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Touchdown - Three-Way Buddies - November Only

An oversexed road trip for three gay buddies.

They were half way through their second six-pack when Bill Harris asked, "Wanna fuck?"

Steve Walton almost dropped his longneck. Ralph Richards' eyes widened. He looked at Bill, then at Steve, and then back at Bill.

"What?" Steve stole a glance at Ralph, then quickly looked away.

"You're not just my best friends," Bill said. "You're my fuck buddies." He took another long swig. "Both of you."

His two friends eyed each other warily before looking back at him. They both had big bulges in their jeans.

Bill was starting quarterback for the Conner Cougars. Ralph played trumpet in the Cougar Band. Steve worked in his parents' auto supply store back in Conner.

It was 1:00 AM Saturday morning. There was a one-week break between the regular season and the beginning of the district championships, so there hadn't been a game on Friday night.

The three 18-year-old friends had come to MacLeath, Texas to see Denny Richards, Ralph's 21-year-old cousin, perform at the Duck Inn. He sang and played bass for the Red River Wranglers.

After the gig ended at midnight, Denny bought them two six-packs of Lone Star, let them into the converted two-car garage behind his parents' house, and went to bed. Jack and Viv Richards rented the apartment out during hunting season, but it was vacant this time of year.

Steve looked at Bill. "I figured you had other guys. Didn't expect Ralph to be one of them."

Ralph looked at Steve, then Bill. "Same here."

"Well, now you know," Bill answered. "How about it?"

Ralph and Steve were sitting on the couch. Their crotch bulges had grown even bigger. Bill finished his beer and rose from the padded chair on the other side of the little sitting area.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock and balls out. The other two boys stared at his stiff pole. "Want to help me with this?"

Steve grabbed Bill's cock and started sucking it.

Ralph stood up and stripped. His dick was already hard and dripping pre-cum. "I want some of that." He pushed Steve aside and went down on Bill.

"That's good," Bill whispered, slowly sliding his cock in and out of Ralph's mouth.

Steve undressed quickly, then licked Bill's balls while Ralph sucked his cock.

"This is great." Bill pulled away and took his clothes off. "Get up, guys. I'm gonna suck you now."

Ralph and Steve stood side by side with their hips pressed together. Bill dropped to his knees, wrapped his thumbs and index fingers around the bases of the guys' cocks, and caressed their balls with his other fingers.

He alternated between the two dicks, licking and sucking each guy's cock-head, then taking his shaft deep in his mouth.

Bill looked up at Ralph and Steve. "I want to see you kiss."

Ralph turned toward Steve and kissed him full on the lips. Steve stiffened for a second, then relaxed and opened his mouth. The boys tongue-kissed while Bill sucked and stroked their cocks.

The taste of the guys' pre-cum was strong. Bill bobbed up and down, going until one stiff rod began throbbing, then switching to the other. When he had both Ralph and Steve moaning and thrusting into his mouth, he pulled their two poles together and took them both into his mouth at once.

He stretched his mouth over his buddies' cock-heads and shafts. His rod was rock-hard and his balls were painfully tight.

Steve and Ralph and looked down at Bill. "That's wild," Steve whispered.

"So fuckin' hot!" Ralph said. He gripped Bill's shoulders, pulled him to his feet, and kissed him, thrusting his tongue deep into Bill's mouth.

Steve stepped behind Bill and rubbed his hard-on between Bill's buttocks while reaching around to stroke his cock.

"Stop." Bill caught Steve's wrist and lifted his hand away. "I don't want to come so fast. Not from a hand job." He turned away from Ralph and kissed Steve. They were both breathing hard when they finally separated.

Ralph walked to the back of the room and sat on one of the two double beds. "I've got a place for you to shoot that big gun. A nice hot tight one."

"Me too." Steve took Bill's hand and tried to pull him toward the bed.

"Just a second." Bill went over to his suitcase and took out a squeeze bottle of lube.

"You planned this," Ralph said.

Bill grinned. "Just following the Scout motto: 'Be prepared.'" The other two laughed.

"Is there a cock-sucking merit badge?" Steve asked. He sat on the bed beside Ralph.

"There should be," Ralph said. "Bill's already got the butt-fucking one."

Bill looked at his two friends sitting naked on the bed with their hard-ons sticking straight up. "Who's first?" He slowly stroked his stiff dick as he approached the bed.

Steve and Ralph glanced at each other, then looked back at Bill. "Doesn't matter," Steve said. "You're gonna give both our asses a good work-out."

Ralph kissed Steve. "You go first. I want to watch."

"All right." Steve rose to his feet, turned around, and bent over with his hands on the bed. "Come on. I'm ready for your big hot rod."

Bill smiled at Steve's reflection in the big mirror mounted on the wall behind the beds. "Good. I've been thinking about this since we left Conner." He lubricated his index finger and pressed into the little puckered hole between Steve's buttocks. It slid in easily.

Steve pushed back against Bill's finger. "Oh yeah," he whispered. "I've been waiting for this."

Bill worked his finger in and out a few times, then added more lube. "Me too." He glanced over at Ralph, then locked eyes with Steve in the mirror. "With both of you."

"Come on," Steve said. "I'm ready."

Ralph stood beside Steve and watched intently as Bill smeared lubricant on his stiff cock and moved behind Steve.

"Here it comes." Bill pressed his cock-head into the center of Steve's asshole and pushed forward.

Ralph stared at Bill's long thick cock sliding steadily up Steve's ass. "This is like a porn movie. But lots better!" He stroked his own stiff prick as Bill hit bottom and slowly pulled back out.

"I love fucking a nice hot tight ass." Bill was watching his cock slowly slide in and out of Steve's muscular butt. "Especially with the lights on. I can see everything this way."

"It feels great." Steve looked at Ralph. "Want to help me out?"

"Sure," Ralph answered. "How?"

"Suck me."

"Okay." Ralph sat on the floor between the bed and Steve's legs and started stroking and sucking his hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" Steve said. "That's really good." He looked at Bill in the mirror. "Fuck my butt. Good and hard."

"All right." Bill fucked Steve roughly, slamming his ass hard enough to shake his body.

"Wow!" Steve gasped. "This is wild! A hot dick and a hot mouth. I never thought I'd get to . . . Oh fuck! . . . I'm gonna . . ."

Steve screamed and thrust his cock into Ralph's mouth while Bill pounded him.

"Oh fuck!" Steve moaned. Bill pulled out of his ass.

Steve was panting and leaning heavily on the bed. "That was great." He slowly straightened up, a little unsteadily. Bill held his shoulders to keep him upright.

Ralph rose from the floor and sat on the edge of the bed, licking his lips. He wiped a big blob of Steve's cum off his chin with a finger, then stuck the finger in his mouth. "Tasty."

Bill laughed. "Finger-lickin' good?" he asked.

Ralph smiled and nodded. "You shoot?"

Bill's cock was still as stiff as a steel rod. "Not yet."

Ralph's smile grew even wider. "Ready to fuck me?"

"Oh yeah. How do you want it?"

"Like this." Ralph lay on his back in the middle of the bed and lifted his butt into the air.

"All right." Bill picked up the little squeeze bottle and knelt between Ralph's spread thighs. It only took a moment to lubricate his friend's ass. His dick was already slick enough. He pressed his cock-head between Ralph's buttocks.

"Oh fuck!" Ralph gasped as Bill slid home.

Bill bent forward and kissed Ralph full on the lips. Their tongues danced together, starting slow and sensual, but quickly growing rough and aggressive.

"Give it to me," Ralph said. "Good and hard. You know how I like it."

"Okay," Bill answered. Ralph jacked his stiff cock and squeezed his balls while Bill fucked him with long hard strokes.

Steve was standing beside the bed, stroking his own hard-on. "That's wild."

Ralph looked at Steve. "You ain't seen nothing yet." He turned back to Bill. "Ram my ass! Fuck the hell out of me!"

"You got it, cowboy!" Bill grabbed Ralph's ankles like wheelbarrow handles and lifted them up and away from his body, driving his plunging pole even deeper and bouncing his balls against Ralph's buttocks.

"Oh fuck!" Ralph moaned. "I'm getting close!"

"Me too." Bill hammered Ralph harder and faster.

"Come on!" Ralph cried. "Shoot that big hot load! Up my butt!"

"Here it comes!"

"Fuck yeah! Shoot it!" Ralph screamed, spraying thick white juice on his chest and belly.

"Yeah!" Bill grunted. "Yeah! . . . Yeah! . . . Yeah!" He slammed Ralph's asshole, firing a heavy pulse of cum with each rough thrust.

Bill let his cock slip out of Ralph's butt. "That was great!"

"Yeah, like always," Ralph answered.

Steve sat on the other bed, staring at Bill and Ralph. His dick was still rock-hard. "Great show," he said softly.

Bill and Ralph grinned at his stiff pole. "Want us to help you out?" Ralph asked.

"It's a little too soon."

"We could all use a break," Bill said. "Let's get cleaned up and drink the rest of the beer."

"Sounds like a plan." Ralph stood up and kissed Bill. Then, he walked over to Steve, pulled him to his feet, and kissed him too.

The boys took turns in the apartment's tiny shower, then took the last three bottles out of the mini-refrigerator and sat naked in the little sitting area, sipping the beer.

"Want to smoke a joint?" Bill asked.

Ralph nodded. Steve looked uncertain. "Think Denny's folks will smell it tomorrow?"

"We can do it outside." The door was on the side of the converted garage and wasn't visible from the main house.

"All right," Steve answered.

They stood naked outside the door, shivering slightly in the cool September night air, and smoked the joint. When it was finished, they huddled under a blanket on the little couch to warm up while they finished their beers.

Bill was in the middle. He set his empty bottle on the floor and took a cock in each hand. Ralph's and Steve's tools hardened instantly. Ralph gripped Bill's balls while Steve wrapped his fingers around Bill's stiff rod.

"This is great." Bill kissed Steve and then Ralph while jacking them off. "I've wanted a three-way with you two, but didn't know how to swing it."

"Well, it's swinging now." Steve stroked Bill's hard cock slowly. "What's next?"

"Want to fuck my ass?" Bill asked.

"That's different," Steve said. "You've always fucked me."

"Me too," Ralph said. "What's changed?"

"Someone taught me how good it feels."

"Oh yeah?" Ralph was staring at Bill. "Who?"

"That's not important." He wasn't going to tell them it was Travis Williams, the Cougars' young assistant football coach {Touchdown}.

Bill stood up and turned to face his friends. "Come on. I want a hard hot cock up my butt." He walked toward the beds. Ralph and Steve followed him.

Bill took the same position Steve had assumed earlier, bent over with his hands on the foot of the bed. He grinned at Ralph and Steve in the mirror. "One of you fuck me."

Ralph looked at Steve. "Shall I go first?"

"Sure. We're both gonna get some nice tight ass."

Ralph picked up the lube and moved behind Bill. "You ready?"

Bill nodded. "Yeah. Just take it easy. I haven't done this very often." Trav had only fucked him twice. His stiff dick jerked as Ralph slowly slid a lubricated finger up his asshole. "That's good. Work it in and out a few times."

Bill jacked off as Ralph fingered him. It hurt a little bit, but his ass muscles relaxed quickly. He pushed back, encouraging Ralph to go faster. "Give me your cock now."

Ralph pulled his finger out and pressed his cock-head into Bill's asshole, gradually stretching it open. Bill gasped as Ralph's stiff pole slid stretched and filled his ass.

"That's great," Bill whispered. "Your balls. Pressing against my butt cheeks. Fuck me. Good and hard."

"Your ass is really hot and tight." Ralph started moving.

"Better than Becca's pussy?" Becca Murphy was Ralph's girlfriend. She played in the Cougar Band with him. They'd been dating for almost a year.

In the mirror, Bill saw Ralph blush. "I don't know. We haven't gotten that far." He hesitated. "I've never fucked anyone . . . until now."

"It's all right," Bill said. "I've never fucked a girl. Just guys."

"You want to? Fuck a girl, I mean."

"I'm gay. I don't want to have sex with girls."

"Maybe I'm gay, too," Ralph said. "Making out with Becca is fun, but I'm not pushing her to go any further." He fucked Bill faster and harder. "A pussy couldn't possibly feel any better than your asshole."

Bill pushed back against Ralph's driving cock. "That's right. Ram my ass. I'm ready for a good hard fucking."

Ralph slammed Bill's butt. "I'm getting close."

"Me too." Bill looked at Steve in the mirror. "You ever fucked anyone? Boy or girl?"

Steve was standing beside the bed, slowly jacking off. After a long silence, he shook his head. "No. But I want to fuck a boy's ass. Yours."

Ralph pulled out. His cock was hard and throbbing, gleaming with lube and pre-cum. "Go ahead."

"Okay." Steve smeared lube on his stiff prick and moved behind Bill.

"Do it rough," Bill said. "I'm ready."

Steve fumbled for a second, then slid inside. "This is great. So hot and tight. Even better than I imagined."

"Feels good to me, too," Bill said. "Your big stiff cock all the way up my ass. Now, fuck me. Hard."

Steve started slow. Bill guessed he was afraid of coming too quickly. After a few strokes, he went faster, slamming his crotch against Bill's buttocks with a loud slapping sound.

"Fuck yeah!" Bill gasped. "Ram my asshole. Shoot that big cock up my butt." He hadn't even touched his own dick, but it was hard and throbbing. He wasn't going to last much longer.

Suddenly, Steve yanked his cock out of Bill's ass and turned to Ralph. "Your turn."

Ralph shoved his cock back up Bill's ass and fucked him roughly. After a few strokes he gasped, "Oh God! I'm coming."

"Oh yeah!" Bill cried. "Shoot that big load!" Ralph slammed Bill's ass, splashing hot cum against his anal walls.

"Wow," Ralph whispered. He pulled out and staggered away.

Steve took his place, hammering Bill's asshole and coming almost immediately. He stayed deep inside Bill's butt, gasping for breath. "Gee. That was amazing."

Bill stood up and kissed Steve and then Ralph. His cock was rock-hard.

Steve gripped Bill's tool. "You didn't shoot."

"Not yet. But I'm going to."

Ralph and Steve bent over the bed. Bill fucked them, alternating between their asses, until he came, shooting long pulses of cum up Steve's ass.

Bill looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 3:15 AM. "I'm tired. All that beer and sex." He showered quickly, then dried off and got into bed. Ralph took his turn in the shower and joined him.

Steve came out of the bathroom and looked at Bill and Ralph. "Move over," he said. "I'm not gonna sleep by myself."

The double bed was crowded, but they all managed to fit. Bill lay in the middle, with Steve and Ralph cuddled against him like snuggling puppies.

"It was already great," he whispered. "Now, it's even better." Steve and Ralph didn't hear him. They were already asleep. Bill fell asleep a few seconds later.


Author's Note

Three-way Buddies is a companion story to my erotic novel Touchdown. It takes place before dawn on Saturday, September 29, a few hours after the events in Touchdown Chapter 6.

This is a companion story to my book Touchdown

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