Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 13

Fathers and sons get nasty on a sexy road trip.

My Aunt Ruth, Dad's big sister, is a big sexy woman with enormous breasts. I got my first erection on my ninth birthday when she pulled my face into her oversized bosom and kissed the top of my head. In the years since then, I knew she was aware of the stirring in my crotch every time we hugged.

Ruth had just come to Brooklyn to help run Mom and Dad's hardware store. She was newly divorced and wanted to be closer to our family.

I learned just HOW close Ruth was to Dad a few days after she arrived . . .

Our hardware store was on the ground floor of a three-story brick building a few blocks from the Verrazano Narrows bridge. It was U-shaped in back, with fire escapes on the second and third floors.

Family quarters occupied the second floor: a living room, kitchen, bathroom, my bedroom and the master bedroom and bath. There were three one-bedroom apartments on the top floor.

Dad used one of the small outside apartments for an office. My sister Angela slept in the bedroom. Our sexy neighbor Helen and her usually-absent long-haul trucker husband Charlie lived in the large middle apartment. Ruth moved into the small apartment closest to the stairs.

It was 8:30 PM on Friday. Dad wanted to see my physics homework before I left for Suzie's, but he was taking forever showing Aunt Ruth how to close. I decided to see what was happening.

A heavy steel door on the first-floor landing opened into the hardware store's small office. A desk and a few filing cabinets filled the space. The upper half of one wall was silvered glass, a mirror to the brightly-illuminated outside but transparent from the dimly-lit interior.

The little alcove in front of the office was hidden from the street. In addition to a desk and several chairs, a sofa stretched along one wall. Angela and I sometimes had furtive sex there after closing.

Dad and Aunt Ruth were standing in front of the sofa, kissing passionately.

They were obviously brother and sister, with the same angular features, olive skin and thick black hair. Ruth's hair was shoulder-length and curly, while Dad's was short, with flecks of gray at the temples.

Dad was 39 years old, with a slender muscular body. Ruth was 43 and solid, slightly shorter than Dad, with heavy D-cup breasts.

"Oh Leo," Ruth gasped. "It's been TOO long!

"For me, too!" Dad agreed. He unbuttoned Ruth's blouse and pulled it open. She was wearing a push-up bra which supported her heavy breasts while baring her nipples.

"Big sexy sister!" he muttered, pinching her nipples. "I've been dreaming about you constantly!"

"Even when you were fucking Mary?"

"Well . . . usually not then!" he admitted. They both laughed.

"Oh brother!" she whispered, pulling away to remove her blouse. Her areolas were puffy. "I fantasized about you . . . every night . . . in bed . . . When Robert wanted sex, I pretended he was you . . . I called him 'Leo' once and he got really upset . . ."

The push-up bra's cups were attached to a broad band circling Ruth's back and supported by narrow straps running over her shoulders. Her big breasts sagged into the bra cups when she released the shoulder straps. This was the first time I'd seen a mature woman with big natural breasts and I had an immense bulge in my pants.

"Come on, Leo!" Ruth whispered urgently, lying on the couch and pulling Dad down on top of her. "Hurry! I need it SO bad!"

"Yeah, Baby! . . . Baby Brother!" Ruth whispered as Dad buried his face between her tits, kissing them and sucking her hard nipples.

"Oh Jesus, Leo!" she moaned, lying back on the couch and pulling Dad with her. Ruth stroked his hair as she squirmed beneath his body. Her wide tan areolas were puffed into domes and her nipples were long chocolate cylinders.

"God!" Ruth gasped. "Sexy Baby Brother, YOU know how sensitive my nipples are!"

"Robert never understood!" she continued, almost to herself. "We started sleeping in separate bedrooms, both of us watching porn and masturbating, but never talking about it. Sex wasn't working and he refused to discuss it, even when I begged . . ."

"Shut up!" Dad growled, silencing Ruth by kissing her hard and open-mouthed while kneading her firm breasts and pinching her long hard nipples.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "Jesus, Leo! Play with my tits! Make me cum! . . . Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Ruth screamed softly as she thrashed on the couch.

My penis was painfully trapped in my pre-cum-soaked underwear. I unfastened my jeans and pulled my briefs down, letting my dick snap to attention.

The sight of Ruth cumming was irresistible. I wrapped my hand around my rigid shaft, spraying the desk's glass top after a half-dozen rapid strokes.

Dad kept Ruth's climax going for a long time before letting her down gently, kissing her face and neck softly as she lay beneath him.

"Does Mary know we're here?" Ruth suddenly asked. "Doing this?"

"No, she thinks we're closing the store," Dad answered. He said something else, but a horn blared outside, drowning him out.

Ruth laughed. "Then we'd better hurry!" she said, reaching for Dad's zipper.

"Yeah!" Dad agreed, standing up to shed his shirt, shoes and slacks.

"Sexy Baby Roo!" Dad said. His stiff pole sprang up when he removed his briefs. I stared at it in fascination. I wanted it in my mouth and ass.

"Yeah, Baby Brother!" Ruth said, tearing her panties off, leaning back on the couch and spreading her legs. "I've been dreaming about your cock for so long! Give it to me right now! I'm wet enough!"

I pulled a straight chair into the middle of the office floor. It was awkward climbing onto it with my pants down. Standing on the chair, I had a perfect view of Ruth. Her breasts were visibly swollen and her nipples and areolas had grown even bigger.

Angela and Suzie had thick pubic hair. Suzie's older sister Kristen had a thick vee of dark hair ending an inch above her shaved vulva. Ruth was the first woman I'd seen with a completely bare crotch. Her puffy dark red pussy lips stood in sharp relief against her naked expanse, looking both alien and exciting. I wanted to drive my dick deep inside her bare folds.

Ruth reached between her spread legs and pulled her pussy open. "Here Leo!" she growled. "Put it in RIGHT NOW! "

I stared at Ruth's hot pink snatch -- visibly glistening from eight feet away -- for several long seconds before Dad pushed his thick cock-head into her.

"Oh fuck Leo!" she moaned as I watched his shaft fill her, inch by long inch. "Your cock feels so good! I've missed it SO much! I've missed YOU so much!"

"Oh Leo!" Ruth continued. "Leo the Lion! Fuck me hard!" She squeezed her breasts, pinching and twisting her long hard nipples as Dad rammed her.

I gripped my balls and stroked my throbbing rod, running my thumb and index finger over its pre-cum slick head as I watched my father drive his stiff prick into his sister's cunt.

Ruth was cumming, screaming and rocking her pelvis to meet Dad's thrusts. I stared at her naked pussy lips gripping his oversize shaft as he slammed into her.

Dad's balls slapped Ruth's crotch as his pumping buttocks drove his plunging prick up her snatch. I wanted to be between them, fucking her while taking my father's hard cock up my ass . . .

Dad looked up at the mirrored office window for a moment. He seemed to be staring into my eyes. I'll never forget the expression of amazement and excitement on his face.

"Fuck Leo! Do it!" Ruth cried. "Shoot your hot cum deep inside me! . . . Fuck, that's good! . . . Yeah, cum for me! . . . Squirt it deep in my cunt! . . . Oh God!"

I could almost feel Dad's hot juice spraying deep inside my asshole, hard pulses splashing against my anal walls as I gripped my balls and worked my dick . . .

Long thick ropes of semen burst from my cum-slit, showering the floor. I must have shot a dozen times.

I took a step without thinking and fell off the chair. It crashed to the floor. I landed heavily, catching myself on the edge of the desk and sending a jar of pens clattering.

I looked anxiously out into the store as I pulled my briefs up and fastened my jeans. Dad and Ruth were already getting dressed. They'd be coming through the office in a few moments. Amazingly, they didn't appear to have heard the noise I'd made.

I picked the chair up and collected the scattered pens. There was nothing I could do about the cum on the floor and desk top.

"Welcome back, Big Sister!" Dad said, kissing Ruth. "That was so good!"

"Yeah!" she agreed, fondling Dad's cock through his slacks. "Great, but way too fast!"

"Next time will be more relaxed," Dad promised. He whispered something in Ruth's ear and she laughed.

"You're an Italian man," Ruth said teasingly as she kissed Dad. "You all have wives and girlfriends. Do you have someone else, besides Mary and me?"

"Either of you is more than enough for one man," Dad answered. "I'd be a fool to take another woman!"

"You're a smooth Italian fucker!" she laughed. "That wasn't an answer!"

"I'm not a fool!" Dad responded, taking Ruth in his arms. They were kissing as I left the office, trying to close the hall door noiselessly.

Mom was still in the bathroom. She liked to take long hot bubble baths, slowly drinking a glass of wine and listening to classical music.

I was pretending to play with my computer when Dad came into my room at 8:50. "Sorry I'm late," he said. "Ruth and I were going over . . . old times."

It only took a few minutes to review my physics homework. I said goodbye to Mom, Dad and Ruth, then went down the stairs, glad that I'd made a copy of the office key.

There was spray cleaner and paper towels behind the counter. I wiped the floor and desk thoroughly, amazed by the amount of juice I'd produced. It was lucky Dad and Ruth hadn't noticed it when they came through the office.

In my haste to escape, I'd put the pen jar on the left corner of the desk. It was now in its proper place on the right. I didn't remember moving it . . .

* * *

The weekend after I saw Dad with Aunt Ruth, he and I took the big delivery truck to Castleton, Vermont to pick up a load of hand-made lamps. The warehouse at the back of our property was far too big for our hardware business, so Mom and Dad were distributing custom furnishings for interior designers.

We left Brooklyn early Saturday morning. I was frustrated because I hadn't been able to see Suzie, and Angela had been busy with her boyfriend Bernie. It would be a long trip, so Dad and I were spending the night with an old college friend of his in Brattleboro.

I put our stuff in the truck cab. When I opened our apartment door, Dad was still kissing Mom goodbye . . . long and hard. "I'll miss you, Babe!" he finally said.

"It's just one night," she said. "Ruth will keep me company."

Dad laughed and gave her another "get a room" kiss, pawing her butt and grinding his crotch into hers. I slipped outside, closing the door silently. He came out five minutes later with an immense bulge in his jeans.

We were both quiet for the first part of the trip. Dad was lost in thought. I was remembering Suzie, Angela, the others . . . and fantasizing about Ruth . . . Dad . . . I shifted uncomfortably in the seat, trying to hide my erection. Dad didn't seem to notice.

"It's a funny thing about sex," he suddenly said. "Virgins think it gets easier after the first time! They don't know that desire just grows more intense with experience!"

"Sex is a force of nature," Dad continued. "Like a river, it goes where it will. We can't change that! We can only accept reality or torture ourselves."

"Uh . . . yeah . . . that sounds reasonable . . . I guess . . ." I wasn't sure where he was going. He'd never talked like this before.

"You're becoming a man, Son," he said. "Just like Angela and Suzie are turning into women. Be careful. Grown-ups have to accept responsibility for their actions."

"Don't worry, Dad. I'm being . . . uh . . . I'll be careful. I know Angela and Suzie will, too."

"I know, Son." Dad changed the subject after that. I wondered why he'd brought it up. Did he think it was time for the "father-son sex talk?"

It was almost 9:00 PM when we arrived in Brattleboro. Dad's friend Don Ketchum was divorced and lived in a two-bedroom house with his son Jack.

Don was a little taller and heavier than Dad's 6' and 200 lbs. Unlike Dad, he was bald with his remaining hair cut short. It was really sexy.

Jack was my age. He was my height, but with a wiry athletic body. He had bright green eyes and unruly black hair curling over his ears and collar.

Don ordered pizza. We ate at the kitchen table, drinking beer and sodas. Don and Dad quickly fell into the rhythms of old friends. Jack was friendly and smart. I liked him immediately. He also seemed to be checking me out. My cock stiffened when I learned we'd be sharing a double bed in the basement.

After supper, we watched a Brazilian soccer match on Don's home theater system. Dad and Don drank several more beers and let Jack and me have one.

The match ended at 11:45 PM. Dad fetched two more beers and sat back down on the big leather sofa with Don. "That was fun, but it's time for you boys to go to bed."

"Sure, Dad." My crotch stirred when I saw the gleam in Jack's eye.

The basement was fitted out as a one-room apartment. There was an open kitchen with a short counter on one side of the stairs, while a laundry area with a big washtub, washer, dryer and a water heater occupied the other. The double bed was at the far end of the room, with an old TV and stereo, a couch and an overstuffed chair marking the living area in the middle. The bathroom and closet were the only enclosed spaces.

"I hope you don't mind sleeping with me," Jack said as he removed his T-shirt. "Dad uses the second bedroom as an office, so your father will be sharing his bed."

"It'll be fine," I answered, admiring his muscular chest as I unbuttoned my own shirt. I tried to act casual as we undressed: shirts, shoes, socks, blue jeans . . .

Jack paused with his hands on the waistband of his briefs. "I usually sleep raw," he said. "It's more comfortable. Do you mind?"

"No, I do too," I answered, pulling my own underpants down.

"God, your peter is big!" Jack exclaimed. With a tool 6" long and 1-3/4" thick, I am one of the biggest boys in my school locker room.

"You're pretty big yourself," I answered, feeling my rod stretch and swell under Jack's gaze. His dick was an inch shorter and slimmer than mine, with an oversized plow-shaped head. "I'll bet you don't have any problems keeping your girlfriend happy."

He just grinned as his penis twitched. "I guess I manage," he said, reaching for the light switch. "We better go to bed."

I quickly slipped under the covers to hide my boner. Lying still in the dark with my heart pounding, I listened to Jack's breathing grow slow and regular as he pretended to fall asleep.

The tension built. My body involuntarily stiffened when his hand brushed my thigh. I relaxed and waited for the next "accidental" contact. It came a few seconds later, the palm of his hand flattening against my leg. I lay still, waiting. He knew from my breathing that I was awake.

Jack's touch roamed upward to the top of my thigh and on down between my legs. "Baby . . ." I mumbled, catching and squeezing his hand.

I reached for his crotch and curled my fingers around his rigid pole. "It's all right," I whispered. "I've got a girlfriend, but I like guys, too."

His hand closed on my swollen shaft, sliding up to stroke my cock-head with his thumb and index finger.

We lay in the dark, jacking each other's hot rods. "Stop!" I whispered hoarsely, kicking the covers away. Jack was lying on his back and I moved into sixty-nine position over him.

I clamped Jack's corneal ring in my lips, sucking and stroking his oversized plow-shaped cock-head with my tongue, while working his shaft and squeezing his balls.

Jack went wild beneath me, playing with my swollen tool. I fucked his face roughly, cumming after a few strokes. I gulped his hot boy juice as I emptied my cock down his throat.

When we'd finished shooting our super-horny adolescent male loads, I lay beside Jack, took him in my arms and kissed him. "I don't usually do this . . . kissing, I mean," he said. "Boys our age . . . and . . . uh . . . younger . . . aren't like men. They get freaked out by kissing . . ."

Jesus! He babbled like my girlfriend Suzie after sex! I shut him up the same way, kissing him passionately and open-mouthed, tasting my cum on his tongue as I rolled on top, covering his hard body and grinding my crotch into his.

"You want to fuck?" I growled.

"Yeah, I do!" Jack answered. "I want your big hot rod up my tight asshole! But first, I want to see what our fathers are doing . . ."

"You mean . . ." My voice trailed off. I knew how much Dad liked to fuck women. I'd never thought about him with another man.

"Well, Don . . . uh, Dad . . . is gay. That's why he and Mom divorced. I've watched him with some of the other guys he's brought home. It was really hot!"

"Let's go!" I said eagerly. My dick hadn't softened after my orgasm and it grew even harder as Jack and I climbed the stairs.

The house was in shadow, except for the light streaming from the open bedroom door. Jack and I slipped down the dark hall and looked inside.

Dad and Don were standing at the foot of the bed, fully dressed but with their pants and under shorts bunched around their ankles, kissing open-mouthed and fondling each others' hard cocks.

Don's pole was 6" long and 1-1/2" thick, with an oversized plow-head like Jack's. Dad's dick was even bigger, 7" long and 2" thick, with a bell-shaped head.

Jack and I were standing side by side. I reached down and awkwardly stroked him with my left hand while he jacked my swollen shaft with his right.

"Christ, Leo!" Don whispered. "I've been dreaming about you . . . about playing with your peter again!" He fell to his knees and wrapped his lips around Dad's cock-head.

"That's so good!" Dad gasped. "You're a great cocksucker . . . Even better than Mary!" He ran his fingers over Don's bare scalp and close-cropped hair as the kneeling man kneaded Dad's balls, stroked his shaft and sucked his dick.

"Let's do it right!" Don suddenly exclaimed, standing up. "In bed, with our clothes off!"

"Sounds good to me!" Dad agreed, sitting on a chair beside the bed to remove his shoes. "Remember our first time? When we were sharing an apartment in Laramie?"

"Of course!" Don laughed. "We'd both had fights with our girlfriends because they wouldn't put out that night. After we killed a case of beer, we pulled our pants down and started jacking off."

"Yeah!" Dad said. "We were standing a foot apart, facing each other and working our stiff dicks. I stumbled into you and our hard cocks rubbed together."

"That did it!" Don said. "I hadn't told you another boy taught me to butt-fuck when we were thirteen. You were really surprised when I dragged you into the bedroom."

"You said, 'To hell with those bitches! Men don't really need them!'" Dad remembered. "Then you lay on the bed and stuck your ass in the air. There was a pump bottle of hand lotion on the nightstand . . ."

Both men had stripped. Don bent over with his hands on the bed to support his upper body. "Let's do it again," he said. "Just like the first time. There's lubricant in the nightstand drawer."

Jack and I had unconsciously stepped into the room, still jacking each other off. When Dad moved behind Don, the little plastic cylinder slipped from his fingers and rolled across the floor, bumping against my toes.

Dad turned to retrieve the lubricant. "What the fuck?" he exclaimed. Jack and I were frozen in place, naked and gripping each others' stiff dicks.

Don spun around. "Jesus, boy!" he cried, grabbing Jack's arm and dragging him down the dark hall.

Dad and I stood facing each other. Despite my embarrassment, I stayed rock hard. His penis had softened, but it remained long, thick and heavy, standing out almost straight from his body. It was difficult to stop staring at his cock and look him in the eye.

Dad's expression was hard to read. There was anger and surprise, but also amusement and something else . . . lust?

"How was Jack?" Dad asked, after a long silence.


"Come on!" Dad growled. "I know you did it with Jack before you came upstairs to watch us. So, how was he?"

I glanced down at Dad's dick. It had grown even longer. "Good!" I answered. "It was the first time I sixty-nined. We came sucking each other off. How did you know?"

Dad looked amused. "Ever hear the expression 'Don't teach your grandpa to suck eggs?'"

"What? No!" I thought about it for a moment. "That's really gross!"

"Never mind," Dad said. "It's an old country thing. You're just like me when I was your age!" He was completely erect and his long thick stiff penis had a big bead of clear fluid quivering at the tip. I imagined that thick pole inside Mom, squirting his seed into her pussy.

"Your cock has gotten so big," he continued, wrapping his fist around my rigid tool. "I'll bet Suzie loves it!" He gripped my balls with his other hand, kneading them gently.

"Huh?" My jaw dropped. "How did you know?"

"She was a virgin a few weeks ago," Dad answered. "Now she's changed . . . just like you!" He ran his index finger over my glans, smearing the pre-cum leaking from my tip.

"My first girl was named Sandy," he continued. "She caught me with her brother Richard. I fucked her ass because she wanted to stay a virgin in front."

"Suzie bled for me," I confided. "In her parents' bed with a picture of Jesus watching. I had condoms, but she was already on birth control."

"That grotesque painting?" Dad laughed. "I'm surprised you could keep it up." I hadn't known he'd ever been in Suzie's parents' bedroom. "I guess that's why they haven't had any more kids."

"They sleep in pajamas!" I laughed. "Not like Mom's filmy negligees and your skimpy briefs!"

"Mary and I call our sleeping clothes 'gift wrap!'" Dad said. "We usually don't keep them on too long!"

It was hard to concentrate with his hands on my genitals, pushing me steadily towards orgasm. I was throbbing when he suddenly released me.

"Come on, Son," he said, taking my hand. "Let's go to bed."

"Fuck me, Dad!" I said, lying on my back with my knees folded against my chest and lifting my butt. "You don't need to be gentle. I've been with other men."

"Fair enough!" he answered, kneeling between my elevated ankles. Dad spread a long line of lubricant onto his index finger and pressed into the center of my wide brown rosebud. "Yeah, you're ready for me!" Dad agreed, quickly lubricating my hot hole.

"Oh yeah!" I whispered as my father's big bell-shaped head stretched my asshole. "Fuck me!" I cried a moment later as his wide shaft opened and filled me. "Like you did Mom!" I added, under my breath.

He heard me. "We know the night," Dad said, continuing to slide his cock slowly up my ass. "Mary and I both felt it. She came like never before as I pumped my seed into her pussy."

"Afterwards, we held each other with me still deep inside," he continued. "'We've made a baby tonight!' she whispered. 'I know!' I answered."

He laughed. "We knew about you. Angela was a surprise; wonderful but unexpected!"

I'd noticed that Mom and Dad were married seven months before Angela was born. I'd asked Aunt Ruth about it and she explained, "The first baby is often early!"

Dad was all the way inside and he paused with his bulging balls pressed against my butt cheeks.

"I've watched you changing clothes," he said. "I'd get boners looking at your sexy bare ass and oversized teenage cock! You're bigger than I was at your age and you've got another growth spurt coming!"

"I'm happy with it right now!" I answered, rolling my hips and working Dad's thick pole in the muscular hole between my buttocks. My untouched dick was rock hard and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum onto my belly.

"My boy has such a hot sexy ass!" he cried, gripping my ankles and pushing them up over my shoulders, driving his dick even deeper into my asshole.

"Fuck yeah, Dad!" I cried. "Do it rough!" My cock was throbbing and the cum was boiling in my balls as he rammed me violently. "Is this how you fucked Mom? . . . That night . . ."

"She was screaming and cumming as I pounded her pussy!" Dad gasped, resting my ankles on his shoulders. "I took her like this!"

"Jesus!" I moaned, frantically jacking my throbbing tool as he did push-ups, pulling out until his tip was kissing my rosebud, then slamming his thick swollen length up my ass.

"Here it comes, Son!" he grunted. My cock fountained cum onto my belly, chest and face as Dad splashed my anal walls with near-endless waves of hot semen.

He finally came to a stop, still hard and deep inside me. "Like with Mom!" I thought dizzily, lowering my feet to the mattress. Dad was kneeling between my elevated knees. I pulled him down onto my chest and we kissed, open-mouthed, hard and male, a different sensation from kissing a woman.

Our dicks finally softened. Dad stretched out on his back and I lay beside him, with my head on his chest.

"One day, I had a weird fantasy," I said softly. "It was while you and I were remodeling the top floor apartments. We'd spent the day painting and we were hot and sweaty. I daydreamed about being a girl, spreading for you, right there on the floor."

"Personally, I'm glad you're a boy!" Dad countered, reaching for my limp penis, which stiffened quickly under his touch. "I've already got the world's sexiest woman!"

"That was the only time I've felt that way," I said. "You were the Primal Male and I wanted you to take me . . . plant babies in my belly . . ."

"I'll keep trying to knock you up!" Dad replied. We both laughed. "I like being your Primal Male!"

"I'm glad I have this big hard cock!" I said. "I love sticking it into a pussy or asshole, shooting inside my partner . . ."

"I didn't know you'd been THAT busy!" Dad said, looking at me thoughtfully.

"Uh . . . well . . . maybe . . . kinda," I admitted. "I wonder what's happening with the other guys. I hope Jack's not in trouble."

There was laughter from the hall. Don and Jack walked in. Each had an arm around the other's back and an immense hard-on.

"I knew you two were watching," Dad said as we stood up to greet Don and Jack. "It made fucking my son's ass for the first time even more exciting!"

"Having sex with you was a big surprise," Dad continued, kissing me hard on the lips. "A really wonderful surprise!"

"It was for me, too!" I answered quickly.

"We didn't expect you to spy on us," Don said. "We figured Jack would keep Paul busy and give us a long private night."

"What if I was straight, instead of bi?" I asked innocently.

Jack laughed. "I'd have had you, anyway. Straight boys just want to be sure nobody will find out. They almost all stick it in my mouth and ass. A lot of them also suck my cock and want their asses fucked."

"Boys will be boys!" Don said. "Walking erections, looking for a hole!"

"Yeah!" Dad laughed. "And men will be men!" He wrapped his hand around Don's stiff dick. "Now that everything is out, let's all do a father-son bonding exercise!"

"Father-father bonding, too!" Don agreed, squeezing Dad's balls and fondling his rapidly-hardening cock.

"I'm ready for some bonding!" Jack said, moving into my arms and kissing me. He thrust his tongue into my open mouth, driving it in and out like a broad flexible penis while grinding his crotch into mine, rubbing our stiff pre-cum slick dicks together.

"I was going to fuck your ass," I reminded Jack, running my hands over his muscular buttocks and exploring his hot crack with my fingers. "You wanted to see what our fathers were doing first. Well, we've seen it! Now, it's your turn!"

"Sounds good!" Jack agreed. "I want to feel a dick even bigger than Dad's." He looked from me to Dad and back. "We usually sleep together. The basement bedroom is just for show."

"I bring guys home, sometimes," Don said. "And Jack has a steady stream of boys knocking on the back door . . ."

"I've spied on Dad before," Jack interrupted. "But I've never brought another boy to watch . . . until tonight!"

"This is the first time Jack and I have done it with anyone else," Don added. He and Jack were on hands and knees at the edge of the bed, sticking their butts into the air.

My lubricated index finger slipped easily into Jack's sexy little brown hole. "Fuck yeah!" he gasped as I fingered his butt. "Give me your hard peter! It's bigger than any of the boys, even bigger than Dad's!"

"Yeah, Leo!" Don cried as Dad's thick stiff cock pressed between his buttocks. "You're knocking on my back door! Christ, it feels good!"

I hastily lubricated my pole, positioned my tip at the center of Jack's hot rosebud and pushed inside. "Oh fuck!" he cried, driving backwards and slamming my full length into his hot asshole. "Your peter is wonderful!"

"We're getting fucked together, Son!" Don said, wrapping his hand around Jack's hot little rod. "Leo the sex god and his super-hot son, plowing our asses!"

Dad and I leaned together for a passionate kiss as we stood driving our cocks between the father-son buttocks on the bed before us.

"This is how Don and I did it the first time," Dad said. "Him on his hands and knees with me behind him. I came in his ass and he sprayed the sheets. I stumbled off to my bedroom and he joined me, saying 'I don't want to sleep in that sticky mess!'"

"We fell asleep almost instantly in my double bed. We woke up in the morning light with our bodies pressed together. I kissed Don full on the lips -- the first time I'd kissed another male -- as our hands found each others' rods and stroked them to orgasm."

"Don and I took a shower together. As we dried off, he fell to his knees on the bathroom floor and sucked and jacked my hard cock until I came in his mouth."

"He lay on his back in bed and I knelt between his elevated knees. We kissed as I slid into his ass. Don jacked off frantically as I pounded his butt, spraying hot juice over his belly and chest as I shot inside him.

"'We REALLY don't need women!' I agreed as we lay in each others' arms."

Dad was driving rapidly into Don's butt, pulling almost out, then slamming his entire length inside.

"Oh fuck!" Jack cried. Don was still jacking him off and his anal muscles clamped my plunging peter as he came.

Jack pulled away from me and slid under Don's body, sucking his father's cock while Dad rammed Don's hot ass.

"Yeah, Son! That's right!" Dad exclaimed as I jammed my swollen head between his rolling buttocks. "Fuck me hard while I . . . Oh God! I'm cumming!" he screamed as I emptied my load into his tight hole.

We collapsed on the bed in an erotic tangle. I tasted Don's cum when I kissed Jack.

"It was funny," Don said. "Our girlfriends put out MORE after Leo and I started fucking. Maybe they sensed the competition, or we could just have been more relaxed."

"We knew we weren't going to give up on women," Dad added. "Tits and pussies just felt TOO damn good! But we had each other when the girls didn't come through."

"I was the 'woman' the first few times," Don said. "I'd suck Leo's cock and he'd fuck my ass. After Leo came in my butt, he'd jack me off until I sprayed hot juice all over. He loved making me shoot!"

"One night, I surprised Don," Dad said. "I rolled over onto my tummy and said, 'I want to know how it feels! Just be gentle!'"

"After that, there was no going back!" Dad continued. "I love women, especially Mary, but I need a man sometimes!"

It was after midnight and we were all tired after our multiple orgasms. Jack and I went into the bathroom to pee and wash up. When we came out, Don and Dad were already asleep in each others' arms. We pulled a quilt over their naked bodies and turned the lights out.

In the basement, Jack literally fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. I stared at his handsome face and athletic body for several minutes before turning the lights off and pulling up the covers.

It was still dark when I woke up. I was on my side and a long hard penis was sliding between my butt cheeks, searching for my hot little puckered hole. Rough chest hair scratched my back and I knew who was behind me.

"Here Don," I said, rolling onto my back and lifting my butt. As he took me, I knew my father was upstairs, doing the same thing with his son.

Don shot liquid fire into my ass, then sat on my cock, riding me until I came.

"This is wonderful!" I whispered, lying in Don's arms. "I got a hard-on for you . . . and Jack . . . the moment we met. Really doing this, with both of you . . . and Dad! Jack and I were so turned on watching you with him, I think we wanted to get caught!"

"Leo and I left the bedroom door open and the lights on," Don said. "The chance that you might see us had us extra turned-on! We ALL wanted it, so it happened."

When I woke up, bright sunlight was streaming through a crack in the curtains. Jack was asleep beside me, looking like a naughty angel. I lifted the covers and admired his naked body.

His sexy little dick was already hard. Jack's breathing changed as soon as I touched it. "Jeez!" he gasped. "It's great having a boy in the morning! Most of them shoot and then slip away in the night!" He pulled me down and kissed me passionately. "And I love kissing, too!"

I turned onto my stomach, sticking my butt in the air. "Do it!" I said. "Give me your beautiful hard peter! Don't worry about being gentle. You know I can take it!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" he cried. I humped the mattress as he poked me with teenage energy and abandon, spraying the slick sheets when I felt him explode inside me.

Our fathers were already awake. Dad was on his back with Don fucking his ass. Jack and I knelt on the bed and sprayed his chest with hot juice as he came. A moment later, Don pulled out and shot a big load on Dad's cock and balls.

I called Angela while Dad was in the shower. "Suzie's here with me," she said. "We've got a big surprise for you . . ."


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