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Touchdown - New Toy - November Only

A new toy and a secret.

"How's your aunt?" Becca asked.

It took Sandy an instant to remember the excuse she'd texted Becca. "Fine. Aunt Jane just needed help with a bunch of things around the house." She stepped into the breezeway and closed the door.

Sandy Oakes and Becca Murphy weren't related, but they looked like sisters; tall, muscular, and athletic, with big breasts, dark eyes, and long thick black hair. Sandy's was curly, while Becca's was straight.

Becca was looking at her appraisingly. Sandy's blouse and short skirt were rumpled and her thick curly hair was unkempt from the hot sex with Travis Williams, the Conner Cougar's sexy young assistant coach, and Bill Harris, the Cougar's starting quarterback {Touchdown}. "House chores at 8:00 on a Saturday night?"

Sandy shrugged. "You know our family's strange." She should have thought up a less-lame excuse.

Becca let it slide. "Glad you finally made it." She glanced at the kitchen door's closed curtains. "I was really getting horny waiting." She wrapped her arms around Sandy and kissed her, hard.

Sandy kissed her back, open mouthed, darting her tongue against Becca's.

"I was thinking about you," Sandy said when they separated. "All that boring time."

That sounded fake, but Becca didn't seem to notice. She took Sandy's hand and said, "Let's go upstairs."

Sandy picked up her knapsack. She'd dropped it when Becca kissed her. "What's in there?" Becca asked.

Sandy smiled mysteriously. "You'll find out."

They climbed the stairs at the opposite end of the breezeway from the kitchen door. Becca's room over the garage had been a one-room apartment for a hired hand until the Murphy family outgrew the main house.

Becca stopped just inside the door and put Sandy's hand between her legs. The crotch of her sweat pants was damp. "See how hot I am? I haven't even touched myself."

"I'm just as hot," Sandy said. "Feel." She grabbed Becca's free hand and guided it up her skirt.

Becca ran her fingers over Sandy's bare pussy. "Naughty girl. Did you give Auntie a show?"

"I saved that for you." Sandy cupped one of Becca's breasts. There was nothing but girl under her sweatshirt.

"Good." Becca pushed Sandy backwards and she sprawled on the couch. Becca fell to her knees and buried her face between Sandy's spread legs.

Becca ran her tongue up and down Sandy's slit, slowly teasing her floppy pussy lips open, gradually going in deeper.

"Oh yeah, Baby!" Sandy gasped when Becca's tongue flicked her already-swollen clit. "That's good! So fucking hot!" She unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra down, freeing her big heavy breasts. Her nipples were already hard, just like her clit. They swelled and grew even harder as she pinched and twisted them while kneading her tits.

Becca put her fingers on either side of Sandy's pussy and pulled her lips open. "Oh God!" Sandy cried as the other girl's tongue plunged into her depths. She rolled her hips in time with Becca's thrusting tongue, feeling the heat building in her core and spreading through her body.

Sandy squeezed her tits harder as Becca's mouth covered her pussy. "Yeah, Baby!" Sandy gasped. "Suck the juice out of my cunt!"

Becca alternated between tongue-fucking Sandy and sucking her abundant juices, occasionally stopping to flick her tongue across Sandy's clit.

"Oh Baby, I'm so close!" Sandy gasped. "Finish me off. Please!"

Becca clamped her lips on Sandy's hard clit, licking and sucking it like a tiny cock, while sliding a finger in and out of Sandy's juicy pussy. She screamed and thrashed. Becca added a second finger, rubbing the rough spot inside Sandy's pussy mouth while sucking her swollen clit.

"Fuck!" Sandy screamed. The climax washed over her body, getting stronger as Becca held on and kept sucking and finger-fucking her.

"No more!" Sandy finally gasped. "Too much." She gently pushed Becca away.

"All right." Becca sat on the couch and took Sandy in her arms.

Sandy closed her eyes, feeling warm and snug with one of Becca's arms draped over her shoulders and the other just under her breasts. "Wow," she whispered. "That was great."

"Yeah," Becca answered. "Like always." They'd been lovers since puberty, when they'd started kissing, rubbing tits, and fingering each others' pussies.

Keeping her eyes closed, Sandy sank into a warm haze. Thoughts of Becca's fingers and mouth on her pussy blurred with her memories from earlier that night; Bill shooting in her mouth, Trav's plunging cock filling her convulsing cunt with thick hot cream…

"You taste different tonight." Becca's soft voice drifted through the darkness.

Sandy tensed and her eyes snapped open. It was Trav's cum. "That's funny. I don't know why." It didn't sound convincing.

Becca liked to talk about sex with Sandy, but she was still a virgin. She let her boyfriend Ralph Richards take her blouse and bra off and play with her breasts, but didn't let him go below her belt. Despite that, Sandy was sure Becca knew exactly what she'd just tasted.

"Are you going to tell me?" Becca asked.

"What?" Sandy dreaded Becca's next words. She didn't want to talk about Trav and Bill. She hadn't even worked her own feelings out yet.

Becca looked exasperated, but didn't speak. Sandy knew the delay was deliberate. "What's in your knapsack?"

Sandy was relieved. "A new toy. Let's get undressed and I'll show you."

A minute later, the girls were sitting cross-legged on the bed, naked and facing each other. A big flat black cardboard box sat between them. It was unmarked, except for a sticker bearing a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers.

Sandy looked at Becca. Her breasts were bigger than Sandy's, with half-dollar-sized brown areolas and big chocolate nipples. Her neatly-rolled pussy lips, pulled slightly open by her spread legs, were the same deep brown color as her nipples.

"Open it," Sandy said.

Becca took an elaborate black leather harness out of the box. An extremely lifelike penis grew from a thick leather plate. It was long and thick, with a flaring mushroom head and a set of bulging balls at its base. She turned it around, looking at it from various angles. "Where'd you get a strap-on?"

"Darla bought it for me." Darla was married to Sandy's big brother, Adam. "It was expensive, but it's worth it."

Becca was staring at the strap-on's erect cock. After a few seconds, she cautiously wrapped her fingers around its stiff shaft. "Oh! It's soft. But hard underneath. Like Ralph through his pants when we make out."

She stroked the thick pole, occasionally stopping to run her thumb and index finger over the dildo's swollen head. "Is a boy really like this?"

"Close enough." Sandy took the strap-on from Becca. "You're gonna find out."

Becca stared at the dildo. "This big thing in my little pussy?"

"It's the same size as your vibrator. You'll be all right."

Becca looked at the dildo again. "Okay."

Sandy rose to her feet. "Help me put it on."

Becca watched Sandy fumble with the straps and buckles. "Have you done this before?"

"I picked it up from Darla on the way to…uh…Aunt Jane's. I gave her the money and she bought it for me. I didn't try it on. That's…sort of personal."

There were two straps fastened to the harness' leather plate. One strap went around Sandy's waist. She tightened the buckles and settled it on her hips.

"Help me with this other strap." It was unfastened, with one end looped around the back of the waist belt. The other end dangled from the leather plate. An odd-looking dildo was attached to it. It was shiny black and shorter than the flesh-colored cock-and-balls dildo, but just as thick, flaring from a smoothly-rounded head to its full diameter before narrowing abruptly at the base.

Becca fingered the little dildo. "Does this go up your pussy?"

"Yeah. The instructions call it a 'vaginal probe.' It fucks me while I fuck you." Sandy moved her feet apart, opening her legs. "Come on. Put it in. I'm sure wet enough."

Sandy moaned as Becca slid the little dildo into her hot wet pussy. The gradual stretching as the dildo went in deeper was intensely erotic. She screamed when the probe's widest part slipped past her pussy mouth. Her muscles clamped its base, locking the little toy in place.

"You all right?" Becca sounded worried.

"Fine." Sandy's voice was husky. "I came. Right then." She twisted to look at Becca. The motion shifted the pussy probe, sending a wave of pleasure through her body.

After Becca had fastened the buckle, Sandy took a step and gasped. "This is hot! Almost too much. It fucks me when I move."

Sandy turned around. Becca was still on her knees, staring wide-eyed at the stiff cock sticking out from Sandy's crotch. "You look like a boy." She giggled. "Except for the tits."

Becca stood up and moved to the bed. Sandy followed her. The leather strap running between her ass cheeks held the big dildo in place, making it more like a real cock than the strap-ons she'd seen in Internet porn. The probe stimulated her pussy, making her incredibly horny. Her areolas had puffed into domes and her nipples were painfully hard.

Becca lay on her back with her legs spread. "Come on, sexy girlfriend boy. Let's do it before I lose my nerve."

Sandy stroked her hard-on, sending thrills through her body. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah!" Becca grabbed Sandy's hand and put it on her crotch. She was ready, all right. Hot and wet.

Sandy moved between Becca's legs and bent forward. Their big breasts pressed together as they kissed. Becca's nipples were just as hard as Sandy's. "Come on," she whispered. "Fuck me now."

"All right, Baby." Instead of trying to push the dildo right in, Sandy gripped the shaft and ran the flaring tip up and down Becca's neat pussy lips.

Becca twisted her pelvis to catch the strap-on's sliding cock-head. "Yeah, Baby!" she whispered. "Put it in. Now!" She moaned as Sandy pushed the thick rod into her pussy. "That's right! All the way!"

"You like that, Baby?" Sandy asked.

"Oh yeah!" Becca rocked her hips, slowly humping the dildo. "Fuck me now. Good and hard."

"Okay." Sandy pulled out until the dildo's thick head was barely kissing Becca's pussy lips, then pushed all the way back inside.

"God!" Becca whispered. "That's good."

"For me, too." Sandy fucked Becca steadily, shifting the probe in her own pussy with each thrust.

"I'm getting close," Becca gasped. "Hammer my hot tight cunt!"

Sandy fucked Becca faster, kneading her big tits and pinching her swollen nipples, fucking herself while ramming the big dildo up Becca's pussy.

"Fuck, Baby!" Becca cried. "I'm coming!"

"Me too!" Sandy and Becca screamed as they came together, finally collapsing in a tangle of arms and legs.

"That was wild," Becca whispered. "Now, I want the real thing. Ralph's gonna get lucky."

"Good." Sandy rose to her feet and unbuckled the strap-on. "Oohhh!" she moaned when she pulled the plug out of her pussy. The large and small dildos were slick with the girls' juices. Sandy licked the big dildo and made a face. "A real cock is better. This tastes like plastic." She pulled Becca to her feet and handed her the strap-on. "It's your turn."

"Okay." Becca ran her fingers over the pussy probe. "Does this come off? I think it'll be too much for me."

"Sure. Just unfasten the buckle. It slides off the strap. I already took the anal probe off."

"Anal probe?"

"It's just like the pussy probe, but shorter and not quite as thick. I'm so not ready for that."

Becca removed the little dildo from the harness and settled the belt around her hips. Sandy helped her adjust the straps. "How's it feel?" she asked.

"Strange." Becca looked down at her hard-on and giggled. "I never thought about having a cock." She stroked the shaft experimentally. "Oh! That's good! The strap's rubbing my pussy and ass." She stroked the dildo a few more times, moaning softly. "And there's a little raised thing. Massaging my clit!"

"I feel like a boy." She looked up at Sandy and grinned. "A boy who's gonna stick his big hard cock into the world's most fuckable babe."

"Yeah, sexy boy." Sandy stroked Becca's cock while they kissed. "How do you want me?"

"On your back with your legs open."

"All right, big boy." Sandy scrambled into position. "Come fuck me. I'm ready for your big thick cock."

Becca knelt between Sandy's thighs, put the dildo's head between her folds, and pushed forward. It pressed against Sandy's mound, just above her pussy mouth. Just like a boy learning how to do it. Sandy guided it to the right spot. "Oh fuck!" she gasped as the big toy slid smoothly into her pussy.

Becca pulled almost out, then slid back in, slowly and carefully. Sandy moaned. "You can do it harder and faster. I'm ready for a good rough ride."

"Sexy baby." Becca went faster, gripping Sandy's hips to hold herself in place.

"Fuck me hard, Baby!" The driving dildo sent waves of pleasure through Sandy's body. She squeezed her breasts while pinching, twisting, and tugging on her nipples, feeling them grow even longer and harder.

"How…is…it?" Becca asked. "Good…as a…boy?" Her words came out in short bursts between thrusts as she slammed Sandy's snatch.

"Fantastic!" As Sandy humped the driving dildo, she thought dizzily of Trav, and the boys she'd fucked. "Not the same. But great." Her back arched as the tension built in her body, pushing toward release.

Becca gasped for breath as she pounded away, on the edge herself. She locked eyes with Sandy. "Oh Baby! It's so…Oh fuck!"

Sandy screamed and thrashed, coming along with Becca. Their climaxes seemed to roll on forever.

They lay side by side on the bed, running lazy gentle hands over each others' cooling bodies. Becca had removed the strap-on and set it aside. "What's it really like? With a boy?" she asked dreamily.

"Sort of like the dildo. But a lot better. A guy's cock is hot. It keeps changing. He feels everything when he's inside you. You adjust to each other."

"His cock swells and throbs when he comes. You feel his hot juice splashing your pussy walls." Sandy's nipples tightened as she remembered Trav, deep inside her.

"It's wonderful." Sandy looked at Becca seriously. "Get on birth control. You won't like condoms."

"Fine," Becca said. "I will." She reached between Sandy's legs. "But you're not going to get me knocked up."

The heat came back, more intense than ever, when Becca touched Sandy's pussy lips. The temperature built as Becca's fingers slid up and down her slit. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs to make it easier.

"What's it taste like?" Becca asked. Sandy tried to look puzzled. "A boy's cum."

"Kind of creamy. It varies, like our juices."

"Okay." Becca didn't say anything else. She slipped a finger into Sandy's pussy.

Sandy closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations Becca's sliding finger was producing. The heat spread from her groin through her body. Nothing else was important. Her back arched and she brought her pelvis up to meet Becca's finger.

"We've played with your new toy," Becca said. "It's my turn."

"Sure, Sexy," Sandy answered. "Anything…" Two of Becca's fingers were in her now, moving faster and making it hard to think. Her eyes snapped open. "You have a new toy, too?"

"It's more like a game." Becca crossed her fingers and twisted them while finger-fucking Sandy.

"What game?" Sandy was close to coming.

"A teasing game." Becca's fingers stopped moving. "I keep you on the edge…" She resumed fingering Sandy. "…without letting you go over."

Sandy reached for her clit. Becca caught her wrist with her free hand. "There's only one way you're getting off. Tell me about tonight. What fucking Coach Williams is like."

Author's Note

New Toy is a companion story to my erotic novel Touchdown. It takes place on Saturday, September 22, immediately after the events in Touchdown Chapter 5.

From my book Touchdown

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