Dark Flowers


Jim Olinger

The first novel by Ken's mystery-writing alter ego!

Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

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A legacy of blackmail and murder…


Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are blooming in 1966 San Francisco, but it's not all groovy. The brutal Flower Girl Strangler is prowling the Haight-Ashbury, leaving a string of beautiful young dead women in his wake.


The Strangler has just claimed another victim when young cowboy-turned-journalist Jerry Weiss arrives from Wyoming, investigating his own family's dark secrets. His new girlfriend Suzie, a tough cowgirl with a derringer in her boot and secrets of her own, accompanies him.


Jerry and Suzie plunge into a nightmare world of kinky sex, blackmail, and murder. As they peel away layer after onion-layer of treachery and deceit, they draw ever closer to a serial killer's noose.


A gripping novel of sex and death in the Summer of Love.

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