Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 7

Video drives an innocent virgin wild!

She put a DVD into the player. We lay with our backs propped up with pillows against the headboard. "Hold me," she commanded.

Nestled in my arms, Suzie said, "You know my brother and sister."

I'd met Alexander at a couple of Suzie's family functions. He was a 24-year-old mechanic living in New Jersey. Al's main interests seemed to be sports, cars, auto racing . . . and girls. Suzie said the family considered him its "black sheep," but he seemed to get along with everyone and was really friendly to me.

21-year-old Kristin lived at home, so I knew her better. Suzie had always idolized her. She was as intellectual as A-student Suzie, but more religious; hot but unattainable. Kristin was dating Jim Oliver, a 25-year-old Episcopal seminary student, which scandalized some of her staunchly Catholic relatives. I was sure they were waiting for marriage. She was just like Suzie had been . . . until . . .

"What about your brother and sister?" I asked, kissing Suzie tenderly.

"Before I had my epiphany last week, Kristin borrowed my video camera," Suzie said. "She forgot to take the tape out. This DVD is a copy of that tape." She punched the remote and the TV lit up.

* * *

Kristen and Jim were in a neat, unobtrusively-decorated bedroom. I guessed it was Jim's apartment. They were standing in front of the double bed, fully clothed, holding hands and smiling at the camera.

Jim was 6' tall and slender. His collar-length brown hair brushed his ears and he had a sparse black mustache and a closely-trimmed black goatee.

Kristen was almost as tall as Jim, with silky black hair cascading over her shoulders. She was wearing an unusually short skirt with a sexy tight top and no bra. The fabric hugged her heavy breasts and showed her tight nipples.

"Okay! Let's see some action!" a male off-camera voice said.

"Jim," Kristen began. "You know this makes me feel dirty! . . . Really dirty! . . . I like that! I've been a good girl too long!" She kissed him passionately, pressing her breasts into his chest and grinding her crotch against his groin. "Now, I'm going to be a porn star!"

"You are a dirty girl!" Jim gasped as Kristen fell to her knees, reaching for his zipper.

His stiff cock snapped up when she pulled his slacks and shorts down. It was a normal 1-1/2" thick, but 7-1/2" long, with a wide mushroom cap. It looked thin springing from the forest of thick black pubic hair that covered his crotch and dusted his balls.

The camera zoomed in on Kristen kissing, licking and sucking Jim's balls. He groaned with pleasure as she moved upward, stroking his shaft with her tongue while gently squeezing his testicles.

Jim's head was gleaming with pre-cum. "Suck my cock, Dirty Girl!" he gasped as she took him in her mouth. "Eat it like a filthy whore!" He gripped the back of her head, restraining her as he worked his hips. "Take it, Slut! My big stiff cock fucking your nasty face!"

Kristen played with her undulating breasts and pinched her hard little pink nipples, gulping as Jim thrust his tool into her mouth.

He suddenly pulled away with his penis throbbing.

"Such a filthy girl!" Jim cried, pulling Kristen to her feet and laying her on the bed. "Your nice white virginal panties are dirty!" he continued, lifting her dress. "You've soaked them with pussy juice!"

"Oh Baby!" Kristen moaned as Jim pressed his stiff pole against the slick cloth. "You made my panties wet!" She worked her hips, humping Jim's penis. "Yeah Baby! Feel my folds? Yeah, push me open! Fuck me through my dirty panties!"

Jim was holding his penis, pressing it against Kristen's crotch. The camera zoomed in on his big thick tool pushing the tightly-stretched cloth into her vulva. His cock-head rubbed her clit while his shaft forced her lips open and slid over her pussy-mouth.

"Oh Dirty Boy!" Kristen gasped. "Your Filthy Girl's going to . . ." She thrashed on the bed, humping Jim's pole harder than ever. "Oh fuck Baby! . . . I'm cumming!!"

"Oh fuck, Filthy Baby! Oh fuck! . . . Me too!" Jim cried. The camera caught the hot juice spraying from his swollen tip and being smeared on the smooth wet fabric by his rapidly thrusting member.

"Kiss me, Dirty Boy!" Kristen commanded. The camera pulled back to show her grabbing his shoulders and pulling him down on top of her.

They rolled on the bed for several minutes, kissing passionately as they shed clothes and fondled each others' bodies. Jim moved out of view, showing Kristen on the bed, naked except for black self-supporting stockings and her white panties.

The C-cup breasts lying gracefully on her chest with a tiny gold cross on a thin gold chain between them were bigger than Suzie's, with large puffy pink areolas and swollen brick red nipples.

"Filthy woman!" Jim cried, returning to the bed. What the fuck? There was a knife in his hand . . . He pulled the cum-and-pussy-juice-soaked panties away from Kristen's body and cut a small hole in the cloth. "Lying on your back with your legs open, wearing your dirty panties . . ."

"You fucked my panties, Dirty Boy!" Kristen said, putting her feet flat on the bed and lifting her knees. "Do it again! Drive your cock through my nasty panties and up my hot wet cunt!"

"Fuck yeah, Baby!" Jim growled. The view zoomed in on Kristen's crotch as Jim moved between her legs. The hole he'd cut didn't line up properly. With a loud ripping noise, he enlarged the opening with his fingers.

Kristen pulled her mound open. Her entire snatch was hot pink, from the tiny finger of her erect clit to the deep beckoning pool of her vagina, glistening with her juices.

"Here you are, Dirty Girl!" Jim cried, moving his erect penis into the close-up.

"Oh fuck! Yeah!" Kristen moaned as Jim's swollen head burrowed into her hot red tunnel. "Give me your cock!" Her tight hole was swallowing his shaft. "Make me your whore!"

"You're taking it like a filthy whore!" Jim hissed, driving his swollen prick into Kristen's snatch.

The camera moved around, showing Kristen and Jim from different angles and distances as he fucked her roughly.

"Oh God!" Kristen cried. "I'm your dirty slut! Pound me with your big hard cock! Is my cunt hot and tight enough for you?"

"Hot and nasty, Baby!" Jim replied, driving his dick into Kristen's pussy. "Just like the rest of you!"

The camera focused on Kristen's chest. She was kneading her breasts while pinching and twisting her swollen brick-red nipples. The tiny gold cross gleamed between her heavy flushed tits.

"Oh God, Dirty Boy!" Kristen gasped. Her body was trembling. "I'm your whore! Your filthy whore! . . . Oh God, your cock in my cunt! . . . Jesus! . . . I'm going to . . . I'm cumming! . . ." She screamed and thrashed as Jim fucked her until she collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Oh Father, I don't need forgiveness for this," she whispered. "It IS Heaven!"

Jim was supporting himself on elbows and knees over Kristen. He gradually lowered his body onto hers. Their faces filled the screen as they kissed passionately.

"Do we cut now?" the cameraman asked. Jim kissed Kristen tenderly and stepped out of view.

"No," she answered. "Just leave it on. It'll be easy to edit."

Kristen giggled. "That was wonderful!" she said, sitting up. The camera focused on her face and bare breasts. "I've never felt so free! It's like being high, but better! This is even more exciting than I'd imagined."

"Two years ago, I'd have felt like the Whore of Babylon for making this video," she said, unconsciously fingering the cross as she looked straight into the camera. "It's a long story why and how, but I'm at peace . . . with God . . . with myself . . . and with my sexuality!"

"I really am a slut, you know," Kristen continued, caressing her breasts and running her thumbs over her hard nipples. "I want . . . need . . . more than one man . . . more than one kind of sex . . ." The camera followed her hands down between her legs. She rolled onto her back to remove her stained and tattered white panties.

Unlike blond Suzie, Kristen was a brunette. She had a thick Vee of dark pubic hair which ended an inch above her vulva. Her mound and slit were bare. I'd seen pictures on the Internet, but she was the first woman I knew with a bare pussy.

"I'm going to tell you a story," she said. "It's a night when I'm young, my body is changing and I'm having all these new feelings.

"I'm in bed, lying on top of the covers. It's so hot I can't sleep. I remove my nightgown, but it doesn't help. All the heat is coming from beneath my panties."

"The priests and nuns taught me to be ashamed of my body, but I feel a rush of excitement when I pull my hot panties off and lie naked on the bed."

"My breasts are strange," Kristen continued. "They're swollen and my nipples are so hard they hurt." She was kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. "I shouldn't play with them!" she gasped. "I should kneel and pray for forgiveness!" She raised the cross to her lips and kissed it.

"It's so hot between my legs . . ." Kristen moaned, sliding her hands down to her thighs. "Father, forgive my sins! I'm so hot and wet! Burning!" She ran her hands up and down her thighs, occasionally brushing a finger over her hairless mound.

"Mother Mary, please help!" she sobbed, caressing her closed mound and stroking her slit. Her eyes were pressed shut and she was breathing hard as she rolled her hips in time with her finger motions.

The camera zoomed in on her swollen pink vulva, with her neat rolls of purple puffy flesh in the center.

"Oh God, please don't watch!" Kristen cried, pulling herself open with her right middle and index fingers, exposing her hot pink female core. Her clit was still hiding beneath its hood, but her pussy mouth was open and inviting. "You're always watching . . ."

"Hail Mary, full of Grace . . ." Kristen whispered as she slipped the tip of her left index finger into her vagina. "No! Please help me be strong! Please help me . . ." She was sliding her finger in and out of her hot wet snatch. "Oh no! . . . No! . . . Noooooo!"

Kristen was writhing on the bed, fucking herself hard with her left middle and index finger while rubbing her clit through its hood with her right hand. "Oh God, please forgive me!" she cried. "My body! . . . I can't stop! . . . No! . . . Oh, my body! . . . It's . . ." Kristen screamed and thrashed for a long time.

She finally lay still, dreamily playing with her pussy.

Kristen touched the cross lying between her heaving breasts. "God, I did it again," she whispered. "You say it's bad, but you didn't help. Not you, not Jesus, not Mary . . . You just watch . . . I think you enjoy watching!" Her voice trailed off and she lay there, an adolescent girl lost in her thoughts.

Kristen suddenly laughed and sat up, a young woman again. "That was great!" she said. "The strongest orgasm I've ever had from masturbation." She giggled, a little nervously. "I was . . . uh . . . imagining this video on the Internet . . . millions of people watching us . . . me . . . Men stroking their hard cocks . . . Women playing with their tits and pussies . . . Couples eating and fucking . . . All watching! . . . Being watched like that . . . by so many people . . . Gets me SO hot!"

"In this video, I want to do all the sexual things the Church says are bad," Kristen said. "So far, there's been premarital sex and the dread sin of touching myself. What now?"

The camera pulled back to keep Kristen in the frame as she stood up to embrace the naked woman stepping into view.

Three weeks ago, my sister Angela and I had gone to a birthday party for Suzie's mother. Kristen and Suzie's older brother Al brought his girlfriend, Valerie Stone.

She was tall, big-bodied and muscular, with solid buttocks and big hemispherical breasts. Her skin was a rich coffee-cream color and her thick straight black hair cascaded down her back almost to her waist. Valerie's face looked like a portrait of a Spanish Angel. Even dressed modestly in a loose pink top and long dark skirt, she gave every man in the room a hard-on.

Valerie was a Physical Education major at Brooklyn College, working her way through school. "She's so sexy!" Angela whispered, pulling me aside. "She says she's a waitress, but I'll bet she's an exotic dancer. She just projects sexuality. Guys don't have a chance! Heck, I'd even change teams for her!"

The woman kissing and fondling Kristen so passionately was Valerie!

Valerie finally pulled away and faced the camera. Her big unsupported breasts were near-perfect coffee-cream hemispheres tipped with immense swollen brick-red nipples centered in areolas two inches in diameter.

Valerie tugged on her nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and index fingers and making the elongated domes swell even more.

"Do you like this, Al?" she asked the cameraman. "I can tell Jim does!" She giggled as the view swung around to Jim, standing at the foot of the bed with a massive erection. "Give him the camera so you can take your clothes off!"

"What makes you think I'm turned on by this?" Al countered. "I'm a professional!"

Valerie laughed. "I can see the bulge in your pants!" she said. "Give me the camera and strip!" The view jumped and blurred as she took it.

I looked at Suzie. She was staring at the screen as if hypnotized and she gripped my hand like it was keeping her from flying away. "Are you all right?" I whispered. She answered by relaxing her grip and squeezing my hand reassuringly.

Al was 6' 2" with a lean muscular body. He had Suzie's thick blond hair, cut really short. Valerie followed him with the camera as he sat on a chair to remove his shoes and socks. "You like?" he asked, standing up and peeling the faded-letter "Brooklyn" tank-top from his muscular chest.

"You bet!" Valerie replied.

"Show us the rest, Baby!" That was Kristin's voice!

Al unfastened his jeans, let them fall around his ankles and kicked them away. He was wearing briefs and his upright penis stretched the pre-cum-soaked cloth.

He paused with his thumbs in the waistband. "I don't know about this," he said. "I'm kind of shy . . ."

Kristen stepped into view and yanked Al's briefs down. His stiff prick was only 6" long, but an amazingly thick 2-1/2" in diameter.

Valerie laughed as she zoomed in on Al's swollen pole. "That's my mechanic boyfriend!" she said. "I love working his stick shift! Al, you're going to get a lot harder watching me playing with your sister!"

She handed Jim the camera, then took Kristen's hand and led her to the bed.

"Hold it, Baby," Kristen said, stopping at the edge of the bed and turning to face Valerie.

"Is something wrong?" Valerie asked.

Kristen answered by gripping Valerie's buttocks and pulling their bodies together. Valerie's big firm coffee-cream breasts pressed into Kristen's pale slightly smaller ones as the women kissed passionately.

"I love your tits!" Valerie whispered, kneading Kristen's breasts. "So soft . . . natural . . . hard little nipples . . ."

"Oh Baby!" Kristen moaned, putting her hands on Valerie's chest. "Yours are so sexy! . . . big puffy red nipples in wide chocolate areolas . . ." She plunged her face between Valerie's breasts.

My cock was as stiff as a steel rod. Suzie's neat little pale pink nipples in the center of her little brown areolas were longer and harder than I'd ever seen them. "Suzie, I'm so horny . . ."

She opened her legs and guided my hand to her vulva. Her mound was hot and wet. "I am too," she answered. "I want you to fuck me, but we need to watch the video . . ." Suzie pulled my probing finger out of her folds and closed her legs. "After that . . ." She gave me a quick kiss before turning back to the TV.

Kristen was going wild, licking Valerie's giant breasts and sucking her big hemispherical nipples. "Oh Val!" she finally gasped. "I played with a couple of girlfriends when I was young, but was never interested in women until I met you. Now . . ."

"Come on!" Valerie said, lying on the edge of the bed. The camera closed in on Kristen's face as she fell to her knees on the floor between Valerie's open legs.

Valerie's mound was two tall ridges of flesh with her dark brown lips rising from the valley between them. It was already slightly separated and flushed with blood. She moaned with pleasure as Kristen ran her tongue up and down her slit, teasing it open.

"Fuck Baby! Eat me good!" Valerie commanded, pulling herself wide. Her warm chocolate lips transitioned into her hot pink interior. Her urethra was prominent on a swollen mound with the folded flesh below it stretching into darkness. The whole area was gleaming with her juices.

After teasing Valerie's little pee-hole with the tip of her tongue, Kristen probed the dark tunnel at its base, licking and teasing Valerie's puffy pussy-lips, circling her outer edges and occasionally darting deeper inside.

"Oh Baby! That's so good!" Valerie moaned. "You're always so good!" Kristen slipped her middle finger into Valerie's wet pussy and pressed her palm against the dark woman's vulva. "Oh fuck yeah Baby!" Valerie rolled her hips, pushing against Kristen's hand.

The camera pulled back to show Valerie kneading her big tan breasts and twisting her swollen brick-red nipples as Kristen fucked her; first with one finger circling her pussy mouth and occasionally slipping in to rub her G-spot . . . then two fingers, twisting while plunging in and out . . . finally three fingers roughly fucking her snatch while Kristen rubbed her clit through its hood, making Valerie buck and scream.

"Oh God!" Valerie gasped when Kristen finally let her collapse on the bed. "You made me cum so hard!" Kristen straddled Valerie's hips to kiss her. "You're so good!"

Valerie and Kristen fondled each others' breasts as they kissed passionately. "Hey! I thought I was going to be the butch!" Valerie giggled.

The camera moved down for a close-up of Valerie's snatch. It was bright red, swollen and glistening with her juices. Her pussy mouth was gaping open, showing the hot red folds deep inside, begging to be separated by a big stiff cock . . .

"Move Jim," Al said, off-camera. "I'm getting that hot pussy!" After a brief blurred jumble, the view stabilized, showing Al standing beside the bed, lifting Valerie's legs to raise her pelvis and bring her vagina into line with his erect penis.

"I love my Mechanic!" Valerie purred as Al put his cock-head against her pussy mouth and pushed forward. "Oh God yeah!" she gasped. "Work your stick shift! Drive me, Baby!"

Suzie's hand was wrapped around my cock, stroking me as we watched Al and Valerie.

"No!" Suzie whispered when I pressed my hand between her legs. She was hot and wet.

"You . . . we . . . want it!" I answered. "If you keep playing with my dick, I'm going to bend you over and fuck you! Maybe even in the ass . . ."

"No!" she said. "Not yet!" Suzie released my painfully-stiff penis and settled back in my arms. I was intensely aware of her hot female scent as her body pressed against mine.

Al fucked Valerie for several minutes with a leisurely rhythm, making her moan with pleasure. "Don't stop!" she begged when he pulled out.

Al's cock was rock hard, gleaming with Valerie's juices and his pre-cum. "Get on your back in the middle of the bed," he commanded.

It only took a moment to change positions. As Kristen watched, Al knelt between Valerie's spread thighs. "Yeah, Mechanic Baby!" she said. "I'm ready for your big thick . . . piston! . . . Ready for you to drive . . ."

"Oh fuck!" Valerie cried as Al's cock slipped into her snatch. He resumed his leisurely pace, making her squeal every time he reached bottom.

Kristen straddled Valerie's head, lowering her vulva onto the other woman's face while staring at Al's thick sliding pole. "Oh yeah, Val!" she moaned. "Eat my pussy while my brother fucks . . . Oh fuck yeah! Suck my clit! . . ."

Kristen clamped Valerie's head with her knees as she screamed and came. She finally fell forward onto her elbows with her face inches from Al's penis, which was still maintaining its steady rhythm.

"You like this, Kris?" Al asked. "Watching me fuck your best friend while she goes down on you?"

"Oh yeah!" she answered. "I've never cum like this before! . . . Your cock! . . . So hot! . . ."

"You like my dick . . . sister?" Al asked, pulling out of Valerie. "Then suck it!"

"Oh yeah! . . . brother!" Kristen replied, wrapping her hand around Al's thick shaft. Her fingers didn't quite close around its girth. She froze for a moment, staring at his massive tool, with its broad flaring head and deep corneal ridge.

Jim was a great erotic cameraman. The view swooped gracefully around, capturing every detail as Kristen stroked Al's glans with her tongue, probing his cum-slit and stretching her mouth around his swollen head.

"Kris, you're so good!" Al gasped. "You've got me real close, but I'm not ready to cum yet."

"That's okay . . . brother," Kristen purred. "Val needs some attention, anyway!" She plunged her tongue into Valerie's gaping snatch, making her squirm and moan. Kristen's face was gleaming with juices when she lifted it from Valerie's crotch.

"That was great!" Valerie gasped. "But now I need cock! Fuck me, Al!"

Gripping his shaft, Kristen guided Al's thick cock-head between Valerie's legs. The dark woman moaned as his thick tool stretched her, stopping with his first two inches inside.

"God, you're a wonderful . . . mechanic!" Valerie gasped, writhing in pleasure as Al shallow-fucked her sensitive pussy mouth, occasionally driving deep to stroke her G-spot.

"Yeah, Val!" Kristen gasped. "Finger-fuck me while my brother's cock is up your hot cunt!" She pulled Valerie's clit hood back, exposing her swollen clit. The tiny bud was flushed brick-red like the rest of her vulva. Valerie started screaming when Kristen took it in her mouth.

Suzie moaned beside me. She had one hand between her legs and was slowly rolling her hips as she stared at the TV.

Valerie came violently, screaming and thrashing as Al fucked her hard and deep. Kristen held on to the bucking woman, sucking her clit through her thunderous orgasm.

"Oh Mechanic Baby! . . . Oh Kris, you hot little bull dyke slut!" Valerie gasped. "That was great! Now I need some grease! Come on, Al! Shoot it up my snatch!"

"Not this time!" Al growled. Kristen moved aside, kneeling beside Valerie and fingering her own pussy. Al straddled Valerie's chest, pressing his cock - slick with her pussy juices - between her big solid breasts. "This is a porn movie!" he gasped, frantically humping her tits. "I have to show . . . oh! . . . how much . . . oh Jeez! . . . I've . . . got . . . "

Al and Valerie screamed together as pulse after pulse of his hot thick cream burst from his tip, splashing her chest and face. Kristen was cumming beside them.

Finally spent, Al lowered his body onto Valerie's, kissing her passionately.

The camera swung over to Kristen, kneeling on the bed with her legs spread. Her hair was tangled and her face was flushed. Her breasts were heavy with blood and her nipples were hard little pink domes centered in her swollen darker pink areolas.

"I think that's enough for now," Kristen said, a little breathlessly. "We're going to take a break, then we'll come back and get dirty." There were a few seconds of laughter before the screen went dark.

"Is that it?" I asked. Suzie and I were lying side by side with our backs propped up with pillows against the headboard. One of my arms was wrapped around her back while the other was draped over her belly. Suzie's legs were open. Her scent was heavy in the air and her fingers made a soft squishing sound as she played with her snatch.

Suzie looked at me dreamily. She'd been keeping herself at the edge of orgasm without pushing herself over. "You'll see," she answered giggling softly and trembling as she ran a finger over her clit.

The screen came back to life, showing Kristen standing in front of the rumpled bed, flanked by Al and Jim. They were all naked. Her nipples were still hard and the little gold cross gleamed between her swollen breasts.

"It's on," Valerie's muffled voice said.

"Great!" Kristen answered.

"I have all the boy toys!" she giggled, wrapping a hand around each man's cock. "I guess that adds 'Gluttony' and maybe 'Greed' to 'Lust' for the sins on this video."

"How about 'Pride?'" Valerie asked from behind the camera.

"Yeah, it is arrogant to believe in myself," Kristen agreed. "I guess that counts." She paused thoughtfully. "That's four out of seven sins . . . 'deadly sins' . . . isn't it? That's what the priest would say, even though we're not hurting anybody."

"Anyway . . ." she continued, "I don't care! I've still got two sexy toy boys!" The men faced each other with the tips of their stiff rods touching as Kristen sank to her knees between them.

She gripped the men's poles, rubbing their swollen pre-cum slick heads together. Al and Jim suddenly bent forward, kissing open-mouthed as Kristen played with their dicks.

The view zoomed in until Kristen's chest and face filled the screen, framed by the men's cocks and balls. Her tongue caressed their pressed-together heads as she stroked their swollen shafts.

"This is so wild!" she said. "Making a video with the men I love!"

She looked up into Jim's eyes. "The man I'm going to marry! The man I want to plant babies in me, when we're ready!"

Kristen turned to Al. "And the big brother I've been fucking for three years! You were reluctant when I slipped into your bedroom and begged you to take my cherry, but you did it. I screamed into a pillow so Mom, Dad and Suzie wouldn't hear me."

Kristen fondled the men's stiff pricks while taking Jim's swollen cock-head in her mouth, locking her lips on his corneal ring and stroking his glans with her tongue.

Jim moaned with pleasure as he slowly worked his hips. Kristen continued playing with his cock and balls when she turned to Al, stretching her mouth over the first inches of his stiff pole.

She alternated between the two hard dicks; delicately probing the cum slit with the tip of her tongue, licking the flaring glans, clamping the pre-cum slick head between her lips, sucking, deep-throating, fucking him with her mouth . . . Sometimes taking the men together . . .

I hadn't touched my bone, but it was throbbing and I was close to cumming. Suzie was masturbating beside me as she stared at the screen, rolling her hips and moaning softly, keeping herself at the edge of orgasm.

"I can tell how close you guys are," Kristen said, releasing both cocks and standing up to kiss Jim and Al passionately. "I'm not ready for you to shoot. There's a lot more I want to do."

She lay in the center of the bed with the men kneeling on either side. They kissed her tenderly, taking turns on her lips, then moving in near-unison to kiss her forehead, cheeks, throat, shoulders, breasts, belly, thighs . . .

"Oh God!" Kristen moaned. "Jim . . . Al . . . I'm so hot! . . . One of you please fuck me!"

Jim moved aside. Kneeling between Kristen's legs, Al guided his stiff dick to her slit. "Fuck!" she gasped as he slid smoothly into her.

"Big . . . Brother . . ." she sighed, raising her knees and rocking her pelvis in time with Al's long slow thrusts.

The camera closed in on Kristen's vulva. Her neat purple pussy lips clutched at Al's thick shaft as he gradually withdrew. His broad flaring head emerged from her dark tunnel, leaving only his tip inside.

"Oh my God, Al!" Kristen gasped as he pushed forward, slowly stretching her sensitive pussy mouth. "Oh Fuck!" He continued inward, angling his cock-head to catch her G-spot before probing her depths with his thick dick.

While Al fucked Kristen, Jim straddled her chest, playing with her breasts; kissing and kneading her big graceful undulating mounds while pinching and twisting her hard little pink nipples, making her puffy areolas swell into even-larger domes.

She was writhing on the bed, moaning as she worked her hips, increasing the tempo of the thick cock stretching her hot snatch. "Oh fuck, Big Brother! . . . Fuck me hard! . . . Shoot it in me! . . . I'm cumming! . . . Ooohhhh!" Al rammed Kristen as she screamed and thrashed.

"Oh wow!" she finally whispered. "That was really great! . . . But you didn't cum!"

"Not yet!" Al agreed. His hard dick was still deep inside Kristen. "But I will . . . eventually." She moaned as he pulled out. "For now . . . Saddle up!"

Al lay on his back and Kristen straddled his hips, bending forward to kiss him as she reached for his erect penis.

Jim was kneeling on the bed beside Al. "Ride 'em cowgirl!" he said as Kristen spiked herself on her brother's thick cock.

Kristen moaned orgasmically as she rode Al like a rodeo bull, bouncing high but holding on, one hand playing with her tits, the other stroking Jim's swollen pecker.

"Oh fuck, Al!" she gasped, rapidly rolling her hips. "Stretch my hot little cunt!"

Jim took a little plastic bottle from the nightstand and moved behind Kristen. "Oh yeah, Baby!" she moaned when he slid a lubricated finger into her pretty brown rosebud. "I'm ready!" she continued. "Just do it! . . . Don't worry about being gentle!"

Kristen held still, with Al's full thickness and length filling her snatch and his balls pressing her pussy lips. Jim smeared lube on his cock and placed the head against the puckered hole nestled between her round buttocks.

"Oh my God!" Kristen cried as Jim entered her asshole, pushing forward until he met resistance, then backing off to let her relax before continuing. After a minute of steady progress, he was completely inside, all 7-1/2", fucking her ass in time with Jim's thrusts into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Kristen whispered. "Wonderful fucking Boy Toys! . . . Jim! . . . Al! . . . Your cocks! . . . Rubbing together inside my body! . . . My cunt! . . . My ass! . . ." Her voice grew louder as the men increased their speed. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

"Ride me, cowboys!" she shouted. The gold cross danced between her bouncing breasts. "Fuck me hard! I'm cumming again!" Kristen screamed and thrashed, held in place by rough male hands and pinned by Al's hard pole thrusting into her snatch and Jim's rod driving up her asshole.

The men rammed her relentlessly, pushing her from climax to more intense climax.

"No more!" Kristen finally sobbed. "I think it'll kill me!"

Jim and Al released her and she lay limp on the bed with a man on either side, each tenderly kissing and caressing her. "You guys still haven't cum," she whispered dreamily.

The camera zoomed in on Kristen's face and chest. Jim and Al were kissing her cheeks and each man had a hand on one of her breasts.

"What sins have we added to our video?" she asked. "Incest for sure. With my sexy big brother!" She squeezed Al's hand. "And I don't think the priest would like my stud boyfriend putting his cock up my ass while my brother fucks me!" she continued, putting her hand over Jim's.

"My sexy boy toys!" she said dreamily, turning her head to kiss Jim, then Al.

"I've thought of another sin!" Kristen said brightly. "I want to watch the boys fuck!" She bounced out of the bed, leaving Jim and Al lying side by side, staring into each others' faces. "I know you want to," Kristen added, "and it'll get me SO hot!"

"Me too!" Valerie agreed.

Jim and Al grinned. "Anything to please the ladies," Jim said. Al just nodded while staring at Jim's crotch.

The men rolled together, kissing passionately and fondling each others' stiff dicks and bulging balls.

Jim stretched his mouth over Al's thick cock, sucking his wide flaring head while stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls. Al worked his hips, gently fucking Jim's face.

"I can taste Kristen," Jim commented. "It's really sexy mixed with your male flavor!" He gripped Al's shaft while playing with his cock-head, rapidly rubbing his pre-cum slick thumb over Al's little corneal Vee.

Jim backed off when Al started gasping and throbbing. "Come on," he said, rolling onto his back and pulling his knees to his chest, elevating his buttocks.

Al looked a little startled. "You're sure eager," he commented as he lubricated his penis and Jim's anus.

"Kris fucks me with a dildo," Jim answered. "It's great, but I want to know what a real man is like!"

"And I want to see you giving it to him, big brother!" Kristen added, gripping Al's shaft and guiding his cock-head to Jim's little puckered hole.

"Oh God!" Jim gasped as Al's pole stretched his ass. "You're thicker than the dildo!"

"Are you all right?" Al asked, pulling back a fraction of an inch.

Jim was stroking his penis and breathing deeply. "Yeah! . . . I think so! . . . I really want it! . . . Just take it easy!"

"Yeah, that's good!" Jim whispered a little later. "Your fat cock filling my asshole!"

"See how I feel when my Mechanic works his stick shift?" Valerie asked.

"Fuck him, big brother!" Kristen was kneeling on the bed beside the men with a finger making slow circles in her pussy while she rubbed her clit hood with two fingers of her other hand. "Push your thick dick up my boyfriend's ass!"

The camera zoomed in. Jim's fist flew over his stiff prick, making his balls bounce over the swollen tool invading the little hole between his buttocks.

Suzie was starting to cum beside me, growling softly and trembling almost imperceptibly. Still holding her, I slid my hand up from her belly to her breasts, kneading her firm flesh and gently pinching her hard little nipples.

Jim relaxed quickly. In a few moments, Al was completely inside, fucking Jim's butt with long slow strokes. "Oh, that is so good!" Jim moaned. He'd stopped jacking off and his pecker jerked every time Al drove his stiff cock home.

"Fuck his ass, big brother!" Kristen cried. "This is getting me SO hot!"

"Me too!" Suzie breathed beside me, her faint growl growing deeper and louder.

"I'm hot too!" Al agreed. "I've never fucked a man's ass with women watching!" He gripped Jim's ankles, lifting them up and out, elevating the other man's butt.

Kristen moaned on the bed, driving rough fingers up her snatch and rubbing her clit as she watched Al pistoning Jim as their bodies rocked in perfect synchronization. "Al! Stop!" she suddenly cried.

"Fuck no!" Al protested. "I'm so close . . ." He pulled out of Jim's butt, holding his throbbing tool. He barely managed to keep from shooting. "What now, LITTLE sister?" he growled. "Do you want YOUR ass fucked?"

"You know how much I love that . . ." Kristen purred, "but no!" She grinned wickedly. "Bend over, big brother! I want to watch my boyfriend pork you!"

"The sacrifices we make for family," Al sighed, standing up and positioning himself with his hands on the bed and his legs spread wide.

"I've really wanted this, too!" Jim said, steering his freshly-lubricated boner between Al's butt cheeks. "Kris' ass feels different from her pussy. Now, I'm going to find out if a man's ass is different from a woman's!"

"So do it!" Al replied. "Show me what you've been giving my baby sis . . ." He gasped with surprise and a little pain as Jim drove his long hard rod home. "Oh fuck yeah!" he said, working his hips to move Jim's cock inside his butt. "Lucky baby sister! . . . Great cock! . . . Fuck me, sexy boyfriend!"

"Male ass!" Jim gasped as he thrust into Al. "Great fuck!"

Kristen was standing beside the men, staring at Jim's penis sliding smoothly in and out of Al's rolling buttocks. Jim followed as Al twisted away from the bed to grab Kristen and force her to her knees. "Jack me off!" he commanded, grabbing her hand and guiding it to his crotch. "While your boyfriend fucks my ass! . . ."

The camera zoomed in as Kristen squeezed Al's balls and stroked his throbbing dick. He came within seconds, splashing her face and chest.

Jim pulled out of Al's ass and pushed him aside. "Here's some more!" he growled, spraying Kristen with his own hot cream.

Suzie was screaming in my arms, writhing on the bed as she stared at the screen. I reached between her legs and pulled her hand away. It was slick with her juices. Her hot wet pussy clamped my middle finger when I slipped it inside.

I drove my finger into Suzie's snatch, alternating between finger-fucking her with a straight in and out motion and curling my finger to stroke her G-spot while occasionally brushing her clit with the palm of my hand.

"Oh God, Paul!" she yelled. "I'm cumming!" I slipped a second finger into her grasping cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb, keeping her screaming and thrashing.

My throbbing prick was hard as a steel rod and my shaft and balls were slick with pre-cum. A thick wave of hot juice burst from my swollen tip, arcing high through the air and splashing Suzie's belly A dozen more followed it, spraying our bodies.

Kristen's face and upper body filled the screen, framed by the men's torsos. There was semen on her nose, cheeks, lips, and running down her chin. Her big gracefully-undulating breasts - and the little gold cross between them - were coated with gleaming cum.

"Father forgive me, for I have sinned," she said, looking directly at us. "That's how we're supposed to start Confession . . . Well, I'm not going to ask for forgiveness. The priests - old men who hate their sexuality - say it's a sin, but God made me this way! I don't know what the priests' Heaven is like, but mine is right here!"

Kristen held her position for several seconds, then laughed. "Okay, that's enough!" she said.

There were a few blurred seconds of people moving around hugging and kissing, then the screen went dark.

* * *

Suzie lay in my arms, gasping for breath. "Wow!" she whispered. After a minute, she fumbled for the remote and turned the DVD off.

"I've always idolized Kristen," Suzie said. "Since puberty, I've had these burning desires . . . fantasies about men . . . women . . . forbidden thoughts about Kris, Al . . . uh . . . Mom and Dad . . . Those feelings grew even stronger when I started dating you."

"But Kristen . . . knowing Kristen was remaining chaste . . . gave me the strength to resist my physical desires," Suzie continued. "Then she made this video. She's leading the way again! I wonder if she intended for me to find the tape, at least unconsciously."

"And I got lucky," I interrupted softly.

"Remember the first night we kissed?" Suzie asked. "It was before I had my epiphany and you became so irresistibly sexy. You had to be insistent, wrapping your arms around me and pressing your lips against mine. I resisted because I wanted it so badly!"

"After I went to bed, I masturbated for two hours, fantasizing about you. Since then, I've been dreaming about you every night." She pulled away, rolling onto her back. "Now my fantasies have come true!"

"I love you," I whispered, moving between her legs. With her hard nipples pressing against my chest, we kissed - tenderly at first, then with steadily-mounting passion.

The tip of my swollen rod pressed into Suzie's hot female core. "Oh Paul, I love you so much!" she whispered as I took her again.


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