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My Sexy Roommate

Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

Dorm room lust . . .

College roommates Joe and Frank have been eyeing each other all semester. Joe has a hot girlfriend. Frank says he's seeing a mysterious married woman, but he's really having an affair with another man.

One night after a workout, Frank and Joe get hard-ons in the gym shower. Joe flees in panic. Back in the room, he jacks off while watching gay porn and fantasizing about Frank. Meanwhile, super-stud wrestler Rich picks Frank up in the gym and they go to Rich's room for hot gay sex.

Joe and Frank won't talk about what happened, but the tension between them builds . . . Then, Joe comes home and catches Frank in bed with Rich.

In the middle of the drama between Joe and Frank, Joe's girlfriend Nancy is exploring her feelings for her sexy female roommate…

Contains explicit male-male, male-female, female-female, male-male-female, male-female-female, anal, toys, and group sex.

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Sample - Caught

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