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Playing With My Sister 3

Brother's and sister's three-way with hot cougar.

I went into Angela's apartment with my stiff cock still out. She wasn't there, so I locked myself in the bathroom. "Helen's getting fucked!" I thought as I pulled my blue jeans and shorts down around my ankles.

Staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I whispered. "Helen's getting fucked right now! She walked back into the bedroom with that red robe open . . . he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed with her legs spread . . . tore that red thong off . . . shoved his cock up her hot wet pussy."

One of my hands was flying over my swollen member, squeezing my shaft and rubbing my pre-cum slick cock-head while my other hand gripped my balls. "She's moaning 'I've got a real man fucking me!' as he rams her tight little cunt!" I gasped, remembering Helen clasping me between her thighs. "She's screaming and thrashing as he gets ready to shoot a big hot man load . . ."

My cock was throbbing when I yanked my hand away. For a few seconds, I was sure I'd pushed myself too far, but I managed to hold back. I couldn't get the images out of my mind. A few feet away, Helen's legs were spread and a man was thrusting his cock into her hot wet snatch.

"This is really stupid!" I thought as I climbed out onto the fire escape. It was still broad daylight. The back of our building was U-shaped, with Helen's big apartment in the center, flanked by the two smaller apartments. The fire escape was partially shielded from the street, but anyone in the side apartments could look out and see me. Still, I just had to see Helen getting fucked.

I heard moaning as I approached Helen's open bedroom window. "He's really got her going!" I thought. My cock throbbed as I remembered the way Helen had screamed as I ate and fucked her to orgasm before flooding her snatch with my teenage cum.

"She's riding his cock," I thought when I saw Helen kneeling on the bed. Neither person was looking toward the window, so I stood up to get a better view. "A woman!" I gasped. The figure lying under Helen had long thick black hair, big breasts and graceful hips.

"Sexy Baby Girl, I'm going to fuck you now!" Helen growled as she put her hand between the woman's legs. "Your tight cunt!" I got another shock when Helen's partner turned her face toward me. It was Angela!

I unzipped my jeans and fumbled my cock out of my shorts as I stared at the only two women I'd fucked making love. I'd never suspected either might even be interested in other women.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Angela moaned as Helen drove three fingers into her pussy while rubbing her thumb against Angela's clit. Helen's red thong was pushed aside and her other hand was playing with her snatch.

I stroked my stiff cock slowly, trying to keep from shooting as I stared into the bedroom. A soft sound made me freeze. I looked around wildly, but didn't see anything.

"Come on, Baby!" Helen cried. "Cum for Mommy!" Angela was writhing on the bed, making harsh cawing sounds. "Cum with Mommy fucking your hot little cunt!" Angela screamed as the climax washed over her. Helen's skillful fingers drove her on and on, until she finally lay limp on the bed.

"So good," Angela whispered as Helen took her in her arms.

Somehow, I still hadn't shot. The women lay together, talking so softly I couldn't understand the words. I waited patiently.

Helen straddled Angela's hips, lowering her breasts onto the girl's face. Angela licked and sucked them eagerly. "Yeah Baby Girl," she whispered dreamily, looking idly toward the window as she surrendered to the sensations.

She gasped in surprise when she saw me standing on the fire escape with my stiff cock jutting from my unzipped pants.

Helen looked frightened until she recognized me. A flash of anger crossed her face before her mouth stretched into a lewd grin. "Baby Girl . . ."

Lost in playing with Helen's breasts, Angela hadn't noticed anything. "Yes Mommy?"

"I know you fucked your brother."

"No!" Angela protested.

"Don't lie to Mommy," Helen said sternly. "You let it slip when you were talking about your boyfriend Bernie." She bent forward and kissed Angela hard. "I don't blame you. Paul's a cute guy. Really good in bed, too. You taught him well."

"What?" Angela looked stunned.

"I fucked him," Helen said. "After he fixed the light switch on Saturday. If you hadn't been here, I'd have done him again today. In fact, I still can."

"Paul!" Angela gasped as I climbed in the open window with my hard-on sticking out of my jeans.

"Hi Sis," I said, trying to sound casual, despite my pounding heart.

"You little brat!" Angela answered. "I always knew you were a pervert! This proves it!"

"Hi Helen," I continued. "I'm sorry I was spying on you. I just had to see who you were fucking."

"That's fair," Helen answered. "After the way I molested you in the hall."

"What?" Angela asked.

Helen rose from the bed and wrapped her hand around my stiff member. "Baby Girl," she said, "I jacked your brother off on Saturday. Do you want to see me make him spurt again?" I gasped as she ran her index finger over my pre-cum slick cock-head while stroking my shaft with her remaining fingers. She was kneading my balls with her other hand. Angela was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at us.

"No!" I begged. "Not so fast! . . . Please!"

"All right," Helen answered. Get undressed." It took me a moment to strip. Untangling my erection from my shorts was difficult. "Have you seen Big Boy cum?" she asked Angela as she stepped out of her tiny red thong. Naked except for her thigh-high stockings, she looked like a porn star.

"We've spent three nights together," Angela answered. "Paul's fucked me and I've sucked him off. I love his expression when he shoots."

"But have you SEEN him cum?" Helen asked. "Watched the hot jets of man-juice spurting from his cock-head?" Angela shook her head. "Well, you're going to! He's been spying on us, so now we're going to watch him!"

Angela smiled. "All right, Squirt."

"Get on your back, Baby Girl," Helen commanded. "Big Boy's going to fuck your tits."

Angela lay back on the bed and I straddled her chest. She pressed her big breasts together to trap my stiff prick. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I hardly needed the lubrication from my pre-cum as I moved back and forth, gradually increasing the speed of my thrusts as my excitement mounted.

"Jesus, Baby Brother!" Angela exclaimed. "That feels so good!"

"Don't blaspheme," Helen growled. She was kneeling on the bed beside us, watching my cock sliding between Angela's breasts.

"That's a prayer," Angela answered. "Like . . . 'Jesus, my brother's rubbing his cock between my tits!'" Without touching her pussy, she was approaching orgasm. The pressure on my head and shaft, as well as the sight of my dick sliding between my sister's beautiful breasts, had me close too.

Helen was working two fingers in and out of her snatch while rubbing her clit with her thumb. "You like to watch," she cried, "but now it's your turn to perform! Shoot for us, Big Boy!"

Angela lifted her head to stare at her chest. "Yeah, Little Brother!" she gasped. "Make your big dick come! Spray my tits!" Her pressed-together breasts were pussy-tight, rubbing my cock-head and clutching my shaft. I was throbbing, but my tension continued building without release.

It was Angela's expression - her eyes wide with wonder, her mouth open and her tongue darting out to lick my head - that pushed me over. "Here it is, Baby!"

I exploded an inch from her face. My first pulse struck Angela's chin. The second and third hit her upper lip and mouth. I pulled back and spewed hot juice between her breasts. When my jets finally slowed down, I grabbed my stiff dick and stroked it until I squirted on Angela's chest and throat.

"Oh Paul!" she cried, grabbing my still-stiff cock. Knowing I was super-sensitive this soon after cumming, she handled me gently, wrapping a soft hand around the base of my shaft and cuddling my balls.

"You look great, Sis!" I said. "With my sticky white stuff all over your face and chin and throat and especially on your big bare tits . . . puffy domes and long hard nipples covered with my hot wax."

"You naughty little brat brother!" Angela answered. "Messing me all up!" She licked my cum off her lips and smiled. "Just feel it," she continued, grabbing my hands and guiding them to her breasts.

Angela moaned as I rubbed my still-slick cum over her breasts and onto her nipples, which amazingly became even harder under my fingers.

Angela looked up at Helen and asked, "Do you know Paul can cum four times in an hour? That's better than an old man like Bernie." He was a whole year older than Angela.

I'd remained rock-hard while playing with Angela's tits. "Yeah, Brother Baby!" she whispered as I opened her legs. "Rub your cock along my slit! . . . Push my pussy lips open! . . . Yeah! Your head against my clit! . . . Oh Yeah!"

Angela's lush black pubic hair was soaked with her juices and the air was thick with her superheated female musk. I changed my slow pubic motions, angling my penis downward . . .

"Fuck Yeah, Baby Brother!" she gasped as my cock-head stretched her pussy mouth. Angela could easily take my full size, but I teased her by moving in and out slowly, going a fraction of an inch deeper each time I pushed forward.

"Big Sister's got a tight hot snatch," I said.

Helen said, "Baby Brother . . . not such a baby! . . . has a giant cock! Bigger than any man I've been with except Bernie!" I had six thick inches and was one of the bigger boys in the school locker room. "And it's all the way up my little wet cunt!"

Kneeling between Angela's thighs, I leaned back so Helen could focus on my cock slowly sliding in and out of my sister's pussy.

"Fuck, Little Brother!" Angela moaned, grabbing my hands and pulling them to her breasts. I kneaded her firm mounds while pinching her nipples. She was working her pelvis in time with my cock-thrusts, gradually increasing our tempo. "Drive your big fat cock up my tight little snatch!" She lifted her knees, taking me even deeper.

"Fuck me!" Angela screamed as she started cumming. "Fuck me hard!" We were rocking on the bed, instinctively coordinating our motions. Over and over, I pulled out until my cock head was barely kissing her pussy lips, then slammed my full length into her depths.

Angela's screams grew louder as her climax stretched on. I was screaming too, uttering short loud cries as I hammered her snatch. "Oh Sis!" I gasped. "You're so hot! . . . Tight! . . .Ah! . . . Ah! . . . Ah!"

"Shoot that fat cock, Little Brother!" she cried. "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!" she shouted, cumming even harder when my hot juice flooded her pussy.

"Fuck Yeah! . . . Fuck!" I screamed, driving deep to fire my pulses into Angela's sucking snatch.

"Little Brother," she whispered when we were finally spent. My cock slipped out of her pussy and I lay beside Angela with my head pillowed on her breasts, gasping for breath and feeling my heart pound. "So good . . ." she murmured, stroking my hair.

"That's great!" Helen exclaimed. "You two are natural porn stars!"

"Sis is a nice piece of ass," I agreed. "It almost makes up for her being so annoying."

"You little brat brother!" Angela countered, slapping my butt hard. "You're so clumsy! Don't think you're any good just because you finally found my hole!"

Helen had two fingers up her snatch, making a lewd wet sucking sound as she slid them in and out. "Now it's my turn," she said. "Who's going to get me off?"

"Let Angela do it," I said.

I stepped off the bed and Angela she rose to her knees. "Mommy made me cum," she said as she put her hands on Helen's breasts. "Screaming and thrashing as she finger-fucked my tight little pussy." Angela pressed her lips against Helen's and they kissed passionately.

"Eat me, Baby Girl!" Helen gasped, lying on her back with her legs spread.

"I've never gone down on a woman," Angela confessed. "Cathy and I didn't do that. We thought oral was gross. I learned better after we moved to Brooklyn and Jim ate me out and made me cum before popping my cherry."

Cathy! Her best friend when we'd lived in Nebraska. They'd slept together almost every weekend . . . in the bedroom next to mine. I'd heard their noises. Now I knew what they'd been doing. My stiff cock throbbed.

I zoomed between Helen's legs as she pulled herself open, revealing her hot core. Her swollen clit rose like a tower from the center of a wide pink field and her gaping pussy lips, puffy and brick-red, stretched down into a dark tunnel of hot flesh. The whole area gleamed with her juices.

"Don't worry," Helen said. "Just do what would make you feel good and . . . Ooohhh!" She moaned as Angela's tongue slid into her open snatch. I zoomed out to show her face, contorted with pleasure. "That's right, Baby Girl! . . . So good!"

Angela's face was buried in Helen's crotch and her thick black hair flowed over the older woman's thighs. I climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside Helen and bending over to capture the action.

"Oh yes!" Helen moaned. "Run your tongue around my snatch! Go in deep . . ." Angela's tongue was completely buried in the other woman's pussy.

Helen moaned continuously as she played with her breasts and slowly rolled her hips, grinding her pelvis into my sister's face. "That's good, Baby Girl!" she gasped. "I love you eating my hot cunt, but now I need my clit sucked! Hard!"

Angela stared at Helen's oversized clitoris for a long moment before extending her tongue to stroke the swollen bud. "Suck it now!" Helen demanded, grabbing Angela's head and pulling it down to her crotch.

"Yeah Baby Girl!" Helen moaned. "Yeah Baby Girl! Suck my clit! . . . Hard! . . . Yeah, like that! . . . Oh! Yes! . . . Chew on it with your lips! Yeah! Hard! . . . Oh! . . . Ooooohhhhh! Yeeessss! Yes!"

"Don't stop!" Helen cried when Angela suddenly pulled away from her crotch. "Oh Yes!" she gasped an instant later when Angela thrust two fingers up her hot snatch.

"Oh Baby Girl! Oh Baby Girl! Oh Baby Girl!" Helen screamed. "Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!" She clawed her tits as she thrashed on the bed.

Angela chewed Helen's clit and finger-fucked her snatch, keeping her cumming for several minutes.

Helen finally collapsed, gasping for breath. Angela took Helen in her arms, kissing her tenderly.

"Baby Girl . . . Angela . . ." Helen whispered. "That was so good! I can't believe this is the first time you've eaten a woman."

My cock was so hard it hurt. I pulled Helen away from Angela and opened her thighs.

Helen squirmed away when I tried to position myself between her legs. She caught my shaft with one hand and gripped my balls with the other. "Big Boy has such a beautiful cock," she purred. "He's going to fuck me soon, but I want to play with it first."

I was kneeling on the bed. Helen was on her side, slowly jacking me off. Angela moved beside me and we kissed passionately.

"You're such a good kisser," Angela said.

"I can't wait any longer!" I pushed Helen onto her back, gripped her muscular thighs and forced them open. Her puffy pink folds stood out through her brown pubic hair.

Angela played with Helen's breasts as I positioned my stiff dick. "Oh yeah!" Helen gasped as my head opened her pussy mouth. I pushed forward, but nothing happened. She rocked her pelvis as I angled my hard rod further downwards. "Fuck!" she cried as my full length slammed into her hot wet snatch.

I rammed Helen over and over, nearly oblivious to her orgasmic screams, mainly conscious of my burning need to release my seed deep in her pussy. "I'm cumming!" I finally cried. A wave of intense pleasure washed over my body as my juice jetted into Helen's cunt.

The three of us collapsed in an erotic tangle, breathing hard and feeling each others' hearts pounding. My head jerked toward the window when I heard a soft metallic clang from the fire escape, but there was nothing to see. I sank back on the bed, lying between the two women. They ran gentle hands over my body and took turns kissing me.

"This is so good," Angela purred. "I'm so glad I brought you those lease papers . . ." Her voice trailed off as she saw the clock on the nightstand. "Oh no! It's late. I should be helping Mom with supper and Paul's supposed to work in the store."

We were all covered with drying sweat. I jumped into the shower to rinse off. When I returned to the bedroom two minutes later, Angela and Helen were in sixty-nine position on the bed, eating each others' pussies.

I stroked my instantly-stiff cock as I watched the women scream and thrash, eventually spraying my fourth hot load of the afternoon on their struggling bodies.

Angela dashed into the shower. I bent over to kiss Helen, but she pushed me away. "We shouldn't start again," she said. "You've got things to do."

She was right. I got dressed and went downstairs. Angela showed up ten minutes later. That night, we couldn't help breaking into silly grins every time we looked at each other.

* * *

"Oh Paul," Suzie whispered. "Please take it out. I want to see it."

It was the night after Angela and I had our wild afternoon with Helen. Suzie and I were in the back seat of Mom's Crown Victoria, parked in the shadows beside Mom and Dad's warehouse.

I'd been romantic again, rather then demanding. Suzie had responded by being sexually aggressive, kissing me passionately while fondling my crotch, removing her blouse and bra and pulling my face down to her breasts, finally clamping me between her open thighs and humping my cock through our clothes until she came.

We sat, relaxing after her intense orgasm. I held her in my arms, stroking her hair and occasionally kissing her tenderly. "What do you want to see, Baby?" I asked teasingly.

"You know . . ." her voice trailed off.

My left arm was curled around Suzie's belly. I slid my hand up to her bare breasts, gently pinching her hard little nipples. "You can say it. The real word, not the one from biology class."

"All right, Paul," she answered. "Your cock! I want to see your cock! I've been feeling it through our clothes, and now I want to see it."

"Okay, Baby." I unfastened my belt, pulled my zipper down and lifted my body as I pushed my pants and shorts down around my ankles.

Suzie was frozen beside me, staring at my stiff pole and swollen head, slick with the pre-cum leaking from my tip. "You like it, Suzie?" I asked.

"Uh . . . huh . . ." she purred, reaching for my crotch.

I caught her hand. "You can play with my cock, but I'm going to finger you, too."

Suzie answered by guiding my hand between her open thighs and pressing it against her smooth cotton panties. The fabric stretched over her folds was warm and moist.

We kissed passionately as Suzie's hand closed around my dick. She manipulated me clumsily, running her tightly closed fist rapidly up and down my shaft and over my cock-head. It would have been painful without the lubrication from my pre-cum.

I was rubbing Suzie's mound through her panties, sliding my middle three fingers over her labia and applying gentle pressure to her clit hood. She moaned and grabbed my hand, pushing it even more firmly against her crotch as she worked her pelvis, humping my fingers . . .

"Oh Baby!" I gasped. "I'm gonna . . ." As Suzie watched in awe, hot cum fountained from my cock, spraying high into the air, splashing on my crotch and Suzie's fingers and flowing down over my balls.

Suzie continued jerking me frantically as I fingered her to orgasm. Her hands on my sensitive penis were painful, but I kept her cumming for a long time. She finally collapsed, gasping for breath.

"Your juice . . ." Suzie whispered, looking at my gleaming fluid on her hand. She suddenly giggled and began licking her fingers.

"Here's some more," I said, scooping the viscous fluid from my cock and balls and holding my dripping hand to her lips. She devoured it eagerly.

Finally satisfied, Suzie sank back in the seat. We kissed tenderly for a while, then sat together quietly, holding hands.

"Paul . . ." Suzie suddenly said. "I've told you I'm a virgin. Are you?"

"No," I answered. "It was . . . a while ago . . . with a . . . Nebraska girl. Do you mind?"

Suzie suddenly climbed into my lap, pressing her breasts against my bare chest and giving me a hard open-mouth kiss. I groaned as she ground her panty-covered snatch against my naked stiff dick.

"I'm glad you're experienced," she whispered. "I want you to take my virginity . . . Not yet . . . I'm not ready . . . But soon."

Suzie ground her crotch against mine. I could feel her hard little clit through the panties, rubbing against my cock-head. She was already moaning, close to cumming. My shaft was sliding up and down her slit, opening her folds as the cum boiled in my nuts.

"Shoot it for me, Baby!" Suzie cried.

"Oh God!" I gasped as my semen soaked the slick cloth covering Suzie's snatch.

"Oh God Oh God Oh God . . ." she moaned, frantically humping my spurting cock as she came.

It was time to go. We cleaned up as much as possible. Our underwear was sticky, but we didn't mind.

We held hands as I walked her home. "Suzie, until a few days ago, you were really sweet and shy," I said. "You're not shy anymore . . . not about sex, anyway. What changed?"

She looked studious, like the straight-A student she was. "Paul, have you ever heard of an epiphany?"

"Sort of. It's religious, isn't it? Like a divine revelation . . ."

"It's not necessarily religious," she said. "It's an experience that tells you something important about the world."

"I had an epiphany last Wednesday," Suzie continued. "About sex."

"A sudden revelation about sex? What happened?"

"I'm not ready to tell you now," she answered. "Mom, Dad and my brother and sister will be spending the weekend with my aunt in Vermont. I'm staying home to work on a school project. We'll have the apartment to ourselves. I'll show you something."

We kissed outside Suzie's door. "I'm not sure I'll be ready on Friday," she whispered, "but bring some condoms, just in case."


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