Ken James Fiction


Love Lessons 3

You and I lie in each other's arms quietly for a few minutes after our guests leave my room. We kiss and cuddle, thinking of the wonderful time we have just had. " I love you, Mr. James" I sigh softly. "Thank you for making my first lovemaking experience the best." You just pull me close and kiss me tenderly. Exhausted from the day's activities, we quickly fall asleep.

You wake me at dawn and lead me out onto the balcony. Bent over the rail with my body glowing in the golden light, I scream lustily as you take me fiercely from behind. After I climax, we return to bed and make long tender love until you cum in my pussy.

We realize that it's time to go, so we reluctantly get up and you go back to your room to pack. I start getting my things together.

Three hours later . . .

"Wow, that was a long bus ride. I'm sure glad to be home", you say as we get off the bus.  As we take our luggage, the school secretary comes up to me. She has a message from my parents.  They have been called out of town because my grandmother is sick.  I start to cry, until the secretary explains that my grandmother will be fine, but my parents need to be there for a couple of days until my uncle can get there.

Now I need a ride home.  You offer to take me back to the house, since I do have a key.  We say goodbye to the other students and our faculty friends, exchanging a secret smile with the Coach, Mr. Smith, the Dean and Ms. Robinson. We get into your van and start down the road.  I lie back, thinking of your cock, and start to get very wet. I squirm in my seat, trying not to moan. You glance over and ask if I'm okay. I just give you my sexiest smile and tell you I'm just reliving our adventure.  Just hearing me say that makes you hot, and I notice a growing bulge in your pants.

I reach out and caress your cock, and you groan with pleasure. You're harder than any time I've been with you.  "Maybe we need to make a pit stop" I purr softly. "After all, no one is waiting for me at home, and you're single." You smile at me and pull into a secluded rest area that no one uses since the interstate was built.

You reach over and pull me close, kissing me passionately as your hands roam over my body.  We go into the back of the van, where you have a carpeted area, and start to undress each other. Your mouth moves down to my breasts, freed from my shirt. I'm not wearing a bra, so you start to lick and suck my nipples, but that's not what I want.

I push you down onto the floor and turn around so we are in a 69.   You groan with pleasure as I push your pants down and take your stiff cock into my mouth. As I begin to suck you, your tongue finds my clit and sucks hard on it.  It feels so good! Both of us are panting with pleasure, and you thrust your tongue into my pussy as I scream and cum all over your face. You are so close to cumming . . . but you push me away just before you explode. "Please stop, baby...I don't want to cum yet. I want to fuck you one more time before I have to take you home."

I smile and turn over, kissing your neck, your earlobes, your eyes and your mouth over and over as I lie back next to you.  You pull me close, both of us lying on our sides, and slowly  push your cock into my dripping pussy.  As you start to fuck me, holding me close and kissing my lips. I notice a small bag behind you.  I reach over you and pick it up.  Unzipping it, I find a butt plug and a dildo with some lubricant.  I pull you on top of me and take the butt plug out, lubing it up.

You're moaning with pleasure as you pump your cock into me.  Suddenly, you scream loud enough to be heard in the next town.  I have just thrust the butt plug into your waiting ass.  "Oh, God, Deee! Yes baby! Oh, that feels so good in my ass!" You fuck me harder and faster as I twist the plug into your asshole, but then I pull it out. You're surprised, and a little upset, until the dildo slides firmly into your butt. I  shove it into you in time with your fucking.

We can't control our screams now. I cum hard all over your cock, pumping the dildo into your ass as I explode.  You can't take any more.  Screaming with pleasure again, you shoot the biggest load of the weekend into my cunt.  We're shaking as we slow down, finally collapsing in each other's arms.  The dildo stays in your butthole as you cuddle me.  "That was incredible, Mr. James" I say as we kiss.  We know we have to get going, because my parents will be calling to make sure I got home okay.  Reluctantly getting dressed, we exchange a final kiss and climb back into the front seats. You start the car and drive me home.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I'll help you with your bags," I say as I park the van in the driveway. We start making out in the entry as soon as the front door closes. After we kiss passionately for a few minutes, you reach for my zipper. I stop you, saying "Let's do this in a bed."

"Okay," you answer, taking my hand and leading me down the hall. "My bedroom's this way."

"No," I say, coming to a sudden stop. You look into my grinning face, a little shocked. "Where's the master bedroom?"

"You want to fuck me in Mom and Dad's bed? That's sort of sick!" You pause for a moment. "But exciting. Let's go!"

In the bedroom, you unzip my pants and fall to your knees. "I'll bet you've got a vibrator," I say.

"Mr. James, I've got a whole toybox," you reply.

"Go get it." You run down the hall. I remove the quilt and blanket from the gigantic bed with the big mirrored headboard and fold them neatly on the dresser. It seems to be taking you a long time to collect your toys. I'm just about to go looking for you when you step into the room. "Wow!" I whisper.

You're now dressed in a tight black bra with your already-erect nipples sticking through circular cut-outs, shiny black spike-heeled shoes, black nylon stockings supported by a garter belt, and frilly black panties. A black leather collar with chrome studs circles your throat. You're carrying a small wooden chest, bound in brass. "Your cheap slut whore is here, Mr. James," you purr as you set the chest on the nightstand.

"Baby Dee, there's nothing cheap about you," I say mock-reprovingly. "You're a fucking expensive slut whore."

"Oh Mr. James, I'm so glad this turns you on," you say as I catch your swollen nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and begin pinching and twisting them. Your areolae quickly puff into half-domes. "I saw some pictures on the Internet with a man who looked a little like you making love to a woman dressed like this. I printed them off and took them to bed with me every night to look at while I was masturbating. I fantasized about it being us in the pictures."

"Please strip for me," you continue, pulling away to open the chest and reach inside. It only takes me a moment to undress and stand before you, naked and almost unbelievably hard. You fasten a leather collar matching your around my neck.

"The man was wearing something too. Would you mind?" You hold out a cock ring, another simple strip of black leather with chrome studs and snaps.

"I don't need that," I say, "but I'll be glad to wear it for you." I slip the strap under my balls and pull it upward. It's almost too tight to fit around my cock and balls, but I manage to snap it. You stand motionless for a moment, staring at my bulging balls and swollen pecker.

"I can hardly believe it," you marvel. "It's making you even bigger and harder. And your balls are wonderful." You drop to your knees and begin kissing and licking them. You don't even touch my cock, but it begins throbbing violently and I wonder if I'm going to shoot right now. I pull you to your feet, wrap my arms around you and kiss you passionately.

My rock-hard penis is between your legs, pressing against bare flesh. I realize the frilly panties you're wearing are crotchless. Your naked folds are already slick with your juices. I can barely resist my desire to drive into you.

Your panties aren't just crotchless. The split in the cloth runs up the back to the waistband. I cup your buttocks and start running a finger up and down your crack. You growl deeply and cling to me even more tightly as I tickle your anus.

You start moving, catching my shaft between your folds and rubbing your clit against my cock head. At first, I'm sure I'm going to cum, wasting my semen on the outside of your vulva. Then something magical happens. My insistent need to ejaculate fades while my arousal continues to increase. You're humping me rapidly now. You cum violently when I slide my fingertip into your asshole. I have to hold on to keep you from collapsing. "Oh Baby," you gasp. "That was so good!"

I hold you and stroke your hair. "You're so wonderful," I whisper. "I love you so much. Let's get into your parents' bed. I want to take your cherry now."

"But you've already . . . Oh! Of course I want to give you that. First I want to play with another toy . . . something else from the pictures. Bend over the bed, Mr. James."

I watch our reflections in the headboard mirror. You look like a dark, untamed angel. You take a butt plug, much longer and thicker than the one in the van, from the toy chest and lubricate it carefully. I gasp and my cock throbs as you press it into my ass. When it's safely in place, you touch something and the plug begins vibrating, gently but insistently. I'm sure the stimulation is going to set me off within seconds, but once again my body backs away from its imminent orgasm. "What else?" I finally ask.

"Mr. James, I want you to be the first man to take me through my back door," you answer as you lie down on the bed. I join you and we lie on our backs, side by side. Kinky Mommy and Daddy! There's a huge mirror on the ceiling. You touch a switch on the headboard and lights come on, illuminating the bed brightly.

"We look so good in the ceiling mirror," you say. "Just like the man and woman in those pictures. Sometimes when Mom and Dad are gone, I dress up like this and bring my toys in here. It's so exciting watching myself get off."

Just as I'm reaching for you, the phone on the nightstand rings. "Hello. Hi Mom, how's Grandma?" As you talk, you catch my hand and put it between your breasts. I stroke you through the slick tight fabric, amazed at your concentration as you talk about your Grandmother and the game. I put my other hand between your legs. "Hi Dad," you say as I slide a finger into your tight hot pussy. Your juices are running down onto the bed. We're going to have to launder the sheets. "Love you Dad," you finally say. "I love you too, Mom. Tell Grandma I'm glad she's doing okay. Bye."

"God Ken, it's so good watching you play with my body," you say, hanging up the phone. "You've had my virginity. Now I want to give you my butt cherry."

There are three pillows at the head of the bed. I arrange them under you, elevating your buttocks. Kneeling between your spread legs, I pause to admire the steady stream of fluid oozing from your open pussy. Your hood is completely retracted and your clit is a beautiful little swollen bud.

"Please Ken," you whisper, "fuck my ass now."

"Now Diane, a student should be respectful of her teacher. My name is 'Mr. James' and I'll decide what the lesson is going to be."

"Yes Mr. James," you reply softly. An instant later, you squeal with pleasure as I slide my hard cock into your sweet tight cunt with one smooth stroke. You've always been orgasmic, but it seems you cum more quickly and with greater intensity every time we make love. I fuck you to three rapid climaxes before pulling my penis out of your pussy. "Please Mr. James," you gasp. "Fuck me more."

"Don't worry Diane, the lesson's only beginning." I thrust my stiff tongue into your gaping cunt, caressing your hot slick pink walls and sucking your juices. I move to your clit and begin sucking it. You cum explosively within a few seconds. You squirm with excitement as I lick the sensitive area between your vulva and anus, gradually working my tongue along your spread cheeks.

I lick your sweet pink rosebud with my flat tongue, giving it a liberal coating of saliva. I tease you open with the tip of my tongue, gradually entering your hot hole. You moan with pleasure as I eat your sweet ass.

The little bottle of lubricant is on the nightstand. As I'm picking it up, I lift the toybox lid. There's a cock and balls dildo on top. It's somewhat larger than my penis and lifelike, except for being hot pink and transparent. I place the dildo between your breasts and smear lubricant on my dick.

"Please Mr. James!" you exclaim as I slide a lubricated finger up your ass. Your anal muscles clamp me tightly, then relax. "I'm ready. Please fuck me!" I withdraw my finger. "Oh Mr. James! You've got your cock-head against my asshole. Oohh! You're opening me. I can't believe how good it feels! How far? Your whole head's inside me. Now your shaft! Oh yeah! You're sliding your big hard cock into my asshole!" You're thrusting two fingers in and out of your pussy while rubbing your clit with your thumb. Your anal muscles clamp me tightly as you cum.

Our bodies are slick with sweat. My penis is all the way inside you. "Fuck me Baby! . . . Mr. James Baby! . . . Fuck my asshole!" You're moaning with pleasure as I begin moving, slowly withdrawing, and then sliding back inside. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" you whisper.

You're staring at your reflection in the ceiling mirror, watching yourself as I fuck your ass faster and faster. You're twisting and pulling on your nipples and rubbing your breasts. The juices flowing from your pussy are running down onto my cock. The dildo is still trapped between your big tits. You suddenly grab it and thrust it violently into your hot wet cunt.

You're screaming and thrashing, fucking your hot pink snatch inches above my cock driving into your asshole. The butt plug is fucking my ass just as hard as I'm fucking yours. "Oh Mr. James . . . Mmiissttteeerrrrrr. . . . Jammmeeeesss! . . . Fuck! . . . ass cunt cock! . . . OHGODOHFUCKOHMYGODOHFUCKME! . . . Yeah, shoot your hot cum up my asshole . . . OhYeahShootSoGoodSoGood! . . . I'm cummmiiiinnggg!!!"

I'm screaming too, spraying wave after wave of juice up your butt, emptying my overloaded balls into your body. We collapse together, gasping for breath.

After we've recovered slightly, I pull my penis out of your asshole and unfasten the cock ring. The plug in my butt is still vibrating. I switch it off, but decide to keep it in place. You're lying flat on your back, limp, with your eyes closed, still gripping the dildo in your pussy. I pull it out and lift your body off the pillows.

You roll onto your side as I lie beside you and we kiss tenderly. "Thank you, Mr. James. Getting my butt fucked was even better than I'd fantasized. You're the best lover!"

"Sweet Dee, I love you so much. You're the best piece of ass," we both chuckle at the phrase, "in the state . . . maybe the world."

We kiss some more, then lie on our backs, holding hands and gazing up at our reflections. "You're my first man," you confess, "but I did practice a little."

"With the plug you used on me? That seems awfully big."

"No, a little vibrator . . . much smaller than your penis. I've never had the nerve to put something the size of your cock up my . . . "

"DING-Dong!" The doorbell is almost shockingly loud.

"Oh shit!" you gasp. "I wonder who that is. Maybe they'll go away."

"DING-Dong! DING-Dong!"

"They know someone's here. My van's in the driveway. You'd better go answer it."

The doorbell continues ringing as you dash to your bedroom. You're putting your robe on as you run down the hall to the door. I suddenly realize your hair's all tangled and you're still wearing the spike heels and nylons.

* * * * * * * * * *

I run to the door with the bell still pealing insistently. Whoever it is can't wait, and I don't worry about how I'm dressed.

"Hi Dee! " It's Julie and Joan Coleman . . . the cheerleader twins . . . and Paul Weller, the team's star.  As I open the door, and smile at them, they stare at me in my robe, stockings and high heels.  I try to act natural and invite them in.  They crash into each other in their haste to get inside, still looking at me.  "Wasn't that a fantastic trip? " I say, inviting them into the living room.

"It sure was, " Paul  murmurs, reaching out to caress my hair, "but we didn't see much of you . . . or some of the teachers either. It was strange that no one came to see why there was so much noise in the other rooms."  I just smile innocently and explain that cheering at the game tired me out so much that I fell asleep early.

We sit in the living room, sipping Cokes, until Joan Coleman reaches over to touch my robe.  "You must have been getting ready for a hot date, Dee . . . of course, anyone would be hot looking at you dressed like that." She and I smile at each other as she caresses my hair. The look in her eyes tells me that she remembers our past encounters.  It's enough to get me wet, so without saying a word, I reach for her and kiss her gently on the lips.  Suddenly, her tongue is in my mouth and we're on the sofa, pressed together, both moaning from the contact. She unties the belt of my robe and pulls it off. Everyone in the room stares at my spike heels, nylons, garter belt, frilly black crotchless panties, cut-out bra and studded collar.

Paul and her sister Julie watch silently. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a bulge growing in Paul's shorts.  Julie notices too, and reaches over to caress it, bringing a groan from Paul's full lips.  He moves closer to Julie, as Joan and I hump wildly on the sofa.  Paul and Julie start to caress each other, kissing deeply.  Julie kisses her way down Paul's stomach and pulls his shorts down, taking his jockstrap off in the process.  He moans loudly as she takes his stiff cock in her mouth.  By this time, Joan and I have moved into a 69 on the carpet, and our sighs of pleasure mingle with Paul's moans. We're all so intent on our oral play that we don't hear you coming down the stairs.

"Dee, is everything okay? I thought I heard . . ." you break off as you stare at the action on the carpet and loveseat.  You're still undressed, and your cock hangs limply between your legs, as you take in the action.

At the sound of your voice, Julie jumps up with a wild stare.  "Mr. James! What are you . . ."   She can't finish the sentence because she's stunned to see you in my house, naked except for a collar matching mine.

Joan takes her mouth off my cunt just long enough to giggle and say "Dee, I knew you were going to get him. Last time we made love, you called out his name while I was eating your pussy, and when Julie fucked you with her dildo you screamed 'oh, yes fuck me Mr. James' as you were cumming all over the fake cock."

Paul is sitting on the loveseat with a still hard cock, grinning at all of us.  He looks at your body and licks his lips, then stands up and comes over to you, taking your hands and looking into your eyes.  He explains that Coach Spooner got him to have sex with him by telling him that he would be able to get you to fuck him one day, because Paul told the coach that he has always wanted you.  You smile, and take Paul in your arms, burying your tongue in his mouth as your hands roam over his hard athlete's body.  Joan, Julie and I watch as you push Paul to the floor, taking his cock in your mouth as you slide yours between his lips.  You suck each other eagerly.

The moans coming from you and Paul are getting us all so wet, that we have to do something to ease the heat.  Julie pushes me down onto the carpet and spreads my legs.  She begins to lick and suck my clit and pussy, thrusting her tongue inside me.  Joan lays down so that her pussy is in my face, and I begin to eat her out as she turns so that she can eat her sister's pussy at the same time.

As the excitement builds, you and Paul switch positions.  You murmur softly, "Okay star, time for the kickoff," as you wet two fingers and slide them into his ass.  They are immediately swallowed up, and you know that he's ready for your cock.  You place him on his hands and knees facing the three of us, and walk over to us. Pushing Julie aside for a minute, you thrust your fingers into my crotch, taking them out dripping with my honey.  You smear my juices over your cock and walk back to Paul, kneeling behind him.  As Joan and Julie and I start to cum, you thrust your cock into Paul's waiting ass, burying it up to the balls with one stroke.  He screams with pleasure as you start to fuck him hard.

The twins and I are cumming . . ." OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHhhh DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Yessssssssssssss baby!" Joan's screams can be heard all over town as she explodes in my face. At the same time, Julie and I scream that we're cumming. This is enough to push you and Paul over the edge. You groan and fill his ass with your cum, as his untouched cock sprays his seed all over the three of us.  You collapse on top of him, pulling him into your arms as we lie in an all-girl pile a few feet away.

Julie is the first to speak.  Pulling me and her sister into her arms, she kisses us gently before she says "You know, Dee, we just came over to tell you that Dean Johnson and Ms. Robinson told us after you left school today that they have hired the ballroom of the Dorchester Hotel for our graduation night party.  There's going to be a DJ, and since all of the graduates are going to be over 18 by that time, they are going to have an open bar for us.  They hired 3 of the largest hotel suites for after dinner. They don't want any of us drinking and driving, so we will all be staying there overnight . . . with all our favorite teachers as chaperones. You're a chaperone too, Mr. James."

The twins and Paul then stand up, explaining that they have to get home before their parents worry.  They dress quickly and leave, after each giving both of us a warm and affectionate kiss.


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