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Love Bi-Angle Chapters 11 and 12 - June Only

Andy and Pete are partners in a fast-rising architectural firm in Austin. Andy's girlfriend broke up with him six months ago.

Pete secretly loves Andy. Just when he's ready to make a move, Andy meets Gretchen, a strong-willed country girl with an abusive boyfriend.

After several dates, Gretchen takes Andy to bed. But, even after a night of wild passion, he's not sure she's over her boyfriend, especially after she agrees to go see him in Fredericksburg.

Gretchen goes to Fredericksburg to break up with her boyfriend. He rapes her pussy and virgin ass, leaving her stunned and afraid of men. All men.

Andy is upset because Gretchen is avoiding him. He and Pete get drunk and have sex for the first time. Andy fucks Pete's ass. He wants Pete to fuck him, but can't relax and take his cock. In the morning, Andy feels confused and guilty. He sneaks out and takes an early flight to San Francisco.

Sexy swingers Carol and Fred pick Andy up in San Francisco. At first, Fred is just going to watch, but he soon joins in, taking Andy's anal virginity. Afterward, Carol has to leave, but Fred stays for more hot man-on-man sex.

Andy comes home to Pete and apologizes for running away. He surprises Pete by asking to get fucked. After the second time, Andy tells Pete about Carol and Fred. He's sorry he didn't give Pete his butt cherry.

Gretchen is sorry she ran out on Andy. She comes over to give him a surprise welcome home and sees Andy fucking Pete. Shocked and aroused, she slips away. Back at her apartment building, she picks up a sexy stranger and takes him to bed.

Gretchen and Andy have a passionate reunion. He's surprised when she asks him to fuck her ass. Afterward, she tells Andy she saw him with Pete. She wants a three-way.

Gretchen has a three-way with Andy and Pete. Pete fucks Gretchen. Gretchen watches as Andy sucks Pete's cock and then Pete fucks Andy's ass.

Andy, Pete, and Gretchen play in the shower. Andy and Pete double penetrate Gretchen. They fall asleep, cuddled together.

11 – Monday, June 26


It was a little after seven when Andy woke up. The bright sunlight outside the heavy curtains filled the bedroom with a golden glow. Pete was sound asleep beside him, lying face-down on the crumpled bedding and snoring softly. Gretchen was gone.

Andy threw the sheets off and stood up. His cock was already hard. He bent down and reached out to stroke Pete's muscular buttocks, then decided to let him keep sleeping.

Gretchen wasn't in the bathroom. It took a while to get his hard-on to go down so he could pee. He finally finished and went looking for Gretchen. She wasn't in the guest room, so he went downstairs, still naked.

She was sitting on the couch, fully dressed. She rose to her feet and smiled at his swinging dick. It was still soft, but already growing thick and heavy. "Good morning, Andy." She kissed him tenderly, then moved away.

"You're up early. Do you have to go to work?"

Gretchen shook her head and smiled sadly. "I woke up at two and couldn't get back to sleep."

"After last night?"

"It was wonderful." She returned to the couch and patted the cushion beside her. "Almost the best sex ever."

"Almost?" He sat where she'd indicated, suddenly self-conscious about being naked while she was fully clothed.

"The first time with you was the best." She patted his bare thigh, then pulled her hand away. "And when I gave you my ass."

"What happened?"

"I was lying between you and Pete, feeling warm and content. Both of you were asleep." She took a deep breath. "But I kept thinking . . . I didn't want to be between you."

"I don't understand."

"Last night . . . in the middle of all the passion . . . I sensed something. You and Pete are in love."

Andy opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again.

"You see?" Gretchen's voice was soft—barely more than a whisper. "I could come to love you. Give me a little time and I will love you, always and forever. But you and Pete already have something. I'm not going to interfere with that."

"But I love you."

"And Pete." She sat up straight. "With me, you're in love with the sex . . . and the idea of being in love."

"There's more than that."

"I know. You want both of us." She smiled warmly and leaned toward him. "And I want you . . . and Pete, too."

"So, what's the problem?"

"Relationships are hard. I learned that with Klaus. Rough enough for two people . . . but three? Ten or maybe a hundred times as difficult. I can't do that to you and Pete . . . or myself."

"You're not going back to Klaus?"

"Never!" Her eyes flashed with anger. "Not after he raped me. But even before that, it was over."

"I have a confession to make." She put her hand on Andy's knee and left it there. "I went home after watching you and Pete. I met a man in the elevator. I fucked him."

"In the elevator?"

Gretchen giggled. "No, silly. But I'd have liked doing that." She looked serious again. "I never thought I'd enjoy casual sex, but I did."

"That's all right." Andy meant it. "I'd never tie you down."

"Oh Liebchen!" She kissed him. "I know. But still . . ."

They sat silently, looking at each other for long seconds. "What now?" Andy asked.

"Don't worry, Baby." His cock twitched when she moved her hand from his knee to his thigh. "I'm not through with you. Or Pete." Her hand on his thigh was warm as she slid it closer to his crotch. "I want to be your friend . . . with benefits." Her hand closed around his stiffening cock. "Lots of benefits."

"Starting now?" He put his hand over hers.

Her skirt rode up when she straddled his legs, revealing her bare vulva. Her pussy lips were already gleaming with her juices. She pulled her blouse open, baring her breasts. "What do you think?"

* * * *

"Good as always." Gretchen nestled against Andy on the couch. "But I should go. Give you and Pete some time alone together."

"I wish you'd stay. Pete would like it, too."

"I know." She kissed him, then stood up and adjusted her clothes. "But not this time."

He reached for her, but she dodged away. "One more thing. My bosses offered me a position in Dallas. It'll be six months, maybe more. If I pull it off, they'll make me a full partner. I wasn't sure if I was going to take it, but now I will."

Her panties were under the couch. She retrieved them and put them in her purse, then sat down to put her shoes on. "I have to leave now, while I still have the strength."

At the door, she turned to Andy and said, in an exaggerated German accent, "I'll be back."

* * * *

Upstairs, the bed was empty. Pete came out of the bathroom naked and grinned at Andy.

They were both getting hard. "Nice pole." They kissed and rubbed cocks for a long time. Then Pete lay on the bed and lifted his legs, showing off his sexy asshole. "I've got a place for you to put it."


12 - Epilogue – Friday, October 20


The Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 rolled to a smooth stop. Gretchen checked her watch and smiled. They'd arrived at San Francisco International four minutes ahead of schedule.

The seatbelt light went out. She rose to her feet and stretched gratefully. The seats were comfortable, but the four hour flight at the end of a busy day had still been tiring. At least, she'd finished the research for the brief she was writing.

She retrieved her carry-on from the overhead bin, attached her laptop bag to the handle, and followed the more impatient passengers out onto the concourse.

A young Hispanic man in a TCU tank-top was right in front of her. She went a little faster, admiring his tight buttocks undulating under his clinging athletic shorts. He stopped to check his phone. She looked him over as she walked past. He had a nice package, and a nice smile on his handsome face. He caught her examining him and grinned.

She preened and swung her hips, waving her butt at the sexy student as she walked away, keenly aware of her tight nipples and the sudden moisture between her legs. If she didn't have other plans . . .

But she did have plans. Big ones. Big intensely male ones. The heat in her pussy built, radiating through her body.

Her sex life hadn't been great since she'd moved to Dallas three months ago. She'd slept with a guy she met in the bar on the ground floor of her apartment building. It was great, but he was a sales rep who lived in Chicago. He swore he was single, but he'd absent-mindedly slipped the wedding ring back onto his finger when he was leaving.

She'd gone to San Antonio to see Mark. He figured his girlfriend would be up for a three-way, but he was wrong. That had been embarrassing and sad, but also screamingly funny. It'd be a great scene in a movie—happening to somebody else.

The two weekends she'd spent in Austin with Andy and Pete had been wonderful. The guys were so obviously in love. The chemistry between them was intense . . . So was the sex—the two of them together and one-on-one. She was still a little jealous of Pete, but he probably felt the same way about her. She'd been right to step away and let them become a couple.

She stopped in the Ladies room to pee. When she'd finished, she felt the crotch of her panties. The thin cloth was almost soaked. She thought about changing them, but then smiled and pulled them up. It wouldn't matter for long.

* * * *

Andy and Pete were waiting just outside security. They were the same big tall handsome stallions as always. She ran into their arms. First she kissed Andy, plastering her body against his and grinding her loins into his crotch bulge, then turned to Pete and kissed him, just as passionately.

"Hey!" An elderly man in a porter's uniform was scowling at them. "There are children here."

Andy and Pete looked at the porter with "Oh yeah!" expressions on their faces. Gretchen just said, "It's been a long time, Bubba." She grinned and slapped Andy's butt. Then Pete's. "But it won't be much longer." She took both their hands and started for the exit. Pete pulled her suitcase with his other hand.

Andy took his phone out. "Cowgirl is moving. Repeat—Cowgirl is moving." He listened briefly. "Five minutes . . . Roger that!" He put the phone away. "That's our ride."

"What's with you?" Gretchen asked. "Have you joined the Secret Service?"

"You'll see." He smiled mysteriously. "Soon enough."

She looked from Andy to Pete and back. "You bad boys. Always teasing." She lowered her voice to a throaty growl. "You know how much I like to be teased."

Andy let go of her hand and patted her butt. "We know very well." He glanced at Pete. "Don't we?"

Pete slowed down to let the automatic door open completely. "Oh, we know. Real good."

"But there has to be a payoff." Gretchen had unconsciously braced herself for the standard Texas heat, so the cool moist air outside the terminal surprised her.

"Have we ever let you down?" Andy asked as they crossed a long pedestrian bridge.

"No, and you won't this time . . . my stallions." They were approaching a loading zone. A pair of cops wearing body armor and carrying automatic rifles frowned at the long line of cars at the curb. One turned to look at her and smiled briefly. She wondered if he could smell her heat. Her panties were almost dripping now.

Might as well try to get her mind above her belt. "How were your two weeks in San Francisco?"

"Good." Andy answered. "Got the construction schedule approved."

"And profitable," Pete added. "We just picked up an awesomely bodacious paycheck."

A black Escalade stretch limo pulled up to the curb. Smoked glass windows hid its occupants. A chauffeur jumped out and opened the curbside door.

"Here's our ride," Andy said.

"Gott im Himmel!" Gretchen laughed. "Now I understand the Secret Service joke. Is this—"

"The couple I told you about? Yeah. They're eager to meet you . . ." Andy glanced at his partner. "And Pete."

A tall handsome black man got out of the Escalade. His scalp gleamed through his close-cropped hair and his tight tee-shirt and tennis shorts showed off his muscular body.

"Wow!" Gretchen ogled the ebony stud. "We're gonna—" She broke off when the woman got out. She had rich dark chocolate skin and long flowing hair. She was almost as tall and just as athletic as the big black man.

Gretchen wasn't usually attracted to women, but this lady . . . "The three of us and both of them?"

"Of course." Andy answered. "And maybe some more swingers. It's gonna be a busy few days."

The man held out his hand. "Hi, I'm Fred." He squeezed Gretchen's hand gently, hinting at the restrained strength in his grip. Fred's touch was electric. She wanted him to bend her over the Escalade's hood and fuck her dripping pussy, right in front of the cops and all the people.

"And I'm Carol." She plastered her body against Gretchen's and kissed her passionately. Gott! She was just as sexy as Fred. "Welcome to San Francisco."

The End

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