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Order of the Spear

Thrusting Butte, rising rampant over the surrounding flat plain, was black against the twilight sky. The seven young men had finished setting up their camp and stood at the mountain's base, contemplating the precarious trail leading to the top. The oldest was 25 and the youngest was barely 18.

"Let's go," Golden Bear said quietly. Like four of the others, he wore moccasins, a loincloth, leather pant-legs suspended from his knife belt, and a leather vest. Scarlet Snake wore the shaman's buffalo-horns and was naked under his open robe, except for the shield and spear medallion around his neck. He removed the elaborate feathered headdress from its wrappings and placed it on Golden Bear's head. The other tribe members donned simple headbands bearing the image of a stylized spear, angled in front of a round shield to resemble a male symbol.

They lit their torches in the tiny sacred fire. After Golden Bear doused it in the traditional way, the group started their journey into the gathering night.

Golden Bear went first. In addition to his torch, he carried the spear and shield slung on his back. Scarlet Snake followed him, playing a soft steady beat on his drum. He carried no torch. Silver Hawk and Blue Badger brought up the rear, with their heavy packs and torches. The twins, Brown Bear and Black Bear, the youngest members of the tribe, were in the middle, guiding the Nameless One up the steep path. He was naked, except for moccasins, and blindfolded with his wrists bound behind his back.

At the top of the bluff, Golden Bear stood with the spear, guarding the naked man. Scarlet Snake scribed a circle in the earth and sat in its center, playing a complex rhythm. Each of the other tribe members built a fire at one of the circle's cardinal points.

When the flames were blazing into the night sky, the initiate was led into the circle. He stood still, trembling in the cool breeze. "Are you ready for your ordeal" Golden Bear asked, pushing him to his knees on the blanket covering the rough ground. Forbidden to speak, he simply nodded.

As Scarlet Snake played a soft steady beat, the rest of the tribe formed a slowly-tightening circle around the kneeling man. Hands gripped the back of his head, pulling his face against a man's groin. He felt the penis through the soft cloth, still pointing downward but swollen with blood. He kissed the flaring head through the tightly-stretched fabric, then slowly licked his way upward. He could feel the juice leaking from his own tip and running down his rock-hard cock.

Suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulders, spinning him to a new crotch. This man's penis was fully erect, pointing upwards under his loincloth. There was a big wet spot at the tip. He licked it eagerly, until he was pulled to another man . . . and another. At some point, a loincloth fell away and a swollen cock-head was thrust into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly, clamping his lips around the ring and stroking the head with his tongue.

Spin . . . Bare balls pressed against his lips. He licked them, then sucked them into his mouth, first one, then the other, then both.

Spin . . . A hard cock was thrust between his lips and completely down his throat. As he was gasping for breath . . . spin . . . a cock in his mouth, sliding in and out . . . the drum beat was growing louder and faster . . . fucking his face . . . spin, spin, spin, randomly licking and sucking the other men . . . a cock spit cum into his mouth and onto his chin . . . spin . . . cumming in his face and hair . . . on his chest . . . his own untouched cock spraying his seed inside the circle.

"Help him to his feet," Golden Bear commanded. "Free him." A moment later, he  was standing before the chief, flexing his cramped arms and blinking in the fire light. "This is the Spear of Life," the chief began, resting the spear's base on the ground and angling the head out from his body. "Do you take it now?"

"I do." He took the spear from Golden Bear. The handle was wood, but the head was razor-sharp steel. He lay the spear on the blanket, then knelt on hands and knees over the weapon's head and shaft, kissing the blade.

Scarlet Snake played a rapid complex pattern and the tribe chanted in time as the chief moved behind the initiate. He dipped a finger into a bowl of pungent oil, then slid the lubricated finger up the younger man's ass. The initiate moaned as one . . . then two fingers . . . gradually opened him. Golden Bear's stiff cock was 8" long and thick. He slathered it with the oil and pressed his head against the puckered hole, crying, "I give you the Spear of Life!"

The boy groaned as the man's mushroom head stretched his asshole. It hurt but it also had him on the brink of cumming. Golden Bear moved slowly, carefully pressing forward, then backing off slightly before advancing again, going a little further each time. Finally, the chief's head was completely inside.

The initiate's cock throbbed as the thick shaft followed the head into his body. If he hadn't just cum, he would have shot instantly. As the fire danced, the drum played, and the tribe chanted, Golden Bear claimed the virgin asshole (it must be virgin – there is nothing before the tribe), fucking it slowly at first but going faster as the boy adjusted to his length and thickness.

Cum was boiling in the boy's balls. He could tell the throbbing tool hammering his body was close, too. He rose from his hands and knees to his feet, bending over to grip the spear with his right hand while his left flew over his cock. His seed sprayed the gleaming steel spear-head as Golden Bear's juice splashed against his anal walls. The drums and chanting built to a crescendo as the two men climaxed, then fell silent.

The initiate reluctantly pulled away. When the still-stiff penis slipped from his ass, he turned and faced the chief, holding the spear between them. He nicked his wrist on the razor-sharp edge and smeared his blood into the semen on the blade. Golden Bear's hands were covered with cum. He nicked his own wrist and anointed the spear with his own blood and seed. The two men rubbed their bleeding wrists against the blade, then pressed them together. "Welcome . . . brother," Golden Bear whispered.

As they both gripped the spear, Golden Bear cried, "A new man is born . . . born of semen and blood . . . " His hand moved to the boy's genitals, his thumb and index finger circling his rigid shaft and the remaining fingers cupping his balls. "Born to the tribe and only the tribe . . . " The initiate wrapped his fingers around Golden Bear's stiff cock as he repeated the phrase. "Nameless before but nameless no longer . . ." The two men stood together, holding the spear and each other's sex. "Take your place in the tribe . . . Copper Crow!"

The seven sat knee to knee in the center of the circle. Golden Bear lit the pipe and passed it to Copper Crow. His head swam as he inhaled deeply. The smoke was sweet and heavy. His senses sharpened. The sky was a billion bright points of multi-colored light, set against total blackness. A thousand fingers of cool wind danced over his skin. He could hear the blood rushing through his veins. His heartbeat was louder than Scarlet Snake's drum. A million shades of firelight danced over the circle of athletic young men. Their erections were lust made tangible.

When the pipe was finished, the other tribesmen withdrew to the edge of the circle, leaving Copper Crow in the center. Holding the spear, he slowly turned, examining each of the men. After several rotations he stopped, extending the spear to Silver Hawk. After taking the spear, Silver Hawk laid it in the center of the circle. Standing over it, the two men embraced and kissed open-mouthed.

Copper Crow kneaded Silver Hawk's buttocks as the men pressed their crotches together, slowly sliding their stiff pre-cum slick cocks against each other. "Husband of the Spear," Silver Hawk cried, breaking the embrace, turning away from Copper Crow and bending over. "I welcome you to the tribe. Please give me the Spear of Life."

Copper Crow's penis throbbed with excitement as he stared at the other man's muscular buttocks, spread to reveal his little puckered hole. "The rest of you," Copper Crow called. "Join us. Do what you will!"

Black Bear and Brown Bear stood on either side of Copper Crow. After dipping their hands into the scented oil and lubricating their own genitals, they fondled his stiff cock and bulging balls with their slippery hands.

"Please fuck me!" Silver Hawk begged.

"Give it to him," the twins whispered in unison. Black Bear slipped a finger between Copper Crow's buns as Brown Bear gripped the initiate's shaft and guided him into position.

"Husband of the Spear," Silver Hawk moaned as the swollen tool filled his asshole. "Take me for your male Bride!" He gasped with pleasure as he worked his buttocks in time with Copper Crow's thrusts.

The tribe gathered to watch Copper Crow's cock sliding in and out of Silver Hawk's butt. It was so hot and tight, made even more exciting by the lust of the watching men! Copper Crow's left thumb and index finger circled the base of Black Bear's shaft, while his palm and remaining fingers cradled his balls. He vibrated his hand to stimulate the warrior. His right hand was wrapped around Brown Bear's shaft with his thumb and index finger slipping over the other twin's glans.

Hands gripped Black Bear's thighs and a massive head pressed against his butt hole, slowly forcing it open. Only Golden Bear's cock was that big. Although he'd cum in Copper Crow's mouth a few minutes before, the hand jerking his dick and the penis invading his asshole pushed him over the edge. "Shit!" he exclaimed as he sprayed his hot thick juice over Copper Crow's hand and Silver Hawk's buttocks. He slammed his ass backwards, screaming with combined excitement and pain as he took Golden Bear's entire length and girth. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he screamed, ramming himself as his own cock throbbed and pulsed.

"Black Bear has the best ass in the tribe," Golden Bear thought dizzily as his little brother's anal muscles clamped and caressed his thrusting penis. "Even better than his talented twin. I'll never forget initiating them last year!" He was driving into the young asshole now, desperate to climax. The boy had finally spent himself. Now hyper-sensitive, he was crying out in pain. "You're so good," Golden Bear whispered as he pulled out. He had to release this load soon. Who now? Of course!

A moment later, Brown Bear was on his back with his legs folded against his chest, gripping his knees and offering the chief his ass. Big brother's oversized cock felt so good, just like it had for the past six years! Golden Bear took him with one smooth thrust. "Fuck me!" the boy gasped. "Drive your spear up my asshole! . . . Fuck me hard! . . . Oh big brother! I know your nuts are boiling! Shoot your stuff up my ass! . . . Fuck yeah! Shoot it! . . . Again! . . . and again!! . . ." Brown Bear was frantically jerking his own cock as Golden Bear slammed into his body. "Cum in my ass! I'm cumming too . . ." He sprayed thick ropes of semen onto his chest and face.

Scarlet Snake had removed his robe and headdress. Naked except for the shield and spear medallion around his neck, he moved behind Copper Crow, admiring the flexing of the young initiate's muscular buttocks as he fucked Silver Hawk. The shaman's genitals were gleaming with oil. He began sliding the shaft of his penis up and down the youth's buns.

The boy angled his pelvis so Scarlet Snake's cock-head rubbed his asshole. "Shaman, bless my ass with your spear and seed!" he begged. "Oh Fuck!" he exclaimed a moment later as the man granted his prayer, sliding his long slender dick smoothly up Copper Crow's butt.

"So hot!" Copper Crow moaned. He couldn't hold back. It was too soon, but he was going to shoot his load up the hole he was ramming RIGHT NOW! . . . Somehow, he restrained himself. His urgent need to climax passed and he slowed his thrusts to fuck Silver Hawk in time with the measured pace of the cock in his ass.

Blue Badger had been standing alone, slowly stroking his penis as he watched the other men couple and climax. He pressed his erection between Silver Hawk's lips and fucked the man's face.

Copper Crow and Scarlet Snake were going fast, driving their cocks in perfect synchronization. A wave of pleasure crashed over Copper Crow with each coordinated thrust. He'd never imagined anything as exciting as ramming Silver Hawk's muscular asshole while Scarlet Snake pounded him. So hard, so fast, so close . . .

Scarlet Snake came first. The asshole clutching his tool and the hot cum spraying up his butt set Copper Crow off. He screamed as he shot inside Silver Hawk. Blue Badger came in Silver Hawk's mouth. Silver Hawk straightened up, still impaled on Copper Crow's dick. His hand was flying over his own cock, which exploded with its own burst of cum a few seconds later.

With their young male lusts temporarily satisfied, the tribe prepared for the remainder of the night. Golden Bear stood the spear and shield at the edge of the circle while the warriors built a fire in the center. The men settled knee-to-knee in a ring around the blaze, passing the pipe. After it had made several rounds, hands were again wandering over hard male bodies.

Black Bear and Brown Bear lay on their sides in front of the fire, sucking each other's cocks. Silver Hawk pushed Blue Badger to his knees and fucked him from behind. Scarlet Snake and Golden Bear stood side by side, stroking each other as they watched the warriors.

Copper Crow was standing by the fire, staring at the chief and shaman. His cock was unbelievably – painfully – hard. He had to fuck someone to stop the pain. Quickly. Silver Hawk again? No, the twins. He took two steps toward them, then stopped, snorting in frustration. The extreme pain was in his bladder and cramping urethral muscles.

He found a convenient rock a few yards outside the circle, tried to aim his penis and . . . No good! He wasn't looking at the men around the fire, but hearing their sex sounds was keeping his cock rock hard, making it impossible to piss. He walked into the night until the firelight was dim in the distance and the voices and cries had faded to a dull murmur. The sky was so amazing, with almost no blackness between the bright stars, the space filled instead with tiny pinpoints of multicolored light.

His erection finally dwindled. Copper Crow sighed with relief as he emptied his painfully distended bladder. After finishing, he stood for several minutes. With his senses heightened by the darkness and quiet, he could see and hear the orgy around the fire clearly.

He was getting hard again. It was time to rejoin the tribe. When Copper Crow was close to the circle, he suddenly stopped, completely still, not even breathing. What had he heard? There it was again! Rapid breathing, accompanied by tiny intermittent moans.

He slipped Indian-quiet to the source of the sounds. It was a woman! She was on her knees, dressed in boots, blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. The jeans were bunched around her ankles, while her shirt was unbuttoned and open. She was kneading her big breasts, twisting and pulling her swollen nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

25 yards away, something new was happening at the fire. The younger tribesmen were standing bent over as Golden Bear and Scarlet Snake moved behind them, fucking them at random. The woman put her hands between her thighs. Copper Crow was close enough to see her slide two fingers up her pussy as she manipulated her clit with her other hand.

He moved like a hunter. She gave a soft scream of surprise and fear when he gripped her waist from behind. "You dare spy on the tribe!" he hissed, pushing her onto hands and knees. Her heated female scent was heavy in his nostrils and Copper Crow's painfully hard cock rubbed up and down the length of her vulva. Her exposed clit bud rubbed against his head and shaft and she was cumming softly as she humped his dick.

Copper Crow changed positions, angling his cock toward her anus. "God!" she thought. "He's going to ass-fuck me!" The idea filled her with dread, mixed with a touch of anticipation. An instant later, he found her pussy mouth and drove his length into her hot juicy snatch. She stared at the figures illuminated by the dancing firelight as he fucked her with long rough strokes.

She'd never imagined being taken like this, subdued and ravaged by a stranger in the dark. It should have been terrifying as he held her there, clawing her breasts and thighs as his cock rammed her with blind lust. Instead, he quickly pushed her to a screaming orgasm. As she thrashed and moaned, Copper Crow's throbbing penis filled her with his seed.

"That was good," she gasped. "I was really loud. I'm glad they're making so much noise by the fire. Otherwise, they'd have heard me. I'll get dressed and go now."

"You're not leaving," Copper Crow growled. "I must take you to the tribe. They'll decide what to do with a spy."

"I'm not spying!" the woman protested. "I'm an anthropologist, writing my thesis on spirit quests. I was spending the equinox night on Thrusting Butte for that. I didn't know you'd be here. When I saw your party I got so horny . . . "

"The tribe must decide," Copper Crow repeated. "Stand up and fasten your pants. Don't worry about the rest of your clothes."

Golden Bear saw them coming and met them in the dark outside the circle. "Duh . . . Diane . . . What are you . . . What happened, Copper Crow?"

"I caught her in the dark, masturbating as she watched the tribe."

"And raped me," she added indignantly.

"He acted as a warrior," Golden Bear responded. "Copper Crow, leave us." As he walked away, he could hear them talking in urgent whispers. When he was almost out of earshot, they both laughed.

The tribe was resting by the fire. Several members jumped up in surprise when they saw the woman returning with the chief. He was carrying her shirt. The dancing firelight cast complex patterns on her beautifully-sculpted large breasts. As they stepped into the circle, Golden Bear announced, "This is . . . uh . . . Teddy Bear, a . . . friend of the tribe. She will join our ritual tonight."

The men watched in fascination as Teddy Bear removed her boots and trousers. She stood in front of the fire, naked except for plain white panties. The tribe could smell her juices soaking the cloth. She made a slow turn, showing the complex contours of her breasts and buttocks. The warriors' lust was making her hotter by the second. Facing them again, she slowly rubbed her inner thighs, then slipped her hands over her pelvis and up her chest to play with her erect nipples. "Please," she begged in a sultry voice. "Make me your bride."

Black Bear and Brown Bear were the first to approach her, taking turns kissing her lips as they fondled her breasts and buttocks. The wind had died and her heated female scent was heavy in the still night air. "My . . . our first woman," Black Bear thought wonderingly as his lips closed on a swollen nipple. He'd never imagined licking and sucking a big fleshy breast would be so exciting.

Scarlet Snake spread a blanket in front of the fire. Teddy Bear stepped out of her panties and lay on the blanket with her legs spread. "Twin lovers," she whispered, almost to herself. "What a dream!" The twins were kneeling on either side of her body, each man playing with a breast.

She gasped with surprise and pleasure as a finger slipped into her vagina and a tongue stroked her swollen clit. She worked her hips slowly and tightened her pussy muscles, encouraging Blue Badger to add a second finger. He alternated between driving into her vigorously and tenderly stroking her sensitive pussy mouth and G-spot. Teddy Bear squirmed on the blanket, lost in the sensations the men at her breasts and crotch were producing, lost in the brilliant night sky overhead . . . the fingers in her pussy, the mouth on her clit . . . rocketing through the stars propelled by an earth-shattering orgasm . . .

When she finally returned to the world, she lifted her knees, keeping her feet flat on the ground and elevating her crotch. Blue Badger understood her instantly. His cock was already sliding into her snatch as she whispered "Fuck me!" She didn't have to tell him "Hard." His young male lust couldn't be denied or controlled. He drove into her violently for long minutes. She came again when she finally felt him spurt.

Blue Badger stepped away. Black Bear took his place instantly, cumming after a few strokes. His brother was much better. Brown Bear fucked her to two orgasms before pulling out and spraying her breasts.

Silver Hawk stood over Teddy Bear, beating off as Copper Crow fucked his ass. She thrust fingers up her cunt and rubbed her clit as she stared at the driving cocks and swinging balls. Cum burst from Silver Hawk's penis, splashing her belly and crotch. Copper Crow slipped his pole between her lips, ejaculating after a few strokes.

A new man was between her legs, a man who understood women intimately. His talented mouth roamed over her body. Her first orgasm came while he was sucking her nipples. She climaxed over and over as his tongue probed her pussy and stroked her clit. His cock finally entered her, the biggest, most magnificent penis she'd ever experienced.

The tribe stood around the blanket, masturbating as they watched Golden Bear take their Bride. She was screaming and thrashing. He gripped her hips tightly enough to leave finger marks, holding her in place for his driving pole. Her cunt's squirming muscular embrace pushed him on and on . . . He shouted to the sky as he flooded her. The other men sprayed her face and body as she climaxed with him.

"I am so wonderfully fucked!" Teddy Bear sighed, stretching luxuriously before lying back on the blanket. The men sat around her, gently fondling her body.

The moon rose as the fire dwindled. Rested, the woman sat up. "There's one more thing I want," she announced. "K . . . uh . . . Golden Bear, I want to see your ass being fucked . . . by all these men."

Golden Bear's body gleamed like silver in the brilliant moonlight. He spread his legs wide and bent over, supporting his upper body with his hands. Already stiff with anticipation, his long thick pole pointed straight down at the earth. Scarlet Snake went from man to man with the bowl of scented oil, then pushed the head of his stiff prick between the chief's buttocks.

Teddy Bear played with her nipples as she watched the shaman's cock slamming into Golden Bear's ass. She was so close to cumming already . . .

Scarlet Snake withdrew and Silver Hawk took his place. Teddy Bear was so excited watching the male ass fucking. Her breasts were firm and swollen, while her nipples were almost painfully erect, growing even harder and longer as she tugged them outward.

A cock head suddenly pressed against her anus, slowly opening it. Rubbing her clit and fingering her snatch, she pushed back, helping Scarlet Snake enter and fill her near-virgin back door.

"I'm cumming!" Silver Hawk shouted, pulling out and stroking his dick. Teddy Bear rocked her hips, ass-fucking herself on Scarlet Snake's stiff prick as she watched Silver Hawk spray thick juice over Golden Bear's back and buttocks.

Blue Badger came inside Golden Bear's ass and the twins replaced him. Black Bear lay on his back. The chief knelt over Black Bear, lowering his ass onto the warrior's cock. Brown Bear moved behind the chief, pressing his penis against his brother's shaft, gradually pushing forward. Teddy Bear stared, frozen at the edge of orgasm. She'd never realized a male asshole could stretch like that. Both brothers were fully inside now, rubbing their cocks together as they fucked Golden Bear.

Scarlet Snake was still plowing Teddy Bear's ass. Copper Crow kissed her passionately, his chest pressing against her breasts, his stiff penis between her legs, seeking . . . Oh! She was standing sandwiched between two men with their hard cocks up her cunt and asshole. They fucked her with a smooth rolling rhythm as she watched the twins double-penetrate Golden Bear . . . Teddy Bear screamed as she came, setting off the men inside her.

Brown Bear climaxed a few seconds later. "Jesus!" Black Bear cried, working his own cock frantically. "Holy fuck, I'm gonna shoot . . . "

The men held Teddy Bear until she'd exhausted herself. After they pulled out, she sank to her knees and remained still, clinging to Copper Crow's knees and gently kissing his now-softened penis, almost lost in warm drowsiness . . .

"One more ass to fuck," Golden Bear said, moving behind her. Oh no! He was already pressing against her butt. Scarlet Snake had relaxed her, but Golden Bear was so much bigger . . . The stretching! . . . didn't hurt! Her heart was pounding, she was breathing hard and her body felt like it was about to burst into flames, but Golden Bear's massive cock didn't hurt as it steadily filled her ass.

She released her grip on Copper Crow's knees and sank to her elbows as he stepped away. Golden Bear was all the way in. She could feel his bulging balls pressing against her butt cheeks. "Was that an orgasm?" Teddy Bear wondered as a new wave of heat swept over her body. He held still as her body stiffened and her anal muscles clamped him, then slowly withdrew after she relaxed.

Copper Crow was kneeling in front of Teddy Bear. With her face and chest pillowed on his thighs, she moved her hands to her crotch, finger-fucking her snatch and rubbing her clit while the cock in her ass pushed her to nearly-continuous mini-orgasms. Copper Crow's dick was stiff. She took it in her mouth as Golden Bear increased his tempo. It was one long orgasm now, the waves of pleasure rolling over her body with each heartbeat, the cocks throbbing and sending thick hot cream splashing inside her . . .

It was after dawn when she woke. The night had grown cold and she was wrapped in a blanket between Golden Bear and Copper Crow. The rest of the tribe was already stirring, preparing food at a small fire outside the circle. By the time they'd finished eating, the air had already grown warm. The tribe dressed and prepared to depart. Copper Crow was now wearing the warrior's loincloth, knife belt, pant-legs, vest and spear-and-shield headband.

"We'll help you carry your gear," Golden Bear began.

"I'm not going," Teddy Bear answered. "This was just the first night of my spirit quest. Jimmy dropped me off yesterday morning and he won't be back for a week. Don't worry. I have food and water."

" . . . but . . . " Golden Bear protested.

"K . . . Look Chief, I can take care of myself. You know that perfectly well." She whispered something in his ear and they both laughed softly.

The tribe departed after Teddy Bear had kissed all the men. As they reached the head of the trail and prepared to descend, her teasing voice drifted over the mesa. "It was great, boys! See you next time."


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