Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 5

Brother and sister play ball with a baseball star.

"Jesus, Paul," Angela sighed as we settled at a table at Nathan's Famous on the Coney Island boardwalk with our hot dogs and crinkle-cut fries. "It's wonderful to be doing something normal. I'm so freaked about Bernie."

"I'm sorry, Sis," I said, squeezing her hand.

"It's not your fault." She gave me a little air kiss. "Anyway, fuck Bernie!" She took a big bite of hot dog. "I don't want to think about him tonight. I just want to see some good baseball."

"We should get that," I answered. The Brooklyn Cyclones - our favorite team, especially Angela's - were playing the formidable Aberdeen IronBirds for the New York - Penn League championship.

Angela and I talked baseball through the meal. We had time to kill, so we walked along the boardwalk before going to Keyspan Park, stopping to look at the original Cyclone -- Coney Island's historic wooden roller coaster.

"We should ride it," Angela said, listening to the passengers scream as the train hurtled down the shaking wooden structure. "It's scary, but sometimes I like being scared."

"But not today," she continued, taking my hand. "It's too close to game time." She kissed me, hard. "Let's go."

"Oh shit!" Angela muttered as we were climbing the stairs into the stadium. "That's Bernie's big brother and he sees us!"

"Hi Jeff," Angela said when he intercepted us at the top of the stairs.

"What did you do to Bernie?" Jeff demanded. "He came to my apartment late last night, really upset. He said you betrayed him."

"I'll bet he didn't tell you what HE did," Angela countered. "Anyway, that's between him and me. You can just stay out of it."

Jeff caught Angela's arm as she tried to walk away, spinning her around to face him.

"Leave her alone!" I growled, grabbing Jeff's wrist. He looked down at me, glaring. He was six years older and had three inches and 20 pounds on me, but I didn't care.

"Little dogs ought to stay on the porch," he answered, releasing Angela and glaring at me. "Not try to run with the big dogs." There was a female security guard a few yards away, watching us. Jeff turned back to Angela. "Bernie's my little brother. If you hurt him, you're going to answer to me. Understand?"

"Just stay the fuck away from me!" Angela snarled, stalking away.

"I know I'm just a kid and you can probably kill me," I told Jeff. "But you'll still have to go through me to get to my sister!" Before he could answer, I turned away.

The security guard had moved closer. She was in her early 20s and a few inches shorter than me, with closely-trimmed brown hair. Her muscular body stretched her trim uniform. Her brown eyes twinkled and she smiled slightly. The nameplate over her breast read "D. Levetz." She grinned at the sudden stirring in my crotch as I stared at her.

"Is everything all right?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, throwing Jeff a hard glance. "Thanks." I fantasized about undressing D. Levetz as I hurried after Angela.

Angela sank into her seat with her head in her hands. "Oh God, oh Jesus . . ." she muttered. "Just give me a nice championship playoff game with no more shit from Bernie or his brother . . . Please! . . . I'll listen to the priest during mass, or try anyway . . . I'll stop crossing my legs and letting my short skirt ride up in the confessional to embarrass cute Father James . . . at least for a while . . ."

"Oh what the hell . . ." she continued. "And please God . . . let our guys win! . . . " Her eyes misted as she said something under her breath. I think it was "Help me with Bernie." She brightened as she whispered, "In Jesus name, Amen!" She giggled at my expression. "Well, a little prayer can't hurt!"

It was a great game!

The coach took Sam Jones, the Cyclones' star pitcher and Angela's favorite player, out of the game after the second inning. Jones' pitching arm appeared to be hurt and he was having trouble getting batters out. He'd given up three home runs, one a grand slam. At the end of two innings the IronBirds were leading 6-0. He walked off the field without speaking to anyone.

Without Jones, it was a hard fight. The Cyclones managed to score a few times, but the IronBirds were ahead 6-5 at the bottom of the ninth. With two out and nobody on base, Matt Anderson, the Cyclones’ third baseman, blasted one out of the stadium for a home run, leaving the score tied 6-6. Angela hugged me in ecstasy.

It was still 6-6 going into the 12th. The IronBirds scored three runs in the top of the inning, to go ahead 9-6. Angela and I were finally able to breathe as relief pitcher Travis Hope finally struck the third batter out.

In the bottom of the 12th, the first three batters were able to hit the ball far enough to get on base, but the next two struck out. The crowd was hushed as Cyclones infielder Leivi Ventura stepped up to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded. Blake Owen, the IronBirds' pitcher, was tricky. Strike 1! Strike 2! Angela and I were riveted to our seats, praying for a miracle.

Ball 1 . . . Ball 2 . . . Owen wound up and released. Ventura's bat connected with a cannon-like "crack!" The ball flew over the roller coaster arch decorating the Keyspan Park scoreboard, heading for the real Cyclone a half-mile beyond the sign.

"A fucking grand slam home run!" Angela screamed, kissing me passionately. The Cyclones had won the league championship, 10-9!

Nobody noticed me making out with my sister. The Brooklyn crowd had gone completely wild. Total strangers were practically humping in the bleachers.

D. Levetz was near the sky booth stairs when we left. My cock twitched when I saw her grinning at me.

Angela and I passed a group of girls my age. One of them said, "Hey, there's the Italian Stallion!" and the others giggled.

"Hi Paul," the girl who had spoken said, stepping away from her companions and catching my arm. I recognized her from school. "I'm Shannon. Are you still dating Suzie?"

"Yeah. Of course." I was a little startled. I was tall, dark and reasonably good looking, but girls hadn't really noticed me, not until Angela took my cherry two weeks ago . . .

"A pity," Shannon answered, looking up and down my body and lingering on my crotch. "Call me if you want more excitement."

"Uh . . . thanks . . . uh . . . sorry, I've gotta go." I knew I was blushing bright red.

Angela was nowhere in sight. She must not have noticed that I'd stopped and been carried away by the crowd.

* * *

As she approached the top of the exit stairs, Angela turned to take Paul's hand and realized he was gone. They'd passed a group of girls his age. He must have stopped to talk to them. She felt both proud and jealous as she waited for him to catch up.

Oh fuck! There was Jeff, coming directly toward her. "Angela, we gotta talk!" he cried.

She dashed along the railing, toward the women's restrooms. "Leave me the hell alone!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Jeff chased her, running into a tall middle-aged man with long gray hair and the sexy woman he was escorting. "Take it easy," the man said in a slow Texas drawl.

"Sorry!" Jeff muttered, looking around wildly. Angela was gone.

While Jeff was tangled with the Texan, Angela ran past the restrooms and darted through a door marked "Employees Only."

She was in a short hall with doors to concession stands on either side and a stairway descending to a maze of hallways beneath the stands.

Angela ducked into a janitor's closet when she heard a group of people approaching. Through the cracked door, she saw the Cyclones players march past in street clothes, obviously going out to celebrate.

Down the hall, Angela found a door with the Cyclones logo labeled "Locker Room - Players and staff only!" She was surprised when the handle turned.

"What the hell?" she thought as she stepped aside.

It was an ordinary locker room with benches set into the floor between double rows of metal lockers and a big communal shower at the far end. Angela's footsteps were silent on the all-weather carpet as she turned a corner into the central section.

A lone figure sat on the bench, still dressed in his Cyclones uniform.

"Sam . . ." she whispered. As soft as her voice was, Jones still heard her. His head jerked up and his eyes widened as he looked at the sexy woman standing ten feet away.

Angela's tight shorts emphasized her muscular legs and thighs, while her nipples were visible through her tightly-stretched Brooklyn Cyclones tank top.

"You're not supposed to be here," Sam said automatically, smiling as he took in her beautiful Italian features, framed by the thick black hair cascading down over her shoulders.

"Do you mind?" she asked. "I can go away. I just wanted to take a look at my favorite team's locker room. I didn't expect anyone to be here . . . especially not you!"

"Why 'especially' me?" Sam asked.

"You're my favorite player," Angela said. "I saw my first Cyclones game right after we moved to Brooklyn from Nebraska. You struck seven batters out in a row and hit two home runs."

"I remember that game," Sam said. He looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry I was so useless today."

Angela put her hands on his shoulders. "Everybody has bad days . . ." she began.

"This is my last season," Sam said. "I'm 35 and still in the minor leagues. Now, I'm losing my arm and I'm going to have to retire."

"I wanted to go out with a great game," he continued, rising to his feet. "Instead, I was letting the team down. I couldn't stand to watch them lose because I couldn't throw."

"Oh Sam!" Angela sighed. She wrapped her arms around his back, pulling their bodies together. His cock stirred as her big breasts flattened against his chest. "I can't make it better, but I can give you THIS." She kissed him passionately.

Sam gripped Angela's buttocks, grinding his crotch into hers. She moaned with excitement as his penis, impressively hard despite being trapped by his jock strap, pressed into her mound.

"Just a second," Angela whispered, stepping backward and pulling the Brooklyn Cyclones tank top over her head. "Do you like this?" she asked, letting the tank top fall to the floor.

"Oh Baby!" Sam whispered, staring at her lush breasts, supported by a flesh-colored push-up bra.

"Yeah Sam!" Angela gasped. "Play with my tits! . . . Pinch my hard nipples! . . . You're getting me so hot!" She unfastened his belt, unzipped his uniform trousers and reached inside. "Your cock! . . . So hard!" His tool snapped up as she freed it from his jock strap. Angela stared in amazement. It was 7 1/2" long and 2" thick, not as big as her boyfriend Bernie, but close.

"Is this your locker?" she suddenly asked, staring at the metal door labeled "Jones."

"Yeah," Sam answered. "Why?"

Angela stepped out of her shorts and bent over, facing Sam's locker and supporting her upper body with her hands on the bench. "Give it to me now, Sam!" He stepped behind her, lifted her skirt and pulled her flesh colored panties to the side.

"Play ball, Baby!" Angela cried as Sam's cock slid smoothly into her hot pussy, filling her with one long stroke. "Swing that bat!"

"This is so good!" Sam gasped. "You're so tight! . . . Gripping my pole!"

"Yeah, Slugger! Throw those balls!" she moaned. "Your bat's all the way inside my pussy. Is it hot and wet enough for you?"

"Fuck yeah, Baby!" Sam replied, slowly sliding his big thick cock in and out of Angela's snatch. "Batter up! I've got a big bat for my bat-girl!"

"Yeah, Sam!" Angela gasped, rolling her hips in time with his motions, gradually increasing the tempo. "Fuck me rough!" Her cunt muscles gripped his tool. "No strike outs here, Slugger! Just keep swinging until you hit a homer . . ."

"I've got a man on first and I'm swinging my bat hard, Baby!" Sam cried, gripping Angela's hips to hold her in place. "You like the way I swing my bat, don't you Baby? . . . Yeah! Scream for me! . . . Man on second!"

"Jesus, Sam! Swing for me!" Angela screamed orgasmically. "My bases are loaded! Swing it! Swing your big bat hard!!"

"God Baby! Out of the fuckin' park!" Sam cried, slamming his cock home. "Grand slam homer!!" Angela's muscular snatch clamped Sam's throbbing pole as his hard jets of cum splashed her pussy walls.

* * *

Leaving Shannon and the other teenage girls, I hurried toward the exit. I stopped at the stairs leading down from the stadium and looked over the railing. I couldn't see Angela in the open area and I was sure she hadn't gone into the ground-level gift shops or business offices.

As I prepared to turn away, I saw Jeff standing near the exit gates. I ducked out of his sight and called Angela's cell phone. It went to voice mail. She must have forgotten to turn it on after the game.

I searched the stadium's upper level, even talking Shannon into checking the women's restrooms. There was no sign of Angela. When I looked at the exit gates again, Jeff was gone. I was starting to get worried. I prowled the stadium, wondering what to do.

I'd almost decided to go to Keyspan Park security when I saw the door marked "Employees Only" between two concession stands.

Most of the doors I tried in the halls under the stands were locked. I was startled when the Cyclones' locker room door opened.

The lights over the central section were on, but the rest of the room was shadowed.

I heard Angela's voice coming from the central area. I couldn't make the words out, but she didn't sound like she was in trouble.

The lockers and benches occupied the center of the room. There were halls behind the two rows of lockers with heavy closed wooden doors. I slipped through the darkness until I reached a break in the line of lockers.

Angela was half-dressed, bent over a bench with a man in a Cyclones uniform standing behind her. His pants were unzipped and he was guiding his oversized penis between her thighs. When he turned his head, I saw it was Sam Jones!

"Play ball, Baby!" Angela cried. "Swing that bat!"

I watched Sam slide his cock into my sister's hot pussy. "This is so good!" he gasped. "Your tight snatch! . . . Gripping my pole!"

My painfully-stiff cock snapped to attention when I pulled my pants and shorts down.

"Yeah, Slugger! Throw those balls!" she moaned. "Your bat's all the way inside my pussy . . ."

I squeezed my own balls while stroking my stiff dick . . . Pre-cum was already leaking from my tip. I pressed my thumb against my corneal ring and smeared the slippery fluid over my cock-head with my rapidly-moving index finger.

Sam fucked Angela slowly. She worked her hips in time with his thrusts, encouraging him to gradually increase the tempo. "Yeah, Sam!" she finally gasped. "Fuck me rough! . . . No strike outs here, Slugger! Just keep swinging until you hit a homer . . ."

My left thumb and index finger circled the base of my hard 6" cock, while my other left hand fingers cupped my balls. My right hand was gripping my swollen shaft . . . moving up and down . . . stretching the skin . . .

"Yeah Sam!" I whispered. "Fuck Sis good!" She came hard as he rammed her ferociously. My right fist was flying over my pre-cum-slick cock-head, building the tension in my boiling nuts . . .

"Jesus, Sam! Swing for me!" Angela screamed orgasmically. "My bases are loaded! Swing it! Swing your big bat hard!!"

Angela and Sam were facing away from me. I knew they were too busy to notice me as I stepped into the center area to get a better view.

My cock was throbbing as I watched Sam slamming his swollen bone into Angela's snatch. I wanted to drive my stiff prick between his rolling muscular buttocks and fuck his ass while he screwed my sister.

"God Baby! Out of the fuckin' park!" Sam cried. "Grand slam homer!!"

"Yeah Sam!" Angela screamed as he hammered her pussy. "Shoot that hot cream up my snatch! . . . Oh Fuck! . . . Oh yeah! . . . Oh God! . . . Jesus, yeah! . . . Fuck! . . . Keep shooting!"

The cum burst from my straining cock, shooting in a high arc and splashing between Sam's spread feet. One blob struck his ankle, but he didn't notice it.

His thrusts gradually slowed until Sam stood motionless behind Angela. "Oh Sam!" she moaned. "Your hot juice felt so good splashing against my pussy walls!"

Sam's cock slipped out as he bent forward to kiss Angela's neck. I slipped back behind the lockers as she turned around to kiss him passionately.

"Baby!" Sam whispered. "That's the best fuck I've had since . . . in a long time!" From the shadows, I saw him frown. "Christ! I don't even know your name! I've never done that! Well, almost . . ."

"It's all right, Sam," she cooed, kissing him tenderly as she reached between his legs. "I'm Angela . . . Angela Menghini. I'm your biggest fan! Me and my brother Paul." She glanced at my hiding place. "You gave me what I wanted and I think I gave you what you needed."

"You sure did, Ba . . . uh . . . Angela," Sam agreed as he fondled her breasts. "This is like a dream. Angela! You ARE an angel! MY angel! I've died and gone to heaven! Someone will find my body here in the morning."

"Your body is very much alive," Angela answered. "Especially your cock. He's all stiff again, covered with my pussy juices and your semen."

I heard a soft sound from the entrance. I glanced at Angela and Sam as I pulled my shorts and pants up. They were kissing passionately, lost to the world outside their arms.

A person in a uniform stepped through the door. I dashed to the end of the row of lockers and looked cautiously around the corner.

D. Levetz, the sexy female security guard I'd seen earlier, was standing at the far end of the room, with her eyes wide and mouth open as she stared at Sam and Angela.

"Lets get these clothes off," Angela said, pulling away from Sam.

"You look like a porn star!" Sam undressed quickly, staring at Angela the whole time.

"I like this push-up bra," Angela said, extending her chest as she reached behind her back. "It feels like hands holding my breasts and leaves my nipples bare." Her breasts sagged slightly as she removed the bra. "But I don't really need it." She tossed the bra at Sam, who was standing naked a few feet away, and giggled when it caught on his erect penis before falling to the floor.

Angela removed her shoes and socks, then reached for her flesh-colored panties. "We sure stretched these," she remarked as she took them off.

She pitched the panties at Sam and he caught them effortlessly. "Your smell is wonderful," he said, holding the thin garment to his face. "Sweat, pussy, and cum."

Angela stood naked, facing Sam with her legs spread wide. Her tangled black hair cascaded over her shoulders, matching the heavy pelt concealing her crotch. "You should smell this," she purred, running her fingers through her thick black pubic hair.

"Yeah, Baby!" Sam agreed, falling to his knees at Angela's feet and burying his face between her thighs. "It's wonderful! So hot and wet!"

"Oh God!" she moaned, leaning back against Sam's locker with her eyes closed. "Eat my pussy! So good!"

"Dee, you've found the perfect place for spying!" I thought as I watched Levetz move silently to the break in the line of lockers.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out as Dee unbuttoned her uniform shirt and pulled her sexy black bra down. Her breasts were even bigger and more beautiful than I'd imagined. I stroked my stiff dick as she kneaded her heavy tits and pinched her rapidly-swelling nipples while watching Sam eat Angela.

Dee unfastened her uniform pants, letting them fall down around her ankles, followed by her frilly black panties. As I stared from the darkness, she slipped a hand between her legs. Within seconds, she was moaning with pleasure.

I couldn't stand watching any longer. "Dee!" I whispered, stepping toward her.

She almost screamed in surprise. When she recognized me, she whispered, "Your sister there with Sam and . . . you!" She grinned lewdly at my exposed hard-on. "Sexy Boy, I've been fantasizing about you," she whispered as she curled her fingers around my stiff tool.

"Me too," I answered.

Dee kissed me fiercely, then turned away, facing Angela and Sam. "Fuck me now," she whispered over her shoulder. She bent over and I fell to my knees behind her.

With her pants around her ankles, Dee's legs were almost closed. I stared at her sexy asshole for long seconds before pressing my face against her mound - lightly dusted with dark hair - and running my tongue along her hot wet crack. Her tastes and smells were different from Angela's and Helen's, but just as exciting.

"Yeah, Baby!" Dee whispered as I pulled her mound open and slipped my tongue into her pussy. She was unbelievably tight. I licked her pussy-lips and pushed the tip of my tongue into her vagina mouth, but couldn't penetrate any further. She was just as tight around my finger when I pressed it into her snatch.

I couldn't stop staring at Dee's tender pink asshole as I finger-fucked her hot pussy. Stories on the Internet sometimes called an asshole a "rosebud." The folds radiating from Dee's little puckered hole did resemble rose petals. I wanted to kiss it.

"Come on, Sexy Boy," Dee growled softly. Give me your cock!"

"Oh Jesus oh God Slugger!" Angela cried. "Your fingers in my cunt! Your mouth on my clit! God Sam, I'm cumming!!!"

"Yeah, Sexy! . . . Now!" Dee urged as I stood up. Staring at her rosebud, I positioned myself between her folds and pushed forward. She was so tight! Her pussy mouth clamped my cock-head, preventing me from going deeper.

Dee moaned and worked her hips as I shallow-fucked her sensitive vagina entrance. "Baby," I whispered. "You're so hot and slick . . . and tight! I'm going to shoot fast."

"That was so good, Sam," Angela said. "Now, stand up and give me your big hard bat." She sank to her knees and started licking his balls.

"Here, Sexy!" Dee whispered. My cock slipped deep into her pussy as she opened her knees. With her ankles trapped by her uniform pants, that lowered her body and reduced her stability, but decreased the intense pressure on my penis.

"Suck it, Angela!" Sam cried. I fucked Dee with long slow strokes while we watched Angela lick up Sam's 7 1/2" shaft and wrap her lips around his wide head.

Dee swung her hips in time with my pelvic motions. Gripping her waist to steady her, I stared at the pink starfish-shaped hole, encircled by a faint brown ring, between her rolling buttocks, as I worked my cock in her hot tight cunt.

"Oh God!" Dee moaned. "Fuck me with your teenage cock!" She rubbed her clit as I fucked her harder and faster. "Oh fuck, Sexy Boy! Oh fuck!" she whispered, closing her legs and tightening her snatch. "I'm . . . Oooohhhh! . . ."

Her body was shaking and her moans were building in volume. I released my grip on Dee's waist. Before I could clamp my hand over her mouth, she shouted "I'm cumming!" and began screaming.

Angela's and Sam's heads snapped around as Dee's cries echoed through the locker room.

Dee, still orgasmic, lost her balance. I kept her from falling as we stumbled out into the central area.

"What the fuck?" Sam shouted. After a moment, he recognized Dee. "Diane, what are you doing here?"

"Well . . ." Dee answered. "Uh . . . you know . . ."

"Hi Angela," I piped up. My cock had slipped out of Dee's pussy during our near-fall. It stayed hard as I stared at Angela kneeling with Sam's massive tool in her hand. "I was looking for you."

"Me too," Dee said. "I saw you running from the guy who bothered you before the game, but I lost you in the crowd. When I checked the locker room, you and Sam were here and . . . What can I say? Then Sexy here popped up . . ."

"This is my little brother Paul," Angela said, standing up and walking over to me. "He IS sexy!" She fondled my stiff dick as she gave me a hard open-mouth kiss. Dee and Sam were staring. "How was he, Diane? Good, I'll bet. I taught him."

"Sexy . . . Paul is great!" Diane answered. "You and him . . . uh . . . you taught him good! Call me 'Dee.' That's my nickname."

"'Diane' is kind of formal," Angela agreed. "And this isn't a formal occasion." She gripped my stiff shaft and started rubbing my swollen cock-head up and down her slit.

"Uh . . . look . . ." Dee said. "I gotta get back to work . . ." She started rearranging her clothes. "Angela . . . Paul . . . it was nice to . . . uh . . . nice. Sam, I'm really sorry . . . uh . . . Sam?"

Sam took Dee in his arms and kissed her fiercely. She struggled for a moment, then melted. "God Sam," she whispered. "I've masturbated while thinking about you. I've . . . uh . . . even imagined my boyfriend was you . . . when we were . . . well . . . what can you do?"

"I've fantasized about you too, Sexy Dee," Sam replied. "Especially after that night you saw me in the shower."

"You had such a boner," Dee agreed. She pulled away from Sam and tore her uniform off. "I'd have fucked you right then if you'd made a move . . ." She sat on the bench to remove her shoes, trousers and panties.

"You mean like this?" Sam pulled Dee to her feet and kissed her passionately.

"The boner or the move?" she purred, wrapping her fingers around his swollen shaft.

"Yeah!" Sam gasped, gently kneading Dee's big firm breasts and pinching her swollen nipples.

"Here, Sam," Dee said, catching his hand and guiding it between her thighs. "Feel how hot and wet I am. Ready for your cock! Right now!" She lay with her back on the bench in front of Sam's locker, with her feet flat on the floor and legs wide open.

Angela and I stood beside Dee with our arms around each others' waists, watching Sam straddle the bench and slowly slide his long thick penis into Dee's snatch.

"Oh Sam!" she moaned. "This is like a dream! You're fucking my pussy! . . . Stretching me! . . . Filling me! . . ."

Sam pushed forward until his balls were pressing against Dee's shiny wet mound. After pausing for several seconds, he leisurely withdrew. "Oh yeah! That's good!" Dee whispered as Sam worked his length in and out.

When Angela wrapped her hand around my stiff dick, I knew what she wanted. "Sure Sis!" I breathed. She bent over to fondle Dee's breasts as I moved into position behind her.

Angela was expecting me to drive deep into her. "What . . .?" she asked, surprised when I stopped with my cock-head just inside her pussy mouth. I shallow-fucked her and played with her breasts as we watched Sam push Dee to the edge of orgasm.

"Jesus, Little Brother!" Angela gasped as I went in further, stroking her G-spot with my swollen head. She was close to cumming. I couldn't hold back any longer and rammed her hot snatch.

Dee was screaming and thrashing. Sam gripped her waist to keep her from falling off the bench as he hammered her cunt. "Sam!" she cried, sitting up and pushing him away. "Let me see it! Spray my tits!"

Sam barely had time to position his throbbing tool before the first jet of hot juice burst from his tip, striking Dee's left nipple.

Angela came as we watched Sam splash wave after wave on Dee's breasts. "This is it Sis!" I gasped. "My turn!"

"No!" she cried, pulling away and falling to her knees. "Cum on me!" As Dee and Sam watched, I tit-fucked Angela until I shot my load on her chest and face.

Angela stood up, pulled Dee to her feet, embracing and kissing her tenderly. "Our tits are so pretty," Angela remarked. "Especially covered with the men's' cum." She began rubbing her breasts against Dee's.

"Uh . . . Baby . . . Angela . . . I'm straight!" Dee protested, although she didn't try to escape from Angela's arms.

"So am I . . . mostly," Angela answered, kissing Dee again. "But there's my best friend Cathy, back in Nebraska. We slept together every weekend, in the same bed, even when we had boyfriends. We'd kiss, lick each others' breasts and finger-fuck each other. I miss her!"

"I spent nights with my girlfriend Jean," Dee admitted. "We'd pretend one of us was a boy. She was really good at making me come with her fingers!"

"I've also been with a couple of girls in summer camp," Angela continued. "When you have horny girls and no available men, something's going to happen." She didn't mention our neighbor Helen, who'd fucked Angela and me, separately and together.

"Men are wonderful," Angela said. "Especially super-sexy men like Sam and Paul." He and I were standing together, watching the women. Angela gave Dee a hard open-mouthed kiss. My cock stirred when I saw Dee responding eagerly. I glanced at Sam. He was getting hard again too.

"Your tits feel good rubbing against mine," Angela said. "I haven't wanted a lot of women, but I want you . . . bad!"

"Me too, Baby!" Dee agreed. "What do we do?"

"Pretend I'm a boy!" Angela answered, kissing Dee again. "Lie down. I'm going to make love to you."

My penis grew rock hard as I watched Angela kiss Dee's lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, earlobes, throat, neck . . . lick her breasts and suck her nipples . . . continue kissing down her body . . . I looked over at Sam. His pole was just as stiff as mine.

"Just a second, Baby," Dee said, gently pushing Angela's face away from her crotch. "I want to sit on the bench so the guys can see."

Sam and I stood side by side, slowly stroking our swollen rods as we watched Angela running her tongue up and down Dee's shiny wet slit.

I jumped when Sam's hand closed around my cock. "Is it okay?" he asked.

My answer was a hard open-mouthed kiss. He was the second man I'd ever kissed passionately.

"Oh yeah!" Dee whispered, stroking Angela's hair. "That's so good!" She looked up. "Sam . . . Paul . . . Come here! Closer! Look what she's doing to me!"

Dee was sitting on the bench with Angela kneeling between her open thighs. Sam and I were standing on either side of Angela, facing each other and playing with each others' cocks as we watched Angela plunge her tongue into Dee's hot snatch.

I'd jacked off with other boys, but this was the first time a man had masturbated me. It was unbelievably exciting. I gripped Sam's balls as I smeared the pre-cum leaking from his tip over his cock-head and down his shaft.

"Oh God! That's right!" Dee moaned as Angela alternated between eating her pussy and licking her clit.

"You like that, don't you?" Angela asked. "Well, here's some more!"

"Oh fuck!" Dee screamed as Angela slid two crossed fingers up her snatch. "God! That's good!" she gasped as Angela finger-fucked her tenderly, slowly twisting her crossed fingers as she worked them in and out of Dee's tight pussy, occasionally bending forward to lick or suck her swollen clit.

"God Baby, give it to me!" Dee cried. "No need to be gentle! Just fuck me hard."

Angela uncrossed her fingers and spread them slightly, stretching Dee's pussy wider as she finger-fucked her faster and harder.

"Oh Baby!" Dee shrieked. She started thrashing on the bench. Sam and I caught her shoulders as she fell backwards.

Angela added her thumb to the two fingers already in Dee's snatch and fucked her even harder, keeping her cumming until she collapsed, gasping for breath.

Sam and I laid Dee on the floor. "That was good!" she said. "Angela getting me off while you sexy guys played with each other. I came so hard! Now I want to see you shoot!"

"All right!" Sam agreed. "Let's start with Paul." He made me stand over Dee, facing her with my feet against her hips.

I felt a mixture of fear and anticipation when Sam moved behind me, pressing his swollen prick between my buttocks. "Are you going to fuck me?" I asked.

Angela had taken my anal cherry with our neighbor Helen's strap-on last night. I'd cum violently with her ramming my ass. I wanted Sam's cock, but it was a lot larger than the dildo. I was afraid he was too big for me.

"Do you want me to?" Sam asked, sounding a little surprised.

"I've never had another guy fuck my ass," I answered. "But I do want it."

"Wow!" Dee said. "I never expected to watch my Sexy Boy lose his butt-cherry! Get down here!"

I moved into 69 position with Dee. She was lying on her back on the carpet. I was on all fours with my knees on either side of her head and my hands straddling her hips. "This is great!" she said. "I can see everything from here."

Sam took a little bullet-shaped plastic bottle of lubricant from his locker and knelt behind me on the floor. "I'm surprised you haven't gotten it on with other boys," he said as he spread a thick line of lubricant onto his index finger.

"I've jacked off with other boys," I answered. "One time, I watched two guys butt-fucking. I beat off, but didn't join in. I was a virgin until Angela fucked me two weeks ago."

Sam positioned his lubricated finger at the center of my little puckered hole and pushed forward. "Your asshole is tight!" he commented. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle."

Dee licked my balls and stroked my stiff cock as she watched Sam work his finger in and out of my butt, occasionally adding more lubricant, going faster and deeper as my muscles relaxed. Angela was standing beside Dee, fingering her pussy as she looked down at us.

Sam crossed his middle and index fingers and coated them with lubricant. "Oh Jesus!" I gasped when he slid them into my butt.

"Are you all right?" he asked, a little anxiously.

"Fuck yeah!" I answered, pushing my butt back against his hand. "I almost came right then!" Sam rotated his wrist, twisting his fingers as they fucked me. "Oh God! That's good!" I cried, working my hips to make him drive in harder and faster.

"Oh yeah!" I said when Sam pulled his fingers out. It only took him seconds to lubricate his 2" thick 7 1/2" long cock and press his swollen head against my hole. "Give it to me!" I begged. "I'm ready!"

Angela was on her knees beside us. "Yeah Slugger!" she growled as she watched him press forward. "Shove your bat up Baby Brother's ass!"

Sam's dick was longer and thicker than Angela's dildo, but my asshole stretched to accept it. "Oh yeah!" I whispered when I felt his balls pressing against my buttocks.

"God! That's so hot!" Dee exclaimed. "That big cock sliding up his sexy ass! Fuck him good, Sam!"

"Hey Sis!" I said, grinning at Angela. "Do you like watching a man take my butt-cherry?"

"Of course," she answered. "I'll always remember the expression on your face when he stuck it in. I can't fuck your ass . . ." she giggled suddenly and I knew she was remembering the strap-on, ". . . but I'm watching my favorite ball-player do it!"

My anal muscles gripped Sam's long thick pole as he worked it in and out, sending an immense wave of pleasure through my body with each thrust. He started out slow, but increased his speed as our excitement grew.

"Yeah Sam!" I cried. "Fuck me hard! Shoot up my butt!"

Dee jacked my cock as Sam hammered me. Angela was kneeling between Dee's legs, driving two fingers into Dee's hot snatch. Angela's other hand was busy with her own pussy as she watched Sam ramming my ass.

"Oh fuck Sam!" I screamed as the first hard hot jet splashed against my anal walls. "Shoot it! Fuck yeah!"

"Yeah boy, take my load!" Sam shouted, slamming his cock up my tight ass over and over, cumming with each thrust.

Dee came as Angela finger-fucked her. "Oh Paul!" she gasped. "Spray my tits!" She jacked me furiously until the hot juice exploded from my tip and splashed her chest.

Angela yanked her hand out of Dee's snatch and rubbed her clit roughly as she continued finger-fucking her own hot pussy. "Oh God! Oh Jesus!" she sobbed as she came.

All spent, we collapsed in an erotic heap, kissing and fondling each other.

We all climbed into the big shower, where washing each other quickly turned into soapy play.

"Oh fuck, Paul!" Angela moaned. I was kneeling on the shower floor with the warm mist spraying my head and back. Angela was facing me, straddling my hips. I gripped her muscular round buttocks and her hands were on my shoulders to hold our bodies together. We rocked slowly, moving my cock in and out of her tight snatch.

"Cumming again, Sis?" It was great being a teenage boy. I'd shot three loads in the past hour and I was ready to do it again.

"I'm close, sexy Baby Brother!" she giggled. She kissed me passionately while tightening her pussy muscles around my sliding penis.

"Hey, we've lost our audience!" Angela observed. Sam and Dee had been standing under the next shower head, fondling each other while they watched Angela climb into my lap and spike herself on my stiff dick. Now, they were gone.

"Let's go watch them," she said. "Your cock feels great, but my pussy could use a little rest." She put more weight on her feet, elevating her body until my penis slipped out of her vagina. Angela wrapped her hand around my stiff pole. "But not a very long rest," she added, grinning lewdly.

"In fact . . ." Angela continued. "Lie down, Baby Brother. On your back." She straddled my hips. I fondled her lush breasts and played with her big hard nipples as she humped her furry mound against my stiff prick, opening her slit with my shaft and rubbing my cock-head against her clit.

She worked her pelvis faster and faster, pushing herself steadily toward orgasm. On the edge, she slammed her snatch down onto my cock, engulfing me with one swift motion. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Angela cried, riding my pole furiously while jacking her clit with rough fingers. I gripped her waist, holding her upright as she came violently.

"Oh Paul!" she said, kissing me passionately. "You're such a sexy Baby Brother! I can't keep my hands off you!"

"That's all right," I answered, laughing. "I'll fuck you anytime, Sis!"

We kissed again before getting to our feet.

Dee and Sam were in the locker room. She was sitting on the bench in front of Sam's locker, playing with her big breasts while he knelt between her open legs, eating her pussy. "Yeah Baby!" she moaned. "That's right! . . . Just like that! . . . Oh God!" She screamed and gripped the back of his head, pulling his face into her crotch as she came.

"Oh Sam," Dee whispered. "That was so good! Everything you do is good!" She pushed Sam onto his back, straddled his hips and kissed him passionately. "You made me cum with your mouth. Now, I need your big fat cock!"

"Oh yeah!" Sam muttered as Dee lowered her hot wet pussy onto his swollen rod. "Ride 'em cowgirl!"

"A Jewish cowgirl!" Dee laughed, bending forward to kiss him. "From Brooklyn! Oy!" She worked her pelvis, moving up and down on Sam's stiff dick with a slow rolling motion. "Riding the range! . . . Sam, you're such a stallion!"

"Fuck her good, cowboy!" Angela said, kneeling over Sam's face. She leaned forward and Dee kissed her eagerly.

"There's Sexy Boy," Dee said, looking up at me. "Paul! I have a fantasy. Two men at once. Will you help me? You and Sam?"

"Uh . . . Sure! . . . How?" My hard dick throbbed in anticipation.

"Fuck my ass," she answered. "While I ride Sam's cock."

It only took me a few seconds to get the little bottle and coat my index finger with lubricant. I kissed Dee's buttocks and licked the sensitive area between her vulva and anus, all the time staring at her sexy little rosebud, wanting to slip my tongue into it.

My finger slipped into Dee's ass with no resistance. "Come on, Paul!" she gasped. "I'm ready! Fuck my ass now!"

I lubricated my penis, pressed my cock-head into the center of her little puckered hole and pushed forward. "Oh yeah! That's right!" Dee cried as I slid smoothly up her ass until my balls pressed against her buttocks. I gasped when she tightened her anal muscles, gripping my pole with amazing strength.

Dee had stopped humping Sam's dick while I entered her. Sam and I synchronized easily when she resumed her rolling motion.

"Oh fuck!" Dee gasped, rocking her hips and gradually increasing the speed of our coordinated motions. "Two men! . . . Two cocks! . . . I love fucking and I love anal! . . . Getting my pussy and ass fucked together! . . . Oh God!"

"My first asshole!" I muttered as I stared down at my dick, driving in and out of the tight little hole between Dee's beautiful rounded buttocks. It didn't feel quite like a pussy. The shape was different. So was the way her anal muscles gripped my pole and the texture of her walls.

There was another sensation. "I feel your cock, Sam!" I gasped. "We're rubbing our dicks together while we fuck Dee's asshole and snatch! Jesus, it's hot!"

Angela was kneeling beside me, working two fingers in her pussy while stroking her clit, as she watched Sam and me driving our cocks into Dee's holes.

"Shoot it, Baby Brother!" Angela cried, sliding a pussy-juice-lubricated finger up my asshole.

"Fuck yeah, Sexy!" Dee cried. "Cum in my ass! . . . Please!"

"Here it is, Baby!" I shouted as I rammed her butt, spewing hot juice with every violent thrust.

"Oh God!" Dee screamed. "My snatch . . . my pussy! Sam and Paul, cum in my cunt and ass! Oh fuck! Cum in me! Cum in me! I'm cumming so hard! Oh God!"

Angela still had her finger up my ass. Her other hand was busy with her pussy and clit. "Shoot it all, Paul!" she gasped. "Cum up her ass! . . . Jesus! . . . I'm cumming too!"

It was time to go. We all showered and dressed. Dee's boyfriend was picking her up when she got off duty in two more hours. Sam gave Angela and me a ride before making an appearance at the Cyclones victory party, dropping us a few blocks from home.

"Sam Jones' private number!" Angela crowed, kissing her phone.

When Dee kissed me goodbye, she said "My boyfriend Howie has fantasies about a three-way with me and another man. I'm going to talk to him about getting together with you." I was hard from thinking about it.

Angela stopped around the corner from our building and gave me a hard open-mouthed kiss. "It was so hot watching you fuck Dee's butt!" she whispered. "I've been afraid of anal, especially with Bernie and his giant prick, but not any more . . . I've got a cherry to give YOU!"

The immense bone in my pants vanished when we turned the corner. Bernie was sitting on the curb in front of our building.

"Angela, I've got to talk to you," he said. "I want to say I'm sorry . . ."


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