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New Toy Sample

Becca stopped just inside the door and put Sandy's hand between her legs. The crotch of her sweat pants was damp. "See how hot I am? I haven't even touched myself."

"I'm just as hot," Sandy said. "Feel." She grabbed Becca's free hand and guided it up her skirt.

Becca ran her fingers over Sandy's bare pussy. "Naughty girl. Did you give Auntie a show?"

"I saved that for you." Sandy cupped one of Becca's breasts. There was nothing but girl under her sweatshirt.

"Good." Becca pushed Sandy backwards and she sprawled on the couch. Becca fell to her knees and buried her face between Sandy's spread legs.

Becca ran her tongue up and down Sandy's slit, slowly teasing her floppy pussy lips open, gradually going in deeper.

"Oh yeah, Baby!" Sandy gasped when Becca's tongue flicked her already-swollen clit. "That's good! So fucking hot!" She unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra down, freeing her big heavy breasts. Her nipples were already hard, just like her clit. They swelled and grew even harder as she pinched and twisted them while kneading her tits.

Becca put her fingers on either side of Sandy's pussy and pulled her lips open. "Oh God!" Sandy cried as the other girl's tongue plunged into her depths. She rolled her hips in time with Becca's thrusting tongue, feeling the heat building in her core and spreading through her body.

Sandy squeezed her tits harder as Becca's mouth covered her pussy. "Yeah, Baby!" Sandy gasped. "Suck the juice out of my cunt!"

Becca alternated between tongue-fucking Sandy and sucking her abundant juices, occasionally stopping to flick her tongue across Sandy's clit.

"Oh Baby, I'm so close!" Sandy gasped. "Finish me off. Please!"

Becca clamped her lips on Sandy's hard clit, licking and sucking it like a tiny cock, while sliding a finger in and out of Sandy's juicy pussy. She screamed and thrashed. Becca added a second finger, rubbing the rough spot inside Sandy's pussy mouth while sucking her swollen clit.

"Fuck!" Sandy screamed. The climax washed over her body, getting stronger as Becca held on and kept sucking and finger-fucking her.

This is an excerpt from my story New Toy, available on Amazon.

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