Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 4

Brother and sister play a kinky couple's game.

"What are you doing here, perv?"

I froze in the darkness. The whispered question was as startling as a hard right to my jaw. After a panicky moment, I realized it was Angela's voice.

"Jeez Sis!" I whispered back. "You almost gave me a heart attack. Helen's husband is home and I'm watching the show."

Angela gave me a hard open-mouthed kiss. "Naughty Baby Brother!" she breathed. "Always getting caught spying!"

It was 9:00 PM Wednesday night and we were on the fire escape outside Helen's apartment. On Monday, I'd spied on Helen finger-fucking Angela. She caught me and the three of us had a wild afternoon of sex.

Helen's husband Charlie was a long-haul trucker, gone ten days out of every two weeks. This was his first day home since Helen rented the apartment on the third floor of Mom and Dad's hardware store in Brooklyn. I knew she was going to fuck him half to death. As soon as it got dark, I slipped up the fire escape to watch.

"I thought you were with Bernie," I whispered. After supper, Angela had gone to see him while he was working at his family's gas station. She'd told me about making out with him in the cashier booth on late shifts. Angela always wore a skirt, so it was easy for him to finger her. Once, she'd gotten under the desk and sucked his cock while he took customers' payments.

"We had another fight," she answered. "We've been arguing since Friday."

Bernie arrived an hour early to drive Angela to a party in New Jersey. When he knocked, Angela and I were humping on her bed. "I'm coming!" she shouted, buttoning her blouse and adjusting her panties while I hastily stuffed my cock and balls back into my pants.

Bernie didn't say anything, but he was suspicious. Tonight, he'd grown increasingly angry, finally yelling, "You should just go fuck your little brother and forget about me!"

"You're such a big prick!" Angela shouted back. "Maybe I will!" She stomped away and caught the next bus home.

"Paul, you're such a perverted little brother," Angela said. "I don't know what I'm going to do with . . . Jesus and Mother Mary!" She'd just looked into Helen's brightly illuminated living room.

Helen and Charlie were sitting at the glass table in front of the window, playing "Clue."

She was a slender muscular blonde in her late 30s, dressed in a frilly flesh-colored negligee. Her long hard nipples were visible through the sheer fabric stretching over her big firm conical breasts. Thigh-high black stockings emphasized the tiny black thong between her legs.

Charlie was a big good-looking man in his early 40s, with short sandy hair and a neatly trimmed goatee and mustache. Thick black hair covered his muscular chest and belly. He was wearing boxer shorts and his pole made a big tent in the fabric.

Helen ran slow hands over her thighs and belly as she waited for Charlie to finish his move. Taking the dice, she threw a high number and moved her marker into the library. She stroked her breasts through the sheer cloth, observing the reaction in Charlie's underwear, before purring "Professor Plum . . . did it . . . in the library with the . . . gun."

When Charlie shrugged, Helen opened the little envelope. "I win!" she squealed, throwing the cards down and jumping up to press her breasts into Charlie's face. "That makes you my toy for the night!" she continued, stroking his hair.

Helen pulled Charlie to his feet and they kissed passionately. His boxer shorts fell around his ankles, revealing a thick 6" penis with a wide mushroom head. His hairless cock and balls stood out from his thick pubic hair.

"I'm really ready to play tonight," Helen purred as she wrapped her fingers around Charlie's swollen shaft. "Is that all right, Toy Boy?"

"Oh yeah!" he gasped. Gripping his stiff prick, Helen guided Charlie into the bedroom.

The king-size bed, with nightstands on either side, occupied most of the space. "Sit down, Toy Boy," she said, pointing to the big leather easy chair filling the corner.

"Here's the first game," Helen continued, sitting on the corner of the bed closest to Charlie and spreading her legs. "You watch but don't touch . . . me or yourself."

Angela's hand found mine as we crouched side by side, staring at the scene on the bed.

Helen's negligee was a frilly flesh-colored robe, held closed by a single black bow between her breasts. It swept down over her hips, leaving her crotch exposed. The black stockings focused attention on her fingers, gliding slowly over the tiny black thong.

"I've got a hot little pussy hidden here," Helen purred. "Under this tight little scrap of cloth." She gripped her inner thighs with the palms of her hands, squeezing them sensuously. "I'm getting wet," she continued. "See my cunt lips through the thin fabric?"

She suddenly grabbed the front of her thong and pulled upward, splitting her furry mound with the tightly stretched cloth. "I've got a lot of woman things for my Toy Boy," Helen growled. She started breathing hard as she loosened and tightened her grip on the thong, sliding the fabric back and forth over her clit and pussy lips. "Tits, ass, snatch . . ."

Helen released the thong and fell back on the bed with her legs spread. "Oh Fuck!" she moaned, rubbing her vulva through the thong, pushing the stretched cloth into her pussy with her fingers . . .

"Stay!" she snapped as Charlie stood up. "Back in the chair! No touching!"

Angela fumbled with my zipper as we watched Helen writhing on the bed. I helped her pull it down. "No underwear tonight," she whispered as my stiff dick popped out of my jeans.

"You either," I replied, putting my hand up her skirt and feeling the hot moist flesh under her thick pubic hair.

"I took my panties off before I climbed out onto the fire escape," Angela said. "I always wear panties for Bernie. He likes . . ." Her voice choked for an instant. ". . . to take them off me."

Angela stroked my cock and I fingered her snatch as we watched Helen dance around the room, waving her breasts and buttocks in Charlie's face. We froze when Helen suddenly looked out the window. Her eyes widened and she grinned briefly.

"I love having an audience," Helen said, standing in front of Charlie's chair and pulling her thong to the side, revealing her neat pink folds, partially obscured by her brown pubic hair.

"Want a taste, Toy Boy?" Helen asked, pulling her slit open as she pushed her crotch into Charlie's face.

"Fuck me!" Angela whispered urgently as we stared at the big puffy clit rising from Helen's hot pink snatch.

Angela unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down as I moved behind her. She reached between her legs, grabbed my pole and guided me into position. "Fuck! . . . Yes! . . ." she whispered as my cock-head stretched her pussy mouth. I held still, letting her push toward me, taking my stiff rod up her tight little snatch. "Jesus, Little Brother!" she gasped. "All the way! . . . Oh Fuck!"

Helen held her mound open, moaning with pleasure as Charlie ran his tongue up and down her slit, nibbled on her cunt lips and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. "Oh yeah!" she cried. "Suck my clit! . . . Yeah!"

Angela moaned as I slow-fucked her. This was the first time I'd taken her from behind. I missed seeing her face, but I'd never buried my cock so deeply in her hot wet snatch . . .

On the brink of orgasm, Helen suddenly pulled her crotch away from Charlie's mouth. Her thong slipped back into position as she straddled his legs. She unfastened the black bow between her breasts and the negligee fell open, revealing her big conical breasts and swollen nipples.

When Charlie reached for her, Helen caught his hands. "You don't touch! That's the game." She leaned forward, burying his face between her tits as she pressed her cloth-covered vulva against his stiff cock. She moaned with pleasure as he licked and kissed her breasts.

I was going slowly inside Angela's pussy. Her muscles gripped my head and shaft as I alternated between shallow-fucking her sensitive pussy mouth and diving deep.

Helen stared at us as she rolled her pelvis, humping Charlie's stiff dick through the sheer fabric of her thong.

I kneaded Angela's full breasts and pinched her hard little nipples as I increased my tempo. The bright light from the window illuminated our bodies. I looked down to watch my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but the little puckered hole between her slowly rolling buttocks drew my attention. I felt an almost irresistible desire to pull out of my sister's hot snatch and drive my swollen prick up her sexy tight asshole.

"God!" Angela muttered. She didn't scream as she came. She growled instead, making a low-pitched sound like a lioness that vibrated her whole body.

Gripping her hips, I fucked Angela fast, keeping her cumming as we watched Helen scream, humping herself to orgasm against Charlie's stiff cock. I thought about my penis plunging deep into Angela's vagina. Her convulsing pussy walls were ready to suck my sperm-laden semen up into her uterus. My body was perfectly synchronized with hers, preparing to deliver my load at the optimum instant . . .

"Oh Sis!" I gasped as my first shot exploded deep in her snatch. I slammed into her, emptying my cock in a series of long pulses. We were screaming now, but it didn't matter. Helen's cries drowned us out.

"That was so good," Angela whispered. My cock slipped out of her pussy when she rose to a kneeling position. I held her as we stared into the brightly-lighted bedroom.

Helen straddled Charlie, gripping his shoulders for support after her climax. "It's time for another game," she suddenly announced, jumping to her feet.

"I've got some new toys," she said. There was a suitcase on the floor beside the bed. "Here's the first one," she added, reaching into the suitcase and producing a heavy leather blindfold.

"Go take a shower," Helen commanded, handing Charlie the blindfold. "When you're done, put this on and call me."

As soon as the water started, Helen ran over to the open window. "You little fuckers!" she cried. "Get in here. Charlie won't take long." She kissed Angela and me thoroughly after we climbed in the window. "Go hide in the living room. We'll give Charlie a real surprise."

Helen dashed into the kitchen and opened the freezer. She put several ice cubes into a bowl and carried it into the bedroom.

Angela and I were stripped before the shower water stopped. Helen led the blindfolded man into the bedroom. As we watched from the hall, he lay spread-eagled as she tied him to the bed with silk scarves.

"This is going to be fun," Helen purred as she removed her shiny black high-heeled pumps, negligee and thong. Naked except for her black thigh-high stockings, she took a long feather from the suitcase and climbed onto the bed.

Kneeling beside Charlie, facing Angela and me, Helen began running the feather over Charlie's body. He squirmed at the delicate touch on his nose, forehead, cheeks, jaw, neck . . . down to his belly then back up his breastbone to tickle his nipples and aureoles . . . along his hips . . . between his thighs . . . finally teasing his tight balls and throbbing pre-cum slick cock.

"I could make my Toy Boy shoot right now," Helen purred, setting the feather aside. Charlie writhed on the bed, straining against the silk scarves binding his wrists and ankles, as she squeezed his balls and stroked his swollen shaft. His cock-head was slippery with pre-cum. Helen ran her thumb and index finger rapidly over the slick smooth skin of his fat mushroom head, making him moan as she pushed him closer . . .

Helen suddenly released Charlie's throbbing cock. "But I want to play more first," she said, taking an ornate glass bottle from the nightstand. The smell of hot cinnamon filled the room as she dribbled oil from the bottle onto Charlie's penis.

Angela and I were a few feet from the bed. She was in front, cupping her breasts and gently pinching her swollen nipples. I stood behind Angela with my arms wrapped around her stomach and my stiff prick pressed between her muscular buttocks. I was acutely aware of my cock-head touching her little puckered hole.

Straddling Charlie's waist, Helen gripped his shaft and guided his oil-slick head to her big hard nipples, coating them with the fragrant fluid. "That's right, Toy!" she gasped. He was working his pelvis, rubbing his shaft against her nipples. "Fuck my tits with your hot oily cock." She pressed her breasts together, trapping Charlie's tool.

I slipped a hand between Angela's legs. She gasped and pushed her butt back against my stiff prick.

"Not yet, Toy Boy!" Helen cried, pulling her breasts away from Charlie's crotch and rising to a kneeling position. His cock was stretched upwards along his belly, throbbing violently.

Helen stared at Charlie until it was clear he wasn't going to shoot. "Good boy," she said, kneeling between his legs. "Here's another treat," she added, taking one of the melting ice cubes from the bowl on the nightstand. He screamed and arched his back as she pressed the frozen cube against his balls.

Charlie moaned and thrashed on the bed as Helen rubbed the ice cube up and down his cock, over his balls and down toward his butt crack.

Angela was working her buttocks, humping my swollen pecker. I bent her over and pressed my cock-head against her puckered hole. She twisted away, shaking her head.

"My toy is so hot!" Helen exclaimed, keeping Charlie writhing on the bed with the ice cube. "Like an overheated greyhound! You know what I do to cool an overheated greyhound." Charlie screamed and his penis throbbed as she stuck the ice cube up his ass.

"Shoot it, Toy!" Helen cried, sliding two fingers up Charlie's ass and grabbing his dick. "Shoot your big cock!" He screamed as she ran rapid fingers up and down his oil-slick shaft and over his swollen mushroom head.

The cream sprayed from Charlie's tip, splashing his chest and belly. Helen jacked him repeatedly, keeping him shooting until his pulses slowed to a trickle over her fingers.

"Good Toy!" Helen said when Charlie collapsed on the bed. She straddled his chest, kissing him passionately.

"I'm very happy with my Toy Boy tonight," Helen said as she untied Charlie's wrists and ankles. "Keep the blindfold on. I've got a surprise."

Following Helen's whispered instructions, Angela knelt behind Charlie's head, letting her breasts hang down over his face. She moaned with pleasure as he sucked and fondled her heavy tits.

"Toy Boy, do you like my Baby Girl?" Helen asked. She was on hands and knees at the edge of the bed, with her pussy perfectly positioned. I moved behind her . . .

"Oh yeah!" Charlie replied.

"Then eat her!" Helen commanded. As Angela lowered her vulva onto Charlie's face, I pushed my dick into Helen's folds. "Fuck!" she gasped. "Baby Girl's little brother is sliding his cock into my snatch!"

Charlie's penis had softened after his explosive orgasm, but it was rock-hard even before Helen wrapped her hand around his shaft.

"Oh Fuck!" Angela moaned. She was kneading her tits and pinching her swollen nipples as she ground her crotch into Charlie's face. "Your tongue deep in my cunt! . . . Oh! . . ." She screamed suddenly. "Yeah! . . . My clit! . . . Oh yeah, harder! . . ."

"Yeah Charlie!" I cried. "Finger-fuck my sister while you suck her clit! Make her cum while I fuck your wife!"

"Big Boy's got a giant cock!" Helen moaned. "He's driving it into my snatch . . . up to his balls!"

"Oh God!" Angela screamed, clamping Charlie's head with her knees. "I'm cumming! . . ."

"Yeah, Toy Boy!" Helen cried, jerking Charlie's stiff dick. "Make my Baby Girl come!"

Charlie kept Angela's climax going with his fingers and mouth until she finally collapsed on the bed beside him, gasping for breath.

I continued driving my cock into Helen's hot pussy, incredibly aroused but nowhere near orgasm. I didn't mind when she suddenly said, "I need a break." Pulling away, she kissed Charlie and Angela before climbing off the bed. She walked into the living room and didn't come back.

"I think this game's over," Charlie said, removing the blindfold and rising to his knees. Angela was lying on her back. He looked up and down her lush body, admiring her strikingly beautiful face, big breasts, swollen nipples, flat belly, muscular body, and lingering on the thick black pubic hair, gleaming with juices, between her open legs.

Charlie and I were kneeling a few feet apart on the bed. He finally turned away from Angela to look over my slender athletic body and stiff cock. I was staring at Charlie's hard-on. His dick was slightly shorter than my 6" and his shaft was less thick. Our cock-heads had the same diameter, but his was more mushroom-shaped.

"What's your name, Baby?" Charlie asked.

"Angela," she answered. "Angela Menghini. This is my brother, Paul."

He grinned. "I'm pleased to eat . . ." We all laughed. "Ur . . . MEET . . . you, Angela." Charlie stared at my stiff prick for another long moment before looking into my eyes. "And Paul. You just screwed my wife. Are you ready to watch me fuck your sister?"

"I like watching," I answered. "I've spied on Angela fucking her boyfriend and having sex with Helen."

"Good!" he said. "I think I'm gonna like having an audience."

"I'm ready, Charlie," Angela said, spreading her legs wider. She lifted her knees as he knelt between her open thighs.

"Wait!" Helen cried, stepping back into the bedroom. "What's the hurry, Baby Girl? You've already been fucked tonight." Charlie's eyes widened.

Helen looked at Charlie. "Yeah. Big Boy fucked Baby Girl while they were spying on us from the fire escape," she said, reaching into the suitcase. "I watched him shoving his cock into her pussy while I was playing with you in the chair.

"Not only that," Helen continued. "Angela and I caught him watching us a couple of days ago. He fucked both of us!"

Helen took out a complicated black leather harness, with two wide straps extending horizontally from a heavy leather plate, and a narrow strap hanging down. As I watched in fascination, she attached a small plastic vibrator to the narrow strap, switched it on and slipped it into her hot wet pussy.

"That's good!" she whispered, standing still with her eyes closed, holding the vibrator and dangling harness in place with one hand as she kneaded her breasts and twisted her swollen nipples with the other. After a moment, she fastened the thick straps around her waist, pulling them down to circle her hips.

After adjusting the crotch strap, Helen fastened a flesh-colored 6" cock-and-balls dildo to a finger extending from the leather plate. I stared in wonder at the woman with big breasts, a feminine face and body, and a lifelike erect penis protruding from her leather-clad crotch.

"Do it Charlie! Now!" Angela pleaded. As Helen and I watched, he buried his cock-head in her lush black pubic thatch. "Oh fuck yeah!" she moaned as Charlie's shaft disappeared into her bush.

"Fuck her, Toy Boy!" Helen commanded She stood beside the bed, slowly jacking her artificial erection as she watched Charlie's penis sliding in and out of Angela's hot pink pussy.

I stepped behind Helen, pressing my stiff dick between her butt cheeks and gripping her breasts. "Not now," she said, pulling away and climbing onto the bed behind Charlie. "Toy Boy comes first!"

Helen applied a thin line of scented oil to her finger. Charlie moaned with pleasure as she slipped the lubricated finger up his asshole.

"Oh Fuck!" Angela whispered. "Charlie, your cock feels so good inside my hot pussy!" He was kneeling between Angela's raised thighs, slowly fucking her. Helen worked her slick finger in and out of his crack, occasionally adding more oil.

"Toy Boy's going to get fucked, too!" Helen announced, lubricating the dildo and pressing its head between her husband's rolling buttocks.

Charlie screamed and rammed his full length up Angela's snatch, slamming his pelvis into her crotch so hard the bed shook. "That really stretched my asshole!" he muttered.

"Is this too much for you, Toy Boy?" Helen demanded.

"Hell no!" Charlie responded, working his butt as he fucked Angela. Helen moved in time with his rolling buttocks, pushing a little more of the dildo up his asshole with each of his thrusts. Soon, Helen's balls were slapping his butt-cheeks violently as he slammed his cock into my sister's snatch.

I hadn't touched my penis, but it was rock hard and throbbing, with a stream of precum running all the way down my shaft and over my balls. I tried to imagine how Charlie felt fucking Angela while Helen - balanced at the edge of orgasm - rammed his muscular butt. I'd fingered my asshole - even inserted two lubricated fingers - but had never taken anything the size of her dildo.

"Oh fuck!" Angela cried. "Drive your big pole hard and deep! I'm going to . . . Oh God! I'm cumming . . ."

Helen screamed as she reached her own climax, slamming the dildo up Charlie's asshole in time with his thrusts into Angela's snatch.

"Yeah Baby!" Charlie yelled. "Here it comes . . ."

"Oh Fuck yeah I'm cumming so hard!" Angela cried. "Shoot it! . . . Hot juice up my cunt, yeah! . . . Yeah! More! . . . Ram it! Shoot it! Fuck it! . . . Yeah! . . . Your hot cum!!

"Fuck Yeah! Fuck Yeah! Fuck Yeah!" he cried as he slammed his cock into Angela's pussy. He finally collapsed in her arms.

Still cumming, Helen pulled out of his butt and lay on her back, jacking the dildo with her hand.

The sight of Helen writhing on the bed was too much for me. I unfastened the strap-on and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. "Here's a real cock, Baby!" I growled, filling her with one smooth thrust.

"Oh Big Boy!" Helen cried. "That's so good! Fuck me hard!" She was already orgasmic. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she gasped as I pushed her over the edge.

As Angela and Charlie watched, I drove my cock into Helen's hot slick grasping pussy, keeping her climax going.

"Here it is, Baby!" I finally shouted. "My load up your hot tight cunt!"

"Oh fuck shoot it oh God your load oh fuck oh fuck oh! . . ." Helen screamed as my cock exploded deep inside her pussy.

Afterward, we all kissed. Charlie even kissed me, open-mouthed. His goatee and mustache felt strange, but surprisingly exciting as his tongue pressed against mine. We gripped each other's stiff cocks for a moment, then pulled away.

"That's enough," Helen said when she'd finished kissing Charlie, Angela and me. "I want to be alone with my husband, now." Glancing pointedly at the window, she added, "Really alone!"

"I don't feel like getting dressed," Angela said as we gathered our clothes. "Have you got your key to my apartment?" I nodded. "Good. We'll take the hall."

"Why did you bring those?" I asked as I unlocked the door. Angela was carrying the bottle of scented oil and Helen's strap-on.

"Guess," she answered, grinning lewdly. I was scared and excited at the same time. We dropped our clothes on the living room floor and started kissing and fondling each other's bodies, forgetting to lock the door.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Angela said, wrapping her hand around my stiff dick. "Charlie was great, but I need my brother's big cock . . . right now!"

"Come on Paul," she cried, throwing herself onto her back with her legs spread. "Do it rough!" I fucked her to a long screaming orgasm. It was too soon for me to cum, but I slammed her pussy relentlessly to keep her climax going, finally collapsing on top of her, exhausted.

Angela kissed me passionately as I recovered. "Sexy Baby Brother," she whispered. "You're the best lover I've ever had."

"I still can't believe I'm doing all this," I answered. "It's like a dream . . . A long wet dream . . . and you're the best part."

"You're wonderful too," Angela said. "Now, get up. We're going to do something new." She stood up and took the strap-on from the nightstand. "Help me put this on. I've never used one before."

"Careful Sis," I said, moving behind her. "You're getting it tangled. That's better." Reaching between her beautiful buttocks, I said "Helen had the thin crotch strap unfastened . . . There . . . now buckle the side straps . . . settle it on your hips . . . Good!"

Angela was looking down, staring between her large firm breasts at the big new penis protruding from her crotch. "Wow!" she whispered. "I've got a dick!" She wrapped her hand around the shaft, stroking it slowly. "It sure flops around."

"The third strap has to be fastened," I said, reaching between her legs and teasing her folds with my fingertip. "Ready for the vibrator? I see how to take it off, if you don't want it."

"Stick it in, Baby Brother!" she answered, grinning wickedly. "I know how you love putting things in my snatch. Don't turn the vibrator on. That would be too much."

The little dildo was 5" long and cone-shaped, gradually widening from its 1" round tip to 2" in diameter near the base, then tapering sharply to the strap mount. "How do you like it, Sis?" I asked as I worked the vibrator into Angela's tight wet snatch.

"Ooohhh!" she moaned. "It's a weird shape . . . I've never had anything like this in my pussy . . . but it really feels good!"

When the vibrator's base was pressed against Angela's pussy lips, I tightened the crotch strap. After a minute of adjusting buckles, the strap-on was riding firmly on her hips.

Angela stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall. "Little Brother, I'm as well hung as you," she said, curling her hand around her shaft.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed. "The little dildo fucks me whenever I touch my big cock. And that weird shape! When it moves in my snatch . . ." Angela moaned as she stroked her artificial dick. " . . . the wide part rubs my pussy mouth . . . Oh! . . . while it dives deep . . . filling me . . . Yeah! . . . so good!"

"But that's enough about me," Angela continued, pulling herself back from the edge of orgasm. "Bend over, Baby Brother! I'm ready to stick my new dick up your butt!"

A moment later, I was on my hands and knees in the center of the bed with Angela kneeling behind me. "Take it easy, please," I said. "This is my first time."

"Jesus!" Angela exclaimed. "I thought boys got it on with other before they started playing with girls!"

"I've jacked off with other boys," I answered. "One time, I watched two guys butt-fucking. I beat off, but didn't join in."

"Wow, I'm getting another cherry!" Angela said as she reached for the oil. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle." A cinnamon smell filled the air as she spread a thick line of lubricant onto her index finger and pressed it into the center of my little puckered hole.

"God, you're tight!" Angela pushed her finger into my butt carefully, slowly working it in and out, gradually going deeper as my muscles relaxed.

"Oh Jesus!" I moaned when Angela's finger was completely inside.

"Are you all right, Paul?" she asked, a little anxiously.

"Yeah," I answered. "It hurts . . . a little . . . but it feels good, too . . . "

"Jack off," Angela advised. "That's what they do in the gay stories on the Internet.

I stroked my cock as Angela slowly finger-fucked my tight asshole, triggering a mini-orgasm each time she hit bottom. I would have shot if I hadn't cum in Helen's pussy a few minutes before.

"Oh Sis!" I cried when she added a second finger. "Fuck, that's good!" Angela rotated her crossed fingers as she moved in and out, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"God Sis!" I cried. "Give me your cock! Stick your big fat girl cock up my tight little virgin ass!" Angela pulled her fingers out. "Please! Now! Please!" I begged. Her thick mushroom head pressed between my buttocks, sliding easily into my finger-stretched asshole.

"Oh Mary! . . . Oh Jesus!! . . . Oh God!!!" Angela sobbed as she worked her cock in and out, going deeper with each thrust, gradually increasing her tempo . . . "The strap-on! . . . It fucks my pussy . . . rubs my clit . . . Jesus, Little Brother! I'm so close! . . ."

She was driving hard and fast, slamming her big balls against my butt cheeks. My cock jerked furiously each time she hit home. I'd stopped jacking off. I would have shot the instant I touched my penis.

"Turn over, Baby Brother!" Angela said, suddenly pulling out. "I want to see your face when you cum with my cock up your ass."

An instant later, I was on my back, hugging my knees to my chest and lifting my butt high in the air. Angela poured scented oil into the palm of her hand and ran it over the dildo's head and shaft. "Fuck yeah, Sis!" I cried as her stiff prick slid smoothly up my asshole, all the way to the balls.

"Jesus! I'm fucking both of us!" Angela gasped as she drove into me. It was like she'd always had a cock.

"Oh God!" I shouted. "Fuck my butt-cherry, Sis!" She splashed oil onto my penis, then grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide. We rocked on the bed as she hammered my ass, pulling back until her head was barely kissing my little puckered hole, then diving full force into my depths, cumming with each thrust.

"Oh God! . . . Oh Sis!!!" I cried as my hand flew over my throbbing cock. "Oh fuck! . . . Yeah! . . . I'm gonna cum! . . ."

"Fuck yeah, Baby Brother!" Angela sobbed. "Shoot it for me! Yeah!"

"Here it is! . . . It's . . ." A huge fountain of jizz splashed my chest and belly.

"Fuck, Little Brother! . . . Fuck Little Brother!!" Angela was still cumming, slamming her hard cock into my ass. After my climax, having my ass rammed was painful, so I grabbed her waist and gradually brought her to a stop.

Laying Angela on her back, I unbuckled the strap-on and knelt between her open legs. I sucked her clit and drove three fingers up her pussy, keeping her cumming until she finally collapsed.

"Oh Paul," she whispered as I took her in my arms and we kissed tenderly.

"Wow!" I said a little later. "We sure made a lot of noise."

"Yeah," Angela agreed. "It almost sounded like there were other people in the room."

"I'm so lucky . . ." I began, gazing into my sister's big brown eyes. There was something at the edge of my vision.

"Wha . . ." Angela said as I jerked my head up. Bernie was standing at the bedroom door with his stiff cock in his hand. There was semen on his fingers, running down his shaft and dripping on the floor.

"Bernie!" Angela cried as she jumped off the bed. "What the fuck are you doing here?" She stopped a foot away from him, glaring up into his eyes. I climbed slowly to my feet, muscles tense, watching . . .

Bernie took a step backward into the living room. His cock softened and he stuffed it back into his pants. "You really are doing it!" he said sullenly. "Fucking your little brother!"

"I was going to apologize for the things I said tonight," Bernie continued. "The street door hadn't closed completely. I heard you screaming when I came upstairs. The apartment door wasn't locked. I saw you on your back with your legs spread, getting fucked! Fucked by your little shit brother! Then you stuck that fake cock up his ass!"

"You stood there and watched!" Angela interrupted. "You didn't go 'Oops!' and sneak back out. You didn't scream 'What the hell are you doing!' You pulled your cock out and beat off."

"Yeah, I jacked off while I watched your show!" Bernie snarled defiantly. "I'm a guy and I like porn. You're a natural fucking porn star! . . . You and your brother!"

"You're a dick!" Angela shouted. "You're selfish in bed and you've got another girl on the side! I need a real lover! Paul and I have always loved each other. Now it's physical, too! And that's because of YOU! I should thank you!"

"You're a fucking whore!" Bernie yelled. For a moment, I thought he was going to hit her. As I moved toward him, Bernie spun on his heel and stomped out of the apartment. A few seconds later, we heard the street door slam. I ran out to check the hall and stairs. He was really gone.

"Jesus . . . H . . . Fucking . . . Christ . . .!" Angela exclaimed as she locked the apartment door.

"I'm sorry, Sis," I said, taking her in my arms. She was trembling.

"For what? Being a better lover than Bernie? Showing me he's a jerk? . . . He jacks off while watching us, then calls me a whore! . . . All he's got going is that giant cock! . . . still . . ." She burst into tears.

Angela sobbed against my neck for several minutes. I stroked her hair and back, while making soft soothing sounds. I was acutely aware of our naked bodies - her breasts flattened against my chest, my hot penis rubbing her vulva.

"Baby Brother, does anything stop your cock?" Angela looked up at me. Her eyes were shining with tears, but she was smiling.

"Sorry, Sis," I answered. "It's just an automatic reaction."

"Naughty Baby Brother!" Angela kissed me, open-mouthed and hard, while reaching down to guide my penis between her legs.

"Fuck yeah!" she gasped as my cock slipped into her hot wet snatch. "Make me forget Bernie!"

My sister screamed and thrashed, cumming wildly as I fucked her hard, standing in the middle of the living room with the lights on and windows open. I hoped somebody WAS watching, jacking his cock or fingering her pussy out in the darkness . . . I wished I'd seen Bernie stroking his stiff pole and spraying his juice . . .

Angela suddenly stopped screaming. "I wish Bernie was watching this!" she gasped. "Oh fuck, Little Brother! . . . Oh Fuck!! . . . I'm cumming so hard! . . . Oh! . . . Oh!! . . . "Oh Jesus!!!" I caught her as she went limp in my arms.

"Spend the night," Angela whispered as I put her in bed and turned out the lights. "I'm not giving up on Bernie," she whispered in the dark, "but whatever happens, you'll always be my lover!"


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