Ken James Fiction


Playing With My Sister 11

Girlfriend seduces her big sister & brother.

Suzie saw her big sister Kristen through the apartment window and opened the door before she could knock.

"Hi Baby," Kristen said, hugging Suzie affectionately. "I'm sorry I'm late. Someone caught me at the library. It's still almost two hours before Al gets home from work. He already knows we're taking him out for his birthday. What's the big surprise we came early to prepare?"

Both women were tall and slender, with strong Eastern-European features and thick shoulder-length hair. Suzie was blond, with small breasts and buttocks. Kristen was a 21-year old brunette, slightly heavier and taller than Suzie, with big tits and a sexy rounded ass.

"Well, I fibbed a little," Suzie admitted, pulling the living room drapes closed before sitting on the big couch. "I really wanted to have a private sister-to-sister talk."

Kristen sat down beside Suzie. There were two glasses of wine on the coffee table. Suzie handed one to Kristen and took the other for herself. "To sisters!" she said. "To our family ties! To our love!"

"To sisters!" Kristen echoed as they took long drinks. "Suzie, what's this about?" she continued, setting her half-full wine glass on the coffee table.

Suzie drained her glass. "Love . . ." she said. "And family . . . men . . . and women . . . sex . . ." She set the glass on the coffee table with a thud. "Kristen . . . I'm not a virgin!"

"Has Paul gotten you pregnant?" Kristen asked anxiously.

"No!" Suzie answered positively. "He brought condoms, but I was already on birth control."

"Thank God!" Kristen said, grabbing her wine and finishing it in one gulp. There was a bottle sitting beside the couch. Wordlessly, Suzie refilled their glasses.

"I'm fine!" Suzie said. "Happier than I've ever been! But, I need to talk to you about love . . . sex . . . being a woman . . ."

"Kristen, I watched your tape," Suzie confessed. "I lied when I told you I hadn't. I was just checking if it was blank and I saw . . . you . . . and the others . . . doing everything . . ."

"Did you want me to find it?" Suzie looked into Kristen's eyes. "I think you did, at least unconsciously."

"Maybe so," Kristen conceded. "I don't usually forget things." She took Suzie's hand. "It's hard to explain why I made the video. There are a lot of reasons and some of them only make sense to me."

"Don't be sorry," Suzie said. "Since puberty, I've had these burning desires . . . fantasies about men . . . women . . . forbidden thoughts . . ."

Their wine glasses were empty again. Suzie poured carefully, avoiding Kristen's gaze.

"I've always idolized you," Suzie said, setting the bottle down and turning to face Kristen. "I wanted Paul so badly . . . Knowing you were remaining chaste . . . gave me the strength to resist my physical desires."

"It was such a revelation to find your tape! I tried to stop myself from burning a DVD, but I wasn't strong enough. I played the video in my bedroom, cumming over and over as I watched. That's when I had my epiphany."

"God made us to have sex! He threw us out of the Garden for denying our sexuality . . . rejecting His greatest gift to us! . . . And the sex-hating priests have been keeping us away from God's gift ever since!"

"Suzie, I don't know what to say . . ." Kristen set her empty wine glass at the edge of the coffee table. It was unbalanced and fell to the carpet with a soft thump.

They'd finished the bottle. Suzie's face was flushed and her speech was slightly slurred. "You don't need to talk." She picked up the remote and punched a button. "Just watch." Across the living room, the TV lit up and a DVD began playing.

Suzie and Paul were naked on the screen, standing in front of a double bed.

"I'm copying Kristen again!" video Suzie said, laughing as she kissed Paul. "Making this movie."

Suzie and Paul kissed passionately while he fondled her breasts and she gripped his buttocks, grinding his crotch into hers. After a minute, Suzie fell to her knees. Looking directly into the camera, she said "I've never sucked Paul off and made him cum, but I want to do it now."

She licked, sucked and fondled Paul's stiff dick and bulging balls, finally jacking his shaft and fingering his cock-head until he sprayed hot juice into her face and hair.

"Jesus, that was good, Baby!" Paul exclaimed, pulling Suzie to her feet.

As he kissed her, the image dissolved to Suzie on her back with Paul kneeling between her open legs. "Yeah Paul, do it now!" she whispered as he pressed his erect penis into her folds.

The view shifted fluidly, moving from long shots of the passionate couple to close-ups . . . their faces . . . Suzie's bouncing breasts and rolling hips . . . Paul's pumping buttocks and plunging penis . . .

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" Suzie screamed, slamming her pelvis upward to meet Paul's driving rod.

"Me too, Baby!" Paul cried, pulling his throbbing cock out of Suzie's snatch and shooting thick ropes of cum onto her hot pink pussy lips and thick blond pubic hair. Still stiff, he plunged back into Suzie's cunt, fucking her to another intense orgasm.

The view dissolved again, to Angela and Suzie on the bed in sixty-nine position, fingering and eating each other to screaming climaxes.

In the next scene, Paul bent Suzie over the bed and fucked her ass long and hard, finally spurting on her buttocks.

At the end, Suzie's face and chest filled the screen. The footage was taken from the end of the blow job scene and she was kneeling in front of Paul, possessively caressing his slightly-softened penis. Fresh semen gleamed on her breasts, face and hair. "God made us to have sex!" she said, facing the camera. "I've denied God's gift long enough! I'm making this video to officially end my denial!"

She held that pose for five long seconds, then burst out laughing. "I guess that's good enough for the big serious closing," she said, then giggled again. "Cut already!" The screen went dark.

"Baby Sister, you're amazing!" Kristen said, turning to stare at Suzie, who was sitting cross-legged on the couch, with the top three buttons of her blouse unfastened, exposing her modest cleavage. "You're more daring than I was at your age!"

Suzie's already-short skirt had ridden up her thighs, almost exposing her crotch. As Kristen stared, she "accidentally" pulled the cloth up another half inch, revealing a few golden hairs.

"I found a magazine on the way to Catholic School," Kristen said, trying to keep her eyes on Suzie's face. "It was lying in the street with a tire track across its cover. Its title was 'Barely Legal Lover' and it had a romantic cover photo of a pretty young blond woman kissing a handsome older man."

Suzie was "unconsciously" rubbing a finger over her left nipple as she listened to Kristen's story.

"I was curious, so I opened it," Kristen continued. "The first pages were text with small photos of the man and woman from the cover inside a Taco Bell. The story was well-written and pulled me in. The pictures were innocent enough as the man gave the girl a ride home in his sports car . . ."

"I skipped to the middle," Kristen said, staring at Suzie, who was fondling her inner thighs as she listened. "There was a full-page photo of the girl lying on her back on a glass-topped table."

"The opposite page showed her little breasts and swollen nipples, covered but not hidden by her sweat-soaked tight purple top. The bottom half of the page held a tight close-up of his big erect penis penetrating her vagina."

"I stared at the pictures for several seconds before closing the magazine, looking around guiltily to see if anyone had noticed me.

"There was an elementary school a block away. I was afraid the children would find the magazine, so I put it in my school bag. There was a dumpster behind my school and I was going to throw it away there."

"As I walked, I couldn't stop thinking about the story . . . and the pictures. I liked Tracy, the blond girl. She was smart and aggressive. Ken, the older man, was tender and compassionate. I'd dreamed of being married, but hadn't thought about the physical part of 'making love.' The photos suddenly made that real.

"I couldn't throw the magazine away. I didn't dare put it in my locker, so I spent the day afraid to open my school bag. That afternoon, I told the nuns I wasn't feeling well and left early. Nobody else was home, so I locked myself in the bathroom and read the entire magazine.

"I'd always heard that sex books were cheap and crude, but 'Barely Legal Lover' wasn't. The story and photos were extremely explicit, but the love between Tracy and Ken -- and the actors playing them in the pictures -- made it warm and romantic.

"The older girls were always talking about their boyfriends when the nuns couldn't hear. I acted innocent, so they'd tell me more. At night in our room, I'd try to stay quiet as I played with my breasts and buttocks, fantasizing about the boys at school. After you fell asleep, I'd slip my fingers between my legs, trying not to moan and wake you as the waves of pleasure washed over my body."

Suzie finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it open, exposing her little breasts and hard nipples. "I heard you sometimes," she said. "I thought you were praying, caught up in the Holy Spirit . . . I envied your faith but somehow knew I'd never have it . . ."

Kristen laughed before continuing. "That day in the bathroom, I stripped and sat on the toilet lid with 'Barely Legal Lover' open on the clothes hamper, turning pages as I masturbated."

"I caught big brother Al jacking off once. He'd locked the bathroom door, but it hadn't closed completely. He was standing in front of the sink with his pants down around his ankles, staring at himself in the mirror as he stroked his stiff penis, so intent on his flying fist that he didn't notice me. I gasped in astonishment as semen suddenly sprayed from his swollen tip."

"Al jumped when he turned and saw me staring wide-eyed. 'Jesus, Kristen!' he cried. 'What are you doing here? Get out!'"

"I stayed in the open door, unable to take my eyes off my big brother's swollen member. It was as thick and stiff as ever, gleaming with his juices. 'So, that's how boys do it!' I marveled as he pushed me out into the hall and slammed the door."

"I was thinking about Al and his big spurting cock as I thrust rough fingers into my hot wet pussy while staring at the pictures of Ken and Tracy making love. I had the most intense orgasm of my life, sliding off the toilet seat and rolling on the floor as I finger-fucked myself until I was exhausted."

"After that, I masturbated with the magazine every time I was alone. I couldn't stop thinking about Al. He was a 21-year-old stud and I wanted him for real."

"In bed one night, I'd fingered myself for hours and still wasn't satisfied. I took the magazine from its hiding place and walked naked down the hall to the bathroom. Something made me stop at Al's door. My heart hammered in my chest as I turned the knob and stepped inside."

"Al thought he was dreaming when I pressed my body against his. We kissed, my first time open-mouthed with tongue. I wrapped my hand around his erect penis as he slipped a finger between my legs."

"Suddenly, Al froze. 'Vickie?' he muttered sleepily. 'What? . . . Who? . . . Kristen? . . . Jesus, what are you doing here?'

"'I need a man!' I answered, rolling onto my back and pulling Al on top of me. 'You! . . . Now! . . . Please!'"

"His cock-head was pressed against my pussy mouth, but Al was frozen. 'Are you crazy?' he whispered. 'I can't fuck you! You're my little sister!'"

"'Al, I'm going to do this!' I answered. 'If you won't help me, I'll find another boy!'"

"Al knew I meant it. He took charge, kissing my mouth, face and body until I was hotter and wetter than I'd imagined possible. He had condoms hidden in the back of his nightstand drawer. I hadn't thought about that."

"Al took me from behind, with my face pressed into a pillow to stifle my screams. It hurt a little, but the pain passed quickly and I came over and over as he fucked me. I felt his cock throb as he shot into the condom."

"Afterwards, I removed the thin scrap of latex from his penis and let the thick fluid inside drip down onto my breasts. Al smeared it with his hands as he kissed me, rubbing the fluid into my skin."

"As Al held me in his arms, he whispered 'I have to be honest. You've gotten so sexy I've been thinking . . . fantasizing . . . about you. I'm glad you wanted me for your first man!'"

"We've been lovers ever since. Al has always had girlfriends, but that's never bothered me. He met Valerie a year ago. I'd played with a couple of girls in my early teens, but was never interested in women until I met her."

"I've been dating Jim for almost two years, but we've only been having sex for the past nine months. He was sort of shy and I was afraid of scaring him off."

"And now YOU, little hot-pants sister!" Kristen finished, pulling Suzie onto her lap. "You've been all kinds of sexy for the past few weeks! You changed after Paul took your cherry!"

The sisters kissed, passionately and open mouthed. Suzie unbuttoned Kristen's blouse and pulled it open. She was wearing a push-up bra and her exposed nipples were already hard.

"When I heard you moaning on Wednesday night, it sounded like you were cumming," Kristen said. "My nipples hardened and I felt the heat between my legs."

"When I opened your door, I saw you writhing under the sheet. Your legs were wide open and your fingers were busy between your thighs. I could hear soft squishing noises and even smell your hot pussy."

"I almost climbed into bed with you, but I was afraid. Instead, I asked, "Are you all right? It sounded like you were having a nightmare.'"

"You tried to sound like I woke you up, but I could hear the unsatisfied lust in your voice. Still, I was relieved when you answered, 'Huh? . . . Yeah, I guess so . . .'"

Suzie was kneading Kristen's heavy breasts and playing with her swollen nipples. She said "We were both chicken!"

"Last night, I was on my knees with my breasts pressed into the mattress and my hands between my spread thighs. Mom and Dad's bedroom is on the other side of the apartment, but you were only a few feet away, in Al's old room, through thin walls."

"As I manipulated my hot wet pussy and rubbed my swollen clit, I fantasized about Paul . . . Angela . . . you and Al . . . even Mom and Dad. I pressed my face into the pillow as I started screaming . . . 'Oh fuck, Kristen!' I cried. 'Eat me Kristen! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck!'"

"I wanted you to hear me moan, to open the door and see me writhing orgasmically while calling your name . . . to join me in bed and make me cum with your fingers and mouth . . ."

"Little hot-pants Baby Sister!" Kristen exclaimed, pressing her big heavy breasts against Suzie's graceful little ones and rubbing her hard nipples against Suzie's equally-swollen buds. "I was in my bed with a vibrator, trying to summon the nerve to join you."

"It doesn't matter," Suzie said. "We're together now." The women kissed open-mouthed.

"You little slut!" Kristen laughed as she removed Suzie's skirt. "Did you wear this short tight skirt on the bus with no panties?"

"I flashed a couple of boys," Suzie admitted. "It was fun watching them get SO hard! I gave the first guy a quick shot, a couple of seconds, just long enough for him to be sure I was bare. He pulled an instant boner. It was really clear in his blue jeans. He watched for a long time, not sure if it had been an accident and hoping I'd do it again."

"The second boy got on right before we crossed into New Jersey," Suzie said, playing with Kristen's swollen nipples. "We were alone at the back of the bus and I held my legs open for a long time, fantasizing about fucking him while we crossed the bridge."

"He spread his jacket over his lap," Suzie continued. "He didn't take his cock out, but he was rubbing himself. I knew when he shot from the expression on his face. Afterwards, he was embarrassed and a little uncomfortable. He got off the bus at the next stop."

"Your thick blond pubic hair is wonderful!" Kristen said, stroking Suzie's lush thatch and brushing gentle fingers over her nearly-concealed pussy lips.

"Play with my little kitty-cat," Suzie purred, putting her hand over Kristen's and pressing it against her vulva.

"Jesus, Little Sister!" Kristen exclaimed, slipping her middle finger into Suzie's folds. "You're already hot and wet!"

"I've been fantasizing about you since last night," Suzie said. "Paul and I spent the evening with Mom and Dad, so we couldn't have sex. I was frustrated, but when I went to bed I found myself thinking about you, rather than him. I've been dreaming about you ALL DAY!"

"Your little lovebird is so sweet!" Kristen said dreamily, moving her finger inside Suzie. "I want to kiss her!"

"Here Baby!" Suzie said, standing up on the couch and pressing her furry yellow crotch into Kristen's face. "All hot and ready to eat!" She pulled herself open with trembling fingers. "I need this so badly!"

"Oh fuck! Yeah!" Suzie moaned as Kristen's tongue slid into her pussy. "Oh Big Sister! Jesus!"

Suzie's clit had emerged from its hood, a little dome of swollen pink flesh an inch from Kristen's eager eyes. Kristen clamped it with her lips as she slipped a finger up Suzie's snatch. "Oh Jesus fuck!" Suzie moaned, swaying dangerously as she worked her hips. "Big Sister you're so . . . "

"Oh shit!" Suzie suddenly cried, losing her balance and plunging backward. Kristen caught her waist, turning the fall into a slow semi-controlled tumble. Suzie ended up sprawled on the floor with Kristen on top of her.

"Wow!" Suzie said, laughing unsteadily. "That was scary! Let's go into the bedroom!"

"Sure!" Kristen agreed, kissing Suzie. "I'm ready to play with my little sister in our big brother's bed!"

Suzie's voice was slurred and she swayed slightly. "All that wine! I wanted to lower our inhibitions and . . ." She giggled. "I guess it worked!"

"I'm drunk too, you little vixen!" Kristen responded, taking Suzie's hand. "Come on! Let's go into the bedroom and you can have your way with me!"

They made slow progress to the bed, kissing, fondling and shedding clothes on the way.

"Lie down," Suzie said, pushing Kristen onto her back and kneeling between her open legs. "I've been dreaming about making love to you like this!" She buried her face between Kristen's big breasts, licking and sucking the swollen brick red nipples centered in her puffy half-dollar size brown areolas.

Kristen had a thick Vee of dark pubic hair, ending an inch above her hairless pink vulva. She gasped as Suzie pulled her neat purple pussy open with her fingers and thrust her tongue inside.

"Eat me, Baby Sister!" Kristen moaned as Suzie probed her snatch, diving deep to lap the tart juices, licking and nibbling her sensitive outer edges, and wrapping her lips around Kristen's swollen clit.

"Oh Jesus!" Kristen screamed, pulling Suzie into her crotch as she thrashed on the bed.

Kristen's violent pelvic thrusts battered Suzie's face and breasts as her big sister's spasming cunt muscles clamped her tongue. Warmth exploded in Suzie's groin and suffused her body.

Kristen went limp on the bed. "I didn't know my sexy little sister was a butch lesbian!" she whispered, stroking Suzie's hair. "You really know how to make a girl cum!"

"I came too," Suzie replied. "Just from feeling your excitement! I've been fantasizing about this since I saw your video . . . Actually, I've been dreaming about you since I reached puberty, but I was afraid to admit it to myself." She moved into Kristen's arms and kissed her.

"I have something else," Suzie finally said, pulling away from Kristen and standing up. Her school knapsack was on the dresser. "I think you'll recognize THIS," she said, pulling out a simple black plastic tube, 7" long and 1-1/4" thick, rounded at one end, with a screw-on base at the other.

"It's my vibrator," Kristen said. "It was in the wrong drawer once and I wondered if you'd borrowed it."

"I found it last year," Suzie answered. "It was after school and nobody else was home. I held it in my hand, feeling heat radiate through my body. It seemed like someone else was unbuttoning my Catholic school uniform blouse . . ."

"When I turned it on and ran the head over my breasts, my nipples hardened instantly and I could feel the sensations all the way down to my pussy . . ."

"I tore my panties off and lay on your bed with my skirt bunched around my waist, positioning the buzzing toy between my legs . . . stretching my hymen . . ."

"I threw the vibrator back into the dresser and slammed the drawer. I told myself you weren't doing that . . . sinful perverted woman thing . . . but using it to test your Chastity and Faith."

"I knew I wasn't that strong. If I touched her vibrator again, it would take my . . . No! . . . I knew I WOULD USE IT to take my virginity! I was saving myself . . . for my future husband . . ."

"I'm glad I waited and just fingered myself. I wanted to bleed for Paul and I did. The day after I gave myself to him, I masturbated for hours with your vibrator, fantasizing about him the whole time. That night, the vibrator was in my pussy while Paul fucked my ass. I came and came . . ."

Kristen laughed. "I was using the vibrator every night," she said, "but not to test my chastity and faith! I was trying to resist going to Al's bed. It was the lesser sin."

"Show me, Baby!" Suzie commanded, handing Kristen the vibrator. "Show me how you resisted temptation!"

"All right," Kristen said, setting the vibrator on the nightstand. "But first I have to put myself in the mood." She lay back with her head on the pillow and her eyes closed.

"My sexy big brother!" Kristen whispered dreamily. "I want him so badly . . . sinfully kissing . . . touching . . . fucking . . . I want him . . . his babies . . . Oh God, why is this happening? Why am I burning with this sinful lust?"

Keeping her eyes tightly shut, Kristen played with her big breasts, kneading them while pinching and twisting her swollen nipples. Her hands gradually moved down her belly to her outer thighs, then inward between her legs, gradually approaching her hot female center.

"God forgive me!" Kristen's voice was almost inaudible as she slipped a finger into her folds. "No! . . . No! . . . Please, no! . . . Jesus help me!" She squirmed on the bed, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit hood over the swollen bud beneath it until she came, screaming softly.

"I talked to old Father O'Bannon about my desires," Kristen said, sitting up and looking at Suzie, from her intense face to her firm little breasts and swollen nipples, down to her wet golden pubic thatch.

"Of course, I didn't tell him I was having sex with my brother," Kristen continued, taking the vibrator from the nightstand and turning it on. "I said I lusted after a boy and tried to resist touching myself. He told me to say 'Hail Marys' and think about Jesus."

"I tried," Kristen continued, lying back and positioning the slim black tube between her legs. "I imagined Jesus coming to me in my bed. He was naked, with his erect penis standing out from his body. 'Yes!' I pleaded as he opened my thighs."

"Oh Jesus!" Kristen cried, closing her eyes as the faintly buzzing toy entered her. "I give you my soul AND my body!" She slowly worked the vibrator in her snatch, occasionally running the rounded head along her swollen purple lips and circling her now-exposed clit.

"Oh fuck, Jesus! Fuck me Jesus!" she sobbed, thrashing as she drove the slim black rod into her depths. "Bless my cunt with your hard cock! Oh Jesus fuck! I'm cumming for you, Jesus! Oooohhhhh!"

Kristen went limp on the bed. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and looked at Suzie. "It wasn't enough," she said. "I tried to fantasize about my future husband, but he never had a face. I couldn't imagine being married to any of the boys at school and the celebrities TV and in the magazines weren't real.

"I always found myself imagining the young Jesus with the sparse beard in the portrait on my bedroom wall as my very lustful husband.

"My sinful fantasy didn't help. I needed a real man. . . his body . . . hands . . . mouth . . . cock . . ." The vibrator was still buzzing in Kristen's pussy, keeping her at the edge of orgasm. "When the need became too strong, I crawled down the hall to Al's room, hating myself for condemning us to hell . . ."

"But that's over, Baby Sister!" Kristen said. "Al healed me. I don't know quite how. It seems like a miracle. I think he's a saint . . . a real one."

"And that's enough talk!" she added, grinning lewdly as Suzie. "Come on, Little Sister. Sit on my face!"

* * *

Alexander Summers stopped inside his apartment door, staring at the scattered clothes and listening to the lewd female sounds. He slipped silently into the hall and stared wide-eyed into the bedroom.

Kristen was lying on her back with Suzie straddling her head, kneading her swollen little breasts as she pressed her golden crotch into Kristen's face.

"Jesus Kristen, you big hot butch lezzy!" Suzie cried. "God! You're making me cum! . . . Oh Fuck!" Her screams grew progressively louder.

Al's long thick pole was bulging in his jeans. He reached for his zipper, but thought better of it. "Hi Kristen . . . Suzie . . ." he said, trying to sound casual as he stepped into the bedroom. "I knew you were planning a surprise party, but I never expected THIS!"

Suzie moved to the edge of the bed and sat facing Al with her legs spread and her snatch wantonly open. "Hi," she said, grinning at his immense hard-on.

Kristen looked up at Al with unfocused eyes. Her face was shiny with Suzie's juices. "Hi Big Fuck-Brother," she whispered dreamily. "I've got a new playmate!"

"It was a surprise for Kristen, too" Suzie said. "I found the video you two made with Valerie and Jim. Since then, I've been going wild fantasizing about Kristen . . . and you! This was my chance to be alone with her. You're home early."

"It was slow, so the boss told me to take the afternoon off," Al answered. "I'm sorry I interrupted . . . "

"I'm not!" Suzie answered, springing from the bed and pressing her hand against Al's crotch. "Like I said, I want you TOO!" Al wrapped his arms around Suzie's back, flattening her bare breasts against his chest as they kissed.

"I'm not a virgin!" Suzie announced, falling to her knees and reaching for Al's zipper. "Paul's fucking me, in my pussy AND ass. We're both having sex with his sister Angela, too." She pulled Al's jeans and briefs down, letting his cock snap to attention. It was only 6" long, but an amazing 2 1/2" thick, with a wide flaring head.

"Oh Big Brother, I've been dreaming of this!" Suzie said, stretching her lips around his thick pole. He moaned in pleasure as she moved her mouth over his head while stroking his shaft and fondling his balls.

"You're a hot babe, just like Kristen!" Al cried, gripping the back of Suzie's head. "I'll bet you like it a little rough, the way she does!" He worked his hips, starting slowly but rapidly increasing the pace. Kristen moved behind Suzie and fingered her little sister's snatch as Al fucked her face.

Suzie was approaching orgasm when she pushed Al away. "No!" she gasped. "I don't want you to shoot in my mouth! Not the first time!" She stood up and walked to the bed. "Come on! I'm ready for you!" she giggled, lying on her back. "We won't need a pillow to muffle MY screams! I can be as loud as I want!"

"The neighbors will hear," Al answered, kneeling between Suzie's open legs, "but they're used to Valerie and me. The guy downstairs jacks off while he listens. We're exhibitionists, so that gets us even hotter."

"He's going to hear a LOT of screaming today!" Suzie said. "Come on, Big Brother. I need your big thick cock inside my tight little snatch!"

Suzie moaned in excitement and pain as Al penetrated her, pushing until he met resistance, then pulling back to let her relax before continuing.

"Jesus, Al!" she finally whispered. "Your cock-head is all the way inside. Now, I need the rest!" Suzie grabbed Al's buttocks and pulled him in as she twisted her pelvis upward. His stiff pole slammed into her pussy.

Suzie looked up at Al. Her eyes were full of tears, but she was grinning. "God, Big Brother!" she said. "Your cock is all the way up my cunt and it feels even better than I imagined! Fuck me good and hard! I'm ready!"

"Baby Sister, you're so sweet and hot!" Al whispered as he began moving. "I think I'm dreaming!"

Suzie clamped Al's hips between her muscular thighs and rolled her pelvis, urging him to speed his thrusts. "Hard and fast, Baby!" she gasped. "Fuck me hard and fast! I need it!"

Kristen knelt at the head of the bed, fingering her pussy and stroking her swollen clit. "This is so wild!" she gasped. "Alexander the Great is fucking my sexy little sister!"

"You ARE Alexander the Great!" Suzie moaned. "Fuck yeah! This is SO good! . . . Oh Baby, I'm going to . . . God, I'm cumming!" She screamed and thrashed as Al kneaded her little tits and pounded her hot snatch.

Kristen reached her own climax as she watched her brother and sister struggle on the bed. "Oh Jesus!" she cried, frantically thrusting two fingers up her snatch.

"Fuck, Al!" Suzie screamed. "Shoot it! . . . Yeah! . . . Deep in my cunt! . . . Oh God, yeah! I love your hot juice splashing my pussy walls!"

"Oh! . . . Oh! . . . Ooohhh!" Al cried, slamming his throbbing cock between Suzie's legs, releasing another pulse with each thrust. He finally collapsed in her arms, breathing hard.

"This was even better than I dreamed," Suzie purred, stroking Al's short blond hair and muscular back. "Your weight feels so good, pressing me into the bed . . . your penis is still filling me after shooting deep inside . . . I wish I could have your baby . . . No, don't worry, I'm on birth control . . . Since I saw the tape . . ." Al pressed his lips against hers, cutting off the flow of words.

* * *

Later, Al lay on his back with a sister on either side. Their heads were resting on his chest and they were idly playing with his penis, soft after cumming in Suzie.

"I can't believe our family," he said thoughtfully. "Mom and Dad are unbelievably religious and neurotic about sex and the three of us are fucking like rabbits!"

"Angela calls it 'Preacher's Kid Syndrome,'" Suzie answered. "Children rebel against that kind of repressive environment. You were the most overt, leaving right after you graduated from high school. Kristen and I just did it and felt sinful . . ."

"I know," Al interrupted. "For months, Kristen would pray for forgiveness and swear it was the last time, then be back in my bed a few days later . . ."

"God was going to send us straight to hell," Kristen agreed, "and I still couldn't stay away! Al was so patient and loving . . ."

"I felt guilty about masturbating," Suzie said. "Then I found your tape and had my sexual epiphany . . ."

She giggled at Al's expression. "Okay, I know I'm talking too much. I'm just bubbly. This is your surprise party and I have another surprise!"

"Oh my God!" Kristen gasped. Al just stared as Angela and I stepped into the room, naked and holding hands.


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