Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 12

Brother and sister at a bisexual surprise party.

"You've already met my OTHER lovers," Suzie said. Kristen and Al were staring at us, wide-eyed and speechless.

Angela was tall and solid, the only true athlete in our family. She had thick black hair cascading down her back, her breasts were big and heavy, with swollen brown areolas and long pink nipples, and her ragged purple pussy lips peeked from her thick black pubic thatch.

I had Angela's light olive skin and Mediterranean features, but was average-looking, rather than beautiful. I was a little taller and heavier, with short black hair. The stiff pole protruding from my light dusting of black pubic hair was 6" long and 1-3/4" thick, matching Al's monster in length, although not girth. I was one of the biggest boys in the school locker room.

"Paul and I came with Suzie and hid in the second bedroom," Angela said. "We're really hot from watching you!" Her dark curls gleamed with beaded juices and her sharp woman scent filled the air.

"Al almost caught us," Angela continued as she approached the bed. "We were in the hall and Kristen was screaming so loudly we didn't hear him come in. We ducked into the bathroom at the last second."

Suzie and Kristen moved aside as Angela pushed Al's legs open and knelt between his thighs. His cock stiffened as Angela bent over it. "Birthday Boy has a nice big candle," she purred, "and we're all going to blow it!"

As the rest of us stared, Angela wrapped her hand around Al's swollen shaft and licked his wide cock-head, probing his cum-slit with her tongue. She pulled away for a few seconds, letting us see the fluid leaking from his tip and running down his shaft to his balls, before taking him deep in her throat.

"Oh Angela!" Al moaned, squirming as her head bobbed over his crotch. "I saw you watching me at Mom's birthday party. You're even better than I imagined!"

"Yeah, Baby!" Angela said, fondling Al's hairless balls while stroking his shaft and running a finger over his glans, smearing the pre-cum leaking from his tip. "I knew what you were thinking, too. My panties were SO wet! I've been dreaming about this!"

Angela bent forward, trapping his cock between her big firm breasts. "Come on, Birthday Boy!" she said. Her fingers were interlaced over her cleavage, pressing her flesh against Al's pre-cum-slick rod. "Fuck my tits!"

"Jesus! This is so hot!" Al gasped as he drove his throbbing prick between Angela's big tight mounds. "I'm going to . . . Oh!" His body jerked violently as he sprayed hot cream in her cleavage.

"That's a lot of cum!" Angela exclaimed, looking at the sticky fluid covering her chest.

"My girlfriend Valerie is taking care of a sick aunt in New Mexico," Al said. "I haven't had sex in a week."

"It shows!" Angela laughed, gently caressing his still-stiff pole. "You ARE Alexander the Great! What a wonderful sword . . ."

"Don't be greedy!" Kristen chided, pulling Angela away from Al. Standing inches apart, the women stared into each other's eyes for long seconds, then started kissing passionately, rubbing breasts and grinding crotches.

"Kristen forfeits her turn!" Suzie announced, straddling Al's hips and bending forward to kiss him. "She's had you before, anyway!"

"Sexy little sister!" Al cried, twisting to position his hard dick at her pussy mouth.

"No! No! No!" Suzie said teasingly, squirming away and wrapping her hand around his stiff pole. "You've already fucked me. Now, I'm going to play with your toy! You just relax and enjoy it!" Her nipples, hard little pink domes in the center of her puffy dark pink areolas, grew even longer as Suzie rubbed Al's cock-head against them.

Kristen and Angela were still locked in a passionate embrace. I moved behind Kristen and pressed my erection between her buttocks. She pushed back and I wondered if my pre-cum would provide enough lubrication to enter her asshole.

Kristen laughed and twisted away. "This IS Al's birthday," she said. "I guess we should pay attention to HIM!"

"I'm doing all right!" Al gasped. Suzie's left thumb and index finger circled his base while her remaining fingers kneaded his bulging balls. Her right index finger was locked against his corneal ring and her thumb stroked his glans, smearing the fluid leaking from his tip down over his super-sensitive Vee, keeping him writhing in pleasure.

"Jesus!" Al cried. "Suzie-Q, I've been fantasizing about taking you to bed since you reached puberty. Sleeping with Kristen makes me think that way. I imagined I'd have to teach you everything."

"So teach me, Big Brother! Am I doing THIS right?" Suzie asked, stroking his shaft and increasing the finger pressure on his swollen cock-head.

"Oh God, Suzie-Q!" Al cried. "I'm going to . . ."

Suzie wrapped her mouth around his throbbing tool, sucking frantically as Al thrashed on the bed. When he was finally still, Suzie lifted her face from his crotch and kissed me. The strong taste of Al's semen on her lips made my hard-on grow even bigger.

"My turn!" Kristen announced, taking Suzie's place kneeling between their big brother's legs. "Al DID teach me everything! I was so selfish at first! I'd cum while he ate me, but I wouldn't go down on him. It was a long time before I discovered how good sucking a cock feels!"

"Yeah, Baby!" Al agreed, pulling Kristen down onto his chest. "You learned!" They kissed passionately.

Al's penis had softened after squirting in Suzie's mouth. "Sweet little tired pecker!" Kristen said, moving back between Al's legs, taking his limp tool in her hands and kissing its broad tip. "Did my little slut sister wear him out completely?"

She leaned forward, sweeping her heavy breasts and hard nipples over Al's crotch. "I guess not!" she giggled as he responded to the stimulation.

"I love your big sexy balls," Kristen purred, "filled with cum! I hated the condoms because I wanted to feel you shooting deep inside me! I wasted 16 months working up the nerve to get on the pill!"

Al's semi-erect dick hardened as Kristen licked the sensitive area between his testicles and anus, eventually moving up to suck his balls, one at a time and finally together. "Yeah, Kris!" he gasped as she licked up his shaft and probed his cum-slit with her tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Al cried, working his hips as Kristen's mouth bobbed over his swollen rod. At the last instant, she pulled her face away. Angela, Suzie and I stared as Kristen jacked Al's throbbing tool, squeezing his balls as she stroked his shaft and ran rough fingers over his pre-cum-slick head.

A single large blob of white fluid oozed from his tip. "No!" he gasped, pushing Kristen's hands away. "I'm too sensitive!"

"That's all right, big brother!" Kristen answered, kissing him tenderly. "You've performed like a real stud! Shooting four times in an hour is amazing . . ." She giggled. "It almost matches your record with me!"

I was standing between Angela and Suzie, with my arms wrapped around their backs. Kristen was staring at me as she rose from the bed. "Sexy Paul!" she said, looking from my face to my stiff prick and back. "I saw the way you were watching me at Mom's birthday party!"

She gripped my rigid shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. "You were shy in a really sexy way!" Kristen said. "It got me SO hot!" She ran a finger over my swollen glans, smearing the big bead of clear fluid at the tip. "I saw the big bulge in your jeans, but you're even better hung than I thought!" She laughed. "Do the girls at school call you the 'Italian Stallion?'"

"I don't know," I answered, blushing slightly. "I wasn't aware of a lot of things until a few weeks ago. Everything changed after Angela took my cherry!"

"You ARE a stallion!" Kristen said, taking my hands and placing them on her firm breasts. "And I'm going to make you MY stud!" I rolled her hard pink nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and fondled her big firm tits as she played with my cock and balls.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to cum in your hands!" I warned.

Kristen released me instantly. "We don't want THAT!" she said, staring at my throbbing tool. For a moment, I thought we'd gone too far, but I managed to hold back.

Al moved to the loveseat under the bedroom window. Angela and Suzie joined him as Kristen took my hand and led me to the bed. "Give it to me, stud!" she said, lying on her back and spreading her legs. "I know the first time should be tender and romantic, but I'm crazy horny and need a cock . . . YOUR big cock . . . in my snatch!"

Kristen's hairless vulva was shiny with her juices. She pulled herself open, revealing her wet pink depths. "Do it now!" she demanded. "Be my stallion!"

Al was sitting between Angela and Suzie, fondling their thighs as they played with his still-soft penis. All three were staring as I knelt between Kristen's thighs and pressed my stiff prick into her pussy. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as I took her with one long slow slide.

"Wow!" Kristen whispered. "You don't stretch me quite as much as Al, but you fill me just as deeply! You balls feel wonderful pressed against my cunt-lips!" She worked her pelvis, setting a rapid tempo. "Come on . . . Stud! . . . Fuck me hard and fast!"

"Not so fast!" I gasped, gripping Kristen's hips and holding her still. "At this speed, I'll come after a few strokes!" Suzie and I had spent the previous evening with her parents, so we hadn't had sex. My balls were ready to explode.

I pulled out until her pussy-lips were barely kissing my cock-head, then gently pushed forward, slowly shallow-fucking her sensitive vagina mouth.

"Yeah, Stallion!" Kristen moaned. "I like a man who takes charge! Do whatever . . . Oh Jesus!" She screamed as I plunged into her depths, taking her with long measured strokes.

Stopping deep inside, I bent forward to kiss Kristen's open mouth, firm heavy breasts and hard nipples. "Paul, you're an amazing lover!" she said. "Did Angela teach you all this?"

"Angela, Suzie and a lot of experimenting," I answered, angling my tool to rub her G-spot. "Some research on the Internet, too. Real study, not just looking at sex pictures, although I did a lot of that, too." I squeezed her breasts gently, pinching the little hard pink nipples centered in her wide brown areolas between my thumbs and index fingers.

"You learned well," Kristen said, already on the brink of orgasm as she gazed into my eyes. "Now, give it to me hard! Please!"

Kristen screamed as I slammed forward, fucking her fast, occasionally angling my shaft to rub her clit. "Oh fuck, Paul!" she cried. "You're SUCH a stud! Oh God, Stallion! I'm cumming!"

I hammered her cunt as she screamed and thrashed. "Is this hard and fast enough for you, Baby?"

"Oh fuck yeah, Stallion!" she moaned. "Shoot it! Shoot a big load deep in my snatch! . . . Jesus, yeah, like that! . . . Splash my pussy walls with your hot man juice! . . . Fuck yeah! . . ." The bed shook violently as I slammed Kristen over and over, releasing a thick pulse of cum with each thrust.

Finally spent, I kissed Kristen tenderly. "You're still hard," she marveled. "Deep inside my wonderfully fucked pussy!"

There were cheers from the loveseat. Al was playing with Angela's breasts with one hand while he fingered Suzie's crotch with the other. Both women were fondling his now-rigid pole and swollen balls.

"I love your Stallion cock!" Kristen said, glancing at our audience as she clamped my tool in her muscular snatch. "I like this . . . holding you inside . . . moving slowly, then faster . . . screaming as I feel you throb and squirt again . . ."

"Sounds like a plan!" I answered, moving my dick-head deep inside her.

"Oh, that's good!" Kristen gasped, closing her eyes and losing herself in the sensations.

"Yeah, Boy!" Al growled. He'd risen from the loveseat and was standing beside the bed, flanked by Angela and Suzie. "It's wild watching you playing with my sister!"

The erect penis jutting from his coarse blond pubic hair a foot from my face was so thick it seemed unreal. When I reached out, my fingers barely closed around his shaft.

"I remember Mom's birthday party, too," Al said, putting his hand on my face. "You came into the bathroom. I'd locked the door, but it hadn't closed completely. You stared as I finished peeing and shook the drops from my dick. It was starting to get long and thick. For an instant, I knew I'd get a hard-on and you'd fall to your knees . . . with an apartment full of people a few feet away . . ."

"I was still a virgin," I answered. "I didn't know what I wanted. My erection scared me." I'd stopped moving and my stiff prick was buried deep inside Kristen.

"It was HARD . . ." Al laughed at the word, ". . . to stuff my dick back into my pants."

"My penis stayed stiff after you left," I admitted. "I had to jack off to make it go down, fantasizing about Suzie and Kristen . . . Angela . . . and you, with your big thick cock . . . filling my mouth and ass . . ."

Al knelt on the bed, straddling Kristen's head, and she started licking his shaved balls. His tool, with its broad flaring head, looked as thick as a baseball bat. Pre-cum was leaking from his broad slit and running down his shaft.

Still stroking his stiff rod, I bent forward to kiss Al's tip. I was startled when a thin hood of flesh slid over his swollen cock-head. Fascinated, I worked his foreskin back and forth. I'd been with three other men, but they'd all been circumcised, like me.

I pulled his loose skin forward, completely hiding his big flaring knob, and slipped my tongue inside, probing his wide cum-slit and spiraling under his thin tightly-stretched hood.

Kristen moved her hips slowly, working her hot cream-filled pussy around my rigid pole as she kissed, licked and sucked Al's balls. Suzie and Angela were standing beside the bed, playing with their tits and fingering themselves as they watched.

Pulling Al's foreskin back, I ran my tongue from his slit down his supersensitive Vee. He moaned as I clamped my lips around his deep corneal ridge and tongue-lashed his swollen cock-head.

"That's it, Boy!" Al gasped as I took him in my mouth and down my throat. "I'm going to fuck your face!" I was a little frightened when he gripped my head to keep me from escaping, but he started out slowly, pulling back until I was kissing his tip, then sliding in up to his balls.

Beneath me, Kristen was moving faster, clamping my thrusting tool in her hot wet snatch as Al grew rougher, snapping my head back as his balls slapped my chin.

He released my head and I pulled away, wrapping my hand around Al's pole to hold him in place.

Jacking his shaft, I worked his foreskin and sucked his head. "Jesus, Boy!" he groaned. "I'm going to . . ." His hooded tip was an inch from my face. As the women stared, he sprayed jet after jet of thick cum into my open mouth. I swallowed some and let the rest run down my chin, bending forward to take the last pulses in my face and hair.

Kristen finally released Al's balls and sank back onto the bed. Still rock hard and gleaming with saliva and semen, he stood up, stepped behind Angela and took her from behind.

"Fuck Paul!" Kristen cried. "Give me a big load! Shoot it up my pussy! . . . " I drove into her hard and fast, slapping my balls against her bare vulva. "Oh yeah! Now! . . ." She screamed, cumming as the juice boiling in my nuts exploded into her eager cunt.

Angela was bent over the bed, working her hips in time with Al's hard thrusts. "Jesus Baby!" she whispered. "I've fantasized about fucking you, but this is even better than I imagined!"

"Sexy Big Sister!" Suzie purred, climbing onto the bed. "Isn't my Stud boyfriend great?"

"Oh yeah!" Kristen agreed. My penis, finally soft after my second orgasm, slipped out of her pussy and Suzie took my place between Kristen's legs.

"Angel Baby!" Al gasped. "You're so hot and sweet! At Mom's birthday party, I saw you looking at my crotch. When you bent over to pick up a package, your tight skirt stretched over your ass and I got a giant hard-on!"

"I know!" Angela purred. "I wanted to take you into the back bedroom . . . well, you and your girlfriend Valerie . . . and do THIS!"

"Me too, Sex Kitten!" Al grunted. "Valerie thought you were hot, too!" He was ramming Angela fast. "I can't wait to tell her about this!"

Kristen squirmed on the bed as Suzie worked two fingers in her pussy. "Jesus, Little Sister!" she moaned. "I'm cumming!"

"God, so am I!" Angela cried, falling to her elbows and pressing her breasts into Kristen's chest. "Oh fuck, Al!" she gasped. "Shoot it! Shoot your big throbbing dick in my cunt!"

The bed shook as Al pounded Angela mercilessly. She screamed, cumming over and over, as he hammered her. "Sorry, Baby!" He was breathless, but grinning. "I'm out of juice . . . for now!"

Al and Angela laughed as his limp dick slipped out of her pussy. "I guess we wore it out," he said.

"I think we're all worn out," Suzie agreed, climbing unsteadily to her feet and moving into my arms. Angela and Kristen lay on their sides with their breasts pressed together, kissing passionately.

"There IS going to be a 'surprise' party," Suzie continued. "We're supposed to take you to a restaurant on Bay View Avenue at 9:00 PM. It's 3:15 PM, so we have lots of time to rest." She looked at Angela and Kristen for a long moment. "Or whatever . . ."

Al and I lay on the guest room's double bed with Suzie between us. She fell asleep almost instantly.

"Isn't this wild?" Al whispered. "Our sisters and everything?"

"Yeah, everything!" I agreed.

Al laughed softly. "Jesus, I'm sleepy . . ." he muttered. A few seconds later, he was snoring.

I drifted off listening to Angela and Kristen's passionate sounds from the next room.

The nightstand clock read 5:25 PM when I opened my eyes. Suzie was gone, but Al was still asleep. It was the first time I'd awakened with a naked man in bed with me.

* * *

I'd been on a camping trip with Dad. It was summer and already hot when I woke at dawn with a painfully distended bladder. My penis grew perversely erect when I took it out of my briefs. That had been happening a lot. I closed my eyes and thought about blizzards and icy lakes until I finally relaxed enough relieve myself against a tree.

Dad was still asleep, naked on top of his sleeping bag, when I returned to the tent. He was dreaming, smiling and muttering in his sleep, with his cock rock-hard. It was the first stiff dick I'd seen, besides my own, and I stared at it in fascination.

His immense club was 7" long and 2" thick, with a complicated network of heavy blue veins below the dark olive skin. His cock-head resembled a bell, with smooth flesh descending gracefully from the tiny lips surrounding his pee-slit and flaring out into a wide lip that merged into his deep corneal ring.

Dad's bulging balls looked almost black against his light skin and were covered with the curly dark hair that spread over his crotch. There was a big bead of clear fluid at his tip. As I watched, it slid down to join a tiny puddle on his belly.

Painfully aware of the boner in my own underwear, I couldn't stop staring at the long thick tool that had planted my seed in Mom's pussy.

"Oh Roo! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Oh Jesus! . . . Oh Roo, you're so good! . . ." Dad suddenly cried, twisting on the air mattress. I bolted from the tent, stopping out of sight and listening anxiously. He started snoring after a few seconds of silence.

I returned to the tent and dressed as noiselessly as possible. "Who is 'Roo?'" I wondered. Mom's name was Mary.

"It was probably just a noise," I decided as I built the breakfast fire. "A noise that sounded a little like a name."

In a few minutes, I had coffee on and was frying the bacon. I'd forgotten about "Roo" when Dad emerged from the tent, already dressed.

* * *

Naked and asleep, even with his penis flaccid, Al reminded me of Dad on that camping trip. They were both big men with strong features, although Al was blond, light and Polish, while Dad was dark and Italian. I hadn't understood my feelings for Dad that morning, or recognized my barely-pubescent lust . . .

Al was on his back with his legs open and his long soft dick stretched over his left thigh. It stirred when I ran a gentle finger up and down the seam dividing his hairless balls.

"Oh Baby!" he muttered when I brushed his coarse blond pubic with my hand. His eyes were still closed, but I knew he was awake.

Al squirmed and his cock stiffened as I stroked and gently squeezed his testicles. My own rod was already rock hard as I knelt between his open thighs to lick and suck his bulging ball-sack.

He lifted his head and grinned. "Paul, I'm glad it's you!" he said. "You're such a sexy teen stud! When I met you, I knew you were going to be hell on girls. I was hoping you'd swing my way, too!"

"Come here . . . Little Stud!" Al said, gripping my shoulders. I straddled his hips and bent forward. His hard cock rubbed against mine as we kissed, passionately and open-mouthed. Al thrust his tongue into my mouth and I parried his attack. I was used to girls and the male roughness of his love-making was incredibly erotic.

"I've been dreaming about you," I said. "Fantasizing about being your boy. I'm not a virgin with men. You can do anything you want with me . . . Dad!"

Al laughed, a little nervously. "I'm not old enough to be your father! I started young, but not at age six!"

"I'm not sure why I said that," I said. "He's older and you look different, but you remind me of Dad."

"So Little Stud's got a thing for his father!" Al laughed. "I guess I don't mind playing along. Come sit on my face . . . Son!"

I straddled Al's head, moaning with pleasure as he licked and sucked my balls. My cock was as hard as a steel rod. I gripped my swollen pole with my thumb and third fingers and stroked my glans with my index finger, smearing the steady stream of pre-cum leaking from my tip over my super-sensitive corneal Vee.

Al squirmed between my legs, moving his face beneath my open butt cheeks. "Oh Jesus!" I gasped as his tongue stroked my tight little brown rosebud and gently probed my little puckered hole.

"Oh fuck, Al! . . . Dad!" I cried. "I've never had my ass eaten! . . . This is so good!" He teased me open and stuck his entire tongue up my asshole, making me squirm and press my ass-crack into his face. I'd stopped jacking off. I knew I'd shoot if I touched my throbbing cock.

"Stop!" I said, exerting all my willpower to pull away from Al. "I don't want to cum this way!" I pressed my body against his and kissed him open-mouthed, tasting my musk on his tongue. "Fuck me, Dad! Fuck your little boy's ass!"

"I've been waiting for this, you little male vixen!" Al answered, grinning wickedly. "Get on your back . . . Son!"

He kissed my lips, mouth and face, then moved down my throat to my breasts. My urgent need to ejaculate receded as Al lingered on my nipples, although I remained as turned on as ever.

"Please Dad!" I begged, folding my knees against my chest and lifting my butt into the air. "Give it to me now!"

"All right, Son!" Al answered, taking a little plastic bottle from the nightstand drawer. His lubricated finger slid easily up my ass, so he added a second, twisting them as he moved in and out.

"Please! Please Dad! Fuck me now!" He withdrew his fingers, replacing them with his broad flaring cock-head. "Fuck yeah Dad!" I moaned as his rod opened my hole. "Give it all to me!" His head and shaft filled me in one slow steady rush of pleasure, ending with Al's balls pressed against my butt cheeks.

"God, Son!" Al whispered. "Your ass is even hotter and tighter than I'd imagined!"

"Oh Jesus!" I cried as he grabbed my ankles, stretching them over my shoulders. He pulled all the way out, so his tip was barely kissing the center of my rosebud, then slowly slid his full length up my asshole. "Oh fuck Dad! That's so good!" I whispered. "Now, fuck me hard!"

"You're gonna get fucked hard, Son!" Al said. "When I'm ready!" After relaxing me with several long slow strokes, he stayed outside and teased my little puckered hole, opening and closing it with his swollen knob.

It was a relief when he plunged back inside, slamming his balls against my butt cheeks as he fucked me hard and fast. His grip on my ankles joined our bodies like parts of a machine, synchronizing my rocking ass with his pelvic thrusts.

My penis was swollen and throbbing, ready to explode. Stroking it reduced the tension, but I knew I was close. "Fuck me hard, Dad!" I cried. "Shoot in me like you did in Mom!"

"Yeah, Son!" Al gasped as he hammered my butt. "Mary was under me, screaming and cumming. 'Shoot it Leo!' she cried. 'Shoot your big fat dick up my hot tight cunt! Come deep inside me! Give me another baby!' The juice was boiling in my nuts . . . and . . . oh Jesus!"

My cock fountained as Al drove into me, releasing a gigantic wave of semen with each thrust.

He finally slowed and stopped, his stiff rod still deep inside me, lying on my chest and gasping for breath. I stroked his coarse blond hair and kissed the top of his head as his heart hammered against mine.

"Thanks, Al!" I whispered. "I don't know where I got the 'Dad' fantasy, but I appreciate you playing along!"

"Sure," he answered. "It felt strange at first, but I started getting into it."

"You sure did!" It was Kristen's voice. She was standing in the bedroom door, flanked by Angela and Suzie. All three women were naked. Their nipples were hard and the air grew heavy with their heated female scent when they stepped into the room.

"We watched the whole thing!" Angela said. "I came the first time while Al was eating Paul's ass!"

"Angel Baby barely touched herself but came over and over!" Suzie agreed. "It's SO hot seeing guys do guys! Especially OUR sexy studs!"

"Jeez! Look at Alexander the Great's big long sword!" Suzie exclaimed as Al rose to his knees and slowly pulled his still-stiff rod from my butt.

"Come over here, Big Brother. I've got a sheath for it!" she added, bending over the bed and spreading her cheeks.

"You bet!" Al answered, rising from the bed.

"Be gentle!" she whispered as Al moved behind her. "I've never had a cock your size . . . Not in back!"

Angela and Kristen embraced as they watched Al open Suzie's rosebud with a lubricated finger. They looked like sisters, tall, with long thick black hair, big athletic bodies and firm C-cup breasts with dark broad areolas and hard pink nipples. Angela was a little heavier and more muscular, with tits slightly larger than Kristen's.

"You two are sure affectionate!" I said, rising from the bed and wrapping my arms around Kristen and Angela's backs, brushing my rigid tool against their thighs.

"Oh yeah!" they said in unison, looking dreamily into each others' eyes.

"I never expected to bond with a girl like this!" Angela added. "We spent the two hours you were asleep in bed together. Suzie joined us a half-hour ago. Kristen makes me forget about cock."

"The strap-on helps!" Kristen giggled. "It was one of the things Suzie brought. I'd never worn one before. It humped my pussy while I fucked her. Maybe next time, I'll have the nerve to add the butt plug . . ."

"Fuck yeah, Big Brother!" Suzie cried. "Stretch my asshole!" Angela, Kristen and I turned to stare as Al's 3" knob slowly opened Suzie's little puckered brown hole.

"I remember the first time Al knocked on MY back door!" Kristen whispered. "I wasn't on birth control and my periods were irregular, so we had to use condoms. I wanted to feel him shooting inside me SO badly . . ."

"Jesus Christ!" Suzie moaned, slowly rocking her hips and taking more of Al's fat sausage each time she pushed backwards. She was supporting her upper body's weight on one elbow and had a hand between her legs.

"You like this . . . Son?" Al asked, turning his head to look at me. "Watching me stick my dick up your girl's ass?"

"Oh yeah!" I answered. "Suzie loves getting it in back. Fuck her butt like you did mine!"

"Oh God!" Suzie gasped. "You're all the way inside!" I could hear lewd squishing noises as she fingered her pussy.

"Little Sister, your ass is unbelievably hot and tight!" Al said. She moaned with pleasure as he butt-fucked her, slowly pulling out, then pushing back inside. As Suzie relaxed, Al gradually increased the length and speed of his thrusts until his flaring head was kissing her rosebud before plunging into her depths.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Suzie moaned as Al slammed his cock into her ass. "Oh Jesus, Big Brother! I'm cumming!"

I was standing between Angela and Kristen, with an arm around each woman's shoulder. Angela kneaded my balls and Kristen stroked my shaft while we watched Suzie scream and thrash on the bed as Al pounded her relentlessly.

"Alexander, you're so great!" Suzie murmured when she'd finally collapsed, face down on the bed.

"You're a fucking hot wench, Little Sister!" Al answered. When he pulled out of her butt, his cock was as hard and thick as ever. "I'm sorry I couldn't shoot inside you. It's too soon!"

Suzie rolled over onto her back and pulled Al into her arms. "I want you in front . . . right now!" she said after kissing him passionately.

"No, Baby!" Al answered regretfully. "Not until I wash my dick." He looked at me, pressed between Angela and Kristen. "Give it to her, Son!" he commanded as he stood up. "I want to see my boy fuck my hot Baby Sister!"

"Go for it, Baby Bull!" Angela said, pushing me forward. She and Kristen joined me on the bed as I knelt between Suzie's open thighs.

"Do it, Stud!" Suzie whispered, grabbing my rod and guiding it to her pussy mouth. "Oh fuck yeah!" she cried as I slid into her hot wet depths.

"It's wild seeing Baby Sister pinned like a butterfly on a boy's pole!" Kristen said, fondling Suzie's right breast, pinching and twisting the swollen pink nipple in her puffy dark pink areola.

"Yeah!" Angela agreed, playing with Suzie's left breast. "She was such a little bull dyke with us!"

"Hot Baby!" I muttered. Suzie was rolling her hips, setting a rapid pace, and I was thrusting hard to keep up. Angela and Kristen played with Suzie's bouncing little breasts and sucked her nipples as I hammered her pussy.

"Oh Jesus!" Suzie moaned. "Oh God! . . . Our Father, this IS Heaven! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Jesus, I'm cumming!" My cock throbbed inside her spasming cunt, but I didn't shoot. I drove on, fucking Suzie through her orgasm and pushing her to an even more intense climax. "Owwwww! Gaaaawwwwdddd!!!" she finally cried, collapsing on the bed as if dead.

"Yep!" Angela commented in an exaggerated cowboy accent. "Baby Bull killed another one!"

"Think so?" Suzie said, opening her eyes. "I've hardly started!" My rigid pole was still deep inside her. She wrapped her arms around my back and rolled us over, so I was on the bottom and she was straddling my hips. "Ride 'em cowgirl!" she giggled, working her hips and sliding her tight slick snatch around my stiff cock.

Al was standing beside the bed, slowly stroking his massive erection as he watched Suzie's rolling buttocks. "Come here, Big Brother!" she called. "I've got another hole to fuck!"

"Oh yeah, Baby Sister!" Al exclaimed, hastily lubricating his hard-on and kneeling behind her. "I'm going to fill your sexy hot ass!"

"Jesus!" Suzie screamed, clamping my penis as Al slid up her butt. "Both my sexy studs are fucking me! Do it hard, boys!" She humped my penis frantically while Al drove into her little puckered hole. I could feel our cocks rubbing together through the thin layer of flesh between Suzie's vagina and anus.

Angela and Kristen were kneeling on either side of the bed, playing with Suzie's wildly bouncing little breasts and fondling Al's muscular ass.

"Oh Gawd!" Suzie moaned, cumming violently as Al and I slammed our pricks into her asshole and pussy. When she swayed sideways, Angela and Kristen grabbed her shoulders and steadied her shaking body.

I mauled Suzie's hot little tits, pinching and twisting her swollen nipples as my cock throbbed inside her tight hot snatch. Al was bellowing like a bull moose as he hammered Suzie's back door.

"Fuck me boys!" Suzie screamed. "Sexy Stud Paul! . . . Big Bull Brother Alexander! . . . Fuck my tight little ass! . . . Fuck my hot cunt! . . . Oh God! I'm cumming! . . . Shoot those big cocks inside me! . . . Oh Jesus! Oh please! . . . Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

Suzie suddenly went limp. Angela and Kristen caught her. "Jesus!" she whispered, settling into my arms with her face pillowed on my chest. She was still spiked on Al's and my poles. "My men! . . . So good!" I stroked her hair as I felt her heartbeat slow and heard her breathing return to normal.

Al pulled out of Suzie's butt and left the room with Angela and Kristen.

"You didn't shoot!" Suzie said. "I always know when you do, even if it's only a few drops."

"No," I answered. "It was too soon. Al probably didn't cum, either. I don't care. It felt great, sexy Baby Girl!"

We kissed tenderly for several minutes. My penis eventually softened and slipped out of Suzie. "The Bull needs a little rest!" she giggled.

"Let's see what the others are doing," Suzie finally said, pulling away and rising, a little unsteadily, to her feet. "I've been fucked until I can't walk!" she laughed.

"Wow!" Suzie whispered, stopping at the master bedroom door.

Kristen and Angela were on their hands and knees at the edge of the bed, naked and blindfolded with long scarves, sticking their butts in the air.

Al was sliding his monster pole in and out of Kristen's ass. As Suzie and I watched wide-eyed, he pulled out and pressed his flaring knob into the center of Angela's sexy brown rosebud.

"Alexander the Great!" she moaned as he slid inside. "I've never been ass-fucked like this! . . . Paul's not as big and I haven't let my boyfriend Bernie . . . Oh Jesus, Al! Don't stop!"

He pulled out after a half-dozen strokes and returned to Kristen, violently jamming his massive tool between her buttocks. She was close to orgasm when he moved back to Angela, taking her slowly and tenderly.

Al switched randomly between the women, butt-fucking them gently or roughly, rapidly or slowly, for long periods or brief moments . . . keeping them screamingly close to orgasm . . .

Al turned around and grinned wickedly when he saw Suzie and me. He crossed the room and whispered into our ears. "Asshole roulette!" he said. "Want to play?"

"I don't feel like teasing," I answered. "I just want Kristen! . . . And I know Angela wants you to give her a good butt-fucking!"

Suzie was staring at Angela and Kristen's sexy rear ends. "Go ahead," she said, giving Al and me quick kisses. "I just want to watch for a while."

Suzie stood a few feet from the bed, staring as Al and I lubricated our stiff dicks and moved into position.

Kristen's little puckered hole, shiny with lubricant and stretched by Al's thick pole, was hot pink and unbelievably exciting. I wanted to bury my tongue in her depths and eat her ass until she came. But, I was going to surprise her . . . make her think I was Al for as long as possible.

"Oh yeah!" Kristen moaned as I slipped my full length up her asshole with one smooth stroke, stopping with my balls pressed against her buttocks. "What?" she said, freezing for an instant and clamping my stiff rod with her anal muscles. "You're not as big . . . It's Paul! Sexy Baby, I've been wanting you in my back door!"

After taking several long slow strokes, I withdrew almost completely and teased Kristen's rosebud with my smoothly rounded knob, pushing in until her anal sphincter clamped my corneal ring, then pulling back out with her muscular little pucker clutching my flaring glans.

I unfastened the scarf blindfolding Kristen. She tore it from her eyes as I plunged deep into her butt. "Fuck yeah, Paul!" she cried. "Do it hard!"

"I've been dreaming about you, Paul!" Kristen gasped. "Ever since you got me so hot at Mom's birthday party. I love getting it up the ass and I've been fantasizing about you taking me in front AND back!" She worked her butt, pushing back as I fucked her with long slow strokes.

"Let me turn over, Baby!" Kristen suddenly said. "I want to see your face without twisting my neck!" It only took a moment to rearrange our bodies. Kristen kissed me fiercely as I slid my hard dick back up her asshole.

Kristen's big soft tits and hard nipples pressed into my chest as her tongue lashed mine. "Go ahead, Baby!" she whispered. "I won't break! Be as rough as you want!"

I fucked Kristen hard until she came, clamping my cock with her muscular anus as she rocked and rolled under me. I butt-fucked her through the orgasm, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

Suzie had brought a little bag of sex toys to the party. Kristen's vibrator, a slim black cylinder with one rounded end, was lying on the nightstand. Still fucking Kristen's ass, I moved into a kneeling position, picked up the vibrator and switched it on.

Kristen's hairless mound was slick and shiny. She pulled her neat little pussy lips -- now purple and swollen -- open, revealing her brick red interior, brimming with juices. "Oh yeah, Baby!" she moaned. "Put that toy up my pussy while you fuck my butt!"

She pulled her clit hood back. I stared at her tiny exposed pink bud. "Yeah Baby!" she whispered. "Play with it!"

I set the vibrator down and slipped my index and second fingers into Kristen's gleaming red tunnel, coating them with her juices. "Oh fuck, Baby!" she cried, cumming as soon as I started stroking her swollen clit.

"Hail Mary, full of Grace!" Kristen screamed as I fingered her pussy and jacked her little pink rod like a tiny dick. "Oh God! Oh fuck! Jesus and all the Apostles!" I held still as she worked her buttocks, driving her asshole against my motionless tool. "Baby, I'm cumming SO hard!"

Kristen fell back on the bed with her eyes closed, gasping for breath. I released her clit and held still with my cock all the way up her ass, giving a chance to recover. "Wow!" she said dizzily.

"Are you all right?" I asked. "Ready for some more?"

"Oh yeah!" Kristen answered eagerly. The slim black toy was buzzing on the bed. I picked it up and slid it deep into her snatch. The vibration transmitted through the thin layer of flesh between her vagina and anus almost set me off. Thrusting roughly into her butt reduced my tension.

"Oh Jesus fuck!" Kristen cried, cumming as I rammed her ass. She wrenched the toy from my grip and pressed its buzzing tip against her clit, triggering an even more intense climax. "Thy rod and thy staff comfort me . . ." she gasped, laughing wildly between orgasmic screams.

The cum was boiling in my nuts as I gripped Kristen's hips, holding on as she bucked beneath me and slamming my cock into her tight ass.

She pushed the buzzing dildo deep into her snatch. The vibration against my plunging rod set me off and I shot jet after jet of hot juice into her muscular hole.

Kristen was still cumming wildly. The vibration from her pussy and the grip of her anal muscles kept me rock hard. I brought her down easy, gradually slowing to a stop as she calmed.

Finally, she lay still with her eyes closed and an indescribably satisfied smile on her face. The vibrator was still inside her. I pulled it out and switched it off. The silence was startling.

Suzie was kneeling by Kristen's shoulder, manipulating her little tits with one hand while the other worked a double-headed dildo in her golden snatch. "Oh fuck, that was hot!" she gasped. "My stud boyfriend playing with my sexy big sister! . . . Jesus! I'm cumming!"

Kristen opened her eyes and turned her head to watch Suzie push herself to an explosive climax.

Angela was bent over the bed. Al was standing behind her, driving his thick cock into her hot ass. "Yeah, Al!" she moaned. "Do it hard! Finish me off!"

"Here it comes, Baby!" Al shouted.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Angela cried, cumming hard. "Shoot it up my ass! . . . Jesus! . . . Fuck yeah! . . . Give me all your hot fucking juice! . . . Oh God, oh fuck! . . ."

Afterwards, we all lay on the bed in an erotic tangle, basking in the warmth of our shared sibling bodies.

"It's 7:30 PM," Suzie finally said. She and Angela were lying with their heads on Al's chest. Kristen was sitting cross-legged, holding Al's head in her lap and stroking his hair. I was sitting behind Kristen with my stretched-out legs pressing against her thighs and rubbing Angela and Suzie's backs. My hands cupped Kristen's ample breasts and her firm nipples pressed into my fingers.

"We have just enough time to shower, dress and get to the restaurant for Al's surprise party," Suzie continued. "Who's going to go first?"

"I'll do it," I said, taking Kristen's hand. "As long as I can take this wench with me!"

"Of course, my lord!" Kristen answered, giggling. She and I kissed all the others before we stood up.

"Don't take too long!" Suzie said. "We're all funky, too. We'll throw cold water on you if you're not out in fifteen minutes . . ." Al pulled Suzie onto his chest and kissed her passionately. His penis was erect again. ". . . or so . . ." Her voice trailed off.

"Here, Baby Sister, I'll help!" Angela said, lubricating Al's thick rod. She moved between his open legs, caressing his balls as Suzie lowered her butt onto his stiff pole.

"I never expected my Baby Sister to be such a wild sex kitten!" Al said as he filled Suzie's ass. "Welcome to the family Angela," he added. "You too, Paul."

"Welcome indeed!" Kristen said, wrapping her fingers around my hard dick as she kissed me.

"This is the best surprise party I've ever had!" Al said as Kristen and I walked down the hall to the bathroom.


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