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My Sexy Roommate Sample - Caught

It was a little after 8:00 PM when Frank and I finished working out. As usual for that time of night, we were alone in the gym, and we ended up fooling around in the shower. "I want you to fuck my ass." Frank said.

"Here?" The risk kind of turned me on.

Frank shook his head. "As soon as we get back to the room."

"All right." It seemed to take forever to dry off and get dressed. We were alone in the elevator, so we kissed and rubbed crotches through our jeans.

The elevator stopped at five. Frank and I stepped apart, trying to look casual, despite our raging hard-ons. A boy and girl got on and punched 12. They were holding hands and smiling at each other. I guessed they were going to make out on the top-floor balcony. They didn't even look at Frank or me.

In the room, we were too busy getting naked to notice that the door hadn't closed completely. We kissed, hard with lots of aggressive tongue, and played with each others' cocks and balls.

Frank handed me the little squeeze bottle of lube and bent over the bed, with the palms of his hands flat against the mattress. "Fuck me," he said. "I need your big hard cock."

"Okay." I stood behind him with my cock-head a few inches from his asshole and uncapped the lube.

The door opened. Nancy was standing there, wearing running shoes and tight shorts. The sweat-soaked sports bra stretched over her big breasts showed her tight nipples. She stared at Frank and me for long seconds, then hastily stepped inside and closed the door, pushing on it until the lock clicked. "What are you guys doing?"

"Uh . . ." My voice didn't seem to be working.

Frank straightened up and we turned to face Nancy. Our cocks stayed rock-hard. She stood motionless and silent, staring at our athletic bodies and stiff poles with a strange expression on her face. It wasn't anger. More like surprise and lust. Mostly lust.

"You boys are fucking," Nancy said. "Fucking each other's asses." She licked her lips, savoring the words' taste. "That's so hot." She smiled at me. "How long? Have you two been fucking?"

"Uh . . ." I tried my voice again. "Just since yesterday morning."

"After we fucked all night? I thought we'd worn each other out."

"Well . . ."

"Pony Boy, you're just a fucking stud." She pressed her body against mine and kissed me. Her sweaty post-run scent was sharp and sexy. "Endless stamina."

This was surreal. "You're not pissed?"

Nancy laughed softly. "After all the things we did with Jordan yesterday? If I can play with girls, you can fuck boys." She wrapped a hand around my hard cock, then turned to Frank. "Do you like girls?"

"Sure." He hesitated. "As friends." He glanced at me before looking back at Nancy. "But not for sex."

"Too bad," she answered. "It'd be great, fucking both of you." She let go of my cock. "Can I watch?"

"Watch?" Frank asked.

"Yeah," Nancy said. "The two of you fucking. Girls get off on that. Like guys like lesbians."

Frank frowned. "Uh . . ." We guys weren't very articulate tonight.

I squeezed Frank's balls while slowly stroking his stiff rod. "Guess you kind of like the idea." I rubbed my thumb and index finger over his cock-head, smearing the pre-cum leaking from its tip. "You've got this big hard-on."

"Guess so." Frank wrapped his hand around our stiff rods, pressing them together, and kissed me long and hard while he jacked us off.

Nancy kicked her shoes off and sat in my office chair with her legs spread, fondling her big tits through her tightly-fitting sports bra and fingering her crotch through the running shorts while she watched us. "Sexy," she whispered.

Nancy took her sports bra off, freeing her big breasts. Frank stared at her firm tits, wide areolas, and big thick nipples.

Nancy smiled at Frank. "Ever seen tits like these?"

He shook his head. "Not for real. Just stuff on the Internet."

"Do you like them?" Nancy cupped her heavy breasts, pinching her swollen nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.


Nancy smiled. "Ready to switch teams?"

Frank smiled back. "Maybe for a little while."


"We'll see."

"Are you afraid I'll make you straight?" Nancy stood up and hugged him, flattening her breasts against his chest. She kissed him and he kissed her back, a little reluctantly . . . at first.

I watched Nancy and Frank for a while, then pulled her over to me. She kissed me hard and dirty. "You gonna fuck Frank's ass now?"

"Sure." I turned to Frank. "You ready?"

"I've been ready since the shower." He bent over the bed, offering me his muscular ass. I picked up the squeeze bottle of lube and moved behind him.

"Fuck him." Nancy stepped out of her running shorts and stood beside me, naked except for her translucent flesh-colored panties, staring at my stiff cock and the puckered hole between Frank's athletic buttocks.

She fondled her heavy tits and fingered her crotch while I lubricated Frank's asshole and my stiff prick. The wet spot in her sheer panties spread, showing her ragged pussy lips pressed against the tightly-stretched fabric.

"Go on." Nancy stepped out of her panties and tossed them toward my desk. "Do it." She slid her middle and index fingers up her pussy as I pushed my cock-head into Frank's asshole.

My dick went in easily, but I took my time, pushing forward slowly, then pulling back, gradually going deeper. Nancy moaned softly, working her fingers in her pussy and rubbing her thumb over her clit hood while she watched my stiff cock sliding in and out of Frank asshole. "Oh fuck!" she whispered.

"Oh yeah!" Frank gasped. "Your big cock. Stretching me so wide." He glanced at Nancy. She fingered her pussy while squeezing her tits and pinching her swollen nipples.

My dick was all the way up Frank's ass. "You okay?"

"Push that stud cock up his stud ass." Nancy opened her legs wider and drove three fingers up her dripping pussy.

Frank played along. "I'm all right. Just take it easy. At least, at first."

I pulled all the way out and stopped with my tip kissing Frank's asshole. Nancy was breathing hard as she finger-fucked herself. She stared at my cock like she'd never seen its long thick shaft and wide flaring head.

I stayed still long enough for her to get a good look, then pushed back into Frank's ass. Nancy moaned. I looked down at my dick, buried between Frank's buttocks, then up at Nancy. "You like that." She nodded.

"I'm gonna fuck his butt," I said. "Good and hard." Nancy stared as I pounded Frank's ass. He jacked his hot rod in time with my thrusts, rocking his hips and pushing back against my cock.

Nancy screamed, fingering her pussy and jacking her swollen clit, coming loud and hard as she stared at my driving rod ramming Frank's butt.

The cum was building in my nuts. "Oh fuck!" I gasped. "Here it-" I yanked my stiff dick out of Franks ass, jacked it once, twice, three times, then spayed a half-dozen long streams of hot cum on his buttocks.

Nancy wrapped her hand around my stiff cock, stroking its shaft and rubbing her fingers over its cum-slick head. "That was so hot. Way better than the gay videos."

"Gay videos?" I asked. Nancy just smiled.

"We're not done." Frank straightened up and turned to face me. He wrapped his hand around both our cocks, pressing them together. His tool was way longer and thicker than mine. "I've got a load to shoot."

"What do you want to do?" I asked. Nancy was watching us with one hand on a breast and the other between her legs.

"This." In one swift move, Frank spun me around and bent me over the bed.

He looked at Nancy. "Ready to watch me fuck your boyfriend?"

"Oh yeah." Nancy's voice was ragged. "Fuck him good and hard."

Frank smeared lube on his long thick cock and slid it up my ass, stopping with his balls pressed against my buttocks. "Wow!" Nancy whispered. "That was fast."

I grinned at her. "Not my first rodeo . . . Sugar Buns."

She giggled at her pet name. "You're full of surprises . . . Pony Boy." Frank laughed.

Nancy turned to Frank. "Fuck Pony Boy's ass."

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