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Playing With My Sister 6

Brother pops a Catholic schoolgirl's cherry.

Suzie had always dressed modestly, but I was surprised to find her wearing her Catholic school uniform with her hair tied back in a ponytail when she opened the door.

"Hi Paul," Suzie said, taking my hand and leading me inside the apartment. She stepped away as we waited for the door to close. "I have really complicated feelings tonight," she said. "I just want us to stand here and look at each other for a minute."

I felt a little self-conscious with her staring at me. I'm tall, dark (big surprise for an Italian-American!), average-looking and reasonably athletic. Girls hadn't really started noticing me until my sister Angela took my cherry two weeks before.

Suzie was more interesting. She looked slight - tall and slender with small breasts and buttocks - but with a wiry athleticism. Her name was Summers, but her grandfather had changed that from something Polish. She had strong Eastern-European features and thick blonde hair.

Her Catholic school uniform was perversely sexy. She was wearing a navy-blue blazer over a white blouse and a blue-black tie with a tiny complicated pattern of red and white crosses. Her knee-length skirt was a darker navy. White stockings reached from her sturdy black shoes up past the hem of her skirt.

"How high do those stockings reach?" I wondered. "What kind of panties is she wearing?" My penis was painfully tangled in my shorts.

Suzie broke the tension by stepping forward. "Welcome to the jungle," she purred, pressing her body against mine and kissing me passionately.

"Rurrr!" I replied, gripping Suzie's buttocks. She ground her crotch against mine, humping her mound against my stiff cock through her uniform skirt.

"Did you bring the condoms?" Suzie asked. When I nodded, she slipped her hand between her legs, then held it to my face. My cock grew even harder as I inhaled her heated female aroma.

"We won't need the condoms," Suzie said. "I began taking the pills soon enough after my period started. I'm glad you're so responsible. This is important to me."

"I know this hurts," she said, grinning lewdly as she put her hand on my bulge. "Being hard and having him trapped in your shorts. We'll fix that. Let's go into the bedroom."

Her single bed was going to be so much better than the back seat of Mom's Crown Victoria . . .

I was startled when Suzie led me into her parents' bedroom. She stopped in front of the king-sized bed and kissed me.

"I've been a good girl all my life," Suzie whispered. "I've done what I was told, by my family, teachers, priests . . ." She unfastened her ponytail, letting her hair cascade down over her shoulders. "I believed I was supposed to live for someone . . . everyone . . . else."

Suzie fell to her knees. "I can't do that anymore." She said as she unfastened my belt. "I want to be 'bad' and live for myself." She opened my jeans and let them fall around my ankles.

"I can't keep the fire walled in, anymore!" she continued, yanking my shorts down. My painfully-hard cock snapped to attention. "It's not God or Jesus I've been feeling! It's my need to be a woman, like . . . well . . . I'll tell you about that later."

I was standing at the foot of the bed with Suzie kneeling at my feet. There was a big portrait of Jesus - 3' wide and 4' tall - on the wall facing me. The image was dark and strange, endlessly staring out into the room. "How did Suzie's parents manage to have three kids with THAT watching them?" I wondered.

Suzie kissed the tip of my cock. "Jesus!" I whispered, forgetting the watching portrait.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft and started stroking it while licking my cock-head. "Am I doing this right?" she asked. "It's my first time."

"It feels wonderful!" I answered. "Be gentle when you jack me off . . . at least at first . . . the way you're licking me is really hot! . . . Squeeze my balls! Not too hard . . . Yeah! That's so good!"

Suzie's tongue and hands on my head, shaft and balls had me rock hard. "Yeah Baby!" I groaned. "Lick my bone! . . . lick the juice oozing from my cum-slit! . . . You like the taste?"

"God Paul!" Suzie cried. "I like . . . love . . . everything about your cock and balls . . . your man taste! . . . man feel!"

"Oh Jesus!" I moaned when Suzie took my cock in her mouth, swallowing the head and first three inches of my shaft . . . gripping me with her lips and stroking me with her tongue as she moved in and out.

"Baby, I can't believe this is your first time!" I gasped. "I mean, I do believe it, but you're so good! You have such a feel for it! . . . I'm getting close. Do you want me to shoot in your mouth?"

"Can you hold back . . . for a minute?" she asked, taking her mouth off my cock but continuing to slowly stroke my shaft and caress my balls.

"Yeah!" I didn't tell Suzie all the sex I'd been having had given me a lot of control.

She unbuttoned her blazer and white blouse, pulling them open, leaving her necktie around her throat and hanging between her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Tell me when you're ready, Paul," she said as she gripped my cock and balls. "I want to see you shoot . . . on me!"

She had only sucked and jacked my dick for a few seconds when I cried, "Oh Suzie! I'm going to cum!"

"Here Baby!" She grabbed my cock and guided it between her pretty little breasts with her sexy hard nipples, pushing the uniform tie out of the way.

As Jesus stared from the wall, I sprayed hot cream on Suzie's chest. She had a hand between her legs and she screamed orgasmically as my juice hit her skin. "Oh Mary! Oh Jesus! Oh God! Oh Fuck!" she gasped. "Oh Fuck Mary! Oh Fuck. Jesus Fuck Mary! Oh Jesus Oh Fuck Oh God!!"

"Yeah Jesus," I muttered to the dour watcher. "I'm shooting cum on your Catholic girl and I'm going to fuck her hot virgin cunt! You jealous? She's gonna be mine now, not yours!"

"Paul . . . Paul Menghini," Suzie purred, rising to her feet and kissing me tenderly. "The Italian Stallion! My girlfriends think you're the sexiest boy in Brooklyn. I don't know why I never noticed until . . . Well, anyway, I needed . . . to have you shoot on me like that. To cum on my pristine Catholic school uniform. I don't know why."

"Do you know what you did, Paul?" she continued, unbuttoning my shirt and dropping it on the floor. "When you made me say 'cock?' I'd already seen the . . . uh . . . things . . . and had my sexual epiphany. Saying 'cock' . . . having to say 'please let me see your cock' . . . was the last bit of pressure. It broke the dam and washed my inhibitions away!"

Suzie kissed me passionately, pressing her naked breasts and hard nipples against my bare chest. "Now, you're going to fuck me," she said. "We'll make love too . . . I hope . . . My virginity is a gift, but a gift is only good when it's given . . . I'm giving it to you!"

"Thank you, Suzie," I answered, kissing her tenderly. "I love you." I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled us closer together, flattening her cum-slippery breasts and poking her swollen nipples into my chest.

"Take me to bed!" Suzie demanded. "I need it now!"

"Okay," I answered. "Just a second." Suzie giggled as I tried to walk with my pants and shorts around my ankles, but it was only a few steps. She grinned as she watched me sitting on the edge of her parents' bed to remove my shoes and remaining clothes.

Suzie was still standing in front of the Jesus portrait, fully dressed with her blazer and blouse open and her Catholic school necktie hanging between her bare breasts. She stared at me as I stood up. It was the first time she'd seen me completely naked. "You look like a Greek . . . uh, sorry . . . Roman god," she said. "With a big stiff cock, ready to fuck his human woman!"

I kissed her again, tenderly, on the lips. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her breasts, then kissed me passionately as she humped her skirt-covered crotch against my erect penis, smearing my pre-cum on the navy fabric.

"You're not a mortal," I said, pulling away. "You're my goddess!" I fell to my knees at her feet. "Now, let's get YOU undressed. We'll start with the shoes." I teased myself by not looking up her skirt. Suzie threw her school blazer and blouse away while I helped her out of the practical black shoes.

She unfastened the skirt and let it fall to the floor as I stood up. Her white stockings ended just above her kneecaps. She wasn't wearing any panties, but her mound was hidden beneath a wide Vee of thick blond hair.

Suzie slipped a hand between her legs. I stared at her middle finger disappearing into her pale thatch. "I'm so hot!" she whispered. When she withdrew her finger a moment later, it was gleaming with her juices. I inhaled her intoxicating female smell before sucking her finger clean.

"Let's go, Baby," she said, taking my hand and leading me to the bed. "I've got a really tight pussy. Boys like that, don't they?"

There were no quilts or blankets on her parents' bed, just sheets. Suzie lay in the center, on her back with her legs spread. "You're going to stretch me . . ." she continued, ". . . your big hard cock in my tight little snatch . . . but that's normal! I mean . . ."

I kissed Suzie hard on the mouth to end her nervous chatter, then continued kissing . . . her face and throat . . . her breasts and nipples . . . she was still wearing that damn school tie! "Leave it," she whispered when I reached for the knot . . . down her belly to the edge of her golden forest.

The air was heavy with her heated female smell and the blonde hair at the base of her Vee was soaked with her juice. I ran my fingers through her thick pelt and licked up and down her slit before pulling her mound open.

I bent down to kiss Suzie's neat pink-brown pussy lips. "God, Paul!" she growled. "I know my first time should be tender . . . I should want that! . . ." She grabbed my hand and guided it into her folds. "But I just need to get fucked! . . . For you to fuck me!" Her pussy-mouth stretched around my index finger. She was the hottest, wettest . . . and tightest . . . woman I'd ever felt. "Fuck me now! . . . Please!"

Suzie's raw desire overwhelmed me. I worked my finger in and out of her tight snatch a few times, feeling my already-stiff dick grow even harder. I left my finger inside to guide my cock-head, withdrawing it only when I was confident of my position.

"Please Paul!" Suzie moaned. "Please now!"

"Yeah Baby!" I whispered, tensing my muscles. One long hard slide . . .

"Ow!" I cried in pain as my cock suddenly stopped with its head partway inside Suzie's pussy-mouth.

"What is it Baby?" Suzie asked anxiously, propping her upper body on her elbows to watch.

"It's all right," I answered, slipping my finger back into her snatch. My cock was in the right place. Gripping my shaft just behind my cock-head for additional support, I pushed forward . . . hard! . . . stretching her pussy-mouth but not gaining entrance.

"Oh God!" Suzie cried in anger and frustration. "I'm THAT kind of virgin!" She gasped in pain as I stabbed my cock into her, only to be stopped again. "Please Paul! Do it! I don't care if it hurts!"

I tried different angles, alternating sharp thrusts with steady pressure, but Suzie's hymen was too tough.

Finally giving up, I lay beside Suzie and took her in my arms. "Why God?" she sobbed.

Jesus was gloating from the wall. I wondered what Angela would do. Of course, my tomboy sister Angela had ruptured her hymen long before a Brooklyn boy took her cherry, from sports, riding horses bareback and . . . masturbating!

"It's all right, Suzie," I whispered, stroking her hair as I kissed her tears away. "You're the most beautiful girl in the world and I love you more than anything! I promise I'm going to make you a woman tonight. Just relax while I make love to you."

There was a three-way bulb in the nightstand lamp. I chose the low setting and turned the bright overhead light off. Jesus glowered in the darkness as I returned to the bed and embraced Suzie in the soft romantic light.

My penis was painfully hard, but I spent a long time cuddling Suzie, kissing her tenderly, stroking her hair and telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. Angela liked that - sometimes before sex and always afterwards.

When Angela wanted quick rough sex, I just followed my teen boy impulses. She also enjoyed long tender love-making, and I'd learned how to be romantic.

Suzie eventually relaxed and I began using all the gentle arousal techniques Angela had taught me, starting with her face and head, then slowly working my way down her body.

I kissed around her pubic area, occasionally brushing my nose and lips over her golden pelt, before moving down her legs, kissing her outer thighs.

Kneeling between her knees, I said, "Suzie, I love you. You're so beautiful and sexy! I love making love to you!" Her breathing grew harder as I ran my fingertips over her inner thighs, wandering close to her vulva, then drifting away. Being teased always drove Angela wild.

"My God, your cock is hard!" Suzie exclaimed, sitting up to look at me. "You've got me so hot and wet! Put it in me now! I'll bet I'm relaxed enough."

I answered by bending over to kiss and lick her inner thighs. She raised her knees, elevating the angle of her pelvis. Suzie gasped as my tongue stroked the super-sensitive patch of flesh - slick with her juices - between her vagina and anus.

"Oh fuck, Paul!" she moaned as I nuzzled her blond bush while softly kissing her slit. "Give it to me!" She worked her pelvis, humping my face. I ran my tongue along her pussy lips, gradually teasing them open.

Suzie's taste and smell were overpowering when I pulled her mound wide open, exposing her hot wet pink interior. "You've got a beautiful pussy!" I whispered. "All hot, pink and wet, framed by your pubic hair, with your neat little lips peeking out."

"Oh yeah!" Suzie whispered, sinking back on the bed as I slipped my tongue into her snatch. She started squirming almost immediately, gripping the back of my head and pulling my face tightly into her crotch. "Oh God! This is good! . . . Paul, you're great! . . . I think I'm feeling the way she did . . ." What?

Suzie moaned and worked her hips as I tongue-fucked her, diving into her depths, caressing her extra-sensitive pussy-mouth, stroking her G-spot . . . Angela had told me exactly how to get her off. I had to guess what Suzie wanted and adjust everything, feeling proud as her excitement built.

"I love you, sexy Baby!" I whispered, pulling my face away from her crotch. Suzie's open snatch was flushed and pink, even hotter and wetter than before. Her clit was still hidden under its hood, but I knew it was swollen.

I moved to the top of her slit. "Oh my God!" Suzie gasped as the tip of my tongue slipped under her folded flesh and touched her hard little bud. I pulled her pussy lips away, exposing her erect clitoris. It was only a little smaller than Angela's.

"God!" Suzie screamed as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clit. Her body was starting to tremble. I knew how close she was from the times she'd humped herself to orgasm against me.

"Oh my God! Yes!!" she sobbed as I wrapped my lips around her swollen bud, sucking it gently. "Harder!" Suzie cried, grinding her crotch into my face.

I rode Suzie's bucking clit, sucking it hard, pushing her toward orgasm . . .

"Fuck! Yes!" Suzie gasped as I slipped a finger into her hot slick pussy. I continued sucking her clit as I finger-fucked her. "Oh Paul!" she moaned. "Do it hard! I've been using two fingers on myself!"

My fingers were a lot longer and thicker than hers. I twisted my single finger in her snatch, stimulating her pussy mouth. When she started to thrash, I angled my finger up to rub her G-spot.

"Oh God! Oh My God! Oh God!" Suzie cried as she came. I held on, still sucking her clit, still violently driving my finger into her pussy . . . pulling it out and hammering it in . . .

"Jesus!" Suzie screamed, cumming even harder as I thrust two fingers into her vagina. There was an instant of resistance before they slipped completely inside.

She suddenly pushed my face away. "No more clit!" she gasped. "Too much! Just finger . . . God! Yeah! . . . finger-fuck . . ."

Suzie continued screaming and thrashing as I twisted and thrust my fingers in and out of her tight wet snatch. They were covered with bright red blood, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Don't stop!" Suzie cried when I pulled out.

"I've got something else for you, Baby!" I said, gripping her thighs and opening her legs even wider.

"Are you . . .?" she whispered as my cock-head pressed into her.

I'd torn her hymen with my fingers, but it still resisted my penis. "Please Baby!" Suzie begged as I pushed hard, then relaxed . . . several times. She screamed in surprise and pain as I stabbed forward with all my strength and speed, shredding her barrier and slamming my full length into her snatch.

"Oh God!" she gasped, smiling and blinking her tears away.

I held still, feeling my cock deep inside her. She was hot . . . wet . . . slick . . . tight . . . wonderful!" I bent forward to kiss her tenderly. "Are you all right?"

"You're inside me!" Suzie's voice was dreamy. "Your big hard cock is inside my pussy! You took my cherry! . . . Made me a woman! . . . Your woman!!"

"Yeah, it hurt . . . a little," she admitted. "But I don't care. You're inside and I'm ready for you to fuck me!" Suzie rolled her hips, making me move inside her. "Oh, that's good!" she sighed. "Your big hard cock in my snatch! Oh fuck!" Suzie worked her pelvis, starting slowly but gradually gaining speed.

Kneeling between Suzie's raised knees, I watched my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. The shaft was red for the first few thrusts, then her flowing juices washed the blood away.

"Oh God, Paul!" she gasped. "You're fucking me! It's so good! Your hard cock fucking my tight cunt!" Suzie's school tie, with its pattern of tiny red and white crosses on a blue-black background, was lying between her beautiful little breasts. She kneaded her tits and pinched her hard nipples as I drove into her.

"Make it squirt for me!" Suzie cried, twisting under me and pulling my body down on hers. She lifted her legs and locked them around my back. "Fuck me hard and shoot deep in my snatch!"

Her breasts were flattened against my chest and her school tie rubbed my skin. Jesus was glaring jealously from the wall. "God, Suzie!" I gasped. "I'm real close!"

"Do it, Baby!" she cried, gripping my rod even tighter and working her pelvis faster. "You made me cum! Now, I want to feel your stuff shooting up my cunt!"

Suzie started screaming as I drove my swollen pecker in and out of her slick tight snatch. "Oh Paul! . . . " she cried. "Shoot it! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Baby! . . . Oh fuck Baby, I'm cummmmming!!!"

I tried to hold back and prolong the sensations, but it was impossible. The thick hot cream exploded from my plunging cock, flooding her convulsing snatch. She screamed and thrashed as I hammered her over and over, cumming with each thrust.

Finally exhausted, I lay motionless on top of Suzie, supporting my weight with my elbows and kissing her tenderly. My penis was still deep inside her.

"Oh Paul," Suzie whispered, stroking my hair. "This is so good! I want to keep your cock inside me forever! . . . Thank you for making me a woman! . . . It was even better than I'd imagined!"

"It was wonderful for me, too," I answered. "Thank you for choosing me. I love you!"

We lay there for a long time, gently making love, kissing and fondling each others' bodies. Suzie finally became uncomfortable with me lying on her, so I moved to my side and took her in my arms.

"He's so pretty," Suzie whispered, reaching for my penis. "Even soft . . ." She giggled. "But he doesn't stay soft for long!"

"Not around you, Baby!" I growled, pulling her body to mine and kissing her passionately. She rolled onto her back and I climbed between her legs. She was already hot and wet. This time, I slipped inside easily and fucked her to a screaming orgasm.

"Wow!" Suzie said. It was much later and we were examining the bloodstained sheets and mattress pad. "You deflowered me in classic style! It's weird, but I'm glad it happened the way it did." She kissed me tenderly, trembling with excitement when I brushed my fingers along the backs of her thighs.

"Paul, you'll probably think this is kinky . . ." she began.

"No more kinky than being Catholic!" I interrupted and she laughed. Two weeks ago, Suzie would have acted offended if I'd said that.

"All right," she giggled. "I don't want you to dress like a priest and fuck me on an altar." I wondered why she'd thought of that. "But . . . I want pictures! Me . . . naked except for these white stockings and my school tie . . . freshly fucked with my virgin blood on my parents' sheets!"

Suzie had a nice digital camera. We turned all the room lights on, so we didn't need a flash. After I took several shots of her kneeling over the bloody spot, she started rolling around on the bed, playing with her breasts and pussy.

"It's your turn," Suzie finally said, taking the camera. "You're such a sexy man! Thank you for popping my cherry!" She moved around the room, ordering me into various poses. My cock stayed rock hard through the entire session.

"Are you ready to fuck me again, Paul?" she asked, putting the camera aside and wrapping her fingers around my stiff dick.

"Oh Baby!" I moaned, pulling Suzie's body to mine and kissing her hard. "You never need to ask that question!"

"Can we do it on video?" Suzie asked.

"Uh . . . sure," I answered, feeling my cock jerk. I suddenly realized that I liked showing off.

"I'll get my camera," she said. Suzie lived for film and had been making movies since she was 14.

Jesus was clearly visible on the wall. He looked pissed as Suzie mounted the small professional video camera on a tall tripod at the foot of the bed.

"Here's our frame," she said, pointing at the viewscreen. "Anything on the bed will be in the shot. The auto-focus will take care of distance."

"You've practiced this," I commented.

She switched the camera to 'record' and took my hand. "I've taped myself a lot," she said. "But not sexual stuff! I'll show you the murder mystery where I play five different characters . . . six, if you count the body." She giggled. "But we'll save that for another night!"

We kissed passionately, kneeling at the edge of the bed. Suzie played with my stiff dick while I fondled her sexy little breasts.

"My pussy's already wet," she said, rolling onto her back. "I need your cock! Fuck me now!" The camera looked down as she gripped my rod and guided it between her legs.

"Your pussy is hot and tight, Baby!" I gasped as I moved in and out, gradually relaxing and filling her. "Like the cherry cunt I popped earlier tonight!" When I was all the way inside, I bent forward and we kissed passionately.

"Paul, you're so wonderful!" Suzie finally whispered. "Fuck me good! Good and hard!"

I moved back into a kneeling position, shifting Suzie to get a better camera angle. She moaned and rolled her hips as I took her with long slow thrusts. "Oh! . . . So good! . . . So deep! . . ."

"Oh God!" Suzie whispered. "This IS Heaven!" I changed my position, kissing her pussy lips with my cock-head and shallow fucking her super-sensitive cunt-mouth. Occasionally I dived deeper, angling upwards to rub her G-spot.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" she moaned as I worked my stiff prick.

Suzie suddenly screamed in terror. "God no!" Her chest was heaving and her breath rasped in her throat. On the wall, Jesus' eyes were full of fire.

"I can't breathe!" Suzie gasped. "My school tie . . . it's choking me!" The knot was pulled down - inches from her throat.

"It's all right Baby!" I cried, pulling the knot loose and tearing the scrap of colored cloth from her neck. Jesus stared in frozen horror as I threw it to the floor.

"Oh Paul!" Suzie whispered. "I don't know what happened . . . I'm fine . . . " I was deep inside and her muscular cunt gripped my pole tightly. "Fuck me! . . . Really hard!"

I rammed her until she came, screaming and thrashing.

"Oh Paul!" she whispered afterward, between tender and passionate kisses. "Saint Paul! . . . My miracle man! . . . I never imagined it would be like this . . . this good . . ."

"It's your turn, Paul!" Suzie continued. "I want to feel you cum inside me now!"

"Okay Baby," I answered. "Get on your hands and knees."

"Are you going to fuck my ass?" Suzie asked anxiously as she moved into position. "Please be gentle!"

"No!" I answered, startled. "Why do you think that?"

"It's something men and women do," she said. "I'm scared . . . but . . . also sort of . . . uh . . ." Her voice trailed off.

"I'm not done with your pussy, Baby!" I said, pressing my stiff cock into her folds. "Hot! . . . Tight! . . . Slick! . . . Sweet!" There was a little more blood, but Suzie didn't seem to notice.

"Oh Jesus, you're in so deep!" Suzie gasped. "Fuck me, Saint Paul! Drive your big stiff prick up my snatch . . . hard! Show me what the Holy Scepter REALLY is!"

Suzie's passionate screams, the sight of her tender little rosebud between her rolling buttocks, and her hot slick snatch gripping my plunging pole were all driving me wild. "Holy Father! . . ." I muttered. "Holy Mother! . . . Holy Brother and Sister! . . . Holy Fuck!"

"Oh God yeah!" Suzie sobbed. "Shoot it deep!" She screamed as I rammed her mercilessly, cumming with each violent thrust.

Later, I kissed her tenderly as she lay in my arms. "The camera's still running," I said.

"Oh well," Suzie said. "We need to get up, anyway. I feel dirty . . . I don't mean about the sex - that was the most wonderful experience of my life - but physically. I'm all sticky with sweat, pussy juice, cum . . . and blood."

"I felt it every time you tore me," she continued. "The pain was transforming! . . . It was over in a moment and feeling you make me a woman made me cum even harder!"

"You're so sexy and romantic!" Suzie kissed me, hard. "This is even better than my fantasies! . . . Oh God! I'm ready for you to fill me with your love again!" She laughed. "That's a nice florid way of saying, 'I want you to fuck me!' isn't it?"

"Definitely florid!" I agreed, feeling my finally-softened penis stir. "Let's go take a shower . . . together. I like my women nasty, not dirty!"

The Catholic school tie was crumpled on the floor under the big portrait of Jesus. The picture was flat and lifeless - the kind of painting devout tourists bring home from Mexico. I laughed as I followed Suzie into the bathroom.

Suzie looked at the clock when we returned to her parents' bed. We'd had a lot of slippery fun in the shower. "9:30," she sighed. "Two hours before you have to leave."

We sat cross-legged on the bed, naked, facing each other with our knees touching, holding hands.

Suzie said, "On our last date, I promised to tell you why I've suddenly become so sexual. It's time to do that."


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