Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 8

Girlfriend's first-time lesbian and anal.

Suzie and I lay in each other's arms, cuddling and kissing tenderly after I'd fucked her to another screaming climax.

She glanced at the clock. "It's 11:15 PM. I wish we could spend the whole night together. Maybe you could go home and then sneak back . . . No, forget it. That's too risky!"

Suzie rolled out of my arms and got up on her hands and knees. "At least we have a little time left tonight." I moved behind Suzie, admiring her long thick blond hair and slender body.

Her neat pink lips peeked modestly from the blond thatch covering her vulva. I opened them with my fingers and positioned my tool between her folds.

"Oh Paul!" Suzie gasped as I slid home. Her snatch was almost unbelievably hot, wet . . . and tight. "I'll never get enough of your cock!" She rocked her hips, setting a moderate tempo for my deep thrusts.

I fondled her firm little A-cup breasts, kneading the swollen flesh and playing with her hard little nipples.

"Fuck Paul!" she moaned. "Do it harder! . . . Faster! . . . Fuck me until I can't walk!"

Gripping her hips to hold us together, I slammed my swollen pole into Suzie's snatch, bouncing my heavy balls against her vulva. As I stared at my driving rod, the sexy little puckered brown spot between her muscular buttocks hypnotized me.

"Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?" Suzie suddenly asked. Her sweet little rosebud was calling me . . . begging to be filled. It took me a moment to realize she'd actually spoken.

"Uh . . . yeah!" I finally answered.

"The Nebraska girl who took your virginity?"

"No." It had been the day before in the Brooklyn Cyclones locker room with Dee, the sexy security guard, while Angela and baseball star Sam Jones watched.

"Was she a virgin . . . in back?"


"Do it, Paul!" Suzie commanded. "Fuck my ass! I want to be your first anal virgin!"

In my imagination, I pressed my hard cock, slick with her pussy juices, between her buttocks and pushed forward. She cried out in pain and I held her as she tried to twist away. "Do it!" she sobbed. "Hurt me if you need to!" As I forced her open, Suzie screamed so loudly I knew the neighbors were calling the police.

Suzie suddenly turned slick and I plunged inside. She moaned and sobbed . . . I couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or pain . . . as I fucked her ass, finally shooting hot juice deep inside her. When I pulled out, I was shocked at all the bright red blood . . . on my penis and leaking from her butt . . .

I shook my head to clear it. "Your family isn't coming home until Sunday," I said. "We have tomorrow. I'll take your butt-cherry when I can do it properly."

"I guess you're right," Suzie sighed, tightening her vaginal muscles around my sliding penis. "I'm just greedy. I've waited so long I want everything right now!" She moaned, losing herself in the sensations of our united bodies.

Suzie shifted her weight to one forearm, freeing a hand to play with her clit as I drove into her hot slick snatch. "Oh fuck!" she moaned. "This is so good!"

She was getting close. I teased her little brown puckered hole open with my spit-slick index finger, fighting the urge to follow it with my cock . . .

"Oh God Paul!" Suzie gasped, pushing back onto my finger. I worked it in and out of her ass as she shuddered and screamed. "I'm cumming!!!"

"So am I!" I said, spraying hot juice deep inside her pussy.

"It was such a revelation to find Kristen's tape," Suzie said. We were lying together, relaxing after our intense orgasms. "I just looked at it to see if it was blank. I tried to stop myself from burning a DVD, but I wasn't strong enough.

"When I gave the tape back to Kristen, I told her I hadn't watched it. She seemed relieved. That night, I played the DVD in my bedroom, masturbating and cumming over and over. That's when I had my sexual epiphany.

"God made us to have sex. He . . . I'll say 'He,' although God must be both male and female . . . He threw us out of the Garden for denying our sexuality . . . rejecting his greatest gift to us! . . . The fruit was poison! It made us ashamed! . . . And the sex-hating priests have been keeping us away from God's gift ever since!

"I've watched the video every night and fantasized about you . . . making love . . . fucking . . . your cock in my mouth . . . pussy . . . ass . . .

"I went to Victoria's Secret and bought sexy underwear. I also got birth control pills from Planned Parenthood. Then I waited . . . dreaming and masturbating . . . for tonight . . ."

I pressed my mouth against Suzie's lips to silence her. We kissed for several minutes before I reluctantly looked up at the clock. It was 11:40 PM. It would take me 15 minutes to walk home.

"It's time to go," I said gently.

"I know," Suzie answered. "You have to be home by midnight. I wish I could go with you, but my parents are going to call on the apartment phone in a few minutes."

"We really made a mess," I observed, looking at the big brown spots on her parents' bed. "I should help you clean up. I can be a few minutes late."

"No," she said. "I'm going to sleep here tonight, on the sheets stained with my virgin blood. I really want to be with you, but I'll have to settle for that . . ." Blinking away tears, she added briskly. "I'll do laundry in the morning. After all the things we did tonight, I'm never going to bleed from being fucked again!"

Suzie gave me a long open-mouth kiss while wrapping her arms around my back to pull our bodies together. She stiffened when my erect penis pressed between her legs.

"We can't get started again!" she said, reluctantly releasing me. "If you're grounded, we won't have tomorrow afternoon together!"

* * *

I was barely aware of the streets and sidewalks on the way home. Mostly, I was thinking about Suzie, remembering tonight and anticipating tomorrow.

There was also Angela and Bernie. When Angela and I had gotten back from the Brooklyn Cyclones game, Bernie had been waiting for us.

"Angela, I've got to talk to you," he said, rising to his feet. "I want to say I'm sorry . . ."

"I guess I should go . . ." I began.

"No," Angela answered, taking my hand. "Anything Bernie says to me, he says to you, too. Come on, let's go upstairs."

In Angela's apartment on the third floor of our parents' hardware store, she turned to face Bernie, glaring. "So what is it already?" she demanded.

"I'm sorry, Angela," he answered, red-faced. "Uh . . . you too, Paul. I'm sorry about the things I said . . . and about watching you in bed . . . your brother porking you and taking that fake cock up his ass . . . I guess I'm just a perv. I wanted to leave, but I just couldn't stop watching . . . it got me so hot I had to jack off . . ."

"It's hard not to be jealous," Bernie continued. "But I guess you and Paul have been doing this for a long time. I should be glad to have you at all."

"You'll be damn lucky to have me!" Angela answered sternly. "Here's the deal. You've blown it big time and I'm giving you one . . . exactly one . . . more chance. No more jealousy . . . not about Paul . . . not if I'm fucking everybody on the block!"

"And no more lies!" she continued. "If you've got another woman, tell me!"

"No," Bernie said. "I swear there's no other woman!"

"All right," Angela growled. "Come here." Bernie moved into her open arms. They kissed tenderly for a minute, then she pushed him away. "Come over tomorrow night," she said. "You're taking me to a movie. After that . . . we'll see."

Angela burst into tears when the door closed behind Bernie. I took her in my arms. "Dammit Paul!" she sobbed. "I just want him to be honest! If he'll do that, I can get him over the jealousy thing!"

"WE can get him over the jealousy thing," I murmured. Angela looked at me sharply. I was thinking about Bernie's immense cock, 8" long and 2 1/2" thick, surmounted by a wide flaring head. I remembered watching it in Angela's hands, mouth and pussy . . . seeing it stiff and dripping with his cum . . .

* * *

When I was about a block from our building, I saw Bernie coming out the front door and ducked into the alley. It didn't feel like a good time to be making small talk.

It was a little before midnight. He often had to work late shifts at his family's gas station, so I expected him to walk away from me to the bus stop around the corner. Instead, he was coming in my direction. I retreated into the shadows and waited for him to go past.

Bernie was walking with a deliberate pace, like someone a little late for an appointment. I waited until he'd traveled a block, then followed him, moving silently and staying in the shadows.

After ten minutes, he stopped in the middle of a block of row houses near the Verrazano-Narrows bridge and knocked on the basement apartment door.

"Sorry I'm late," Bernie said when the door opened. "I'll make it up to you." The entrance was shadowed, so I couldn't see the big woman who'd answered the door clearly. Bernie took her in his arms and kissed her passionately as the door swung shut.

There was no name on the mailbox. I memorized the address, then checked my watch. It was 12:15 AM. I ran home, slowing down a block from our building to catch my breath.

Mom and Dad were sitting on the living room sofa, sipping wine and listening to classical music - it sounded like Vivaldi. The lights were low and I wondered if they'd fallen asleep on the couch.

Dad's clothes were rumpled and Mom's blouse was half unbuttoned, its neckline plunging in a wide Vee between her firm heavy breasts. It was hard to keep from staring and impossible to ignore the stirring in my crotch.

"You're late," Dad said mildly.

"I helped an old lady," I answered. "Her cat got out of her apartment and I caught it for her."

"Well, it was a good cause," Mom said. "You could have called, but it's all right."

We talked for a few more minutes. "I'm sleepy," I said, yawning. "I guess I'd better go to bed." I bent over the sofa to kiss Mom and Dad goodnight. A crumpled white cloth lay on the floor, mostly hidden by the coffee table. It looked almost like . . . panties?

"He's all grown up!" I heard Mom whisper as I was leaving the room.

"They're not kids anymore," Dad agreed. "Paul's a man and Angela is a woman . . ." He said something else, but it was inaudible.

I closed my bedroom door and lay fully dressed on the bed with the lights out, listening as Mom and Dad finished their wine and went to their bedroom at the other end of the apartment.

When everything was still, I slipped out the window and climbed the fire escape.

Angela was sitting cross-legged on her bed, wearing one of Dad's old white shirts. Only the bottom two buttons were fastened and the shirt gaped open, revealing her lush cleavage. My penis twitched as I remembered Mom's partially-exposed breasts. The shirt was long and its tail covered her pubes. I wondered if she was wearing panties.

"Hi, Squirt!" Angela said brightly. "I don't have to ask how it went with Suzie. I can see it in your face. Can she still walk?"

"Actually, she wore me out," I replied. "You know how hard . . ." we both grinned ". . . that is! We'll have more time tomorrow . . . uh . . . this afternoon."

"Speaking of hard," I continued. "You look like you had fun with Bernie."

"We didn't go to a movie," she answered. "After having coffee, we came back here and went straight to bed." There was a touch of sadness in Angela's lewd grin. "The sex was great. I can't get enough of his giant cock! I'll teach him to be a better lover, but he'll never be as good as you." She bent forward to kiss me, showing a glimpse of her thick pink nipples.

Angela sighed and leaned back against the headboard. The motion made her shirttail ride up, bringing her heavy black pubic thatch into view. "I know Bernie is still lying to me," she said. "I wish I could make him believe it doesn't matter . . . that I just want him to be honest . . ." She sat up straight. "For Christ's sake! He knows I'm fucking my little brother! What's he afraid of? . . ."

Angela brightened. "Enough about Bernie! Little Brother took sweet innocent little 18-year-old Catholic schoolgirl Suzie's cherry!"

She stood up and pressed her body against mine. Her hard nipples dug into my chest as she rubbed her crotch against the stiffness in my groin. "Tell me everything," she purred, reaching for my zipper. "All the nasty intimate details."

Angela and I sat cross-legged on the bed with our knees touching. I was naked while she was still wearing Dad's old dress shirt, with the long sleeves loosely rolled up and all the buttons unfastened. "I love your bone . . ." she said, reaching out playfully.

I caught her wrist. "I'll talk, but only if there's no touching! Of each other or ourselves!" Angela glared. "How about it, Sis?"

"Jesus, you little punk perv creep brother!" she cried, before laughing and kissing me. "Okay, so tell me already!" she said.

Angela looked into my eyes . . . mostly . . . as I described Suzie's bloody deflowering and the wild sex tape her older sister Kristen had made. It took a while, and Angela asked a lot of questions.

"Squirt, you're a twisted genus!" she finally said. "This 'no touching' thing has gotten me unbelievably hot." Angela's shirt was hanging open, showing her lush breasts with long pink nipples protruding from her big dark swollen areolas. Further down, Angela's folds were visible through her thick black tangle of pubic hair.

"Look at what you've done!" Angela said, pulling herself open. Juices glistened in her hot little pink hole and trickled down between her buttocks as her strong female scent filled the air.

"Fuck me, Little Brother!" she whispered, lying back on the bed with her legs open. She grabbed pillows and put them under her shoulders and back, propping herself up.

"Yeah!" Angela continued as I moved between her thighs. "The Squirt is going to put his stiff cherry-popping cock in my tight big-sister cunt and fuck me to Jesus and back!"

That phrase was familiar. Angela had used it the first time I spied on Bernie fucking her. She'd seen me watching and put on a show.

As I pushed my flaring head between Angela's bright pink pussy lips, I realized she was in the same position as before. If someone was standing on the fire escape, they had a perfect view of my prick entering her snatch.

She rocked her pelvis, screaming as she took my entire length in one smooth motion. "Oh Jesus!" she gasped. "Paul, you're such a good lover . . ."

"You taught me, Sis!" I replied. "Letting me watch you with Bernie . . . taking my cherry . . . it's hard to believe it was only two weeks ago . . . all the sex since then . . ."

My shaft slid in and out of her clinging lips as Angela worked her hips. "Fuck me hard Little Brother!" She grabbed my hands and guided them to her breasts. "Squeeze my tits! Fuck me rough! You know I can take it!"

Angela screamed continuously as I mauled her breasts and rammed her pussy. Lost in my own blazing lust, I didn't wonder why she was staring out the window as she came. She finally collapsed on the bed, limp and gasping for breath.

"Sexy man!" Angela whispered, fondling my now-softened cock. "I'm sorry you didn't shoot. I guess Suzie got everything."

"I had an orgasm, even though I didn't ejaculate," I answered. "Don't worry, I'll make more cum."

"When I was cleaning the attic before we moved, I found a box of Dad's old 'Playboys,'" I continued. "Of course, I jacked off while looking at the pictures, but I also read the jokes. In one, a couple had been fucking until they were sore. He went into the kitchen and poured a glass of milk. Just as he plunged his raw burning dick into the glass to cool and soothe it, she came in and said, 'I always wondered how you loaded that thing.'"

Angela laughed, then pulled me down onto her and kissed me passionately.

"What would Suzie do if she saw us right now?" Angela asked, grinning.

"Suzie would be surprised," I answered thoughtfully. "Maybe even angry, at first. But she'd remember her fantasies and get excited."

"And masturbate while she watched!" Suzie's voice came through the open window. "Cumming while my boyfriend fucked his sexy sister!"

"You knew!" I said accusingly. Angela grinned as we jumped off the bed to help Suzie in the window.

She was wearing her perversely sexy Catholic school uniform, with a navy-blue blazer over a white blouse. Her knee-length skirt was a darker navy. White stockings reached from her sturdy black shoes up past the hem of her skirt. Only the school tie, blue-black with a complicated pattern of tiny red and white crosses, was missing.

Suzie's blazer and blouse were unbuttoned, revealing her firm little breasts with swollen dark pink areolas and hard pink nipples. I glanced at Angela. She was staring hungrily at Suzie's chest.

"I wasn't angry," Suzie said. She kissed me, then continued. "I would have been if I'd seen you with some other woman, but I've been fantasizing about you AND about Angela . . . I'm glad SHE was your first . . . such a short time ago . . ."

Suzie pulled away from me and moved into Angela's arms, kissing her passionately. "You let me watch," Suzie whispered. "I've been dreaming about you . . . ever since we met . . ."

"I know," Angela answered, unfastening Suzie's skirt and letting it fall to the floor. Her white stockings ended just above her kneecaps. Suzie wasn't wearing panties and my cock stiffened as I stared at her sexy bare buttocks. "I could sense your heat . . . building . . . waiting to explode . . ."

She caught Suzie's hands and guided them to her breasts. "Come on, Baby!" she whispered. "Play with them . . . any way you want . . ."

Suzie was staring into Angela's eyes. "This is my first time with a woman," she said.

"Don't be afraid," Angela answered.

"I'm not. I just want you to know." Suzie lowered her face to Angela's chest, kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples.

"Yeah Baby, that's good!" Angela moaned, stroking Suzie's hair. "You're making me SO hot! Let's go to bed!"

After stripping, the women stood still, staring at each others' bodies. Angela was solid and dark while Suzie was slender and blond, but they both projected an irresistible erotic intensity.

The women's hands almost unconsciously reached out, touched, locked with fingers intertwined . . . their bodies drew together, breasts to breasts, pubes to pubes, lips to hungry open mouth . . . their hands exploring hot female nakedness . . .

Angela and Suzie finally turned and walked hand-in-hand to the bed.

"Lie back," Suzie commanded, kneeling between Angela's open legs. She bent down, revealing the neat pink-brown lips peeking out from her thick Vee of golden hair and the little pink star between her buttocks. I wanted to drive my stiff rod up that little hole so badly . . .

I moved to get a better view of Suzie going down on Angela. With her sexy ass out of my sight, it was easier . . . a little . . . to resist temptation. Suzie needed her first time with a woman to be one-on-one with Angela. I was just glad they were letting me watch!

Suzie nuzzled Angela's mound, rubbing her face against the heavy black pubic hair and kissing the ragged little folds of flesh peeking out of Angela's lush thatch.

"Brother, this is going to be good!" Angela said, grinning at me and my hard dick as Suzie pulled her open. Angela's gaping freshly-fucked pussy showed its hot pink interior, gleaming with juices. Suzie thrust her tongue into the hole, making Angela squirm and moan.

"You taste like Paul," Suzie said after eating my sister's snatch for several minutes. "It's like the taste when I lick my fingers after masturbating, but Paul's flavor is there, too. You said he didn't cum."

Angela laughed. "That's from my boyfriend Bernie. He left a few minutes before Paul came home. Bernie shot so much juice into me, I could taste it!"

"Wow!" Suzie answered. "Bernie's cock squirted in your snatch, Paul stirred it up while I watched, now you're serving me a hot . . . what do they call it in those Internet stories? . . . cream pie! It's really delicious!" She dived back into Angela's snatch, steadily tongue-fucking her.

Angela was kneading her big firm breasts and playing with her nipples, gently pinching and twisting them. Her big dark areolas were swollen into domes and her broad nipples were a half-inch long and bright pink.

"Oh Suzie!" Angela gasped. "You're good at eating pussy!" She put a hand between her legs and pulled her hood back, revealing the tiny swollen bud beneath. "Now, suck my clit!"

Suzie slipped a finger into Angela's snatch, making her moan as she licked and kissed the little knot of flesh at the top of her folds.

"Oh Jesus, Suzie!" Angela cried. "You're a hot little butch lezzy virgin! . . . Eating my snatch! . . . pushing me . . . Oh God! I'm cumming! . . ." She screamed and thrashed as Suzie sucked her erect clitoris while driving two fingers up her cunt.

Angela finally collapsed on the bed and Suzie moved into her arms. They kissed tenderly.

I gripped my balls with one hand and slowly stroked my stiff shaft with the other, running my index finger over my pre-cum-slick head, as I watched the women.

"My turn!" Angela announced brightly, jumping up and flipping Suzie onto her back. She straddled Suzie's hips, bending down to kiss her firm little pale pink breasts with their puffy dark pink areolas and nipples swollen into tiny pink domes.

I was getting too close. I took my hand away from my shaft, but continued gripping my balls with my thumb and index finger circling the base of my cock.

Suzie was already orgasmic when Angela moved between her legs and ate her to a rapid climax.

"That was good!" Suzie gasped. "Now, turn around! There's something I've been dreaming about . . ."

Angela straddled Suzie's face with her head between Suzie's thighs, slipping two fingers up her snatch and licking her clit. Suzie buried her face in Angela's pussy, making little animal sounds of contentment.

This was like a long wet dream. It was hard to believe I'd fucked my girlfriend and older sister within the past two hours and I was now watching them sixty-nine. My dick was rock hard. Once again, I curled my fingers around my swollen shaft.

"Oh Baby Doll!" Angela purred. "This is really good! . . . I've got something else for you. Paul, get the vibrator."

The vibrator was in a nightstand drawer, along with a strap-on dildo and a jar of lubricant. It was purple silver-speckled plastic, 10" long and 1-1/2" in diameter, penis-shaped with a smoothly-rounded mushroom head and prominent veins along the shaft. The last two inches flared out into a wide base.

Angela tried to grab my cock as I handed her the vibrator, but I dodged. "I just want to watch," I whispered.

"I need some help," she breathed into my ear. "Suzie's SO excited! Her tongue's all the way up my pussy. It's nice, but that's all she's doing. She's not touching my clit or G-spot, just licking deep in my snatch." Angela kissed me. "But don't tell her! I'll teach her . . . later . . ."

Angela switched the vibrator on "low" and touched the purple tip to the sensitive spot between Suzie's anus and vagina.

"JESUS!!!" Suzie screamed, arching her back and nearly bucking Angela off.

"Are you all right, Baby?" Angela asked.

"Yeah," Suzie gasped. "I was just startled. I've never used one . . . well . . . except once . . . I found my older sister Kristen's vibrator. When I turned it on and ran the head over my breasts, my nipples hardened instantly and I could feel the sensations all the way down to my pussy."

"I threw the vibrator back into the dresser and slammed the drawer," Suzie continued. "I told myself that Kristen used it to test her Chastity and Faith. I knew I wasn't that strong. If I touched her vibrator again, it would take my . . . No! . . . I knew I would use it to take my virginity! I was saving myself . . . first for my future husband . . . later for Paul . . ."

"Oh my God!" Suzie moaned as Angela slowly ran the purple vibrator's tip around her vulva, lightly brushing her swollen pink lips, moving in a U-pattern that always stopped short of Suzie's hooded clitoris.

"Jee-Zuss!" Angela whispered, too softly for Suzie to hear. "She's going wild . . . finger-fucking my cunt and pinching my clit! . . . It hurts, but it's turning me on, too! . . . Jeez, my first virgin girl . . ."

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! . . ." Suzie whispered as Angela guided the vibrator in slow circles around her clitoris. "Jesus, I'm close . . . Hanging . . . So close, but . . ."

"Oh fucking Jesus . . . Yeah!" Suzie cried as the big purple head parted her wet pink lips. "Slide it in! . . . All the way! . . . Jesus! . . ."

The vibrator was the same thickness as my penis, but 8" long. I was surprised at how quickly and easily Suzie took those extra two inches.

"Oh fuck Jesus fuck!" Suzie cried as Angela turned the vibrator to "high" and rammed it up her snatch.

My cock was going to explode. I moved behind Angela with my knees on either side of Suzie's head. She stared as I slammed my swollen rod up my sister's cunt without any preliminaries.

"Fuck yeah, Squirt!" Angela gasped. "Give it to me good!"

I fucked Angela while Suzie sucked her clit. The long thick dildo was vibrating inside Suzie's pussy as she squirmed on the bed, working her hips in time with my thrusts into Angela.

"Fuck, Little Brother!" Angela whispered. "Fuck me while I fuck your sexy girlfriend . . ."

Suzie screamed and thrashed on the bed, grabbing my balls and squeezing them painfully as I hammered Angela.

"Yeah, Baby Girl!" Angela cried. "Cum for me! . . . Cum hard! Cum while my little stud brother rams his big hard cock up my hot little cunt! . . . Cum! . . . Fuck! . . . Jesus, I'm cumming!"

My penis throbbed and intense waves of pleasure washed over my body as I slammed Angela. Her muscular cunt convulsed around my driving shaft.

I finally slowed to a stop, gasping for breath, with my cock buried deep inside Angela's pussy. Suzie had gone limp on the bed under Angela.

"The Squirt got me off again!" Angela purred as I pulled out. Kneeling on either side of Suzie, Angela and I kissed tenderly. "Sexy Squirt! . . . Little pest brother with his BIG tool . . . " She said, wrapping her fingers around my still-erect penis. "I can usually tell, but this time . . . Did you cum?"

"Well, no . . ." I admitted. "I had another dry orgasm. It felt good, but it's frustrating. I really need to shoot!"

Suzie started squirming on the bed, muttering "Oh Mary! Oh Jesus! Oh God!" as she kneaded her sexy little breasts and pinched her swollen nipples. Her thighs were clamped together, holding the big-cock vibrator - still turned to "high" - inside her snatch. Angela and I kissed and fondled Suzie as she climbed from climax to even stronger climax.

She finally collapsed on the bed with her chest heaving, twitching and mumbling incoherently about Mary, God and Jesus. "No!" she protested faintly when Angela removed the vibrator from her pussy and switched it off.

Suzie opened her eyes when Angela kissed her on the lips. "I wonder how Mary felt . . . when God fucked her . . ." she whispered. "A lot like this, I imagine. Not just with the vibrator, but everything . . . Angela . . . Paul . . . my first time with a man . . . and a woman . . ."

We lay in the bed with Suzie in the middle, kissing and cuddling. "This is wonderful," Suzie said dreamily. She'd rolled over onto her side and was lying with her face pillowed on Angela's ample breasts and my stiff penis lying along her butt-crack.

I glanced at the clock. It was almost 2:30 AM.

"It was too dangerous for Paul to come back to my apartment," Suzie said, "but my family is in Vermont. After I talked to my parents, I realized I could come here. They won't call again until morning. Even if they did, I could say I was asleep and didn't hear the phone."

"I wanted to sleep . . . just sleep . . . with Paul, in his bed," Suzie continued. "It would be all right as long as I left before dawn and I wanted that tenderness so badly on my first night as a woman . . .

"The ladder Paul uses to climb up to the fire escape was in its usual place behind the building. His window was open, but he wasn't in his room. I heard sounds from the floor above and went to investigate . . .

"I saw you both sitting on the bed, Paul naked with his sexy hard cock, Angela wearing an open man's shirt and exposing her big beautiful breasts . . . You were talking so softly, I couldn't tell what you were saying . . .

"Your conversation wasn't important. I instantly realized Angela had been Paul's first woman. He wasn't EXACTLY lying when he said 'a Nebraska girl' took his cherry . . .

"I felt I should be jealous, but it just made me horny . . . my nipples were already hard when I unbuttoned my blouse and began fondling my breasts.

"Angela's eyes widened as she looked out the window and saw me. I couldn't believe it when she pulled herself open and rolled onto her back, saying 'Fuck me, Little Brother' . . .

"Angela had positioned herself so I could see everything . . . Paul's cock sliding in and out of her cunt . . . I wasn't wearing panties . . . it was SO sexy walking over here without them . . . and I put fingers between my legs, playing with my pussy and clit as I watched you fuck . . . trying not to scream as I came while watching my boyfriend fuck his sexy sister . . ."

"This has been a night of firsts," Suzie continued, tightening her butt cheeks around my stiff rod. "I'm ready for one more. Paul, please fuck my ass!" She squirmed around, positioning her anal entrance against my cock-head and pushing back, stretching herself . . .

"Not so fast, Baby!" I whispered, pulling away from Suzie. "I've got another load and I'm going to shoot it between your butt cheeks . . . when I'm ready. Now, get on your hands and knees."

"Yes, Paul," Suzie answered, kissing Angela before moving into position in the middle of the bed.

I stood still, savoring the tension in my bone as I stared at Suzie. Hanging down, her pale little breasts, with their hard pink nipples and puffed areolas, looked big and full. The thick gold pelt hiding her vulva swept between her buttocks, stopping just short of her little pink star.

"Come on, Paul!" Suzie whispered urgently as I knelt behind her. "Take my anal virginity!" She giggled as I showered her beautifully-rounded butt cheeks with kisses, then moaned with pleasure as I licked up and down her crack.

"Paul . . ." Suzie purred, reaching back to pull her buttocks open, exposing her little wrinkled hole, bright pink against her pale skin.

Amazed at myself, I placed the tip of my tongue at the center of her delicate rosebud. She tasted slightly of sweat and dried pussy juices. It was unbelievably sexy. I alternated between licking her entire hole with my flattened tongue and teasing her to open wider with my tip.

"Oh . . . oh . . . oh . . ." Suzie moaned, pushing her butt into my face. My tongue was deep inside her open asshole and my cock was throbbing and slick with the pre-cum flowing from my tip.

Angela was standing naked beside the bed, rubbing the vibrator - turned to "low" - over her hard nipples. "Here Squirt," she said, handing me the jar of lubricant from the nightstand. "You're going to need this." I instantly remembered how Angela had fucked MY virgin ass with that lubricant and the strap-on in the drawer.

My lubricated finger slid easily up Suzie's asshole. She took my crossed middle and index fingers almost as easily. "Come on Paul," she whispered. "I'm ready!"

"Get on your back, Baby!" I commanded. It might be easier from behind, but I wanted to see Suzie's face. She rolled over and pulled her knees to her chest, elevating her butt and opening her cheeks.

I wanted to be gentle, but I couldn't wait any longer. I hastily lubricated her asshole and my stiff rod.

Angela was sliding the vibrator in and out of the hot wet spot between her open legs, staring as I pressed my swollen cock-head  against Suzie's rosebud. "Yeah, little brother!" Angela said huskily. "Fuck her sweet tight virgin ass!"

Suzie's sexy little puckered hole opened with surprising ease. My cock-head was almost inside when she suddenly stiffened in pain. "It's okay Baby!" she whispered. "Just push your cock in! I'll be all right."

Instead, I pulled out slightly to let Suzie relax, then pushed forward gently, stopping when I met resistance. I repeated the motion over and over, slow shallow fucking, pushing Suzie slightly each time . . . gradually stretching and filling her with my head . . . shaft . . .

"Baby Girl, you sure look good!" Angela exclaimed. The vibrator in her pussy was buzzing on "high" and she was trembling on the edge of orgasm. "My brother's cock is all the way up your asshole and his balls are pressing against your butt cheeks!"

"Fuck her ass, Little Brother!" Angela sobbed, sinking to her knees and driving the vibrator into her snatch as she came, still staring at Suzie and me.

"Fuck Paul, this is so good!" Suzie moaned as I worked my swollen prick in her anus, slowly at first but more rapidly as she relaxed.

"Jesus Paul! Do it hard!" Suzie gasped, clamping my plunging penis with her ass muscles.

"Yeah Baby!" I said, gripping her ankles and spreading her legs in a wide Vee, lifting her butt higher and rocking her body in time with my cock thrusts.

"Fuck!" Suzie cried each time my pelvis slammed into her buttocks and my balls slapped against her cheeks. She was jabbing her pussy with two rough fingers and jacking her clit like a tiny cock.

"God Paul!" Suzie screamed as she came. "Fuck me like God fucked Mary! . . . Oh God! . . . Oh! . . ."

"Fuck Baby," I gasped. "I'm going to . . ."

"Oh God shoot it Paul!" Suzie shouted. "Shoot it hard! I feel it splashing in my ass!" She screamed as another orgasm swept over her while I hammered her, shooting a hard wave of hot juice up her butt with each thrust.

Suzie and I collapsed together, kissing tenderly and feeling our hearts pound. Angela joined us on the bed.

"I love you Paul . . . Angela . . ." Suzie murmured before falling fast asleep.

Angela was already asleep beside us. The lights were still on, but reaching the switch was too much trouble. Darkness swept over me as my head touched the pillow.

When I woke up, it was bright daylight outside. Suzie and Angela were still asleep beside me, naked -- like me -- in each other's arms. Dad was standing in the doorway, looking at us. When he saw my eyes open, he touched an upright finger to his lips.

I closed my eyes for an instant. When I opened them again, Dad was gone. I jumped out of bed and checked the apartment. It was empty.

"It was just a dream," I told myself as I went to wake Suzie and Angela.


Copyright © 2020 by Ken James