Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 14

The women play while their men are away.

"There's Aunt Ruth," Angela said dreamily.

It was 11:00 PM Saturday and Suzie was spending the night with Angela. Her brother Paul and their father Leo were out of town, leaving them with Angela's mother Mary and Leo's sister Ruth.

The girls were lying naked on Angela's bed with their backs propped against the headboard, holding hands and resting after an intense session with a double-headed dildo.

The bedroom lights were off and Ruth was clearly visible through her brightly illuminated window. "She's getting ready for bed."

The hardware store was on the ground floor of a three-story brick building a few blocks from the Verrazano Narrows bridge. It was U-shaped in back, with fire escapes on the second and third floors.

Family quarters occupied the second floor: a living room, kitchen, bathroom, Paul's bedroom and the master bedroom and bath. There were three apartments on the top floor.

Leo used the outside one-bedroom apartment for an office. Angela slept in the bedroom. The large middle unit was rented out. Ruth had the one-room studio apartment closest to the stairs. The fire escape stretched between Angela's big bedroom window and the wide floor-to-ceiling window in front of Ruth's bed.

"Ruth likes to get undressed in front of the open window," Angela continued. "I get hot watching her!"

"She is SO sexy!" Suzie agreed.

Ruth was a big solid woman, 43 years old, with thick curly black shoulder-length hair and heavy D-cup breasts, supported by a nipple-baring push-up bra. She was wearing blue jeans that stretched over her hips and buttocks as if painted on and a clinging white top with a plunging neckline. A tiny gold cross on a thin chain gleamed in her cleavage.

The girls knelt at the foot of the bed, feeling the heat build between their legs as they watched Ruth fondle her big breasts, kneading the heavy flesh and playing with her nipples through the tightly-stretched cloth.

"Jesus!" Angela whispered. "I'm glad my tits aren't that big, but Ruth sure is sexy!" Angela had long thick black hair and an athletic body, as tall and solidly built as a boy, but with wide hips, a muscular butt and lush breasts. Her prominent pussy lips peeked through her thick dark pubic thatch.

"I'd just be happy actually NEEDING a bra!" Suzie giggled. She was tall, slender and boyish, with strong Eastern-European features and thick blond hair. The quarter-sized dark pink areolas tipping her firm pale pink A-cup breasts were swollen into domes and her hard little nipples were almost 1/2" long. Suzie's wet mound was hidden beneath a wide Vee of thick blond hair.

"I'm so fucking hot!" Suzie moaned, slipping a finger into her wet slit. "Ruth knows we're watching! She's playing with her tits to turn us on! With that window open, she can probably smell our hot cunts!"

"I can sure smell us!" Angela agreed, kissing Suzie quickly before turning back to stare at Ruth. She WAS looking directly at Angela's window as she manipulated her breasts. "It's like a lion's den during mating season in here!"

"Paul told me about seeing Dad fuck Ruth," Angela whispered. "She's so sexy! So is he! . . . Oh Jesus! I'm hot for my own father!"

"I want Leo, too!" Suzie confided. "He's SUCH a stud! Like Paul with years of experience!"

Ruth pulled the thin clinging top over her head and tossed it onto the bed, followed by the push-up bra. Her thick black hair cascaded over her shoulders as she returned to the window.

Ruth's heavy breasts flowed down her chest in graceful arcs. Her nipples were long thick chocolate cylinders centered in the puffy domes of her wide tan areolas. She moaned as she fondled her big fleshy tits, pinching and twisting her swollen nipples until she screamed orgasmically into the night.

Suzie was jabbing two fingers between her legs, making a loud lewd squishing sound as she finger-fucked her hot wet snatch. Angela pinched and stroked her swollen clit roughly, jacking it like a tiny cock.

"Oh fuck!" the girls heard Ruth cry as they came along with her.

Ruth stood motionless in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, still fondling her big breasts as she gasped for breath. Angela and Suzie collapsed into each other's arms, staring at the big woman across the way.

Recovering quickly, Ruth sat on the bed to remove her shoes, tight blue jeans and panties. She returned to the window naked, staring out into the night. Her crotch was shaved bare and her puffy dark red pussy lips stood in sharp relief against her hairless flesh.

"She's staring at us!" Suzie whispered. Ruth looked down, watching her hands slide over her hips and caress her inner thighs, gliding near her vulva without touching it. After a long teasing minute she looked back at Angela's window.

"It's too dark!" Angela insisted. "She can't see us, not even your pale skin and blond hair!"

As if to prove Angela's words, Ruth turned away from the window and disappeared into the studio apartment's bathroom. The shower started running a few seconds later.

"You see!" Angela said, pushing Suzie onto her back and rolling into her arms. "Aunt Ruth didn't know we were watching. She's a show-off. The chance of somebody seeing her turns her on!"

"She's sure gotten me going!" Suzie agreed, pressing her hungry lips against Angela's mouth.

"Me too . . . sexy Little Sister!" Angela purred, rubbing her big firm breasts against Suzie's hard little nipples.

Lost in each other's bodies, Angela and Suzie hardly noticed when the bedroom light came on.

"Hi girls!" Ruth said cheerfully. Angela's head jerked up as she twisted to face Ruth. Suzie just stared, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. "I see you've learned how to get along without men!"

"Jesus, Aunt Ruth!" Angela cried defensively. "What are you doing here?"

Ruth was naked. Her nipples were hard and the puffy brick red pussy lips protruding from her hairless vulva were gleaming with her juices.

"Don't worry, Angela," she said, smiling. "You're ready to be welcomed into our family's women! Suzie is like your sister, so she can join in!"

"I'm going to take a shower," Ruth continued. "You two will be at my door in 15 minutes, bathed and wearing the sexy nighties you've hidden in the bottom dresser drawer!" She turned and left the room without looking back.

Suzie and Angela were in the bathroom before the hall door closed.

Thirteen minutes later, they were marching down the hall in matching teddies -- low-cut translucent lacy gowns reaching from their shoulders to their hips, worn over skimpy low-cut bras and matching panties.

They'd gone to Victoria's Secret together to buy them. Pale blond Suzie wore a black teddy while dark-skinned brunette Angela was dressed in pale green.

Ruth opened the door before they knocked. "It's amazing!" she exclaimed. "Mary Lou's little girl . . . and her new daughter . . . grown up and ready to become women!"

"Aunt Ruth, Suzie and I are ALREADY women!" Angela protested.

"I know you're not virgins," Ruth laughed, "but you'll still be different women after tonight!" She was wearing a pale blue mesh corset -- tight fabric extending from her lace bra down to her navel -- and matching bikini panties. Her nipples and hairless pussy were clearly visible through the porous clinging cloth.

"Come on!" Ruth continued, pulling her apartment door closed and starting down the stairs. The girls glanced at each other, shrugged and followed her. The door to the family apartment opened as they reached the second-floor landing.

"Jesus, Mom!" Angela gasped.

Maria Louise Menghini was an older version of her daughter Angela, with light olive skin, striking Italian features and thick black hair cascading over her shoulders. Her body was tall and solid, with wide hips, a muscular butt and heavy breasts.

She was wearing a rust-colored teddy with a skimpy matching thong. Her plunging bra was made from transparent floral-embroidered lace that barely contained her big breasts. Mary's broad brown areolas and long thick pink nipples strained against the mesh. Sheer translucent fabric descended from the bra to her crotch with thigh-high slits on the sides, ending with a frilly border of the bra material.

Angela and Mary stared at each other for long electric moments before Angela moved into her mother's arms and kissed her open-mouthed.

Suzie felt the heat building in her pussy and moistening her panties as she watched her "Mom" and "Big Sister" kissing passionately and fondling each other through their sexy nighties.

"You don't have to do it on the landing," Ruth said gently. "There's a nice bedroom a few feet away."

Mary pulled her lips away from Angela's and looked dreamily into her daughter's eyes. "Come on, Sexy Girl!" she purred. "Let's go to the bed I share with your father!" Mary took Angela's hand and they walked into the apartment.

Suzie looked at Ruth, staring at the older woman's big breasts and hard nipples. "Shall we go back upstairs and leave them alone?" she asked.

"No way, sexy little niece!" Ruth answered, giving Suzie a long hard kiss before guiding her through the door. "You're family now and this is for you, too!"

Angela and Mary stood beside the bed, two feet apart and motionless, gazing into each other's eyes, intensely aware of their hot female bodies . . . Suzie paused at the bedroom door with Ruth's arm around her waist, staring at the women inside.

Angela put her hands on Mary's big firm breasts, pinching her mother's hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. She suddenly thought of "little sister" Suzie, the other woman in her life. Mary's oversized tits were sexy in a different way from Suzie's tiny ones.

Angela's panties were already damp. She wished her younger brother Paul was there to pull the thin fabric aside and drive inside. Or Leo! The smoldering heat in her crotch flared into a blaze as she imagined her father's long thick pole stretching and filling the hot wet space between her young athletic legs.

Mary gripped Angela's shoulders, pulling the girl's face into the cleavage between her lace-covered breasts. "Come on, Baby!" Mary whispered, dropping a shoulder strap as Angela nuzzled her chest. "I've watched you grow into a sexy young woman and fantasized about sharing my body with you, like I do with Leo . . . and Ruth!"

The thin fabric fell away as Mary released the other shoulder strap. Angela lost herself in kissing her mother's heavy breasts and suckling Mary's long hard pink nipples.

Mary stood still with her eyes closed, stroking her daughter's thick black hair and feeling the heat build in her own body.

Angela suddenly fell to her knees, lifting the teddies' hem and staring at Mary's crotch, covered but not hidden by her translucent rust-colored thong. Her pubic area was bare except for a closely-trimmed patch of coarse black hair. The tightly-stretched cloth triangle flattened Mary's ragged pussy lips against her shaved mound.

"Yeah Baby Daughter!" Mary whispered, gently pulling away and lying on the bed. Ruth played with her hard nipples and Suzie slipped a hand inside her panties as they watched Angela kneel between Mary's open legs.

"Oh Baby!" Mary cried as Angela licked her through the thong. "Where'd you learn to eat pussy? This is so hot!"

Angela was drunk on her mother's hot taste and smell. She fondled Mary's puffy outer lips through the thong, spreading them lewdly open. "Mom, you sure are wet!" she remarked, pressing her index finger against the soaked cloth covering Mary's hot female core.

Mary gasped with surprise as Angela slipped a fabric-wrapped finger roughly up her snatch. The thong stayed inside when Angela withdrew her finger. Mary writhed with pleasure as Angela gripped the straps and slowly pulled the skimpy little triangle out of her snatch.

"Wow, Baby!" Mary exclaimed. "That's weird, but sexy! I knew you were going to be good in bed!" She moaned as Angela continued the finger/thong fucking, dragging the slick wet fabric out of her pussy and over her clit.

Ruth's hard brown nipples were flattened against her pale blue bra's soft lace. She pressed her big breasts against Suzie's back as she gripped the girl's hips, pulling their bodies together as they stared at the women on the bed.

Angela abruptly pushed Mary's thong to the side, pulled her mother's pussy lips open with her fingers and drove her tongue into Mary's hot pink depths.

"Oh yeah Baby! Oh fuck, yeah!" Mary whispered as Angela slid a finger up her snatch while sucking the tiny little pink knot almost hidden at the top of her folds. She moaned even louder when Angela added a second finger.

Ruth put her hands on Suzie's shoulders, releasing the straps of the girl's black teddy and the push-up bra beneath it. The garments slid down, exposing her puffy little dark pink areolas and pebble-hard pink nipples.

"Here, Baby!" Mary gasped, catching Angela's hand and guiding it to her clit. "Right there!"

Mary clawed at her big breasts, pinching and twisting her long thick nipples as Angela finger-fucked her tight wet snatch and rubbed her hot little pink bud.

"Harder!" Mary cried, working her hips and humping Angela's fingers. She screamed and thrashed on the bed, cumming violently as Angela hammered her clit.

Angela's own snatch was burning. She couldn't believe the pressure and friction she was putting on Mary's clitoris or the intensity of her mother's long orgasm.

Mary finally collapsed on the bed, gripping Angela's wrist to keep her daughter's fingers inside her pussy as she gasped for breath.

It only took Mary moments to recover. She pulled Angela down and kissed her passionately. "Sweet Baby Girl!" she said, flipping Angela onto her back. "Now, let's get your sexy little panties off . . ."

"I love your heavy black thatch!" Mary purred, running her fingers through Angela's thick wet pelt. "I shaved my pubic hair five years ago. Leo and I like the bare look and feel, but it might be fun to grow it back. He always liked playing hide and seek in my bush!"

Mary pulled Angela's mound open, exposing her brick-red depths, already gleaming with juices. "Baby Girl, you look just like me!" she whispered. "I'll bet you like this as much as I do, too!"

She slid her tongue deep into Angela's hot snatch, licking her sides and probing her depths, bringing the girl to a long screaming orgasm without even touching her little pink clit.

Angela finally collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. Mary's face was dripping when she lifted her head from Angela's crotch. "I didn't expect you to squirt like that, Baby!" she laughed.

"I didn't know I could!" Angela answered, pulling Mary into her arms and kissing her passionately. "It's never happened before."

Ruth and Suzie were still standing beside the bed. Suzie's teddy had fallen around her waist and she'd removed her bra, freeing her firm A-cup breasts. Ruth was behind Suzie, playing with the girl's hard little pink nipples.

"My Baby Girl is full of secrets!" Mary said. "You can even surprise yourself! Does Bernie know about you and Suzie?"

"How did you know I'm sleeping with . . . ?" Angela and Suzie asked in unison. They looked at each other and giggled before turning back to stare at Mary.

"You can tell when two people are having sex," Mary answered. "It changes the way they interact with each other . . . and everyone else!"

"It's Baby Sister's turn!" Mary announced, rising from the bed and taking Suzie in her arms. "We Menghini women love our men, but have each other when they're gone. Welcome to the family, Suzie!"

Mary pressed her big bare breasts against Suzie's little ones, rubbing her hard nipples against the girl's as they kissed open-mouthed.

"Mom . . ." Suzie whispered as Mary took her hand and led her to the bed. "I've dreamed about making love with you!"

"Sexy Aunt Ruth!" Angela purred, embracing the older woman. "I've been watching you undress in front of your open window! Playing with my pussy while you fondled your big tits and pinched your nipples!"

Ruth dropped the shoulder straps on her corset. The see-through mesh bra fell away, freeing her heavy breasts. "I know, Babe!" she said, guiding Angela's hands to her chest. "I could feel you watching! Getting off with me . . ."

Angela squeezed the big woman's tits and twisted her long brown nipples roughly.

"Yeah, Babe!" Ruth gasped, reaching between Angela's legs, pressing her palm against the girl's moist furry mound and slipping a finger into her hot wet depths.

"Come on, Babe! Harder!" Ruth gasped as Angela squeezed her D-cup breasts roughly and jacked her big hard nipples, which seemed to be wired directly to her clitoris, like tiny cocks. The tension in her loins built to overload levels as Angela manipulated her tits.

At the same time, Angela was going wild from the palm rubbing her mound and clit, the finger fucking her snatch, and the sheer infectious excitement of Ruth's orgasmic state.

"Oh fuck, Aunt Ruth!" / "Oh Jesus, Baby Angela" the women gasped in near-unison as they started cumming. Ruth leaned against the wall with Angela gripping her breasts for support as they kept each other climaxing for long minutes.

Mary lay on the bed and took Suzie into her arms. They kissed passionately, pressing their bare breasts together, rubbing hard nipples and grinding crotches as they listened to Angela and Ruth cumming.

"Here, Baby Sister!" Mary said, playfully pushing Suzie away. "Come sit on my face!"

"Sure!" Suzie agreed enthusiastically. "I'll take my panties off first . . . and yours, too!" A moment later, she was straddling Mary's chest.

"Oh Mom!" Suzie moaned as Mary stroked her golden wet thatch while gently nibbling her almost-hidden lips. "I've fantasized about doing this . . . in bed alone at night . . . playing with my tits, ass, pussy . . . Oh!"

Mary pulled Suzie's furry mound open and thrust her tongue inside, sucking tart juices as she licked the girl's hot slick walls.

Suzie stroked Mary's flowing black hair and moaned with pleasure as she ground her crotch into the older woman's face. "God, Mom!" she gasped. "I've never been eaten like this!"

Mary tormented and teased Suzie, pushing her to the edge of orgasm and keeping her suspended there without going over.

Suzie knew she could make herself come at any time. Just pinching her nipples would set her off. But that would be cheating! It was exciting to submit to her mother's will.

Mary stroked Suzie's hot pussy with her tongue, going shallow and deep, darting and lingering, occasionally licking the girl's swollen little clit . . .

She had a psychic connection with Suzie and felt everything she was doing to the girl. Mary's legs were open and the juice was flowing over her hairless mound and down between her buttocks, soaking the sheets as she ate her daughter's hot throbbing snatch.

Their orgasm was seconds away. Mary's toes were curling and her pussy pulsed frantically. Suzie screamed and clamped Mary's tongue with her snatch as they climaxed together.

Ruth was kneeling beside the bed, squeezing her breasts as she pinched and twisted her long hard nipples roughly, cumming as she stared at the writhing "mother and daughter."

Angela was on her knees beside Ruth, fucking her own hot pussy to orgasm with a long double-headed dildo.

Suzie finally pulled her crotch away from Mary's mouth and they collapsed on the bed, holding hands and facing each other as they lay still, catching their breaths.

Ruth joined them in bed, pressing her breasts against Suzie's back. Angela left the long dong in her pussy as she moved behind Mary.

"Are you going to put it up my butt?" Mary asked. Angela's hard nipples rubbed her back as the dildo pressed between her buttocks.

"I don't know," Angela answered, feeling her vaginal muscles clamping the long thick toy. "Do you want me to?" Her nipples had grown even harder.

Ruth laughed. "All Catholic girls like it up the ass!" she snorted. "Their boyfriends butt-fuck them so they can still bleed on their wedding nights! After marriage, it's the way they have sex without babies! No Catholic boy ever turns down a chance to butt-fuck a girl!"

"Sexy daughter . . ." Mary purred, then paused dramatically. "Fuck Ruth's ass!"

Ruth's big breasts and tight nipples, gently-rounded belly, shaved crotch and muscular thighs were molded against Suzie's back. She was playing with the girl's little tits, making her quiver and moan.

"I'm busy right now!" Ruth answered, laughing even louder. "My sister-in-law will have to be the butt-slut tonight!" She and Suzie stood up and embraced passionately while kissing open-mouthed.

"All right!" Mary giggled, twisting away from Angela and standing up. "But I'm going to get undressed first!" Her rust-colored teddy was still held up by the elastic band under her bare breasts. She pushed the elastic down over her hips and let the transparent garment fall to the floor.

"Now you!" Mary continued, turning to Angela, who was still wearing her pale green teddy and bra, with her panties gone and the double-dong sticking out of her pussy. She giggled as Mary quickly stripped her.

Suzie's black teddy was hanging around her waist. It only took her a second to step out of it and turn to help Ruth remove her bikini panties. Ruth was still wearing her pale blue mesh corset, with the lacy bra pulled down and her breasts exposed. Suzie stood behind Ruth and played with her long hard nipples as she took the corset off.

Mary pulled Angela into her arms and kissed her passionately. Mother and daughter moaned as they rubbed nipples and crotches.

Eventually, Mary pulled away and wrapped her hand around the dildo. Its clear red jelly shaft was 2" thick and 18" long, wrapped around a long flexible metal spine and terminating in a wide flaring cock-head.

"Naughty Baby Girl, you found my toy!" Mary whispered, stroking the clear red crown with the fingers of one hand while her other hand worked the thick shaft in Angela's snatch, slowly fucking her. "It's as big as Leo. He likes watching me play with it!"

"Oh Jesus, Mom!" Angela gasped. Spying on her parents, she'd seen Leo's erect penis. It was 7" long and 2" thick. She closed her eyes and humped the dong, imagining it was her father's massive pole.

"Yeah Baby!" Mary whispered, driving the plastic rod into Angela's snatch. "There's nothing like Leo's big hard cock ramming you, stretching and filling your tight wet cunt, making you cum and cum until your spasming snatch sucks his waves of hot semen straight into your uterus!"

Ruth and Suzie held Angela's shoulders and waist, supporting her as she screamed and thrashed. Mary worked the dong relentlessly, keeping Angela's climax going.

"Oh Jesus!" Angela finally gasped. "That's enough!"

After Mary pulled the dong out, Ruth and Suzie half-carried Angela to the bed, leaving the dazed girl on her back with her legs spread and her gaping brick-red pussy framed by her wet black pubic hair. Suzie knelt at the head of the bed, gently stroking her lover's hair.

Ruth took the candy-red double-dong from Mary's hand and licked the cock-head that had been inside Angela. "Your daughter really tastes good!" she commented.

"Here, let me try it!" Mary answered, pressing her chest against Ruth's, rubbing hard nipples and trapping the dildo's long shaft between their big firm breasts. They licked and kissed the dong's head and upper shaft together. "It's like playing with Leo!" Mary commented, looking into Ruth's eyes. Both women giggled. "If Leo had been fucking Angela and had her sweet sexy taste on his cock!" Mary added.

Angela had caught her breath and was staring lustfully up at Suzie's sweet face and sexy little breasts. "Welcome back," Suzie whispered, reaching down to fondle Angela's big tits.

"Sexy Little Sister!" Angela purred, slipping a finger into Suzie's folds. "You're as hot as I am!"

"Always, Angel!" Suzie agreed, moving into sixty-nine position over Angela and burying her face in the big dark girl's furry black crotch. They moaned with pleasure as they ate each other toward orgasm.

Angela lifted her legs, elevating her vulva and anus as she clamped Suzie's neck with her thighs. She was sliding a finger in and out of the slim blonde's pussy when she felt Mary's tongue between her ass cheeks, first wetting her wide brown rosebud with broad flat strokes, then teasing her puckered hole open with its tip.

Suzie was fucking Angela's snatch with her middle and index finger while rubbing Angela's swollen little pink clit with her thumb. Angela started cumming when Mary's finger slipped up her ass. Angela continued driving her fingers in and out of Suzie's hot wet snatch, pushing the smaller girl to a screaming climax.

Afterwards, Angela, Suzie and Mary collapsed in a tangle. Ruth stood watching beside the bed, holding the double-dong between her heavy breasts. "Wasn't my sexy sister-in-law going to get butt-fucked by her hot young daughter?" she finally asked.

Suzie stood up and pressed her body against Ruth, sliding a hand between the older woman's legs. "I think Angel is ready for a dildo up her own ass!" she laughed.

Angela rolled off the bed and reached between Ruth's oversized breasts to take the big red toy. "I DO love having my Back Forty plowed!" she agreed. "The dildo would be fine, since we don't have a man, but I already promised to fuck my sexy MOM'S ass!"

"Yeah, Baby!" Mary said, already on hands and knees in the center of the bed. "Come give it to me!"

There was lubricant in the dresser drawer where Angela had found the double-dong. Mary's spread legs pulled her vulva and buttocks open, exposing her ragged puffy purple pussy lips and wide brown rosebud.

"Oh Mom!" Angela whispered, moving behind Mary. "Your asshole is SO sexy!"

"My pussy is all wet!" Angela continued, pressing one of the thick red dildo's broad heads between her legs. "All ready for a . . . "

"Oh fuck!" Angela gasped as the jelly crown slipped inside. Her cunt lips gripped the shaft as she pressed it into her depths. "I love being stretched!" she moaned. "I could cum in a minute with this toy!"

"Instead, I'm going to butt-fuck my sexy Mom with this big thick double-dong!" Angela said. "First . . . " Her pussy muscles held the dildo in place as she bent forward, licking the wide brown ring of puckered flesh between Mary's muscular ass-cheeks.

"Oh Baby!" Mary moaned as Angela's tongue opened and entered her. "My wild Angel Baby!" Angela slipped a finger up Mary's snatch, working it in and out as she ate her mother's asshole.

When Mary was close to cumming, Angela pulled away. "Ready for Steely Dan?" she asked, guiding the double-dong's exposed head between Mary's puffy cunt-lips.

Mary made a face. "Please DON'T call the dildo THAT!" she said. "I've read 'Naked Lunch' and the name has bad associations!"

"I thought it was just a band of old guys!" Angela answered innocently. "It's a cool name for a fake cock." She held the thick jelly shaft in place with one hand as she rocked in and out, fucking Mary's hot wet snatch. "Since it bothers you, we'll call it something else. How about 'Leo Junior?'"

Mary and Ruth both laughed. "We call it 'Little Leo,'" Ruth confessed. She and Suzie were pressing their breasts together and fingering each others' crotches, with their heads turned to watch the action on the bed.

Angela fucked Mary until they were both close to cumming, then pulled the juice-coated dildo from her mother's snatch and pressed its head into the center of the older woman's wide brown rosebud.

"Fuck yeah, Baby Doll!" Mary moaned, taking the head and first inches of the shaft. Angela rocked in and out several times, then pulled out to lubricate the tool before driving it deep into Mary's ass.

Mary knelt with her knees and lower legs supporting her weight, leaving her hands free to play with her breasts and pussy. Angela fucked Mary's butt, holding the dong in place with one hand and stimulating her tits and clit with the other. Her vaginal muscles gripped the dildo as it moved in and out, fucking her as she fucked her mother.

"Oh my God, Baby Doll!" Mary gasped. She was pinching and twisting her long thick pink nipples with one hand while driving two fingers of her other hand in and out of her hot wet snatch and rubbing her clit with her thumb. "This is like the first time Leo butt-fucked me!"

Mary started screaming. "Oh fuck!" she cried. "I'm cumming, Baby!"

"Jesus, Mom!" Angela cried as she hammered Mary's ass and her own cunt with the thick red dildo. The pulsations built in her vagina and spread through her body as she screamed, cumming with Mary.

Ruth took two objects from the nightstand drawer, turning to Suzie and saying, "Your choice!" In one hand, Ruth held a vibrator - a spangled pink plastic tube 1-1/4" thick and 6" long, rounded at one end with a screw base at the other. The other choice was a flesh-colored cock-and-balls dildo, 2" thick and 7" long with a wide flaring head and prominent veins.

"I'll take the dick," Suzie answered dreamily. She and Ruth stood side by side at the foot of the bed, working the toys in their own snatches as they watched Mary and Angela.

Angela pulled the dildo out of her crotch and bent the long shaft, pressing the big red head between Mary's puffy purple lips. "Oh fuck, Angel Baby!" Mary screamed, cumming even harder as Angela worked the thick double-dong in her pussy and ass.

Suzie moved behind Angela. "Oh Baby Butch!" Angela cried as the long thick dong slid smoothly up her tight slick cunt, all the way to the balls.

Ruth clamped the buzzing vibrator with her vaginal muscles, as she finger-fucked Suzie, climaxing herself as she pushed the blond girl to orgasm.

Finally spent, the women collapsed on the bed in an erotic tangle of cooling female flesh and hard-used sex toys.

"This is amazing!" Suzie said dreamily. She was lying against Ruth with her head pillowed on the big woman's breasts. Mary and Angela were on their sides, tenderly kissing and playing with each other's hair.

"Welcome to REAL womanhood!" Ruth said.

"And to the FAMILY!" Mary added.

"What happens now?" Angela asked. "Dad and Paul are coming back tomorrow . . . actually today, since it's WAY after midnight . . . "

"I know Menghini men!" Mary answered, giggling and reaching down to tweak one of Angela's nipples. "Paul has undergone his own rite of passage tonight! We've all changed, but only time will tell us where that change will take us!"

"It's going to be an exciting trip," Suzie whispered, pressing even more tightly against Ruth.

"My first time with Leo was like one of those 80s pop songs," Mary said dreamily. "We were walking in the country and there was a sudden thunderstorm . . ."

"We'd been dating for nine months. We met in college. From the beginning, he'd been unbelievably sexy because he didn't try to push his penis into me."

"The first time he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me, it was all warm, tender and secure."

"Suddenly, my nipples hardened and the heat built in my pussy as my body melted against his. My lips opened and I pushed my tongue shyly forward. He was there to meet me. Our tongues caressed, starting tenderly and gradually building into passion. Time stood still . . ."

"He never pushed. Each time, I wanted a little more and he gave it. By the time of the storm, we were engaged and doing everything short of actual penetration. I still wanted to be a virgin on my wedding night, but I was starting to think that Leo COULD take me in back . . ."

"We were soaked to the skin when we took shelter in a barn. It was natural to remove our clothes, lay our damp blanket on a soft bed of straw, and embrace each others' naked bodies for warmth . . ."

"Leo and I lay on our sides with my breasts pressing into his flat chest and our crotches touching. His penis was still soft, but I could feel it lengthening and thickening. I was trembling again, but not from the cold."

"The rain on the barn roof made a steady roar. Our tender kisses rapidly became passionate. I ground my pubic area into Leo's groin, rubbing my pussy lips against his rapidly-hardening cock."

"When Leo twisted his crotch to let his dick snap into an upright position, I instinctively rolled onto my back and pulled him between my legs. His hardness slid over my hot mound, now wet with my juices rather than rain, and pushed into the ragged folds of flesh between my legs."

"I'd never imagined being so hot! 'Do it, Leo!' I gasped. 'Put it in me now!'"

"I moaned with pleasure as his crown opened my pussy mouth, gradually stretching my virgin snatch. There was no pain, just a feeling of completion when his full length finally filled me.

"Leo and I were married in that instant! Everything else was just a formality, because we were already joined in body and soul!

"He knew exactly what to do with his big thick cock, shallow-fucking my sensitive pussy mouth, probing my depths, pressing his swollen head against my G-spot, angling his shaft to rub my clit as he drove in and out . . .

"I was screaming and cumming as he hammered my snatch. 'Do it, Baby!' I cried. 'Shoot it deep inside me!'"

"I dizzily thought of all the symbols for sex in movies: trains plunging into tunnels, ocean waves, fireworks, spurting volcanoes . . .!"

"Leo grunted as he slammed his throbbing penis into me, releasing another hot pulse with each thrust. My convulsing vaginal muscles sucked his sperm-laden juice into my uterus.

"'You're crying,' Leo said anxiously when we lay together afterwards."

"'I'm so happy!' I answered, burying my face against his chest. 'I never imagined becoming a woman would be this beautiful and wonderful!'

"We stayed in the barn until dusk, alternating between tender cuddling and passionate fucking. Leo came four times, and I didn't try to count all the orgasms I had!

"After that, we were insatiable, making love every chance we got. I craved his seed shooting deep inside me. It wasn't a big surprise when I missed my period three months after the day in the barn."

"We had the wedding as planned and I was proud that my gown was a little tight around the middle. Angela was born seven months later."

"I could tell Leo was sexually experienced," Mary concluded. "I accepted that without wondering who had taught him. We'd been married for three years when I learned it was Ruth."

"It's a really long story that can wait for another time!" Ruth interrupted, rising to switch off the room lights. "Let's go to sleep," she continued as she returned to Suzie's arms. "Our men are coming home in a few hours and we want to be rested!"


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