Ken James Fiction


Love Lessons 4

"I'm glad the graduation party is starting," I say as I close the door of the Dorchester Hotel suite's master bedroom behind us.

"Starting?" you ask innocently. "What have we been doing in the ballroom for the last few hours? All those kids dancing, drinking and occasionally making out when the lights were low?"

"That was just preliminary," I answer, pulling the champagne bottle from the ice bucket and popping the cork. "The real party is just beginning." I fill two flute glasses and hand you one. "To the rest of the night."

"That's so good," you say after taking a sip. "Mr. James, are you doing this to seduce me? You know I don't usually drink."

"You got it, Doll," I answer in a fake hard-boiled detective voice. "Now drink up."

"Jordan Goodall was a really cute valedictorian," you say after downing half the glass. "Do you think it's really true that she was naked under her graduation gown."

"Absolutely not," I answer. "She was wearing black nylons and had a red ribbon around her neck. She opened the gown and showed me backstage. I finger-fucked her before she went to make her speech."

"She was a lucky girl," you purr. "I've been wanting you all night and all we could do in the crowd was a quick feel behind the DJ booth."

Our glasses are empty and we set them on the table. "That's changing right now," I say, taking you in my arms and kissing you passionately. "I love your low-cut red dress. Watching you has kept me hard all night." I bend over and begin licking the exposed part of your breasts. You growl with pleasure and pull my face down into your cleavage. You've dabbed a little perfume there and the scent is intoxicating.

When I finally straighten up, my dick is straining against the fabric of my briefs and slacks. You unzip my pants and reach inside, releasing my cock and balls. In an instant, I'm as stiff as a steel rod. You sink to your knees and start licking and sucking my balls. Pre-cum is already leaking from my tip and flowing down my shaft. I almost cum as soon as you take my cock in your mouth, but manage to hold back.

I pull you to your feet and we kiss again. "You look so hot in that suit," you say when our lips finally separate.

"You're hot in everything and nothing," I answer, reaching between your legs. "Naughty Dee! You're wearing crotchless panties again and you're already wet."

"I've been wet all night," you say, stepping out of your heels. I peel you out of the red dress and pause to admire your body. Tonight, you're wearing pale pink panties and a matching push-up bra, cut low to leave your nipples bare. I bend over to suck your nipples. They're already swollen and they grow even harder between my lips.

You move to the bed and lie on your back with your legs spread. "Come on, Mr. James. I really need to get fucked." You pull your pussy open. It's bright pink inside, brimming with juice and your clit is already exposed and swollen.

I fill a glass half full of champagne and move to the bed. After kissing your clit and sucking most of your juice, I pour the champagne into your open snatch. "The bubbles tickle!" you giggle. I suck the wine out of you. It tastes amazing.

Your juices are still flowing. I pour more champagne into your pussy and suck a mouthful out. Holding it in my mouth, I press my lips against yours. Your eyes widen with surprise as you drink the fluid.

"Yes . . . Please . . . Now . . . Oh Ken!" you gasp as I slide my cock into you. I know you want it rough this time, and that's how I fuck you, driving mercilessly into your cunt. You begin screaming and cumming almost immediately. I think I hear a sound behind me, but I don't care. I'm too intent on pushing to my own orgasm. "God Ken!" you cry. "Cum in me now. I'm cuummmiing! . . . You . . . cum . . . too . . . OOOHHH! YYYEEEAAAHHH! . . . Shoot it!" I'm flooding you with white-hot man juice.

I collapse on top of you, gasping for breath and with my heart pounding. "Dee, that was so good," I whisper just before kissing you.

"Yes it was!" a strange voice agrees. I practically jump off the bed. You're looking around wildly. We suddenly realize the room is full of people, all watching us. We instantly recognize Dean Johnson, Coach Spooner, Liz Robinson, her lover Brenda Johnson, Jordan Goodall and  Kurt Smith in the crowd.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Well, I guess this is going to be a real party," I giggle as our friends come in and close the double doors.  You and I stretch luxuriously as the Dean, the Coach and the others come over to the bed, smiling gleefully as they take in our naked bodies.

Dean Johnson reaches down and smoothes my hair out of my face before kissing me deeply. At the same time, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Johnson pull Jordan Goodall over to the sofa in the corner and push her down onto it. They pull off her short black dress as Mr. Smith and Paul Weller watch intently.  Jordan reaches up and kisses both women deeply.  The three of them start to fondle each other as the two older women undress.

Meanwhile, Dean Johnson and Coach Spooner push us into the middle of the bed and lie down on either side of us.  "You looked so hot fucking Diane, Ken" the coach murmurs as he pulls you onto your side and into his arms.

"Oh, God, yes . . . take me" you whisper as the coach starts kissing and fondling your body, working his tongue down until with a groan he takes your stiff cock, wet with both our juices, into his waiting mouth.

Dean Johnson licks and sucks on my tits, kissing his way down my body.  He sucks on my clit for a minute, tasting your cum, and suddenly, with an animal groan, he rolls over and picks me up, skewering me on his huge cock as we both scream in pleasure. I cum almost instantly from his cock filling me.  "OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS  DEAN! OH GOD FUCK ME HARD!"

He does just that, pounding his prick into me as he pulls me down on top of him to suck my nipples.  I bounce wildly on top, watching the coach suck you.

In the corner, watching all of us, Kurt Smith bends Paul Weller over a chair, jerking Paul's pants down and taking his own cock out with the other hand. He strokes Paul's long thin cock a couple of times. Paul whimpers, "Mr. Smith, I want you so much . . . please fuck me." Mr. Smith does just that, sliding his dick into Paul's ass in one smooth stroke. Paul groans, "Oh Kurt . . . oh baby . . . fuck me now . . . fuck me harder!" Mr. Smith pumps deeper into Paul's butt, moaning "Paul . . . oh Paul baby . . . let's go for the touchdown and extra point." All of us are lost in our sensations and screams of pleasure fill the room.

The door flies open and bangs against the wall.  None of us hear it.

All of a sudden, there is a roar of outrage from the entrance.  "What the hell is going on here?" It's the principal, Mr. Dolan, and the assistant principal, Mrs. Ford.

They stand there with their mouths open as they watch the action.  You're the first to speak, after groaning and unloading your cum into the coach's mouth.  You almost have to yell to be heard over Jordan's moans as Ms. Robinson eats her pussy and she eats Ms. Johnson.

Mr. Smith is so close that he screams "Watch me cum, Arnold" to the principal as he pulls out and sprays Paul's backside with his cum.  Paul cums all over the chair, moaning with pleasure.

You tell the shocked administrators, " It's alright. All our students here have graduated and they are all over 18. Don't worry, no one will complain."

Mr. Dolan suddenly smiles. He walks over to the bed, where Dean Johnson has just shot his load into my pussy.  He pulls me off the Dean's still-hard cock and shakes his head.  "You started this, didn't you Dee . . . oh sorry, I should have said Diane . . . I knew something like this would happen ever since you seduced me."

"You were new to the school and you wanted my help with those girls who were calling you a dyke, just because they saw you kiss the Coleman twins after practice one day.  You came into my office crying, and when I took you in my arms to comfort you, you pressed against me so hard I couldn't help getting an erection.  You took my cock into that beautiful mouth of yours and I was lost.  I wanted to make love to you right there on my desk, but you said you were saving yourself for Mr. James.  The only thing I could do was eat you.  Now you're a woman, and I want you so much."

The Principal gently nudges the Dean aside and lays me down on the bed.  Everyone watches as he gently slides his stiff prick into my juicy twat.  I groan with pleasure, cumming again just from the feel of his cock. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . . . . . MR. DOLAN . . . . . . . . . .yes, fuck me please . . . . "

As I sigh and moan, squirming under the principal, Mrs. Ford walks over to Paul and Mr. Smith.  She pulls them apart, kissing them both.  The three of them sink to the floor, where Paul pulls up Mrs. Ford's gown.  She's naked underneath, and Paul quickly slides his mouth onto her pussy.  Mr. Smith climbs on top of her and sticks his cock into her mouth.  She sucks him with the same rhythm that Paul is tongue-fucking her with.  All of them lick and suck furiously.

Mrs. Ford screams.  "Paul! Kurt! OH Yes!  God I want both of you so much! Can you take me at the same time? " The two men grin and look at each other, then pull off Mrs. Ford's gown.  She throws Paul down on the floor and mounts him, lying flat on top of him.  Mr. Smith grunts as he pushes his cock into her open ass.  The rest of us watch in amazement as Mrs. Ford humps back and forth between the two.  It's such a hot sight that the Dean starts to fondle the Coach.

You pull me away from the Principal and into your arms for a deep kiss.  When we look over, the Dean is assfucking the Coach.  We move over on the bed to give them room.  Jordan and the two lady teachers are sprawled on the sofa, with a glazed look in their eyes. They don't see anything.

I pull you off the bed and into the bathroom.  We lock the door and I push you into the shower stall, kissing you hungrily.  Your arms go around me as you murmur "Dee . . . oh sweet baby Dee . . . "

Suddenly there's a crash from the other room and Jordan is screaming "Oh NO! How did you get in here?" We unlock the door and rush in.  At the doorway is Oscar Greene, the school's audio-visual technician, with a video camera in his hands. It's running.  The principal, rushing to cover himself, says "Oscar . . . what the hell . . . . . . "

Oscar says, "This will make a great recruitment video for the school next year."  No one can move.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oscar spins around and fumbles with the door. Someone locked the deadbolt after the orgy started.

"Stop him!" I shout. Coach Spooner and Mr. Smith overcome their shock and rush to grab Oscar's arms, just as he's opening the door. As they drag him into the center of the room, Principal Dolan re-locks the door.

"Well Oscar, how much did you get?" When he doesn't answer, I take the camera from his hands and hand it to Assistant Principal Ford.

Kat skips through the playback. "Good work, Oscar," she finally says. "You slipped in at the beginning and taped everything. You were on your way out when Jordan saw you."

"So, I figured you'd like a tape," he answers. "Remembering the graduation orgy and all that."

"It looks like something you'd see on 'High School Video Bandit,'" I say. Oscar's eyes widen, but he doesn't seem surprised when I name the notorious pay site specializing in videos of high school students in naked and erotic situations. Several "hidden camera" videos appeared to feature our students.

"I found the webcams hidden in the locker rooms and showers," I continue. "They have school equipment numbers on them." Oscar is silent. "You have a choice, Oscar. You can go to jail and be bitch for a lot of mean guys, or you can be our bitch right now. Which do you want?"

"Now," Oscar mumbles sullenly.

"Do you want this on tape?" Kat suddenly asks.

"Sure," I answer. "Oscar's not leaving with this tape and we might as well get everything."

"Good," she says. "I'm already recording."

Coach Spooner and Kurt Smith hold Oscar in place while Jordan Goodall strips him. While removing his boxer shorts, she squeezes his balls and he gasps in pain. "Leave his socks and watch on," I command. Jordan looks puzzled. "It's an old porn movie tradition."

Kurt and the Coach force Oscar to his knees in front of me. "He isn't looking too excited yet," I comment, callously fondling his limp penis. Kat moves in slightly to film the action. "Let's fix that. Dee, come show him your pussy."

"You like to look, don't you Oscar?" you purr teasingly. I move behind you, placing my already-erect cock in the cleft between your buttocks and pinching your nipples with my thumb and index finger, making you moan with pleasure.

You pull yourself open and say, "Here's a nice hot teenage snatch, all open and dripping. I bet you want to do more than just look." Kurt and Coach catch his hands as Oscar tries to grope you. Kat is getting every detail on tape. "None of that!" you chide. "Be a really good boy and I might let you lick me . . . later."

"Right now, you can watch Ken fuck me," you continue, placing your hands on the kneeling man's shoulders and positioning your vulva inches from his face. I slide my cock into your pussy and begin slowly moving in and out. Oscar stares longingly as I fuck you from behind. You're getting close. "Lick my clit!" you command, pressing your crotch into Oscar's face.

I pull my cock out and hastily slip a finger into your juicy snatch to lubricate it, then finger-fuck your ass as you cum. When you stagger away, Oscar's face is shiny with your juices.

"Now suck this!" I say, pushing my stiff prick into Oscar's mouth. I'm only slightly surprised when he clamps his lips around my coronal ring and strokes my cock-head with his tongue. "For a married guy, you're a damn good cocksucker!" Oscar moves his mouth up and down my shaft, occasionally stopping to lick my head. I finally grip his head and drive into his mouth. "Are you getting this Kat?" I ask, although I know she is. "Get a good shot of me fucking hetero voyeur-boy's face."

"Don't cum in his mouth," Kat says. "Pull out and splash his face. That'll make a better shot."

I pull out and stand motionless, my throbbing cock an inch from Oscar's face. "I'm not ready to cum." I move behind him, fall to my knees and spread his buttocks. "Not when he has this nice virgin asshole." I pick up the bottle of lube. Oscar screams and tries to lunge away as he feels the pressure against his butt. Kurt and the Coach hold him tightly in place. "That's just my finger," I growl. "Wait until you feel my cock."

Brenda Johnson comes over carrying a big scarf, which she stuffs in Oscar's mouth. "We don't want him making too much noise when you pop his butt-cherry," she says. Kat zooms in as I position my cock. Even with the gag, Oscar's screams are loud as I force him open. I move slowly in and out. It takes hree strokes to get my cock head completely inside his tight hole. With another dozen strokes, pulling almost out and pushing in further each time, my whole shaft is filling Oscar's hot butt.

All of the people in the room are gathered in a rough circle, watching me fuck Oscar's ass. He's on his hands and knees. "Look how hard Oscar's dick is!" you exclaim. I pull him to a kneeling position as Kat gracefully moves to capture the new action. I look over his shoulder to see his stiff cock, his head and shaft shiny with his pre-cum.

"He's tight as a virgin," I say as I push him back down onto his hands and knees and begin thrusting more aggressively, "but he's going to be a real anal slut when we're through with him." I'm pounding his butt now, slapping my balls against his buttocks as I drive into his asshole. "I'm really close now," I finally gasp. Kat films me pulling my cock out of Oscar's ass and spraying cum over his back.

As I step away, Dean Johnson takes my place. He rams Oscar's butt for several minutes before cumming. There's a long line of men behind the Dean. One by one, they plow Oscar's ass. Some make him blow them first. Oscar continues screaming throughout the gang bang, but he's soon screaming in pleasure, crying out for more cock.

The women are cheering the men on as they continue pounding Oscar's butt. Some of the women are being fucked from behind or playing with each other. The air is heavy with the scent of sweaty sex.

I'm hard again, standing behind you and playing with your nipples while you watch Coach ram his oversize penis into Oscar. "Mr. James," you whisper primly. "You've only taken me anally once. Surely you don't intend to do it in front of all these peo . . . Oh! Yeah! Push it in!" You scream softly and arch your back as my cock slides up your asshole.

Jordan Goodall had been standing between Liz Robinson and Brenda Johnson, with the older women fondling her breasts and buttocks. She lies down with her head near your feet. With me still plugged in, you get on your hands and knees over her. As I continue fucking your ass, Jordan thrusts her fingers into your pussy and sucks your clit. You're eating her out, as well.

Liz moves beside me pressing her lush breasts against my face. I begin licking them and sucking her nipples. "Hey, Lucky Pierre!" a woman's voice hisses as something big and round presses against my asshole.

"Come here first," I say, catching her arm. It's Brenda Johnson, now wearing a huge strap-on, at least ten inches long and incredibly thick. I kiss her passionately before she moves back into position. When she first enters me, it hurts a little, but I concentrate on the sensations of your anal muscles gripping my cock. After a few moments, the pain is gone and Brenda is fucking my ass as aggressively as I'm fucking yours.

Jordan is making you cum. Liz is kneeling between Jordan's legs, roughly finger-fucking her pussy. Jordan reaches between your legs and grips my balls gently as I explode inside you. Brenda continues ramming my ass until I've spent myself.

The men have moved Oscar to the bed. Nobody is bothering to restrain him. He's lying on his back with his legs in the air. The next-to-last man is fucking his ass. Kat had grown bored and wandered off to film other groups. She returns to capture Oscar's last customer. Her instincts are always good. She's a celebrated erotic videographer, to a small select circle of people.

The last man fucking Oscar pulls out, spraying thick cum on Oscar's crotch and belly. Kat dutifully records it. "Are you ever going to shoot?" she asks.

"I'll make the butt-slut come!" a female voice growls. It's Brenda Johnson. She's still wearing the strap-on, but she's replaced the large dildo she used on me with a MUCH bigger one. A crowd gathers as she moves between his legs, positioning her monster cock. Oscar screams over and over as Brenda slowly slides her immense length into his ass, but he doesn't try to squirm away. Finally, she's all the way in. It's hard to imagine the length and girth of the dildo filling and stretching his asshole. When she starts pulling out, the sight is almost unreal.

You and I stand hip to hip and arm in arm, watching Brenda fuck Oscar's ass. "Big cock," she's cooing. "You like it! You love cock, the bigger the better, the rougher the better! Well, I'm going to give it to you." She starts screaming "Fuck you, butt-slut! Fuck your slut ass!" as she drives into him. He reaches for her big bouncing breasts, gripping them tightly enough to leave finger marks. She fucks his ass even harder.

Jordan suddenly gets on the bed, straddles Oscar's shoulders and presses her open vulva against his face. She groans with pleasure as his tongue enters her. "Oh yeah," she gasps. "I'm gonna give you what you want!" She grinds her crotch against his lips. "Yeah, take it," she whispers. "Ooooooh! . . . Yesssss!" I've never seen an orgasm like it, going on and on with no violence but just prolonged excitement.

Oscar's cock is throbbing. His head and shaft are slick with pre-cum. Jordan lifts her dripping snatch from his face and moves down his body, spiking her cunt on his swollen prick. He drives into her violently, synchronizing with Brenda's thrusts into his ass. "Fuck!" she screams. "Cum in my pussy! . . . Yeah! . . . Again and again!"

Several of the football players are kneeling over Oscar, showering him, Jordan and Brenda with cum. Masturbating women are screaming as they begin cumming. A few more men are stepping forward to spray the group.

When the spectacle is over, I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom. As I'm locking the door, I say "We're not going out again for anything. Kat, the Coach and Kurt will deal with Oscar. There won't be any trouble."

There's still a stray thought in the back of my mind. "Oscar sure had fun . . . it's almost like he intended to get caught."

"Does it matter now?" you ask as I join you under the warm water. Our arms circle each other's backs and we kiss hungrily.

"Nothing matters," I whisper, stroking your hair tenderly. "Nothing except my Baby Dee."


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