman . . . using a vibrator, having sex with you AND Angela . . . cumming as you fucked my ass . . ."

"I'm guess I'm greedy," Suzie continued. "Because I want something else -- something Angela told me about doing." She pulled the strap-on out of the shopping bag on the floor. "Now, I want to fuck YOUR butt -- with this!"

The strap-on was a complicated black leather harness with two wide straps extending horizontally from a heavy leather plate and a narrow strap hanging down. A flesh-colored 6" cock-and-balls dildo extended from the plate.

Suzie pulled a jar of lubricant and two smaller dildos from the shopping bag. The little dildos were 4" and 5" long and cone-shaped, gradually widening from 1" round tips to 2" diameters near their bases, then tapering sharply before flaring out into strap mounts.

"Everything for a woman!" Suzie said, fingering the 4" dildo. "Help me with this, Paul," she continued, bending over.

Fighting my desire to drive my cock into the little pink star between Suzie's buttocks, I lubricated the little dildo and pressed it against her rosebud. "Oh my God!" she whispered as the butt-plug stretched her anus. Although the shape was unusual, it was only a little thicker than my penis. Suzie relaxed quickly as I worked it in and out. "Jesus!" she gasped as it snapped into place.

"Are you all right?" I asked, a little concerned.

"Yeah," she answered. "I almost came when you stuck it in! I must be an anal slut!"

"Wow!" Suzie continued, straightening up. "It feels amazing! Not like your cock, but wonderful in its own way!" She held still, moaning softly as she tightened and released her ass muscles. "I've read about people wearing these under their clothes. I thought that was so weird, but now . . ."

"Help me with the rest!" Suzie commanded, spreading her legs. I attached the larger dildo to the narrow leather strap and slipped it into her pussy. She was already wet and slick, so it went in easily. I fastened the wide straps around her waist and pulled it down to settle on her hips.

"That tickles!" she giggled as I reached between her buttocks to attach the strap to the little probe. After a few adjustments, I slipped the crotch strap into its buckle at the back of the harness and tightened it.

Suzie stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall. Her areolas were puffed and her little pink nipples were pebble-hard. "I have a penis," she marveled, wrapping a hand around the stiff shaft protruding from her black-leather-clad crotch.

"Oooohhhh!" she moaned, slowly masturbating the big dildo. "It's like Angela said . . . the little dicks are fucking me!"

"Angela and I had some serious girl talk after you left this morning," she continued. "She promised to let me watch when she gives you her virgin ass." Suzie grinned lewdly. "I hope you don't mind."

She laughed as my already-hard cock grew even stiffer. "I guess not!"

"But, that's for later," Suzie said. "Now, it's YOUR turn to get fucked."

"Good!" I answered. "I'm ready. How do you want me?"

"Angela told me how sexy it was with you bent over so she could see the dildo sliding into your butt," Suzie said. "But, I want to see your face when I stick it in. Get on your back."

"Wait," she said as I stepped toward the bed. "This pussy probe . . . is it a vibrator?" I nodded. "How do I turn it on? Oh, I see . . . Jesus!" Suzie stood still with her eyes closed, fondling her breasts and playing with her tight nipples, shivering from the sensations. "It's stimulating everything . . . my cunt . . . asshole . . . clit . . ."

Her eyes snapped open. "Let's do it!" she said. "I'm SO ready to fuck you!"

"I'm ready!" I answered, lying on the bed with my knees folded against my chest, elevating my buttocks.

"Slut boy!" she laughed, kneeling between my open thighs and slipping a lubricated finger into my anus. It only took her a moment to grease my butt and the cock and balls dildo protruding from her crotch.

"Shove it up my ass, Baby!" I whispered, loving the expression of wide-eyed wonder on Suzie's face as her rounded head slowly opened my asshole.

The strap-on's dildo slid in smoothly until its balls pressed against my butt cheeks.

"Fuck!" Suzie whispered, almost prayerfully. "This is even better than Angela described!"

"I love you, Suzie!" I gasped, tightening my anal muscles around her shaft and feeling a faint vibration transmitted from the pussy plug. "Your cock feels SO good in my butt! Give it to me! . . . As hard as you want!"

"Oh Paul!" she gasped, slowly moving the dildo in and out. "I'm fucking your ass! . . . and the harness is screwing me . . . my pussy and asshole!" Suzie's body suddenly stiffened and she slammed her pole into me, hard enough to shake the bed.

"Jesus!" I gasped, reaching up and pinching her nipples as she shook and moaned, making the dildo squirm in my ass. "Cum, Baby! Cum for me!" My cock throbbed, but I was too stimulated to shoot.

Suzie's paroxysms gradually calmed and she bent forward to kiss me passionately, pressing her hard nipples into my chest. The dildo was still deep in my ass.

"The vibrator's a little too much!" she suddenly giggled, reaching between her legs. The faint buzzing stopped. "I don't have any control!"

"Is that bad?" I asked innocently.

"Naughty Boy!" Suzie purred, withdrawing until the dildo's head was barely kissing my puckered hole. "I'm going to fuck your man-pussy the way you drive your big stiff cock up my cunt . . ." The dildo slid swiftly up my ass, all the way to its balls. ". . . build to a climax like you do . . . cum when you scream and shoot . . ."

"Fuck me Baby!" I moaned. "Fuck my ass!" I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensations and suddenly imagined it was Bernie's monster cock stretching and filling my near-virgin anus . . .

Gazing into Suzie's eyes, I pulled her down onto me. We kissed passionately as she fucked me with long steady thrusts, gradually increasing her speed.

Athletic Suzie suddenly straightened, lifted my ankles onto her shoulders and shifted her weight to her toes and fingertips, rolling me onto my shoulders and lifting my ass high into the air.

"Push-ups were never this much fun!" Suzie cried, barely breathing hard, as she pumped me from above. "Ramming your man-pussy while the harness rubs my clit and the plugs fuck my cunt and asshole!"

"Oh Fuck, Baby! Oh Fuck!!" I moaned. Waves of pleasure washed over me as Suzie drove deep and hard. Dizzy thoughts of Suzie, Angela, Sam Jones . . . Bernie . . . swirled around . . .

"Paul!" Suzie gasped, hammering me even harder. "I'm cumming!" Screaming and moaning, she slammed the dildo into my ass, finally collapsing onto my chest, gasping for breath.

I stroked Suzie's back as her heart pounded against mine. The dildo had slipped out of my butt. "Sweet Baby," I whispered. "Are you all right?"

"Oh yeah!" she answered dreamily.

Kissing Suzie, I unfastened the harness and rolled her onto her belly to remove the plugs from her anus and vagina. I hadn't cum and my cock was painfully hard.

Suzie moaned with pleasure as I kissed her buttocks and ran my index finger over her hot wet cunt lips.

"I know what you want, Baby!" she said, taking a simple black vibrator from the drawer and kneeling on the floor with her upper body resting on the bed. "Give it to me! . . . Up my ass! . . . Good and hard!"

Suzie giggled as I moved behind her, hastily lubricating my dick. "I mean the fucking! Your cock is always hard . . ."

"God, yeah!" she gasped. "Shove it all the way in! Fuck my asshole, Baby! . . . As rough as you want!"

Suzie slipped the vibrator between her legs and I drove into her violently. She started cumming almost immediately, screaming and shaking.

I stopped for an instant, deep inside Suzie's ass, feeling the toy vibrating in her pussy. "Fuck my butt!" she cried. "Cum in my asshole!"

"Fuck Yeah!" Suzie moaned as I rammed her. "Fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Shoot it, Baby!" I was going at full speed, hypnotized by the sight of my big stiff cock driving between her sexy muscular buttocks.

The juice boiling in my nuts exploded through my cum-slit and splashed Suzie's anal walls. "Jesus, Baby!" she cried, clamping my dick. "That's right! Pound my butt! Shoot your hot cream up my ass! . . . Fuck yeah that's good! . . . Cum for me! . . . Oh God!"

It felt like I thrust for an hour and shot a quart of semen up Suzie's ass before I finally collapsed onto her back, gasping for breath.

My cock remained deep inside her, still super-hard from the vibration in Suzie's pussy. She had never stopped cumming, although the intensity of her orgasm had ebbed and flowed.

"Oh fuck, Paul!" she gasped. She reached between her legs and the vibration abruptly ceased. I could still feel the hardness inside her snatch, pressing against my penis. What would it be like with a real man . . . a REAL cock . . . in her pussy, rather than the dildo?

I reluctantly pulled out of Suzie's butt. She grinned at my still-stiff rod as I helped her onto the bed.

"Just a second," she said as I bent to kiss her. "I need to take . . . THIS out . . . Oh Jesus! . . . Here it is!" She handed me the vibrator. It was a simple black plastic tube -- 7" long and 1-1/4" thick, rounded at one end -- slippery with Suzie's juices and reeking with her super-erotic smell.

"This is my big sister Kristen's vibrator," Suzie explained. "The one I wouldn't use before because I was saving my virginity for you. Today, I masturbated for hours with it, dreaming about you the whole time. Then you fucked my ass while it fucked my cunt and I came and came . . ."

She moved into my arms and we kissed tenderly.

An hour later, it was time for me to go. We'd rinsed off in the shower, then spent the remaining time in bed, cuddling and talking softly.

"It'll be a long time before we can do this again," Suzie sighed. "Being totally free! Fucking like animals!"

"The back seat of Mom's car won't be the same," I agreed. "But we can use Angela's apartment, sometimes."

"I know," Suzie said, kissing me passionately. "I'm just greedy! I want you all the time!"

* * *

With our families, school, my job and her athletics, Suzie and I didn't see each other again until Wednesday. We had sex in the car because Bernie was with Angela in her apartment.

"There's Bernie," Suzie said dreamily. We were naked and she was straddling my lap, still impaled on my dick, relaxing after an explosive orgasm.

I turned my head to see Bernie walking along the parking lot's chain link fence, going away from his bus stop. Once again, he was leaving Angela to see his mysterious "other woman."

"What's wrong?" Suzie asked.

"It's a long story," I began, glancing at my watch. "9:30 PM -- almost time to take you home -- I'll tell you while we get dressed."

"Fair enough," Suzie purred. "Anyway, we still have a few minutes and your cock is so hard . . ."

* * *

"I wish I'd brought my video camera!" Suzie gushed. "Angela let us spy on Bernie fucking her with his giant cock! I know she'd get off being filmed! It might be hard . . ." she giggled ". . . keeping the camera steady with you playing with me but . . ."

It was 11:50 PM on Friday night. We'd retreated to Mom's car after watching Angela and Bernie. "There he goes!" I said, whispering even though I knew Bernie couldn't hear me.

Suzie and I had set it up so we could stay out until 3:00 AM. We had permission to attend a midnight showing of "Casablanca." I'd seen it on TCM and Suzie had every scene memorized, so we could talk about the movie with our parents.

We followed Bernie to the same basement apartment he'd visited before. There was no light over the entrance and we could see the woman who answered the door only in silhouette. She was big -- almost Bernie's size -- and her hair was short. They embraced as the door swung shut.

"Jesus!" Suzie whispered. "Poor Angela! Have you told her?"

"No," I answered. "I wanted to talk to you, first. What now, Nancy Drew?" The curtains were drawn tightly over the apartment's only window.

The apartment door was set into the side of the stairs leading to the upper two floors. Its upper part was glass, protected by steel bars and covered with curtains. "The lights are off in the front room," Suzie reported after peering through a tiny gap in the tattered cloth. "Let's go around back."

The alley was dark and we moved carefully. It was the third in the line of row houses . . .

Each basement apartment had the same design: a big front room with the entrance door and a single large window, a tiny kitchen connected to the main room with a back door and small window, a bathroom with a little window set high in the concrete wall, and a bedroom with two big windows.

Bernie was standing naked in the third apartment's bedroom. The windows were wide open and the lights were on, showing us every detail.

Once again, it was hard to believe the cock jutting from Bernie's groin was real. It was 8" long and 2-1/2" thick, surmounted by a wide flaring head.

When I'd watched Angela wrap both hands around his shaft, gripping it like a baseball bat, his flaring cock-head had protruded from her encircling fingers. Angela's hands were big, but she couldn't quite close her thumbs and index fingers around his girth.

Bernie's girlfriend was sitting on the bed with her bare back to us. Her hair was as short as a man's and her big hands easily circled Bernie's monster tool as she bent forward to lick the pre-cum oozing from his tip.

"Jesus!" I whispered. "That's Bernie's 24-year-old brother Jeff!"

"Wow!" Suzie answered, pushing me aside to get a better view. "Two men! Having sex, like in my big sister Kristen's video!" She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, revealing her sexy A-cup breasts. "I'm so hot! I hope they fuck! God! Why didn't I bring my video camera?"

I moved behind Suzie, pressing my erection against her buttocks as I fondled her tits and played with her hard little nipples. "A big cock fucking a man's ass . . ." she breathed, pushing her butt back against my penis, painfully trapped by my clothes.

Bernie stepped closer to the bed, giving us a better view of the action. Jeff was squeezing Bernie's balls and stroking his shaft while kissing and licking his big fat cock-head.

I pulled away from Suzie to unzip my jeans. I wasn't wearing underwear and my hard rod sprang free.

"Fuck yeah!" Suzie purred as I lifted her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties and her pussy was already hot and slick.

Jeff stretched his mouth over Bernie's mammoth tool. "Yeah, big brother!" Bernie moaned. "Suck my dick!" He looked out the window -- directly at us -- but his eyes didn't seem to be focused.

"I'm fucking your face!" Bernie gasped, gripping Jeff's head to hold him in place as he drove in and out.

"Ah!" Suzie gasped sharply as I slipped my cock up her hot wet snatch with one smooth stroke. Bernie looked up at the sound, but continued working his massive member.

"This is great!" Bernie said, pulling his penis from Jeff's mouth. "Now, I'm going to fuck you!"

"Uh . . . Sure . . . Great!" Jeff sounded surprised and a little puzzled.

"I'll get the lube out of the bathroom," Bernie continued, walking out the bedroom door.

Jeff stood up. He was naked like Bernie, with an impressive erection. Although not a monster like Bernie's, his dick was longer and thicker than mine. He stroked it, smearing the pre-cum leaking from his tip and squeezing his balls and as he waited for Bernie to return.

Suzie worked her hips, slowly fucking herself against my stationary cock. "Oh Baby!" she whispered. "This is SO good! I can't wait to see Bernie fucking male ass!" A moment later, she added "I love the way we're screwing, too!"

I'd been fantasizing about men ever since Suzie showed me the video with Kristen's brother and boyfriend having sex. I pumped Suzie slowly as I imagined Bernie pushing his oversized dong between Jeff's buttocks . . .

The kitchen door crashed open as Bernie burst from the apartment, catching Suzie's wrist with one hand and wrapping the other around my throat.

"Shit!" Bernie exclaimed. "It's Angela's little punk brother!"

My prick slipped out of Suzie's pussy and snapped to instant attention.

"You really get off on guy stuff!" Bernie growled, looking pointedly down at my erection. "Well, you're going to get all you can handle!" He twisted my arm behind my back and guided me through the kitchen door, dragging Suzie behind us.

Jeff grabbed Suzie as soon as we were inside. She was wearing a dark skirt ending four inches above her knees and her white blouse was open, showing her pale pink A-cup breasts with bright pink puffy areolas and hard nipples. "Who's this little beauty?" he asked, casually cupping her left breast.

"This is Suzie, the punk's girlfriend," Bernie answered. "She's always acted like a prim little Catholic schoolgirl. I never expected to catch HER fucking in an alley!"

"Come on!" Bernie continued. "Let's take them into the bedroom." He pushed me through the door and sent me sprawling on the bed, then turned to look at Suzie and Jeff, ignoring me.

Jeff was holding Suzie from behind, fondling her firm little breasts and pinching her hard nipples. Bernie reached between Suzie's legs. She shrank away, pressing her butt crack against Jeff's stiff dick.

"She's really wet!" Bernie commented, running his fingers through Suzie's thick blond pubic thatch. "The punk's good at something . . ." He turned to look at me. "That reminds me . . . Strip! . . . Now!"

There wasn't any choice. Bernie and Jeff were both older, bigger and tougher than me. I probably couldn't beat either one of them and there was no chance I could take both. Even if I didn't care about myself, Suzie would be caught in the fight.

"You've got pretty tits!" Bernie told Suzie, turning away from me to fondle her. "And a hot wet snatch!" He unfastened her skirt and it tumbled to the floor, leaving her dressed in shoes, ankle socks and her unfastened blouse.

Jeff gripped Suzie's hips, pulling her bare buttocks against his erection.

"The punk fucked you," Bernie said, gripping his shaft and guiding his big mushroom-head between Suzie's legs. "Are you ready for a REAL man's cock?"

"Leave her alone!" I said, grabbing Bernie's arm and pulling him away from Suzie. He looked up and down my naked body, staring at my erect penis and fondling my bare buttocks. "Do whatever you want with me," I continued. "Just leave Suzie alone!"

"What if I want to make you watch me fuck her?" Bernie responded with an evil grin. "Angela knows how much I like girls!" he added, looking back at Suzie.

"Please!" I said. This wasn't a good time for pride.

"All right," Bernie said, turning to face me. His stiff cock, 8" long and 2-1/2" thick, looked like a baseball bat protruding from his crotch.

"Bend over, you little punk!" he growled. "You're taking my dick up the ass . . ." he glanced at Suzie, who was watching with frightened eyes, "or else SHE does!"

I fell to the floor, kneeling with my upper body on the bed. "Go ahead," I said, wondering if anyone else noticed my erection. "I deserve it! Just please be gentle!"

Suzie pulled away from Jeff and stood beside the bed, watching. Jeff moved beside Suzie, but didn't touch her.

Bernie laughed. "You're not an innocent virgin!" he said. "I saw Angela fucking your butt with a strap-on!"

Jeff was startled. Suzie tried to look surprised.

"You're my bitch now!" Bernie continued. "You'll take it hard -- like I want!"

Despite his rough words, Bernie lubricated my anus carefully and relaxed me with almost-tender fingers -- one, two and finally three. "Ready, bitch?" he finally asked.

"Oh yeah!" I whispered, feeling both excited and frightened as Bernie's mammoth tool pressed into my rosebud.

The first time I'd seen Bernie fuck Angela, she'd squirmed, moaned and whispered Hail Marys as he put it in. His flaring cock-head -- almost 3" in diameter -- was the most difficult part. I jacked off to distract myself from the pain as Bernie stretched my asshole, pushing forward then relaxing, carefully opening me wider than I'd imagined possible.

I looked up at Suzie. She was breathing hard, her hands were pressed against her thighs, her nipples were swollen and her thick golden pubic thatch was shiny with juices.

"Jesus!" I cried as Bernie's mushroom head finally snapped into my butt.

"You all right?" he asked.

"Yeah!" I gasped. "Fuck! . . . Fuck me!"

Bernie worked his cock in and out. The pain was gone and the pleasure of his massive member stretching and filling me was almost unbelievable.

"God!" Suzie whispered. "His balls are pressed against your butt cheeks! That big dick is all the way up your ass!" Her palms were pressed flat against her inner thighs and her thumbs slowly stroked the pink folds peeking from her blond thatch.

Jeff moved behind Suzie and cupped his hands over her breasts. "Oh yeah!" she whispered, grinding her butt into his crotch. "Paul's getting his ass fucked . . ."

Bernie slowly withdrew, then pushed his amazing length and girth back into me. After a few long slow thrusts, my anal muscles relaxed and he was able to fuck me harder and faster.

"My bitch has a hot ass!" Bernie exclaimed as he drove up my butt. I'd stopped masturbating. I would have shot as soon as I touched my penis. As it was, I almost came every time he hit bottom.

Suzie fell to her knees beside me. "This is so hot, Baby! I love you!" she said, kissing me passionately.

"Paul," Suzie whispered. "Watching Bernie fuck your ass gets me . . . too hot! . . . I've . . . got to . . ."

"Do it, Suzie!" I answered.

She kissed me again, then stood up. "Come on, Jeff!" she said, bending over with her hands on my back. He was already nosing his tool into her lush pubic thatch. She gasped as he abruptly slid home.

"Oh yeah!" Suzie whispered. "Fuck me! . . . It's so good! . . . Your brother's giant cock in my boyfriend's ass! . . . Your big hot rod driving in my tight snatch! . . ." Her fingernails dug into my back as she started cumming.

"God!" Bernie growled. "My new bitch has the best asshole I've ever felt!" The bed shook beneath me as he slammed his pelvis and balls against my buttocks.

"Oh Jesus!" Suzie screamed. "Fuck Paul! Fuck Paul's hot sexy ass! Shoot a big load in Paul's asshole!"

"Yeah Bernie!" I gasped. "This is wonderful! I never imagined being fucked like this! Cum in my butt!"

"You like watching?" Bernie asked Suzie. She nodded, gasping and moaning from her own sustained orgasm. "Then watch me! . . . Fucking my bitch's ass! . . ." He was hammering me like a machine. "Cumming up my bitch's ass! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck yeah! . . ." he screamed as his hot juices splashed my anal walls.

"Oh fuck yeah, Jeff!" Suzie cried. "Shoot it . . . Oh fuck! . . . Oh yeah! . . . Shoot it up my pussy! . . . Oh Jesus!"

Afterwards, we all lay on the bed. Jeff was on the left, followed by Suzie, me and Bernie. After Jeff and I kissed Suzie, Bernie took me in his arms and kissed me.

"Have we been punished enough?" I asked innocently, luxuriating in the intimacy of another man . . . recognizing a need women couldn't fill . . .

"No!" Suzie answered instantly. We all laughed.

Bernie was lying on his back. I straddled his hips, bending to kiss his mouth, face, neck, chest . . . As his erect penis brushed mine, I remembered I hadn't cum.

"You know I loved taking your giant cock up my ass," I whispered to Bernie. "I'm not usually submissive, but I liked being your 'bitch.' I'll fuck you again, but I won't be submissive out of bed."

"That's fair," Bernie answered, wrapping his hand around our stiff dicks, pulling them together. "I have to accept you as Angela's lover . . ."

"What?" Jeff asked.

Suzie straddled Jeff and rubbed his tool along her pussy lips. "We'll tell you later, Baby," she said, changing the angle of her hips. "Right now, I need to be fucked . . . Oh yeah! . . . That's it! . . . All the way in!"

The lubricant was on the nightstand. I took it and moved between Bernie's legs. He folded his knees against his chest, lifting his butt and exposing his sexy little rosebud.

Jeff was rolling his hips, moving his pelvis up and down in a steady rhythm. Suzie's little breasts bounced in time with Jeff's thrusts as she rode his cock.

"Great, you're going to fuck Bernie's ass!" Jeff exclaimed, looking over at us. "He'll love that! He's usually a bottom. I knew something strange was going on when he said he was going to fuck me."

"More men fucking!" Suzie said dreamily as she worked her snatch over Jeff's rapidly-moving tool.

I smeared lubricant on my penis and pressed it between Bernie's buttocks. "Oh yeah!" he gasped as my cock slid up his ass, all the way to my balls. "Give it to me good and hard!"

My need to cum was so intense, I couldn't have held back. Bernie's anal muscles gripped my pole as I slammed into his butt.

"Fuck him, Baby! Fuck his ass!" Suzie cried, starting to cum. "Oh Jesus, Jeff! Fuck me!"

I grabbed Bernie's ankles and spread his legs wide over his shoulders, lifting his buttocks and allowing me to dive even deeper. We rocked like a sex machine, my hard piston driving relentlessly into his hot tight cylinder while he stroked his giant cock in a rapid counter-rhythm.

"Oh fuck!" Suzie cried. "Shoot it!" I didn't know who she was addressing. Maybe all of us.

"Here it is!" I gasped, slamming into Bernie's butt, releasing a hot hard jet with each violent thrust. Cum fountained from his stiff prick, splashing his belly and chest.

Suzie suddenly pulled away from Jeff and lay on her stomach with her butt sticking up in the air. "Give it to me, Jeff!" she whispered. An instant later, she screamed as he jammed his hastily-lubricated penis up her asshole.

"Yeah Jeff!" Suzie moaned. "Fuck my ass hard! Cum in my butt! Oh Jesus Baby! Do it! Do it! Oh fuck yeah . . . shoot Baby shoot it in my asshole . . . Oh God . . . shoot . . ."

I lay on Bernie's chest and we kissed passionately. His anal muscles gripped my cock, rock-hard despite my recent climax. He was hot, tight and slick with my semen.

"I'm almost a virgin," I whispered to Bernie. "This is only the second time a man has fucked me and you're the first man I've butt-fucked."

Bernie's feet were flat on the bed and I was lying between his raised knees. He worked his pelvis, slowly moving my prick in and out of his asshole. "You seem so experienced," he said.

"Angela is a good teacher . . ." I answered, thinking about Angela, Suzie, her big sister Kristen's sex video, our neighbor Helen and her husband Charlie, Brooklyn Cyclones baseball star Sam Jones, sexy security guard Dee Levetz . . .

"Oh fuck!" Bernie gasped as I drove into his butt. We pushed until our cocks throbbed, but it was too soon for either of us to cum again. This time, my dick softened and slipped out of his asshole as we kissed.

Suzie and Jeff left the room. A minute later, we heard them laughing in the shower. It was hard to pull away from Bernie, but I forced myself.

"Angela doesn't know about this," I said, looking at him seriously. "But I have to tell her. She's my sister . . . and my lover."

"I've been afraid," Bernie answered. "I want to be honest, but girls get freaked out by guys who like cock."

"Angela won't."

"So, I'll tell her," Bernie said. "I should have done it when you caught me watching you fuck, but I was too jealous and embarrassed."

"This would be a good time!"

Bernie and I spun around at the sound of the new voice. Angela was standing in the bedroom door.


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